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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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our police are incredible people. in fact, i just took some backstage, what a group of people. we have to put out to plug everyone. one bad incident, whether it's a mistake or somebody was just a bad apple and has played for weeks and weeks on the news and the thousands and tens of thousands of great jobs they do, they don't get appreciated. let's hear it for the police. so i'm in laredo and they tell me they want to stop it. we're goi drugs and it's going to be a real wall. and i'm the only one that knows how to build it. these guys have no clue. politicians all talk, no action. never gets done.
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by the way, when i said self-funding, the beauty of that, the beauty of self-funding is that the insurance companies, the drug companies, the lumber companies, they're not going to take advantage of trump because they never gave me anything. big difference. i don't know that i get the credit for that. jeb bush had $150 million. what a waste of money. romney, how about this beauty. runs one of the worst campaigns in the history of politics. he should have beaten obama. say what you want. obama was on jay leno and romney was like a lost soul.
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i don't know what happened to this guy and then he comes out and tells me about my taxes and actually, if you know the real story, harry reid changed him and made him look like a baby and pushed him and made him look so spupd and weak. when did romney file his return? what's today's date. today is what? come on, tell me. so you know when romney filed his return? september 21st. that's a long time from now. this guy, what a terrible, i endorsed him and about two weeks later i said he's never going to win. number one, when you walk into a state you cannot walk like a penguin. he walked like a penguin. i said this is a problem. somebody tell him take some steps. romney turned out to be a disaster. i know he'll support rubio.
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he probably has no choice. honestly, if he wanted to support me, i wouldn't accept his support. we have to be honest, right. we have to be honest. i will say this. just to show you great loyalty, i supported john mccain. i supported mitt romney and we lost. this time i said i'm going to do it myself. okay. big difference. [ applause ] so the boarder patrol is incredible and they're told to stand back. stand back. let the people walk in and go wherever they're going to go. we don't have a boarder. we need serious boarders and
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they're going to be awful boarders. beautiful in san francisco. by a guy that did it because he was just told by somebody. that's the only reason they did
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it. just got out of jail. you have a female raped. we're going to be tough and not play games anymore. we're not going to play games anymore. not going to happen. not going to happen. we've already taken in thousands and don't know where they are but you have no idea. i spoke to the top law enforcement people and they said
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mr. trump they don't have paper. they have no identification and have you ever noticed migration, i want to help people and they say you build the safe zone and i'll get others to pay for it. we owe $19 trillion and not paying for it. we'll get them to pay. they have more money than anybody and they're not spending their money. we've got to loosen up their wallets folks and i'm good at getting people to do that, believe me. i like the idea of a say so. did you ever notice the my gr g migration comes across and you look and there's so many young men. where are the women? where are the children? we are there but not like they should be. law enforcement is telling me is that a protester? oh good. turn the cameras. turn the cameras.
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good. i love protesters. la look at this. look at this. we have 10,000 people here today. look at this. is that a protester? the only way we can get the cameras turned, the only reason they turn the cameras is if there's a protester because that's a bad thing, right. i'm going to develop my own protesters. it can't be a protester because those cameras won't turn. they won't turn. i'll tell you what. i think the media is among the most dishonest groups of people i've ever met. that's terrible. the new york times which is losing a fortune which is a
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failing newspaper which probably won't be around that much longer but probably somebody will buy it as a trophy and keep it going for a little longer. i think the new york times is one of the most dishonest media outlets i've ever seen in my life. the worst. the worst. the absolute worst. they have an agenda you wouldn't believe and they're run by incompetent people. washington post i have to tell you i have respect for jeff but he bought the washington post to have political influence and i got to tell you we have a different country than we use to have. he owns amazon. he wants political influence so that amazon will benefit from it. that's not right and believe me, if i become president, oh do they have problems. they're going to have such problems. and one of the things i'm going to do and this is only going to
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make it tougher for me and i've never said this before but one of the things i'll do if i win and i hope i do is i'm going to open up our laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money. we're going to open up those liable laws. so that when the new york times writes a head piece which is a total disgrace or when the washington post which is there for other reasons writes a head piece, we can sue them and win money instead of having no chance of winning because they're totally protected. with me, they're not protected because i'm not like other people but i'm not taking money. i'm not taking their money. we're going to open up those laws, folks and have people sue you like you've never got sued before.
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we have many things to do. when i came down on the escalator with my wife it was june 16th and i said look, let me tell you. it's not easy running for president. you get low lives like a guy like rubio saying horrible things and who needs it, really, who needs it. this is a low life. and cruz lies but at least it's reasonable lies. when you do this, it takes guts to do it. it takes guts. especially if you're not a politician. i'm not a politician. thank goodness. i guess i am but i'm not.
