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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 26, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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so here's the friday night party game. who do you think wins super tuesday? what states? when? where? tell us what you think. thank you for watching, everybody. have a great weekend. we'll see you monday. welcome to beautiful nashville, tennessee, where we are on the road with the candidates and tonight for the entire hour, we're joined by texas senator ted cruz. welcome to nashville, senator. [ cheers and applause ] it's -- now, i don't -- were you busy last night? was something going on last snigt did everyone see the debate last snigt that was a rip roaring debate. >> well, listen. i think it was a terrific debate
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and i got to say i had a lot of fun which is important. you got to have fun but i think it provided real clarity, distinctions of the candidates and think the people understand the stakes in this election are really high. i got to say i think donald trump had a tough night. >> okay. [ cheers ] let me -- you were the only one up to this point beside donald trump that's won a state. you are doing well in your home state of texas which takes place on tuesday. there is a very strong possibility that out of tuesday the only two candidates that will have won states are you and donald trump. there's a poll out showing marco rubio down 20 points in his state of florida. if after super tuesday any of the other candidates have not won a state, do you think they should get out of the race? >> well, look. i think you're right that as we look at this race right now,
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we've had four primaries. the role of the first four primaries historically to narrow the field. they have. we started with 17 candidates. you needed practically a phone book to tell all of us apart and it is now narrowed considerably. you know, nobody has ever won the nomination who hasn't won one of the first three states. and only two of us have done that. donald trump and myself. and i do think super tuesday is going to be the most important day in this entire election. super tuesday, you've got 11 states nationwide that are making their decisions, including the great state of tennessee, and that vote, i think there's a very significant possibility will come out of that with donald having won delegates and me and everyone else with very, very few delegates and 65% of republicans say donald is not the right guy to go head to head with hillary.
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[ applause ] and i think we saw last night why that was. i think we saw last night on issue after issue after issue donald's positions are fidenticl to hillary. the risk is too high that donald wins and we lose this country and so for those 65% of republicans that say donnal's not the right guy, i would encourage everyone here in tennessee, everyone across super tuesday, if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, we need to unite and the candidate who is running neck and neck with donald in the states across super tuesday is me. if you want to beat donald, stand with us. >> let me ask you this. and maybe this is really a question for the audience. because i view both you and donald trump as the two big insurgent candidates. let's be honest. if there are two people hated by the establishment, probably
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you're at the top and donald's a close second. i want to ask maybe the crowd here, you can applaud if you want to but are you angry -- how angry on a scale of 1 to 10 are you at washington, d.c. republicans and do you think that's what's -- [ applause ] are you? you know, because to what extent do you think -- because it's really coming down to you and him as the only two winning states after super tuesday, that tells me that there's palpable anger. where's that anger coming from? i feel it myself. >> sure. you and i both understand. people are furious. because we keep having politicians. they make promises to us. and then they go to washington and they break their word. they promptly cut deals with the democrats. they don't do what they said. i mean, none of this is complicated. you know, what i have tried to do in the senate is two things. tell the truth and do what i said i would do.
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>> you know, it is interesting to watch how your fellow senators respond to you. i don't know if you remember john mccain referred to senator cruz as a whacko bird. graham was joking about killing you yesterday. i'm sure you've heard about it. is it because you kept your promise on health care and you were willing to use the power of the purse that they were not willing to do? is that the divide that big now? >> sean, of course it is and it's a real simple. you've got career politicians in washington and both parties that get in bed with the lobbyists and special interests. that's how you get a $19 trillion debt. it is not one party. it's both parties. and -- [ applause ] you know, it is amazing the washington establishment tells you which candidates they want. you know, it was really quite striking. bob dole. bob dole said a few weeks ago, he said, well, listen.
