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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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that's my off-the-record comment tonight. see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. go to my facebook page. gretawire, twitter, all of that stuff. good night. ♪ ♪ i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching special edition of "the o'reilly factor" election 2016. let's get the right to the top story. is donald trump now the inevitable republican nominee? super tuesday is just five days away and trump's two biggest rivals, senator ted cruz and senator marco rubio())g try to stop him. >> we can't be fooled by p.t. barnum. [ applause ] the time for the clowns and
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the acrobats and the dancing bears has passed. [cheers] >> trump has alluded to the fact that he thinks parts of obamacare are pretty good. [boos] >> i can tell you everybody running for president says i want to get rid of obama care. i'm the only one that's done anything about it meaningful. >> bill o'reilly put it that way last night about the tightening grip on the g.o.p. nomination. >> in the end donald trump doesn't care about politics. he doesn't care about parties. he does not care about elites. he does not care what he says in attacking opponent. he only cares about one thing. winning. >> joining us now with reaction from nashville the tea party news network scottie nell hughes and with me in studio kelly ann conway the head of a pro-ted cruz super pac. start with you kellily, you are right who are in studio. what have you been waiting for now you are finally going after donald trump. do you like the way it's working out?
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senator cruz is taking on donald trump himself as is the campaign. at our super pac we are still image filling in the blanks of his career before he got to the senate. >> what are you waiting for? got to go time is running out. five days before super tuesday. 600 did he goes are going to go on super tuesday and still filling out his career? >> no, let me start over here, eric. we have been running about something about mr. trump and many about senator cruz. the question of is he inevitable. of course he is not. 5% of delegates have been cast. only 133 have been awarded there will be over 2500 that are eventually rewarded. let's not be disrespectful to all of the votc$x9ñ except for the first four states cast ballots and deprive them of their voice in choosing nominee. mr. trump is prohibitive frontrunner at this moment. he is in no way inevitable. if mr. cruz gets mr. trump to himself then you have the two antiestablishment
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outsiders. he says he can't win anything in florida and trump is beating him by 16 points today. >> looking at senator cruz and rubio beating each other senseless and saying i'm all right with this because i keep winning states is donald trump the inevitable? >> he is the inevitable. i agree. let's not look past the upcoming states. anytime a state voting on tuesday. guess what in my state every single state, mr. trump is in double digits in every single state. according to the latest dallas abc poll he is tied with senator cruz at 32%. texas is one of the odd states that you have to be above 50% of the vote counts and then you get 100 percent of the delegates. senator cruz is a far away that he need to do win south carolina. deaf not win a single county in there season with him into the south. get the momentum going for the rest of the country. it hasn't started and it doesn't look like it has any chance of starting at this point. >> kelly ann, i do the math.
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i look at these3b things delegate math and it comes down to and scottie nell points this out does senator cruz take texas but take a state if i doesn't take a path texas. not leading in any of them. >> 12 of the 14 states and territories that are going to vote. >> no doubt. i'm going to respect the right of the citizens in the state to cast they're on tuesday. there is another poll just to correct the record there is another poll out today that shows senator cruz leading mr. trump by the monmouth poll that says mr. trump only likes to quote the monmouth poll. shows cruz leading trump in texas by 15 points. senator cruz has the best chance of winning his home state when you compare him to rubio and kasich. rubio is losing&m by 16 points. kasich is behind in ohio. that's why i think the two antiestablishment, two
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washington will do very well on super tuesday. gone from last couple days of senator cruz must win also competing in other states. get his public schedule. be in five or six of the states between now and tuesday. competing in many super tuesday states. as opposed to senator rubio who should just drop out and let cruz and trump battle it out. why? he was asked what state he can win florida on march 15th. skip all of super tuesday. four four contests, march ath and 8th until rubio can find a state he can win. that's not a winner cruz campaign would love to seepaignp out. >> marco rubio is having really good momentum in some of these states, including my own. it's still not enough. while you, kelly ann are sitting here looking at these states coming up on tuesday and just like praying that something will. >> i'm not praying. >> you have to be doing
