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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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a george1a%ísm washington firstt with his inner circle today. >> oil is up three percent. everything is looking good. including your world with neil cavuto starting now. >> it's the chat that went viral and that had a lot of folks wondering is there a grand old dustup in the grand old party? take a look. >> people have a right to know if there's a problem in those taxes before they decide who -- >> what kind of problem would you envision? the low rate or the fact he doesn't give as much to charity or veterans groups or whatever? >> you have gone through a good list there. one we could find he doesn't have anywhere near as much income was we might think he might have with a $10 billion net worth or doesn't pay any, too very low taxes. >> are you saying you think he is worth significantly less -- >> i don't know. i'm just saying, the fact that
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he is so aggressive in avoiding any discussion of taxes, of his taxes, and is not willing to put them out so far, suggests that there's something in there he doesn't want us to see. we're going to select our nominee. we really ought to see from all three of these fellows what they're taxes look like in to be a bombshell. >> when you say bombshell, you question the figures he has given and the charitable donations he has made. >> it's very possible. >> possible, but when we're talking taxes, this is more like a "don't ask don't tell" thing because donald trump, even when possibility of running for president, back last tax day with me, he said he was going to be above board on all financial details. take aqt listen. >> when you run for public office, your financial life is an open book. are you willing to show that to the world to save the world?
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>> well, i've already done it. i'm probably the only person that ever was going to run and thinking about running last time, as you know, i gave a full financial statement. i'm very proud of my company. i actually gave it four years ago, and, boy, that really shut everybody up -- >> you know what's -- that's -- >> but -- >> this is like a full body cavity search when you're running for -- they go through everything. you're okay with that? >> that's all right. i've been a very public person. the most public businessman there is but i did a filing four years exciting was a fantastic filing. everybody said, wow, we had no idea he built that great of a company, and now it's muchgf better. >> that was then and to be fair donald trump has released financial disclosure statements in great detail but they are not the same as tax returns. so, something that mitt romney raised, well, started this. >> i'll make a determination at the right time. i'm in no rush to do it. nobody has been bringing it up
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comet for mitt romney, and the reason he brings it up is because he lost in the last election. >> i mitt has a good point the voters are entitled to know and if -- >> be glad to release tax returns and i don't know, we'll figure out what the right years are, but we don't have anything to hide. >> i'll release them. not very complicated. they're just not very exotic. >> i have nothing to hide. we'll satisfy people. >> we'll make a determination over the next couple of months. it's very complicated. >> is it much ado abouting in on tempest in a teapot. hard to tell. carl cameron is in houston, texas, with more on the debate. >> no doubt it's going to come up and donald trump said last year he would release people in the future as well.
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so, he is clearlykok not done i, and doesn't appear to be particularly enthusiastic about doing it, not withstanding his tweeting out a picture of him in front of a big stack of papers, appearing to sign them as though those were tax returns or a release. and mitt romney's impact on this is an interesting sort of a side bar to it. donald trump's obviously not running against the 2012 nominee, and mitt had plenty of issues over his own taxes, and one thing the republican party did to him was call him the veil tour capitalist -- vulture capitalist and say he was paying too few taxes or heirs charitable donations wouldn't be adequate or acceptable, and when he released them, up no of that proved to be true and wasq'ç%-n. part of the process is the longer you've wait, the more the anticipation, and sometimes it fizzles out. if mr. trump thinks that is what will happen6asn]8i with his, hes leading everyone down a primrose path and he charges forth. the emphasis is this debate in
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texas. and upcoming on super tuesday. this is ted cruz's home state, all of his rivals will be coming at him hard tonight in the belief they can gate bad performance out of ted crews -- will cut him out at the ankles on super tuesday. >> thank you very much. now back -- to donald trump and on this whole tax issue. it is not as if he has been shy about saying, i don't like paying taxes and i pay as little as possible. throughout his business career, the complicated tax code, the ownerrous tax codeu and he has o hire a legion of lawyers and don't address and it find the way to pay the least amount possible. in fact, he has been saying it on the stump running for president of the united states again and again. take a listen. >> somebody said, did you pay a lot of taxes? very little. the reporter says to me, little?
