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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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the fact of the matter is senator rubio shown over course of time wholly unprepared to be president of the united states. i said that during entire race. nothing changed my mind. this is only guy on the stage, other than governor kasich who made executive decisions, made executive decisions throughouthis life. who put together budget and makes sure money spent efficiently and effectively in order to create profit and make sure the country moving forward would get on that kind of track. this guy knows how to do that better than anybody on that stage.
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plague america. >> tell us the time line. >> i think i told you 12 times yesterday, my taxes many years are under audit and i have a lot of rich friends who are never audited and i am audited for like 12 years. many are finished and some are left. and until it is finished by the irs, i will not be releasing because that would not be a good thing to do, yes, go ahead. >> mr. trump, how dew feel [inaudible] >> i didn't know he endorsed me. >> okay, i disavow. go ahead. >> the president of mexico said
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[inaudible] >> my response. the wall just got ten feet higher and he used foul language. chris can tell you. if i used that language, it would be a major scandal and as many people we have today, we would have five times more. it was disgraceful the way he went about saying. mexico will pay for the wall and the wall will get built. and 58, we have right now $58 billion in trade deficit ises and the wall is a fractions of that. we'll get it done and mexico will pay for it. don't get nervous, don't worry about it, not a big deal. [inaudible] >> good question, i like it, i
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think a lot. people are angry and upset by what is going on in the economy, and upset by trade and virtually everything nothing good happens with with us. we don't win anymore and nothing good happens. and they are not angry people p, but they are angry about what is happening in the country. go ahead. [inaudible] >> stay with me, we'll get you jobs. the biggest problem i have i meet college students, debt up to their neck and they can't get the jobs, because we have the bad jobs. good jobs are going out of our country. ph ysier is leaving and moving to ireland. we'll get them jobs, yes, go ahead. [inaudible]
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we have had a lot to say about mr. trump. >> how dew know i was talking about mr. trump and by the way, listen, i think you watched the act senator rubio has put on. part of his talking point to be entertaining and smoil a lot. one act after another. we don't need washington d.c. acts. the acts i want to get rid of is the washington d.c. acts. we don't need anybody from washington d.c. what i said in the campaign. the problem is washington d.c. and we don't need washington politicians coming in to fix it. when you look at who is remaining on the stage, there is no doubt that this is the person who will go to washington d.c. and turn it around. some have only been for one term and never shown up for work and telling us how to run the united states government.
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i believe that donald trump is the best person. and i was running against him. and i wanted to boat him and we had open conversations about that. but that part of this is over. as a good loyal american, who is the best person to stop hillary clinton from getting inside of the white house again? this is the best person to do. that turn around from the actour acts in washington d.c. and turn to a professional strong leader. >> ask him how he is going to do this? >> as a former chairman of the republican governor, [inaudible] >> no, what my intent for being here today to say to anyone willing to listen.
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not just members of the rnj and donors, but american people. you need a strong tough leader to restore america greatness and this is the best person to do that. and what ever message they can take, they can. but people do the best if they just listen to what i say. i don't send smoke signals. i am endorsing the person i believe is the best person to defeat hillary clinton and restore american jobs. and restore american prestige and restore the faith and confidence of the american people again and we with are an exceptional and great nation. mitt romney to donald trump? they are very different fellows. >> all over the place in texas, what does it look like for you. >> i think we have a great shot
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and i think people like me a lot. i have many, many friends here in texas and i think we have a good chance. if you look at south carolina, that was supposed to be cruz' strong hold and he was going to win it easily. and i won by 22 points and won land slide and evangelicals and military and vets and won hispan pices and men and women, and every single category. we came in nevada every category including by the way hispan pices. he was supposed to do great there and he lost by a lot. i should have a good chance at texas. the bloomberg poll came out massive leads in every state the and the emerson poll we are tied or effectively tied and i think i will be here now. and i would love to get texas, because of my relationship to
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texas, so many friends. mark? >> [inaudible] >> he's desperate. look, i watched a part of his little act and he is a desperate giechlt i watch withed him. he is not presidential material that i can tell you. he doesn't have the demeanor and he is a nervous nelly. i watched him back stage, he is a mess. he's a toelt mess and i joked can you imagine putin sitting there waiting for a meeting and rubio walking in totally drenched. i never seen a human being sweat like this man sweats. he's not presidential caliber or have the demeanor and i don't think he will do well. and he is a mess. and in florida, which he abandoned by the way. i love florida and i own did youral and many clubs including
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trump international which is one of the best clubs in the country and i own many and a lot of real estate in the shore in miami that worked out well and i am a major investor in miami and frankly the people in florida like me. but for me to go in florida and have a 20 point lead over the the sitting senator, remember the sitting senator abandoned florida and left florida. he defrauded florida because they elected him as a young senator and he goes there and before he sits down he starts running for president p. he's not the right giechlt and he's got a bad temperament. he has the wrong temperament to be president. icate can -- [inaudible] are >> no, no, they did speculate he
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would be my vice-presidential pick. now it is obvious that he's not going to be. i never had it in mind. he never had the right temperament. and i watched chris do a number on him. interesting about people who are choke. i watched people choke over the years and once a choker, always a choker and it never, ever changes. the guy that misses the kick, misses the kick. when he misses the first one you get rid of him. once a choker, always a choker and that was an epic meltdown. he didn't know where he was. i thought he was going to die. good going, chris. >> governor kristaps picked your running mate. >> i don't want to discuss that. he's got the talent and we did not talk about it. but he has a lot of talent, katy.
