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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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andrea's right, rise of the female breadwinner, it doesn't work for me. andrea: i'm just saying it's subtle brainwashing. harris: modern family just includes a job. we're just happy somebody's working. see you tomorrow, noon eastern, right back here. "happening now" starts now. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. a naval air station in fort worth is locked down after a suspicious package is found outside of the gate. >> we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> i knew it was gone. >> todayly storms over the east coast. and who is next? >> heart breaking testimony in a multimillion dollar suit. the father of erin andrews describing how he changed after video of her undressing in
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a hotel room hit the internet. >> she is a shadow of the person she was. >> plus, a fishing boat runs aground. and the dramatic rescue and how it ended. it is all "happening now". >> but we begin with the democratic fight for south carolina. bernie sanders facing questions of whether he is giving up competing in the palmetto state. >> there are no such questions about p hillary clinton as she holds 20 point lead in the polls. sanderses is spending much of his time elsewhere and loving some to wonder if he is writing off south carolina for good. they are in a rural part of the state, what is the strategy and what is happening there?
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>> reporter: it is clear she wants to run up the score. she has a double-digit lead. the latest fox poll had a 42 point lead among the african-american specifically, clinton over sanders in this state. the primary saturday, obviously. and she is making sure she is not taking anything for granted. she wants to continue the momentum she has coming out of nevada last weekend and making it clear she is pouring it on and made news in a very african-american community. as you say in the rural part of the state. she is against the trial balon from the white house suggesting that brian sand val from nevada could be nominated to the supreme court. >> i love thef nev especially after last weekend, but i sure hope the president chooses a true progressive to stand up for the values and interest of the people of this country.
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>> reporter: interesting, she spent so much time courting the african-american and by wrapping herself around president obama and to now break with the white house on the possible be nomination of a republican to the high court, shows that maybe she has enough lead to break there. and she wants to firmly put herself on the left and no, no. do not put up a moderate republican. i want a progressive democrat on the court, jenna. >> where is bernie sanders and when was the last time he novembers the state of south carolina. >> reporter: i saw him yesterday morning and senator sanders insists he is not writing off the state. but he quickly hightailed it out of here and in kansas city, missouri and tulsa, oklahoma and today in ohio, which is not even a super tuesday state.
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they don't vote until midmarch. he has to hemming his bets. he will not win in south carolina and needs another path to victory. >> ohio, as you all know is one of the important political states in this country. you are having a primary here on march 15th. with your help, we can win this primary and help us go forward to victory. the reason that we have come so far, and are doing something is simple is. we are telling the american people the truth. >> reporter: you so it might be a mirror of what we are seeing on the republican side. donald trump, and same here with hillary clinton. and bernie sanders is under heavy pressure to find victories in march. it doesn't look like he will be winning here saturday.
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and a major shift is of thinking on the republican side as party leaders come to terms with the thought of donald trump winning the nomination. the gop may not be embracing him. but there are signs that the party will stand behind him, if he becomes the nominee. the stakes couldn't be higher for marco rubio and ted cruz. both p are facing pressure to win their home states of texas and florida. trump is leading rubio in florida by 16 points. rubio was the speaker of the state house of representative before that. and you mean, on the end of february, just a little over two weeks before the florida primary, he's losing in a landslide to donald trump.
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maybe he will turn it around somehow. but i will believe it when i see it. if ted cruz loses texas, i don't think he will. he's out. i think he will end up winning texas but maybe not much by tuesday. if john kasich can't carry ohio on march 15th, he's out. if marco rubio can't carry florida, and this poll is terrible news for him, he's out. >> we'll talk about it with chris wallace on fox news sunday. f all, do those number in florida surprise you. marco rubio represents the state. and donald trump has a lot of interests there. do the numbers surprise you? >> they don't. that is the trend for some period of time. trump has had a big lead and when jeb bush was in the race, trump had a big lead over him as well as rubio. so it is not a big surprise.
