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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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we had a million hits in the first couple of hours and then we crash. >> there are 11,000'4éup bernie single members. that's very interesting. now you know where to go if you like bernie and want to hook. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's shep. >> it's noon on the coast, 3:00 p.m. on the east coast, and in most of florida, where a new poll shows donald trump is destroying marco rubio on the senator's home turf. is the senator from florida finished before even the vote? then there's texas senator ted cruz, his numbers look better at home but new wrinkle. one republican[j congressman asking both cruz and rubio to team up on one ticket to take out donald trump. plus, as the republican national committee have a secret plan to get control over trump should he become the nominee? is it really anything that the billionaire can't just buy? also, if you're old enough to vote for president and go to war for the nation, should you be old enough to have a beer?
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it is not a new debate. but a lawmaker is making a new push to lower the drinking age. what do you think? let's get to it. [applause] >> first from the -- this thursday afternoon, senator marco rubio, what state can you win? that has been the question for his campaign for days nowful there's been no answer. but best shot, florida, has to be right. it's his home state. the former governor, jeb bush ex-is out of there, so surely it's his to lose. if the latest poll is right, he's lost, period. marco rubio is getting crushed by 16 points. the new quinnipiac survey shows it's trump 44%, rubio 28%. absolute unmitigated disaster for the one-time tea party senator, current establishment man with all the endorsement and the party's last hopes but losing by miles at home.
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in fact, the outlook for all not trump is now so grim that a republican congressman from arizona named trent franksqéi] s circulating a letter calling for either marco rubio or ted cruz to drop out now, and join the other as a running mate. the letter suggests it's the only way to stop trump from taking the nomination. details in a moment. could a volcanoic tonight change things? could rubio take on trump so violently that the course of human events is altered? there are signs he may try as rubio is going after trump hard on the campaign trail. something he has mostly avoided until now. >> the front-runner in the race, the fact he thinks parts of obamacare are pretty good. >> boo. >> i can tell you everyone running for president tells you i want to get rid of obamacare. i'm the only one that has done
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anything meanleful. >> but he has not one anything, rubio is facing another call for him to quit the race from of all places the john kashich campaign. kashich spokesman.yanyx tweetedn kashichs is the only candidate who can beat donald trump on march 15. marco rubio needs to do the right thing and suspend his campaign. march 15 is the primary in ohio, where john kashich is its popular governor. he is leading wildly, right? no the latest quinnipiac poll out of ohio shows john kashich isúe also losing his home. losing to, all together now, donald trump. in fact the only candidate who did not have a homefield advantage -- who does have a home feed advantage in the polls is ted cruz. one poll has him leading by one point. others somewhat more. and a new monmouth thunder say says cruz has a double-digit lead in texas, but will it hold?
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cruz supporters in houston, the donald trump show has jumped the shark. >> pt barnum is fun to watch. but there comes a time when the clowns and the acrobats and the dancing bears -- it's time to put them away. >> for his part donald trump is lashing out not at any of the rivals of talking against him but at the last republican nominee, mitt romney. yesterday romney went on cavuto's show and called for trump to release his past tax returns. romney says the fact that trump has not done so already could mean that there's a bombshell, as he put it. maybe he is not so rich. maybe not quite as charitable as we think. trump responded in typical style, tweeting that romney is a dope. one of the dumbest politicians in history. >> nobody has been bringing it up except for mitt romney and the reason he brings it up is because he lost in the last election and lost verywo badly.