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when i came down the escalator, look at the cameras back there. we had cameras like the academy awards. it looked like the academy awards and i said to my wife i looked at the iran deal which is one of the great insults in the history of deal making. we give them $150 billion and get absolutely nothing. we get nothing. then they attack. they take us hostage our 10 sailors and the only reason we got them back, why did we get them back? the persons are great negotiators. they would have kept them otherwise. unless trump was president. believe me. if i was president, the hostages would have been released four years ago.
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i would have increased the sanctions and we would have had those hostages within 24 hours years ago. i tell you one other thing, your second amendment is under siege. guns, guns, guns. it's under sieged and every time you have a mentally disturbed person like you had last night and like you will have they immediately look to the guns like the guns pull the trigger. well, the guns do not pull the trigger. we are going to protect your second amendment it gave this
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couple anniversary parties and baby showers and parties. they're friends and went in and blew him away. then you look at paris where you have 130 people that were killed. many people in hospitals. if we would have had guns where
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bullets flowed in the other direction you wouldn't had that big problem. if we had a few people with a gun on their side or a gun around their ankle so when these animals start shooting, the bullets start going the other way, paris is probably the toughest place in the world to have a gun except if you're a bad guy then there's no problem. you just have a gun. so if we had people or we had
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people in los angeles it would been a whole different story. common core is out. in the top 30 nations with 30 being by far the worst in the world for education we're number 30 but number one by a factor of there is no seconds. we're number one. we're number one and then we're number 30, we're last. norway, sweden, denmark, china, lots of places. some countries you never even heard of are head of the u.s.a. not going to happen anymore, folks. we're going to get up that list.
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we're going to start climbing up that list. it's a beautiful thing to watch. another thing to talk about i've had tremendous support from the evangelicals and christians. tremendous support. in fact, pastor jeffers is here right now.
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come here. i saw him. get him over here. he has been so supportive. i didn't meet him. i seen him on television for years and always liked him a lot and one day i'm listening to him and he said donald trump may not be perfect but he's the best leader and strongest guy. he's going to knock out isis and do great for our economy he may not be perfect. i didn't like that, but that's okay. but he's going to be our best president. get him up here. i love this guy. i'm just watching him. he's highly, highly respected. also, jerry was so incredible. we have unbelievable support from sarah pay lin. incredible. she's a great person. come on up here reverend. past pastor jeffers.
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is it true? i didn't know him and i love him. say a few words. >> can i say briefly i know three things about donald trump. number one, he sincerely loves this country. he has 10 billion reasons he doesn't have to do this. he does it because he wants to make america great again. the second thing i know about donald trump is he is truly pro life. he believes in protecting the unborn. that's an issue we as christians care about and i tell you what some of you who say well i don't know if his pro-life conversion was real, let me tell you something. hillary clinton doesn't claim any pro life conversion. if you go for hillary clinton or bernie sanders, no doubt you're going to have the most
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proabortion president in history. here's what i finally know about donald trump. donald trump cares about and loves evangelical christians. one time when reagan was running for the president of the united states he met with a group of evangelical leaders and he said although you can't endorse me, i want you to know i endorse you and i have met, i have met with mr. trump on several occasions and i can tell you from personal experience if donald trump is elected president of the united states, we who are evangelical christians are going to have a true friend in the white house. god bless donald trump. [ applause ]
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>> wow. how about that? i'm telling you i saw the pastor on television a year ago and he was saying all these incredible thingsen things and i said we have to meet this man. i have great respect for him. you can see that. thank you very much. that's really amazing. i'm going to give the pastor a little bit of precedent. what i say i mean and i think it's important for the christians in the room. christianity is under siege. every year it gets weaker and weaker and weaker and i had a meeting with various ministers and pastors about two months ago and i'm pretty good at figuring things out.
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we want to endorse you so badly, but we're afraid we want to lose our tax exempt status and i said what's this all about? that takes you and makes you less powerful than a man or woman walking up or down the street. you have less power. yet, if you look at it i was talking to someone. we have more christians. think of this.
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there has to be a ban on certain people coming into the country. we have no choice. there's something wrong. there's something really wrong. when i said muslim, if i would have said christian, people said we can't do anything about it. that's going to end, folks. we're going to say merry christmas now on christmas.
