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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 27, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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live twitter voting results on your screen. will bring more voters to donald trump. 7% say 73% say yes and 27% say no. i put something up on fa ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone, i'm tom shillue. let's check this with andy levy to see what exciting stories we're going to be discussing. >> coming up on the big show, donald trump gets a big endorsement from chris christie. congrats to the new jersey governor for following in the footsteps of david duke. >> andy! you can't say that. >> plus, the new survey shows that most americans don't care at all about the oscars. so hopefully they'll care about a survey that shows they don't care about the oscars because we're talking about it. and a comedy central gives a discount to females and minorities.
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back to you, king of babylon. >> thanks, andy. let's welcome our guests. she's got a heart of gold and a spine of tinfoil. joanne nosuchinsky. he's an adjunct professor, so he spills his days filling children's heads with poisonous ideas. democratic strategist christopher hahn. and editor of the national review, rich lowery. he looks like jason seagull, jason seagull. and ben kissel. let's start the show. at thursday's gop debate, marco rubio attacked donald trump's business ethics, hiring practices and financial achievements. friday, he went after his tweets. >> here's the first one. lightweight marco rubio was
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working hard last night. this is true. the problem is, he is a chocker. and once a chocker -- choker, i guess that's what he meant to say. next tweet. marco rubio looks like a little boy on stage. he meant to say lightweight. last one, every poll said i won the debate. great honer. i think he went honor. -- meant honor. >> thursday's debate was a two-hour scream fest, but which candidate was sweating more the >> last night during two of the breaks, he went backstage. he was having a meltdown. >> i saw with rubio, i saw -- and he's a nervous wreck. >> first, he had this little makeup thing applying makeup around his mustache. >> putting on makeup with a trowel. he was just trying to cover up the sweat.
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>> during the debate, a rubio supporter kept screaming. it was hard not to notice. >> if he builds the ball the way he built trump towers, he'll be using illegal labor to do it. [ screaming ] >> "red eye" has obtained video of her. look. [ screaming ] >> we are the party of diversity, not the democratic party. >> she's a great supporter. >> what a talent. >> it's a great honer to have her in here. >> it is a great honer to have her in my court. i'm just so surprised that donald trump messed up the "b" and put an "h" in there. that's really too bad. >> if spelling accounted for anything, i would have never passed the bar. i don't know what i would be doing right now.
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probably marco rubio's makeup with the trowel. >> the keyboard is a phone. i have trouble with my fingers and i have rather lean fingers. >> it all just sounds like a child screaming. >> so what do you think? do you think rubio got a lot of great attention today for his performance in the debate. today, he was having a lot of fun on the stump. is having for first time. am i right? >> he's having a great time. it's a little too late. but that's okay. it's interesting, we talk about this election in context of how it's we have an atheist socialist running, two hispanics running, and what's unbelievable is the amount of pee-pee references. >> rubio said he referred to him wetting his pants. >> yes. rubio said donald trump might have wet his pants.
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trump claimed that hillary had a bathroom blooper a few debates ago. this is as juvenile as it gets. >> lowery, you wrote a great article which you congratulated rubio for lowering the bar. >> well, trump has won these debates. he said he won them, not by making points or arguing substance, but just by establishing his dominance through interruption, insults, mock erier mockery. unfortunately, the only way to defeat that is to do the same thing. so we've gone to the lowest common denominator, bodily fluids. >> is it -- has it helped rubio? do you think it's conduct unbecoming marco rubio? >> i don't think there's
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unbecoming in this race anymore. if he had taken a pass last night, it would have been over for him. what's happened today, it's been a split screen with trump and with rubio. trump, christie and rubio. >> at least we're talking about him. we are talking about trump still, but it was rubio all day. where's cruz? >> exactly. he's probably thinking this will benefit him, if he's just sitting pretty, they're about to go to texas. it's his home turf, he has the advantage there. he's probably thinking if i can just slide by, keep talking to the people, i'll be fine. but i don't know that's the case. because we've seen the more exposure you get on tv it helps your numbers. unless you're ben carson. >> i think it's about time somebody went after trump's vulnerabilities, because hillary is going to any way.