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tax returns are very complicated. >> because obviously romney shot back on twitter today quoting, me thanks the down not protest too much. show voters your back taxes, trump. hash tag, what is he hiding. irony laird. harry reed did this to rom'm in the day. romney showed some, so far trump is not showing at all. the republican race is fox's top story, carl cameron is on it in houston, the site of the last chance before super tuesday debate. show your taxes. too little to late, carl? >> reporter: well, certainly a drive extraction for trump trump because now he has to be in an argument with somebody who is not on the ballot, either on super tuesday or march 15th 15th florida and ohio, mitt romney but illustrates that donald trump said he was 9oing to release his tax returns since last summer when he put out his financial disclosure to the fec, and several times last year he
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said we'll put it out in a few weeks but it hasn't come out. we have to sort of slow down here a little bit. there's big debate tonight. super tuesday is in five days. it has more than half of the delegates needed for any candidate to clinch but they are all proportionally allotted. so ted cruz has to defend his actually gó2
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use their leverage, the republican national committee specifically in terms of trying to get him to comport to normal acts and rhetoric for a presidential campaign,q9fyci÷ ls bombast wreck the republican brand. >> if you're marco rubio, your chief roundtable -- rival is out of there. jeb bush. don't you he too out with everything. >> right. he has been very reluctant to criticize donald trump home has done it on a number of occasion about never with any extended attack. rubio has to be cast as the only guy who can beat donald trump and then prove it. coming in second or third isbm6% going to give marco rubio enough delegates to compete when their proportional and won't give him the momentum he needs to come back in florida. he has to do something
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extravagant, theñ" equivalent oa hail mary, and donald trump knows it. all of the candidates are expecting tonight to be a blood bath. cruz and rubio and kashich are now in essentially a three-way fight, claiming that one or both lot of discussion of ben carson, who continues to plod forward and says he has no intention of dropping out regardless and will go as long as he can. shep? >> carl cameron, live at the university of houston where the debate will happen tonight. let's bring in ed o'keefe who is losing by 16 in florida. are these calls for them come together, one as a presidential candidate and one as a vice-presidential candidate. could this get any traction and might it even help? >> it's interesting idea but i think there's a better chance that you and i running together rubio and ted cruz. these or two guys who are bitter rivals despite what they might tell supporters on the campaign
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trail. the both still believe they have better prove it tonight if they want to do that. cruz, as you pointed out in a fight in texas, and rubio has a lot of ground to make up in florida. the idea one would drop out for the other and that would work, i don't necessarily think so. idea estrum as the candidate for the republicans. sean spicer said today, the candidate -- the republican candidate has to have the party, has to have the republican national committee, has to have the polls that come with, the workers can the research, the money that come along with it. is he right? can they use that to control donald trump? really? >> i don't know they can control donald trump. nobody has been able to control donald trump or one-up him. what the rnc is trying to do is remind the run world that they're going to have a bit of a say in this process should trump become the nominee. whoever is the nominee. and yet, you know, trump hasn't relied on anyo2l1ñ as he likes o
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point out. he is primarily paying his way for his campaign, not raising that much money from supporters. he hasn't done this conventionally also the past. what is to say, as the party standard bearer, he would necessarily follow the rules and use all of those fantastic tools and programs that have been built by the rnc in recent years to his advantage. the party certainly does have databases and address lists and understands the state-by-state at the rain, that's their job and supposed to do that. turn on the switch and hanted over to the nominee every four years. but i don't necessarily know that follow along if history, recent history, is any guide. >> what is the back story on mitt romney? not as if this former standard bearer would come forward with this attack in a vacuum. there is more to this -- of this coming? >> i think he is -- like many other party leaders are concerned about what trump is on the verbal of doing here. now that -- on the verge of doing here. now that jeb bush is out and he
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was the lead of antagonist against trump, regardless of whether it didn't work in his favor. romney feels an obligation to step up and say these things, maybe create an opening for rubio, cruz, kashich, and others to do the same. it is really sweet irony that he is now doing to donald trump what harry reid was doing to him four years ago and that he is asking for all this when he himself was not as forthcoming as he is now asking trump to be. but it's a good point and one i think democrats are prepared to make at some point should he be the general election nominee, ç the is a business guy with a lot of shading y dealings in his past. explain them to the american people and show is there's no problem, and if there are, let that be a subject of debate and see what voters%
