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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  February 27, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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south carolina with a last-minute push before voters head to the polls, the latest from democrats straight ahead. >> a story prouder to be an american. a teenager saluting by making an american flag out of nearly 5,000 toy soldiers. this hour, joining us live. "fox and friends" begins right now. good morning. welcome to "fox and friends" on this saturday. >> good to see both of you. >> i'm holding down the fort. >> the ray of sunshine. let's talk politics. chris christie came out yesterday with big bombshell news, the big announcement from donald trump. a huge announcement and it was chris christie coming out,
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throwing his endorsement behind donald trump. >> wasn't huge. it was huge. if we can get a shot from "the new york post", huge. it really was. a huge endorsement for donald trump. >> it's a big endorsement. he says he can get a lot but chose this one and went on greta to talk why he walked chris christie out on that one. >> i had a 14 year friendship with donald trump, my wife pat and melania. we've known them for a very long time. i've said i had a great personal relationship with donald trump. it became clear to me in the past week that we needed to unite as party behind the person who gives us the best chance. of course, chris christie talked about running as president were not so kind he couldn't be a good president.
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wouldn't be the right leader. >> clearly, he's made his pick. >> donald trump saying look, yeah, we say a lot when campaigning but we're friends and our families are friends, i like chris quite a bit and look, this could be the new face of the establishment here. chris christie said i'm not part of the establishment. i'm a governor but you're starting to see things happen and newt gingrich tweeting this yesterday, he says this chris christie endorsement of trump is a real signal to the gop establishment they better begin thinking of trump as the future. >> will this change party elites opposed to donald trump being the front runner? we shall see. we also, by the way, took a twitter poll asking the question will christie's endorsement help rally behind donald trump. >> go on a vote and let us know. do you think the endorsement will lead to a rallyingfect? that's what donald trump did.
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look at 36 hours of politics. rubio and cruz go at trump and create a lot of energy, c con artist and trump changes the discussi discussion. is it turning into a two-man race? it's a big question. >> are people seeing the momentum and be on the winning band wagon, right? >> is it going to throw support by some lower tier candidates right now, dr. ben carson, what about jeb bush was in it a former governor, of course, governors like governors. what about governor kasich? he called him an effective leader of ohio and praised him about ohio buttest eshe's of c- >> notice the timing of the christie endorsement. the day after the debate many the next morning said marco rubio came out in a new light fiercely attacking donald trump and some say he won and donald trump brings out chris christie
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with the endorsement. >> all day yesterday, pamarco rubio was on the trail with the sail thing. >> first he took out this makeup compact, i caught him. he had a sweat mustache and asked for a full-length mirror. why do you need a full-length mirror? maybe he was worried his pants were wet. >> all of this and the state of florida can't stand him and we're up by 20 points. we'll win florida. let me tell you. >> too little too late, the attacking donald trump in the very same way he tends to attack his opponents making fun of marco rubio for sweating and making fun of him for a full-length mirror. trump was throwing a water bottle on the crowd relating to rubio. it has been donald trump going
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at other candidates throughout the campaign. they are throwing out the playbook. >> they thought it was a joke. they thought the candidacy was a joke and then he starts winning and winning huge and huge ways then nevada the latest, the latest drubbing that marco rubio and senator cruz have taken and look at the super tuesday states how they are stacking up. >> that's right. i think you look at three wins in a row in new hampshire, south carolina and nevada and these 11 states voting on tuesday, if you look at the polls real clear politics averages now, donald trump is leading in many ways eight of the 11 states and a lot of folks say if he runs the table, you got alabama, georgia, massachusetts, oklahoma, tennessee, vermont, virginia most are primaries. nine are primaries, two caucuses, most of them open p primarie primaries. that map -- >> by the way -- >> back up there, look at texas.
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texas is in play with senator ted cruz, that's not a red one on the map. it's yellow but he's neck and neck in some polls leading over cruz. >> cruz' people said this super tuesday is their fire wall. they got to be strong. he's got to win texas and see where it goes from there. >> by the way, mr. donald trump himself will come on with us later this morning at 8:30 a.m. eastern and we'll be able to ask him. >> it will be fantastic. all right. on the democratic side of things, the focus is on south carolina tonight. yeah, where polls in the primary open in less than an hour. >> peter is hot on the campaign trail in colombia where bernie sanders and hillary clinton are vying for the votes. good morning, peter. >> good morning, sandra. this was one of the busiest precincts for democrats in 2008. we should get a good idea how interested southern voters are in clinton beating sanders as soon as people start showing up
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or not showing up. senator sanders said he has not surrendered here in south carolina because he is way behind in the polls, he's not going to be here. he's off to rallies in super tuesday states so we've heard his final pitch to democratic south carolinaens and it sounds like this. >> i'm not here to tell you i can do it all. i can't do it all. i need your help tomorrow here in south carolina. we need a big turnout tomorrow, but i need your help not just tomorrow. i'm going to need your help the day after the general election. >> whoever wants to win here in the south carolina democratic primary needs a strong showing with african american voters. we've heard talk about racism. criminal justice reform and funding for historically block colleges and universities. protestors from the black lives matter movement made a lot of
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noise in the last few days and sec tretary clinton says a win r her today could change south carolina. >> the south carolina primary is personally important to me. i will do everything i can as a democratic nominee, if i'm so fortunate to help turn south carolina a little bluer this year. >> clinton does have a commanding lead here in south carolina less than an hour before polls open but anything can happen and even if she does win, if she doesn't win by a lot and sanders keeps it close, it could put brakes on momentum. >> anything can happen, pete. i'll stick with that one because you can't predict anything in this election. thank you. >> thanks, peter. to other stories making headlines this morning, disturbing video surfacing on facebook of a kansas gunman cedric ford shooting an
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automatic weapon. [ gunshots ]. >> ford, a convicted felon shot and killed three people and hurt 14 others at his workplace before police shot him dead. meanwhile, a school district employee sarah hopkins is charged with buying an ak-47 and handgun and giving them to ford which he used in the attack. court records show she's the mother of ford's two children. >> an uber driver's wife filing for divorce. he killed six people in three separate shooting. carol dolton sited a break down in the marriage of 21 years. dolton seen in a gun store hours prior to the attack facing six counts of murder.
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and new overnight john lynn none's widow rushed to the hospital. she was having severe flu-like symptoms before calling an ambulance to her apartment. it's the same one she shared with the beetle. she's on the mend and will be heading home soon. it is the most heart-warming video you may see all day. watch what happens when a virginia navy dad surprises his son after three months overseas. >> if you can think of one surprise in the whole world, what would it be? >> him to be home. >> hey. >> nothing like it. a 7-year-old alex could not fight tears upon seeing his father. chief petty officer sean colin.
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love to see those. >> rick? >> good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> we were just instructed we have 30 segments outside on the plaza this morning and it's like four degrees out. >> not tomorrow, producers, because tomorrow will be really nice. >> did it on purpose. >> hey, guess what? we'll start to get into the season where there is going to be more outside and we'll see things like spring. last weekend of winter. we'll talk more about that. here is the temperatures waking up not looking super winter except for maine and that's typical. but we have a really dry weekend in store for almost everybody. the eastern seaboard and central part of the country looking great. more rain moving into the pacific northwest, southern california looking dry. we'll get rain starting five to six days from now. temperature-wise very warm today across the central part of the country and tomorrow builds in across parts of the east and
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everybody looking at tuesday. we're watching a storm system going to pull in in eastern texas through parts of mid mist miss. river valley. could look at severe weather. we'll watch that closely but a lot of states impacted potentially on the big voting day. >> rick, we'll take you outside with us when we go outside. you seen what gitmo looks like on the outside but never seen this. >> listen to this story, an arizona county prosecutor taking a stand against apple? >> if apple wants to become the official smart phone provider to isis and the cartel, they can do so but there is going to be a consequence. we will no longer issue iphones. >> wow. >> okay. >> story is real. the county prosecutor sending a message to one of the world's largest companies next. you don't want to miss this.
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welcome back. the fight between the feds and apple firing up. now inspiring angry reaction at the state level. maricopa state attorney bill montgomery saying hisxd office will noe1 longer provide iphone upgrades for its staff. saying, instead, apple's refusal to comply with law enforcement, quote, put apple on the side of terrorists instead of on the side joiningçó us from phoenix to talk about his decision ist(q maricopa county attorney bill montgomery. bill, nice to see you this good morning. >> bill, i have to admit, being totallyçó honest with you, when i first heard this story i thought it was a joke. the head attorneyq for maricopa county was goinge1 to that they couldn't use one of the most secure phones int( the world. instead they would have to use less securenbphones. the very thing you are
3:18 am
let's be clear, too. this was an agency decision in response tow3 a circumstance where we have got a corporation that certainly has the means and ability to cooperate with the fbi. decides that they don't want to do so. even though this is a very important investigation. and so what i did in fact that, you know, i'm8(rhc fiduciary for public tax dollars and i'm not going to spend them then for law enforcement agency where they don't want to cooperate with a law enforcement agency. >> but apple -- the iphone being one of the most secure phones in the world then, have you drawn up a list of other phones because wefá have, obviously we know this week that google came out in support of apple. microsoft came out in support of apple. so you have the android operating system, hav.x4=u microsoft windows operating system, and you have apple. what phones does that leave employees if you don't use any of those three? >> well, two distinctions tor make. first, that employees who currently have an iphone
3:19 am
to upgrade or replace it for anotherçó iphone and new employees are not going to be issued iphones. issue for me is not necessarily internal security. we don't have issue to do with that the issueq was whether a company was going process. if these other companies rather than put me in untenable position, it puts them in untenablew3 position. motivate congressñi to reset everything back to where it was. >> isn't that really the issue of this? isn't that really the heart of all of this? you haveñr argued this puts have heard from thousands of people across the country that are not membaysxdf isis that look, i care about my security. i don't want the federal government or somebody else getting hands on encryption
3:20 am
our healthxd information. banking information, everything we hav lives are on devices. they are not members ofok isis. >> sure. well, clayton, at the same time, too. it'sq notñie1 either/or. this isn't an instance where if apple or google or anybody else were to cooperatelp with law enforcement investigation that immediately everybody's personal privacy is at stake. faith in protecting my privacy, because i'mq anxd american citizen likelp everybody else in the fourthl4j@ amendment and our constitution. i'm not going to put my protection of my privacy in the hands of some benevolent corporate ceo who thinks he place. >> my sources is apple has been working with the fbi. apple says they are willing to sit down at tku table find out what can work. we are going to have hearings next week. we are up against a hard break. i could continue talking
3:21 am
about this the rest of the morning. >>6m thanks, clayton. >> a story rocking the political world. chris christie getting on board the trump train. will the rest of the republican party follow his had lead? our political panel isçhere in theqxi house.çó let's get him some blends. good t(e1t(quñijffáe1m i tried depend last weekend. it really made the difference
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>> there is no one better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than donald trump. the best person to beat hillary clinton in november, on that stage last night, is undoubtedly donald trump. and so i am thrilled to be here this morning, to lend my support. >> there it is. new jersey governor chris christie throwing support behind donald trump. will this rally republicans behind trump, however? our political panel is here to weigh in this morning. red alert politics ryan.
3:25 am
life reporter ashley and executive director nomiki cons chris christie endorses donald trump, big deal? >> big deal to the establishment. you have christie coming tell it like it is governor. trump stole his slogan from him. it comes out and endorses him. shut people up that saying rubio went for the jugular. trump dominated the news coverage for another day because of it. i think it helps him. it gives him legitimacy giving a governor's backing to his candidacy. we will see what happens going forward. you you have two tell it like it is people. again a big blow to the establishment. >> absolutely. rubio came screaming out of the debate. people thought he had that momentum. does this endorsement arrest that and put this race totally in donald trump's camp? >> rubio was hoping for the establishment to coalesce as an establishment ticket. what happened was the day before christie's
3:26 am
endorsement congressman chris jeb supporter endorsed trump. the idea that the establishment was going to come together and rally around rubio is not happening. christie is a another step back for the rubio plan. not going to give trump more votes but it's going to sit there and say, look, i am the candidate that's going to be the nominee. >> nomiki, do you think this will make a sister-in-law difference on tuesday in these polls. does it make a bigger win for him? >> i think it legitimizes trump even more. so unifying the party. it's a blow to marco rubio. marco rubio wept on stage the other night was trying to outtrump trump. on the campaign trail he is trying to outtrump trump. that's what his campaign advisors are a advising him to do at this point. at this point it's way too late. donors. you have kim lang gon a former christie support he would have backed christie but trump was already in the race. vacuum being filled. this is a relationship that goes back many years.