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[inaudible] >> i don't want to do it until i have it done. and let me tell you something. we talked about establishment and it is very unfair for many, many years i have been audited and i have many friends that are rich people, and they never have been audited. i was with a rich guy the other day. how often are you audited? he didn't know what i was talking about. i have many, many rich friends and almost all of them are audited and why am i audited every single year. i will put you people to rest. until my audit is finished, you are not going to see it. when it is finished you can can see it. i will not complicate things by doing. that why is it every year, beyond barak obama but during his term also. every year i am audited it is not fair, i will tell you.
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i can't tell you why? i can't tell you why. i can't tell you why, but i can say many, many wealthy people i know are not audited. john? >> markio rubio went at you in the president. he's had a series of business disasters and beating up on the little guy. >> totally wrong. and he said i had 200 million from my father. i wish, i wish. i had a very, very small loan from my father many years ago, and i built that in to a massive empire and i paid my father back that loan. and chris was tell itting me because he understands it, my father left me some money nothing like the numbers you heard and by that time many years when my father passed
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away. more than anything else i learned from my father. but this light weight. he is a light weight to say 200 million, the first call i got from my sister and then my brother and they said, wow, how does he say that? it is not true? we were five in the family. and so in other words anything would be split up. she called and said that was untrue. it is it a shame and i tell you where they got it. the new york times call. i call it the failing new york times which is totally and inaccurate reporting and they go out of their way and if you make a correction, they don't want to do it. they made a statement about it. i don't know where they got it and i would say the number is wrong by a factors of hundreds or a fortune. i got a small loan and started
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a business and now worth bill kwlons and if i want to sell the assets, trump tower and the bank of america building in san francisco, a big chunk and 1290 of the americas and best land in the country. did youral country club. and turn berry in scott lanted and home of the open championship referred to as the british open, my property would sell for numbers like you would the not believe. i have among the best properties in the world. i think it is really unfair when a guy said my father gave me 200 million. if you knew brooklyn in the early known 80s and you understand this, chris. if you knew brooklyn in the early known 80s and known 70s. that was not 200 million and i do have brothers and sisters. and then i got a call from my sister and then my brother, late
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at night. why can they say that. this guy is a liar. i used to call ted cruz a liar and now mark co rubio. i sold some companies and he said they closed. i sold miss universe for a lot of money. and the water, he mentioned the wine company and biggest vineyard on on the coast. and i make vodka and i have many clubs and we make vodka for the club and he said it was closed. it is not closed. >> go ahead. go ahead. >> you make a pledge, as a nom no. >> no, i would think about it. but if for some reason it didn't work out for me. chris understands. this i go back to what i do. i don't need to do this. this is something to make
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america great again. politicians are not going to do that. and i know the people on the the stage will not do. it marco rubio is a light weight and no talent or temperament and he can never make us great. >> do you know if you can write off the money you are using for your campaign? >> our former federal prosecutor, is there a position in the cabinet, attorney general or anything like that and would you like to be the running mate. >> i am governor of jerz jerdz and i have every expectation to fulfill the end of my term and go into private life and make money like trump. that's what i do. i haven't been offered any position and i don't speculate on those things. i have a term of office until
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january 19th, 2018, and fulfill my term and go in private sector and finally beat my wife one year. i would like one time before i die to make more money in a year than she did. that would be my dpoel. >> but he does have talent. we have thousands. i have to go. we have thousands and thousands of people outside. you will be very impressed. thank you all. thank you very much, everybody. >> there you have it. donald trump with an endorsement with chris christy. a lot to take in there. and why don't we go for. elizabeth harrington. and susan. everyone talked about the debate until that moment. elizabeth, what do you think of the impact of this? >> well, two things that it is very clear that christie is not
