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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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night you had the front-runner defending planned parenthood. the front runner saying he is not going to take sides between several and the palestinians. that would be a stunning shift for this party and would make is in distinguishable from the democrats. >> are you going to -- [inaudible] against donald trump? >> going to do it -- >> senator, your win florida. >> are you comfortable with the phrase, every time trump, the anti-trump candidate. >> he is the front runner in and the only way he will be stopped is the voters coalesce around something to stop him. a significant number of the sto. a significant majority don't want donald trump. i think it's time to coalesce around someone who can beat him and stop him and unite the party and grow it. that's the argument i'm making.
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>> last night and this morning -- >> donald trump is the front-runner. he's now won the last three states. he leads never poll. he likes to remind us every day. the time for action is now. again, it goes back to what i said. if you sense a sense of urgency, it's not about winning or losing. the party of reagan and conservative movement can fall into the hands who is a con man. he is pull the con job on the american public much he stands to work for the working class when he's been sticking it to working class americans. this is a guy who claims he's the strongest anti-immigration person in the race. yet, he uses illegal immigrants to build trump tower and has imported foreign workers to take away jobs from americans in my own home state. this is a guy who portrays himself as a tough guy. he's not a tough guy. there is a guy who inherited $200 million. and had it not been for that, he'd be selling watches in times square. so my point to you is that we're not going to let someone like that take over the conservative
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movement. after everything that this party has gone through and this country has gone through, the last thing we sneed a cneed is as president. >> i have to get out. [ inaudible question ] what is your plan of attack? why should oklahomans vote for you? >> the twi grow the economy is to make this place the easiest and best place in the world to start a new business or grow an existing one. we're not that because we have the highest corporate tax in the world. i have a plan to lower that, lower the tax rate and allow businesses to invest in their inve investment. we have to cut back the growth of regulations. i have a plan to do that. we need to deal with social security and medicare so we can save the programs and bring our fed under control. we outline and plan to do that. we need to utilize our energy resource clz s which is importa oklahoma. we plan to do that. we need to repeal and replace obama care. that involves more than donald
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trump's plan to get rid of the lines around the states. we have a important plan to help all americans have access to quality health care in a way that -- [ inaudible ] >> marco rubio with a quick talk with the media before starting a rally which is set to begin at any moment. it should be interesting. what an extraordinary day in republican politics. i'm shepard smith in new york. this is shepard smith reporting on fox news channel. we'll have live coverage the moment it begins. this comes after donald trump ripped the headlines from marco rubio. the florida senator spent the day riding high after savagely attacking trump. attacks that played out, a wall to wall on news channels and online until donald trump stole the show with the help of a former rival. >> i would like to introduce him because he's going to say something that i think you'll find very, very interesting. thank you. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for being here. i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of
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the united states. the best person to beat hillary clinton in november on that stage last night is undoubtedly donald trump. >> of course, chris christie said a few weeks ago that chris christie was the last person clinton wanted to face on the debate stage. vice president? attorney general? we can't yet know. but now chris christie is backing donald trump and he's not the only rival to change teams. former candidate mike huck aby's daughter is working for the trump campaign as well. all of it changing the subject from last night's brutal debate. marco rubio and ted cruz teamed up in a way to aattaattack trum. today he picked up where he left off going right after trump and trying to make a new name stick. >> we're going to put a stop to it now. there's no way we're going to allow a con artist to take over the conservative movement and donald trump is a con artist. i can just tell that you a con art sift about take over the republican party and the conservative movement.