3:27 am
chris christie, when he was inaugurated, donald trump was in the front run of the inauguration. they have a long friendship. even though chris christie put donald trump's brother-in-law, what is it, son-in-law's father in jail for two years for campaign violations. so this is very strange dynamic here. >> i'm from new york. that's normal. >> a lot of new york, new jersey politics in play for sure. >> south carolina there is a big primary tonight. the democrats will be voting between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we have noticed state by state an enthusiasm gap in many places with turnout being a lot lower in iowa, in new hampshire, and in nevada. each place tens and in some cases is hundred thousand less people showing up for primaries and caucuses. tell me, ashley, do the democrats have enthusiasm problem here. >> they do. they can turn out the vote whether or not that's acontribute to do donald trump being able to get politically apathetic voters to the polls? i don't know. there is definitely enthusiasm gap on the democratic particular that
3:28 am
could be be because they have a frontrunner facing federal investigation and all of this stuff that's been going on surrounding her candidacy. but bernie sanders has been really able to excite that young millennial generation. will that play into it in the general if he is the nominee? if it's her she is going to have a hard time. >> excitement for sanders. why such a low turnout. >> down 29% in iowa. 33% in new hampshire and 33 members in nevada. huge. at the rate it's going 250,000 less democrats that voted in 2008 than 16 and 4,440,000 more republicans than 2008. this is a huge gap. if hillary was a tinder account. they have no interest in coming out and voting. >> in the general election is this going to be a serious problem. >> it's a major problem if hillary clinton is the nominee. if it's bernie sanders that's not going to be as much of a rob. >> bernie sanders has been in the race and turnout is low. >> is he is solidifying his base. is he doing well on his side. hillary clinton doesn't have the numbers she had in 2008
3:29 am
when she as run ing. enthusiasm gap between different voting blocks. operations are very focused. before she was trying to get -- she was wydening her circle. she wants to right people to turn out. >> >> the establishment in the way absolutely 365. >> we have to leave it there. thanks for taking a look. we will go to south carolina tonight and super tuesday on tuesday. thank you very much. all right. coming up. you have seen what gitmo looks like on the outside. you have never seen it like this. i will take you beyond the walls of the detention center and what's inside. it's going to shock you. chaos behind the scenes of msnbc. the situation apparently so bad this high profile host says she is not coming to work. what if one piece of kale
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what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. president obama vowing to leave gitmo before leaving office. is that a good idea. notorious for holding the world's most dangerous terrorists. few know what it's really like inside our good friend guard did. >> i did. it's a high tech military base shrouded in secrecy.
3:34 am
i went back to find out the truth about what is really happening behind the walls today. >> there have been 300 and some assaults on the guards since i have been here. >> am i surprised seeing somebody going back in the fight, no. >> many with american bad on their hands. even the terror mast err minds behind 9/11 are being held behind me walls. some behave, others don't. >> we treat them with dignity and' respect even when they don't deserve it even when they are throwing feces or urine or spitting or scratching on guards. >> 700 detainees have been released. the percentage of those that return to the battlefield upwards of 30%. >> do you feel like the men still here pose a threat? some of them may pose a threat to americans in the future. >> i have no reason to expect that their commitment is any less than it was the day that they were first captured.
3:35 am
>> wire, chain link fences, fixtures in the world when they think of guantanamo bay. detainees that remain here are not in a security like this. they are in maximum security high tech prison that we went inside. bare bone facilities have been replaced with first class accommodations. their healthcare exactly ,c.ñ same as our troops. plus, a library with thousands of dvds, video games, and over 20,000 books. >> by far the most popular item since i have been here has been our religious books. >> this is a cell inside camp 6. you can see basic clothing items provided for detainees, a religious observation items as well for prayer time. head phones which are used wirelessly to watch any number of 300 satellite television channels that detainees have access to. basic amenities. also, an arrow pointing to mecca for prayer time. >> gitmo is more than a
3:36 am
detention center. active naval station home to thousands of families and civilians. it has a church, a school, and even6p a mcdonald's. >> guantanamo bay as you are all aware sitting here is a unique location. it's an odd combination of being deployed and being in a normal state side military base. there is opportunities for off duty things that you don't have if you are in afghanistan or iraq or some place like that. >> here in camp america, dozens of minute my monuments park the time infantry units many spend six to nine months. some upwards of a year guarding detainees year at guantanamo bay. , cuba. i was a part of the national guard. >> the men and women who work here in this facility, in the drug task force, are professional, dedicated, honorable bunch who did doo a great job every day. the politics aside, my folks, they can be proud of the work that they are doing
3:37 am
and go home with their head held high. >> well, leaders at gitmo like colonel say there is one thing they would like besides faster internet on the base, they would like a fair shake from the media there is such a perception of a goologue it's the opposite. >> the military improves its position. at this point it's a maximum security prison. you talk to the folks down there who have ever run facilities. guantanamo bay is better prison complex than almost all of them in the united states. couldn't can be a better place to hold them. >> amazing to get that inside look from you and your perspective. >> it was inteesting to go back. thanks. >> washington state five people dead including a gunman after a three-hour standoff. the armed man called 911 hours earlier reporting the shooting after police tried to negotiate with him. the shooter killed himself. a 12-year-old girl believed to be the gunman's daughter survived. the shooting victims are believed to be the man's
3:38 am
family. a nightmare ride caught on camera. >> where are you taking me? dude, you can you stop? are you [bleep] serious right now? >> we are going, way, way, way away. not even in the right direction of where we are supposed to be going. this door is still open. because i'm trying to get out and he won't stop. >> after requesting a lyft ride, which is a smaller competitor to$ uber. desiree i terrorism and her friend asked to be driven to their own apartment. after dropping taylor's' friend off. she says the driver refused to drop her off just a few streets down. the driver then drove the wrong direction with one of the doors wide open until taylor was finally able to get out at a top sign -- stop sign. the driver's credentials have been removed. msnbc anchor boycotting her own show. melissa harris barry refusing -- perry, i'm sorry, refusing to go back on air after her weekend show was preempted by
3:39 am
political show last week. in email to co-workers she says i will not be used as a tool for their purposes. i am not a token, mammy or little brown bobble head. she doesn't believe race was a factor. the show will be back on the air today but without harris perry. >> rick reichmuth for our weather this morning. moving on from that. >> hey, guys. one chilly day across the northeast and a big warm up for are a lot of eastern, i shouldn't say almost the entire country. it's been really warm. take a look at the maps. show you what i'm talking about. a warm-up happening in the central plains, temps today into the 70's. a lot of these areas are around 30 degrees above your average for this time of year. kansas city 70 degrees. you should be 47. you get the idea. amarillo 77. you should be 57. not shouldn't be but those are your averages for this time. so very warm one. in across the northeast today.
3:40 am
a little bit of snow flying in far northern new england and far upstate new york. and today is the chillier day. tomorrow warm-up by about 15 degrees. down in the southeast, we are going to be talking all sunshine pretty much everywhere. and look at those temps across texas and oklahoma. beautiful into the 70's. a lot of allergies kind of picking up there. 74 in north platte, nebraska. 51 in fargo. and finally out across the west. a little bit of rain moving into the pacific northwest. aside from that, i will tell you what, a spectacular weekend in store. >> thanks, rick. >> rick, you are beautiful, too. coming up here on the show. the government already regulates the minimum wage, now a new law give it power to regulate your schedule as well. >> a story that will make american. a touching tribute to our troops from one very patriotic teen. >> i like his captain american sweatshirt. >> he joins us ahead. ♪' start ringing her bell ♪ it will feel like the
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ask your doctor if farxiga is right for you and visit to learn how you can get it for free. you've heard of livable wages. but what about livable schedules? that's what the city of seattle is set to propose and mandate for their employees -- employers, i should say. will that end up hurting businesses or is it the kay of the future? here to debate it a fierce debate is set up, folks. steven sack, an attorney known as the employees lawyer. butch, the president and ceo of the grover group. thanks for being here so bright and early this morning. let's be very clear what this livable schedule means. we understand the livable wage thing and seattle is mandating a $15 minimum wage. you need to guarantee that workers get at1% least 11 hours of down time between shifts. they are going to require that workers get schedules a week in advance or be paid
3:47 am
time and a half if shifts are added inside of that time frame. and lastly they are going to require that employers pay employees for a few hours of work not performed if shifts are taken away or changed. butch, what is this going to do to businesses? >> hand my keys over to the employees and let them run the store. i have no chance of dictating what's going on. i mean, seriously. >> steven, it does feel like this is taking the power away from the employer. >> i see this evolution of where employment lawyering is going. when i started practicing 30 years ago we had no laws protecting gays or disabled or pregnant women. this is just an extension of protecting the rightscp of individuals so they are not abused and working day and night, you know. >> which as a business owner, how do you feel about this? >> this comes into effect. we have to raise our prices and add to unemployment. that's what's going to happen. >> you say you have to raise prices as a business and then, steven, that will be passed along to the consumer. >> i say employers and
3:48 am
restaurant owners, they will always find a way to make money. it's just a matter of doing the right thing. we had a lawyer in new york, libby's -- residents, interns and hospitals couldn't work more than a certain number of hours a week because they were like killing people at the hospital because they were working hundreds of hours, you know, without taking a break. >> kill people in a restaurant. >> same thing, people need time off to, you know, get their affairs in order. take care of their families. >> what are you hearing on that front? running restaurants and employees. >> one hour. give me more. give me more. not cut my hours. that will make cut hours. on demand party i need to have a party on tuesday, now i have to worry about giving them 11 hours between shifts, pay extra for calling them in when they are not on the schedule. i have to raise the price of the party. not take the party, that's it. >> you could not hire. if i'm being force to do have livable wages, livable
3:49 am
schedules, i might not hire workers. >> i used to hear this argument years ago when i would negotiate severance would negotiate severance packages onx now it's regular places. fires can't fire people before expected bonus or profit sharing plan. people have rights. employees have rights. again, this is a logical extension of where the law is going. >> pack this on to obamacare and kill the small business. >> very big killer. >> steven and butch, thank you for being here this morning. very good conversation. >> thank you. >> four dead americans killed in benghazi over hillary's watch. >> your wife tried to cover it up. [crowd booing] >> i'm not your commander and chief anymore, if i were, i would tell you to be. >> the outrageous story and the fallout from that straight ahead. and it's a story that will make you even prouder to bey an american. a teenager saluting the
3:50 am
troops by making an american flag out of nearly 5,000 toy soldiers. he is there. he joins us live next. i can get over 60 sheets of drywall into my mercedes-benz metris. to get 60 sheets of drywall into my van, i invented the fold-o-matic 5000. my metris also holds over 2,500 pounds of payload. hauling 2,500 pounds in my small van is no problem. i just divide and conquer. hauls more, stows more, tows more and fits in your garage. the mid-size metris from mercedes-benz. vans. born to run.
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3:53 am
this story will make you even more proud to be an american. high school students art project going viral after creating american flag using 4500 toy soldiers spray painted red,5white, and blue. >> and a the artist jacob fiesel tells us now. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> there it is behind you,
3:54 am
of course, over your shoulder. you said you wanted to do this to impress your teacher. was he impressed? >> yeah, i got a plus on this. >> very good. what inspired you to do, this jacob? >> i saw a picture online. memorial flag. i was like i can do this for a school project. i used his sculpture as inspiration for this. >> jacob, it's a beautiful piece of art just looking at it there is some symbolism behind it around the soldiers that i have heard you talk about a little bit. what do those soldiers mean to you as they pertain to the flag? >> here is how i see it, the soldiers fight for our freedom so that i can make art, therefore, they mean like the world. i don't evenz: know. they mean so much. >> thousands of these soldiers that you used. how long did it take you to do this? >> 56 hours over 11 daytime period. >> how many cans of spray
3:55 am
paint? >> roughly 20 to 30 cans. in that area. >> wow. so the reaction that you have gotten, has it surprised you? your mom took pictures of this, posted it on facebook. and it got 85,000 likes in one day. did that take you by surprise, jacob? >> yeah. i thought it would get like 12 likes and basically stop there. i didn't know it would go this far. >> it's got'en a lot more than that for sure. tell us. you say patriotic place. is this something that runs in your blood? >> yeah, basically. i really don't know why i'm so patriotic. i just kind of am. born near memorial day. i'm on team captain. yeah, i don't know why. >> indianapolis pretty patriotic city. >> absolutely. >> well, you are a fan of art. what do you plan to do after high school? >> what do i plan to do? well, right now, i plan on going to ivy tech to get
3:56 am
some just general courses out of the way and going on to university to do like two years of some kind of art. and getac a bachelor's degree. >> good for you. you have got a good start. we know you made your parents very proud and your teacher and your school, good stuff. hopefully you inspire others to do more pate i can. >> captain america. >> i want one of those. you can probably sell those. that's an awesome piece of art. thanks for doing that jacob. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show we told you about a u.s. marine beat up outside of washington, d.c., mcdonald's. turns out he wasn't alone. another hero in our nation's capital. >> you didn't know it but it's national snack%é month. we are taking it to a whole new level with crazy combinations. this is right. you are not just hearing, this popcorn and ice cream together. it can be be done. we are going to try it ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning, it's saturday, february 27th. i'm sandra in for anna kooiman this morning. donald trump and marco rubio take their attacks to a whole new level. >> friends do not let friends vote for con artists. >> honestly, this is not a presidential guy. >> a tough guy? this guy inherited $200 million. >> help me. i need water. help. >> and how will chris christie's endorsement of donald trump change this presidential race? we're reading your emails in just moments. >> and while the democrats battle for south carolina today, a vet confronts bill clinton over four dead americans killed in benghazi over hillary's watch. >> your wife tried to cover it up. [crowd booing]
4:01 am
>> bull, bull. >> i'm not your commander and chief anymore, if i were i would tell you to be. >> looks like a fair question to me or did the crowd cross the line? >> we told you about the brutal attack of a decorated marine outside of mcdonald's in washington, d.c. it's happened again on the same night. another marine beateleft for der nation's capital. this hour the family will share what really happened. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪+e ♪ i want candy ♪ i want candy ♪ >> we like to eat a lot on this show. and this hour we are celebrating national snack month. we have got popcorn, ice cream. >> together. >> popcorn and ice cream combined. >> in a snack food. and we're going to be eating all morning. >> do you have a favorite snack, clayton? >> pizza. >> pizza. >> absolutely. i could eat pizza.