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donald trump i'm just fine with. why? because donald trump will cut deals. we can work with donald trump. we need someone to cut deals with us. that's what donald will do. that cruz guy, he actually believes this stuff. [ applause ] and, sean, as you know, that exact same sentiment was expressed by jimmy carter. jimmy carter over in london, speaking to the house of lords. they asked him about the presidential election and he said, well, listen. between trump and cruz, i, jimmy carter, would pick donald trump. and he said, why? because donald trump is malleable. he had no fixed set of beliefs. he said cruz is not malleable. [ applause ] so let's imagine you win the presidency an you're going to hold the line on spending and congress will not stand with you for a balanced budget.
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congress will not support you on legislation to repeal and replace obamacare. where does the standoff go? we found ourselves at these moments and republicans ended up caving. you're the president. what would you do? >> well, sean, i don't cave. and we keep getting in these fights with democrats who actually believe what they're saying. listen. barack obama, i actually respect that barack obama's committed to his ideas. i think his ideas are profoundly harmful to this country. have done enormous damage. he's committed. barack obama will crawl over broken glass with a knife between his teeth and the reason we keep getting our lunch eaten is republican leadership walks in, surrenders before they say good morning. and that doesn't work. >> they did that on health care, executive amnesty. >> yep.
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>> and i think that's -- that goes back to the original point. i think that's why we are where we are today and seems it's a battle of insurgents. you're making the case you're the insurgent that can get the job done as a conservative. and i guess you would say that donald trump is probably more of a populist? >> i would say it a little differently. donald trump is adopting the rhetoric of a populist. donald trump, like hillary clinton, is a rich new york liberal. >> that's about the worst thing you can say to a republican primary candidate. >> sean, thankfully you're a rich new york conservative who's soon going to be a southerner. >> yeah. you did hear that my own govern nor of new york doesn't -- i'm not a new yorker. i don't belong in new york because i'm pro-life, i believe in the traditional definition of marriage and, yes, i'm very pro-second amendment. so i'm going to have to leave
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soon. all right. >> but you know, when it comes to taking on washington, one of the amazing things donald said an amazing things is seven months i, donald trump, was a member of the establishment. no kidding. you know, last night on the debate stage he said, ted, i know politicians mucht better than you do. that's right. listen. you have been paying off these people for 40 years and by the way, i mean, look. the gang of eight. five members of the amnesty gang of eight had collectively received over $50,000 from donald trump and he says by the way, well, listen, i'm a businessman. i pay off everybody. well, if you're worried about corruption in washington i'm not sure putting him in the white house is the best solution to that. >> let me ask this. >> but let me make a quick point here, sean. okay, fine. so he's paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars to all the liberal democrats. helped put harry reid and nancy pelosi in power.
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what was he doing that for? it's only for one thing. putting money in his own pocket. did he ever once say to all of these candidates, gosh, i care about immigration. >> let me -- >> you know, gosh, i care about supreme court justices. i care about life. his actions demonstrate that the only thing he's cared about is putting money in his bank account. >> let me play devil's advocate. laid out the case he's changed. like, for example, tells the story about how he became pro-life. you don't believe him? >> listen. where he is in his heart, i don't know. i don't know where he is in his heart. i know for 60 years of his life he described himself adds very pro-choice. supporting partial birth abortion. and as pro-choice in every respect. and then when he decided to run for president as a republican, suddenly magically he was pro-life. now, let's for a second give him the benefit of the doubt.
7:11 pm
let's assume he had a road to damascus moment and realized he was in the wrong. i'm curious, sean. donald has also said he never asked god for forgiveness for anything. if someone is actually pro-life today, would you perhaps ask god for forgiveness for spending 60 years advocating for partial birth abortion? >> but here's an interesting question. and by the way, for the record, i have to ask forgiveness every day because i get so angry at obama. but -- >> look. absolutely. and all of us are sinners. look of us, our faith is between us and god. i'm just saying the statements, if he has nothing -- when he explains why he's never asked for forgiveness, he said i've never done anything wrong. well, okay. >> let me -- >> the rest of us are fallen men and only have grace through god's love. that's -- you know, that's the way i read it. >> next question's very important. then why is he doing so well?