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never heard that from a candidate. remember romney when he said, paid, i paid, and i pavemented he was trying to build it up. i paid. i pay as little as possible. it's an expense. right? that's the american way. and you want stupid -- romney was fighting so hard to be paid a lot. i pay as little as possible. i use every single thing in the book. >> so he is not shy about saying that. so, if that's not the bookshell, what could be? or is this much ado about nothing or another reason to
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question of how much pressure trump donaldi( is-under to relee returns hitches the front-runner and marching toward the nomination and is in a very strong position and that would
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just give his opponents potentially more ammo, even if there's not any bombshell in there it takes over the news cycle and gives them the potential for some attacks. but the reason that mitt romney isqbm bringing this up now, maye there is a bombshell, maybe there isn't, but i think we have entered the kitchen sink phase of this republican primary. these other rivals to donald trump are going to bring up anything they can, attack him on anything they possibly can in the next few days because they're running out of time, and if they can't regain momentum before march 15th this could be over. >> the tax return won't confirm whether you're worth 10 billion or 14 billion or not a billion. just simply show the income that you made in a given year and how much in taxes you paid, but the issue tha come up is that maybe trump has misstated or exaggerated the type of income he generates and that's something his opponents would seize on, if you're ted cruz you
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call me a liar, dahl me disingenuous? what does that kind of stuff go? >> well, that's an existing narrative. that isn't new speculation. it's been going on for a number of months now, that people suspect that donald trump isn't worth as much as he says he is. part of that is based on the fact that donald trump valuates his own brand, the value of his names, as higher than some other economists have valued it at.íe once you get into the weeds of that argue. that's not necessarily something that could stick to him, especially since it hasn't so far. even when you release tax returns they'll be so complicated it might not be something. >> that's just it. if any revelation comes out it my be if you're in the real estate business orkjy=, you havo file different forms and different subset forms for different business activities, you'll confuse more people than not, and i think whether he is a single digit billionaire or multibillionaire do you think in
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the end, rebecca, people are going to notice or distinguish thec! difference? >> i don't think most americans, most voters, would care about that. it would give donald trump an opportunity to say and reinforce this meg message he has been a very successful businessman. most americans, when you tell them someone has made a billion dollars versus a few billion dollars over the course of their career issue think they would fine either of those to be very successful careers and i think that will be the case with trump as well. >> when anyone files tack, always the thing he has all these accountants and lawyers, has to be something slippery there. that's always sort of like the -- thieves days the -- these days, if you're rich, there's something wrong with you. but is there something to the point that romney was raising with me, get it out now, because take it from me -- i'm paraphrasing -- you delay, there's hell to pay because the democrats will be all over this, think of that.
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>> there's no incentive for him to release it now. the narrative is' to be donald trump sweeps super tuesday states. donald trump is marching ahead i mean, right when he is building all this momentum, he can put this primary away. there's really no incentive for him to give his opponents ammunition when he is just about to clinch the contest. >> right. do it as he approaches the general election, perhaps, but not right now in the primary. >> but you wouldn't say don't do it. he said in a couple of months. you -- would you both argue that romney is right in this respect, >> i think he'll be under a lot of pressure because that's been the precedent we have seen set by mitt romney's dad, george romney, when he ran for president. there will be that pressure on donald trump but in terms of the timing it would be very wise of donald trump wait until late
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april, early may,@a01[b2z somete before the convention bus after he already wrapped this up. when there isn't a whole lot going on. make a lot of sense. >> all right. we'll see what happens. thank you very much. i do urge those at home, whether republican or democrat to notice the way it is treated when a rich republican's taxes versus, and hillary clinton, they're on paper richer than the romneys now, so there's the call for them to release their tax report. i only say that say love -- all -- everybody in the pool. after this. in the meantime, is any of this resonating or registering at the polls? little indication thus far. ahead of a big debate tonight and super tuesday next week. could it still be a very taxing situation, not for mr. trump but for his opponents? ♪
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you know, when watching the coverage of the fallout from my chat with mitt romney about donald trump and his taxes, what he releases and doesn't. one thing occurred to me is how everyone seems to think it is now a given that donald trump is the republican nomination to lose. he is inevitable i'm thicking to myself, self, these are the same