4:02 am
>> guy on outnumbered he h. pizza sauce on him. >> i eat it vigorously. >> what about you? favorite snack? >> i had yogurt covered raisins yesterday. >> you can't eat one, you have to eat handfuls of that stuff. >> speaking of foodq fights, maybe. the campaign trail is heating up these days. chris christie is now big, big news of course yesterday was chris christie now joins donald trump on the campaign trail. he endorsed him yesterday, and today is heading out to two more stops. >> yesterday the big setup for this was donald trump saying and leaking to the press, hey, i have got a huge announcement, you don't want to miss this. when donald trump says he has a huge announcement about something it is usually pretty big. chris christie coming up there and throwing his support behind him struck a lot of people as odd because he had challenged donald trump. no way he could be a presidential candidate that he wasn't fit for the office. >> he went on grurn's show
4:03 am
last night and explained why he has now chosen to throw his support behind trump. >> i'm no longer in the race. i was the perfect best suited to be president of the united states. the voters decided otherwise. and of the folks remaining on that stage, donald trump is by far aand away with his executive experience with his toughness, with his vision for the country's future, by far and away the best person to be the republican nominee for president. >> the debate going on today is how much is this going to help donald trump. we did a quick snap twitter poll last hour asking will chris christie's endorsement help? it was split. >> endorsements are different this time around. we have been asking that question are they helping? hurting? or doing anythingcn at all. >> it may help more now than a previous candidate than any other guys, senator, governor, mayor of a particular town. this time this guy was running for office. >> the key endorsements at the key times. nikki haley was very helpful to rubio in south carolina. this strikes a lot of people as a different kind of
4:04 am
endorsement. >> what do you think about this? many of you are weighing in bernardo. is support is important. >> the back and forth, obviously, contentious. we mentioned off the show maybe it's the battle for first or battle for second is place right now between ted cruz, marco rubio, all throwing ó trump at the he very top. here is the back and forth yesterday with the yesterday with the barbs between marco rubio and donald trump. >> the gloves are off. >> watch. this donald trump was the first guy that begged for secret service protection. >> this total choke artist. >> his charade is up. this is a con job. friends do not let friends vote for con artists. >> honestly, this is not a presidential guy. >> a tough guy?
4:05 am
this guy inherited $200 million. he had not inherited $200 million right now he would be selling watches in times square. >> believe me, i would love if he gave me 200 million. believe me, that is not true. that is way, way, way off. >> first he had this little makeup thing applying makeup around his mustache because 9 it was disgusting. >> he wanted a full length mirror maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet, i don't know. >> i saw him back stage with his makeup putting it on with a trowel. >> help me, i need help. it's rubio. >> honestly, i want everyone at home right now to take a moment and take a deep breath and think about this. have you ever seen anything like this in american politics before? >> no. >> i can't ever remember a presidential campaign.
4:06 am
>> absolutely. donald trump has been in many ways a bully that a lot of candidates put a lot of people out and marco rubio is fighting back, trying to bully the the bully. we will see how it works. >> you know why they didn't do this because they didn't believe he was legitimate candidate. through the summer and fall they didn't think he was real. then he starts winning all these primaries and caucuses and they start throwing fire. >> they are seizing that moment. donald trump coming up at 8:30 this morning. we will have him on live to react. >> big morning to talk to him. >> super tuesday a couple days away. part of that realization is that he has not only won three in the row he is ahead and aided the 11 states on super tuesday in some cases heavily. >> close in states like arkansas and texas, too. >> and he will be the first it to tout that he is the best position to beat hillary clinton. we will otqpá coming up in a lie bit. meanwhile on the democratic side of the equation, the focus is on south carolina. >> that's right, because the
4:07 am
polls opened just about six minutes ago. >> peter doocy is hot on the campaign trail where bernie sanders and hillary clinton are vying for votes, peter? >> people just started voting pete and clayton and san draft the forecast decide turnout wise today is for about half as many people to vote today than last saturday when the republicans had their primary mere. cited out west as predicting somewhere -- half way between 2004 turnout level and 2008 turnout level. and hillary clinton, who is way ahead here, thinks that if she wins today she can 4ghtuáu)(p&ly for good. >> south carolina primary is personally important to me. >> i will do everything i can as a democratic nominee, if i'm so fortunate to help turn south carolina a bluer this year. >> and here's something you
4:08 am
may not expect in a state that is having a primary. neither candidate is going to be here this morning. hillary will appear in alabama before coming to a rally in south carolina tonight. and senator sanders is in texas and minnesota. not coming back to south carolina. he has been spending a lot of time, instead, in super tuesday states where the polling is more favorable to him. and despite claiming that he is not surrendering in south carolina, he has already made his final pitch to voters in south carolina and it sounded like this. i can do it all. i can't do it all. i need your help tomorrow here in south carolina. we need a big turnout tomorrow. but, i need your help not just tomorrow. i'm going to need your help the day after the general election. >> the polls just opened a few minutes ago. they are going to stay open until 7:00 tonight. this was one of the busiest primary -- rather, busiest
4:09 am
polling locations in the democratic primary in 2008. you can see there is already a line and that -- it's just been a few minutes. we will see how things go for the rest of the day. >> all right. >> early bird catches the worm. >> thank you, sir. >> every vote counts just6n the same. >> now to your headlines this morning. a lot going on. new overnight, the biggest international push to end the brutal violence in syria is now in effect. starting at midnight, russia, the rebels, and the syrian government stopped air strikes in the country as part of a u.s. brokered cease-fire. the goal is to end syria's a year civil war. however, the white house says this isn't possible so long as bashar al assad is president. now, to other stories making headlines this morning. we have learned the identity of the cop hailed a hero for stopping the deadly kansas shooting. police chief doug schroeder ran into excel industries
4:10 am
among a barrage of bullets and gunned down the attacker. cedric ford, authorities say schroeder's action saved dozens of lives there. facebook of ford practicing with automatic weapon months before the attack. [gunfire] >> meanwhile a school district employee sarah hopkins has been charged with buying ak 47 and handgun and giving them to ford which he used in that attack. court records show she is the mother of ford's two children. yoko heu he ohno rushed to the hospital. 83-year-old having flu symptoms before were apartment in new york city. it is the same one she shared with lennon.
4:11 am
heading home soon. >> medal of honor for heroic actions in the face of terror. listen to the moment edward byers freed an american hostage in afghanistan. >> he was on his back, and i was able to get down on top of him and straddle him and hit him down with my knees. at the same time this is happening, calling out, trying to find a location of american hostage. anyone who has been in combat knows that in those moments, you either react or you get killed. >> the senior chief special nine combat tours. and those are your headlines this morning. >> get outside to rick reichmuth because there is no food in the studio. it is outside o. >> hey, guys, do you know what this is? it's national carb month. [cheers] >> apparently. take a look. so you can understand what i'm talking about. it's not national carb month it's national snack month.
4:12 am
months for everything. snack month. celebrating on the plaza. make sure you see all of the snacks out here. clayton is going to put on so pounds by the end of the show. take a look at the map. show you what is going on today it is a nice day. temperature, minneapolis you are 35 and it's february. you can't complain about that to start your day. areas across most of the country where it is going to be really dry, we have a little bit of snow falling across parts of western p.a. and upstate new york right now. central part of the country, high pressure controlling and justhú warm temperatures and sunny skies a little bit of rain into pacific northwest. take a look at the temperatures. 70 degrees in kansas city. 60 in billings. a 1 in fargo. it is just warm. we will continue to see that heat build a little bit toward the east and tomorrow. a in buffalo. we are almost at meteorological spring and it's going to feel like that this weekend. all right, guys. snacks. >> i just put on 10 pounds watching you. >> exactly. >> we will see you out there in a little bit. >> coming up here on the
4:13 am
show, first a hero marine beaten and robbed in a racially motivated attack. he wasn't alone. another marine assaulted and left for dead in washington, d.c. that hero's family join us live for what they think happened. >> zuckerburg the founder of facebook is the masser of -- master of social media. he has a talent most guys don't have. ♪ macho man ♪ i've got to be a macho man ♪ i got to be a macho man ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way.
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wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. well, we have told you about the brutal attack of marine in washington, d.c. two weeks ago. it turns out he wasn't the night. wow. police found michael schroeder face down in the
4:17 am
street with injuries to his head and his cash missing. his family believes he was beaten and left for dead. well michael's sister and twin brother robert schroder alsos a marine. they served together in the marines. they join us now. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having us. >> good morning. >> first and foremost, how is michael doing right now? >> he is doing much better. he is -- still has some very severe headaches. he is resting a lot. every day gets a little bit better. >> robert, it looks to us like an eerie coincidence, two marines, same night, washington. what else your understanding. what has michael told you about what happened that night? >> mike has very little recollection of the entire evening. you know, doctors said it's probably gone forever. but, you know it is an eerie coincidence. you know, sort of hard to believe that, you know, he
4:18 am
wasn't -- >> he doesn't remember much at all from that night. some have alleged was it did he just fall? what evidence has been present that he really was attacked? >> >> we have video evidence for him walking across the parking lot before he turns on 37th street. he probably made it 10 or 30 meters. he was walking fine. his thc was .12. there was no provocations that evening. there was nobody following him. there was no problems. spoken to everybody in the neighborhood. friendly yacht going people. we have been there five and a half years, sort of know everybody. he was just walking home. >> sure, i mean, you just described a normal saturday night or a normal friday night. it's not as if it was a brawl that spilled out into an alliway. he went out with friends and going home and brutally attacked.
4:19 am
deidre, do you have concerns about his safety in washington, d.c. or safety of other service members in d.c.? >> you know, i think this issue is happenstance or coincidence that they happened to both be marines. michael wasn't in -- didn'tét have shirts on that was showing that he was a marine. it's just -- it's a strange coincidences that he is walking home. he went to cross the street where he was found. if he slipped and fell, he wouldn't have sustained the injuries that he sustained. so, you know, my brothers have lived in that like robert said, for a long time. i visited them there. we have never felt any unease or lack of safety there. it's pretty disturbing that it did happen and that he was left there. >> absolutely. and a couple of strangers, good samaritans found and called the police. >> yes. and we do want to thank them. >> if you would, robert, tell us about your service in the marine corps for the two of you. >> mike served in the fire crashm(utá(uq unit, the
4:20 am
firemen. he searched in third recon battalion. we both, you know, "hardballably" discharged. mike served six years. i served four. >> robert, thank you for your service, for your brother's service. deidre, we are certainly keeping your brother, both of your brothers in our prayers today. thank you for your stories this morning. >> thank you so much. >> police told us the circumstances are under investigation of this and we are going to continue to follow it all right, a vet confronts bill clinton over four americans who died in benghazi on hillary's watch. >> your wife tried to cover it up. [crowd booing] >> bull, bull. i'm not your commander and chief anymore but if i were i would tell you to be more. >> bravely stood there and asked that question. is it a fair question? we report. you decide. and a brand new secret to save on your grocery bill. but, you have to act now. what you need to know next. i will have some of those doughnuts, too. ♪ that's what i want ♪ your love can be such a
4:21 am
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is your wallet feeling the winter blues? it won't for long. >> consumer savings expert andrea joins us what you should be buying now as in today, right, andrea? >> this weekend. i'm going to share a lot of deals to help you save money. >> start with baby stuff, because everybody is always waiting fo it comes to expensive things like baby strollers and car seats. >> now is the best time to shop. babies are us and toys r us are hosting grade trade in safety event this weekend through monday, the 29th of february. >> bring an old car seat and trade it in for new one. >> old car seats, old furniture, second hand stuff passed down to you, get 25% off coupons. >> are you listening to this. don't you have one on the way?