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the other day you wrote this article in politico -- didn't it come out in the debate? you never stop writing articles. you wrote this great article the day of the debate and i think rubio's team looked at your article. do you suspect the same thing? rich made all those points. >> and hillary is going to, as well. >> it happened here in new york. marco rubio had his best night ever last night. but nobody cares anymore. it's over. today's gone. the cycle goes on. he has to keep doing it. if he doesn't, he's done. if he doesn't win on tuesday, he might be done, too. >> but it's going to make trump stronger. if he's able to fight off these attacks of republicans he'll be ready for hillary. >> just like the undertaker got
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stronger by the souls of his enemies. donald trump is the undertaker and he has his own little poll there, who is, of course, chris christie. >> friday, chris christie rocked the political world when he announced he's endorsing trump. here's christie. >> donald is a great guy, a good person, but i don't think he's suited to be president of the united states. >> why? >> i don't think his temperament or experience. >> let's see that endorsement. >> showtime is over. we are not electing an entertainer in chief. showmanship is fun, but it's not the kind of leadership that will change america. i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. >> there we go. okay. christie was eager to use trump's famous slogan. governor, who is donald trump? he's the man who will --
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>> the person who will do exactly what needs to be done to make america a leader around the world again. >> that was a little sloppy. try it again. we need a man who will -- >> restore the faith and confidence of the american people again and the fact that we are an exceptional, great nation. >> just say make america great again. who do we need? >> you need a strong, tough leader to restore america's greatness. [ laughter ] >> chris hahn, why can't he say the slogan? >> i don't think he got the memo. that's probably why he didn't do so well in the primaries. if he was paying attention, he would know what to say and just say it. everybody knows what donald trump is trying to do, he's trying to make america great again. i can't tell you what marco rubio is trying to do or what ted cruz is trying to do. i can tell you what -- it's trump and -- whatever it is. i know what donald trump stands
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for, even though i don't know what he stands for. >> that's it. we have a democrat talking here, rich. so why isn't trump the ideal candidate to take the fight to the democrats? >> because he's a nonidealogical centrist, he can hit hillary from the left and right when it's convenience. but, but, but, the day he wraps up the nomination, which might be as soon as march 16, they will come after him on all the business dealings and the things he said about women, all these things republicans don't care about and are willing to look past. >> i'm worried that america doesn't care. america wants to be entertained, and this man is entertaining the masses right now. and i took him as a joke in the beginning. i'm not taking him as a joke anymore. he has a very good chance of
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being the republican nominee and if he is, he has a very good chance of being president of the united states. >> the clinton foundation taking all the money, hillary has a history of defending her women when he had some ghastly sexual claims against him, so they cancel each other out. it was the '90s, everything was crazy. but with chris christie, it's very interesting. maybe he'll become the secretary of transportation, because like kate upton, he can't stop traffic. but not because he's beautiful, it's because he's brown troutal governor. >> he's beautiful. every person is beautiful in their own way. >> joanne, yes, they're going to go after trump. but this is what voters love to do, go after the rich guy. but they do it to any republican. it worked on romney, but maybe because he didn't fight back, right? >> i think wet're going to see
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more not attacks against trump but more people like chris christie going so his side. because it's better for their careers, i think long-term, if they have this man in their corner. and truthfully, with christie, he maybe likes trump a little bit. but you know what is stronger is his dislike of rubio. >> does anyone know why? >> it all goes back to when christie was getting traction in new hampshire, getting up into the teens, which was a big deal, that rubio's super pac hit him. he had a glass jaw. it was all over. he will never forgive marco rubio for that. look, if if you're chris christie, you have a choice. sitting there in trenton and serving out the last two year of your term, or being in a luxury seat in donald trump's jetliner at the center of the political universe, and the presumptive
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voice presidential pick. which voice are you going to take? >> the seats in the bandwagon are going to be taken after march 15. >> do you think trump will tone it down and let chris christie be the tough guy? >> i think he's possibly going to do that. [ overlapping speakers ] [ laughter ] >> now it is time for -- ♪ >> if you're still in denial about what's happening in politics, here's two good articles worth reading. "catching up with the american people" and "trump and the rise of the unprotected." bernie asserts that the american people, unlike what the pundits believe, are not mindless sheep following trump, they're leading him. the media elites he says didn't understand the people who live between manhattan and malibu. trump did and he jumped on their
