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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 26, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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out my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at all right, i don't think i've seen, well, 24 hours like this in recent political history. talk about craziness. marco rubio wrapping things up at the oklahoma city rally. he is giving it back to donald trump, who is it giving it back to him, after we had rubio giving it back to him. i've lost sight of who is giving back to whom. but we're going to have more on the humorous tit for tat. >> i'm proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. there is no one better prepared to provide america with a strong
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leadership that is needed both at home and around the world than donald trump. >> this was an endorsement are really meant a lot. chris is an outstanding man. with an outstanding family. he has done a great job. and i think that this is the one endorsement that i felt very strongly about, i wanted to get. >> well, certainly came out of nowhere, irony being chris christie, who just surgically took apart marco rubio, just a few weeks ago. in a debate performance that many thought was going to lead to bigger and better things for chris christie. we learn in retrospect, that didn't happen. he fell out of favor. marco rubio still fights on. but the last time i had caught up with governor christie, this issue of being an attack dog and a fairly effective one at that, and how that might serve, let's say as a vice-president den shall nominee? well, you look. >> as a running mate for somebody, you could be the guy
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to be that attack dog. what do you think? >> certainly, i certainly could be, but i won't be, because i'll be the one picking a running mate. you know, i just -- >> no one would rule out if it didn't happen. >> mitt romney considered me the last time, right. you don't run for vice-president. >> all right, that was his view then, although he seemed to be open to the prospect of being a running mate back then. now the question is, if it is donald trump's domination to lose, would he entertain someone like a christie, or, well, what type of person would he entertain? this is donald trump a couple of weeks back in new hampshire. >> let me ask you about the running mate, if you don't mind me indulging in that. it's early, but do you look at certain types, governor, senator, or look at those who would offset the fact that there is this guy with someone kind of inside the box, what?
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>> well, i would think and i'm not even, you know -- i'm discussing it with you because you're asking to discuss it. i want to win and after i win, i can think about this. there are some really good people that i know. because of the fact that while i'm very political, i'm not a politician. i would want to choose a politician. >> what he was saying, i would want to choose a politician without -- a senator, congressman. i should point out, he ruled out marco rubio. but chris christie, a sitting governor fit the bill. maybe wonder today when you saw them up there. let me ask presidential advisor, carl rowe. were we looking at a potential ticket? >> we could be. i would remind you, from the founding of the republic from 1992, we never had a presidential ticket with somebody, a candidate from an adjoining state as the running
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mate from the presidential candidate. we had obviously the famous clinton/gore ticket, so we would be repeating that with trump, new york and christie, new jersey, so i'm not certain how much appeal that would have west to the -- west of the and south of the mason dixon line. you generally try in this election, people will be looking to florida, which republicans absolutely have to win, or the midwest, particularly ohio and the industrial center land of the country to august meant the strength of the ticket. >> but if you think about it, i want to get to this, you know, we're a long way from deciding on this nomination. >> way too early. >> way too early, so indulge me one more time. this notion that maybe if it is a donald trump who is the nominee, that he doesn't want someone from washington, he does want a governor, of course, john kasich comes to mind, but he wants somebody that is going to be an attack dog, which used to be the role of the
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vice-president candidate, but much more in your face. certainly someone like governor christie could do that. >> he could, but that may be going back to an old model that doesn't exist any more. i think the rise of social media, the explosion of talk radio, the expansion of the role of cable news, the media means if you're going to have an attack dog, it needs to be the president. it's the presidential candidate's campaign. the vice-president who does not really emerge on to the stage until this instance, the third week of july, is not going to be able to carry the majority of the load even after that point. >> yeah, it would be difficult to carry new jersey in this case. let me ask you, stepping back from this, what kind of message this is sending? we talked about how this stunted talk that donald trump had a poor debate performance, and everyone getting caught up in