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>> because people are furious. they're so frustrated with washington and i get that voting for donald trump for a lot of people is telling washington go jump in a lake. i get that. it is. and his rhetoric is loud and angry. and for people that want to say -- want the scream at washington, the loudest, angriest voice gives voice to that. but he is telling us, he is going to go back on what he's saying. donald trump said, i can be a totally different person after i'm elected. i can be -- this is donald speaking. the most politically correct person on earth. let me tell you something, sean. the day after i'm elected president, i'm the same person i am today. >> we got to take a break. we're in beautiful nashville,te. we'll continue the entire hour and some questions for our audience as "hannity" continues from nashville. >> we have some breaking news
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. second time today donald trump quest scores an endorsement. a short time ago, maine governor announced the support of the republican front-runner. speaking on a conservative radio
7:16 pm
talk show, lepage explained the endorsement saying trump is the only one to make america great again. earlier in the day new jersey governor christie said he's jumping on the trump bandwagon. we are learning more about the man who killed three people and injured 14. cedric ford had a history of violence. the arrest record is a 2008 arrest for felony battery. he was served with a ro tektive order shortly before the shooting at the newton plant. he was shot dead by police. i'm patricia stark. now become to "hannity." and welcome back to beautiful nashville, tennessee, as we continue with the shower with senator ted cruz, 2016 presidential candidate. we have a fun crowd here. to me, i know i've asked you this question and every
7:17 pm
candidate this question because to me this is what the election is about. we have 94.5 million americans out of the labor force. a record. 50 million americans in poverty. 46 million americans on food stamps. under barack obama, he will have mounted more debt than any other president. it's a daunting task. how do you do it? >> well, sean, we know what doesn't work and what does work. what doesn't work is out of control spending and taxes and regulation. it produces what we have now and always has. misery, stagnation and malaise. cause and affect. what does work on the flip side is low taxes, low regulation, unchaining small businesses which unleashes the free enterprise engine of this country. and every time in history we've done that -- >> kennedy, reagan.
7:18 pm
>> coolidge. the '20s, the '60s, the '80s. tax reform and regulatory reform. took the burden of washington off of small businesses and saw unbelievable economic growth. let's go back to 1980. i have said many things 2016 is an election very much like 1980. that was the last time we had four consecutive years of less than 1% average growth. was 1978 to 1982 coming out of jimmy carter. what did reagan do? came in. and he passed tax reform. he slashed the tax rates, simplified the tax code and regulatory reform. lifted the burdens washington and implemented sound money. all of those together resulted in unbelievable economic growth. do you know what economic growth was in 1984? the fourth year of reagan's presidency? >> 12%? >> 7.2%. it was huge. >> he did create 21 million new jobs.