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look, they have to win their home states, i agree with that. but in addition, look at ted cruz, florida and ohio is up in midmarch. but next tuesday is texas. cruz has talked for a long time about the sis ec. a lot of the states that colleges play in the sec football conference like alabama, and georgia. they are all up on on super tuesday and if cruz doesn't do well there, you wond wither where will he will do there as it switches to places that doesn't so many to be as supportive to ted cruz. and of course, as we say ohio and florida for kasich and rubio. they are win and take all. texas is split. but in florida and ohio, if
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trump won either of those he would sit out the sitting governor and senator from those states. >> trump's detractors said his support tops out at 30 or 40 percent. and if the other candidates would consolidate in to one that person will have the remainder of the nontrump vote and maybe 60 percent. and larry told us earlier that he didn't necessarily agree with that. he said it could graveitate some to trump. what to you think? >> that narrative, his support is 30 or 35 percent of the republican electorate, he got 46 and almost an outright majority in nevada. that seems to put the lie to that. and i agree with sabato, i wont
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assume ted cruz gets out. and it would switch to rubio and kasich. trump is doing well with christian evangelical. i think a lot of cruz' support it would go to trump. there is no indication they are getting out. kasich is in until march 15th. and so is rubio. and if cruz wins texas he will press ahead and you have a split plus ben carson, that only gives more of an advantage to trump. in the win or take all states, trump could get 35 or 45 percent and win all of the delegates. >> some republicans are wondering why john kasich is still in the race. he sent out a tweet suggesting that marco rubio should get out
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and clear the way for him. you teed up this question nicely. there was a a pgf poll taken in midfebruary. do you think that your candidate regardless whom you support, do you think that these candidates being win if they were the party's nominee. hillary clinton comes in on top there. and 71 percent of the americans. these are americans all political persuasions. they think hillary clinton could win. and donald trump comes in second at 63 percent of the americans think he could win the president see. and again, this is not a gauge of support but just they could win. he comes in ahead of bernie sanders on this point. the party elites might not see him as president but the american people do. >> if trump were to win the nomination and he will have to
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do well in a lot of big states. we are talking about big electoral states like florida and northeastern states like new york and pennsylvania. the fact that he would be the nominee would indicate that he is holding his support. he still would have a lot of problems going in to the general election. there is a new washington post poll shows that 80 percent of hispanics have an unfavorable opinion of donald trump and he would have to do a repar work with. and women have an unfavorable opinion. do i think if he other than the nominee he would have a serious chance of being elected president? absolutely. >> turning to the democrat side. bernie sanders made it a much closer race and yet it is not in
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the delegate count. is hillary clinton a shoe in on the democratic side? >> no. but she has a big advantage with the african-american. joe trippi one of the campaign cowboys came up with an interesting about picture. 44 percent of the democratic vote in primaries after new hampshire and other 48 states is african-american. and hillary clinton and in all of the polls and states, huge advantage over bernie sanders when it comes to african-american. she beat him by 50 points in nevada. and while sanders is trying to reach out and trying to make inroads with african-americans, the clintons, bill and hillary clinton had a relationship with the african-american community for more than a quarter century. it would be hard to break into that voting block. >> chris wallace, anchor of fox news sunday. chris, thank you.
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>> you bet. >> as the race heats up, be sure to tune in to chris' program. ted cruz sits down with chris on this sunday. check your local times it runs. >> iran arresting the elderly father of an american businessman held in one of iran's worst prisones. and apple ceo tim cook addressing his battle with the feds over a terrorist iphone as the fbi director sought to set it straight. >> i want to be sure that people don't understand the demons in the dispute. they were not willing to offer the relief the government was asking for. a listen up!