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bandwagon. in a "wall street journal" column, peggy noonan upbraids her friends who make their living in politics. in america, she says, now only normal people are capable of seeing the obvious. noonan divides america into two classes. the protected and the unprotected. i think that's a much better way to think about it. the so-called elites aren't really elite but they are protected by the political system they helped build. the unprotected don't know much about politics but they know it's not helping them. this is a terrible feature of our average that we are governed by protected people, says noonan, who don't seem to care that much about their unprotected fellow citizens and concludes ominously, i don't know how serious this moment is, or they'll roll in it. that's what i was talking about,
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pulling over those disaffected blue collar people -- i was about to say whites, but maybe people of all classes. >> working class. a couple things i agree with. one, i don't think trump had any idea where he would end up in this race. he gave that announcement speech and said the thing about mexicans. it created a huge reaction and like a good gut level politician, he went to where the energy was and ended up in a different place. he is speaking to the disaffectioned. if you look at polls, the single most disaffected group that longer believes in the american dream is the white working class. they're more pessimistic about this country than african-americans and latinos. that is stunning and trump is speaking to it. he'll win over blue collar democrats but poorly among college educated women, among
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latinos and i'm not sure he'll have enough of the blue collar whites to make up for those losses. >> what do democrats do? trump's in there, and he's starting to win over those people he used to work in factories, what does hillary have to do? >> i was shocked by a poll that had trump tied with hillary clinton on long island. i think they cannot discount his appeal to that white working class voter that used to go with democrats. they have to do something to punch a hole in this myth that he has created about himself that he's for them. how can this guy, born with a silver spoon in his pocket, i got a small $1 million loan from my dad. she has to be forceful delivering that message. she needs somebody on the ticket better than her. >> with her, the transparency isn't there. with donald trump, it is. i think that the american voter really appreciates that. and likes knowing that they're
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in on it. they're in on everything he's saying because he's been honest about it. i loved both of these pieces. i think about -- i know a lot of average people, you know? average young people. and i often hear them say, we just need a businessman to be president. we have a broken system. we need a businessman to fix things. >> do you remember romney? he was trying to hide his wealth and trump comes out and says, i'm really rich. >> really, really rich. >> now he's trying to hide that he's not as rich as he said. >> you can check out this meme. it shows the 17 donors that donated to jeb bush and hillary clinton. it shows you that he's puppet for large corporations and the puppet. >> she's not a puppet to anybody. i don't think so. i think the biggest problem is her, she's a wonk. she wants to be in the room with
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spread sheets, solving problems. campaigning is not her thing. he's getting better at it. i worked with her in the united states senate. he was a fantastic senator. he will be a fantastic president if she can get out of her own way in the campaign. she is nobody's puppet, i'll tell you that. >> people think she is a puppet because people are giving her large donations from corporations and things like that. but it also plays to the erosion of the middle class. there is no longer a middle class. it's almost how the sock buffers you from your heel to your shoe so your heel doesn't blister. that's gone. >> there's blood everywhere. [ overlapping speakers ] [ laughter ] >> there's blood in my shoe. >> i love it. >> that was a great analogy.
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>> a man with no socks walking around the country club in his loafers. [ all talking at once ] coming up, does anyone care about this year's oscars? see if we can find even one person after the break.
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live from america's newsadq stark. another endorsement for donald trump. maine governor paul lepage claims trump is the only one that can make america great. earlier, new jersey governor chris christie revealed he is jumping on the trump bandwagon.
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the supreme court is being asked to block a ruling that allows louisiana to enforce a law requiring doctors who provide abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. a similar law in texas goes before the high court next week. we're learning more about the man who killed three people and injured 14 during a shooting rampage at a factory in kansas thursday. authorities revealed that cedric ford had a history of domestic violence. he was arrested in 2008 for a felony battery. he had been served with a protective order shordly before the shooting at the plant. the irs admits the number of taxpayers whose tax information may have been stolen now exceeds 700,000. that's more than double the previous estimate. the breach was discovered a year ago. the sensitive information might be used for identity theft.