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the taxes, release them or not. all of a sudden, the shift change to, hey, did you hear about chris christie backing a guy a little more than a few weeks ago, calling entertainer and not ready for the presidency? >> it's good for trump, because it does take the spotlight off of last night's debate at least for part of today. i would remind you, we're going to have release tax documents by rubio and cruz tomorrow. that's going to reinsert the issues. endorsements matter and i don't want to diminish his endorsement, particularly the shock value of it is good, but remember the half life of all of these things is relatively small. the question is, is christie going to go on the road for trump, and begin to make appearances with him or on his behalf. that would extend the value and expand the life of this thing. >> all right, now we know for republicans the democrats in south carolina tomorrow, so that's their thing, but super tuesday, and for donald trump,
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double digit leads in almost two thirds of those states. did anything that transpire over the last 24 hours potentially cut into that? >> i think it could. it was a very well watched debate, and one thing that we've seen in three out of the four contests, the one exception being south carolina, donald trump was not a very good closer. in iowa and new hampshire, and in nevada, other candidates were the people who grabbed the late deciders. that's likely to be the case this time around as well. if you're still sitting there on the sidelines, it's not because you're enthusiastic about voting for trump. you're looking around for the alternative. that is likely to happen here. remember, also, next week, all of those delegates are proportional. so while we have so many win a pro upon dra preponderance of the contest, as a result, you may win five or six contests, but still likely to end up with a plurality of
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the delegates. they'll be chopped up all over the place because of the party rules. >> they provide south carolina example where donald trump case, you have a plurality of votes, the delegates, given the fact that some of them, connecticut comes to mind, a minimum threshold where you don't get any delegates unless you get 15 or 20% of the vote. i guess what i'm -- >> srk outh carolina is win or e all. win or take all at the statewide level. not the case next week. we have four states next week, virginia, massachusetts, alaska and vermont that are completely proportional. no threshold whatsoever. virginia, you get 2% of the vote, you get a delegate. >> i know what you're saying about win or take all in a precinct or a district, but you could have a situation where, again, those where they have
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threshold, donald trump, again, the polls stay as they are, could run up the tab here. >> except for two things. the states where he may run them up is where you have 20% threshold. alabama, georgia, tennessee, texas and vermont. my suspicion is in perhaps all of those states, but certainly most, we're likely to see all three of the front, leading candidates. trump in front, followed by rubio and cruz. if they don't, they suffer. the other two gain. the key thing, though, neil is congressional districts, the 2-1 rule. in these states, with 108 delegates in the congressional districts, arkansas 25, oklahoma 25, and alabama 21 at the congressional district level, if you get more than 20% of the vote, the first guy gets two, the second guy gets one. even if there a third guy who gets 20%, they get shut out. so that's we're likely to see
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people pull away, in these states with the 2-1 rule, where someone is consistently winning districts. i mean, look, virginia, no threshold. massachusetts, 5%. alaska, 13%. vermont, 20%. those states are going to be pure proportional across the state with a minimum threshold and those are the states more likely reflect sort of the vote between everybody. it's going to be those states with the 2-1 in the congressional district, particular bely the bigger ones of those states. >> i'm sorry i asked the question. i'm kidding. >> i'm going to send you a copy today of the party rules. >> snap a picture of it. please do. >> i'm going to send this to you so you can take it to bed tonight and put yourself to sleep. >> car rowl rowe, thank you ver much. >> the back and forth continues
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here, began with some zingers, and then serious, and then really, really nasty. but always with a smile. each side. who won? >> to the shakeup, ahead of super tuesday. >> if there is a problem in those taxes before they decide -- >> what kind of problems would you envision? >> neil gets all the names, and tomorrow will do the same. 10:00 a.m. to noon, with a special cost to freedom on the fox news channel. then a pregame special on the fox business network as democrats choose in south carolina and both parties race to the top spot. fbn is on top of it all. followed by neil at 6:00. fast, fun, it's fbn. e sure your, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom.
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is very earnest, very serious, maybe too robotic, all that stuff where he was picked apart by chris christie. he decided to change that after maybe learning a thing or two from the guy tormenting him these many months, and that would be, of course, well, donald trump. but take a look at how humor suddenly came back with a vengeance today. >> he called me mr. meltdown. let me tell you something, during one of the breaks, he went backstage, he was having a meltdown. first, he had to the makeup thing, like applying makeup, because he had one of those sweat mustaches. he needed a full-length mirror, but he wanted a full-length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. i don't know. >> it's rubio.