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this sun real. again, this guy is a con artist. he is always making things up. we're not going to turn over the conservative movement to a con artist. >> there is no wait party of reagan and conservative movement i'm going to allow it to be taken over by a con artist. he says oom a choker. he's a con artist. >> he said friends don't let friends vote for con artist. he responded with a twitter rant. light weight choker or something, marco rubio looks like a little boy on stage, not presidential material. trump promised to start acting presidential. see the misspelling there's snt rubio campaign did. they must not have taught spelling at trump university. those are just some of the many typos, if you will, in trump's tirade. and marco rubio spent the day twisting the knife. >> the problem is he is a chocker. and once a chocker, always a chocker. i guess that's what he meant to
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say. he spelled choker chocker. he called me mr. meltdown. let me tell you something, last night in the debate during one of the breaks, two of the breaks, went backstage and he was having a meltdown. first, he had this little makeup thing applying like makeup around his mustache. he had a sweat mustache. then he asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why. the podium goes up to here. he wanted a full length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. i don't know. then -- then i see him pacing back and forth. he is waving his arms up and down and the person is trying to calm him down. so anyway -- but i'm a chocker. all right. >> of course trum whop not let that schoolyard stuff slide. his next attacks even came with props. >> i saw with rubio, and he's a
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nervous wreck because here's a guy -- no he's a nervous basket case. here's a guy -- you ought to see him backstage. he was putting on makeup with a trowel. no. he was just trying to cover up the sweat that pours -- i never saw -- did you ever see a guy sweat like this? it's rubio.
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rivals were struggling to be heard. john kasich said he refused to attack any rivals. dr. ben carson even begged somebody to attack him. and said something about the fruit salad of life. at one point the bickering got so interesting that the poor closed caption guy at cnn apparently just gave up. reportedly summing up the debate on screen with just two words, unintelligible yelling which brings us to chris wallace. he is live with us. i mentioned a moment ago that marco rubio is about to hold a rally. because we've been giving time to donald trump, we're going to give him time to marco rubio. first though, chris, after what happened last night and then the marco rubio rally this morning, i'm thinking what can trump do? he brought in one of two peas in a pod. and up came chris christie and we have a new news cycle. >> that's one of the geniuses of
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donald trump he is is able to shift the narrative to his terms. and the endorsement by chris christie is a big deal. one of the questions for donald trump is he's entertaining, yes. he's a vessel for people's anger and alienation from washington. but can he actually be commander in chief and have a serious guy like chris christie say yes, he can. he is a val gaidator for him. that was a big move. >> were you surprised, chris? most of the attacks that came from marco rubio are things you can google. you know, they're available. none of that was new information. none of it was new to me. was any of it new to you? were you surprised it didn't come until this point in the cycle? >> shocked. and, you know, i think that if donald trump goes on to win this nomination, republicans are going to be talking in very rueful terms for years about the fact that they let the trump phenomenon go on so long.
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you're exactly right. this is research that everybody's had for months or years, the story about the illegal polish workers who helped demolish the building to set the site for the trump tower. that happened in the 1980s. i know everybody is saying he's going to self-destruct, it's a summer fling. you would think between august and last night that whether it was jeb bush, whether it was marco rubio, whoever that somebody would have started to bring it up. the reason i think it's such an effective strategy against trump, shep, is becausest fact that -- look, i know cruz is going after him on the idea he's not a real conservative. i don't think the trump voters care about this. what rubio is saying is he's a phoney. this guy who says i'm going to help the working class, i'm going to get jobs. i'm the vessel for all your alienation from washington. what rubio is saying is that he sticks it to the working class. he really isn't a supporter of the working class. he's the guy who hires foreign
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workers. he hires illegal immigrants. as i say, and as you were suggesting, it may be too late. but it's -- it seems to me it's an effective way to try to go after him. >> the accusations about trump university and the fraud that the accusation is that it was, the bankruptcies in atlantic city at the casinos. the hundreds and even more than that workers who were left without jobs. all of those things. none of that stuff is new at all. it began last night and rubio kept saying google it. people did. they were the highest google searches of the night with 15 million people watching. but you wonder if any of that is going to make any difference because you wonder if this anger is so palpable and it has been channels to effectively that anything that is said now might be, you know, for lack of an even more trite phrase, too little, too late.