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something. after you saw the cruz campaign he is not going to attend an event in alabama on saturday morning. going to texas. you are hearing most a all of his work is going into texas. home state which by the way he should be blowing out every single poll will, is he is not. reminds me of a al gore. mr. trump being asked about who do you want as your vice presidential candidate to run with that right there shows where the american peopleysji have moved on. i'm waiting for the cruz campaign to kind of get the hint and instead of maybe divide our conservative movement they will start speaking positively about uniting us and going against hillary and bernie. >> uniting us so all these personal insults against senator cruz is supposed to then lead to uniting us. >> you just had a communication director have to resign. >> bill clinton lost first four contests in 1992. >> throw that mud at mr. trump. >> scotty, go ahead, what? >> bill clinton lost the first four contestant in 199 2. first win super tuesday in
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georgia. went on to be the democratic nominee and two term president. the entire point is we don't disrespect people in states that haven't voted yet. we are not going to choose a nominee. >> i'm doing the math. >> should we just hang it up now? >> >> them sounds like the jeb bush people. we're inevitable. hillary sib evident tillable. >> i have said this on fox for a long time the only way you compete against donald trump at this stage of the game two things in politics momentum and time. trump has the momentum. you guys are running out of time. if you want to compete has to get behind one nontrump candidate. who is it going to be? >> ted cruz. >> marco rubio says you can't win anywhere. wouldn't youg, rather be ted cruz than donald trump head of the tea party network, scottie? >> i agree it could be all three of them. the truth is though. >> it doesn't matter whether cruz or rubio. we're winning. that's the point. >> mr. trump ohio know well, why isn't he at a 5%.
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if people really want -- >> -- you said he wasn't going to get 225%. kelly, do your presentself a favor, start helping to unite the party instead of and that will help the party. >> united against hillary and you know it. >> leave it right there, ladies. thank you so much. next on the rundown. which candidate is in the best position to win the rails for the white house? ultimate campaign insider will be here to analyze. stay tuned. pet moments are beautiful,
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k and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, all beds on sale right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. in the election 20167 segment tonight, who is in the best position to win their party's nominations? circus, one of of> what are some surprises for you by being on the campaign?
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>> how disingenuous the whole process? >> really? >> you know it is. i certainly not naive in terms of what we know what it is and we have done big deals all over the place#tj4z we get how the world operates. when i see some of the desperation in the other campaigns and trying to take something and turn it in to something that it's not and trying, frankly sometimes just the outright lies because it doesn't matter. when you apologize, it's like the retraction in a paper, right? well the retraction on page 30 two weeks later doesn't mean anything. you get the win then and you move on and everyone forgets. >> joining us now from houston co-creator and co-host of the circus on -- i'm so glad you are on. like i said i love this. like a documentary that follows the campaigns you are right up to the minute. stuff will happen on saturday night or sunday morning and it's appearing on the show. tellm% me, you get aamazing access behind the scenes access, back stage, who is a genuine candidate and who is not? >> well, thanks for having me on, eric. so this is a realtime
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documentary and a big part of what we are doing is trying to pull back the curtain and show what these candidates are like behind the scenes when the cameras are off and when they're not having talking points or speeches and show the human dimension of these people, what's interesting is they are interesting characters because lots of characters in their orbits like their families and staff and some of the journalists covering the campaign that are just as interesting. so i would say actually two of the most interesting people that we have talked to so far in the circus have been jane sanders and donald trump jr. i just talked to him this weekend. he was completely interesting. you know, really defied my expectations. he was down to earth. just started doing surrogate work for his father two or three weeks ago. that's a hard job to step out into this national spotlight and, you know, stand your ground and defend your father and articulate a message which he has done really well. i was struck how human he was that's what we are trying to show in the circus. what a human endeavor this is and how difficult a
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process it is for the candidates. >> that is what is striking. you see how much work goes on the travel. you are on the airplanes. you are on the buses and on the streets. what are the striking moments for me in the serrie was when berne arey sanders, you were back staining with bernie, back stage with bernie, he literally told his whole staff to leave and he sat down and said how am i doing to one of your co-founders. >> wasn't that great? >> one of the most jeb win moments of a campaign yet. >> i love that you know i do it was so great because it was authentic it was vulnerable. it showed a politician running for the nomination of the democratic party doing well standing back and saying jeesh, am i doing okay here? i he wanted to get outside affirmation for what he was doing. one my favorite moments where he was about to go on stage him and jane sanders in quiet moment she pecks him on the cheek. so touching and sweet. real and human. >> you have a history with the bush family.