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you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. >> iran arresting another american citizen. the family of 80-year-old a mazi
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said he was arrested and took him to the prison where his son was arrested since 2015. secretary kerry acknowledges they were detained but has not weighed in specifically on their situation because of privacy concerns. both father and son are dual citizens. that's one of the reasons one wonders they could be targeted. they were not included in the prisoners exchange. the former fbi investigator disappeared in the country back in 2007. >> apple ceo tim cook stands his ground since the battle began with the fbi. the feds want special software to hack in the iphone.
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cook said he will fight it all the way to the supreme court. adam houseley is keeping an eye on it from los angeles. >> reporter: be jon, in the last 24 hours, they heard from cook and the fbi director, james comey said it is a precedent for what is going to happen in the future. encryption gets more difficult and it makes law enforcement's investigation. the apple ceo is not backing down. the safety of the public is important. but unlocking the terrorist cell phone would be bad for america. cooks comments come to abc be news and he explains why they refuse to help the fbi unlock the iphone. james comey tried to work with
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apple to crack the phone but came to an impasse. the tech giant refused to continues to fight the order setting off the battle with federal authorities. >> if a court can ask us to write this piece of software, think of what else they could ask us to write. an operating for surveillance? or ability for law enforcement to turn on the camera i don't know where it stops, but i do know that this should not happen in this country. and not happening in america. >> reporter: comey and fbi investigators say it will not go that far. they are talking about one iphone and the ability to access under certain situations. reports are out that apple is building's new operating system to make it impossible to it create an encryption work around. apple is shoring up security on
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the icloud services and congress is looking to get involved. comey said it may not be solved in the courts and law makers may draft legislation and a bipartisan commission in the works with apple working with the bipartisan commission and other tech people and law enforcement. comey on the hill, of course, it is interesting to hear his thoughts and apple's thoughts and the deadline looms tomorrow, jon. >> so many thorny arguments, you can kind of see both sides, i can anyway. adam, thank you. >> coast guard rescue with a dangerous twist. what got in the way of trying to save these fishermen at first. and voters in texas give ted cruz the lift he needs.
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what our next guest says about the chances of cruz winning his home state.
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>> well, right now, a water rescue that didn't turned as planned as a coast guard veszil was overturned. crews of both vessels makes it safely to shore and no serious injuries were reported. >> back to politics now. texas senator ted cruz looking for momentum in his home state ahead in tuesday. he you shows in the lead in texas. 38 percent and donald trump at 23 percent and marco rubio at 21 percent. but senator cruz should not get
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too comfortable. the wall street journal said the other polls is different and line star state is do or do i. the stakes in his home state are impressurable. if he doesn't if would knock the wind out of his bid for the nomination. he is -- mr. trump's win means that mr. cruz will have to fight harder on his home turf. now to have you both. you look at cruz campaign. jamie, do you see it do or do i for senator cruz? >> absolutely. if cruz doesn't win texas, his campaign is over. he needs texas. you have to in this type of a race. win your home state. and even if it wins texas tis
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not easy sailing and hard to see how he amasses the delegates necessary to win the nomination even with a texas win. he has two other candidates who will stay in the race until march 15th. yes, ted cruz needs texas and even winning texas tis it a long haul for him. >> i looked at the endorsements really matter. senator cruz got the endorsement of greg abbot. but the major newspapers in texas. the dallas morning news endorsed john kasich. they have a sitting senator running for president. and houston chronicle and san antonio express. they endorsed jeb bush. what about the numbers for cruz. how comfortable can he get? >> i don't think it is it a matter of being comfortable at all. and i don't think endorsements mean much at all in the anti-
10:27 am
establishment year and for ted cruz, a texan to be neck and neck with donald trump there, the at first glance, you would say that is impossible. texas love the outsider in their dna but they love fellow texans. and when i left texas for new york years ago, my friends felt so sorry for me. for them to have an affinity with new yorkers. new yorkers and texans do have a lot in common in being larger than life and brash and not that humble and quiet. there is some sense in it. but this is an earthquake in texas. there is no question about that. >> last night megyn kelliy had an interesting event and senator cruz was the first guest and he took viewer questions and this is what he said about the donald
