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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 26, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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tonight on the files so tune in. you never know what's going to happen pick up . jon: have a great weekend everybody. see you tonight. >> . jenna: police are going to find the gunmen who opened fire in a kansas factory as 38-year-old secular forest, they say the plant worker with a criminal record killed three people and wounded 14 others before he was shot dead by a hero, that's one of our top stories, i'm jenna lee. jon: officer say the rampage began on the streets, ford wounding three people as he drove to xl industries in heston. the carnage went on there until a brave police officer stepped in and took him out. >> is a horrible situation my friends. just terrible, terrible. however, there was a particular law enforcement officer that
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responded right away and even though he took fire he went inside that place and save multiple lives. i hero. as far as i'm concerned. jenna: live in heston north of wichita with more on our top story.? >> . reporter: we are in front of the xl plant where those four people including the gunmen were shot and killed yesterday. their bodies have been removed and the coroner is conducting autopsies to the identities of those three victims could be released today. police say up to 16 people were sent to the hospital yesterday. four of those remain in critical condition at this hour. this was a complicated and tattered event. police say the gunmen around 5:00 yesterday started shooting random people in rural areas, phone calls started coming in, 911 calls then that gunmen makes his way to the xl plant where he works and shooting
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random coworkers according to police one man says he saw the alleged gunman get out of his truck with what appeared to be an ak-47 and obviously that was very alarming. take a listen. >> he was a nice guy. when i worked with himon the ship, we hung out . everything was hunky-dory. go he didn't seem like this kind of guy. reporter: many people saying this came as a shock. we have video from the gunman's apparent facebook account that appears to show him shooting off a high-powered rifle. the sheriff says just about 90 minutes before the shooters rampage yesterday he was issued a protective order to stay away from someone he was in a relationship with their growth the sheriff says that could have triggered this unfortunate event. the alleged shooter, cedric forrest has been in jail before and does have a criminal background police say they do not know where the shooter got his guns. the atf is working to determine that this morning, the single police officer is being hailed
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as a hero to the very first responding officer to the scene was able to successfully take down the gunmen. he ran into the fire zone and shot and killed get that done them. jenna: matt, thank you. gregg: turning now to politics, the republican debate last night in houston texas marking the candidates last showdown before super tuesday and quite the showdown it was. if you are watching, ted cruz and marco rubio both teasing the opportunity to try to derail donald trump's momentum. >> you're the only person in this debate that's ever been fine for highland people to work on your projects illegally. >> i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people. you haven't hired anybody .
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>> if you haven't heard of $200 million, do you know where donald trump is right now? >> they call you a liar and so that's donald pattern over and over. he said seven months ago, this is donald speaking. i donald trump was a member of the establishment. there's a reason harry reid thinks he's the best republican appear. any one time anyone points at donald's actual record, what he said on television, donald yells liar. falsely accusingsomeone of lying, that's something donald does best. >> i watched what this man did to doctor ben carson who i respect in iowa . he says that ben carson is out of the race, he has left iowa and he's out of the race and i thought it was disgraceful. >> i also watched where he did a forum that looks like it came right out of a government agency and it said on top, voter violation. then it graded you and it scared the hell out of people and it said the only way you clear up violation essentially is to go and vote to ted cruz. i watched that entire document and i said it's the worst thing i've ever seen in politics. >> i believe you know my politicians better than i do because for 40 years you've been funding liberal democratic politicians and by the way b.