4:25 am
>> and then you get like old cheerios that are dried in there. who would want to touch one of those old car seats. >> they might not be safe anymore. if you are expecting or just had a baby or buying a gift. it's such a great time to buy big ticket items. g.b. life travel system. this transforms into bass sin nate comes car seat) and saving almost 1 hurricane dollars. >> hold a card for any of the rspace uses. >> go shopping for baby stuff. >> obviously, we are waiting for spring but you can save a lot on some of the winter gear. >> it's winter, it still feels cold in most of the condition tri. retailers are already thinking about warmer weather. now is the time to buy your fleeces, your issue with the coats, and your winter boots. sports authority, for example, they are offering up to 60% off winter gear for the whole family. these columbia girls fleeces getting them for almost $16.
4:26 am
you are getting up to 60% off. >> you can still wear that into spring. >> exactly. there is coupon for extra 20% off the sale. that's how you are going to save really big. >> you mentioned some of the others. taylor's and' macy's. >> coupon code at coupon >> let's talk groceries because this is like the biggest bill for family. >> for families, so expensive. >> as it should be. it's the thing that we eat. it provides our health. clayton? >> provides the most health. >> if your kids eat healthy. >> healthy stuff up here. >> soberies, avocados are spring produce. seeing sales in february obviously through march you are going to see really good prices on that. look for recipes that use in season produce so save on your grocery bills. that's going to keep it cheap. march, coming up is frozen food month. manufacturers are going to offer lots of coupons on
4:27 am
deals. >> frozen pizza is always good to stock up on. >> stock um on this. so you have it in the fridge for those nights you are too busy to cook. this way you aspending money on takeout. >> what about gym memberships? more my weights 2 pounds. >> people getting warmer outside. deals on gym memberships. >> and new years resolutions gone by the wayside. >> join on fitness gear. get fit for summer coming up. >> and from the gym to the doughnut shop. >> great transition there. krispy kreme doughnuts is is offering -- monday is leap day.% so, leap day you are going to find lots of deals from the retailers and restaurants. and crispy cream doughnuts is offering buy one dozen get the second for just 2.29. great deal. >> i love crispy cream, -- krisp kreme.
4:28 am
see what kind of coupons are available. coupons next week safe a lot of money. >> buy your box of doughnuts and go out and get your workout gear. >> this will cover up -- perfect marriage. >> i think the baby tip is a great tip. paying full price, $400 for a stroller. >> andrea, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up on the show, donald trump makes a play to the middle. will voters buyy that? frank luntz is here to annual lays the new move from donald. new ads coming out ahead of super tuesday. >> arizona county prosecutor taking a stand against apple by boycotting the iphone in his office. the message he is sending to one of the world's largest companies next. >> and it it's national snack month. taking it to a whole new level. check this out. >> come on. he is doing too at a time. >> one more.
4:29 am
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4:33 am
remember 2008 things didn't go so favorably for him when he was campaigning on behalf of his wife. it didn't turn out for him well last night in south carolina as well. listen to this person who was in the audience who claims to be a veteran. listen. >> eight years active duty service, three tours in iraq. from seven killed. six didn't return. we got hit hard. gold star parents and family. i have seen them. >> what do you think should be done. >> i have seen them mourn. the thing is we had four lives in benghazi that were killed and your wife tried to cover it up. [crowd booing] >> bull, bull. >> those four american lives, if someone lost their grandchild, their son, their brother, every recruit, regardless of religion, race, color. all of them exactly the same. [crowd shouting]
4:34 am
>> i'm not your commander and chief anymore but if i were i would tell you to be more polite. >> you can't touch him. >> like my brother, gave his life. >> can i just say something? >> that's what's wrong. >> so in president clinton's defense here. it sounded like he was trying to quiet down the audience to actually have an engaged conversation. >> initially, yeah. >> with him back and forth. and then the boos rose up and the crowd drowned that guy out. security came and hauled him out of the room. when he talked about it went further. >> we have a veteran on the glowch to me the story is the crowd. this guy stands up and says i'm a marine, i have two two tours in iraq. tell it like it is. the crowd erupts this is fantastic. silence, cricket cans, he turns and even mentions the word benghazi and what happened, and they start booing.
4:35 am
they shout him down. bill clinton tries to stop them. i think it shows you, we have two very different electorates that look very differently toward that service and what happened. certainly benghazi. you have got four dead and families who many believe were lied to over the coffins which is what that marine said. >> let us know your thoughts on it you can weigh in on that exchange. >> to your headlines now, a newly wed woman from britain dies just two months after finding out her shoulder pain was actually caused by aggressive melanoma. clara daily thought she had a pulled muscle but after testing, she found out about the advanced cancer. she had a mole removed years back, but doctors don't believe they got all of the cancer. britain's national health service wouldn't fund her chemo. she passed away in december. as the fight between the feds and apple heats up, angry reactions reaching arizona's state level. maricopa county attorney
4:36 am
bill montgomery says his office will not upgrade its staff's iphones5 because apple's refusal to turn over encryption data to law enforcement. quoted, puts them on the side of terrorists. montgomery defended his choice earlier on "fox & friends." necessarily internal security. we don't have an issue with that the issue had to deal with whether or not a company was going to cooperate in a legitimate law enforcement investigation that's compliant with the fourth amendment and with constitutional due process. >> the fbi has requested access to san bernardino shooter syed faruk's phone. can he get a like for this? facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has a talent many dads don't. >> so i time myself to make sure that i can get better and better and better over time. so i got it down to like 20 seconds. so i think that's pretty good, right? >> all right. so what are we talking about here? after receiving an award
4:37 am
from a german publishing house the billionaire dad says he times himself when changing his daughter's diapers. calling himself a competitive guy. and those are your headlines this morning. all right. let's get right outside to rick reichmuth. he is on the plaza. rick? >> hey there. you know he what? it's national snack month. so we are having ajñ snack attack. here in the plaza and first up is ice cold treats in 27-degree weather that you can sip. >> it's still going to be good. smoothies and blends, mitch, thanks for joining us this morning. >> great to be here, i think. >> what is maui wowy. >> national franchise company. we do blends and smoothies and shaved ice. we have over 400 locations the . this is my favorite. this is a piña colada orange mango. i call it the donald because it resembles his hair color. only comes in one size.
4:38 am
huge. huge. >> is this really pena colada. >> no alcohol. i drank it on the way here. >> keep it on your desk. >> go for it that is nice. >> you can put use blends. >> why has this become so popular? >> snacks are -- people are just looking for healthy alternatives to normal snack foods. smoothies are are a 2 billion-dollar a year industry in the united states. >> they have taken over. >> it's really done phenomenally well. our product is gluten free, it's kosher, it's nonfat, so it's just a healthy snack. >> do you have any kale in any of them? >> there is no kale. that's where i draw the line. i draw the line at kale. >> blends in the morning, a smoothie for lunch and shaved ice for desert at night. >> that's what we do. >> mitch from maui wowi. thank you very much. send it over to you, clayton. >> robin renee israel.
4:39 am
creators of popcorn and dippen dots. what is so special about your popcorn? >> smells so good by the way. >>smaking sure you guys are very tepid. we started in 2003 about the idea of building a new concept in popcorn. better for you. wonderful ingredients. high quality butters and cheeses. we have amazing proprietors like making fantastic products. >> i was oddly empty-handed for a moment. >> you are also the owner of dipin' dots. >> we are not the owners. we are the creators of dot popcorn and dippin' dots merged and we are owned by the same owner and co-brand across the country. >> we have 100 franchises. >> that's a perfect marriage. j4(p&c@
4:40 am
here to share the fantasticness. very special flavors of chocolate. >> they are actually frozen beads that are amazingly delicious. >> rainbow. >> rainbow ice. red berry sherri bet actually made from sour patch kids. that's cookies and cream. >> i remember dippin dots ice cream of the future. >> and now it's here. >> donald trump is going to be making a play to the middle as we have been watching. >> our president was a terrible union fire. he was the unifire. he was a divider. i will unify and bring our ñ&irez right.together. will voters buy that? frank luntz is here to analyze the new wave of ads coming out ahead of super tuesday. i'm still eating popcorn.
4:41 am
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
4:44 am
i watched president obama talking about gitmo, right? >> now has the opportunity to stand up. >> with super tuesday right around the corner, candidates are pulling every political punch to get a last-minute advantage. which of this week's ads resonated with voters? here is the man to ask pollster frank luntz. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with this sound bite on unifying america. watch this. >> our country is totally divided. there is so much hatred. there are are so many problems. our president was a terrible you unifier. he was the opposite of a unifire. he was a divider. it's something i have done all my life. i get along with people. they don't think that's the case. it is the case. i built a great company by bringing people together. i will bring our country together. we will be unified.
4:45 am
we will be one. we will be happy again. >> frank, seems like donald is at his most effective looking into the camera. was that effective? >> that's it. his campaign is firing on all cylinders. he is doing quite well right now in just about every super tuesday state and even looking beyond. one of the reasons is that it is so simple and easy to3< understand. i don't even think trump is reading from a teleprompter. is he speaking from the heart. he is look straight to camera and saying exactly what independent, undecided voters want to hear. to me has already moved, shifted from the primary election to the general election. i promise you that message that he gives is exactly what he needs to be saying in the general election. >> frank, i think you are absolutely right. i got the sense he wasn't looking at a teleprompter either. probably looking at his staff saying turn on the camera, let's go, i'm ready. >> by the way, there is edits. no gimmicks, just straight. that's one of the things voters like very simple clear message.
4:46 am
>> marco rubio on the hopeful future for america. take a listen to marco rubio. >> 36 years ago this nation faced a period of doubt. after a failed presidency, it felt like america wasa in decline. our economy was stagnant, and the american dream felt like it was slipping away. and then we elected a president that inspired us. who asked us to remember who we were and who believed as we do that america's greatest days always lie ahead. well, now, the children of the reagan revolution are ready to assume the mantel of leadership. >> so that message of hope that reagan message, how is that working out? >> you have got the music behind it you have got his family standing there. there is something very powerful when marco gets the chance to wax poetic about what is so great about this country. it's why he is still in this race. it's why he is one of the survivors. and the ad captures very much what republicans are looking for is a return to confidence and return to a pride in america. >> is it enough? tootoo little too late as we
4:47 am
have been asking. >> it's a fair question. we don't know the answer to that you have got to wait another three more days. he did well in the debate only three of our 23 people switched. it tells me that people's minds are pretty much made up. >> governor kasich of ohio on this ad about creating jobs. take a listen. >> 20 million americans are out of work. that's unacceptable. but john kasich won't stop until that number is zero. as governor, kasich delivered the largest tax cut in the nation, over 400,000 new jobs have beenfl created through his leadership. as president, kasich will cut taxes, freeze new regulations and reshore american jobs. so punch the clock and take that to the bank, america, let's go to work. >> strong message there for kasich. will it work? >> very strong. john kasich had by far his best debate. in fact, in the second half of the debate, john kasich out performed every candidate and that ad explains why. when you get down to brass
4:48 am
tacks, more republicans want a governor rather than a senator and they want someone who has actually gotten something done. kasich's record in ohio is progressive. he has a 600% job approval rating there. republicans cannot win without ohio. i would have and did at one point dismiss john kasich. i can't anymore because his message is strong. his presentation is strong. and that ad is fantastic. >> there has been some missteps from the cruz campaign. what do they have to do before superld tuesday? anything? >> they have been under performing among religious voters. among evangelicals and born again. the key for cruz is what he did last night on fox to bring that moral, that spiritual message back to the forefront and to do so in a very positive and hopeful light. ted cruz isn't out of it. i think cruz wins texas. i think he is going to pick up a lot of delegates on tuesday. the key for him is to get back on track with a spiritual message that a majority of republicans can respond to. >> and five seconds, ben carson. any luck for him on super tuesday? >> here's the amazing thing.