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unbelievable. >> is this a great country or what? watching kristin, what do you think of all this? >> a crazy race, isn't it? what we saw last night was the first time that someone is trying to beat trump at his own game. up until this point, all of trump's adversaries say he is not conservative enough. no one has tried to beat him at his own game and go after his core strength. he is trying that out. that's why this christie endorsement today, while i don't think long-term matter that much, it changes the news cycle oh so briefly after rubio hit trump back. >> we were chatting about this earlier, the notion of humor or little zingers do help.
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i do remember this with jimmy carter and ronald reagan. >> governor reagan, again, typically is against such a pro proposal. >> governor, there you go again. >> all right, that was a little polite, but the point being that he was in a very, maybe irr -- e wanted to put the president in his place. >> his sense of humor was filled with, well, quite frankly, joy. and he was always kind of inspirational, and my dad always taught me, never trust somebody who can't make fun of themselves. and that's what ronald reagan did time and again. he could make tip o'neal laugh sitting behind him at a state of the union address. i think natural needs to do more of this, but leave it to donald trump, mar marco is having a sl
1:18 pm
moment and he rolls out chris christ christie. i need to translate something carl rowe was suggesting. you can't have two loud finger pointing yankees on the same ticket. >> i thought that's what he was getting at. >> kristin, one thing i did notice, sometimes in a funny way, they're meant to deflect serious criticism. ronald reagan encountered this that he was getting too old to be president, feeble, out of touch, and then this with walter monday dale. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> what we see marco rubio doing today, or trying to do with humor is to say, well, he said i am a stiff, i am too serious, i sweat and all this. i'm going to throw it back at them and make fun of myself and
1:19 pm
you at the same time. same difference? >> what's great about that moment is how quick on his feet he was, that's something marco rubio is trying to demonstrate. he did get criticized a couple of debates for being too rehearsed and too prepared. smart, quick on your feet, spontaneous and in his rallies today, letting it rip with the humor, he is trying to demonstrate that no, he is not just a robot who sticks to boring talking points. whether it changes numbers or not, i don't know. super tuesday is really close. >> yeah. >> trump is really far ahead in the polls. but it is rubio trying something different than what anybody has tried up until this point. we'll see if it changes things. >> obviously when george bush and al gore were debating, a lot of that was not only the back and forth on issues. >> your philosophy and position on issues, but can you get
1:20 pm
things done. i believe i can. >> a little body language moments, but a funny moment. >> that actually reminds me of a former navy seal. that's what he would do to you. you got in his personal space. but i think there needs to be, marco rubio and ted cruz need to give the american people at this point a reason to pay closer attention to them. not just in debates, but get out and go to rallies, pay attention to them when they're out there speaking and humor goes a long way to making these people likeable and a good counter point to donald trump. rubio got the best of him last night, and his feathers were up and he was not happy. i think it was an interesting position. >> a funny moment as well for both sides. thanks guys, very much. there was that whole tax
1:21 pm
bombshell chat i had with mitt romney and now all the candidates, everybody and his uncle is trying to get a straight answer on this one. did he just find one, or a way to explain why he is not so quickly getting this out? a big multi millionaire backer on the donald after this.