10:28 am
trump campaign. >> there is never a candidate like donald trump. and in a lot of ways. and so i think some of the rules historically go out of the window. donald has momentum and won three primaries and that is significant accomplishments but what those results show that only campaign that can beat donald is our campaign. >> how about that point, jamie, does it resonate? >> there is no question no other campaign like donald trump in the history of politics. i am not sure ted cruz is the only campaign to take on donald trump. all throw of the other anti- trump candidates say the same thing. in each of those states of major aspect- trump candidate. florida, ohio and texas, donald trump is in the conversation to win and some cases the leading
10:29 am
candidate. >> we have a big debate tonight and the last debate before super tuesday. and one thing that is not refoughted on senator ted cruz, he's extremely intel gents. he didn't go for trump. i know they have mixed tup. but he didn't go for it. i am the campaign that won iowa against him. how aggressive does senator are ted cruz need to be to make sure he wins in the the home state. >> i don't think it matters. when you take on donald trump, he loves it and it only embold eps him and makes him stronger and i put hillary clinton in that category, too. certain candidates when they are attacked it helps them. ninteresting. does anyone change their strategy or not? we'll be watching. >> thank you very much.
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>> but is there somebody else want to take on donald trump. michael bloomberg weighed in an independent rup. do voters back him? what impact would he have in the race if he gets in? pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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the president could nominate a republican, the governor of nevada's name was mentioned. a few empties ago, the nevada governor doesn't want to be considered for the seat. i notified the white house i do not wish to be considered for the nom naegz. i have expressed the desire to reid and mcdonnal. it is beyond humbling and i am grateful to have been mentioned. that is a statement from governor sandoval. the president is saying he will nominate someone in the republicans and senate. and gop said they will not bring it up for a hearing or vote. there is a stand off and first name elicited that response. we'll keep you posted as we hear
10:35 am
more. you think you have heard about all of the potential candidates? maybe not. speculation ramping up in the race of mayor michael bloomberg. he is a billionaire media mogul and considering an independent run for the white house. there is a new poll out suggesting that voters do not have much interest. only seven percent would back bloomberg should he run. and it is unclear who he would heart more. most analyst suggesting it would be impossible for him to win. and a new editorial believe he could set off a constitutional crisis. and for a fair kebait. we'll talk to thero talk show host and stefeb san is chez. welcome to both of you. thank you for being here. garland.
10:36 am
what about it. could michael blom bloom come off of that seven percent in the time to win the u.s. president see? >> no. this guy is remembered for the infamous sugary drink portion band that is not going to fare well with the conservative voters and of course, the equally in the minority community stop and frisk laws. he will not play well. and he is a brilliant businessman and has the cha ris maof a dust mop and certainly not working in the national race. >> new york city voters liked him enough, they changed the city charter and elected to the third term. >> there is a difference between new york city and the rest of the country. i also think that he is an establishment candidate and i think that his candidacy would
10:37 am
be right now more about not liking trump and seeing him as face it the wwf con man and being afraid of a billionaire with the the policies of bernie sanders. i don't think he will run if hillary is there and he will see her safety valve for the billionaires. >> your last job, you have been idell. and mike bloomberg surveying the landscape, and seeing hillary clinton and bernie sanders and donald trump and ted cruz. when he sees that landscape, what is the opportunity he sees out there? >> you know, the only person about a michael bloomberg candidacy is michael bloomberg himself. this is a democrat until 2001. and the guy who wants to live your life for you. and tell you what to eat and drink and you can't take your
10:38 am
doggie bag in a styrofoam box and if he throws it in the ring he hurts hillary or bernie. he is a billionaire. hillary and bernie wrapped up in one. and that's how i see him. >> couple of thing,he was a democrat and won offices as a republican and also as an independent, you might say he appeals to voters of all stripes. does he have that going for him? >> of course, he will have a republican, and moderate liberal republican looking at a bloomberg. and liberal democrat and independents. if we go back to trump, he has that as well. and i think it is hard to dispute, that there is momentum with donald trump happening if he is the presumed republican nom no. i don't think mike bloomberg stands a chance. will he takes votes, of course, but not damage except to his eg.