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the thieves accessed the system where taxpayers can get tax returns from previous years. yoko ohno is expected to be released from a new york hospital where she's being treated for flu-like symptoms. she recently turned 83. she's resting in the same hospital where her husband john lennon died after being short in 1980. now back to "red eye." for all your headlines logon to ♪ the academy awards are this sunday but does anyone care? according to a recent poll, the answer is a resounding, eh. 62% say they don't care at all, and only 29% care a little. why can this be? i blame mark ruffalo. he said if he wins best supporting actor, his speech
12:25 am
will address climate change, social injustice and income inequality. sounds like a fun night. one actor who is almost certain to win is leo dicaprio. cameras caught up with him as he prepped for sunday night. [ laughter ] ♪ >> wow. leo, okay. >> that's how marco rubio got ready for the debate. >> i think leo needs maybe a nordic track before sunday. >> i think so. >> was that him? >> no. that was known as russia's fat leo. >> a very accurate description. >> but here's the thing. what happened to the oscars? people used to have parties. they would get excited about it.
12:26 am
>> you know what happened? "american idol," "the voice," all these things that you can vote and contribute to. people aren't as invested, because their opinions don't matter. if you're not part of the academy, it's not as exciting. and those who are hoping that leo will win or certain films will win, why? are you friends with these people? no. >> did you even see the movie they were in? >> that's so right. the people's choice awards used to be a joke. but now if you watch them, that's the excitement, because the fans are there, all screaming. they're engaged. and who are these oscar voters? from what i understand, they're just a bunch of old guys. >> i voted by buying tickets to "star wars" twice. how come it's not nominated for anything? that was a damn good movie. >> it brought this franchise
12:27 am
back to life. "mad max" is there, which is a good film. steven spielberg is graded on a curve. everything he does is pretty much perfect. >> you're right. >> did you see the film? >> i didn't see it. but i love bridges and i love spies. >> it's great. >> the problem is the oscars, the people who vote, the academy, if you made a movie in the '50s that did very well, you still get to vote. so you have these people who are older than leather face's grandfather sitting there like, yes, i would like to vote for whoever. they're completely out of touch with main stream america. and you see the dismekconnect. >> rich, do you care about the awards or did you ever? >> i never did. i would watch initially, see that the opening act was very lame. watched long enough to see best
12:28 am
choreographer in a foreign language animated film and nothing else happens until midnight. >> this is the controversy, chris hahn. this oscar is so white, it -- because people don't care, i think that controversy has gone nowhere. >> right. and not to mention chris rock is the host, which is the one reason i might tune in. but i think the oscars should do what the knicks do. they should do the oscars in 60 where you get all the best awards done in 60 minutes. people will watch it. coming up, halftime with andy levy. and i'm playing the birds eye lounge in humanitarian on march 12.
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welcome back. wow. they caught me slacking off there. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy. >> too busy watching the commercials. >> exactly. >> rubio and trump. tom, you blamed trump's misspellings on the phone keyboard. i don't think that's fair. the iphone keyboard is okay if
12:33 am
you have normal sized hands. the problem is, of course, when you have the way trump does have freakish baby hands and stuffy fingers. by the way, trump's spokeswoman, she might be the most dishonest person in all of politics, she had this to say, no more tweeting without glasses. i'm sure that was it. >> did she mean she was doing the tweeting? >> no, i think she meant she was not going to let him do that anymore. rich, you pointed out that trump has established his dominance and there's no way to beat him except to get on his level. you think they've gone as low as they can go by discussing bodily fluids. there you might be mistaken. we might tap depths that have been heretofore unseen.