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a fan of marco rubio. and maybe thinks he can be be a attorney general in case trump is able to win the presidency, but does this change things? it changes the narrative today and it is what we have seen in the campaign. trump is able to get and control the media and up to this point, we are talking about the debate and how rubio grasped how to attack trump and you get on his level and try to make blows and make fun of the tweets and having a meltdown. rubio figured it out, but trump takes the oxygen out of it. and has the narrative changed. >> it is short term impact and long-term. this short term over the next several hours as news coverage
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is continuing with super tuesday, what is the impact. >> short term is all that matters now. we have a super tuesday contest coming up and this was a day for rubio to capitalize. and trump comes long with a major, major endorsement from chris christie. long- term impact, will that open the doors for others to get bep hind others? that would be a big deal. trump looks like the nominee and i put my bet on this winning horse and it could have a long- term impact. but rubio has a short window to make an impact and start winning and today it was the first day to get off on that start and trump as the previous guest said took the oxygen out of the room and took over the narrative. >> rubio was in a rally in dallas and going to oklahoma city. and what is the impact p of chris christie joining trump on
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the campaign and susan brought up. chris christie is attacking rubio. he was not successful in the campaign for president. but he was effective for attacking rubio. and what is the attack on rubio. those are the doubts that chris christie raises and the fact that he's back out in front again. >> i think we saw trump got another 33 minutes of free air time to again to brand rubio as what you are calling him a light weight choke artist and he got more media attention to change the narrative back from the effective smart attack from rubio. and that was a strong press conference where he was hitting trump and making fun of him for his tweets and he was having a meltdown in the debate last night. again, we are not going to be talking about this the rest of the day, we'll be talking about p trump getting the endorsement
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from chris christie and not the effective attacks that rubio had. and i think the smart place for rubio is to continue with this message. and keep going out there and attacking trump and getting down to his level and doing it with a smile and making fun of him. and again. oxygen suck issed out of the room and once again it is hard because trump is controlling the narrative. >> i have to take a commercial break. one watcher in the political scene spectacularly with the republican party said that all of this, what has happen in the last 24 hours is insuring that a democrat will win the white house. we'll ask you about that and we'll be right back with more "happening now".
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s >> the reporter with the washington free beacon and susan for the washington examiner. before i get to a quote from someone who said it was beneficial for the democratic party. i was struck by the comment by a viewer. chris christie endorsed bark bookkeeper obama with the hug before the election in 2012. do you see that chris christie could hurt donald trump than help him here? >> i think he will help trump. he is more of what trump is, a straight talker and kind of bombastic and someone who does not take threats and a powerful speaker and a straight talker and trump is himself as a candidate and endorses trump. he is the right kind of endorsement for trump and he is
10:26 am
former attorney general and legal expertise and if trump has issues with talking about the taxes. christie will be there. and he is a governor. i don't see a down side as a governor endorsing. >> and that is the brand message. he sticks to a brand and stay with it not only just presidential but his career. the debate was a raucus debate and a lot of insults back and forth. and this is one perception and i want your thoughts on this. the run away winner was a democratic party f. it there are many more nights like this, the democrat nominee will have an easy time in november. the debate is old news and not only 24 hours ago. but is there a risk for are the republican party, considering
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what we saw last night and what we see continue today, the insults applying back be and forth. you heard that a few minutes ago. >> there was a lot of insummits and it was messy and a the lot of people actually were happy about the debate, it was actually a debate. for the first time, it took ten debates to get here, but the candidates were debating each other and moments you wanted the moderators to go away. and yes, it gets messy and heated and that might turn people off some, but there is a lot time to go before the head-to-head between the republicans and democrats, i don't think people would be that the republicans are so mean. come november this debate will not matter. >> there is truth to a bloody primary damaging to the party.