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>> we'll have to wait and find out tuesday. why not? whether it was rubio or jeb bush that made a big deal about how he was going to go after donald trump and he was the only one in the field going after donald trump. why didn't they bring up all this stuff a long time ago before trump had won three primaries and caucuses in a row and not that he has a stranglehold. he's only got 80 delegates. he needs 1200. but why didn't they do this at a point when he was much more vulnerable like after iowa, after he lost in iowa? >> the other thing is the polls show different levels of winning in his own state of texas. from about a point within the statistical margin or to something like 14-15 points. but if ted cruz does not do very well in texas, is there an argument that ted cruz would step aside? you know, he kind of got lost today. he's not a part of the news psych toll day
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cycle today. he's missing online, in the articles. >> he can stay in the race as long as he wants. >> sure. >> it's not like he is automatically kicked out. it seems to me he would lose any real serious krebt credibility couldn't beat him in his home state. texas divides the delegates up. if trump basically goes to a dead heat because it's a proportional thing, if he basically runs to a dead heat with cruz in texas and then sweeps the rest of it, i mean, remember, cruz was talking about not just defending i had home state. that was the least of it. he talked about the sec primary, phrase you're familiar with. you know, with alabama and georgia and arkansas. the primary match moves to the upper midwest and midwest and places which would not seem to favor ted cruz. >> yeah. and you wonder, ben carson, i'm
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not even sure what the goal there is. it sounds like fruit salad and all, he's going to stay with it for a little while. and then john kasich who you can make an argument had a pretty good debate. the lane that he's occupying, you know, trying to play the nice guy and that policy walk and here's what i've done in ohio. he seemed to do what he wanted to do last night. he had a very good night. he had an easy night. he was out of the line of fire. it's a curious campaign kasich is running. he's doing it out of necessity because he doesn't have the money and the support. he's basically picking and choosing. everybody else is running everywhere, especially trump. he may not get any delegatesal all in a bunch of states on super tuesday. case sick not competing at all. he's waiting for michigan and
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ohio. you know, you can't pick and choose where you're going to run. you have to run every place. >> indeed. chris wallace in washington. we'll watch for you on "fox news sunday." the rubio rally is to begin in oklahoma city.he we'll take you there for that live whether it starts coming out of play on fox news channel. want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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marco rubio is about to hold a rally there. they haven't quite yet gotten to senator rubio yet.
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the moment they do, we'll take you there live. first though, we're four days away from the biggest primary and caucus day so far, super tuesday. nearly 600 rendell gapublican d are up for grabs. this is where the super tuesday is in play for republicans. it's a chance for donald trump to really pull away from the pack or for things to change. fox business network's blake berman is live in washington. chris christie's endorsement came at the perfect time. >> one could make that argument, shepard. this endorsement could not be any better. the final days of christie's campaign were squarely aimed at derailing marco rubio. christie succeeded some what in that atementd by woutempt by wo. but christie dropped out days later. now the feud again donald trump and rubio has taken center stage and that has allowed trump to remind voters about that very
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debate. >> honestly, i thought he was going to die, rubio. he was so scared, like a little frightened puppy. he was sweating so badly. i have never seen anything like it. it looked like he just jumped into a swimming pool with his clothing on. >> well christie's pitch during his campaign, centered around governors having executive experience today. he said he feels trump is a leader. >> what does the scorecard look like for delegates? >> trump sits on top of the delegate count with 81. that is more than rubio and ted cruz combined. that is just a fraction compared to the 600 that will be doled out by 11 states on tuesday. the big one, of course, is texas with 155 states. but the so-called sec primary is even larger. those are the southern states where they play a little football, as you know, of alabama, arkansas, georgia, tennessee. they add up to roughly 225.
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trump and cruz have spent months there, shepard, in and out of those states. >> blake berman, thanks. next full. >> you're going toin introduce . >> oh, yes. it's been a fascinating, what, 18 hours. let's see what this next one brings. will rubio hit back at trump? if so, how will he do so? let's listen. >> i want to be there to support you. i commit to you and that's what happens. so that was a long time ago. a lot of things have happened. let me tell you why. you might keep this in mind. there are four things that are significant. one is he knows how to take care and how to defeat someone who is in there. remember a guy named charlie chris? he was the governor of florida and the vacancy came open. he said i'm going to run. of course, he jumped right up there. but he was the establishment
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candidate. he beat the establishment candidate. >> there is going to be a long introduction here. we'll take a quick commercial break so we won't have to miss any of marco rubio coming up. from the moment they wake up, doers don't stop. every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical. to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card
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and i was a huge underdog. >> marco rubio speaking in oklahoma city. the rally has just begun. he's been introduced by james enhoff. he began spoking seconds ago. we haven't gotten to the goods yet. it's on the way. let's listen. >> he was one of the first people to endorse me. for that, i'll always be grateful. thank you, jim. okay. so we were a huge underdog in that race.