12:34 am
>> such as? i don't know. they've not been seen. chris christie said nobody cares about the rubio stuff anybody. can rubio get that back in time to make a difference? >> no, i don't think he can. the only way to make a difference, you have to put a w. on the board. he doesn't do that, i don't know where he's going. >> joanne, you said trump's slogan is trust ted. >> yes. >> which i thought meant he liked to be tied up. >> that will be the next republican debate. >> we all have hobbies. >> absolutely. i'm not judging. rich, are all those eggs in the trump basket now? >> they are. but it's a pretty good bet. trump, probably 60%, 70% chance
12:35 am
of getting the nomination. and chris christie's odds of being the vice president have gone from zero to something. >> you referred to him as the presumptive vice president pick. >> i think he has a leg up on everyone else, because he's at the ground floor of the elevator. as soon as -- if trump wraps up the nomination, everyone will pile in behind him. the establishment will fall in line and christie will have been there first. >> rich, i know you have to leave to do the megyn kelly file. everything you have said on this show is exclusive to "red eye." you cannot -- >> can i make a point of personal privilege? i am part of "red eye" history. i was on a couple of the first programs the very first week before greg could read teleprompter. and greg engaged in some very offensive muslim humor that made
12:36 am
me fear just being on the set could result in death threats. it took me ten years to have the courage to come back. >> good to have you back. >> thank you. >> joe, you said we're going to see more people flock to trump's side because it's better for their careers. if trump wins. >> yeah. i mean, isn't trump just someone you want to have in your back pocket? you know what i mean? compliment. maybe i'm just -- >> rich, you said in a general election trump will have problems winning over college educated women suburbanites. according to trump, he's winning
12:37 am
with all groups. >> it goes to his blue collar support. you get the working class, you have conservative working class, moderate voters, voters in massachusetts who are working class and voters in mississippi who are working class. so he's cut across the boundaries. >> chris, you said democrats have to punch a hole in the myth trump has created about himself. i've seen a lot of democrats who seem to think it's going to be great if they have to run against trump in the fall. i think they might be making a mistake making that. >> i agree. there are a lot of republicans right now who realize it was a huge mistake. i think democrats are saying wow, we want to run against him. if i was advising a democrat, the person who i would want to pop up right now is ted cruz. he's easier to beat. >> i agree. >> ben, you said hillary is a puppet of the large corporations. and chris, you said she's not a puppet of anyone. i am declaring ben the winner of
12:38 am
that. >> finally you got to me. i felt like ben carson during a debate over here. what about the sock metaphor. the middle class -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> it's too theoretical. >> it just seemed like a seinfeld bit that went wrong. >> it didn't go wrong. it's a perfect metaphor. >> oscar stuff. joe, you made a good point saying the show is like "american idol" where you can vote and taking away some of the steam from the oscars. on top of that, we now have awards, because you have the sag awards and everything like that, where it feels like we've seen this before. >> it's like elitist fatigue.
12:39 am
>> tom, you said "star wars" was a great film. >> yeah. >> did you see it? >> yeah. >> just checking. ben, you talked about a disconnect between the oscars and the films that people like. >> yes. >> why shouldn't there be a disconnect there? >> because they want people to watch the oscars. >> i'm not agreeing with the oscar voters choices, but the idea is you're voting for best films, not the most popular. >> you're voting for the best films who the 65-year-old whites that live on the west coast think are the best movies, who are completely out of touch. >> that's a difference between best and most popular. i don't see why that's a problem. >> i guess we'll have to agree to disagree. >> all right. put a sock in it. [ laughter ] >> i have an idea for the mark ruffalo kind of thing.
12:40 am
they're doing something this year with the scrolling across the screen so they don't have to thank everybody. just do that with all the political stuff. time to take a break. comedy takes on white males when we come back. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. presidential hopeful donald trump picking up a couple of endorsements on friday. new jersey governor chris christie showing his support for the billionaire businessman. christie says trump is the republican candidate with the best chance of beating hillary clinton. maine governor paul lepage joined in. he's known for controversial comments of his own and says he sees a bit of himself in trump. we're learning more about the man who shot and killed three people at the kansas factory. cedric ford had a history of domestic violence. he had been served with a warrant to stay away from a former girlfriend. 14 people were wounded during thursday's attack. the irs says more than 700,000 taxpayers may have had
12:45 am
their personal information stolen by hackers. that's more than double the agency's previous estimate. it was discovered in may. the hackers accepted the get transcript system where taxpayers can get tax filings from previous years. apple stockholders showing their support for ceo tim cook as the company continues to clash with the fbi. they gave him a standing ovation at a meeting friday. cook continuing to defend apple's refusal to help the feds hack into an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. apple this week formally challenged the court order to unlock the encrypted iphone. i'm patricia stark. now back to a show worth staying up for, "red eye." for all your headlines, logon to you're watching the most
12:46 am
powerful name in news, fox news channel. no white guys need apply. an upcoming comedy festival in new york city is only accepting submissions from women, non-white dudes and lbgtq applicants. the organizers of the sender block festival are all women. they made a helpful video. ♪ ♪ >> token theater white dudes may still apply starting march 15, but will have to pay a $25 fee opposed to the $19.25 charged to everyone else. the difference in price is meant to reflect the gender pay gap of 77%. you can expect my submission very soon, ladies. ben, comedy festivals all over the place. >> irony is, they're not paying
12:47 am
anybody. you still have to pay to do comedy. >> you think it should be all free? >> you should get paid to do comedy. >> it doesn't include me. t. is for tall and i don't have a beard, so i'll be paying $19.25. >> they said bearded white dudes. i didn't know that's the thing now. i guess all the comedians are bearded. >> this 77 cents on the dollar thing isn't real any way, so they should throw that out. but i don't have a problem with them doing this if they want a more diverse lineup. i would like to see them have to make people prove that they identify as lbgtq, though. >> what would one do? >> you could just say you do.