10:28 am
mitt romney said it hurt him in his run agains president obama. this is a new ball game. if you look at polls, trump and hillary clinton are just about tied. and i think that is the old thinking that this type of primary is damaging to the republican party in the general election. trump is a different kind of candidate and who ever becomes the nominee, this primary season is not necessarily going to damage them as long as they raise money and get out there and fight against the democrat nominee. and it boils down to the debates and republicans and democrats in the fall. these debates will be forgotten. >> so many of them and we have one after super tuesday and we will need behind the scene cameras and who is melting down
10:29 am
in the commercials and we are going to need that. i will try to place a call after our conversation. great to have you both. we'll keep on watching. >> it is an incredible ride. >> i want to see who is. and the accusation ises of he is wetting his pants. >> where do we go from here. >> it is it a different kind of election. changing the narrative, we were going to talk about howard kurtz. the chris christie endorsement changed the topic. we'll talk to it howard about the mastery of media, coming up.
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>> i am proud to be here to support donald trump for president of united states. i am doing this for a number of reasons. first is donald and i and our wife withes have been friends for over a decade. he is a good and loyal friend to our family and as we have been to his family. we have had wonderful times together. >> that was chris christie endorsing donald trump a minute ago. what does it mean for the race to the white house. and we have lesry here, ford, most political pros are dubious
10:34 am
about endorsements and don't think it matters much. but did what just happen change the conversation away from what some perceive as donald's poor performance. ndonald trump got pushed around and watched in a cuban sandwich and rubio was the winner and now trump decided to is snatch it away and got himself a garden state pit bull and they will push rubio out of the race. >> going back to that, on three different subjects trumps asked what your plan and he offered little. obama care he said over and over, we are going to have many plans and other than selling insurance across the state line. and he said there is nothing more to add. >> and does that expose a weakness in trump?
10:35 am
he is short on substance and long on pronouncements? >> and short on consistencey and that's why the gop need to have a come to jesus talk with each other if you will. it is like, he has great ideas, how are you going to build the wall and make mexico. >> it's going to happen. obama care and immigration and asking for apologies along the way. he was presidential and lacked substance and i am a democrat and i said wo withah rubio was a man last night. >> i have to disagree with you. >> let me switch to taxes. truck is resisting releasing his taxes and he said i am not going to to it because i am being audited and i am always audited. what is releasing your existing returns for are several years and surely they exist because
10:36 am
you have to file them. what does that have to do with the audit. >> well, no body p actually knows in trump's case. >> the answer has nothing to do with releasing your returns. you are audited and they are examining the merits of your returns and that has nothing to do with releasing that which is on paper your returns. >> this is casting doubt on trump's vision of making america great. will he help the little guy and he handled it last night and in the cnn most. maybe i was audited because of my strong christian views. the point is to cast doubt. he's selling a vision and that's where you really can get at trump. and i disagree with leslie in terms of substance. donald trump is selling
10:37 am
a vision. >> he may be. and lesly let me ask you about with the wall and immigration. there was a comical moment when trump said he was offended by the coarse language by the former mexican mexican fox as if he forgot his profanity on the campaign. nquite frankly calling latinos and he did not say illegal immigrants in the beginning, he called them murderers and rapist and the things he has said and alleged against the muslim community with the ban. and just the comments and throughout his campaign, i sat there with my jaw dropped that he was concerned that somebody had dropped a profanity as the president of mexico d. and i thought the president of mexico was speaking at a level at that
10:38 am
point. i was surprised he was offended by that. >> before he ran for president. trump used the very same word with. lesly marshal and ford oconle. good to see you both. >> you, too. >> and on to the democrats, less than 24 hours before the polls open in south carolina, hillary clinton hosting an event at georgia state university that wrapped up and later this afternoon she will return to south carolina. bernie sanders seems to be looking past that state. >> reporter: that is right. bernie sanders denied to us that he's written off south carolina where he is down double-digits to hillary clinton because of her edge of african-american voters. but if you look at his schedule and all of his energy is no
10:39 am
where near here in south carolina. he's criss-crossing super tuesday states, earlier in minnesota, and has been in oklahoma. and looking ahead. because he may take a drumming on saturday and wants a showing next week on super tuesday. and minnesota event he tried to change the subject of his momentum problems to go after her wall street speeches, watch. >> hillary clinton said she will do it if other people do it. i will release all of the transskroipts that i got in secret meetings in wall street. here they are. you can see him mocking his opponent hillary clinton, he will be at a historically black college in a now hours to show he's taking one last effort to win the south carolina primary. he knows he is down big time. >> making the motions of his
10:40 am
arms. and the new york times hit hillary clinton about p this. and said she needs to release the transcripts that was a surprise to some. what is hillary clinton saying about that today. >> reporter: she's been trying to make a lot of these attacks of the right wing is after her. when you have the new york times coming out and saying it is a huge problem for transparency sake. hillary clinton needs to come out and address this and make it clear she was not telling them one thing. and publicly, she claims to want to clean up wall street. she was asked about this on msnbc and she insisted she was tough on wall street, watch. >> i think i have been trandz parent and i have a record. people can go back and look at what i said and what i did when i was a senator. i went after hedge fund loop
10:41 am
holes. >> reporter: so we talked about the pattern that was bernie sanders gaining momentum and closing strong. there is a new pattern before nevada, hillary clinton out worked sanders on the ground. and beat him here. he is having 3 or 4 or 5 events a day and making clear she wants to finish strong. >> we'll see what happens, ed, great to see you as always. >> just moments after governor christie endorsed trump. trump is speaking before support issers in a campaign event in fort worth, texas and we'll listen n. >> i have never seen anything like it, let's keep it as say secret for the people in texas. let's do it.