5:15 pm
tell us a little bit about scenes when george w. bush came to the stump for jeb bush. give us a sense of that saw a big old hug. how did that go behind the scenes? >> it was bittersweet in a lot of ways. great to have 43 dom out which he doesn't do at all anymore. he doesn't do any campaigning but, you know this is the bush family and want to do make sure barbara bush as did all the other bushes. that last week you could kind of feel the air going out of the balloon. even though george w. brought his energy which was great. toward the end of that week as you saw on the show. it was kind of sad because, you know, the traveling press disappeared and you could kind of tell it was going. and you had jeb talking about, you know, the polls and he was mid pack but trump is way up here it was kind of sweet. >> you may have captured the moment that jeb came to the
5:16 pm
realization that he wasn't going to be%qd)q nominee. >> yeah. it was happening right in front of our eyes. like i said, it was kind of sad. like the bushes always are, incredibly dig need and classy on the way out. >> everyone wants to know. i have seen so. video. you are on the trump airplane and it's quite an experience. also noticed the juxtaposition have you been on the john kasich airplane too. tell us about the difference in those two. >> they travel a little differently, obviously. those are great moments. it's great to really interesting to see how the candidates react with staffs and family. says a lot about who they are. donald trump great family and his interaction with all his family in moments like that tells you a lot about him very telling. fascinating to see when they get out of plane, sit down and relax what are they
5:17 pm
that's what we want to know. how is the president going to be in every aspect of their life not just in front of the tv cameras. >> we only have about 30 seconds or so. you know what you are getting with donald trump because he throws it out there a lot of people are wondering are ted cruz and marco rubio are they really what they seem or really what they put forward on tv or the stump or are they different behind the scenes? >> serve a little bit different when you get behind the scenes. they are more human. marco rubio what i discovered about him had that's different. interesting interest. rap music and booking and sports. that's an interesting side of him. cruz has actually got this sort of funny, comic side of him that's completely different than the press narrative about him that you wouldn't expect. >> all right. we have to leave it there, mark, great series by the way. thank you very much. up next on "the o'reilly factor" special dana per perino on which republican presidential candidate has the best chance of defeating
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in the impact segment tonight, who can beat hillary clinton in the general election and what role will gender play in that election? dana perino, my fellow co-host of the five has been crunching the numbers to try to get an answer. she joins us now. >> dana and math not going to be good. you are the number cruncher. >> what do you think? you brought up something very important. not only women are going to play a big role but single women as well. >> in particular, right. in the head-to-head matchups it's pretty much neck in neck although you would say at this point in the polls that we have so far, rubio and kasich do better against hillary clinton than the others. that could change because i think that once you have a
5:22 pm
nominee and they start to campaign against her and her against whoever that nominee is, all of those things could change. but one of the things that will really matter going into the election is the women vote. typically republicans have done very well with married women and older women. they do have a significant gap to close when it comes to minority women. and younger women. and there is a article, feature story in the new york magazine. i know you read it earlier. i commend people even though it might make you roll your eyes in a?sfry couple places, there is good information in there. single women made up 23% of the vote in 2012. probably a quarter of the vote in 2016. >> 67% of them voted for barack obama. >> that's right. and so if you think that -- you know that this -- the states. and in those seven swing states, if you drill down even further, then you will find that it's typically big difference.
