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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 25, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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this is "the kelly file." welcome to this special edition of "hannity," the road to the white house. now tonight for the hour, we'll show you the biggest interviews with the 2016 presidential candidates as they make their final pitch to you, the american people. now since announcing his candidacy, donald trump has taken the political world by storm and used his very unique style to propel himself to the top of the polls. now, we recently sat down with mr. trump at a special event in las vegas. take a look. >> you call yourself a common sense conservative. >> right. >> how did you evolve -- everyone knows that you did have liberal positions in the past. >> right. >> how did you become a conservative? what changed? >> so i think i've always been
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very conservative financially, although i must tell you, if you look at my company right now, very little debt and a tremendous cash flow. i filed my papers and everyone's like, it's a great company. >> it's not a bat bottom line. >> no, it's a great bottom line. a great company. some of the greatest real estate assets in the world. i say that because, frankly, i talk about it because that's what people need. $19 trillion in debt, you need somebody with a certain mentality, but i would say i've evolved and you and i talk about it a lot with ronald reagan. ronald reagan was a liberal, pretty liberal democrat and evolved into a fairly -- he wasn't the most conservative person, but he evolved into a republican who was fairly conservative. i will say this, i think that i have very much evolved, but if you look at my real conservative credentials, i don't think the word is that important. they say he's not a true conservative. jeb and others were saying, he is not a true conservative. because, you know, and that's when i came up and about two
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weeks ago i said i'm a common sense conservative. but if you really look at my record, i'm as conservative as withdrew can be you can be on the military, conservative as you can be taking care of our vets. we're going to take care of our b vets. [ applause ] i'm as conservative as you can be on common core. we're going to get rid of it. we're going to have local education. and you cannot get more conservative than me on the medical and the melt cahelt car. we're going to get rid of obamacare and have great health care. great health care. you know what sean likes, right, you like health care -- >> i like health savings -- >> by the way, it's good but we have to get rid of the lines because you have to have competitive bidding. >> that is what health care savings accounts are about. >> it really is, yes. health care savings accounts are great and it's much better and you'll have your doctor, you'll have your plan. you know, president obama lied so much in order to get obamacare passed. 28 times.
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you said 24. actually heard 28. he said you'd have your own doctor, have your own plan, all these different things. >> and save $2,500 a year. >> and the ones that are really getting stung were the democrats that just barely were able to race their hand. they won by almost nothing. and this monster was approved, and in 2017, it will be out. it's dead. because -- not because of anything i would do, of course i'm going to terminate it immediately, as soon as i get in , i'm going to work on terminating it. [ applause ] it is going to die because as you know, all the people they weren't counting on are going in and the people they weren't counting on are going in. it's going to die in 2016. unless the republicans give more life which is what they do consta constantly. i don't get it. >> how do you prevent the iranians from getting a nuclear weapon, they have the $150 billion, spinning their center for fuges.
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you become president, you suspect they're trying to build nuclear weapons, hiding it from the world. >> for one thing, you have to rely on israel a little bit. they know more of what's going on over there than we do. [ applause ] you know, i have so many friends, jewish friends, they supported obama. they're so disgusted. they can't understand what happened. what went wrong. i think that president obama has been the worst thing that's ever happened, sean, to israel. the worst -- i don't understand it. the man -- >> let me follow up. >> netanyahu, good guy. i mean, he was -- i have never seen -- he was so stressed. he couldn't make his point. and even the fact, look, having nuclear deals is a good thing, not a bad thing, but you want to make good nuclear deals, not horrible deals. you don't want to pay $150 billion, et cetera, et cetera. >> the number-one state sponsor of terror. >> right. before you start negotiating, you get your prisoners back, don't get them back later. get them back easy. say, they have to come back. they say no, you walk.