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it's ok! don't miss out or don't count out bernie sanders just yet. that's what more than a dozen democratic officials are telling politico. they say senator sanders is within striking distance of secretary clinton in at least five of those contests. this week he has been campaigning in some of those states and others that vote later next month. meantime, hillary clinton is focusing on south carolina, where most polls have her beating sanders by at least 20 points in saturday's primary. ed henry is live in hemingway, south carolina, about 50 miles or
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chooses a true progressive who will stand up for the values and the interest of the people of this country, who understand that you need to protect the right to vote of a person, not the right of a corporation to >> now, possibly clinton thinking that she has enough of a lead here in south carolina that she could break with what had been a trial balloon by the white house. for sandoval, his calculation may have been he didn't want to be a political football. see him thrown into the fray. a moderate republican, supports abortion rights, might have been
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a split within the republican party. the thinking in the white house had been if not sandoval there could be another moderate republican out there to dare the republicans who are saying they'll block this nomination, dare them to block a republican, and make it look like they're being even more obstructionist. >> you read all of a sudden that senator sanders might have a shot in a few of these super tuesday states. is that real? >> well, it may be a long shot, but what we do know -- what we-reporten or the facts on the ground. last night in tulsa, oklahoma being a state that will vote on superjxt( tuesday, he had almost 7,000 people inside the arena, 2500 more supporters outside, still trying to get in. then he went to ohio. they don't even vote until mid-march but you can see -- sanders, hoping for victory in other states, knowing if he is likely to lose in south carolina. >> the only wail we take them on
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is when millions of people, black and white and;2 latino and native americans and asia americans, gay and straight, men and women, when people stand up. >> you can see him weaving in more and more about minorities in his stump speech. that's significant for south carolina. he comes back to the state tomorrow for one last shot of hope of winning the primary. it's hard pivot to super tuesday. oklahoma, massachusetts, some of the states, sanders has some hope that he can win but he has to plus otherwise clinton is going to start jumping ahead on the delegate game.ik u.u >> no doubt. ed henry. thank you, sir. >> fox news channel will have live coverage of the super tuesday results for both parties, tuesday, march 1st, at 6:00 eastern time. just weeks after iran freed a bunch of americans in a prison swap they reportedly arrested
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[ engine starting ] [ tire screech ] [ car engines roar ] [ pit crew audio ] when you're a fan it's never just one thing, it's everything. introducing nascar on xfinity x1, get live race stats right on your tv. change the way you experience nascar with xfinity x1. remember washington swapped prisoner with the iranian's last month and got back five americans. the iranians just grabbed another american. his name is namazi. he is 80 years old and happens to be the father of another american whom the iranians have been holding four months. this is according to the family's lawyer. this picture shows the father with hi average around his son.
12:23 pm
both dual american-iranian citizens. the son is accused of working with the u.s. government but we don't know what the iranians grabbedded the dad and his wife wrote on facebook he has a serious heart condition and she is worried sick and prays her son and husband are allow today come home. lea gabrielle is here. >> we spoke with a woman and she says that neither the son nor the father are political activists. she in fact was held in iran in 2007 and says she was put in solitary confinement for three months. she described it as terrible. listen. >> they leave a mark on you no matter what and i would have been 67 years old so i became known as the 67-year-old grandmother in the handsbvç of e security agencies and now you have an 80 years man who is innocent. >> she says iran falsely accused
12:24 pm
her of being part of a plot to overthrow the regime, and she thinks iran detained the 80-year-old father in an effort to try to get a forced false confession out of the son. >> is washington saying anything. >> today the white house declined to'n&8r comment, insted referring to secretary of state john kerry's comments yesterday. >> i'm very familiar with this and i am engaged on it specifically, but i am'ç not permitted due to privacy reasons to go into the details here. >> now, the son was behind bars in iran last month when thatuñup prisoner exchange happened but he was not included in it, and neither was retired fbi investigator robert levenson. lawn claims not to know what happened to him since he disappeared there in 2007. the state department last month updated a travel warning about iran. it says that since the nuclear deal was reached in august, iran has basically continued to
12:25 pm
harass, arrest, and detain u.s. citizens. >> thank you. new developments in the last hour in the apple versus the government case. ceo tim cook talking about his efforts to stop the government from accessing a locked iphone. and he says, writing the code that would do it would be like infecting technology with disease. ahead, the response from the head of the fbi. some companies to let you file your taxes online, but some of those companies apparently do an awful job of protecting your personal information. the ones that put you at risk, very much as risk, coming up on the fox news deck.