4:49 am
more republicans like ben car sob than any other candidate. they just don't see him as presidential. they like him. they have a favorability rating towards him. is he not really one of their top first or second choices right now. which is a shame because he which is a shame because he has got the most& >> all right. frank luntz, always great to see you. >> thank you. >> wait until super tuesday, of course, for the answers to shake out. thanks, frank. coming up here on the show donald trump facing a new line of attacks from republican rivals. the donald will be here live on "fox & friends" in just a little, short time to respond to all of that. 8:30 to be exact. plus, many have applauded "sports illustrated" for this year's multiple swimsuit edition covers featuring a plus size model one of them. cheryl teigs says there is nothing to celebrate magazine celebrating an unhealthy lifestyle.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
all right in sprilts unveiled annual swimsuit issue earlier this month it broke with tradition featuring the first plus size model on its cover. the former swimsuit cover model is not happy with that choice. >> actually, i don't like it that we're talking about full figured women because it's glamorizing them and your waist should be smaller than 35. you know. >> you heard it. that's what dr. oz said and i'm sticking to it. no, i don't think it's healthy. her face is beautiful, beautiful. >> allgt right. it's about time one graced the cover. here for a fair and balanced debate about this our chris drew from the fit and registered dietitian
4:54 am
from x factor nutrition. you are already setting this up. we were already talking. i already created controversy during the commercial. so, first up, shana, where do you fall on this. is it okay for her to to be criticizing the cover? >> i absolutely agree with cheryl tiegs statement. i think if she were a doctor, a registered dietitian or any authoritative health professional people would not be osmedded by her statement. the fact that she is a former are supermodel i feel that people think this that she is fat bashing. as a registered dietitian based on ashley graham, the cover model's data. her bmi of 28 or above is unhealthy and puts her at risk for co-morbidity. >> body mass index look at somebody who might be bigger. they can still be as healthy as somebody who is 6 feet tall and 120 pounds, right? chris, immediately the criticism is here all right, hold on. >> absolutely. i think it's the way that she said it and i have to say i disagree. i get it from a health
4:55 am
standpoint but i'm sorry cheryl tiegs what she said was irresponsible. it was body shaming. she was fat shaming. and i think that "sports illustrated" should be celebrated for showing that all women of shapes and sizes can be on the cover. body issues. i used to have them when i was younger. when you are saying things like that and you are not a health professional. i think it's irresponsible. >> right. to be> does that make everything okay? >> this is not about fat bashing. as a health professional. if a model was underweight, i would encourage her to get to healthy body weight. >> are you saying somebody can't look like that plus size model and be healthy? >> i'm saying based on her metrics she is not healthy. >> a lot ofnow what you are talking about
4:56 am
there. she looks very healthy. her skin is glowing. she looks athletic. >> unless we are in the doctor's office with her, we can't determine that from a photo. i can't even determine that by looking at her are. and, again, have to focus on the fact how cheryl tiegs said it and what she said, i'm standing by this, was irresponsible. that she shouldn't have said it like that. >> what's wrong with having a voice. she was on the cover three times. grant it was a different time. she graced the cover in 1970, 1973, 1983. quite frankly a different time. >> absolutely. and there she is, by the way. side by side with the plus size cover on the new issue. great to have both of you here, chris and shanena. good stuff. >> thank you. the gloves are off between donald trump and marco rubio. >> do not let friends vote for con artists. >> honestly, this is not a presidential guy. >> a tough guy? this guy inherited $200 million. >> help me. i need9 water. help. >> whoa. well, will the insults back fire or are they only going
4:57 am
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have the conversation with your doctor about oic, and ask about prescription treatment options. made on behalf of those living with chronic pain and struggling with oic. good saturday morning, everybody, february 27th. i'm sandra smith in for anna kooiman this morning. it is the fight for first. much donald trump and marco rubio take their attacks to a new level. >> friends don't let friends vote for con artists. >> honestly, this is not a presidential guy. >> a tough guy? this guy inherited it hundred million dollars. >> help me. i need water. help. >> trump is live this hour with us with his take on this feud. >> and the polls just open in south carolina in the democratic primary hillary clinton hoping for a huge victory over bernie sanders. we are live in the palmetto state where voters have just
5:01 am
started casting their ballots. >> and it's video you won't see on the mainstream media, what cops go through every day they put on their uniform. >> you listen to me [bleep] i do apologize. you're not a [bleep] and i'm sorry. >> that sounds like a peaceful afternoon. >> this hour the police chief behind that video joins us live. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> now rumor has it she ain't got your love anymore ♪ rumor has it. >> it's not a rumor, donald trump is going to be here at 8:30 this morning. is he going to be joining us live. he is down on the campaign trail just a few days ahead, of course, of super tuesday. he is coming off that fresh -- that huge endorsement yesterday by chris christie. >> it really was. the front cover today of the "new york post" got it right. i think huge is what it says. huge endorsement. a big one.
5:02 am
not a lot of people saw it coming. it did change the that je'kel story of -- trajectory of the discussion in the media. >> back and forth, stepped up attacks that we have seen from the different campaigns. marco rubio versus donaldp trump. here they are on the campaign trails. watch. >> donald trump was the first guy that begged for secret service protection. >> this total choke artist. >> the charade is up. this is a con job. friends do not let friends vote for con artists. >> honestly, this is not a presidential guy. >> a tough guy? this guy inherited $200 million. if he had not inherited $200 million? right now he would be selling watches in times square. >> believe me, i would love if he gave me 200 million. believe me, that is not true. that is way, way, way, way off. >> first he had this little makeup thing applying like makeup around his mustache because he had one of those sweat mustaches. >> he was sweating. it was disgusting. >> he wanted a full length
5:03 am
mirror maybe to make sure his pants weren't8s wet, i don't know. >> i saw him back stage where is he putting on makeup with a trowel. >> help me, i need help. it's rubio. [cheers and applause] >> wow. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> wow. >> throwing water on the audience. making fun of his opponent that he sweats too much and that, it's, quote disgusting? donald is going to be on the show. is he taking barbs from senator ted cruz and going back and forth, neck and neck in texas, in senator ted cruz's home state. >> straight up brawl. went from the debate stage straight on to the campaign trail. between those two and of course ted cruz is out there tweeting and saying in the middle of the discussion, but they are going back and forth. he has been doing these things[p the entire campaign. marco is starting to fight back. con man. he has used that time and time again. >> big turning point was the debate the other night.
5:04 am
marco rubio came out in more fierce way than we have seen him in past debates targeting donald trump. he stepped up his attacks there next day, donald trump walks out on the stage with chris christie. introduces him as his newest, biggest endorsement. and just everything has changed in the fast few hours. and changing on the democratic side. >> people are wandering this morning so it too little too late pulling out this line of attack could have been months and months ago. whether or not he is a self-made man. we haven't heard that argument his rivals whether he earned the place in this gain or handed money for family. >> fighting for the little guy. we ask him a lot of these questions. in some way it maybe has made marco rubio a better candidate. he is out there really going after him having this challenge maybe too little, too late. >> the showdown is on in south carolina. >> voters have just start to
5:05 am
do trickle to the polls. >> just an hour ago. peter doocy is hot on the campaign trail in columbia, south carolina. how do things look there, peter? >> it's interesting. candidates usually spend at least some of the day in a state that's having a primary that day butãnot senator bernie sanders. he is not going to be in south carolina for any part of today as democrats cast their ballots here. sanders is not surrendering in south carolina. he is way behind in the polls here and decide to do get head start in some places that vote or caucus on super tuesday where the numbers look a little bit better for him. on the way out of town though, sanders did make a final plea and tried to contrast himself with hillary clinton. >> one of the differences between secretary clinton and myself. and you have to make this evaluation and think it through. i do not have a super pac. i do not raise millions of
5:06 am
from wall street our powerful special interests. >> there has been a heavya focus at sanders' rallies and clinton rallies on drug use, criminal justice reform and racism and that's because these are issues very important to the african-american community in south carolina and african-american voters are critical for a democratic candidate's success here right now the polls show that that voting block heavily favors clinton today she is promising to come back and change this state if she wins. >> south carolina primary is personally important to me. >> i will do everything i can as a democratic nominee, if i'm so fortunate, to help turn south carolina a little bluer this year. >> and the forecast today is for there to be about half as many votes cast as there were last saturday when republicans had their>w primary here in south
5:07 am
carolina. that would put the turnout about halfway between what the democrats got in 2004 and what they got in 2008, the last time that they had a democratic primary here. back to you. >> all right. thanks, peter. >> peter, thank you. >> talk about this new gallup poll out this morning it doesn't take long for national security and concerns about terrorism to plummet from the top of the list of most americans. we saw what happened after san bernardino. up at the top of the list. we saw what happened after the paris terrorist attacks, national security, plummeting now on latest gallup poll. top concern once again as it usually is the economy. >> which is why i continue to say the candidate who shows he is going to be the most business friendly president is going to be a big fan of america. and so here we are economy front and stage, the biggest thing that people are watching right now and this as we just got a new report on the growth of our economy. g.d.p. report. >> when you analyze numbers, gob growth numbers what do you make of these? >> let me give you the number.
5:08 am
1%. that is the rate of growth that we saw in the u.s. economy in the fourth quarter. good news there economists thought it was going to be revised low tore .4%. all right, from the 1.7% that was originally reported. it was revised high irthat was sort of good news. we are still talking about 1% growth. this is dismal. and really the only reason why it came up a little bit is because it showed that businesses spent more accumulating inventory which economists are saying that's going to be a bad thing in the longsz run because we have got to burn through that inventory and that's going to be hard to do. >> interesting. our job is to step back and take a look at the big picture here. when we compare g.d.p. and growth to, say, our debt. man, there has been some staggering developments. >> the ratios there are not good they are not good at all. >> for every dollar we have added to the economy. this is amazing. looking at numbers this morning. we have added $2.30 to the national debt. >> yeah. so you are looking at national debt. $19 trillion. that's a huge number. it's almost unfathomable.
5:09 am
>> not enough numbers on national debt clock down here walking down the street. >> stopped. can't go anymore. >> the national debt has increased by $8.3 trillion whereas g.d.p. increased by 3.6. our debt is greater than g.d.p. we are only growing -- we 1%. >> i think in high school or junior high i asked a social studies teacher when the debt was like 1 or 2 trillion or something like that. how can we sustain this? how will we ever be able to pay this back and my teacher wasn't able to answer. >> good time to mention we have a big governments report coming out next friday. >> when the campaign shifts, issues shift, for candidates prepared to talk about those issues. it will be interesting to see how it all translates into the campaign trail which is already happening. >> the economy is moving up. other stories making headlines this morning. we have learned the identity of the cops. hailed a hero for stopping the deadly kansas shooting. police chief doug schroeder ran into excel industries among a barrage of bullets and gunned down the attacker. cedric ford.
5:10 am
authorities say schroder's÷u brave action saved dozens of lives. disturbing video' surfacing on facebook of ford practicing months before the attack. [gunfire] >> meanwhile, school districts employee former girl fend hopkins charged with buying the ak 47 and handgun he used in the attack. we have also been following the story of former marine chris marquez who two weeks ago was brutally beaten outside of a d.c. mcdonald's. now we are learning another marine was attacked that very same night. michael schroder was found face down between two cars with a fractured skull and all his cash was missing. his family believes he was beaten and left for dead. >> mike has very little recollection of the entire evening.
5:11 am
you know, dt(ujuj also said it's probably gone forever. but, you know, it is an eerie coincidence. and you know, sort of hard to believe that, you know, he wasn't -- he was beaten in the same manner. >> more than $33,000 has been raised on go fund me for michael's medical bills. police don't think the incidents are connected. major warning from government officials in michigan one year before any action was taken to prevent contamination from the flint river. emails just released show top aides to michigan governor rick snyder calling the flint river, quote, down right scary. and recommending switching back to detroit's water system. flint changed its water source to the flint river in 2014 to save money. resulting in contaminated tap water. and those are your headlines. >> all right. let's get it out to rick?n reichmuth who is outside with the forecast. >> we have been doing national snack month this morning. and earlier on the show we had a couple of guests on.
5:12 am
wee just wanted to tell you maui wowi 40% off of the blends on shop dot maui maui.wowi, dippin' dots 25% off three online orders code word fox. beautiful temperatures across the country today. look at that warmth across the central plains. some temperatures up to 30 degrees above average for this time of year. tomorrow cooler air comes in. not that bad at 35. warmer air continues. i will tell you what, overall we will be looking at beautiful day, even this morning, temperatures looking quite nice. send it back to you inside. >> all right, rick. thank you. >> thanks, rick. for weeks we have heard the republican candidates outline their ideas, if they become the leader of the free world. >> it would be so much better off if qaddafi were in charge right now. >> we need to rebuild our defenses, but i must also tell you as a long-time
5:13 am
reformer of the pentagon, we must reform that building. >> but do they really understand the threats america faces today? generalí jack jack keane here with advice straight ahead. somebody has got to tell oprah $25 million just went missing from her account. how did this happen? don't care about money? wait a second, millions are missing. bye. how does that happen? ♪ run away ♪
5:14 am
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5:16 am
i would love to do something with regard to negotiating peace, finally, for israel. and for their neighbors. and i can't do that as well
5:17 am
as a negotiator i cannot do that as well if i'm taking big, big sides. >> the next president of the united states needs to be someone like me stands firm on the side of israel. >> we would be be so much better off if qaddafi were in charge right now. >> we need to rebuild our defenses. i must also tell you as a long-time reformer of the pentagon, we must reform that building. >> the truck presidential candidates going at it over foreign policy and national security. what's really happening on the ground and why are these issues important? joining me now no better than our next guest to talk about it retired four star general retired vice chief general jakeenan joining -- jack keane here to join us this morning. >> thanks for having me, pete. >> donald trump mentioned neutrality when it comes to debating, others stood more adamantly, firmly on the israeli side. how should this be handled chief? >> first of all, everyone
5:18 am
has to recognize how challenging this situation is. i think the american people understand that people have been trying to get a solution here for multiple decades. what really has changed recently that makes this such an intractable problem is that two state solution in israel and palestine is certainly the answer. but part of the palestinian governing authority elected by its people is hamas wuz is a terrorist organization that governs gaza. they will not only -- they will not recognize the state of israel, obviously no two state solution then and they want to destroy israel. and as recently as the summer of 2014, we saw them attempt to do just that by firing thousands of rockets in to cities in israel they are going to continue to motivate their citizens to conduct suicide attacks against the israelis. this is an intractable problem which is very difficult to resolve. and the solution, i think, is likely we're not going to get there until the palestinians themselves be willing to marginalize and
5:19 am
minimize the influence of hamas. >> the onus is in on many ways on handling that problem first. you are right. the second topic that was mentioned is a sticky one. should would he be leaving dictators in power like saddam hussein qaddafi and libya or is it better they removed. big debate on the debate stage. where should the next commander and chief be leaning towards in that debate? >> i think the important thing is, it's only appropriate to debate the prones and cons of those policy decisions because they have huge consequences. should also learn from the lessons of what those decisions are. for example, in 15 years the united states posed three regimes in afghanistan, iraq, and in libya. in all three cases, we made the same mistake. that is we never built an effective security force early on to help stabilize the country. thus, the taliban reemerged inh afghanistan. thus, the al qaeda organized themselves in insurgency
5:20 am
against the regime much. the lacily put -- hastily put together regime. we disbanded the entire security forces. and in libya, an elected government was elected after qaddafi was opposed. he wanted us -- the united states to help him build the security force to put down the militants. we certified them, pete. as a result of that, the militants, the militants, the ones that he wanted us to help them with, burned down our consulate. forced to retreat the united states out of libya. we have to learn all the lessons in going forward. >> a lot of lessons to learn and a lot of challenges facing the next commander in chief. we didn't get a chance to reforming the pentagon which you know is important in addition to rebuilding the military. we have to leave it right there. general jack keane, thank you very much for your expertise this morning. >> you got it pete. >> good to see you, sir. thank you, sir. ted cruz and marco rubio not holding back on attacks to donald trump.