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they were being ridiculed by everyone. they never walked. they never got up once and left the table. it was such a sad deal. if they would have walked, it would have been fine. they would have come back. you would have ratcheted up the sanctions and would have come back. they would have given you the prisoners. then they should have said, by the way, we have our prisoners back, we're not giving you the $150 billion. >> if i was -- the issue when you said that you would be neutral in the israeli/palestinian conflict. but you do see that israel is the victim -- >> yes. >> -- in this. >> i'm a great friend of israel. i was grand marshal of the israe israeli day parade. i was the grand marshal of the israeli day parade. i have great friends -- jared, where is he? my son-in-law is jewish. fantastic. a very successful guy in new
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york real estate. >> expecting a baby. >> ivanka is going to have a baby over the next week or so. so there's nobody closer. netanyahu asked me to do a commercial for him for his campaign. i did a commercial for him. but i think what you want to do is -- the ultimate deal would be making a deal between israel and the palestinians. if we could do that. if that's possible. okay? i have been told by people, very high-level people, it's impossible, because the hatred, especially on the one side, i won't even say -- >> on the palestinian side. >> -- is so intense, so incredible, and from the time they're 2 years old they're told to hate, to hate, to hate. it's got to be taken away. i mean, the -- i've heard stories that are just unbelievable. it's got to be taken away. but here's the thing. i've been told -- i use that as an example. when a deal is tough, i say it's nothing compared to this. this is the toughest of all deals. i'm not saying the best -- this is the toughest deal to make. okay? if they can't make the deal like the iran deal, that's like a simple deal, that should have taken a week or less.
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it took years and years and years. this is a deal that -- i've had people that are very smart and involved in negotiations in that deal they have not been able to do it. >> if israel is under attack and you're the president, you would come to their defense? >> 100% i'd come to their defens defense. >> do you or do not not support mandates? ? no, i don't support them but i want to take care of people. >> on health care. >> look, on health care, people are not going to -- i make many speeches to tremendous crowds of people. we have -- tonight i'm going to have 12,000 people after this. >> there's not enough room for 12,000 here but there were about 12,000 outside. >> i talk about health care a lot. . i know a lot about health care. i've had tens of thousands of people over the years working for me. i know a lot about health care. it's an important thing. i feel proud i've been able to give education to people to people who have worked for me and don't have to worry about obamacare, my people. i treat them trareally good wit health care. it's a very important thing.
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i'll tell you, when i am president, i'm not going to let people die in the middle of the street because they have no money. can't do it. and when i speak -- [ applause ] so immediately these, you know, conservatives, the 27 that wrote about donald trump not being conservative. honestly, i'm more conservative than most of those people in most ways. i say it in front of big crowds of 10,000, 15,000 people. i get standing ovations. largely republicans, i guess. we're going to have a lot of democrats and lot of independents going over. we have a lot of them in our audience. i say we cannot let people, we can't let people die in the middle of 5th avenue, in the middle of different streets all over the country, all over this country. they have no money. you know, i get standing ovations when i say it. yet that doesn't sound like a very republican thing. and i have these -- >> i think that's a false narrative. >> well, i have these very stupid highly conservative people saying, oh, it's a mandate, that's a mandate, that's a mandate. hook, it's very simple. and they can call it whatever they want. i really don't care. they can call it mandate -- i do
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things a little bit differently. it's not a mandate. what it is is we can't have people dying in the streets, sean. we can't have our people dying because they don't have money. i know these are labels, but is there anything that you would describe yourself as liberal on? >> well, look, i don't love the term and i've been called liberal on certain things. i don't really love it. you know, honestly, i can't think of anything. i'm a pretty conservative person. >> you're pro-life, pro-second amendment. >> pro-life. 100% pro-life. i have -- i didn't used to be. you know, many years ago i'd be asked the questions, and as a developer and a real estate person and as a business person, i was never asked a question about pro-life. they should leave that whole statement. i said i really don't like it. i'm pro-life. when i said this, i guess i said pro-choice. thasts ye that was many years ago. i was, i don't like it. i was never asked that question ever. this is the first time i was