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people treating the guy like a complete joke when he first declared for the presidency, and i'm also thinking to myself, self, i don't think we saw donald trump that way when he first launched his campaign. in fact, i know it. take a look. >> those of you who are going to dismiss the real estate developer who says he is worth north of $9 billion, do so at your own peril. aúm-(u& lot of people -- i don'w about you but their nietzsche jerk reaction was to dismiss trump right out of the a gate. a gravitate to those who are instantly dismissed as i recoil from those who are said to be the inside candidates or whatever. >> what i base that on at the time and since is the fact that i didn't see himqk through the prism of the apprentice or miss universe or the media marquee figure he has become and that whether you agree or disagree with his style or antics, he was at his core a pretty good
1:18 pm
businessman, great casino operator, has been in and out thereof bankruptcy courts, but he built something significantly bigger than that what was handed to him. now we can quibble over the acumen 0 on the entertainment front but long before america new the entertaining figure, he what's wednesday figure who wrote the signature book on how to do the deal. the art of the deal. i think in this campaign process we're in and around chapter nine. so, except for the word of caution, those in mainstream media, who are glomming on to the fact we saw it coming all along, big deal, a factor. he is. but just be careful about people who say one thing in one moment, change their mind in the next moment. all right. this might illustrate that point beautifully. that the force is still with him because donald trump in florida, the home of marco rubio, has a very comfortable lead. a winner take all state in a couple of weeks and will will bz
1:19 pm
ry, very crucial not only to donald trump but maybe fatal to marco rubio. in texas he is even with ted cruz, a must-win state for him next week, and leading john kashich in ohio, another crucial possible. not inevitable but possible donald trump could take out his top three rivals in their home state. what to make of that? on the phone with us, university of georgia political science appreciate josh who has been crunching the numbers. some states proportionally doled out but even there, when they're dold out, in a proportional state youywç can get them all. south carolina is a good example of that. donald trump won the state with about a little more than a third of the vote but got all the delegates because he was leading or got t lead in all the keyot
1:20 pm
caucus sites by districts. right? >> that's right. south carolina is the republican definition of proportional. what we call a winner take all by congressional district but al that means is that the potential is there for more than one candidate to get some delegates. ace we saw saturday knight, however, trump was able to do well enough, not only statewide but in each of south carolina's seven congressional districts. he won in each of those seven, and by virtue of both those wins across the congressional districts and the state he took all 50 delegates from the state. >> there's some states like connecticut, professor, that have a sort of a 20% threshold. you've get under 20%, you're not going to get a delegate in a district or a precinct. so it is possible that even getting a plurality of the vote ex-trump or enough other candidate in that position, gets all the delegates. i guess i mention that toil straight the point, it isn't necessarily all based on the winner take all. you can take almost all in even
1:21 pm
these proportional states, and a good many next week. >> that's absolutely right. i think georgia is a gecez example of that. candidates have to get above 20% of the vote to even qualify for delegates statewide. they'll also apportion some based on the congressional district votes, but in most cases in unless -- unless a candidate is get allege -- getting a majority win in the to one to the winner, one delegate going to the runner up. so, in both cases, whether we're looking at the statewide rules or congressional district rules in state like georgia, and many of the states across the sec designed to advantage a front runner or lead in the polls. >> thank you very much. i hasten to add when you look at the super tuesday states, they're not winner take all but if you're a winner in key districts in a lot of cases you do take all.
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you know the democrats love to pick on the republicans for their infighting and problems and they don't represent society and all that. whatever. but the one thing republicans don't have are super delegates and i first became aware of that with my buddy ed hen roy who -- henry who can educate you. you look at just the delegate breakdown, i'm looking at hillary clinton, she has over 500 delegates now. that's almost a quarter of the way there. and yet without the super delegates, almost even. and ed henry first alerted me to that. and, ed ex-can't figure it out.
1:26 pm
that's a big, big advantage. right? >> it is. and those are party leaders who can vote. they're going to be with the front-runner. the only caution i would note is a lot of them were with hillary clinton in 2008 and then the super delegates flipped to barack obama once the momentum went to his side, and more importantly opposite he started winning a whole bunch of primaries and caucuses. that's the challenge for bernie sanders this weekend and then super tuesday next week. hillary clinton today trying to pour it on. jumping into the supreme court battle, saying that brian sandoval, the run governor of nevada, shoot know -- should not be considered before the post. she did that beforeógíhn african-american audience saying she wants to make sure a liberal gets on the court. >> i know the governor has done some good things but i sure hope the president chooses a true progressive who will stand up for the values and the3 interess of the people of this country.