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>> i funded you.i funded this guy. >> you can take the $5000. >> it's been a lot of fun appeared tonight i have to tell you. >> . reporter: that's just the tame stuff. we have a lot more to show you. jenna: i think that's how you define fun. gregg: crews and rubio taking a more aggressive stance against the front-runner with a few days left before the biggest voting day in the primaries so far. senior correspondent john roberts reporting live from houston. reporter: the tone of last night's debate, the urgency of the attacks all a reflection of where we are in this race. donald trump has won three of the last four contests and
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leads in all but two of the super tuesday states. some polls are showing a close race in texas between him and ted cruz. if ted cruz were to lose texas it could be over for him so he was forced to take it to donald trump hardbut the battle really ended in more of a draw. >> you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator and you work with these people. >> when i was leading the fight against the gang of eight amnesty bill , where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice. we can't risk another four years of these failed obama policies by nominating someone who loses to hillary clinton. >> if i can't beater you are really going to get killed. i know you're embarrassed but keep fighting, keep swinging. swing for the fences. what i've seen up here, i mean first of all this guys a choke artist and this guy is a liar. reporter: that wasn't bad enough. the real fight of the night was between donald trump and marco rubio. rubio's best chances for a win on super tuesday lie in either minnesota or virginia or both. after a bloodied battle with trump last night, rubio opened up a attack this morning. listen to this. >> having someone take over the conservative movement and
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the republican party is a con artist. we are not going to turn over the conservative movement to a con artist. he's always making things up and no one hold him accountable. i would prefer not to turn over the party to a con artist. the republican party is going to be taken over by a con artist. he says i'm a choke artist. he's a con artist. reporter: you're going to hear that again and again just like youdid this morning. marco rubio repeating himself on that point. donald trump was working twitter hard this morning, calling cruz a choker . george hw bush said once upon a time that labels belonged on soup cans so we will see if any of these stick, greg. choker. con artist. a loser. how presidential. gregg: in case you didn't catch it the first five times he said it. johnroberts, thanks . reporter: jenna: easy rider
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and a fox news contributor. how effective. let's talk about rubio's attack on donald trump. how effective you think it was and will make a difference? >> i thought rubio's attacks were very effective, particularly on immigration. he raised the history of donald trump hiring non-american workers to work on his building projects and trump really didn't have any answer for rubio in the debate. when trump was asked about this later on subsequent interviews he said, in effect, i had to hire non-americans. i couldn't find americans who would work for me is which is really not a strong argument if you are a candidate who's based her candidacy largely on immigration reform. jenna: but donald trump is running on policy. he's not even really running on character and these are the two items that marco rubio is going after. donald trump is running on contrast. these saying i'm different so in the long run, do any of those attacks really stick to mark. reporter: there's no doubt he was different. one of the things that rubio and cruz together, not working
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together but the effect of their separate attacks will have was to make donald trump look weaker. it wasn't just policy attacks, although ted cruz focus more on policy and ideology, marco rubio on character and other issues and what they did together change the dynamic of these debates candidates in was to undermine donald trump's core strength which is his strength. the fact that he has been strong, sort of a bully. they gave the bully a bit of a black eye last night and it sounds like from the clips you played this morning and listening to the things ted cruz campaign has been saying, this is the beginning of a sustained attack against donald trump and one last point. this is something we haven't seen before. the people who have been challenging donald trump were mostly nonviable candidates.
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a series of nonviable candidates who challenged donald trump didn't work and later left the race. ted cruz has been hitting trump for a while to some effect that it hasn't boosted you have cruz and rubio, i think crude rubio still has a viable path. crews with a slightly narrower path. but you have these two viable candidates hitting donald trump in the places where donald trump is most vulnerable. interesting to see if it affects anything. jenna: melinda hendon bird had a different perspective on our show yesterday. she says when donald trump attacks, he gets stronger. even if an initial attack is something for example like with the pope, you wonder which direction he will go with it and eventually donald trump comes out ahead. when you see what almost appears like similar attacks from cruz or rubio, does that risked them looking like the establishment that so many voters seem to be turning away from? reporter: if ted cruz is the establishment and marco rubio for that matter, a tea party candidate who was as
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antiestablishment as anybody b. jenna: they don't have the endorsement of many people in the republican party which is five people are calling him antiestablishment. reporter: that doesn't mean marco rubio is establishment. if cruz and ruby are our establishment the word establishment has zero meaning at this point which it might anyway. i think to address melinda and her argument direct directly it sounds like she thinks nothing can hurt donald trump and we may find out that that's the case as this goes forward. i would suggest the argument we've seen used against donald trump so far have been largely based on his flip-flops and on his ideological inconsistencies or apostasy's within the framework of modern conservatism. these are different attacks to an extent. you are seeing them attacked donald trump on his character and pointing out the things that he says, candidate who is
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billing himself as a candidate who tells it like it is, does in fact tell it like it is. he's talking a big game on immigration but when you look at his practices that rubio brought up hire non-americans for his building and making his clothing in mexico and china, what rubio is saying, this is not somebody who tells it like it is. this is somebody who says one thing and practices something altogether different which has potential really to undermine the strength of donald trump's candidacy. jenna: is it about character or contrast and that's something we will be exploring through the next hour and several days. we will watch marco rubio by the way in dallas, campaigning there. polls show ted cruz ahead in that state but we will see where the moves will come and if steve hayes is right, different attacks elicit different results. it's great to have you on the program. thank you so much .