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asked it on a good television show with a very talented guy. he asked me the question, i said i've nef been asked that question before. if you see the way i answer that question, you'd understand. but i've seen things happen over the years and it made me very strongly pro-life and i think -- i've told you the story where a friend of mine, two people that i know very well, they were going to have a child and one of them did not want the child under any circumstances. and they fought and fought. actually almost lost their marriage. they had the child and the child is a superstar. turned out to be a total superstar. >> that changed your mind. >> it changed my mind. there have been other thing, but it changed my mind. >> you're pro-traditional america. >> yes, i am. >> i know a lot's been made over -- [ applause ] -- you said good things about planned parenthood. people, they've missed the interviews you've done with me. >> no, you know what happened -- >> you said you would not fund planned parenthood. >> we have to be realistic. i know people having to do with planned parenthood. i know women that use plann en d
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parenthood. they do certain things properly, cervical cancer, lots of things. i'd defund it if they're going to do abortions. they serve millions of women. >> sure. >> who need service. you know, they talked about women's health care issues. i said i'm going to help women. they have this set up to help millions of women, but i would defund if they do abortion. >> you believe at this point in the race that it is going to be hillary clinton. if you're the nominee, do you view her as a formidable opponent, somebody that's tough? >> i would love to run against her. >> why? >> she's so badly flawed. first of all, she shouldn't be allowed -- she is. she shouldn't be allowed -- i'd also love to run against a socialist/communist, okay? i don't think -- i don't think our country is ready for communism. i really -- sort of like that. you know, when you say 97% tax in order to take care of these
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things, by the way, then you wouldn't have enough, either. >> nobody will have anything at that point. >> we're not ready for it. so, yeah, i've done very well in the polls. you've seen a recent fox poll, a q. poll just came out where i was ahead of her by a pretty good margin and i haven't started on her. "usa today." i mean, i haven't. i haven't. >> are you planning soon? >> honestly, no. i'm focusing on -- i still have, you know, we have five left total, and i started off with 17. i was attacked viciously by many people and those people all went down. i mean, if you look at it, i was attacked by people -- i'm saying, what happened, what did i do? then i, of course, attacked back, and, you know, a lot of people went down. every single person so far. i'm very proud of this record. wouldn't this be good to sfhave for the united states? every person that's attacked me has gone down. >> the constitution is the foundation of our rule of law. you read the constitution. what does it mean to you? >> well, the constitution is
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sort of everything. if you look at it and you look at what's going on and the problem is our constitution is being badly denigrated by what's happening as an example with hillary clinton. because you have other people that have done very little by comparison to what she's done with the and all of the security measures that are in place and everything that's taken place and she's just sailing along running for president -- >> you think she gets away with it? >> i think so. i think she's going to get away with it. well, you know, look, there's a long-term statute of limitations. it depends. if a republican gets in, there's a long-term statute of limitations. >> that raises the next question -- >> i would certainly look into it. general petraeus was destroyed, his life destroyed. you have many people. not just a few. many people did far less than what she did. >> if they found laws are broken, you're an attorney general, you'd want to prosecute her. >> you have to do that. >> all right. we're getting things started on the special edition of "hannity: the road to the white house."
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our interview with ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, and ben carson are all straight ahead. stay with us. if they could ever catch you. think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller.
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man 1: he just got fired. man 2: why? man 1: network breach. man 2: since when do they fire ceos for computer problems? man 1: they got in through a vendor. man 1: do you know how many vendors have access to our systems? man 2: no. man 1: hundreds, if you don't count the freelancers. man 2: should i be worried? man 1: you are the ceo. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
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this is the fox news alert from america's news hq. i'm patricia spark. there's been a string of shootings in heston, kansas, culminated at excel industries a lawn mower industry. according to the sheriff four people are dead including the shooter. some 14 others are said to be injured. their conditions range from critical to stable. police say the suspect was an employee at excel industries. the sheriff says they do have an idea what prompted the shootings and they have ruled out terrorism. president obama directing his national security team to step up the fight against isis on all fronts. he held a rare meeting today at the state department with his top national security advisers.