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politically, if we use that power, we're going to start going up, up, up because we are being decimated. just remember that. just remember i said it. pastor, it starts here. you like that? what i just said. he's happy. that's the biggest smile i've ever seen on his face. so again, we're going to have a great country again. we're going to have a smart country again. we're going to have tremendous boarders and tremendous strength and people are coming in and we're going to have real borders. we're going to have unbelievable trade deals. some of the best business people in the world, we have right now political hacks negotiating these massive, massive trade deals. the biggest deals in the world we have people that don't have
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the slightest clue. we're going to get rid of obama care and make something great and get rid of common core. we're going to have local education. we're going to protect our second amendment and protect christianity and we're going to be back and folks, i'll tell you, it's very simple. my whole thing, i'm just a mess engli englisher. we're going to make america great again. we're going to win a lot, folks. we're going to win all the time. thank you very much. i love texas. i love texas. get out there and vote. get out there and vote. thank you. thank you. >> thank you everybody. >> well, strap yourselves in folks. we're in for a wild ride on the republican campaign trail. donald trump wrapping up a big rally event in texas. and we have accompany from new
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jersey governor chris christie. >> i've been on that stage. i've gotten to know all the people on that stage. there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs at home and around the world than donald trump. >> and not to be out done, marco rubio hammering trump and making fun of him backstage at the debate. watch this. >> let me tell you something, last night during the debate two of the breaks he went backstage and he was having a melt down. first he has his little make up thing applying make up around his mustache because he had a sweat mustache and then asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why because the podium goes up to here. maybe the make sure his pants weren't wet. then. >> oh boy. well, trump couldn't let that go unanswered. almost repeating what rubio said
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about him. >> you had to see him backstage. he was putting on make up with a trowel. i don't want to say that. i will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears. i will not say that. he was just trying to cover up the suite that pours. i never saw, have you ever seen a guy sweat like this? >> i think it was an understatement when i said we're in for a wild ride. >> yeah, i can't believe what i just saw. maybe i should believe everything. >> what part did you just can't believe you just saw and don't believe or whatever? >> yeah. i'm in a loss of words.
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chris christie endorsing dond trump is big. he's the first sitting governor and the biggest high profile endorsement that trump has received. chris christie talked about what happened on 9/11. is he going to defend what trump said? chris christie talked about why planned parent hood don't deserve a dime of planned parent hood funding. the governor has to defend. i don't know how he's going to do that. >> it's interesting. immediately when i saw that endorsement i had the same reaction. wow. also, i was wondering back in my
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head did they ever attack each other? i don't think they really did. who knows. maybe christie wants to be attorney general, i'm not sure. maybe he wants nothing. >> it was interesting. they were asked today in the joint press conference about the civil cases being lobed against trump for trump university. listen to this. >> it's a civil case. i've won much of it. excuse me, no, listen. >> you're setting up a question. a civil lawsuit against him with the miss handling of classified information that could put american national security at risk. it's ridiculous. >> there you have it. tell it like it is campaign which is chris christie's slogan
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and make america great again. a lot of people think they're similar and you saw the nature and what he was talking about at the end was hillary clinton's legal problems. how does this take the wind out of the sails, michael? marco rubio having a debate last night for the first time he came out and was bomb battive with donald trump. i really think we should press hard chris christie on what he just said on defending trump university. this was essentially not a university at all. it didn't have any feature, buildings or books that defrauded people and people are now suing about that at a $36,000 to attend something that didn't exist. now chris christie has to defend that. i think that it's up to those of us in the media to really press not just donald trump on these things but now on his most high
11:30 am
profiled surrogate. i think he's clearly rattled on what happened last night. >> that's exactly what he's a master at. he's a master at taking the wind out of the sails of marco rubio by having this in his back pocket to come out and change the media. the narrative today. i want to go back to what rubio was continuing on from last night in his attacks on donald trump. let's listen to a little bit more of rubio where he's calling trump a con artist. this is from today. >> what will the conservative movement be like if the front runner in this race is put in charge of the conservative
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movement? what happened here with trump's 30 minute speech that everybody's carrying for the entire time is indicative of how much of an uphill battle it is for anybody who wants to take on donald trump and i think trump knows that which is again why he rolled this out. he realized what a potentially fatal night he had last night to his sort of air and ability. >> we're going to attempt to do that. michael warren, thanks.