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reporter: thank you. jenna: fox news is america's election headquarters. coverage begins at 6 pm eastern. you will see steve and the whole team and it will continue all night long as results roll in. after that we turn our focus to the next fox news debate tuesday so that will be interesting. it could be a completely different role by that point. march 3 hosted by brett, megan and chris. don't miss it. gregg: senator marco rubio holding that rally and we continue to follow that and our other top stories. police revealing new detailsin a shooting rampage that left three innocent people dead, more than a dozen others injured. what authorities say may have sparked attack . and a frightening morning from top intelligence officials. why they say the united states is facing the highest terror threat level since the 9/11 attacks and we want to hear from you. who do you think on the gop debate last night? if anybody. and our live chat is up and running. you can go to now. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
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families who are entering this tragedy. our first priority has been and will remain the safety and wellness of our employees. jenna: that's the ceo of the factory that was attacked yesterday by an employee. in the meantime local police in kansas say a protection order may have sparked that deadly workplace shooting that left three people dead before the gunman was killed by a responding officer. joining us now, dana colson, former fbi director and hostage commander. we are learning this now danny about a restraining order from someone that this man had a
8:18 am
relationship with might have put him over the edge. what you think of that motive? what questions you have about it at this time? >> it has to do with the character of the man, the fact that he had a restraining order reflects that there needed to be on against him and restraining orders unfortunately do not work . in our country these active shooter situations are a fact of life whether it's a deranged man like this or a islamic extremist or whoever.we have to get ready and be prepared to deal with these things and we need to give credo to the policeman who risked his life to save other people's life. we areblessed with the best police department agencies in the world and thank god for that . jenna: we don't know what would've happened if this officer did not take the shooter down. he was shooting and didn't seem he had a particular target. he just went in. here we was the active shooter in such a large crime scene, how do you prioritize? >> i think you probably start not in one place but all the places. police know these things happen. the fbi is involved in the case and they have a great deal of experience doing these things and i think there's one thing we need to keep in mind here is
8:19 am
that the police are minutes away but seconds matter. and it's up to us to prepare ourselves to deal with these situations and thank god for our police department. it's our responsibility to buy time for ourselves untilthey can get there or something else intervenes and we need to start thinking about that as a nation . we need to plan for our schools, our shopping malls, theaters, wherever we are. we need to know what to do and frankly our country needs to get ready for this. jenna: what would you do? that brings up the point for all of us. do i have a plan?what is my plan if something like this happens? are you what advice would you have for our viewers thinking about this? what is my first move if i'm involved in a situation like this? >> the first thing to do is believe it's happening. the most equations people are in denial. if you are shopping at the grocery store and you hear firecrackers, that's not firecrackers that gunshots and you need to move. you need to take cover, getaway, lock yourself in a secure area and basically put space between you and the
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shooter pick up. running away or driving your car or running a zigzag route to get away or locking yourself in a safe or cooler in a movie theater, wherever.just get space between you and the bad guy but the first is to believe it's happening. every business in the country should prepare themselves for these situations. think about this. we haven't had a kid die in a school fire in 50 years. we do fire drills every month. why are we doing that with shooting drills? it'sour responsibility to protect ourselves, our customers and our family . jenna: we will see those questions come up after this shooter situationwhich , is this actually our new reality or could different laws to stop them from having a gun or taking these actions, are we missing something along the way? we do these earthquake drills in san francisco because there are earthquakesout there . what about those that want to deny that this is a reality,
8:21 am
that we have to confront? >> we have to confront it for all the reasons. the first is that we don't address problems. we do a lot of work with battered women and we get restraining orders against men who batter them and they don't do any good. they don't incarcerate those individuals very often and we often see women, battered women especially that are victimized and murdered by these guys. laws need to be stronger and if you are stopping somebody that needs to be a serious offense that put you in jail.a lot of things like that. it's an insidious problem in our country and frankly we have to remember this. banning guns is not the answer. begun genie is out of the bottle and they are out there whether you are in france or mexico. guns are available to bad guys and try to focus on that part of it doesn't work. jenna: gives us something to think about today danny as we unwrapped what happened in kansas last night.