7:19 pm
the longest period of peacetime economic growth in history up to that point. >> yeah. >> and america which was in decline with double digit interest rates, inflation, unemployment, all came down dramatically. >> and that impacts working men and women. you look at not only did people's standards of living go up, minority communities, median income in the african-american community went up about $5,000 over the 8 years that reagan presidency? you saw the hispanic community median income up significantly. under barack obama, you have seen stagnation. the people hurt have been the most vulnerable. african-americans hammered under break back. hispanics have been hammered under barack obama. when you pound small businesses, obamacare, crushing taxes and regulations, it's not the ceos who suffer the most. listen. if you're running a business, you can probably still pay your mortgage, make ends meet. it's harder but you can do it. the people who lose are the
7:20 pm
people laid off, the teenagers, it's the people who are just getting their first or second jobs. they're the ones laid off, they're the ones whose hours reduced and that's who's getting hurt. >> when you add or factor in the importance of energy independence or the trillions of dollars that u.s. corporations -- you know they parked this money overseas and won't bring it back with the high level of taxation. trillions of dollars. if they're allowed to bring it back, wouldn't they build factories and manufacturing centers? how much jobs in the oil and gas industry to have to get government off the back of that industry? >> millions of high paying jobs. we have incredible energy resources. we should pursue all of the above and develop everything we have got without washington picking winners and losers. no favoritisms. no subsidies. no nothing. >> so -- >> let me stop on that for a second. because that's actually a good illustration. we were talking earlier in the show about taking on washington
7:21 pm
and everyone talks a good game. >> by the way, they told me people in washington they don't like the term cartel. somebody said he's calling us drug dealers. >> well -- >> oh boy. we just made news. you guys happy back there? okay. >> you know, if the machete fits. >> by the way, you know they're humorless up there. no sense of humor. >> i have kind of noticed that. there is a reason i need a food taster in the members dining room. although that's actually not true. they aren't always humorless. i'll tell you a true story. at the state of the union a couple of years ago, graham who said i thought i should be murdered. we were sitting next to each other. at the state of the union. and louis gohmert who you know well coming up. talking to us. i love him. >> he's a friend. >> he was talking to us and getting ready to start and he didn't have a seat.
7:22 pm
and this was -- this was right after -- you remember the mandela funeral and the strange guy that did sign language up front? that wasn't affiliated with the funeral. a bizarre chapter. louis' looking around and couldn't find a seat. i said i tell you what. just start signing next to the podium giving the state of the union. and i said, you will go down in history. it will be unforgettable. i said you will be incarcerated but unforgettable. lindsey said we'll bake you a cake with a file in it. but louis did not take our advice alas. and it probably wasn't very good advice. >> let's go back to the people. because when you talk about 94.5 million people, that's statistics. 94.5 million people, that's family, co-workers, those are real people, real lives. real people, real lives in poverty. 50 million. real people, real lives on food
7:23 pm
stamps. how quickly can the job get done that they're back to work, off of food stamps and pursuing their dreams? >> turn around overnight and critical pieces to that. take immigration. why does amnesty matter? it matters for a lot of reasons but one of the most important is 2 million people here illegally. what that does is takes away jobs from americans and it drives down wages. you know, i mentioned last night a "wall street journal" article about what happened when they put in tough laws against illegal immigrants. they flee the states and what happened is remarkable. the government expenditures plummeted. hundreds of millions of dollars in health care expenses and education expenses. this means those dollars get to be spent on the citizens of arizona instead. but number two, it was really striking the article. an owner of a company complaining. this is terrible. i'm having to pay much higher wages. i don't like this.
7:24 pm
that statement explains why the washington cartel, why the democrats and establishment republicans, like amnesty. because the big business ceos want cheap labor. drive it down, drive it down. but when's happened in the absence is they have seen wages going up. carpenters. their wages are going up. jobs are available. suddenly americans are able to get jobs. that impact is dramatic. let's tell you as president, we know how to solve the problem. what's missing is political will. as president i build a wall, triple the border patrol. enforce the immigration laws including deportation. >> there are two reasons i think from my perspective why this wall needs to be built. you describe why it hasn't been. democrats see a voting majority for generations to come and republicans catering to big business. they want cheap labor. we also run the risk that isis
7:25 pm
will cross that border. al qaeda will cross that border. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> for those people out of work, now more competition of jobs so fewer americans are getting them and when they do get them we're driving down wages. >> let's give you a great example. after the debate last night donald trump did a long interview. i think it was on cnn. where he was saying -- >> thanks a lot. go ahead. >> it was a terrible interview. >> okay. >> but he said on that, you know, it was revealed yesterday in the press that right now his hotel in florida brings in foreign workers and refuses to hire americans. and he was explaining that. he got hit on the debate and explaining it on cnn saying, well, it's just impossible to find americans who want to work in palm beach as waiters. or bellhops. he said you just can't find qualified americans. look, the press story was roughly 300 americans applied for these jobs. you know how many donald hired?