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a brush fire in malibu forcing some folks there from their homes. officials say they might also have to clear hundreds of kid out of a nearby winter camp. crews are working to get the flames under control but one firefighter was badly hurt when a falling bold boulder hit her.
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her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. the feds are asking apple to create the software version of cancer. to hack into a2t( locked iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. that today from the apple ceo tim cook, just minutes ago a judge ordered apple to help the fbi or that was actually days ago -- but we just got word that
12:31 pm
apple filed legal papers asking the judge to drop the order in an interview tim cook, the ceo, said that creating that software would put other phones at risk. >> this case is not about a phone. this case is about the future. what is at stake here is can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would makei&çñv hundreds of millionsád customers vulnerable around the >> the fbi director sames james only on that specific phone. but he admits it is, quote, the hardest question he has ever seen in government. this all comes as "the new york times" reports apple engineers are now work only new security measures that would make it even more difficult to access locked iphones. correspondent catherine her around is live in watches why does the director claim this
12:32 pm
would affect on one iphone? >> he says the technology is developing developing and evolving so quickly and also during the hearing this morning really strongly disputed apple's position that developing this work-around for bypassing the access code would somehow erode customer data security. >> the code will be at apple, whe a pretty good darn good job of protecting its code. before 2014 they are able to unlock any phone and i don't remember any code getting out, but again i'm not an expert and i do think that's something the judge has to sort out. >> just this afternoon confirmation that the fbi director and apple senior vice-president and general counsel are scheduled to testify on march 1st now before a congressional panel on the encryption issue. comey emphasized today that this is technology that is used not just by terrorists but also gangs and those who exploit
12:33 pm
a tool for all the bad guys, not just the san bernardino case, shep. >> a lot of big names in an unusually open hearing today. what else came out of that? >> there was a very serious and credible charge that came from the republican chairman of the w6#; committee, destroyed at u.s. central command known as centcom amid the allegations that intelligence was manipulated to exaggerate progress against the islamic state. >> we have been made aware that both files and e-mails have been deleted by personnel at centcom, and we expect that the department of defense will provide these and all other relevant documents to the hkc threats hearing that sets spents priorities, lawmakers were told half of the intelligent analysts at centcom who have responsibility for 20 nations, including iraq and syria, say the integrity of their work.
12:34 pm
>> to me seems like 40% of analysts at centcom -- that's something that can't be ignored. >> we sent our only budsman to look at the an rhetoric rigor >> would you consider the 40% to be unusual? unusually high or is this a normal -- >> i would consider that unusually high. >> first began reporting about the allegations almost a year ago, and one of the central claims from the analysts is that they were instructed to use different ways to measure progress in iraq and syria and it included the number of airstrikes and body counts and the kind of metrics that had not been used since vietnam and did not adequately or accurately reflect whether any progress is being made against isis. >> this iphone'y ruling, whichever way it goes, will no doubt affect all of us in one way or another.