10:39 am
>> garland, you think he gets in the race? >> no, i really don't. if hillary wins, i don't think he gets in. it is it about bernie and trump. and if you have a blom bloom, and hillary and donald trump. three candidates who spent their entire lives as democrats anyway and. >> garland and steve, good to have you on. >> fair point. now we are talking about a new web service to revolutionize home care for the elderly by matching service on their personalities. >> reporter: jenna millions of americans can't care for themselves. loving many with a big decision. when marie's husband became ill. >> it was parkinson.
10:40 am
you have therapy today. she decided a home attendant was better than a nursing home. you found the care givers to be detached and unreloyable. >> i could not count on them showing up and they were detached and i couldn't plan anything about my day. >> reporter: and her experience with care givers is not uncondition. only 20 percent of the home health care worker ares stay in their job over a year. there is a lot of inconsistency and that leads to anxiety in the elderly. that's why josh bruno invented home team. the web service matches care gireds with patients. >> this is starting with the match between an older adult and an amazing care giver.
10:41 am
>> reporter: the result 14 percent turn over. for home team's care givers. the care givers stay a long time with your company. >> we provide them a career with home team. we want consistnessy between the family member. you will trust them to be with you. joishgs home team putting an integrated ipad allowing family members to it set activities levels and read reports on medical status in real time it. you can check in and send suggestions on meals and things to do. >> i have a sense of security, i know someone is watching over him and i can come back and see is how he was taken care of. >> reporter: even when she's not at home, she feels connected. that's it from here, jenna, back to you. >> a great idea.
10:42 am
>> astronaut scott kelly gets ready to come back home but not before talking about his experience. erin andrew's father takes the stand in the civil trial. will she get the money she asked for from the hotel she was videotaped what i'm changing. >> how does it happen that someone would call a hotel and ask if eren andrew system there and they say yes? and they say yes? canned can clear trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive a immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health.
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>> right now gripping testimony in the eren andrews' civil try involving a peeping tom. they are sug the nashville marriott hotel for 75 million after she was secretly filmed nude and changing inside of her room in 2008. that video was posted on the internet and millions of people
10:46 am
were able to see it. michael barrette is now bep hind bars. the hotel granted the request to give him an adjoining room. and andrews broke down in tears when her father took the stand. watch. >> she's terrified and depressed and she cries, and she's full of anxiety and she's a shell of the person that she was before this happened. >> contractor of the national law journal and former general counsel and it is great to have you both. kent, you can't help but feel sorry for erin in this whole ordeal. what is at stake with the lawsuit, at least for right now, what direction it looks like it is going in? >> i completely agree with you.