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it was great to have you on the program. reporter: >> you guys are great thank you. gregg: the fallout from last night's debate in houston texas and how some candidates and pundits are changing their tune on donald trump. nimal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters.
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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. gregg: the media is pumping him up as some sort of unstoppable force. donald trump has betrayed himself consistently as fighting for the working people and he has a record of sticking it to working people for 35 years. is any other candidate in the race had his record, there would be nonstop reporting on it but unfortunately he's being pumped up because many in the media with a bias know he will be easy to be in the general election so we are going to put
8:26 am
a stop to it now. gregg: marco rubio continuing his attack this morning against donald trump, not only trying to paint him as a con artist but as a media darling whose only purpose is to pave the way for hillary clinton. let's bring in pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter and fox news contributor. lynn joins us, washington bureau chief for the chicago sun-times so judith, the media is not that clever. propping up donald trumpso he can lose in november , but it seems to me that in many ways it's just the opposite, that the media kept predicting the demise and implosion of donald trump. >> absolutely. washington post said it well this morning. they said i'll trump as far is the media is concerned has gone from being on thinkable to unethical. without passing go, it's just extraordinary the way our colleagues in the media almost all of them who cover politics full-time have been wrong about trump suddenly all of a sudden
8:27 am
there's no way to stop him or as drudge said, it's over. well it ain't over and i think what you heard from marco rubio last night and the thing he's now settled on which is absolutely that the weak spot of donald trump which is the gap between as steve says what he says and what he does, the fact that he only hired 17 300 people who applied for jobs in florida, that's where he's going to be hurt but the media have only recently turned their attention to that. gregg: trump leads in almost12 states or 11 states that will vote next tuesday . which stands in stark contrast of course to what many in the media and pundits were saying last summer and in the fall. our pundits finally admitting you know what? we didn't get it right. we misunderstood or underestimated the strength of donald trump and his supporters?
8:28 am
>> i think we've done that. we collectively, people who predict weeks ago maybemonths ago , even heading into octobe , excuse me into iowa, people in the predicting business realize writing off donald trump was not good reporting. that will underscore something that judy had said. by the new hampshire primary in 2012, newt gingrich had already been attacking mitt romney over his bain capital connections and business practices of the company. you might remember that being a democratic narrative but that started in the primary so campaigns also are responsible. i know we are here to put blame on media but where work crews and rubio and all the others who are running, there are multiple of them, talking about the business record of trump, not just whether or not he's doing well in polls.