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marco rubio working hard against trump after attacking him several times. we're going to have more on that about his strategy. we're going to ask our panel about that and talk about ted cruz and the other candidates as well. be right back. we have over 15,000 activities
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that you can book on our app to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. attacks coming from all sides opt campaign trail. chris christie joining donald trump. he's endorsing the front runner and taking jabs at senator marco
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rubio. >> i find it fascinating somebody who barely shows up for work can be prepared. he showed himself over the course of time to be prepared. i said that at the time in the race. nothing has changed my mind now. >> next week marco rubio looked like a little boy on stage. not m shl material. he meant the say light weight but he spelled it wrong. it's like an eight year term so you start to worry. >> ellen host of the combs show. mike gal ger. fox news contributors.
11:37 am
i've been looking at your fwe tweets. let me start with you. wild ride is an understatement, correct? >> contrary to what my mother believed 38 years ago when i made a decision to get in the talk radio it was a good decision. ride. never seen anything like it. people are losing their minds, callers are losing their minds and every day it's another day of wondering what next can happen and today that's a bit of a bomb shell. again, people are losing their mind. he made it clear he's not interested. look what he did at this rally.
11:38 am
>> it's rubio. >> unbelievable. >> unbelievable. >> your side may be laughing at this right now but are you worried at all for hillary clinton? >> no. it's funny to hear chris christie say rubio never showed up for work. i thought he moved to new hampshire. this rally that trump is having with these people, it makes the audience look like the tabernacle acquire these people. it's amazing that this guy is doing as well as he's doing.
11:39 am
by the way, chris christie recently said about a year ago the governor should be president. they do it better. >> only one governor left. >> when you go after these people in fort worth texas like the bernie sanders crowd looked like abunch of professors for m.i.t. are you kidding? ever see a bernie sanders rally? >> the difference is the professors at m.i.t. are educated. >> come on. let's note deal low blows. >> let me explain that comment. the trump audience, the trump followers, not all of them tend to be less educated, a little older and less education and that's not a knock. it's simply, that's what the data has shown about those people. >> i don't trust that data. i've talked to tons of other people on the outside who don't fit those parameters who like donald trump. >> kind of a typical liberal con
11:40 am
den sending put down of abunch of people in fort worth, texas and again, you see the bernie sanders people. they look like they just slaughtered three people. >> you say it as if having an education is bade thing. >> senator lindsey graham taking jabs at his own mocking front runner donald trump. watch this. >> and the republican primary
11:41 am
tonight. he's a funny guy. not unlike trump. they say intentertaining thingsd they can't take that away from any of them. >> if you kill ted cruz on the floor of the senate and the trial is in the senate, nobody could convict you. >> he is very funny. lindsey is a very likable guy. it's not his year because it's not the year for someone sane to be a nominee in the republican party. >> i'm going to ask you this question again allen. you don't think that hillary clinton would be nervous to go up against donald trump after we've seen what he does to avice rate people in his own party? >> i pray that's a match up.
11:42 am
>> mike. >> well, the reason allen should be nervous is look at the turnout at the republican primary and caucuses and compare how many people are engaged ant republican side and not engaged on the democratic side. it's going to be a big year no matter who gets the nomination. >> bill clinton said he would respond to all the things donald trump said at christmas time if he was the nominee. >> you're going to have to say merry christmas, by the way. >> i kind do like that part. >> i like the part a lot. >> guys, got to go there. great day, interesting day. thanks, guys. donald trump facing an audit of a tax return and being target by the irs. not because he's rich but because he's a christian. but is that the real reason he won't release his return? be good. text mom. boys have been really good today.