1:27 pm
>> and within moments of clinton for santo val put out a statement -- sandoval put out a statement saying he called the white house and wants his name removed from consideration so that is already disape appearing. bernie sanders is not in the state today and has been focusing on super tuesday. that's a super tuesday state. today in ohio they vote in mid-march and he is basically saying, don't count him out yet. watch. >> you having a primary here on march 15th with your help, we can win this primary and help us go forward to victory. >> so he is getting those big crowds and showing energy but actually got to rack up some winds. if we can win in ohio, win in 0 oklahoma, maybe get some momentum back, many some of the super delegates shift. >> on the super do delegates -- i know i'm a dog with a bone --
1:28 pm
first ballot. they can switch as they did back in '08. >> yes. what they're doing -- not even the first ballot. they're just publicly saying i'm with hillary clinton and haven't signed their name to anything. just telling reports. so, long before the convention and not bound to anybody so they can shift. >> they don't wear different clothes or capes or anything like that.mhur÷ >> not not super heroes. >> i got that. enough it's all clear. ed henry, thank you, my friend. >> thank you. >> meantime, michael bloomberg, talking bat fished party run. still out there but charlie is on to another novel route for mr. bloomberg to find his way to washington. what is that, charlie? >> the source of this is being floated by some of the people close to therzç former mayor ofw york city, the head of bloomberg lp, a big data firm, news
1:29 pm
organization, they're saying don't discount the potential of bloomberg becoming hillary clinton's running mate. let's just think about this legally -- >> what? >> -- and -- let me unpack this. this what they're saying. i'm not predicting it but it's got anton of social media pickup. people are thinking it could be real. which he indicated if she wins he probably won't but he has not discounted it. i he runs a as third-party candidate he could take votes away from hillary clinton and make sure a republican becomes president of the united states. we also point out that hillary progressivism right now. we need to elect a progressive in the supreme court, but she has to move somewhat to the center on some issues during the general election to pick up independents, and the theory goes that bloomberg is that type of centrist where he is a liberal on many social issues but centrist on others and actually very idio -- idio sin
1:30 pm
thattic. one issue is whether the 12th 12th amendment to the constitution somehow prohibits york. from doing this. but i think that's canard. i think there's -- i think it's more complicated than strictly prohibited. a ballot counting that has to go on, and no offense, clinton move to new york. they're not native new yorkers, one can move to new jersey to make this work if they wanted to. so that's where we are right now. i tweeted this out yesterday, fox retweeted"3 it this has gotten tremendous, it was in politico today. people are not discounting. if you're going to ask me to lay odds a bookmaker i'd say the odds are not 50-50 but it's not being discounted, and mike bloomberg is not going to run to
1:31 pm
lose. becoming vice-president doesn't necessarily mean he loses, and by the way, can you imagine the war chest that he and human beingry would have? her fun -- hillary would have? her fundraising ability and bloomberg is worth 28 billion. and trump has 10 billion in treasury bonds he can throw out there. >> that's fascinating. 7y apparently congress was watching a lot of my chatting back and forth with apple lead attorney ted olsen bus then the ceo coming out and a lot of people coming out front and center on this very issue that we raised in a rather heated exchange. jay knows how to keep his wheels spinning. nice shorts, dad... they don't make 'em in adult sizes? this is what the pros wear. look at the lines... -uhhh... look at the other line... -mm-mhh..
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you -- what if i told you it happened on the same day the chinese stock market collapsed. don't we normally sell on such days?
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ this was a terror attack in this country. we know the guy who did it. we don't know exactly what happening in a 20-minute time frame. it might be on that phone. this is the only means by which to get it. you're not making -- getting into the phone or leaving the feds with any knowledge or secret access tobnokçód8 that pu
1:36 pm
happen opened it up. one and done. that phone, that perpetrator, done. >> there's no way to stop it when the geneie is out of the bottle. we're not just talking about the federal government. we're talking about state and local governments with law enforcement desires to get into cell phones wherever they think there's a crime or evidence of a crime that -- it is not one and done. >> he makes a very eloquent constitutional argument. i was arguing a more pressing right now urgent need to open this damn phone up right now. well, apple filed a motion to vacate a court ordinary in the san bernardino iphone case. apple very much a focus on capitol hill today. target rein here ridge has the latest. >> the fbi director testified this morning that dispute with apple over accessing a terrorist's iphone is the hardest question he has seen in government, and comey strongly disputed apple's position that the developing a work-around for
1:37 pm
bypassing the access password on farook's iphone, one of the san bernardino shooters, would erode customer data security. >> the code will be at apple, which i think has done a pretty darn good job of protecting it code. they were able to unlook any phone before 2013 and i don't remember any code get ought that let that able loose upon the land. >> with more than five dozen home-grown terrorist suspects under the most intense level of fbi surveillance, director comey said them0 issue is about more than a single phone and a single investigation. >> if we're going to get to a world where there's spaces that are immune to judicial search warrants that's a very different world than the one in which we live and we have to talk about that. the american people should decide how do we want to be governed. >> this afternoon confirmation that the fbi and two apple
1:38 pm
executives are set to testify, and this afternoon apple filed a response to the court calling the fbi's demand to get into that phone the work-around with the access code, quote, dangerous and unconstitutional, and simply to noh basis in the -- no basis in the law to do so. >> thank you. with us now, national security and intelligence expert joshua katz. help me with this;x;xc issue. i know it's a t-hohn big constil crisis and i'm a simple man, as many of my viewers often remind me, and i i don't see this as becoming a crisis. i see a single phone with information on it that a high-tech person could just open up, put on a drive, get to the authorities every they want. no one need know how apple did it, end of story. what is happening now that it became this much bigger than life issue?