12:25 pm
we came back and we won. in fact, i was proven right before the race was even over. because i took on charlie chris. even before the primary began, he switched to independent. we beat him as an independent. two or four years later he came back and became a democrat. so he's been a republican, democrat, independent and now i heard he's become a vegetarian. so it's a -- right. so i ran then because i believe that ours is the party of reagan and the conservative movement is the way forward for america. i wasn't going to let a con man take over and be our senator. now fast forward five years. i'm an underdog right now. i've always been an underdog. always. my whole life. my parents didn't make a lot of money. i didn't inherit $200 million. i didn't start out with a small loan of a million dollars from my dad. in fact, the only loan i ever
12:26 pm
started without is a student loan which i just paid off like four years ago. i've never met her but i paid sally may a lot of money. i've always been an underdog. america is a country of underdogs, of people that come from challenging circumstances, that work hard to get ahead. this is a state bounded by underdogs. and manufacture you have faced challenges in your life. i wasn't supposed to be in they lection. the entire republican establishment told me, stay out. it's not your turn. wait in line. i didn't know there was a line. and this is no time for waiting. after eight years of barack obama, if we get the election wrong, it's going to be too late. so i decided to run for president. [ applause ] i decided to run for president because i do not want the reagan revolution to end. because 36 years ago ronald
12:27 pm
reagan defined what it meant to be a conservative for my generation and for yours. and america's been better for it. and this election is about defining, what does it mean to be a conservative in the 21st century? ultimately, we have to decide what is america going to be in the 21st century? that's why i feel so passionately about this race. now last night we had a debate. [ applause ] right? and -- and let's be frank, donald trump has been winning some of the primaries. if you watch the media, he is some unstoppable force of nature. who is going to stop him? let me tell you something, i will never quit -- i will never stop until we keep a con man from taking over the party of reagan and the conservative movement. he's a con man. he's a con man.
12:28 pm
he's a con man. i'll tell you why. number one, look, people are angry and frustrated and scared about the future. okay? people are working harder than they ever worked in their lives and running in place. and he swoops in and is taking advantage of that. he's taking advantage of that. he's telling people, i'm going to fight for the little guy. i'm fighting for the working class. here's what he doesn't tell them. he has spent a career in business, 50 years, sticking it to the little guy. sticking it to the little guy. when his companies went bankrupt, the first people that didn't get paid were the subcontractors, the plumbers and the pipe fitters and the people that laid bricks and all the people that work ford a living. they didn't get paid. he got his money. they didn't get theirs. he's going around telling people i'm fighting to keep other countries from taking our jobs. what he is talking about? have you ever bought a trump tie. if you buy a trump tie, you're not only getting a tacky tie, you're getting a tie made in china or in mexico.
12:29 pm
he portrays himself as the strongest guy on illegal immigration. that's fine, but trump tower was born by illegal immigrants from poland who he paid $4 an hour, 12 hours a day. okay? a judge found that he was involved in a conspiracy to defraud the workers of their pay. even now, even now in florida he has a hotel or something down there and 300 americans have applied for jobs at that hotel. all of them got turned down. instead, he brings workers from other countries. he acts like he's a tough guy. he's not a tough guy. this is the first guy that asked for secret service protection, first guy. the other guy he told a protester and he said i wish i could punch you in the face. donald trump has never punched anyone in the face. okay? >> he inherited $200 million.
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>> now why did -- i had to point that out. they asked him about his health care plan. his health care plan has something to do with lines around states. and by the way, he kept reaping it like over and over and over again. right? he kept repeating it over and over again. he thinks the nuclear triad is some punk rock band from europe. and we're going tone trust him with a nuclear codes of the united states of america? we're going to give this erratic guy the ability to send a 21-year-old american into combat. right. that's what i'm saying, too, no. so i took him on last night. how does donald respond? the way he always responds, on twitter. tough guy, right? tough guy on twitter. do you want to have some fun? all right. let's read some tweets. now i have a sam sung because i
12:31 pm
can't remember my pass word. only the fbi can help me get into an apple. all right. here we go. he began early this morning at 6:46 a.m. okay? that's pretty early. light weight marco rubio was working hard last night. the working hard part is true. the problem is he's a choker and once a choker, always a chocker. he misspelled it, chocker. mr. meltdown. let me tell you about mr. meltdown. you want some behind the scenes stuff? we had two commercial breaks. in the middle of all the combat on the stage, he goes and he was in panic mode in the back. first he took out like this little makeup compact. i caught him. he had like a sweat mustache. and then he asked for a full length mirror. why do you need one? the podium goes up to here. i said earlier, maybe he wasis or something. i don't know. so he wanted to see.