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obama says a proposed cease-fire in syria that's set up to take effect saturday will allow greater focus on the islamic state. i'm patricia stark and now back to "for all your headlines, log on to welcome back to the special edition of "hannity: the road to the white house." senator ted cruz made a name for himself by taking on the d.c. establishment and he has promised to keep doing just that if he's the next commander in chief. now, we recently caught up with senator cruz at a campaign rally. take a look at this. >> i'm worried more than i've ever been in my adult life that we're losing the american dream. >> yeah. >> we have nearly 95 million americans out of the labor force. 15 million americans in poverty. millions more than when obama took the presidency. 46 million americans on food stamps. i think people of south carolina, i know you hear a lot about the race and you see
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negative ads. you can clap if you want. do you care about those americans more than these ads? and you want to get these americans back to whork? how do we do that and how quickly can it happen? what is the prescription? >> well, look, the stakes are the same. sean, you and i are both parents. we love our kids and we're scared -- you know, i mean, you've gotten to meet my girls, caroline and catherine. they're 7 and 5. thank god they look like their mother. i wake up every scared for what kind of world those girls are inheriting. if we keep doing what we're doing, we are risking losing the greatest country in the history of the world. we're seeing our constitutional rights stripped away. we're seeing economic opportunities stripped away. 65% of americans believe that our kids will have a worse life than we did. >> that's scary. that's never happened before. >> in the history of this
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country, maybe the most un-american idea you can imagine. what gets me out of bed every morning, what makes me leap out of bed every morning is what all of us are doing is we are fighting to get back to the principles that built america. the free market principles and the constitutional liberties. [ applause ] >> i told the audience beforehand this is not another cable channel, they're free to clap whenever they want. okay? how do we get there? i think we have to have a plan. >> yeah. >> you have a plan. >> very detailed. >> to get americans out of poverty and back in the labor force. tell us how we get there and how fast. >> look, cause and effect matters. i'll say it is easy to say make america great again. that's easy to say. even put it on a baseball cap. but the question is do you understand what it was that made america great in the first place?
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and what made this country great is number one, we began with the understanding. it was a revolutionary understanding. that our rights don't come from government. instead the declaration put it, we hold these truths to be self-self self-evident, all men are created equal and they are endowed by their creator. that notion, that understanding that our unalien abl rights, rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness don't come from government, don't come from a king or queen, certainly todot come from president obama. that was a revolutionary idea. our constitutional liberties, free speech, religious liberty, second amendment. those are fundamental rights and with justice scalia's passing, every one of those in jeopardy right now.
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>> let me ask this.really important. president obama when he leaves office will double the debt. talk about the plan that is going to get us in a better position back to those principles. >> so the only thing strong enough it turn around the debt is economic growth. economic growth is my number one priority. my number one priority as senator. it will be my number one priority as president because economic growth is foundation on everything else. without growth, we can't solve any of these problems. whether it's unemployment, the debt, rebuilding the military, restoring and strengthening social security and medicare. the keys to growth, if you look back, understand how america became who we are today, the keys to growth are tax reform and regulatory reform. every time government does what it's doing now, hammers small businesses, we get what we got now which is misery and stagnation and malaise.
7:22 pm
small businesses are the heart of the economy and so -- [ applause ] >> that's right. >> and so the two key fillers of my economic plan are regulatory reform and tax reform. regulatory reform, the most important regulatory reform. we're going to repeal every single word of obamacare. [ applause ] >> i think they agree with you. >> then tax reform real quick, sean, tax reform, we're going to pass a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. >> how important, i agree with you about obamacare, i've always liked the flat tax. i think it's a great idea. i like the fair tax, in fairness. >> yeah, yeah. i'm a big fair tax fan as well. >> how many years would it take for america to be energy independent? i know this is a big part of
7:23 pm
your platform. wouldn't that create jobs and -- millions of high-paying jobs. when it comes to energy we ought to pursue all of the above. pursue oil and gas and coal and nuclear and wind and solar and ethanol and biofuels. everything. but washington shouldn't be picking winners and losers. >> the issue of ethanol in iowa, some people thought it was going to hurt you. >> i tell you, sean, it was extraordinary. i was the only candidate who went there and campaigned four square against the ethanol mandate and i got to tell you -- >> five years. >> -- everyone said that was political suicide. that's like campaigning in south carolina on a mandate that south carolinians all have to wear new york yankees jerseys. i'm not doing that, by the way, that's not my position. i'm told it is trump's position. look, everyone said this is suicide, and in fact, my two leading opponents, trump and
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marco rubio, both attacked me and promised more corporate welfare, more cronyism, in fact, one of them, donald, said not only would he continue it, he would expand the ethanol mandate to have even more cronyism. and the sitting governor of iowa, a republican, openly came out against me, said to the people of iowa, vote for anybody but cruz. the other guys, they'll keep the cronyism going. this guy actually believes this stuff and he will end the picking winners and losers. >> we've got illegal immigration out of control, big issues in the campaign, tell us how do you deal with such complicated issues and how fast can that be accomplished? >> listen, both issues are intertwined. you know, you talk about illegal immigration, border security is national security. we've had seven years of a president that refuses to secure the border and sadly what we've seen is that washington doesn't want to do this. democrats don't want to do this because they support illegal
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immigration. >> sure. >> you know, there's a new politically correct term for illegal immigrants. >> and that is? >> undocumented democrats. [ applause ] >> i almost felt like the liberal media, i felt right into the trap. go ahead. >> but the problem is also there are far too many establishment republicans that support amnesty as well that don't want to secure the borders because they view it all as cheap labor. you know, live got on our website,, a very detailed immigration plan. 11 pages. i drafted it with jeff session and steve king. and we will secure the border. we're going to build a wall. by the way, i got someone in mind to build it. >> yep. >> we're going to triple the border patrol. we're going to increase fourfold the fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. we're going to put in place a biometric exit/entry system on visas, put in place a strong e-verify system to get a job.