5:23 pm
now, hillary clinton is -- you would assume, would do very well with those women and she does better than others. but, she is having a big -- a tough time on the trust factor. does she care about people like me? talked about very thorough. but it never got to exactly why single women are just massively in favor-lean left so hard. >> i thought there are was interesting. on the policy front. two thirds of the people in america who work for minimum wage are women. if you talk about you are i don't policy to raise the minimum wage that speaks to elm. this if you are talking about universal healthcare. that's important. paid sick leave, that's also important to them we haven't even gotten to reproductive rights when you have a presidential election and a supreme court nomination colliding in one year, that for sure is going to draw a lot of attentionhat hillary clinton is going to say to women eve if you think you
5:24 pm
don't like me as much as you might have liked bernie sanders i am a better bet for you when it comes to all of these issues, in particular your reproductive rights. >> three feasible options. trump, cruz, rubio right now. donald trump has been able to take the gender card away from hillary clinton because he went right after bill clinton. we match up best against hillary because he may be able to take the women -- the gender fee mayle male card off the table? as the you were saying in previous block. you really have not had anyone go after donald trump hard. media will turn as soon as there is a nominee. he have to fight that for women if he wants to do well with women. he has done well with women in the republican primary states. that's not the problem. it's independent women he might be able to grab ahold of them.
5:25 pm
policies. overall regardless who the nominee is, there are a lot of good republican ideas and')xs that would have helped all women, in particular in particularr more. >> that's it for dana perino. see you on the five tomorrow? >> and sunday. >> sunday. that's right. we have got to come in on sunday is. that's right. thanks. black lives activists ambushing hillary clinton fundraiser. she losing one of her important bases. factor analysis moments away. ♪
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in the factor follow-up seeing many tonight, is hillary clinton losing support with her base. during a private fundraiser in south carolina last night, things got awkward when a black lives matter activist confronted hillary clinton face to face over her record with african-americans. >> got somebody standing here we have to bring -- >> -- apologize. >> okay we will talk about it? >> i'm not a super predator hillary clinton. >> i will talk about it? >> would you apologize to black people for mass incarceration? >> can i talk and listen to what i say there are a lot of issues in this campaign, the very first speech that i gave back in april was about criminal justice reform. >> you called black people predators. >> you are are being rude. >> you are not appropriate. this is not appropriate. i
5:30 pm
know you called people black people predators in 1994. please explain your record. explain it to us. you owe black people an apology. >> excuse us. that's inappropriate. >> if you will give me a chance to talk. >> explain. >> you know what? nobody has ever asked me before. you are the first person to ask me and i'm happy to address it you are the first person to ask it. okay. back to the issue. >> joining us now you with from state college, pennsylvania, professor eddy, author of the book democracy in black how race still enslaves the american soul. and from washington richard good stein. richard, that black lives matters activists is distorting what hillary said back in the 1990s or is that protester? >> well, you can't help but be struck, eric, by the way hillary dealt with the protester which is you are
5:31 pm
versus i want you it punch you in the face and have my folks beat you up. >> can we stay on hillary? >> we can of course. >> i know where you are going with this. >> the fact of the matter is, the clinton administration, her husband's administration saw income gap. >> more opportunity for blacks across the board. >> right? so, now, i think hillary herself actually says she probably wouldn't have used that term again, but her life's work. her life work starting with the children defense fund and legal service was corporation has been to help black children in particular. so, and there is no coincidence that every single black official of consequence is backing her. >> you are spinning a little bit, richard. i am going to go over to professor blood. did she not call black
5:32 pm
gangs, she called them super predators? yes or no? >> yes. i mean she was following in some ways the social science data of the time. i mean, john, who was at princeton at the time had produced some social scientific work which suggested that america had to prepare itself for super criminals. people who had been reared as a result of the crack epidemic who were not beholden to values who could not in some ways be socialized into the habits and more more rays into the the society. that kind of social science data drove in interesting sorts of way policy. policies that led to mass incarceration. three strikes you are out. led to crack cocaine disparity and the like. >> but, professor. >> senator clinton. sceacket clinton. >> i have to ask you this though, black lice activists said she shouldn't used the term super predator. of it wasn't specific to the