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prudential bring your challenges
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all right, ted cruz is now speaking to reporters, with no one liners or zingers or water references or any of that. he is talking about what's important in this race. he is right now in nashville, tennessee. let's dip into this. >> brickinging together conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians, we're seeing that happening more and more,
1:25 pm
each and everyday, and i'm confident we're going to have a very good day. >> the language they're using. >> the two person race, can you expand? >> i think super tuesday is critical to continuing to narrow the field. historical role of the first four states has been to narrow the field. it has done that, narrowing it down from 17 to a much smaller field. super will do even more of that. to date, only two candidates have won a state. donald trump and me. we are the only candidate that has beaten donald trump. i believe we're the only candidate that can beat donald trump. >> if doesn't go to a two person race that day, or afterwards? >> we'll see what the results are, but we're going to come out of super tuesday, seeing a meaningful difference in the delegate allocation. and you know, if you look at republican primary voters, they're a good 65% of primary voters who don't believe donald trump is the best candidate to
1:26 pm
go head to head with hillary clinton. we saw last night. hillary clinton and donald trump's policy view are virtually inn distinguish able. catastrophic, led to benghazi, donald trump agreed with hillary, supporting john kerry and the disastrous foreign policy has dramatically undermined the nation of israel. indeed, donald trump on foreign policy agreed with hillary clinton that america should be neutralween israel and palestine. we will stand unapologetic on economic policy. donald trump agreed with hillary and barack obama in support of the wall street bailout i think it was wrong to bail out the big banks in new york. donald trump supported it. donald trump agrees with hillary and bernie sanders, that obama
1:27 pm
should be nothing far enough that it should be ex paneled that it should be socialized medicine, government in charge of your health care. and most strikingly on the question of ethics. donald trump said he would not hand over his tax returns. why? because he has been audited. apparently, he doesn't know how many years. he said two years, then it was three, then it was five years. he is unwilling to hand over any year tax returns. it ain't complicated, that if donald trump hands over his tax returns later in the year, in the general election, that the good folks in the media will have a heyday ripping him apart if there is anything in those tax returns. if there is, the primary voters need to know. the justification for not handing them over, that he is being audited several years of apparently he doesn't know how many years he is is being audited for, that makes it all the more important to hand over his tax returns. if there is something in there the audit will discover from a
1:28 pm
republican perspective, if you want to stop the nightmare that has been the obama/clinton economy, assault on our constitutional rights, obama/clinton foreign policy, the last thing we want is to nominate someone who an audit demonstrates tax improprieties or tax frauds. we need to see the tax returns so there can be public scrutiny. the voters deserve to know. additionally, the general election, look, we're all familiar with hillary's e-mail scandals, and those will continue to no doubt grow. a far bigger scandal is the clinton foundation. it appears they used this foundation as a core corrupt piggy bank, foreign heads of state, six and seven figure states, while hillary clinton was the secretary of state, making foreign policy decisions, it was on the take from entities that had an interest in those
1:29 pm
government decisions. the republican nominee for president needs to be able to make that case against hillary, and donald trump is uniquecly incapable of doing that. because if he tries, hillary will laugh out loud and said you gave $100,000 to the clinton foundation. you didn't think it was a problem. i think last night made very clear to the voters that donald trump is not the right candidate to be the republican nominee. and for the 65% of republicans who believe that, who recognize that donald trump, there is a very good chons donald loses to hillary in november. i would encourage those republicans to continue to unify behind our campaign. it is clear, only one campaign that can beat donald on super tuesday, and that is our campaign. >> senator -- >> last question. >> didn't talk about you at all while she was endorsing trump today. he did talk about marco rubio,
1:30 pm
however. are you worried that they're viewing it as a two main race between trump and rubio. >> i don't doubt media will do everything they can, proven conservative with a conservative record. you know, to win the nomination, you actually have to win states. you have to win delegates. there are only two candidate whose have won state, and that is donald trump and me. i'll tell you on tuesday, we're going to have a very good night. we saw yesterday in my home state of texas, we've got a double digit lead in the state of texas. the crown jewel. in contrast, we saw yesterday's poll numbers showing that marco rubio is behind in his home state of florida. anyone who wants to win the nomination has to win a state somewhere. and i believe we're going are a very good super tuesday. and that in turn is going to t
1:31 pm