1:39 pm
>> it's actually a totally botched investigation by both san bernardino county and the fbi. so this phone that everybody is talking about was not owned by farook. it was actually owned by san bernardinot;vt5 owned the information and owned the phone have erased the ability for the fbi to get in and you know fbi riz only way to get in is to have apple create a bark-end into their foam to jeopardize the entire business model. >> is it possible for a technician to still open that
1:40 pm
phone up without the government knowing how that phone was opened up? the benefit of the government being now you have the data on the san bernardino guy and withm whom he was communicating but i guess the fear from apple and free speech and privacied a "ovo" indicates is you have -- advocates shows you have left a trail and the government will use it. >> unfortunately we're taking the responsibility off of san bernardino county and local state and federal authorities to manage their data correctly,]=2o safeguard -- >> can you do that? absolutely. it's very cost effective. these tools are not cost prohibitive. very, very cheap. and san bernardino, as well as every other state, local and federal official, who gives out equipment on behalf of the safeguard that and in this case it's just a botched
1:41 pm
investigation. >> all right. be that as it may, to your eloquent point here, here is where we be and now i'm wondering, with time awasting on this -- i know that ted olsen, smarter man than i am. that now all of a sudden we've made this michigan that will drag on for quite a while as that phone sits there with all that information. that's not an ethereal argument or threat. that's the phone linked to the guy who already did something threatening and killed 14 people. so, you states the urgency of the moment. getting what's on that phone. >> and, neil, that moment unfortunately is gone. i think what we need to understand is, intelligence has a shelf life, and a shelf life here of the informant that was on that phone has long since passed. we are well beyond that phone really providing any intelligence, anything useful for the investigation, and i'll say, too if the fbi's entire investigation is hinging on this
1:42 pm
phone, we have a much larger problem here, neil. >> amazing. thank you very much. i appreciate it. well, did you ever hear about the trump tweet that had one former senator coburn blast ted cruz as a liar, one of the worth liars he knew? turns out that ted cruz was never called that by senator coburn, not even close. so now what? the senator is next.