7:26 pm
17. now, you're telling me there are no americans to be waiters? funny. when i go down to. theg.i. fridays i see americans to be waiters and guessing the tips are better in donald's fancy hotel but, but the beauty from big business they're captive. they can't leave. you don't have to pay them as much. they're trapped. that's why big business likes this and so it's why i find astonishing listening to donald talk tough on immigration. he faced a million-dollar court judgment for being part of a conspiracy to hire illegal aliens. this is not someone who is going to follow through on what he's saying and the difference is i will and i always have. >> we'll continue. we're in beautiful nashville, tennessee. we'll also get audience questions in as this edition of "hannity" continues straight ahead. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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welcome back to beautiful
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nashville, tennessee, as we continue. we're on the road with 2016 presidential candidate senator ted cruz from the great state of texas. i don't think there's an american that is not worried about homeland security. one question that i don't think the media's ever asked barack obama i would like answered. did he ever watch any of the isis beheading videos? now, some of you may not want to watch it. i watched it because not only my job but i wanted -- this is evil in our time. and protecting our homeland obviously is a top priority any president. how do we stop what is a modern-day evil? >> look, sean. you are exactly right. isis is the face of evil and we have a president right now who is so hampered by left wing political correctness he refuses even to acknowledge what it is we're facing. as everyone knows, he will not say the words radical islamic
7:30 pm
terrorism. and he's worse. president obama is an apologist. i remember the national prayer breakfast. the day after -- you remember the jordanian pilot lit on fire by isis? and the king of jordan was scheduled to speak at the national prayer breakfast and had to fly back to jordan when that happened. president obama spoke at the breakfast. i was there. president obama gave a speech where he said, well, yes. isis is doing bad things. thank you, plp, for acknowledging that. but he said, you know what? christians and jews have done bad things, also. and he brought up -- >> he talked about the terrible deeds in the name of christ. >> yes. >> but he can't say radical islamic terrorism. >> he talked about the crusades and the inquisition. those ended centuries ago and i don't think it's asking too much for the president of the united states to stay in the current y
7:31 pm
millenninium. >> but -- >> the real problem with that, that is the argument that isis uses. they justify, you know what? if christians were murdering other people because they don't share their faith, you and i and all of us would speak out. jews murdering other people because they don't share their faith, we would speak out against it. they're not. if someone has a different faith than you, you don't have the right to go murder them. you know, and if someone disrespects your faith, you know, you see in europe where you draw a cartoon of mohammed and a bunch of lunatics come and try to murder you. the book of mormon, it's playing on broadway. i imagine if you're mormon that's a blasphemous comedy. mitt romney didn't blow up the
7:32 pm
seeing it. faith also implies tolerance and you do not have the right to murder others and this president when he claims this moral relativism, when following paris and san bernardino he gets up and gives a speech not about the murderers who declared jihad on us but instead lectures america on islamophobia. what nonsense? >> how does america defeat this modern-day evil? >> you start with the president. who has a clarity of vision and understands what it is. as president, we will defeat radical islamic terrorism. we'll set that object and the commander in chief, i'll set the objective not that we are going to weaken and degrade. but that we are utterly and completely going to destroy isis. >> all right. for the constraints of time we have, it is very likely i think based on my now 30 years on radio and 20 years at the fox news channel i think hillary's
7:33 pm
going to be their nominee. >> yeah. >> will she be hard to beat? >> it depends on -- >> tell me how you really foal. >> actually, sean, it depends on tuesday. it depends on tuesday. if donald trump is our nominee, hillary will be very difficult to beat. because donald can't -- he can't criticize her foreign policy because donald described her as one of the greatest secretaries of state of all time. and he supported her disastrous policy in libya that resulted in handing that country over to radical islam terrorism. can't criticize here on domestic policy and supported them on the wall street bailout. he can't criticize her on obamacare because he's advocating full on government control socialized health care. the e-mail thing is bad but not the remotely biggest scandal facing mill ri. it's the clinton foundation where this foundation by all appearances may have been a criminal enterprise where you
7:34 pm
have foreign governments, foreign heads of state, foreign companies writing 6 and 7 figure checks to the clintons while she is secretary of state. appears they were buying favors. any republican running against her, that needs to be front and center. >> all right. >> if donald is the nominee, she will laugh and turn it to him and say, but, donald, you gave $100,000 to the clinton foundation. what does he say to that? >> you're asking me? >> he can't. >> we have to take a -- >> if we nominate donald we don't have a candidate to beat her. the difference is if i'm the nominee we will hillary and we will win the general election. >> we are in nashville, tennessee. we'll continue with senator ted cruz. when we come back, our audience asking the 2016 republican candidate questions straight ahead right here on "hannity." to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish.