10:47 am
what was done to her was reprehensible. the hotel has a high duty of care to protect the safety of their guests, and so in past cases like this one, hotels are libel if a crime is committed by one guest on another. that suggest that the hotel is likely on the hook. but the other question is, how much money is she going to recover. 75 million is what she wants. that would be a lot more than in past similar cases. if you get killed in a wrongful death case, the average is under 5 million that the families gets. it is unlikely to get the 75 million. >> the testimony from the father is compelling and he talks to how his daughter changed and the level of anxiety and a therapist is on the stand talking about how she had to consider prescription medication for the
10:48 am
anxiety and the father said listen fthis guy wanted to do her harm, he could have killed her. he had drilled a peep hole in the door. she is living with it for the rest of her life. and what about the 75 million. >> i agree that 75 million is a high number. was he emotionally damaged? of course she is was. i love erin andrews and a respectable woman and not your typical public figure making sex tapes and she is a respectable reporter. she was emotionally damaged. $75 million i don't think so. in order to prove intentional -- emotional distress it has to be intentional and outrageous and would not be tolerated and it needs to have serious, serious
10:49 am
mental injury. i don't think this case will be source mental injury. she will win on the invasion of privacy claim. she has reasonable expectation of privacy in the hotel room, but emotional distress, it will be a hard time proving 75 million in damages. >> there seems to be a gray area of what the hotel actually did, the people in the front desk. he called and looking for erin a drews and yes, she is staying here on this date pause p hehad scientifics and he requested a room next to her and the hotel's attorney said we never received that request. and how do you see the hotel's defense of this so far? >> i think the hotel is in trouble on the facts of the case. it doesn't take a lawyer to know. somebody calls the hotel and asked if someone is there. the hotel confirms it and gives
10:50 am
him a room next to her? you don't do that. and that is common sense. the allegation of the hotel employees weighed in on this. and one said they would never t. one employee said they never did that, another indicated that they did do that. there is confusion about that. >> right. >> i don't think the hotel looks good. >> we'll see where it plays out. a therapist is on the stand right now. great to have you. thanks so much. well, it is a big day aboard the international space station. astronaut scott kelly doing something for the final time as he nears the end of his year long mission. listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. mitt romney is doubling down on his questioning of donald trump's tax returns. he's asking just moments ago what is trump hiding? so what does mitt actually know? plus, are you drunk or something? that is the last thing you want to hear someone ask you in an operating room. that's exactly what was asked of a nurse in one hospital, and now there's an investigation and you'll want to hear the way that happened. and could your neighbors actually be getting a copy of your mail via e-mail from the post office? yeah, we'll give you the real story behind the snail mail fail top of the hour. american astronaut scott kelly holding the final press conference of his historic year-long mission in space. bill keating reports live from the kennedy space center in cape canaveral, florida. bill. >> reporter: hi, john.
10:55 am
five more days left floating around doing micro gravity for our year in space guinea pig, scott kelly. he said today if he had to do it another year he could if he needed to. now if we do go to mars, which will keep astronauts in space a whole lot longer than that, that's the entire point of nasa studying them up there in the space station this past year. he and his partner have been providing frequent blood and urine samples and submitting to regular tests on their muscle mass, blood flow and bone density to see how they change in space. here is how kelly summarized what his life in space has been like compared to normal life for us. >> it's just not -- not normal. vagd th having said that, it's not abnormal. it's not a harsh environment. it's like having no water, i've been in the woods camping a year with regards to rye gene. it's even more complicated here. then the fact that everything
10:56 am
floats makes your daily life just more difficult. >> reporter: one thing he'll definitely miss, the out of this world views he photographed every day. the horizon of the earth. how the city lights of earth look at night from space. the himalayas, frozen lakes and contrasting colors, and, of course, the amazing shades of blue at the bahamas. his twin brother, mark kelly, also part of this one year experiment in houston. for the next year it continues. they'll keep supplying data like how radiation has affected scott and how badly his vision deteriorated while in space. and a gorilla bounding through the space station? yes, this is what it looks like. it was actually mark's idea to send that monkey suit up and brother scott put it on to inspire kids in space and science. they'll try to launch and land the falcon 9 rocket out in the atlantic ocean.
10:57 am
they got scrubbed in bad weather and hotter temperatures. the weather forecast, 6:46 p.m. eastern is at 80% go. >> bill keating in florida. he has a sense of humor. >> we'll be right back.
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thank you so much for joining us. >> "the real story with gretchen" starts now. the republican candidates gearing up for the final debate tonight before tuesday. a big question right now, can anyone stop the trump train before it's too late in everyone's minds. i'm gretchen carlson. here's "the real story." hillary clinton is making a big push in south carolina ahead of the democratic primary there. that will be on saturday. bernie sanders is campaigning in ohio and illinois. on the republican side, it's pretty quiet with all the candidates gearing up for tonight's debate showdown in houston, texas. chief correspondent carl


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