5:33 pm
black community. >> oh, yes, pretty much so. yes, it was. it was designed -- it was specifically targeting particular kinds ofv6 people, particularly black people and brown people in urban centers and urban ghettos it was very much directed. i want to suggest that secretary clinton wasn't unique in her use of the language. >> talking about latinos, hispanics? there are a lot of hispanics gangs as well. >> but what point are you making that she is using super predator in a broad sense? >> yes. yes. >> no, the point is that the language of super predator was not being ply to do white kids in the suburbs. wasn't being applied to white kids in appear labor shah. it was being applied to barack and brown people. particularly brown people in urban ghettos and was justifying a policy that led to the mass snargs of black and brown people. part of what we are trying
5:34 pm
to do. did bring up the crime bill in 1994 crime bill. three strikes you are out. a lot of incarceration of minorities, richard. it was pointing at super predators. my question to you, richard, is it super predator specific to the black community. for all minorities or just the african-american community? >> again, the black community by and large as evidenced by how the voters are voting in nevada, all the polls are indicating in south carolina and beyond strongly 3, 4, 5 behind hillary think know what happened in the 90's. they know what terminology was being used and notwithstanding that they are lining up, in kind of lock step behind hillary because they believe that she would be good for the interests of the african-american community among others. so you, i mean, again, you have to ask the authors of the crime bill. bernie sanders voted for it.
5:35 pm
somehow laid at bill clinton's feet. >> hillary stumped for it. it was a bill clinton issue in tia but hillary stumped for it. >> crime rate went down in the 1990s. crime rates went down. >> that data is really skewed. that crime rates go down because we see massive incarceration. there is a way in which we could push that data. what william has demonstrated when drill down, what you nuances, black voters are making decisions based upon the circumstances of their lives it's not as if we are going to be herded to the polls. >> there is one person run for president this yearj who understands all that,
5:36 pm
mr. glaude, it's hillary clinton. no debate about that. >> has hillary clintonens hard turn to the left bernie sanders damaged her in the long run? that's moments away.
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thanks for staying with us, on this special edition of the o'reilly factor. election 2016. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem segment tonight, has bernie sanders pushed hillary clinton too far to the left? mrs. clinton is elm praising many of sanders' positions it to try to halt his momentum with democrat voters. is it damaging her general election chances if shev secures the nomination? joining us now from chicago professor austan goolsbee, president obama's former economic advisor. professor goolsbee, so here's the stat, here is where it is. hillary worries about bernie early. she starts moving left. bernie pushes her even further left. the question is has she gone so far left now with free college, free everything, can she get back to the middle to compete in a general election? that. >> sounds like somebody in the r] fantasy/dream that that's what they wish was happening. and it trying to talk their
5:41 pm
attention off a dumpster fire that they're trying to put out already their own side. i don't think that that characterizes what hillary clinton has done at all. in education you brought that up. hers is for debt-free college. they have been pretty careful, it has seemed to me to make sure that their numbersed a up there is no question she is for making college more affordable. expanding healthcare coverage. for a lot of big democratic priorities. as long as she is careful to make sure her numbers are in the realm of reasonable, i don't think she is in a bad position at all. >> you say the dumpster fire on the right. what are you talking about? >> what do you mean what am i talking about? you got ted cruz, marco rubio, and donald trump trying to out man, yell each other whatever the topic of
5:42 pm
the dumpster fire. i don't think it's on the right. it's on the left. 1 auto fbi agents combing through her emails abedin emails. they are trying to find out if they are going to indict her. i would call that a potential dumpster explosion. >> look. you are probably more of an expert on procedure or whatever than i am. a the love the people that i beyond that i know there are republicans in congress who desperately want them to launch more than just the investigation they have had they wanted benghazi to be turned into a thing. whatever happens they are going to try to make that an issue. >> this isn't a vast right wing conspiracy though. >> i didn't see i didn't say it was. >> calling investigation. >> it's very few people not a vast conspiracy. >> do you agree -- you do know that bill clinton had pointed the judge that's calling for this