7:26 pm
we're going to end sanctuary cities by cutting off taxpayer money to all of them. and coming up, our interview with senator marco rubio from the campaign trail. you'll also hear tonight from governor john kasich, dr. benjamin carson. that and more on this special edition of "hannity: the road to the white house." stay with us.
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity: the road to the white house." now, florida senator marco rubio has been picking up endorsements and gaining support as he battles for the republican nomination. now, we recently met up with senator rubio on the campaign trail. take a look at this. >> senator, everywhere i go, so many people are concerned, you got 95 million americans out of the labor force, 50 million in poverty, 46 million on food stamps. you got a doubling of our debt. you got median income down. those are scary numbers. >> they are, and that's why people know something's going wrong here. i mean, we've had ups and downs before in our history, but this
7:29 pm
feels dig s different, this is effort by barack obama to change america. he wants to make it sound like the rest of the world. i say that too off. they criticize me. i repeat myself. that's the truth. we've had presidents before that have been bad but nothing like this. this is a real effort to make america more like another country. we want to be america again. >> you know, i did not disagree with your comment that -- [ applause ] -- i never disagreed. i actually believe this is by design. this is -- you know, back in 2007 and twait2008 i as a conservative tried to warn the country i thought this man was more radical than people knew. i do believe it's by design. some of your fellow candidates disagreed with you about it. >> obamacare was not an accident, dodd/frank was not an accident. deal with iran is not an accident. apologizing for america is not an accident. gutting our military is not an accident. unconstitutional executive orders were not by accident. they know exactly everything, it's all part of a process. they want to make america more
7:30 pm
like another country. we're not going to let that happen. that's why 2016 is so important. >> so with all of these americans, every time you throw out 95 million, 40 million, 56 million, we forget these are our friends, our neighbors, our family, fellow americans really suffering, really struggling. how do we get those people back to work and out of poverty and off of food stamps? how do you get there? >> first you do what they're doing in stk south carolina, embrace free enterprise. make america the best country in the world to start a business and grow a business. that's what creates jobs. not government. and second -- [ applause ] and second, if you help people, you help people help themselves acquire the skills they need. look, if you're on food stamps, if you're on public assistance, you should either be working or going to school so you can find a good-paying job and not have to rely on the government anymore. and by the way, this is something i say all the time, we
7:31 pm
need more vocational training in america. we need to teach our kids to be welders, airplane mechanics, technicians. we stopped teaching people how to work with their hands. we have to change that. >> it was a big part of my life. i spend ten years in the construction business. i agree wholeheartedly. one of the things i think most people are concerned about, i see a lot of little kids here. >> yeah. >> this president will accumulate more debt than every other president before him comb down $20 trillion in debt and $125 trillion in unfunded liabilities? >> if you look at the driver of it, it's the way social security and medicare are structured for my generation. my mom is on medicare and social security. i obviously am against anything that's bad for her, changes that would be bad for her. >> i'm older than you. i hope you're not going to take our social security money away. >> we don't want to take it away from anybody. we can leave it the way it is or improve it for people on it now or about to retire. it's going to have to work differently for me than my parents or grandparents, how it works for them.