8:29 am
gregg: let's talk about the media's performance in last night's debate. let some of the questions seemed soft. there were no follow-up to the non-answers which left it up to the other candidates to follow up where the moderators didn't. that led to the food fight. here's part of it. take a listen. >> i watched him repeat himself five times weeks ago. >> you repeated yourself five seconds ago. >> i watched him melt down on stage like i've never seen anybody. >> let's talk about your plans. >> he says five things, everybody done, he will make america great again, he will win win win, win in the polls. [applause] >> senator rubio? >> i tell the truth. >> we have no more time if you would let mister trump respond. gregg: it went off the rails from there. judy, it looked to me like a
8:30 am
cage fight but our own chris wallace said no, it was a demolition derby but he also said it was an embarrassment to the gop party. what do you think? >> it all of the above but i'm not sure what cnn was supposed to do in that instance. you had guys, crews and rubio who were intent on really sticking to trump for the first time. just 211 and at that point, what was the anchor supposed to do? if they talked over them as jenna ãjust did as you heard in this episode, they were just shouted down and were actually stepping on rubio's lines. so at this point, when you're in the middle of a melt mud wrestle, what you do? pick up martin hurley or do you get out of the way? that was a difficult moment but that's what the debates have descended too. maybe it's great for rating, i don't know. gregg: are you surprised, trump inspires enormous support among
8:31 am
people and almost an equivalent amount of antipathy. his negatives are incredibly high. >> it's interesting. this is a whole age were asymmetric campaign situation we are in where nothing in the past has predicted how things will unroll now. certainly we set a zillion times that things that would take down other candidates make donald trump stronger and that's why when you look at something like a debate performance and the media role as questioners, they have to sometimes i think understand that you have to get out of the way also and i don't think anyone would have on and wanted to. you try as dana did last night, absolutely no criticism on her there's a point where the people want to have their back and forth. >> . gregg: and they're going to do it. >> they had a lot of time.
8:32 am
if this was a five minute mini debate, maybe you have to be enforced. gregg: i got to jump in. i'm getting a hard wrap your butt lynn and jenna, thank you. good to see you. jenna: top officials say we are facing the highest level since 9/11. my school reunion's coming fast.
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jenna: us intelligence officials on high alert as america faces its highest (level since 9/11.
8:36 am
director james crawford before house committee yesterday say while isys has emerged as the global terrorist threat, he also said he expects al qaedato also be a threat . >> al qaeda has a position to make gains in 2016. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and the eleuthera front are the two most capable al qaeda branches. jenna: we want to play closer attention to this because this news came and went yesterday and didn't gettheóor emphasis we feel it deserves . with a world that has so many different threats against us specifically, how do we prioritize? >> the assessment, al qaeda is growing as well as isis.
8:37 am
he mentioned two areas, one in syria and one in yemen but also africa as well. it's a question about time. if time is lapsing and we are not containing them what are they going to do? they are going to expand and it's not just al qaeda and isis. we are getting thosewarnings because as they are growing in the region they may be tempted and have done that in the past to also strike within the west . jenna: carter went on to say there are no now morse violet sunni groups with safe havens that any time in history. obviously as we taking your first point, we are not containing them so what should be be during differently? >> this misinterpretation or battle of interpretations between what they say on the political strategic level, we have contained isis on the ground. what they have not contained is the recruitment.isis has tens of thousands of soldiers inside syria and iraq and have multiplied across the world. what concerns me are the numbers of cells within the west. these are out of control. the recruitment is on, and we are stuck in analyzing the past actions in san bernardino while they are preparing for the next act.
8:38 am
jenna: how do we become more proactive? >> we have to have a major change in our national security policy and this is not something we change overnight. it needs to be an evaluation by the administration and congress about what went wrong. how do we need to have a new 9/11 commission? jenna: clapper also said iran and hezbollah remain a continuing terrorist threatto us interests and partners worldwide. as i bring up around today , because harvard said iran is actually holding its first election since the nuclear deal and in the run-up to these elections, i've been watching the ayatollah on twitter who is taking to twitter as he has ever since joining, and putting out different propaganda against the united states specifically. here are two examples. he said us politicians are why are people shop death to us. with past history what you expect people to say? he recently went after 37 years and with more questions and sanctions against enemies,
8:39 am
meaning us, couldn'tprevent the greatest revolution . what do you make of all of thi ? this is post nuclear deal, bringing iran into the community of world leaders. >> that's exactly what i would think. this is stunning to have the mother of all agreements which cost $150 billion returned to iran, lifting sanctions, actually helping iran reintegrate into the national community and what does the regime do? the firm they are still our enemies. we have never seen anything like that in modern history to cut a deal and then the other side is putting you as an enemy. on the ground in iraq, syria, lebanon they are pushing. they are backing their leadership so now they are having these elections and we know elections are controlled by the regime.