12:35 pm
let bring in maker barrett, former director of strategy for the house homeland security council and also serveds a intelligence officer for the office of the defense secretary and senior analyst for the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. you have completely different view of this than the apple ceo tim cook. tell us why. >> die, and i do want to say, there are two legitimate sides to this argument. comes down to privacy versus security. what you see ills that the vast preponderance in the intelligence game, we all believe that there's a likely enough threat that is severe enough we need to have the right tools to fight it. what you see is other people saying we really believe in the privacy, particularly post edward snowden. we want to put privacy paramount to all things -- above all things itch couldn't help but think as tim cook was sitting there, those are exactly the same chips the overseas banks used, the famous swiss banking accounts, not wanting to a lou to us figure out where al qaeda was moving funds and things like
12:36 pm
that following 9/11. at the time the united states was able to rally and say we need to understand where terrorist funds are movingpñ and we moved heaven and earth to make that happen. it's amazing we have an american company selling products to americans who, we have a dead terrorist and a court order that says get into the phone, and they're completely unwilling to do it. so much so they have taken into it the public court of opinion as opposed to actually trying to resolve this legally. >> specifics of what they want is on our iphone, if you lose it you have to have a code town lock the phone. not about the cloud or anythingñ else. about getting into the device. and if you put that code in wrong too many times, there's a option to allow that to wipe your phone clean. so all your data would be gone. tim cook says this is a bigger issue. listen. >> if a court can ask us to write this piece of software, think about what else they could ask us to write. maybe it's an operating system for surveillance? maybe it's the ability for the law enforcement to turn on the
12:37 pm
camera. i mean, don't know where this stops but i do know that this is not what should be happening in this country. this is not&ypãwhat should be happening in america. >> mike, judge napolitano says this akin to a government telling a private company something to make by order of the court. >> well, mean, the judge is entitled to his opinion but when you talk about the legal process -- remember, post that lots of people were upset they didn't feel there was enough involvement of the judicial system. here we have a clear case where the judicial system is involved and the system said we, the united states of america judicialxl system, believe x, ad apple as an independent company has just said, no, we're not going do it. and so i think really what we need to think about is the specifics of this case, again reasonable minds can disagree, and then the long-term implications.
12:38 pm
we have to come to some kind of system in the united states where we don't fight this out in public opinion. we have a special court part of the fisa court which is what we use for international spying. we need to have some kind of court that is closed session so they can go in there and have honest discussions but there's some kind of a process because it's ridiculous to fight this out in the street. the example guy back to every single time, and i'm sorry if hey been using this, if we had one of the al qaeda master mines, their cell phone the night before september 10, 2001, don'tow think we should have >> but who wins this case? here's the judge. >> i expect apple to prevail. i expect that the courts will say, first of all, there's an anti-hacking statute and a federal judge cannot order apple fbi hack into this device. it would violate a federal law. so first congress would have to change the law, and then there are constitutional i can mix --
12:39 pm
implications. basically the fbi is saying to apple, you will, on your own time and your own expense, create software exclusively for us. guess what? you can't do that. we have a constitutional amendment that prohibits the government from forcing people to work for it. it's called the amendment against slavery. >> should congress@í take this up -- it's already been suggested, mike. >> die think that congress needs to create a process that then moves into the courts in terms of how to deal with. the analogy of making this akin to slavery is ridiculous. who pays for it, fine. allow the government pay its standard apple rate. who cares. that's not the issue. the issue is privacy versus security and we need to have a situation where we can have an open conversation where both sides get to talk about it because there are for seeable situations -- foreseeable situations -- chemical weapons, biological weapons can nuclear weapons, massive casualty evens where we need to have the ability to find out who is talking to who. we had one system for doing it. edward snowedden and those
12:40 pm
revelations, we overreacted and took away the process weapon need a new process. >> mike barrett, thank you very much. appreciate the insight. >> thank you. >> listen up, if you're planning to file your taxes online this year. a new report has found that nearly one-half of all companies that have agreements with theáqç irs to provide efiling services are failing to protect customers' privacy and security. the good news is the others are doing a pretty solid job. they're on a so-called honor roll. gerri willis is here. >> let's start with the failing grades. the one you'll know best, jackson hewitt online. but there are others., 1040 now debt debt, file your taxes now, free 1040. not protecting your personal identity. you're not secure. what that with odd says from the online tax alliance. >> last thing you want is your
12:41 pm
personal information getting out. which companies are secure in. >> there is an honor roll here. east mart tech, easy tax return, free tax u.s.a., h & r block, taxwá, tax act, and intuit, turbo tax, very popular. last year we talked about how the irs compromised people's personal identity. these are the company with the soft where where you file. so make sure you're using the best software possible. >> strong allegations. any response. >> i've got an lot of response. i want to read what jackson hewitt said. they're focused own protecting our client's personal data. we receive the report tuesday are and looking into the evaluation to determine if there are further improvements we can make. and i got a couple of e-mails from the organization, 1040 saying we are now compliance. they're disputing what this alliance is saying, and they say they are a safe place to do tacks. >> thank you.