12:32 pm
then i saw him in the corner huddled with somebody and his arms were going up and down and someone is like, calm now. not a good night for donald trump. he was melting down. all right? then -- at 7:48 a.m., i guess he took a shower or whatever. he said, wow, every poll says that i won the debate last night. great honer. i think he meant honor. he spelled it honer. all right. then at 8:56 a.m., leet weight chocker. i think he meant to spell light weight chocker, marco rubio looks like a little boy on stage. not presidential material. it's not that i'm a little boy. i wouldn't be the youngest person ever president. he would be the oldest person ever president which is a problem. you could serve like eight years. you start to worry a little bit. all right. so i looked at the tweets. how can he ghet so wrong? the misspells and, because some
12:33 pm
of the letters aren't even next to each other on the keyboard on the phone. and i concluded one of two things, either that's how they spell choker at the working school of business or he must have hired foreign workers to hire his twitter handle. so we're'going to lose. we are not going to lose the party of reagan. and we are not going to lose the conservative movement to a con man. we are not going to let that happen. and the reason why is because this election is too important. in this election is a referendum. you have to decide what kind of country will america be in the 21st century. it's been special, unique in all the world. okay? and most countries in the world, you can only be what your parents were before you. that's the only thing you're allowed to be. not in america. here we believe everyone has a right to go as far as their
12:34 pm
talent and work will take them. but that was not an accident. you know why that happened? because the people who came before us did what needed to be done. they embraced the principles that made america special. they embraced limited government. they embraced and followed the constitution. they embraced free enterprise. they embrace the strong national defense. each generation left the next better off. now the time has come for us to do that. now that's not what's going to happen if hillary clinton or bernie sanders wins this election. so we can't lose this election. we will lose this election if donald trump is the nominee. now watch what the press is doing. the press is treating him with kid gloves. you saw some of the press reports in the morning. it's like oh, whoa. donald trump, what is he going to do to marco rubio today? he's so unstoppable. they don't touch the stuff he's about. on the other hand, they have written articles about whether i was 18 years old, okay, i got a citation from the cops for drippinging be drinking beer in a park after
12:35 pm
hours. you can't be president if you haven't drank a beer in the mark after hours, okay? -- haven't drank a beer in the park after hours, okay? at least not in some states. but the point is this the level of investigation -- i haven't even touched them. you know why? they're waiting for him to be the nominee and then they'll tear him apart. they'll tear him apart and coronate hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whoever it is that wins their nomination and that will be a disaster. bernie sanders is a socialist. okay? by the way, and most politics when you call somebody a socialist they deny it. he says it in the commercials. so i'm not saying anything he wouldn't say. hillary clinton is under fbi investigation. that usually means you don't get to run for president. but if you're a democrat, i guess that's okay. but here's -- this is more serious. she's disqualified from being commander in chief. because -- well, because hillary clinton on september 11th of
12:36 pm
2012, four americans died in benghazi as a result of a terrorist attack and she knew that. she knew that. but she told their families that it was because of a movie. she lied to them. anyone who lies to the families of those who have lost their lives in the service of our country can never be the commander in chief of the united states. disqualified. so we cannot lose this election. and if you give me your vote and you nominate me, we'll not lose this election. we won't lose it because we'll unify this party. we'll bring it together. we don't have to agree on everything. we can have some difference onz issues. but we're going to unify this party. we cannot win if we're fighting against each other. i'm the only one left in this race that can bring us together as a party pt we have to unify and grow. that means we have to take our message of conservatism to people that don't vote for us
12:37 pm
now. and i can and i will. i'll take our message to people that live to date way i grew up. i grew up paycheck to paycheck. i lived paycheck to paycheck. people ask me recently, how do you define paycheck to paycheck. i said pay check to paycheck is when you write a check on wednesday but you know the money doesn't get there until friday so you date it saturday. i'm not saying i ever did that. i'm just saying i know what it's like. we're going to take our message to people that have grown -- that are living paycheck to paycheck and say i live the way you live now. i grew ep and faced the things you're facing now. and i'm a could conservative an should be too. that is the right way forward for me, you, and the united states of america. we are going to take our message -- we are going to take our message to young americans, some of whom are living with
12:38 pm
student loan debt. by the way, if you took out a student loan to go to trump university, the only thing you got was a piece of paper and a picture with a cardboard cutout of donald trump. so my apologies if you went to that university. and their football team is no good either. i'm the only republican that talks about it all the time. for me it's personal. i had to face it. i have a plan to deal with this issue. we're going to take our message to families raising children the way we're raising ours now because it is harder than ever to raise your kids with the vows they teach in the church instead of the values they try to ram down our throat in popular culture.