5:21 am
donald trump. frontrunner is here live to respond when we come back. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. i tried depend last weekend. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. only depend underwear has new confidence core technology for fast absorption and the smooth, comfortable fit of fit-flex™ protection. get a coupon at
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good morning, welcome back, everybody. time for your news by the numbers. first up, 700,000. a stunning new irs report showing that many taxpayer accounts have been hit by hackers since january 2014. it's twice as much as the agency previously reported. next, $29 million. that's how much oprah winfrey lost in one day because of weight watcher's stock. shares of the diet company plunged nearly 30%. and finally 45 seconds of thank yous. that will be a bit different at tomorrow's oscars. producers making the nominees submit their lists of names to scroll at the bottom of the screen. might make it a little bit more watchable.
5:25 am
>> kind of weird, though. >> scrolling list of thank yous at the bottom of the screen. all right. thanks, san draft want to live like a celebrity? is here to showcase some affordable homes that have movie star features. it's oscar weekend, of course. joining us is realtor expert jennifer farrell. >> great to be here. >> kate wins let has a dreamy kitchen in her new york city condo. look at that that's in a condo in new york city? >> this is. what's interesting is this apartment is a very modern style of a farmhouse. you don't really see a lot in new york. these very enpoint right now. you don't have to spend the $30,000 a month that indicate wins -- kate winsku let. the kitchen in this property is very similar to kate's kitchen. it has some of the same great elements. we have got the hardwood floors. the high ceilings. those rustic farmhouse touches. this house is a fraction of
5:26 am
the price but you can still live bye like kate. >> tom hanks, has a beautiful backyard in california. and you can live, let's take a look at tom, whoa, gorgeous. can you live like that apparently. >> you can. you may not have his two oscars, but you can live ome had a beautiful,former backyard. five bedroom in san antonio, texas, under $340,000. lush greenery and huge garden space there. great outdoor entertaining, does give you same lifestyle tom has but for much less. >> it would be nice to have that same bank account as well. jennifer lawrence beautiful poll will -- pool in los angeles home. >> jennifer is the second youngest best actress winner ever. she is nominated again for the movie joy. if you want to have joy have a pool like jennifer's. english garden home has this pool. but you don't have to have her salary to have her home.
5:27 am
in palmetto home three bedroom listed on. have great viewft pools and garden but for much less. >> the mosquito netting there to keep all those bugs out in florida. >> that does help. >> that does help. >> let's go to leonardo decaprio up for best actor for his role in the revenant. here is open floor plan palm springs, california home? >> palm springs is very popular for styling. that means clean lines, clean architecture. minimal list, stark. but you can have something like that if you look in texas. austin has a great'q property, 339.9. the kitchen has some of the same elements as leo's kitchen. instead of paying $300 a night much better price. white caesar stone counter tops clean minimal list lines but not on leo's salary. >> what do you think is best
5:28 am
picture. >> i think the revenant. >> do you think he will get best actor. >> i do think this is finally leo's year. six time nominee, never won this year they say he is the won. >> i'm pulling for stallone. my thanks to jennifer. donald trump joins us live to respond to brand new attacks from his republican rivals. how he is handling them. we will hear update on his tax returns as well. stay with us. a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't play anything less than my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'm going for it. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin... eliquis had both...
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5:32 am
and welcome back to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. just a few days until super tuesday. the first -- the sec primary. many, many states up for grabs. joining us on the phone this morning is the g.o.p. frontrunner donalddonald, thankg us this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> great to have you here. a few days left, of course, the gloves are off. and chris christie throwing his support behind you yesterday. was that a big shock to you? >> well, i was really honored. everybody wanted chris. everybody was calling him. and i know chris very well. and i didn't feel i should do that. and chris called up out of the blue and he said you are the one that's going to win. we have a movement going. every time i speakw 7,000 people. that's like a small crowd. he sees what's happening. chris was so fantastic.
5:33 am
honestly, he is the one endorsement to me that really meant a lot. >> you said, mr. trump,pñ during that announcement yesterday that you get phone calls from other big names that want to endorse you. you chose chris christie. should we expect any big endorsements from you in days to come? >> yes. i think you can. but, you know, frankly, sometimes they want to have dinner and let's get together for two hours. let's go to a movie together. [ laughter ] >> it's too much work. i'm not sure what endorsements mean. i have never understood it i did think that the chris christie endorsement meant a lot. i think the sarah palin endorsement meant a lot. i think that jerry falwell jr. meant a lot. >> do you think these endorsements move needles for you? you said you don't look for endorsements. you don't care about them. do you think it it helps you on super tuesday in any big way? >> i do. i think jerry falwell jr. really helped me a lot with
5:34 am
evangelicals. liberty university. i'm leading with evangelicals all over the country. i.ç won in south carolina. that was supposed to be really a strong hold for ted cruz. he was supposed to win that he was expected to win that for a long time. i won it and i won evangelicals. i won it by tremendous margins, too. incredible landslide. so i think certain people do really help. there is no question about it. >> mr. trump, obviously the endorsement from chris christie didn't come out of the blue. it was timed, in some ways what some saw as momentum from senator rubio. there has been a lot of back and forth between the two of you in the last 24 hours. we will play a clip of that back and forth and get to you respond. >> okay. >> we're not going to lose the conservative movement to a con man. we are not going to let that happen. [cheers and applause] and the reason why is because this election is too important. in this election is a referendum, and you have to decide what kind of country will america be in the 21st sen industry. here we believe everyone has
5:35 am
a right to go as far as their talent and work will take them. that was not an accident. you know why that happens? because the people who came before us did what needed to be done. i know there are beam out there that are are perhaps intrigued by one of the other candidates. maybe they like their style or whatever they are doing. let me tell you something, friends do not let friends vote for a con artist. >> con artist, he said he called you a clown. he said iñá are going to take the mask off. he said you are sticking it to the little guy. what say to you marco rubio. >> he is desperate. is he doing very badly. they hate him in florida. i'm up 20 points in florida. they hate him there. didn't show up to vote. he couldn't get elected dog catch everywhere in florida. what happens is a very insulting thing. built a great company. did i not take in from my father. i loved my father. he was such a great guy. he did not give me $200 million. i wish he did. >> where are they getting thatnq$áujt >> you know what? he got it from an article that was written in the failing "new york times" by a terrible writer that had no idea what he was writing. i wish he gave me
5:36 am
$200 million. i would be worth $10 trillion right now. i borrowed a million dollars. i paid it back. and i built a company that's worth over $10 billion, which is a pretty good return. very few people have ever done that before. that, i can tell you. now he adds the 1 billion in. he added that when was wrong. me that kind of money. i brothers and sisters. one of the first calls i got my brother and sister called me that's not true, dad never gave you that it's sort of interesting. he goes around saying it. he is a bad guy. very insulting guy. i built a great company. had a -- you know, one of one of the top shows on television. wrote the art a of the deal, number one best seller. many tremendous best sellers. and then i have to listen to this total light weight. he is he is a light weight. calling me a con man. what a disgraceful thing that he is allowed to do it. >> you made comments the other day that raised eyebrows in the press. and you brought up the "new
5:37 am
york times." that was one of the things that you mentioned when you are out on the campaign trail, you mentioned the libel laws and that when you are president you would like to see a greater ability to sue publications who write things about individuals like the "new york times" or others. >> right. >> if they write what you call hit pieces. critics would say that's an affront to the free press in the united states. what do you say to that? >> no, no. the press has to be fair. i love free press. i think it's great. the "new york times" i calling it the failing "new york times." it might not even be in business too much longer. it is so poorly run. every single article they do on me, i could do the greatest thing in the world, every article they do on me is a hit piece. i mean, they are a disgrace every editorial is a hit piece. and i think it's just a disgrace. and frankly it's just also wrong. they know it's wrong. they did an article recently. they actually said to me it's wrong. we're going with it i said why don't you retract it? no we are not going to do that they are a disgrace. what i said we have to open up the libels laws and i'm going to do that. >> mr. trump, let's talk
5:38 am
taxes for a minute. because mitt romney sort of opened a can of worms when he said there is potentially a bombshell in your tax returns. you said on the debate stage that you weren't going to release them because you are currently being audited. the irs has now put out a statement saying that nothing prevents individuals from sharing their own tax information, even when they are in audit. is that going to change your mind and encourage to you release those tax returns since so many are calling for you to do so? >> no, not at all. look, i'm being audited, i have been audited many years. it's very unfair. the irs always audits me. eventually i settle it out and it's very fine. but it'sñh very unfair to me. now, you know, you can ask why they audited me all the time because i have friends that are very rich, they don't even know what i'm talking about. they have never been audited. how's come i'm audited virtually every year. when you are under audited, until the audit is done you don't release your returns because you are releasing something who knows. you want to get them exactly
5:39 am
perfect. you don't want to release it. no lawyer would ever allow to you release a tax return while you are being audited. i have been audited for so many years, it's actually a disgrace. and, you know, as soon as is the audit is finished. i have no problem. no bombshell whatsoever. number one, mitt romney was a failed candidate. a terrible candidate. he wants to get back into the cycle a little bit i guess. it has nothing to do. by the way, nobody released financials like i did. almost 100 pages long. it showed the company is worth over $10 billion. i built an unbelievable company can. and starting with very little, by the way. but i build an unbelievable company. some is of the greatest assets in the world. i say that because that's the kind of person we need at the head of our country with, you know, 19 trillion and going to be $21 trillion in debt. we're a total mess. we don't know what we're doing. we have leadership that doesn't know what it's doing. and that's the kind of leadership weuçñg,y i put in my financials.