7:32 pm
what i mean by that is instead of retiring at 67, maybe i have to retire at 68. that's not unreasonable to ask of me 25 years away from retirement in exchange for bringing our debt under control, leaving it under disturbed for the people that are on it now and saving it for future generations. >> would you means test and raise the eligibility age? is that something -- for younger people. >> for people that are 25 years like me, my kids are 50 years away -- >> people, 54 like me, right? >> you'll be fine, sean. everybody in this city and town and country is worried about isis, it is modern evil in our time. you know, it's sad to see cities lycra mike ramadi, fallujah, tin the hands of isis. george w. bush warned about it. how do we defeat this evil? >> first recognize they're not going to go away on their own. this is an apocalyptic group. they believe their goal is to trigger an apocalypse. i'm not saying that's what's going to happen. that's what they believe. people that believe this kind of
7:33 pm
stuff don't turn into stock brokers. they have to be defeated. that will require american leadership. now, i think they primarily need to be confronted on the ground by sunni arabs, themselves. a ground force made up of saudis and jordanians and egyptian and iraqis and syrians. we're going to have to increase our air strikes. what we're doing now is not enough. i was pleased to see we went after them in the city in libya where they have their headquarters. why is isis still on the air with their radio station? they are not as the president called them a bunch of people on the back of a pickup truck. >> not the jjc v team. >> the most well funded jihadist group in history and must be confronted and defreeted. >> do we have to accept emotionally, mentally, be committed as a country this could be a lifelong struggle as this caliphate advancement is real? >> they said they're willing to invest hundreds of years in this endeavor. let's be clear what they want.
7:34 pm
they want every single person in this room to live under their black flag of isis or die. this is a group that sells little girls off as brides, that burns people alive in cages. they're a very dangerous group. and by the way, this is a group of people that love death more than we love life. that's how dangerous they are. >> explain to me, if you can, the president's rationale as it relates to he's insisting on at least 10,000 syrian refugees, national director of intelligence, our fbi director, our special envoy appointed to defeat isis have all warned that isis will infiltrate the refugee population. why would we gamble with the lives of the people in charleston and the people of the country? >> because it is part of his ideology and doesn't make any sense to me. we've always been a country that's accepted refugees. this is not about a religious test. it's very simple. the world has changed. our policies have to change to adapt to a new world. here's the problem with the syrian refugee situation. you allow 10,000 people in, 9,999 of them turn out to be fine and one of them is an isis killer, you got a problem.
7:35 pm
that's why we have to be 100% sure. you can not be 100% sure from people coming from this part of the world. >> one of your opponents was angry we wouldn't hack into one of the san bernardino terrorist's phones. i think apple made a mistake. i think you put the security of your fellow americans, there might be information about terror cells in that phone. what are your thoughts? >> apple is under a court order right now. they're going to appeal it. if they lose it, they have to follow the law. it's a complicated issue because encryption protects people and once you break it, that back door exists and criminals can get ahold of that. >> there's no ambiguity. these were terrorists. >> the argument apple is making if you create a back door to encryption somebody could find it and use it against you. apple is not above the law. if the court order them to comply, they have to comcomply. >> well said. >> immigration, i think -- peace and prosperity historically
7:36 pm
drive elections but i would argue in this election season, peace, prosperity, immigration, secure borders, migrants, immigrants, are driving this election. and that has been a big issue in the campaign and there's a lot of back and forth between you and the other candidates on it. where are you now? because we know where you were in 2008. you've explained to me many times that was not your plan that you wanted, you thought you tried to make a deal, it didn't work out. what would you do with your president? >> i wanted to deal with this issue. look, my parents are immigrants. my grandparents are immigrants. no one can say i'm anti-immigrant. it's ridiculous. we're a sovereign country. sovereign countries have a right to pick who comes here, when they come here, and how they come here. we're the most generous country in the world on immigration, so the american people say 1986, they legalized 3 million people, they never did the security, it turned into 11 million or 12 million people. we're not doing anything until our border is secure. that means e-verify, entry/exit tracking system. we're going to finish the 700
7:37 pm
miles of wall and fencing and order 20,000 now border agents instead of 20,000 irs agents and sanctuary cities will lose their federal money. coming up, interviews with john kasich of ohio and ben carson, as this special edition of "hannity: the road to the white house" continues. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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at a price you can afford. and that's a pretty sweet dream. visit the certified pre-owned sales event, now through february 29th. only at your authorized dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. welcome back to this special edition of "hannity: the road to the white house." ohio governor john kasich recently joined us to ex-brapla his plan to win the nomination. let's take a look. after your strong finish in new hampshire, your plan is you're in this through super tuesday, s.e.c. primary and beyond. >> oh, yeah. >> no doubt about it. >> sure. sure. sean, look, a "usa today" poll came out yesterday showing me beating hillary by more than any other republican candidate, had me up by 11 points and won of the polls that came out today had me tied for third place. a couple weeks ago, i'm not sure i got to 1%.