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continue with 2016 republican presidential candidate senator from the great state of texas, senator ted cruz with us. i just was told by new york chris christie endorsed donald trump. your reaction? >> well, listen. this -- >> don't blame me. i didn't make the news. >> this decision is going to be made by the voters on super tuesday. >> okay. now, we have -- we have some people that want to ask you questions, senator. >> hi. >> hi. how are you? >> very well. >> who you i don't? >> janine. >> long time listeners? . did anyone ever tell you you look like reece witherspoon? >> no. >> you do. you have a question for the senator? >> yes. we have seen many discussions through the debates concerning the issues. yet there's not been a lot about a candidate's character. i think the american people want
7:41 pm
an honest candidate who exemplifies courage, loyalty and the truth. why are you the best candidate with regards to moral integrity? >> great question. >> janine, thank you very much for that question. you know, it really does go right to the heart of it because we keep, you know, why are people frustrated with washington? because politicians keep breaking their word to us. they sound great on the trail but they don't do what they said and so it goes right to character. you know, i'm reminded of warren buffett has a phrase he says hiring people. he wants them brilliant and loyal. and if he didn't have the third he wants them lazy and stupid. look, if an elected official is not loyal, won't honor the commitments he makes, everything else goes out the window and so the test i would suggest to apply to all of us.
7:42 pm
you shall know them by their fruits. >> thank you very much. you'd like to ask a question? hi. what is your snam. >> julie. >> hi, julie. >> senator, as long as i can remember my son has dreamed of serving our country with the military career. if all goes well, he's going to be attending a service academy after he graduates in the spring and of course we couldn't be prouder. but i'd like to ask you, what assurances can you offer military moms and potential military moms like myself since it's likely that some day you may need to send our sons and daughters into harm's way? >> well, julie, thank you for that question. thank you for your son's commitment to service and your commitment to service. you know, one of the most shameful aspects of the last seven years has been barack obama sending our fighting men
7:43 pm
and women into conflict with rules of engagement that effectively tie their arms behind their backs and impossible to win, impossible to defeat the enemy. that is wrong and i give you my solemn commitment, that will end on january 2017. >> let me point out, senator, we met the tv audience. young lady, you're going into the air force? maybe you want to get up and ask a question? no? you can stand up, though. you're about to go into the air force academy? or did you -- joining the air force. go ahead. feel free. hi. what is your snam. >> i'm stephanie. >> hi, stephanie. thank you for serving your country. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> what advice would you give someone about to leave to the military? >> great question. >> well, it is a great question. thank you for your being to serve.
7:44 pm
for stepping up and defending this nation. you know, there's a lot of talk about the 1% being the rich people on wall street but the real 1% are the real men and women that serve and risk everything for us. . and, you know, look. the advice i would give is simply maintain your diligence, your perseverance and keep your eye on why it is you're serving that you are fighting for this country that we love with all of our hearts. you are fighting to keep the men and women gathered here safe. and you are fighting so that your kids and my kids can have a brighter future going forward. >> thank you. all right. we'll continue more questions from our audience as we continue from beautiful nashville, tennessee. it is "hannity" and we'll continue with 2016 republican presidential candidate ted cruz straight ahead. picy!