-- tee up a clear choice. november two rich new york liberals, or do we want a real choice of a proven constitutional conservative. who will fight for the working men and women, and let me note, one of the things that was abundantly clear last night, donald trump is framed the corner piece of his campaign around illegal immigration. and yet, the debate last night highlighted that donald trump is the only person running who has had a million dollar court judgment for participating in a conspiracy and that's what the federal court found, a conspiracy to hire illegal aliens. not only that, it was revealed that donald right now today, this is not even in past practice, today what is he doing right now, continues to bring in hundreds of foreign workers at his florida hotel, rather than hiring american workers. it was reported yesterday that roughly 300 americans applied
1:32 pm
for those jobs. and he hired only 17 americans, and yet, he certified to the government he couldn't find any americans to do the job. i have to say it was striking, donald did an interview on cnn after he did the debate, the reason he brings in the foreign workers is because no american is willing to do the job of being a waiter or waitress or bellhop. go to a tgi fridays, this isn't a waiter any where, a waiter at a hotel in palm beach. donald trump is really maintaining no americans he can find willing to be waiters and waitresses at a fancy hotel in palm beach. what he is really saying is from his perspective, he would rather foreign workers who can't quit, captive, he cana pay lower wage, and a history of exploiting the
1:33 pm
immigration laws to take advantage of the little guy is not someone we can trust to stand with the men and women of this country. just three years, 2013 was the epic battle over amnesty, cared about illegal immigration, where you stood in 2013, answers everything the voters need to know. when i was leading the fight against the rubio scheimer game of eight, donald trump was firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice. donald funded the game of eight. he gave over $50,000 to the game of eight. five of the eight members. donald trump gave over $50,000 to. now, how can a candidate possibly hold himself out as opposed to illegal immigration, opposed to amnesty, when he financed the politicians that led the epic effort to push for amnesty, and by the way,
1:34 pm
donald's natural response is, well, when i gave money to politicians, i was doing it to help my business interest for me to get rich. well, that says something, if donald puts had own financial interests above the national security of this country, above the interest of working men and women of this country. above the interest of all the people who are losing their jobs, and the people's who's futures are at stake who i want to speak to in tennessee, the working men and women, construction workers, truck drivers, mechanics, people who are getting hammered by the obama/clinton economy. people who illegal immigrants taking down the jobs, i have spent my whole life fighting for you. donald trump agenda, socialized medicine, will take away your jobs, will kill even more jobs, hammer small businesses and donald trump's proposal to allow the 12 million people here illegally to become u.s.
1:35 pm
citizens will only continue to drive down the wages of working men and women. there is only one person on that stage that has fought against amnesty at every stage. has beaten amnesty in the u.s. congress, despite donald trump giving $50,000 to the authors of the amnesty bill and only one person i believe the voters will trust, stand consistently with the working men and women, against the corrupt career politicians and special interests. last night, donald trump said i know washington politicians better than you do. he is right. that's why he supported jimmy carter. and harry reid and chuck schumer and hillary clinton, and joe biden. donald trump has supported liberal democrats for 40 years. he supported open democrats for 40 years. i think the stakes are too great. the threats to the future of our kids too great to roll the dice with a donald trump nomination,
1:36 pm
or a donald trump presidency. instead, we need a proven consistent conservative. you know, donald has said the day after he is elected president, he can be an entirely different person. the most politically correct person on earth. let me tell you, the day after i'm elected president, i'm going to be the exact person i am today. the voters want that, because we've been burned too many times before. >> how will you do in tennessee, sir? >> all right, you have been listening to ted cruz completed a trifecta of republican candidates having their time in the media sun here. donald trump probably got the most of that, given chris christie endorsement earlier on. but ted cruz, among others, saying you know, it's time for donald trump to hand over those tax records, among other things. we're going to explore. today we've had so many
1:37 pm
developments. one of donald trump's enthusiastic backers, a multi millionaire in his own right. up until the announcement today, it looked like trump was on defense. and then things might have stabilized with the christie announcement. but it all comes back. everyone seems to be talking, beginning with mitt romney first with me, tax records, tax records. the sooner, the better. get it out of the way now, because it's going to hang like an anvil over your head. >> he was audited, so probably not to release them until it's done. it makes sense. i've been audited many times. it is almost standard when you have big company that you're going to be audited. i don't foresee a big problem, because he doesn't have a history of that. so we'll see. >> all right, so this notion that others have said it's typical for presidential candidates these days to submit