10:42 am
and that is good. and that is a lot of errs dorsements happening. when you are at a number one place endorsements are coming in but i was with happy with this one here. chris, we love you, man. >> so we had a debate last night. and i don't hear from pundits. they are are so dishonest. and hundreds of thousands of people voting and we want every single on line poll. we want theon line polls that meet so much to me. when you have hundreds of thousands of people calling in,
10:43 am
believe me, i can't have my secretary sitting in calling and getting extras. and it is a honor and we have been winning those polls from the first debate. and something is going good in the the debates and the big poll, is really the poll ps that are coming out. in texas, they are coming out with a poll that is tied, the emerson poll, and i have so many friends in texas. we are loaded up with friends in texas. and i say, i think we will surprise a lot of people. [applause] >> we are going to surprise a lot of people. and we'll talk about the competition and our borders which we will build the wall and it will be be a great wall.
10:44 am
and can you imagine your expresident of mexico vincente fox. and that's the way other countries are used to talking to the united states. no more. and that is what mexico has to do something and it is that way with japan and india and china and it's that way with vietnam and a new one coming along. they want to be treated with tremendous respect even though they don't treat us with respect. it is going to change, folks, it is not going to be this way anymore. so. he dropped the f- bomb. can you imagine if i said that?
10:45 am
and no one mention today. not a pig deal. for him it's okay. i wont use that and i would not go there by the way, and when he did it absolutely fine, because that's the double standard. here's the story, we are being ripped on trade, by every nation that we do business with in the world. we are going to be become so good. and we are going to negotiate so strong and tough. we'll not have a $58 billion trade deficit with mexico. we're not going to have a 500 billion trade deficit with china, 500 billion, it's not going to happen. we are not going to be billions behind of japan and we'll talk about that in a second. but let's talk about a light weight senator from florida who is losing big polls.
10:46 am
i heard he was saying negative thing thinks. it started 3 or 4 weeks ago in new hampshire. i love the people in new hampshire and we won it big p. we won it big p. and we won south carolina, big, big, big. in all fairness. it was your senator's place he said he would won in south carolina. i won men, women, evangelicals and military and vets. and i won everything. and we won with hispanics! i love the hispanics. because people that are in our country legally. they don't want our jobs taken away and i am going to bring a lot of jobs back to this country. remember that.
10:47 am
i saw it with rubio. he's a nervous wreck. no, he is a basket case. here is a guy, you ought to see him back stage. he was putting on make up with a trowel. no. i don't want to say that. i will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears. i will not say that. he was just trying to cover up, he was trying to cover up the sweat. i never. did you ever see a guy sweat like this? a number of weeks ago, we were in new hampshire and chris was so wild what he did. that was one of the great prosecutions i had ever seen. and i am standing in the middle which i have been be for every single debate. the middle! and i said to cnn,
10:48 am
i am in the middle all of the time and i say to the the networks and cnn. i am number one. you are going to announce me number one. no, sir, you just walk. and who knows you are in the middle. and i watched chris take a man apart and i looked at him. and honestly, i thought he was going to die, rubio. he was so scared like a little frightened puppy. and he kept saying the obama phrase over and over. and so then i heard it once. and i said that is fine. big deal. i am standing here, he's right here and chris is over here and chris was sort of cool he was like this. and i couldn't do that. i want to stand up straight. i don't know. and this looked like perry mason. that's what it was. and chris went into him and he
10:49 am
said the obama phrase once. fine. twice, i said he just said that. that was strange. okay. third time, and i said it was like a robot. and then a fourth time and this guy fifth time was cracking up on us. he was sweating so badly. i never seen anything like it. it looks like he was in a swimming pool with his clothing o. and i said to myself. we have tough people to negotiate with. we have putin and we have the chinese and we have wars that we are in and that we are by the way. build our military and knock out isis. [applause] we are going to knock out isis fast. remember the great days, general george patton and general doug list mcarthur.