12:48 am
>> you say you do, you're at least a q, right? >> chris, the -- you should be able to -- people state their orientation that nobody has to prove anything these days. >> that's the way it has to be. lady's night has been happening for 50 years in this country. >> yeah, it has. >> so there's a little bit of gender inequality going on. >> joanne, look, i'm thinking -- >> i don't like this! i want to be different. umm, you know, i just -- i have been to some shows where they're trying out new comics. i think it's wonderful for people to get a shot, but i end up sympathy laughing and i don't want to have to work at a comedy show. i don't want to validate you just because you're new and i'm a performer too and i feel like
12:49 am
i want to give you something. >> joanne, they don't want to have to worry about you, so you chill out and stop worrying about the sympathy laugh. >> i feel awkward and then i drink more. >> there's a white dude doing a show across the street and it's only $5 to get in. >> i'll go there. >> i believe this might be just a marketing ploy to have news organizations pickup the story. >> i don't think so. >> you don't? >> no. they're sincere about this. i think they also are happy to have coverage of it. we say it all the time, they're doing it for marketing. at some point you have to take people's word that they're sincere. >> i guess i'm too cynical. >> i'm not like that. i'm a romantic and i like to believe the best in people. if that is the case, they did a great job. >> and i'm going to submit my
12:50 am
application and i think you should, too. >> i will submit it. >> clearly these people have a degree from trump university. they took a marketing class, and it paid off. >> we'll close things out with a bedtime story.
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♪ coming up on the next "red eye," jill dobson, camille, kim, and jessie joyce. ♪ >> she was kicked out of high school for being 23. seems fair. yes, the pennsylvania honor student was actually a 23-year-old ukrainian national. seen here, used the alias asher potts. police say he assumed the false identity after his visa expired four years ago. he enrolled as a ninth grader and was less than four months from graduation. he became a member of the rotc and naval cadet program. even runner-up for homecoming king. harrisburg residents seemed find
12:55 am
with the ruse. >> he's an adult. it's scary. >> his mentality, level of thinking, beautiful girls that are under age and you have basically a grown man in here, you know, misrepresenting himself. >> beautiful girls, yes. charges include identity theft and tampering with a public record. did you see his picture. did you think he looked like a teenageer? >> he was balder than me. >> that is him right there. in his rotc outfit. you have to give the guy credit. he went right to 9th grade. >> this shows two things. one, it's just more proof that ukrainians look a lot younger than they are.
12:56 am
>> thank you. >> joanne is 32. not a lot of people know that. this guy stayed here after his visa expired. i think it's clear we need a wall between here and the ukraine. sorry, not the ukraine, just ukraine. >> joanne, you are ukrainian? >> i am. >> wow, what is wrong with you people? >> he wanted an education. not only that, he made all of us americans look bad, because he was so involved in his school, highest honors. he was doing great. meanwhile, the rest of us -- >> he did the whole naval cadet thing. this was a deep agent, they were planting an agent. this is no way out. >> you could go back to high school. you're a young looking guy. >> that wouldn't throw anybody off. >> this is what happens when romantic comedies are real.
12:57 am
drew barrymore, never been kissed. >> that does it for me. see you next time.
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don't forget. special report on deck coming up. this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. the gloves are officially off after a night of blistering attacks leveled at the front runner from senators marco rubio and ted cruz, a man known for not backing down, and chris christie. christie endorsed donald trump today. you may remember, christie attacked rubio for repeating himself at the debate in new hampshire. a short time ago i asked senator rubio about christie's endorsement of trump, i will have that answer in a moment. first, chief correspondent


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