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nobody gets audited. i have friends that are wealthy people. they never get audited. i get audited every year. i'm being audited now for two or three years so i can't do it until the audit is finished, obviously. >> mitt romney responding to twitter on that saying no legit reason he can't release returns being audited. ava on the record here on fox and also an attorney. is mitt romney right? >> well, look, i don't know if donald trump is being audited or not. if donald trump were my client as a lawyer and were in the midst of an audit i would say complete the audit and then submit them. the media doesn't understand
11:47 am
taxes. obviously, the media doesn't know a whole lot about taxes. they are enormously complicated. the last thing they want is abunch of journalist through the return. i know he had complex returns because he had a significant amount of money. >> i guess there's no legal restricti restriction. >> here was the reason he believed, gretta he's actually getting audited so much. >> i'm always audited by the irs which i think is very unfair. i don't know if it's because of religion, because of something else, maybe because i'm doing this. >> you see what's happened. you have many religious groups complaining about that. they've been complaining for a
11:48 am
long time. >> i don't think he's being audited because of his faith. it's probably because he has a complex return with lots of deductions and capitol gains and depreciation and that's a more complex tax return. i don't think he's being aud didded because of his faith. the irs has been known to do shady stuff. look what they did knot people of the tea party. i have no idea why he's getting aud audited. i do suspect it's a rush and i have seen the irs be dirty in the past. >> listen to marco rubio responding to whether or not it's because he's a christian. >> we need to look and see. i think the reason donald won't
11:49 am
release his taxes is because he doesn't make nearly as much money as he claims he does. >> after the debate, he said the reason he's audited all the time he said it's because he's too strong of a christian. do you think that might be a factor? >> this is unreal. >> marco rubio thinks that part of it is unreal. >> donald trump also took on mitt romney again because mitt romney has been taking him on with the tax stuff. he said he wouldn't expect mitt romney's support. then he went on to say two weeks after he endorsed romney that he realized he made a mistake and was never going to make a mistake and walks like a penguin. >> i've never watched romney walk. what do you want me to say about him? it's an odd thing to say. can i for one second, one of the
11:50 am
things that's come up, i think romney made some question about his charitable contribution. i want everyone to understand if you give money to the team of people#9mñ payingi= relative that's not deductible so )(sq cheapskate on youré tax return and$y the+é$ world' most generous person because it's too:q you give. i know the$?izu mediaí is hungn whether or notcrñ! charity but ayh>ry lot of very generous peoplejkwt that don't[l to 501c5m to help other]vh peo. nd i totallyouyíxcñ say that lat yo3]r congratulationsvryg5i on 3,500 . you're a star. >> and one,o-n we're going shows. >> and one we're going for 3,502. >> donald trump says he raised millions for veterans. some say they haven't seen a dime yet. where's the dough?
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welcome back to "the real story." donald trump championing the va causes. republican front-runner even reportedly raised $6 million in a fundraiser last month for veterans which he promised to donate to 22 groups, but only nine earringses say they received anything. charlie gasperino has been looking into this and joins me now. why hasn't the money been delivered to all the organizations. >> we should point out that of the three, at least three haven't received anything. we have gone to the trump campaign, asked them for an accounting who got what and how much. they refuse to give any of those dollars. what is kind of odd you would think they would say, here's what we have done. they don't do that. they just say they disbursed millions. if you're going to make a plea like that, he said i'm going to
11:55 am
raise $6 million, i got one for myself, a million from karl icon, a million from another billionaire. ive going to do something like that. it's not unreasonable to question why, after a month, that money hasn't even -- hasn't all been raised and hadn't been distributed. it says something, they say, about the type of campaign they're running. now, i would say the trump campaign says this is completely normal, and maybe it is normal for the united way to take jert a if you're going to use it with these charity watchdogs, as a political speaking point -- >> selling point. >> -- selling point, and you got to deliver to the money more timely than this. they would also say have the vetting was done. he listed the 22 organizations. we called them all. that takes a long time to vet those organizations. presume my he vetted them so the heavy lifting was done. >> the ones on the screen right
11:56 am
now, the ones that have received some of the money. >> right. >> okay, and then these are the ones you can confirm have not -- >> after this report, a check might be delivered. who knows. i'm just -- that's the way it works. >> let me ask you this, 30 seconds or less. going hurt him? >> i talked to a leading political consultant and he said this is deadly for most politicians when they don't live up to their charitable promises, but donald trump has criticized john mccain and it hasn't hurt him. so i doubt it. but it's my job not to hurt him. >> i hear you. >> my job is to report the facts. these are the facts and let the
11:57 am
he is a con man. he's not a strong guy. before. a gave that says he is a great business man, and has had colassal business failures and
11:58 am
11:59 am
he has no plan for healthcare, no idea how to balance a budget. i wish wolf blitzer and the moderators would have pressed him more on that. the guy doesn't know what the nuclear triad is, has no idea n that south korea contributes >> before march 1st to slow or stop donald trump with this attack. >> he is the front runner in no doubt. that's why there's a sense of urgency because the republican party and the conservative movement could fall into the hands of someone who has conned a significant number of americans into believing he is something he is not and this is important. this is the party of reagan, a limited government, and last
12:00 pm
night you had the front-runner defending planned parenthood. the front runner saying he is not going to take sides between several and the palestinians. that would be a stunning shift for this party and would make is in distinguishable from the democrats. >> are you going to -- [inaudible] against donald trump? >> going to do it -- >> senator, your win florida. >> are you comfortable with the phrase, every time trump, the anti-trump candidate. >> he is the front runner in and the only way he will be stopped is the voters coalesce around something to stop him. a significant number of the sto. a significant majority don't want donald trump. i think it's time to coalesce around someone who can beat him and stop him and unite the party and grow it. that's the argument i'm


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