5:43 pm
investigation, right? >> look, like i said, you are know a lot more about the legal procedures. my view was hillary has not tached far enough to the left to match bernie sanders tit-for-tat. democratic priorities, yes but been pretty careful to make sure her numbered a up. so that won't be a tough situation. i think the republicans have directions like building walls, banning muslims, a bunch of things that they are going to have to revisit when we get to a general election. and try not to make themselves look like intolerant. deal with the american public. i get that if she is the nominee. she has a massively underwater trust number that she will have to be able to fix and doesn't seem to be doing it any time soon. always good to talk to you. >> i always love talking to
5:44 pm
you. >> pat buchanan enters the no spin zone. did his renegade presidential campaign pave the way for donald trump's success in 2016? that's upcoming? man 1: [ gasps ]
5:45 pm
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5:48 pm
1992, 1996, and 2000. that we fiercely antiestablishment and controversial. they may have ultimately been unsuccessful but now some are crediting buchanon's insurgent campaigns as paving the way for donald trump's success in 2016. joining us now with more from washington is the man himself, pat buchanan. pat, great to have you on. >> thank you. >> you everywhere like the first washington, d.c. outsider you ran. you ran well. you called it the establishment -- you called them in a terminal panic when they came across somebody like you. >> i called two wing the same bird of prey. we said secure the border or we will have millions and millions of illegal aliens here. stop these trade deals or you will have all these manufacturing plants going abroad, mexico, asia and china. we said stay out of these foolish wars. we started a magazine to oppose gorge bush's war in
5:49 pm
iraq. >> you did very well, again, you weren't successful securing the nomination but you also turned around when you decided to pullcvl7 out, suspend your campaign, and you eventually backed bob dole who you were running against with jack kempf? >> right. >> should one of these guys say if trump is the nominee back him. doesn't feel like cruz or rubio would be doing that. >> my view is if donald trump gets the nomination, the rest of the republican party ought to try to work had women and he should work with him what's on the line is not only the congress and the presidency of the united states but a conservative supreme court we all want. but as for advice to mr. rubio or mr. cruz or mr. trump, i think i will leave that to them. >> there are a bunch of outsiders that we have talkedz about. is trump more a ronald reagan? a barry goldwater, a a perot
5:50 pm
or pat buchanan? >> i think he is suing generous. he is different from them. i came into politics, i was editorial writer. i was admire supporter of beary goldwater. i supported ronald reagan against gerald ford in 1976. i ran my own in 1992 or '94 -- excuse me '96. i did endorse dole in 96. i left the republican party in the year 2000. i saw the republican party on its border policy, on its trade policy, on its war policy, bush republicanism was not buchanon republicanism. i think bush republicanism and the consequences of it, eric, in lost factories, lost jobs, wars that we can't edged and can't win, bush republicanism is what created donald trump. >> so, the far right saying we need alternative to the insiders of the bush republicanism as you point
5:51 pm
out. mitt romney levied some accusations against donald trump suggesting there may be something in his tax reports that would be embarrassing to him or surgery he is trying to hide. you were supportive of mitt romney in 2012 and you are a a supporter of donald trump now. what's going on here with this romney, trump thing? >> i did support mitt romney and i like mitt romney and i admire him. i think he would have been a good president. grossly/m unfair to throw something like that out there. has he seen donald trump's tax returns? somebody leaking stuff to him? he is going after donald trump because trump is winning the nomination and running quite a campaign. and so i think to suggest this without hard knowledge or if he got it i don't know where he got it is really unfair thing to do. i understand anger at doing it the establishment is in full panic. it is in denial about whether trump can win, but it is panicked and really
5:52 pm
showing that and as they make charges like this, they validate donald trump to middle america and the outsiders as saying look, they are all trying to bring him down and destroy with every tactic they can. he is authentic thing. they are authenticating donald trump. >> pat buchanan, thank you very much. >> thank you, eric. >> a quick reminder. if you want to see dennis miller and o'reilly on tour, there are two shows with tickets remaining, los angeles at the microsoft theater on march 12th and fairfax, virginia, at the eagle bank arena on may 7th. tickets are going fast. book a show sapp. if you want to be premium member great content at bill o' when this version of the factor returns, donald trump saying he will win the latino vote. what will he have to do to pull that off, that debate next.