1:44 pm
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maybe he is leery because when you released you're taxes everyone made a big deal of the fact that you3jtwñ paid at a lor rate, dividend rate that was lower than the standard rate. legal and fine but in the interest of transparency they were all over you like you know what. >> that's the good rope for getting these things out before the voter to make their choice who the nominee will be.d@% they were all over me for my taxes, became a big issue, but i put my taxes out in january of 2012, and i gave people a chance to digest and it decide whether i would be the nominee or not. >> so just how big a deal and how taxing a deal is this tax issue for the republican party right now? particularly as we head into turn -- super tuesday, i have
1:47 pm
senator tom coburn, a lot to discuss with you bus first on this tax thing. you're big on transparency, big on being a straight shooter, honest, when it comes to government waste, just conducting yourself. is it important that donald trump get these taxes out there right away? >> well, it's important that hey all do. because it's part of what you're voting for. if you want to vote for integrity, then you've compare what people have said to what they have, in terms of their tax returns. so i think it's a real simple question. every one of the republican candidates ought to put it out tonight beforeáo they go into te debate. they all ought to put it out there and anybody who hasn't, theirs pressure on them to put out. >> will look at the republican returns, donald trump's returns, and just drag it out? >> well, the media
1:48 pm
disproportionatly looks at everything, bases on what sells and what is controversial. that shouldn't limit our transparency and it shouldn't limit the integrity of all the there. i heard them all interviewed doáu)e no problem. why haven't they already released them? if all the other candidates released them, he would be in a tough place to not release his. >> you raise a very good point. were caught broadside on a quote that was attributed to you about your former colleague, ted cruz, that he was aliar, and -- or one of the most dishonest people, according to donald trump tweet, when fa fact you had never said it, it was a web site that had pushed this quote but it just entered the media arena and
1:49 pm
became attached to you. explain what happened. how did that happen? >> well, they took a quote from a very progressive web site, nothing that i'd ever said, and made it my words, and then tweet it out, and even after they knew it wasn't accurate for two hours after=֍ that, mr. trump repead it again after he knew it wasn't accurate. and so -- >> did you ask him to take it back? >> i didn't ask him to do anything. integrity would saw you would apologize for making a statement you knew wasn't true. >> i guess you're not a10/n>=a n of ted cruz. is that fair? >> well, ted and i had differences in the senate but he is a man of integrity when it comes to telling the truth, and if i thought he lied to me i'd talk to him in person and private and wouldn't make it a public issue. >> the fact we see a lot of these things on all sides, to your point, do you see the tone getting much worse before the
1:50 pm
conventions and even november? >> well, i think -- tone is reflective of frustration. this country is upset with the federal government. you see it in terms of who they're supporting. they've had it in terms of a government agency taking away their government agencies taking away their freedoms. they're disgusted with what goes on in washington. they're disgusted with the supreme court making decisions that take our freedom in the states away. what you're seeing is a reaction to that. here's a nonpolitician that is speaking very plunltly and people are saying, finally somebody is saying something. so i understand it fully. i think the danger is we may not like what we get if we vote that way, rather than actually look into what are the real answers to the real questions for mr. trump? >> and you've not committed to any candidate yet. >> no. i would say there's one candidate who has endorsed
1:51 pm
convention of the states. there's only one and that's marco rubio. i've not endorsed anybody. zbl thank you. the former oklahoma senator. all right. this whole tax thing really about taxes? or is it just taxing? from the moment they wake up, doers don't stop. every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical.
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we've tried to balance this tax thing out. those who think they should get the taxes out and others think it is a no big deal. to continue, get the tax thing out. it's a big deal. and of course, you're a trump fan and you don't think it's a
1:55 pm
big deal. why do you think this is much ado about nothing? >> first you have to consider the messenger. mitt romney lost two bids for the presidency. he himself released less taxes than any other president, other gop nominee in our history with the exception of reagan and who is this man for the last seven years -- >> i don't know about that. i'm not so sure fewer than others. but go ahead. >> according to the data that i researched, that's what i found out. but here's a man who for the last seven years sat on the sidelines while president obama destroyed the american economy and now is the time? it's pretty suspect and it smacks to me of the ruling class, the ruling elite, the establishment that mitt romney is well entrenched in. >> wouldn't you want to get that kind of information out? wouldn't you want to get that information out? wouldn't you want to get that
1:56 pm
out before, sooner rather handle the later? >> well, mr. trump has said he is going to release his finances and all of his tax returns. this is the thing. his tax returns are vast and complex. he has some 500 businesses, neil. and i don't know if i'm an american voter and i'm looking at that. this man who has handled these vast complex business empires and i'm thinking, who do i want to maybe handle the american budget for the next eight years? four to eight years? i'm thinking maybe i don't want someone whose tax return fits in a number ten envelope. maybe whose tax return fits in a truck might be a better alternative. i think the american public is for someone who has that sort of business acumen. i think it illuminates that. i think it might back fire on romney. >> even if he waits long time, you're okay with that, on the taxes. >> emhe will release them and he's not losing any support.
1:57 pm
so i don't know why there is a rush. >> you're right about that. >> something this vast would take a lot of time. >> thank you very much. we have to hold out. hope springs eternal.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now,
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could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." all eyes are on texas where the gop candidates will face off in their tenth debate in a few hours from now with 155 delegates, the lone star state will be the biggest prize of the primary season so far. a lot at stake super tuesday, just five days away. texas is the home state of senator cruz and the latest poll averages show him ahead of trump for now. but trump doesn't appear to be concerned. >> people have not done very well against me. so far, everybody tha


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