1:38 pm
their tax forms. nothing to be gained, romney himself said in the effort for transparency, he was raked over the media coals for a lower tax rate. sometimes it's something without any good ending. but is there something that you know of that would concern mr. trump if those returns came out? >> no. i'm not aware of anything. they gave mr. romney a hard time, because of his rates. but even though it was a low rate, the moneys, the actual moneys that he spent that he paid were -- that was big money. >> but it was all perfectly legal, too. >> absolutely. >> the capital gains and dividends. >> real estate enterprise, huge corporation, his right might be lower than mitt romney's, and that could cause him some embarrassment, or is it as the candidate said, i want to pay the least amount of taxes possible. >> i think everyone wants to pay the least amount of taxes as possible. and when you have that many
1:39 pm
companies, it's all sorts of tax situations that you're in. i don't feel there will be a problem, but we'll just have to see. >> do you worry, i mean, last night, he was getting beaten up badly, that's the risk of being in the center pole position, when there are other candidates, it's more of a target. marco rubio with these zingers today, a new attitude with his owe po opponent probably by rubio. >> i think rubio is the biggest threat. i believe ted cruz is unelectable. rubio is the person to watch, and -- >> if you think about it, ernie, ted cruz has the best chance of winning, at least so far, his home state. >> right. >> that's a big home state. delegates are by the vote here, but that's 155 delegates. >> right. i still don't think he is electable. i truly don't. i think rubio is the threat and
1:40 pm
that's who he has to beat. >> do you take any insight into what trump was saying about a running mate, or i think he was peppered with questions. he seemed to rule out marco rubio? what did you think of that? >> i don't know. it's going to be extremely interesting to see who he picks. i wouldn't be surprised if it was none of them, and it was just a great business leader. >> the other argument, is maybe we saw it today with chris christie, would you have two kind of in your face figures, bigger than life figures. in christie's case, he satisfies one of trump's early requirements, to get an established politician, maybe the advantage of christie, as it would be, i guess, if you were, you know, an ohio governor named kasich, but you're not part of the washington politician movement. >> i think kasich is great. i think that, again, i think is he unelectable, but he would do
1:41 pm
a good job if he was elected. i really do. >> all right, ernie, good to have you. thank you very much. >> all right, just to bring you up to speed on these tax returns, something that became a big cause this week. donald trump has made it clear he is being audited. didn't specify the number of years. cruz made a big deal of it. but again, assuming donald trump is the multi billionaire that financial statements have indicated in the past he is, i think it's safe to say he would not know the details of that audit and has people to do that. but bottom line, because he has people doing it, because he has the government looking into it, if you're waiting for those returns to be released any time soon, keep waiting. we'll have more after this. (engine noises winding up)
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(pilot speaking to tower over radio) (tower speaking to pilot over radio) once you get out here... (radio chatter continues in background) that's all there is.
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there's just one direction. forward. one time... now. and there's just one sound. . . . with a mighty roar... that tells the world... we're coming for you.
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that tells the world... and my results ended up beinge tafrican, european and asian. it was great because it confirmed what i knew in my gut with a little surprise. ancestry helped give me a sense of identity. you know will is another south carolina primary this weekend. this for the democrats. this was 55 delegates at stake, and this with high expectations for hillary to win and maybe big, but you know how expectations go. orangburg, south carolina, hey, ed. >> neil, good to see you. bernie sanders will be at the college behind me, historically black colleges. he makes sort of one last stand here in south carolina, hoping to win that primary that you mentioned tomorrow. but hillary clinton has really been working harder than him here on the ground in this state. even though she had a double digit lead, she is not sitting
1:46 pm
on that lead. she has been here having three or four he events a day. she snuck away to georgia, sanders spending most of his time on super tuesday states. bottom line, when hillary clinton went over to georgia, she was almost acting as if she is already getting ready for the general election, going after the republican front-runner. watch. >> i am not going to ask you to contribute your tax dollars to send donald trump's youngest child to college. people who can afford it, should have to pay. >> that's a double hit there, not just going after trump, but going after sanders of course who has talked about free college tuition for everyone, even the rich, part of his socialist programs. interesting today, clinton, though, was hit by "the new york times," the liberal editorial page going after her for not releasing transcripts of her