5:53 pm
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in the back of the book segment tonight, donald trump and latino voters. despite plenty of controversy around his immigration policies, the donald is promising he will win the latino vote. but is he being realistic? joining us now with reaction, columnist ruben navaret and francisco hernandez. welcome both of you. francisco, i read ruben's piece and he said build a wall, make mexico wall. build a wall 200 feet tall. what say you? >> go ahead and build it. you'll have to legalize 100,000 americans to build it. >> so you're against a wall. ruben, what do you say? you're in favor of a trump-built wall making mexico pay for it? >> so eric, you got an earlier column where i talked about the wall saying if you want to build a wall, fine, but don't kid
5:56 pm
yourself and think illegal immigration will stop until americans stop hiring illegal imgrants to do their chores for them. that's the main point. if you want to do it, fine, but it's not a silver bullet. >> that's true. all we'll get is deeper tunnels and taller ladders. as long as there are jobs, it will happen. let's go back to some temporary worker visas. george bush thought about that. but we're talking about donald trump, he's going to win the republican latino vote. >> hey, francisco, he put down 44% of the vote -- latino vote in nevada. that's a nice number. >> 44% of ten votes is four votes. come on. let's put it in perspective. >> 75,000 people voted, double
5:57 pm
the prior record. ruben, take a listen to former president of mexico vincente fox. listen. >> i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. he should pay for it. he's got the money. it worries me in nevada. >> he won 44%. >> from all hispanics. i would like to know who those hispanics are, because they again, are followers of a false prophet. >> what do you say, ruben? i'm not going to pay for that blanking wall. >> nothing makes me feel more represented see a millionaire criticize a billionaire. i see vincente fox, worth $10 million, i happen to know him and like him. i've interviewed him before at events. i like him fine, but on this issue, he's not being completely
5:58 pm
honest. we shouldn't be taking advice from the former president of mexico when if mexico had done a better job taking care of their people, they wouldn't be here at all. >> francisco? >> i agree here, but i'll take it one step further. i campaigned with my brother, vincente fox. you can characterize him as the howard stern of ex-presidents. but he's the only ex-president of mexico that didn't have to flee the country. he's still loved, he's doing it for attention. >> donald trump tweeted in response to this, we're going to put it up right now. he says former president of mexico, horribly used the f word when discussing the wall. >> donald trump, as you know, eric, you know donald trump is really a sensitive guy. he doesn't like when people cuss or say things that are mean and
5:59 pm
hurt his feelings. donald trump doesn't say things that hurt people's feeling. the nerve of donald trump to take exception on those grounds. challenge him if you like on the fact that the mexican president shouldn't be lecturing americans, but donald trump is in no position to talk about profanity. >> and i'll take the other spectrum and give the microphone and let him say everything that is on his mind and let him implo implode. let him get elected. i would rather have temporary incompetence than permanent sabotage. he is billionaire, so he must not be dumb. >> but you have to admit, 44% of the vote in nevada -- >> it's impressive. there's something there. >> and the number republicans throw around, somewhere around 35% of the latino vote a republican needs to win the general election.
6:00 pm
>> not going to happen. >> great debate. that's it for us tonight. thank you for watching this special edition of "the factor." i'm eric boling. please remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. just days away from the most significant moment on tpresiden to date. and a brutal new fight explodes between this year's republican front-runner and the last man to win the gop nomination. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. a new war of words between donald trump and former presidential nominee mitt romney going from nasty to nuclear. it started with governor romney getting everyone's attention calling for all of the gop candidates to release their tax returns. but he specifically singled out donald trump, saying there was reason to believe that there is a "bombshell in donald trump's


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