12:39 pm
poll after poll i beat hillary clinton and the democrats know that. they attack me more than any other republican in this race. they don't want to run against me. hillary clinton does not want to run against me. but i can not wait to run against hillary clinton. we'll win this election and then we'll get to work. what kind of president will you have when i'm president of the united states, you're going to have a president for the first time in eight years that, like, follows the constitution of the united states of america. that means a tuction that says you have a first amendment right to live out your faith in every
12:40 pm
aspect of your life. >> a constitution that says you have a second amendment right to protect yourself and your family. the amendment that says the laws reside in the states and local communities. if it's unconstitutional, i will be against it. and that's when i become president of the united states on my first day in office, i will rereal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. by the way, there's an opening in the supreme court now. and we shouldn't do anything on that opening until after the election. you have a right to weigh in on it. but you know what kind of justices we're going to appoint? people like antonin scalia, god
12:41 pm
rest his soul that understood the constitution is supposed to be applied according to the original meaning. it's not a living and breathing document that means whatever you want it mean. it mean nothing at all if you do. that we're going have judge that's apply the constitution accord together original meaning. by the way, if you want to change the constitution, there's a process for. that it is called article 5. and article 5 says that you the citizens can call a convention of states, in fact, your former senator is leading that effort. and it's not an effort that it won't do anything with the first amendment, the second amendment, all those things stay in place. the only thing he is seeking and i support is term limits on congress, term limits on judges, and a balanced budget amendment for america. >> now, number two, when i'm
12:42 pm
president of the united states, you're going to have a president that believes in free ent price. i laugh when i hear political figures say when i was mayor we kree oughted 100,000 jobs? really, you hired 100,000 government workers? unless you hired 100,000 government workers, you didn't create 100,000 jobs sh the private sector did. i can say that you to because my parents had a job as a bartender and maid because the private sector created their jobs. someone who had access to money, risked that money to open up a hotel and hired them. that is how they were able to buy a home and raise a family and retire with dignity and give us a better life. we are going to make america the best place in the world to start a business or expand an existing business when i'm president of the united states. we don't have time here today to go through all the details. go on my website. you'll see i have the best plan out there to bring our tax code into a globally competitive one. we have the best plan out there
12:43 pm
to roll back all of these crazy regulations that jim enhoff fights against all the time. we're getting rid of the crazy relations. we have the best plan out there to save social security and medicare. my mom is on social secured and medicare and bring our debt under control. we have the best plan out there to allow us to fully utilize our energy resources. god blessed america with oil and natural gas. when i'm president, we're going to use it! and i'm the only one running for president that didn't anything good obama care. here's what we did. they created a bailout fund when obamacare passed, the insurance companies got them to create a bailout fund. they were going to bail out insurance companies that lost money w your taxpayer money. i led the effort and we got rid of the bailout fund and when i'm president, we will get rid of the rest of obamacare and put you back in charge.
12:44 pm
the federal government is involved in all kind of things that it's not supposed to be involved n herein. it doesn't have to be involved in national security. and it's not doing a good job right now because we have a weak -- a very weak commander in chief. okay? and so -- look at the world today, by the way. eight years of barack obama, the world got more dangerous. there is a lunatic in north korea with nuclear weapons. the chinese are taking over the south china sea. putin is sowing instability in the middle east. iran is going to get $100 billion worth of sanctions. and radical jihadists are spreading all over the world. in the face of all the growing threats, we're gutting our military. we are gutting our military. okay? our army will soon be the smallest it has been since the end of world war ii.