1:47 pm
speeches, saying by stone walling on these transcripts, mrs. clinton plays into the hands of those who say she is not trustworthy and makes her own rules. interesting, because bernie sanders today on the campaign trail also jumped on this line of attack. >> she is a very good speaker. i admit that. but to get $225,000 for a speech to goldman sachs, you have to be really good. >> now, he was making that speech in minnesota. another super tuesday state. he'll be here in south carolina in a few moments, he has been away for a couple of days, focusing on the super tuesday because he has to win a few of them, whether it's minnesota, massachusetts, oklahoma, he is going to have to get some wins next week or clinton will jump ahead in the delegate count, neil. >> all right, ed, thank you very much. i don't know if you heard the maria, but he used. f word again in relation to
1:48 pm
donald trump. i'll leave it there. i just wondered, why is joe biden been apologizing to the mexicans? i don't know. explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship
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i am not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. i am not. and he should know that. >> you know, that's my friend and colleague maria bartiromo trying to be the professional here. and said for the second time in as many days he uses the f word. and i don't mean fudge. all over donald trump that he want a big old wall and the
1:52 pm
mexicans are going to pay for it. which is objectionable enough whether you like donald trump or not. the vice president of the united states apologizing to mexico, i kid you not. take a look. >> i feel almost obliged to apologize for some of what my political colleagues have said. it is about mexico, about the mexican people. >> they do not, they do not, they do not represent the view of the vast majority of the american people. >> all right. that is a big f type of deal? i don't know. sheriff, he is apologizing essentially for a former president of the country being compelled to use the f-word against a leading candidate for president of the united states.
1:53 pm
weird, but take it. >> well, the apology tour continues by barack obama and joe biden. and why don't they stop right there and turn to the american people and apologize to us? apologize to the thousands of american families who have victims, their own sons and daughters, moms and dads who have been killed by some of these illegals, these criminals. never once have they talked to the parents of murdered children here in my state, and yet they would glad by apologize in a second to the leaders of mexico, to leaders in europe and finally we need leaders like donald trump or whoever the republican nominee is, that stands up for america and finally puts american families, our security, our military first for once. and that's what we haven't had these past eight years now. >> all right. and i tell people regardless of what you think of donald trump, i'm also thinking of joe biden and being embarrassed or
1:54 pm
cringing to words or remarks of donald trump. this is the same joe biden who said this. take a look. >> in delaware, the largest growth of population is indian american, moving from india. you cannot go to a 7-eleven or dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. it's gigantic. >> if donald trump said the same thing -- >> oh, yeah. >> well, here's the think. she's guy these guys sit in judgment of everyone else and they've said the same things. far worse, they try to shut down americans. y with are law abiding citizens, pay our taxes. we want the government to put us first and instead they have wide open borders and we have hundreds of thousands of illegals. and not enforcing the law. if there's a billboard sign on the border, neon flashing saying
1:55 pm
make it to the border and you're home free. we've got to start enforcing the law, start having consequences for breaking the immigration law and a president who understands the constitution that he needs congress, he needs to enforce the laws of the land. i told him face-to-face about the second amendment freedoms and he had no answers for me at that town hall. this president has to be stopped. >> it is what it is. sheriff, thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. >> we've had a former president of mexico use language like that two days in a row, and we are essentially apologizing to the mexican government. i don't know. it's a weird world. but then again there are jokes today and they're zinging each other. what a world. watch this.
1:56 pm
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all right. >> here's the guy that preets himself. >> you repeat yourself every day. >> we've hired that screaming woman to join us for special coverage tomorrow on fox news between 10:00 and noon and then again on fox business with my buddy lou dobbs.
2:00 pm
we pick up with the results from south carolina as late as it goes. again, the screaming woman is welcome. that's the kind of -- that's the reaction i get. screaming women. see you tomorrow. hello, everyone. along with kimberly guilfoyle, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." oh, boy. on the cusp of super-tuesday and on the heels of the most intense debate of this election cycle so far, a dramatic new development in the gop race today. donald trump got another big endorsement. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump as president of the united states. there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than donald trump. the best person to


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