8:40 am
they can expect which candidate will run or not. it's unbelievable. jenna: this is full-circle to where we started our conversation. iran is still a sponsor of terror. it's a major concern for clapper. you have isys growing. you have al qaeda growing. with all these threats who do you put on the top of the list as the number one priority for the united states to keep us safe? >> the one which we see growing fast and we see attacking us is isis and al qaeda. the thing that is most strategically threatening for the states, for the arabs, for everybody in europe is indeed the iranian regime because they are closer to achieve strategic parity with missiles and probably with the nukes soon and they are going to surprise us. jenna: he also mentioned in his testimony the joint effort between iran and north korea has been speculated but it certainly gives us something to think about as we take in the politics of today and who's going to be the next leader of the united states. it's great to have you on the program as always. thank you so much. gregg: as hillary clinton pulls ahead in the polls, the new york times is now calling on her to release transcripts of her wallstreet speeches . how they could affect her
8:41 am
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8:45 am
out sanders by five percent. and in a virginia monmouth university poll, clinton leads sanders 6233 percent. not all good news for clinton, though. look at this. a new york times editorial says she should release transcripts from her paid speeches to the big wall street firms saying that by stonewalling on the transcripts, mrs. clinton plays into the hands of critics who call her on trustworthy. this comes as the state department is expected to release more of her email, the final batch this afternoon. joining us now, ian pryor, communications director for american crossroads. jessica, denver chronic poster and strategist. does a refusal to release the transcripts of these speeches to the banks reinforce the image that she's not at all as transparent as she claims? >> absolutely. if you are a democrat and you are at the new york times
8:46 am
editorial board you have problems. i find it odd that she talked about a double standard when it comes to transparency. she's been a public figure who's been the most transparent of any in history. let's go back to 2008. hillary clinton was running against obama and called on him to release correspondence with convicted and imprisoned real estate developer tony rasco. when obama said no, clinton said obama has a dog ate my homework approach to transparency and the only thing transparent about barack obama is his noncommitment to transparency. it seems like she liked that approach because now hillary clinton has a dog ate my homework approach. gregg: it's not just her money making speeches to banks and other groups, that raises the question of transparency and secrecy but doesn't this also sort of óthe secrecy surrounding her private email server in which all of her business as secretary of state is conducted?
8:47 am
>> i think so. this is linked to the trustworthiness issue which we know is critical in the selection and that's where bernie sanders is really ahead of her. she he only beats her on that on how to address income equality. i think that it would benefit her to release these transcripts. i sincerely doubt there is a silver bullet in there that says, hey boy blank shine. i'm going to give you these things when i'm in office. i don't think it's that. i think this argument of being held to a higher standard and cory booker has been on the trail making that argument, very convincingly for her but i think this is a rise above moment where she can say, i don't have to do this but i am doing it and now all of you should do it as well. she claims, jessica that she is the victim of a double standard because nobody else is releasing mayors. nobody else made in one year alone $11 million with these
8:48 am
speeches. >> idon't think that's true. the 11 million, i'm not sure about that but we do know ben carson has been paid a tremendous amount of money, not that anyone paying attention to him. we know jeb bush has been on the circuit . gregg: they are not saying they're going to rain in the big banks. >> bernie sanders has spoken to a lot of groups, he had this breakfast where he had financial institutions. i'm not saying anyone was paid off but i'm saying no one is fully clean. i also want to say that when people come after her and call her a socialist and communist, it's very clear that hillary clinton is a capitalist. i'd like to make that clear. she believes in a strong safety net as everyone should but this woman, she's also a businesswoman and i don't think that's a bad thing. previous secretaries of state do this. gregg: i want to get your take on hillary clinton's recent remark about donald trump. here it is. >> i didn't know him that well but i did know him and i think it's been most surprising to me to see somebody who was affable