7:43 pm
it's happening. i thought we -- >> i was beginning to wonder what was going on there with some of them. >> yeah. well, you know, it was funny, we were laughing last night -- sean, i got to tell you, we were laughing because we had a town hall in new hampshire. at one point we had six people and when i came to new hampshire -- or came to south carolina after new hampshire, we had 50 rsvps and ended up with 600. i mean, it's crazy. >> yeah. big difference. you know, what do you think it is? you have told me a while back that you didn't think people knew you which is hard for me to believe. i mean, maybe i follow politics too closely, but i watched you when you were house budget committee chair, i watched you turn a deficit into a surplus. i watched your years as gover r governor, your election, turning the state around there. you don't think people really know your story yet. >> no. they still don't, but they're learning it, sean. and i know you knew it because you followed it and questioned me closely about all of it, particularly in washington and, of course, extensively since i've been a governor.
7:44 pm
but a midwest governor, you know, i'm not in the washington media market, not in the new york media market. i'm in the midwest. i think that's going to play out for us because some point we're going to get to illinois, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan. it's going to be really cool. people didn't know the story. there's two things going on. i think any successful campaign is able to connect with people with a head and i think any successful candidate also has to be able to connect with the heart and i think it's happening here. i'm grateful for it. we'll see how it goes, you know, i'm doing my best. >> you know, it's interesting, even if the last debate, one early debate i saw you being a little more confrontational than i thought was your normal style. you seem to be staying out of that and south carolina is notorious for being pretty mean campaigns. is that your plan for the rest of the campaign? >> yeah, i mean, look, i've had people spending millions of dollars. i think we're in the 35-40 zone of what candidates are spending and in my hard dollar, my own
7:45 pm
campaign, i think we're spending less than $1 million, but we're climbing, sean. it's amazing. but, look, i want to stay positive, and we've had nine debates. i've been happy with virtually all of them, and getting better at it. i think these debates are are the dumbest way to pick a president. frankly, let me sit down with you for half an hour, ask me any hard question you want and let me answer them and that's a better way than who's got a clever 30-second sound bite. this is a dumb way to pick a president. and coming up, dr. benjamin carson is here to explain his plan to win the gop nomination as this special edition of "hannity: the road to the white house" continues. this is sheldon whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever
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by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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7:50 pm
. after iowa, it's not just about going back to florida and changing your clothes. then, until thursday, after monday night caucuses, correct? >> you didn't see me there spending millions of dollars like many others, who didn't do
7:51 pm
all that. and i am a pretty conservative person on virtually everything. and it's not a message that sometimes resonates everywhere. i understand this is a diverse nation. there are good people in new hampshire. they have worked hard and we appreciate what they did. >> you made the decision you're not going to compete as hard in new hampshire but were focused on south carolina, where two thirds of the electorate are evangelicals. fair analysis? >> i believe our message is going to resonate strongly here in south carolina, and in a number of other states coming up in the relatively near future as well. >> so you have nevada, you have super tuesday, the super
7:52 pm
primary. so you're at least through then? fair statement? >> i believe that to be the case. i assess on a day by day basis. you know? recognize i'm here for a different reason than everybody else, they have their own personal reasons but i was petitioned by the people, and the member of we the people, and as long as i have the support of we the people, i will continue to go with them saying please don't drop out. >> yes. you've got a little annoyed with the media which is a daily obsession of mine, i'm not a big media fan, either. i would like to think this is alternative media for people. saying they're preoccupied of dissecting your schedule. you think it's unfair they should have figured out in new hampshire.