12:42 pm
>> you're welcome. >> by the time you're 18 years old you can get married, buy home, fight for youric country, die for your country, help pick the next president, but you still cannot be trusted to have a beer. now a lawmaker in one state is again challenging that, and trying to change that. details and the response from the opponents of the move, that's next.
12:43 pm
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kids these days are more responsible than generation past so they shouldn't have to wait until they're 21 to have a drink, according to a republican lawmaker from new jersey who is trying to lower the drinking age in that state to 18. the legislator usesxu=yd an aged argue. if you're old enough to fight for your country, old enough to -- to have a beer but the proposal could have a hard time in the new jersey legislature. the feds can hold back millions of dollar inside highway funding, which is how they got louisiana to make this change back in the day. it was the last one. and critics, including but not
12:46 pm
limited to mothers against drunk driving, slammed the proposal, arguing that teenager's brains are not fully developed. joining us now, arthur aidala. give them a gun, they can go to war. god knows they can'tjy] have a d one. >> i don't know where his data is that kids are more responsible now than they were in the past. that's one premise i'm not sure of. the one thing that the legislators of state governments are saying, they call it extortion by federal law, because if they wanted to -- let's say the people of new jersey went out and voted, yes, we want to lower the drinking age to 18, they would lose all the now pave the new jersey turnpike and the garden city, all that stuff -- so they can't do it. the thing that -- about mothers against drunk driving, they're estimate statement is the brain is not fully developed at 18 so they can't have a beer with
12:47 pm
their family but we'll give them a weapon of mass destruction to defend our country. so, that wasn't the past statement i would have put out -- wasn't the best statement i would put out. overall no one is changing any laws. you said the reason why. the insurance companies don't want them changed. the mothers groups, all those -- the good government -- >> drinking and driving is illegal anyway. >> it's about the age of responsibility. a time when people say we're not you can vote -- >> this is such an old argument. >> so many public service announcements -- >> 21 isk4ñ ridiculous. ridiculous. fully ridiculous. but it's the law and not going to change. >> the thing is the feds made a new jersey united states senator who made it the law. frank latinberg so his own state is rebelling. >> i lived in massachusetts, and
12:48 pm
louisiana held -- i lived in mississippi and louisiana held out. i was born back when neglect enthuse la was born -- jean when they fought we spears. >> but louisiana held out for a long item. you go still go go through the drive-through and get a big daiquiri to go, you can drink it while you're driving down the road. it's illegal to drive drunk. it was not at the time illegal to drink and drive, which made sense. this doesn't make sense. mothers against drunk driving, withhold yourç e-mails. i get that part. don't even bother. but nothing is changing so stop >> the current state of the law, it isç:jjft" evolving towards yu cannot consumer any alcohol. >> .05 is knew thing of some kind. >> now impaired. driving while impaired. and that's -- for one like you that's a beer and a half. it's a beer and a half. someone like me --
12:49 pm
>> what's that uber is for or yellow taxi or mommy. >> we live somewhere where there's uber. there's plenty of places where there's no uber. in long island, it will be 40 minutes. so, this does impact people's#fn lives but madd says 800 lives a year are saved by these particular laws and that is -- if you extrapolate how many families would be affected, it's worth it. ride a horse. you won't crash the horse. >> thank you, arthur. >> thank you, sir. >> a woman says that she found a valuable pearl in her seafood dinner at an italian restaurant outside seattle. >> i thought, don't want know what just bit town on. my husband looked at it. it was a half shock, half embarrassment, don't know what this is. so let's take it home andkz deal with it there. >> what was that, pasta allah champagne? now i know what to order.