10:50 am
do you think they would be thinking about isis? by the time they pick up the telephone it is over. we don't win anymore. and i have to finish with this clown finish with this clown over here. so i watch this and i. >> let's assume this. i don't want boos. putin sitting there waiting for a kill. do you remember that
10:51 am
catastrophe? it's like this. anyway, i need water. this is refeuding. do i love sports? we love sports. we're athletes. so you notice in sports. it's true. you know the guy that misses the kick choke artist, they choke, they choke, they choke. we look at this and he goes in to see putin and he walks in and he's soaking wet and he looks at him and says what's wrong with this guy? i'll never forget the scene and
10:52 am
then we're going to go to something else more interesting. we're doing the speech and notice live television you don't see it. nicki haley did it last time. he was good. they asked are you and your people angry? i was suppose to say no, we're not angry. we're thrilled with the iran deal and all the problems. we're thrilled with the education with obama care which is terrible.
10:53 am
they said yeah, we're really angry, we are. we're not angry people. we're not angry people. we're angry with incompetence. he's making the thing, i said what's wrong with him and out of nowhere, he goes on live television he's our response and he choked just like he's a chok choker. he choked with chris. i watched him both times. the one time i'm right next to him and i looked at the puddle on the ground and said what is that? what is it? i wanted to know what is that? but this time this wise guy, this light weight is going over and all the sudden he's being drained and he goes like this,
10:54 am
remember. i've never seen anything like it. we are going to beat guys like that. it's guys like that. he's a nasty guy. he said we're going to knock out obama care.
10:55 am
what's going to happen is you're going to create open bidding by getting rid of the boarders around each state and the restrictive lines. you are going to have so much competition. you're going to have so much bidding that you can't say it's one plan. you can have hundreds of different options and plans it's going to be beautiful and you're going to pay far less money.
10:56 am
i said you're a joker and a liar and i have had, you know, i've had a lot of difficulties with ted because he lies. i've dealt with much tougher. a guy like rubio is the baby. a guy like ted is tougher. actually he's tougher and he's actually smarter. in all fairness, ted is smarter. he's a smarter person than rubio but ideal with people. last night it was mentioned, by the way, it was mentioned my father gave me $200 million. i wish. i would be right now worth $500 trillion if there were the case. you know the first thing i do is get back and get a call from my sister and my brother whose a fantastic person and they said hey, donald, that's not true, why did he say that?
10:57 am
it's a failing newspaper, the new york times. seriously failing. they wrote an article and put something in like $200 million. believe me. i got very little and built it into many millions dollars and very proud of it. i just think we have to correct. we just have to correct the record. thank you. i love you. thank you. it's rubio.
10:58 am
we like to correct the record. you know, i spent a lot of time in laredo, texas right on the boarder and i was invited by the boarder guards and by the way, i got endorsed, talk about chris, by sheriff joe. the one thing you know about sheriff joe, he's picking the toughest guy in the boarder. there's no games to be played with sheriff joe who puts pink you know what on. his people there illegally, sheriff joe does not play games and everybody wanted his endorsement but the toughest one on the boarder was endorsed by sheriff jones. and i think it's incredible. i was called by our boarder patrol, unbelievable people. i got to know them well. they said mr. trump i was
10:59 am
running and doing well. since i started this whole thing i've been practically number one for the whole trip. practically number one. and now we have big leagues. please, texas, let's win texas. i want to win texas. i was called by the boarder patrol and these people are incredible and they want to do the job. that's why they called me and said would it be possible for you to come to texas to lerado and i said i think so, fine, i'll do. i went and method with a lot of the boarder patrol folks and the top people and man, they are just incredible, smart tough, great people.
11:00 am
our police are incredible people. in fact, i just took some backstage, what a group of people. we have to put out to plug everyone. one bad incident, whether it's a mistake or somebody was just a bad apple and has played for weeks and weeks on the news and the thousands and tens of thousands of great jobs they do, they don't get appreciated. let's hear it for the police. so i'm in laredo and they tell me they want to stop it. we're goi drugs and it's going to be a real wall. and i'm the only one that knows how to build it. these guys have no clue. politicians all talk, n


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