12:45 pm
the navy will soon be at the smallest size in 100 years and the air force will soon be smaller than it's ever been. the world is getting more dangerous and we're gutting our military. and by the way, how unfair is that to our men and women in uniform? because we're still putting them in harm's way. but now we're putting them in harm's way with older weapons and less people alongside them. with rules of engagement that don't allow them to win. that's going to change. when i'm presidentst united states, we're going to undertake a reagan style rebuilding of the u.s. military. when i'm president of the united states, we're going to have a real war on terror. not a fake one like the one we have now. a real one. the best intelligence agencies in the world are going to find the terrorists. best military in the world is going to destroy them. and if we capture any of these terrorists alive, they're not going to have the right to remain silent. they won't get a court hearing
12:46 pm
in manhattan. they're not coming somewhere in oklahoma. they are going to guantanamo bay, cuba. when i'm president of the united states, we're going have a important policy of moral clarity. that means our allies can count on us. for example, if all of the middle east, there is only one nation that is pro american, free enterprise economy and a democracy. israel. that's right. maybe donald trump is confused and he wants to be impartial but i am not. if push comes to shove, i know whose side i'm going to be on. i'm going to be on israel's side every single time. every single time. and that is going to begin -- that is going to begin on my first day in office. because as soon as i walk into the oval office, i will cancel
12:47 pm
obama's deal with the ayatollah of iran. when i'm president, we're going to take care of our veterans again. if you are a veteran, if you are a veteran, you would lift your hand so we can thank you for your service to our country. god bless you. god bless you. well -- my brother is a veteran. i have a brother that is 21 years older than i am. and my parents had them in their -- i guess late teens, early 20s. and i was born 21 years later which means my parents were incredibly optimistic people. and in 1968 my brother joined the army. he became a green beret. he served from '6 wi8 to '71.
12:48 pm
when he was in the army as a green beret one day in a training mission he jumped out of an airport and landed wrong and knocked out his teeth and so every five to ten years he has to fill a dental claim at the va. it saulz a hassle. it's always the same thing. how do we know this happened in the military? he says well it's the only time i jumped out of a plane. and a quarter of the calls to my office, i bet you jim would say, the same, a significant number of the call we get in our senate offices are a veteran having to fight with the va. we act like we're doing them a favor. they did us the favor. they took care of us. we now have to take care of them and we're not doing that. and, look, there are really good people at the va. there are good va hospitals. we thank the people of the va. a lot of them are veterans. then there are people at the va not doing a good job. last week in usa today there was a headline, calls to the va
12:49 pm
suicide hotline went to voice mail. how can someone not get fired over that? when i'm president if, you're not doing a good job at the va, we're going to fire. you will be fired. and when i'm president of the united states of america, our veterans will be able to take their va benefits to any hospital or any doctor that you want to go see. there's a lot of work to be done. i can go on for an hour talking about the different things. the damage is so extensive. when barack obama's done to this country is deep. and deliberate, by the way. he wanted to change america. he wanted us to be more like the rest of the world. that's how you get a president that guts our military. that's how you get a president that apologizes for america. that's how you get a message, yeah, i'm going to keep repeating it, absolutely i am because it's the truth. these things -- let me ask you a
12:50 pm
question much was obamacare an accident or on purpose? right. it's all they're trying to do now with our school system, taking over from the federal government is that deliberate or was that accident? these things are all want to ma america more like the rest of the world. if you want to be like another country, move to another country. we want to be america. the damage he has done is real. and we are running out of time to fix it, but we can. but it has to start now. in 2016. 2016, 2016 is a choice. a generational choice. what does it mean. here's what it means. over two centuries, each generation before us was willing to do whatever it took to make america special. now the time has come for us to do the same. we all know this in our lives. i know it in mine. i'm passionate about this race. we're an under dog, i embrace
12:51 pm
that rule. if i said at the very beginning of the speech, i've always been an under dog. my parents weren't even born in america. they were born in cuba. my father stopped going to school at nine years old. if he wanted to eat, he would have to work at nine years of age and work for the next 70 years of life. they came here in 1956. they didn't have anything. barely an education. they spoke little english. the first words my father learned in english were i'm looking for a job. they struggled. first years here very difficult. they are discouraged. they wondered if they made a mistake. they thought at one time maybe we should go back to cuba. i'm so grateful they did not. i may not have been born if they had gone back. they stuck it out and the american miracle. my parents got here with nothing. he was working as a bartender, not a high paying job, but he
12:52 pm
had a job. bartender, after ten years, they bought a home, in a safe and stable neighborhood. they worked for many years. never became rich, never became famous. i didn't inherit any money. >> marco rubio, look to the bottom left of your screen, even if you haven't enjoyed it, it has been interesting. the two little kids are fantastic, aren't they? the little girl on her phone and the boy who is very happy about everything, from israel to miami beach. a little yawning. it will be over soon. let's bring in heidi. it has been extraordinary, what, 15, 16 hours or so. you saw last night that debate with the whole new tone and tenor and most analysts saying donald trump was on defense for a while. marco rubio came out with another hammer and more nails this morning, and then all of a sudden, donald trump comes in and steals the news cycle. who would have thunk it?