12:50 pm
order that. tell me about the pearl. >> a very rare purple purpose and they're found in clams, not oysters, and they're typically found on the east coast.k so this is an even bigger deal it happened near seattle. the woman took it to a gem jerrett who said it's worth $600. she is going to make a necklace out of it and wear for it good luck. >> god bless her. thank you. a lot of folks have a ton of cleanup today after a deadly storm brought tornadoes and heavy rain all up and down the worst of it this time in virginia, where the governor is now declared a state of emergency, and the national guard is moving in to help. amid all the politics, really bad storms in virginia and beyond. stay tuned.
12:51 pm
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a major cleanup effort beginning today after a deadly storm system barreled into the east coast. buildings and homes destroyed. hundreds of thousands of people in the dark even now. the governor of virginia declaring a state of emergency and the national guard is activating its folks to help out. officials say at least four people died across virginia, including a two-year-old boy. this is the town of waiverly here which saw some of the worst damage,wave early is an our south and east of the capitol of rhythm. this is lancaster, pennsylvania, what a mess in amish country. a tornado tore out there the area, damaging build examination leveling a schoolhouse. no reports or anybody hurt. social media. take a look at time laps video. this is charlotte, covering the city in fog, and then next, another video from north
12:55 pm
carolina yesterday, showing the dark clouds moving through an area that is east of raleigh. venezuela. looks like a mess. >> it is. they've made substantial progress here today but there i. folks here going through their home right now, salvaging what they can. these folks survived the storm last night. their neighbors did not. three people, including a two-year-old, were killed when the storms through their home. that back there was a laundromat. no more as the owner's gore through what is left. these folks are trying to figure out how to get their cars rolling again. they hope they can get them started again. the salvage process has been going on here, not only with personal effects but just clearing the massive amounts of debris there was much more here just a couple of hours ago so they have made a lot of progress here, across the street they're trying to restore power. there have been crews hererç
12:56 pm
throughout the day, but in the randomness of these storms, homes destroyed throughout this property and right here, this one standswe spoke to one guy who was driving by. tornado hit his car, and he walked away from it. back to you. >> thank you. we'll be right back with a look at one of the most important days in the founding of the government of our nation. and it happened on this day in history. from the moment they wake up, doers don't stop. every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical.
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when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le
12:59 pm
then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. on this day in 1793 the first known presidential cabinet meeting took place. president washington meat with thomas jefferson and alexander hamilton. even then the politics was usual.iñç historians say jefferson and hamilton used to butt heads constantly. unlike today's cabinet the vice-president was not a ebb. reason why john adams called his position the most insignificant office created.
1:00 pm
a george1a%ísm washington firstt with his inner circle today. >> oil is up three percent. everything is looking good. including your world with neil cavuto starting now. >> it's the chat that went viral and that had a lot of folks wondering is there a grand old dustup in the grand old party? take a look. >> people have a right to know if there's a problem in those taxes before they decide who -- >> what kind of problem would you envision? the low rate or the fact he doesn't give as much to charity or veterans groups or whatever? >> you have gone through a good list there. one we could find he doesn't have anywhere near as much income was we might think he might have with a $10 billion net worth or doesn't pay any, too very low taxes. >> are you saying you think he is worth significantly less -- >> i don't know. i'm just saying, t


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