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welcome back to "hannity" where we're with 2016 republican presidential candidate senator ted cruz and we are now taking audience questions and you, sir, what does that say on your hat? >> ted cruz. >> ted cruz. okay. looked like green bay packer colors. >> i used the like the packers. >> what is your snam. >> marty smith.
7:50 pm
>> welcome. >> thank you. i'm a marine veteran, senator cruz. >> semper fi . from out of control federal bureaucra bureaucracies, especially the epa is strangling the economy, eliminating jobs and robbing american citizens of our god-given liberties. >> yes. >> as president, what can you do? what will you do to get the federal government off of our backs? >> thank you, great question. terrific question. thank you for your service as a marine and fighting for
7:51 pm
convention in states. you know that question goes right to the heart of the challenge working men and women are facing. my priority is economic growth, because that is what is foundational to solving every other problem, if you look at the regulations from washington they're strangling small business, killing jobs, driving down wages and making the american dream harder to achieve. this is where having a firm understanding of the constitutional authority of the president is very important. if you look at what barack obama has done with executive power that is wrong is that he intruded under the law making authority. under the constitution, all legislation powers are in congress. the president can't make the law, change the law or ignore the law. all executive power is vested in one president of the united states. and the regulatory state, this army of unelected bureaucrats
7:52 pm
represents congress's efforts to tie the executive power of the presidency. when democrats are in office, regulations grow. but when republicans are in office, they still grow, but more slowly. i had a cynical friend suggest a bumper sticker, republicans, we waste less. we have never had, marte, a president willing to use the full article two executive power to go after the regulatory state, to rescind regulation. i intend to rescind the waters of the united states regulation. i intend to rescind the so called clean power regulation and intend to fire regulators who will not comply withouting getting out of the way and allowing economic growth. i said there is one government agency that i would be willing to expand. that is our embassy in iceland.
7:53 pm
because you know, if you transfer about 10,000 regulators to iceland, it will have a powerful effect focusing the mind of focusing the minds of everyone there. and if i get into office, i give you my solemn commitment that the body of federal regulations will have decreased significantly and human liberty will have increased in equal amounts. >> we have to take one more break and we'll continue. we're in nashville, tennessee with senator ted cruz in texas, it's "hannity" on the road. thanks for being with us.
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whose long dayis sheldon setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. we're back in beautiful, nashville, tennessee with 2016 presidential republican
7:59 pm
candidate, senator ted cruz. we have less than a minute and it's a big day, tuesday, we wanted to give you that minute to make a final pitch. >> listen, our country is in crisis, i'm campaigning because i love my little girls, i don't want to look them in the eyes 10, 20 years from now and say we stood by and lost the greatest country in the world and bankrupted this country. tuesday is a fundamental choice. we have been burned so many times, we don't need another deal maker. we don't need another candidate that will cut deals with democrats. we need a principled constitutional conservative who will said what he said, and fight for the working men and women, we're going to repeal obamacare and abolish the irs. small businesses are going to explode. jobs are going to explode. young people are going to have
8:00 pm
2, 3, 4, 5 jobs coming out of school. we can do it if we stand together on tuesday. >> nashville, thank you for being with us. god bless you, senator, thank you so much. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here on monday. in. check it out. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator and you work with these people. >> senator cruz. >> you should be ashamed of yourself. >> a brawl breaks out in the tenth republican debate as the candidates know donald trump may be on the verge of victory. >> five things everyone is dumb, is he going to make america great again, win, win, win. >> sniewrt rubio, please. inch line around the street. every night. >> some believe senator rubio won the debate. others think differently. again, it was all about] trump. >> >> when i was leading the fight against the gang of eight am mess city bill where was donald he? was firing dennis rodman on celebritypp


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