5:40 am
they were totally disclosed. and that's your only statement of net worth. by the way, you can't learn much from a tax return. you cannot learn -- in fact, you can learn almost nothing about net worth. i put in my net worth statement and that's been filed and, unfortunately, people are very unhappy with it because it's turned out to be so strong and so good that the press is very unhappy. i just want to -- i made the statement, a lot of people didn't pick tum. i will open up the libel laws so when papers write false information about people, they can bring a lawsuit, and if, in fact, they are right. you are able to sue the papers and you can get damages. >> ted cruz asked from the debate stage why not release the tax returns from the years you are not being audited in. will you do that? >> because everything is interrelated. ted cruz never employed one person. i employ thousandsud of people. over the years i have employed tens of thousands. i have a massive company. you may have seen the pictures where i'm standing with 3 feet of tax returns. everything is interrelated. >> mr. trump, a lot of your
5:41 am
supporters are hoping that you will do for the economy that you have done for your businesses and what you say you have done for your businesses. we talked earlier about the g.d.p. number that just came out for the fourth quarter. this country growing at a dismal 1%. it was just reported. are you going -- is a president trump going to be able to improve that? what's the first that i think that you would do to get this economy going again? >> right. it's such a great question. totally. in fact, everywhere poll says i'm the only one that can do that i mean, i have such an advantage with that we are bringing back jobs from china, from mexico, from japan. we're bringing back our jobs. our jobs have been taken away like we are a bunch of babies. our people have lost so much money. you know, if you are a middle income person, you are making less money now than you made 10 years ago. our economy is a disaster. our unemployment is through the roof. they say it's 5%. it's actually 25%. it's through the roof. if you look for a job, and you give up, they consider you employed. that's how -- that number
5:42 am
was put there for politicians to make the politicians, in particular, presidents look better. the 5% number. i will tell you we have a horrible unemployment problem. we have tremendous numbers of part-time jobs which we never had like this before. because obama3t)e is killing our economy. everybody puts it down because they don't want to come under the reign of obamacare. i mean, our country is a disaster. >> mr. trump, i asked before this segment what question they would ask. do you use hiring preferences for veterans in your companies? >> i do. and a i have hired a lot of vets. and i love the vets. and i have had tremendous support from thehr vets. i won in new hampshire. i won in south n particular thoe two. with the vets. the vet support has been incredible. absolutely incredible. the evangelical support has been incredible. i won every one of my victories. as you know we are running the table. every one of my victories i have had across the board men, women, high income, low
5:43 am
income. vets, the military,w4-1ñ evangelicals. we have had unbelievable support. that's why chris christie really wanted to go with us. >> well, just a few days until super tuesday. taking some time out to talk to us this, in. donald trump. mr. trump, always good to talk to you. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> good to have you. thank you. coming up. video you won't see on the mainstream media showing what cops go through every day on the job. but take a look. >> [bleep] out of my face. >> you listen to me. >> i do apologize [bleep] on you. you are not [bleep] i'm sorry. >> meet the police chief behind this -- opening video just ahead.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
all right. tomorrow is hollywood's biggest night and with tensile town's hottest starts under the roof anything can happen. what can we expect from the
5:47 am
oscars let's step into the fox light with michael tammero. >> the votes are in and the gowns have been fitted for hollywood's biggest night. the 88th academy award. lots of controversy leading up to the big show. tomorrow night, here is a look at what to expect. >> at the academy awards make their final prep on the coveted red carpet inside hollywood theater the oscars will be a night to celebrate the year's best but also touch on ahudñu button issue. this oscar night i think people will remember because of the diversity issue. really has been trending since the nominations came out. that has dominated this award season.4%>> let's do this. chris rock to address the lack of diversity in film. >> is he is going to make funnel of it. he is going to make jokes about it. is he going to be biting about it. biting humor is the best way to describe it. >> do you think you have got something. >> best picture category
5:48 am
three film race between the catholic priest coverup spotlight. revenant and housing collapse story of the big short. >> we have to act now. >> because everything has been so split up throughout all of the guild nominations and guild awards nobody really knows. this is really a nail biter this year. >> the best acting category expect revenant star leonard decaprio to take home best gold. >> how do you know this. >> stallone and candor may also have a good night. let's face it, folks, when most people may remember come monday morning what the stars wore to the show as the stars will be dress to do impress. >> huge part of the oscars. you want to see how your favorite stars are dressed. this is one of the big aspects that people tune in to. sometimes if they don't watch the whole show sometimes they just watch the red carpet. >> in hollywood, michael tammero, fox news. all right, guys, make sure to watch fox news tomorrow. we will bew: live throughout
5:49 am
the day from the red carpet courtesy of our friends at emerald waterways. winner of the best river cruise line for value. have all the big winners for you right here monday morning. as always for all my celebrity interviews check out in the fox or follow me on twitter or instagram at fox light michael where we will have all sorts of behind the scenes photos red carpet and big show tomorrow night. >> hope you can get some of those it hundred thousand dollars swag bags and show them off on the air a. >> i will snag one for you. >> coming up on the show, video you won't see anywhere on the mainstream media it shows what cops go through every day on the job. watch. this3÷. >> [bleep] >> you listen to me. >> i do apologize [bleep]. you are not a [bleep] and i'm sorry. >> and i don't. >> meet the police chief behind this -- opening video. that is next.
5:50 am
you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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5:53 am
you cannot call 911 when there's not an emergency. >> i just did. >> as it says on the citation. because you're not put your ashes of your cigarettes on me. >> i do apologize. i called you a [ bleep ]. you're not a [ bleep ], i'm sorry. >> how can we help you? >> all right. there we go. you're up. all right, good to go. all right. no problem, sir. >> no one i trust more. >> he's pretty good. >> yeah. >> he's got an arm on him. >> that's real stuff. tampa police posted that to show a law enforcement that rarely makes the headlines. >> body camera footage to show the good and the bad. tampa's police chief eric wood joins us with more about the video. thank you for joining us. >> good morning.
5:54 am
>> what led you to put this video together? i encourage folks to go to your facebook page and see it's powerful. what led you to do it? >> well, you know, often times the officers go throughout the day and we only see the negat e negative. this is a great opportunity to show what the law enforcement officers do every single day. >> what response have you been getting since you posted these images of quite frankly what your officers do and see and go through every single day? >> well, it's an overwhelmingly positive response from the community. we've had over two million views, and from the comments of great job, i couldn't do your job, and god bless you. >> you know what it also shows in the video, friendlier interactions and difficult ones like right there. in 2014, 20% of your officers were assaulted in the line of duty. people really don't understand how dangerous that job is. >> and that's what's important
5:55 am
that people do understand. these officers go out there every day and risk their life to keep our communities safe. and unfortunately, at times, our officers get injured. >> yeah, and speaking of getting injured. tampa police, you report 351 tampa officers were injured in the line of duty, and this is in 2014 alone. so already, this facebook posting has gotten 1.3 million views. do you expect the way that communities use the police to change now? after you've revealed this realistic duties of the cop. >> that's our hope. we have 352,000 residents. so this is a great opportunity to reach out through social media and touch those individuals. giving just a small glimpse on what we do on a daily basis. >> some of the more mundane things, changing tires, helping fix a wheelchair. you know, police, we think of,
5:56 am
you know, cops or what we see in recent interactions, there's a lot of things police do to help people in their every day lives. >> oh, absolutely. you know, an officer goes from changing someone's tire to helping them cross the street and in the split second a gunfight or situation that could potentially take their life. it's important that the community understands that, you know, the officers are going through every day to protect the city, regardless of what they encounter on a regular basis. >> you said chief, you see people at their worst, at their best, go through it every day, we're thankful that you do, thank you for everything you do in the community. >> great, and thank you. >> all right. thanks to chief ward for that. >> great video, folks should check out the whole thing. when we come back, the must-win states for super tuesday. and who will be dropping out if they don't come in first. and it's a national, it's national snack month. and we're taking it to a whole new level. >> clayton's already at it. >> pizza cones. look at that.
5:57 am
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good morning, it is saturday, february 27th, thanks for waking up with us this morning. its already been a few hours. all right. >> long show, welcome. >> i'm in for anna this morning. marco rubio making a last ditch effort to derail donald trump. >> what we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist. >> guys we have a con artist as a front runner in the republican party. >> there is no way we are going to allow a con artist to take over the conservative movement. >> but is it too little, too late. donald trump responding right here on "fox & friends." and as the democrats fight for south carolina today. a vet confronts bill clinton over four dead americans killed in benghazi on hillary's watch.
6:01 am
>> your wife tried to cover it up. >> i wanted to tell you -- >> is that a fair question? we report, you decide. >> then the countdown is on for hollywood's biggest night and all eyes on chris rock, he rewrote his whole opening monologue to handle the race controversy. big hint he just dropped. sanders, this may be the longest show in television, but it's the number one morning show. >> you better believe it. ♪ national snack month. and the plaza is clearly celebrating that fact. >> it also appears snack month on the couches too right now. >> wow, look at that. i think they're making pretzels in realtime. we might get a chance to do that later, i think. >> by the way, best segment of
6:02 am
the entire morning. >> hot doggeries. every year they come out with new dog breed. >> maybe we'll see a new dog they just invented, i don't know. >> there's not a new dog? >> these are like labs and german shep ards. >> they combine dogs every year and have any breeds. >> we'll ask about that. >> must be true. >> national snack day, we've been eating all kinds of food around here. delicious, thank you. well the campaign trail heating up, yesterday in the noon hour, donald trump made a big announcement. >> hinted it to the press, he said look, i'm going to make a few announcements, all the cameras rush there, because when it tends to make a big announcement, they are big announcements. >> this was a big one. >> chris christie shows up on stage, everyone surprised, and right there, a big endorsement. its made headlines since. i'm sure. also an attempt to step on momentum that a lot of folks felt marco rubio had coming out
6:03 am
of that debate. and it's really become a back and forth between these two since then. check out the back and forth between these two. >> 6:46 a.m., lightweight marco rubio was working hard last night. the working hard part is true. the problem is, he's a choker and once a choker, always a chalker. he misspelled chalker. every poll says that i only with the debate last night. great honer. 8:56 a.m., least weight chalker -- how can he get this so wrong? either that's how they spell choker at the working school of business, or, he must have hired foreign workers to handle his instagram. >> he's desperate. he's doing badly. they hate him in florida. i'm up in florida. they hate him there.
6:04 am
he didn't show up to vote, he couldn't get elected dogcatcher in florida. i built a great company. had, you know, one of the top television shows, one of the top shows on television. wrote the art of the deal, number one best seller, many tremendous best-sellers, then i have to listen to this total lightweight. he's a lightweight, calling me a conman. what a disgraceful he's allowed to do it. >> the back and forth, that's just one side of it. ted cruz also attacking donald trump as the gop front runner. and then donald trump of course, he says he didn't want any endorsements. he was not a fan. he didn't to want make pomp and circumstance. there was one he did want, chris christie, and the reason he said he wanted it is because he clieks chris. listen to his earlier on the show. >> i was really honored. you know, everybody wanted chris. everybody was calling him. and i know chris very well, and i didn't feel i should do that, and chris called up out of the blue and say you have to win. we have a movement going on.
6:05 am
every time i speak, 7,000 people, that's a small crowd. and he sees what's happening. and chris was so, he was so fantastic. and honestly, he's the one endorsement to me that really meant a lot. >> said vile things to each other. >> it was a little bit of a frosty relationship there for a while between the two -- >> but remember, governor christie always spoke to the attacks, he did go after trump on occasion, and especially the debate when i hosted when chris christie was on the stage. he squarely focussed his attacks on hillary clinton. he tried to stay above the fray and he didn't directly combat the candidates to his side. he's always gone after hillary clinton. but, he never really got in the mud with donald trump. >> not too much, no. and of course all of this is a shadow of super tuesday, 11 states are on the line. right now donald trump listed three wins in a row, clearly the front runner. big day for senator cruz on tuesday, and senator rubio to see where that sorts out. >> and big day in south carolina on the democratic side.
6:06 am
it's a showdown in south carolina right now. >> that's right, bernie sanders and hillary clinton fighting for southern votes. >> peter doocy is live on the campaign trail where voters have been lining up all morning, what's it looking like now? good morning. >> good morning, sandra. senator bernie sanders insists that he hasn't stopped trying to win here in south carolina, but the polls are still open for another ten hours or so. and he has stopped campaigning in the state. instead moving ahead to some super tuesday states where he's not down double digits to clinton like here in south carolina. normally on the day a state votes, you see the contenders making last minute pushes there. not bernie sanders, his final plea to the state was last night. >> i'm not here to tell you i can do it all. i can't do it all. i need your help tomorrow here in south carolina. i need a big turnout tomorrow, but, i need your help, not just
6:07 am
tomorrow. i'm going to need your help the day after the general election. >> reporter: meanwhile hillary clinton will be in south carolina tonight for a rally that she hopes will be a victory rally. she is the most popular pick of african american voters here in south carolina. which can make all the difference in a democratic primary new mexico this state. and even though she is way ahead in the polls, if sanders keeps things close and doesn't get blown out, it could raise red flags for clinton because that would mean the democratic socialist senator narrowed a deficit in just the last few days. clinton says if she does end up winning here, she is going to take south carolina way left. >> south carolina primary is personally important to me. i will do everything i can as a democratic nominee, if i'm so fortunate, to help turn south carolina a little bluer this
6:08 am
year. >> reporter: the polls open at 7:00 this morning. there was a line of people waiting to vote at 7:00, and it has been pretty steady for the last two hours. >> all right, peter. >> reporter: back to you. >> where are they? >> are those people there? i don't see anybody behind you. >> reporter: mike, can we show it? >> there's people here. yeah. zblrl a >> reporter: and the first thing, i know people wonder, any time there's people voting, first thing that everybody walking in the door when they cross the threshold is asked, can i please see your photo id. >> hmm. >> and there's workout equipment over there too. so from the machine -- >> you can vote and workout. >> reporter: exercising their right to vote. >> oh well played sir. >> we'll leave it there. thank you. >> what an event last night, things got heated for former president bill clinton. he was on stage campaigning on his wife's behalf in south carolina. when he took a question from
6:09 am
someone in the audience who claimed to be a veteran. take a listen to what this interaction, when he was asked about benghazi, listen. >> eight years active duty service, two tours iraq. i had seven they were killed and six wounded beyond return. and i have met with many of the gold star families and parents. i've seen this -- i've seen them mourn. the thing is, we had four lives in benghazi that were killed and your wife tried to cover it up. those four american lives, someone lost their grandchild, son, brother. >> i'm not republican, but the bottom line is that i have questions. >> let's remind everybody that the man stood up and identified himself as a marine. >> eight year marine with two tours in ike. and i'm telling you, if you're
6:10 am
at an republican rally, standing ovation. he was booed for bringing up the word benghazi. it shows you how different the electorates are. and bill clinton, he did try to let him talk, but he immediately tried to pivot it to the va. they don't want to talk about the military or benghazi. let the guy ask the question. and he's got to answer that question. she did lie over the coffins of families. he's trying to ask that question, and instead, he gets booted out. >> yeah, in clinton's defense, bill clinton's defense, he let him go on and on, it's the crowd that drowned him out. then he gets hauled out by security. >> kind of having a back and forth, even clinton said if i was your commander and chief, i would tell you to behave yourself. that was not on ernest exchange from a two-time iraq war veteran. the crowd shouted him down. >> clearly -- >> democratic primary. all right, turning now to headlines we've got this
6:11 am
morning. we're following this. we've learned the identity of the cop hailed a hero for stopping the deadly kansas shooting this week. doug schroeder ran into excel industryings among a barrage of bullets and took down the attacker, sedrick ford. schroeder's brave actions saved dozens of lives. school district employee, former girlfriend, sarah hopkins has been charged with buying the ak-47 and the handgun that he used in the attack. and breaking overnight, three people killed, at least four injured in a devastating and fiery crash on a california freeway. police and commerce say a big rig slammed into two cars, flipped over, and burst into flames. smoke seen pours out of the truck bed. three people pronounced dead at the scene. four others in critical condition this morning. the exact cause of the crash is still under investigation. all right. well we've been following the story of former marine chris
6:12 am
marquez who two weeks ago was brutally beaten outside of a d.c. mcdonald's. now we're learning another marine was attacked this very same night. new york call schroeder was found facedown between two cars with a fractured skull and all his cash missing. his family believes he was beaten and left for dead. >> mike has very little recollection of the entire evening. doctors also said it's probably gone forever. but, you know, it's a hairy coincidence, and you know, sort of hard to believe that, you know, he, he wasn't beaten in the same manner. >> more than $33,000 has been raised on go fund me for michael's medical bills. police don't think the incidents are connected. and those are your headlines on this saturday morning. >> thanks, sandra. coming up here hospital show, hadn't seen his dad in months until now. >> if you could think of one surprise in the whole world, what would it be? >> him coming home.