7:53 pm
>> and also, wouldn't it be cool if they recognize there are a lot of severe issues going on right now. this is the first generation expected not to do better than their parents. they say it's the new normal, but it's not normal at all. we have to change that. we have to change our position in the world and be proactive in the way we do things. it's a very dangerous world we live in. why do they get so involved in these minute things don't mean anything? >> i'll ask you and ask you again. prioritize. tell everybody what your first 100 days will be like. >> well, first thing i would do, talking to a joint session of congress is telling them i'm not signing anything that borrows from the future. we have to stop doing that. we cannot continue to compromise their future. so we're going to get to a balanced budget very quickly.
7:54 pm
take about three years to do that. if the only thing you do is not increase federal spending. we're going to do a lot more than that. the government is very big and bloated. next thing i'm going owe -- do is reducing those government employees. we can do that through attrition, they're retiring. 645 federal agents and say cut your budget or resign. which is easier for you. we'll get a replacement for you. >> coming up, we have more "hannity" right after this quick break. >> this is a fox news alert. the g.o.p. slug fest just wrapped up on cnn. it's the final republican debate in the runoff to the most
7:55 pm
consequential day of voting, welcome to this special 10:54 edition of the kelly file, everybody. what an evening it was. a more aggressive marco rubio, aggressive ted cruz and one man, in the cross hairs, donald trump. the man believed by many to be running away with this nomination, the man proclaimed to already be the nominee, mr. trump on his heels in this debate than we have seen in many others and ben carson and john kasich getting praise. it is an energized marco rubio, on the offensive. we have not seen him go after candidates here and there, but not in the way we saw tonight.
7:56 pm
and the question remains whether it changed anything. we're going to be with you for an hour and five minutes. i have charles krauthammer with me and i want to get your thoughts. >> that is the roughest fight since ali-frasier, about 40 years ago. i was amazed how rubio decided on a strategy. he's been criticized for some by going easy on trump. and he's angling to be the running mate for donald trump. that is not going to happen. he came into the ring within ten seconds, he is almost run across the ring, and to throw hay makers at trump. the electric moment here is when
7:57 pm
rubio went after trump on health care which is not exactly the subject you would have thought would have sparked this. but that is when rubio used ridicule in going after trump on his so-called solution or replacement for obamacare. and what he did is he tried to show and i thought with some effectiveness there was nothing there in the trump proposal. what is surprising is that trump had several months of remarkable success to acquire even a rudimentary plan, and he didn't. and remember, trump said you froze and repeated yourself and the moment that was remarkable and spontaneous, rubio said you just repeated yourself within
7:58 pm
five minutes. so that, i think is going to be the one replayed. >> i think we have it. do we have it? >> if you have that short exchange. >> i thought about you have different plans, you'll have competition. so many different plans. >> now, he's repeating himself. >> no. no. no. no, no. >> i don't repeat myself. >> here is the guy who repeats himself. >> you repeat yourself every day. >> i watched the repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> i watched you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago. >> i watched him belt down on the stage like i've never seen anybody. i thought he came out of a swimming pool.
7:59 pm
>> let's talk about your plan. >> trump says five things. everyone is dumb, we're going to make america great again, we're going to win, win, win. and the lines are around the street. >> thank you. >> senator rubio? >> i tell the truth. >> there it was. >> that was -- what is remarkable is that has been the critique of trump by sort of outsiders. if you like the main stream conservative that there isn't much beyond the personality. i think that that was the moment where, and it's hard to know where rubio waited this long. the attack is all bluster, no substance. now, let me just add, trump withstood double attacks from both sides. have you to give him a lot of credit for that. but nonetheless on the substance of it, he was quite befuddled in
8:00 pm
that exchange and most oranges. >> we have that cued up where trump struggled and others struggled. we're going to stand charles by just to stop fresh at the top of the hour. more with charles on the opposite side. and breaking tonight, what a night in the final g.o.p. debate in the runoff to super tuesday, this is going to be the biggest day of voting in this presidential primary election and it's just a few days away. welcome to an 11:00 p.m. live edition of the kelly file. they say everything is bigger in texas and this debate in houston did not disappoint. there are five republican contenders remaining in this race but tonight it seemed like just three men. senator marco rubio, donald trump, and ted cruz going at it, and how. the senators turning their attacks on the front runner, at times, the


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