12:53 pm
>> i think we're going to be remembering this as the hail mary moment of the 2016 republican primary cycle. especially as well today, shep, if you listen to the speech, i'm just struck by the fact that he has completely pivoted in terms of tone and tactics. he is going toe to toe getting down and dirty, hitting him on issues that things trump would d do, reading off his tweeting, sharing backstage information, looking flustered, or nervous during the debate. i think this is going to mark a new beginning here for rubio, trying to really go toe to toe with trump and stop what many people now in the press are saying is this inevitable train that i think is based off of these polls that have come out showing that he is leading, not only in the super tuesday states, but also in rubio's home state of florida.
12:54 pm
>> did you see christie and trump this morning? they came out on stage, and then together over time, they monopolized maybe an hour and a half of a news cycle. did it feel like a ticket developing here? >> you know, i wouldn't go that far. the way i read this, looking at the history between all three of these men, is to ask the question, shep, if this is more pro trump or anti-rubio. if you remember, chris christie is the man who was coined as being the coattacker over rubio. chris christie took him down in new hampshire. here we are, the night after marco rubio looks like he is starting to rise up again, look like he might be a credible challenger to donald trump, things got ugly between the rubio campaign and christie campaign. no love lost there. i know christie largely blames rubio's super pac for cutting some slash and burn ads with
12:55 pm
hurting his own performance in new hampshire. i think you have to ask that question, the issue of what is christie want out of this is secondary. i would be surprised if it's a vp ticket. >> you know, attorney general i guess is in there too. >> something like that. >> more pressing really is texas, where in almost all the polls, ted cruz has been leading in his home state. but is it fair to say he is kind of gotten lost in this debate, and next day shuffle and though texans have been voting for quite a while, how does this fare for him? >> he could pull out texas, shep, but i think the narrative is getting away from him here. it started with his poor showing in south carolina, which you know, we've all analyzed this, which explained why with the evangelicals and conservative vote, ted cruz, that was very devastating for him. and i think also, with the performance last night, in the debate, cruz was kind of hesitant to take the first bite
12:56 pm
at donald trump. rubio stepped into that role, and really became seen as the aggressive champion of the evening. so that was in some ways a second big lost opportunity for cruz. >> before we go, i was watching some of these attacks, and wondering if down the road, if in fact a democratic running against donald trump candidate, if we won't see some of these students who spent this money for trump university. if we don't see these people who didn't get jobs, the beginning of the attack that will or will not stick. >> you can bet on it, shep. a report out this morning saying democrats have done what republicans, for some reason, we don't know, have failed to do, which is to come up with all of these oppo research and dump it. just before i went on the air, i saw nbc nightly news is going to have a report about these illegal polish immigrants who did back breaking work to build trump tower. there will be a lot coming out.
12:57 pm
>> heidi, great to talk to you. thanks so much. political coverage continues as we get to the top of the hour with neef with neil cavuto. have a great weekend. [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever.
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and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at all right, i don't think i've seen, well, 24 hours like this in recent political history. talk about craziness. marco rubio wrapping things up at the oklahoma city rally. he is giving it back to donald trump, who is it giving it back to him, after we had rubio giving it back to him. i've lost sight of who is giving back to whom. but we're going to have more on the humorous tit for tat. >> i'm proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. there is no one better prepared to provide america


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