8:49 am
and was good company and had a reputation of being kind of bigger than life really traffic and a lot of the prejudice and paranoia and in some of the comments that he's made which has been divisive and mean-spirited. it doesn't quite fit with what i thought i knew about him. >> what's your reaction to that, ian? >> i think donald trump does not exist in a vacuum but he does exist in a void created by the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton. these are two people that have mastered the art of politics by division they shouldn't be surprised when people the benefit against find another voice and donald trump to be against them. these are people that think that the government right now is concerned with being politically correct the national security been growing jobs, then stock it up in crime or reducing crimeand they found a voice in donald trump and it is a voice that was created by barack obama and hillary clinton . >> i think we need to be a
8:50 am
little bit more bipartisan when we are lumping blame around. donald trump was created by the complete and utter failure of the gop establishment to get anything done. you can blame pc culture, say obama and clinton created this but they didn't. it's a complete and broader broken washington that gave rise to obama and largely bernie sanders as well. gregg: and to donald trump as well. his supporters want him to go to washington and blow the place up. ian and jessica, got to go but good to see you both. jenna: we take a break from politics as hollywood's brightest stars will be on the red carpet for the 88th annual academy awards. who's going home with oscar we had a preview next.
8:51 am
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gregg: let's check out whatthey had on outnumbered, top of the
8:54 am
hour with sandra and harris . >> four days now until super tuesday and after last night's fiery gop debate, it ted cruz and marco rubio's tagteam attacks do enough to slow donald trump down? and another question. who can really be hillary clinton in the general election? does the donald have an electability problem to talk about? and a legendary supermodel slams sports illustrated for putting a plus size swimsuit model on its cover. genuine health concern or body shaming? all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy from the o'reilly factor. it's water swirled inside out numbers world, going to be delicious. >> happy friday by the way. gregg: i saw that sports illustrated cover and didn't think anything of it. i didn't know. see you guys later. jenna: on hollywood, today with the academy award two days away and if you miss our broadcast
8:55 am
roster expert sarah content you everything you need to know ahead of time. who will bring home the oscar on sunday night? >> great to see you and let's cut to the chase starting with best actor and in a leading role. 22 years ago a young man by the name of leonardo dicaprio received his first oscar nomination for a film called what's eating gilbert grape. he lost to tommy lee jones in the fugitive but i told people this kid is so talented he's going to win someday. more than two decades and a total of four oscar losses later, mister dicaprio is finally going to win the elusive academy award for his work in the revenant, and intense, dramatic role where he fights off the bear.golden globe, critics choice, screen actor award, i daresay leo is a lock. turning overto the best lead actress , there are big-name to the cate blanchett, jennifer lawrence, my favorite is charlotte rambling in 45 years. they can sit back, relax and
8:56 am
enjoy the show. this price will go to bree larson in a film called room. she plays a young woman who's been kidnapped and held captive for seven years in a tiny space. a heartbreaking performance in a powerful film. larson has the oscar in the bag. finally for best motion picture of 2015, there are eight nominees and it's an exciting three-way race. the big short versus the wilderness epic the revenant versus the journalism's drama spotlight. it's a photo finish but i believe it is going to be the revenant. this was the cinematic achievement of the year and it's directing, his production values, it's cinematography. the film has 12 denominations and on top of that it's a box office smash approaching 400 million worldwide. the good and night for its the revenant and its director innaritu. you can go to to
8:57 am
read my complete analysis of the 10 major categories. hopefully you can win your oscar pool so good luck to our viewers and the oscar nominees. should be an incredible night. jenna: thank you and we will be right back with more. >> .. on the floor! everybody down! nobody move! on the floor!
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