6:13 am
>> wishing he would come home. >> that's great. >> it'll warm your heart. i tear up just seeing that. the kid crying. happy little kid. it's amazing. plus, just days away from super tuesday, we're running down the must-win states for trump, rubio, and cruz, and what the political landscape will look like come wednesday. (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering)
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to keep it pumping.
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frodoers don't stop. wake up, every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical. first of all, we're talking about the polls, i'm beating him awfully badly in the polls. >> but you're not beating hillary. >> hey, if i can't beat her, you're really going to get killed, aren't you?
6:17 am
>> donald trump heads into super tuesday leading in a majority of the states up for grabs next week. so what do ted cruz and marco rubio need to do to stay in the race come wednesday morning? joining me now, cofounder and executive editor of real clear politics, tom bevin. thanks for joining me this morning. >> great to be with you, pete. >> super tuesday, big day. who is it a bigger day for? ted cruz or marco rubio? >> well, it's a bigger day for ted cruz because it's his make or break day in the sense that he's got to win his home state of texas. rubio has to do the same thing, that's not for a couple of weeks, for cruz, he has to win the state of texas, and hopefully for him to perform well in some of the other states, to keep himself in this game as it moves forward. >> you mentioned texas. we're going to throw up a couple states here on the screen to watch. whether it's texas, georgia, tennessee, massachusetts, and virginia. we'll get that map up there eventually. those are all key states. we'll throw up the real clear politics, there are some of the
6:18 am
states, also the real clear politics average in texas right now. which you identified as a very critical state. ted cruz at 34%, trump at 26. does ted cruz need to win decisively, if it's a draw, is that a loss? what margin does ted cruz need to come out of tuesday night? >> a win is a win is a win. the bigger the margin, more december siesive it'll be. and he'll be able to spin forward for his campaign. what's interesting about texas, we've got some polling. we have data in texas which we don't have in some of the other states. and two of the polls in this race show cruz up double digits on trump. two two others show the race tied. and right now, he's leading by about 7.2 percentage points in the real clear politics average. there's variance in the polls, up big or close race. >> interesting to watch that on tuesday. >> absolutely. ultimately, this is about 1237
6:19 am
delegates. marco rubio, can he not win on super tuesday and still win say on march 15th? what does the path look like for marco rubio? >> rubio's plan is to win enough delegates of the state, he's been in oklahoma, he's been in tennessee. in the suburbs where the more affluent voters are. where he can pick up enough votes to win, peel off a few delegates for each state. and that's his campaign. that keeps him in the game, march 15th is when florida votes, winner take all. if he wins that, he's back in the game. if he doesn't, he's probably done. >> sure, it's coming in a strong second win proportional votes on super tuesday and then build a two-man race towards the 15th where ultimately it's winner take all and that's a decisive moment. that's how you feel? >> yeah, and same plan for john kasich. he's further behind, ohio also votes on the 15th. kasich says he'll stay in until then. he's trailing trump by about five points in ohio which is a lot better, rubio is trailing trump by 18 in a poll this week
6:20 am
in florida. kasich saying look, i'm still in the race, at least until march 15th. >> all of this happening underneath the umbrella of donald trump who's ahead in a vast majority of those super tuesday states. john bevin, thanks for joining us. >> all right. real clear politics where a lot of us get our polls. terrifying cab ride caught on camera. imagine this. >> we're going way, way, away, not even in the right direction of where we're supposed to be going. >> where that driver was going and what happened next when we come back. plus he made the ultimate sacrifice using his own body as a shield during an ied attack in in afghanistan, and this week, thousands honored his bravery. the stepdaughter joins us to honor this american hero, next. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid,
6:21 am
where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible.
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nycd detective joseph lammond made the ultimate sacrifice last year using his own body to shield his fellow military members when a suicide bomber attacked afghanistan last year. on thursday, his stepdaughter was among those who honored his heroic action at a benefit concert. ♪ joseph lemm's stepdaughter joins us now. i'm familiar with that venue. it is a spectacular venue up in port chester, how did it feel to deliver that beautiful song? you sang stars for your step dad. >> i mean, it was amazing. it was an experience i never thought i'd get to have.
6:25 am
and the crowd is just amazing and all my friends and family there, it was really nice. >> must have been amazing to be in a theater full of people supporting your father. you will remember him how? we're hearing these heroic stories it of him. how will you remember him as his stepdaughter? >> always had a smile on his face. and i always like in situations like this, i always remember his laugh and his like weird chuckle. and i think i'll just remember him making like these snarky comments at me and always like teasing me, but i'll just always remember him smiling and laughing, and i think -- >> to us who didn't know him, we see him as this larger than life guy, 6'5", that's a big guy, and how did he earn the name superman? >> well, i mean, he looked like -- >> are these pictures was you with him? >> yeah, that's my little brother. >> your little brother, okay. >> my brother's four now. and but not only did he look like superman, but he was a nypd
6:26 am
and in the military and he was selfless. like he always put others before him. and he would take my brother to the park for hours just, just to be selfless and to be with ryan and spend time with him. and he would rather sit on the couch with me and talk about life for hours than do anything else. >> how will you carry on his memory and his traditions? >> i mean, i'll just always tell people, it's like, just take, don't take the moments that you have with people for granted because i wish he was still here, but, you know. >> so difficult. and there are ways where you can build, you can support, you can donate, this is what the concert was about, so many people have reached out. the towers foundation, the tunnel to towers foundation was founded in the memory of nypd firefighter steven cilic who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11, but you can still reach out and you're continuing to
6:27 am
raise funds. >> yeah,, you can donate and the that organization are absolutely amazing and they've been helping us for a long time and just the support they've given us and i'm so grateful. >> what would you dad think about all of that? >> he would be, he would be extremely happy, everyone helping us, and i think it's easier for us to get through this because we have so much support. i think it'd be so much harder without it. and it's just, honestly, i don't know what else to say other than it's amazing. >> sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >> but what a hero. and you're clearly so proud of him. >> yeah, of course. >> all right. thank you so much. brook chakof joining us this morning. to donate, head to all the the information you need is there. coming up, the countdown is on to hollywood's biggest night and all eyes are on oscar host, chris rock.
6:28 am
how will the comedian handle the race controversy at the academy awards? the big hint he just dropped, straight ahead. and have we told you yet, it's national snack month. and we're taking it to a whole new level with some crazy combinations. out on the plaza, like, wait a second, pizza cones? ugh, next. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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all right. it is your shot of the morning. the most heartwarming video that you may see all day. watch what happens when a virginia navy dad surprises his little son after three months overseas. >> he's coming home? >> hey. >> oh, crying, won't let go of course. we knew the mom asked him, if you had one big wish, one big surprise, what would you like it to be. he didn't ask for a toy or anything else. he couldn't fight back the tears upon seeing his dad. sean collin, the warm reunion going viral. and it gets me every single time. >> all right. now to headlines, serious ceasefire, hours after it went into effect, the syrian government confirming rebel
6:33 am
forces fired at residential areas in damascus. the ceasefire was the biggest international push so far or it end the brutal five-year civil war in syria. russia, the rebels, and the syrian government agreed to stop strikes in the country as part of a u.s. brokered deal. a nightmare ride caught on camera. >> i don't know where he's taking me. dude, can you stop? are you [ bleep ] serious right now? >> we're going way, way, way, away, not even in the right direction of where we're supposed to be going. this door is still open. i'm trying to get out and he won't stop. >> after requesting a lyft ride which is a car sharing service, desiree taylor and her friend asked or it droichb their own apartment. after dropping taylor's friend off, the driver refused to drop her off just a few streets down. the driver then drove the wrong direction with one of the doors open until taylor was finally able to get out. the driver's credentials have
6:34 am
since been removed. chris rock taking to twitter, hmm, sunday's big oscars. the oscar said see ya sunday, along with video of television static. rock has been rewriting his much anticipated monologue to address the racial gap represented at the awards. no african american stars were nominated for the second consecutive year. and those are your headlines this morning. i think we need some weather, rich, are you out there somewhere? what's going on? >> i'm out here. we have a bunch of students from flagstaff, arizona, welcome. >> hi. >> first time in new york? >> yep. first time in new york. >> good representation of flagstaff. >> i'm from prescott, arizona, there's a battle between prescott and flagstaff, all northern arizona, welcome to new
6:35 am
york, we're happy you're here. look at the map, show you what's happening right now. i'll tell you what, we have a nice weekend in store for so many, in fact out across the west, temperatures are warm today, a 20 to 30 degrees above average. tomorrow, you remain above average and that extends out across parts of the east as well. things are looking quite nice. and this is what translates into temperature wise. we have temperatures in the 70s all the up across the central planes and tomorrow, we cool down a little bit. the other good piece of news, there is hardly any pr precipitation. things become stormy again for the start of the coming week. >> absolutely. you know what aels is good news, i'm already eating pizza right now. it's national snack month and i'm chewing. of course we're celebrating on the plaza. up next, a company that is reinventing how we eat pizza. >> vice president of cono, putting pizza in a cone. >> lovely. >> thank you. >> really creative and really
6:36 am
tasty stuff. >> yeah, tell us about pizza in a cone. >> absolutely. it's portable, it's convenient, all fresh ingredients. we have a lot of, you know, margarita is one of our specialties. pepperoni, we have chocolate, cannoli cream, you know -- >> and how many locations are you in? >> sold over 40 locations. >> franchise. >> yeah. yes. >> and we have locations in jersey, philly, down in florida. and we're coming to dallas, atlanta, baltimore, it's really growing. >> and how did you come up with the concept? you fold your pizza sometimes, why not do it that way? >> it started in italy. and cofounders -- >> this is so good. this is fantastic. keep going. >> and they fwrougt over here not united states. he was over there on vacation, brought it back over, and it's spreading like wild fire. >> solve problem of do you it with with a fork or fold it with
6:37 am
your hands. >> there you go. >> no mistakes. >> thank you. all right guys, pretzels. >> all right, hey rick. >> i take back everything i said about the pizza cone. that was actually pretty good. >> pennsylvania, i have of a soft spot for soft pretzels. scott jones is the cofounder from indiana. >> right. absolutely. yes, sir. go hooshers. >> give these guys a pretzel. >> oh my goodness. warm, delicious. how'd you come up with this? >> this is an amish inspired recipe. the name came from there. ben was amish when i met him, and he never had a pretzel, but he had an opportunity to buy a pretzel stand. had to come up with his own recipe. they did. started it back in 2004 is when he made it and started the first store in 2008. >> it has to be bad for me. >> we're making them all fresh back here, but we have almost 60 stores that we franchised out.
6:38 am
that makes these things. we're going to have you roll some, how about that? >> i'll give you -- >> i'll eat some, you roll. >> i'll give you one quick lesson. basically you want to take the product, roll it out. i'm going to make this look too easy for you. but basically, you just pick it up, flip it, and boom. you have a pretzel. >> you make that look easy. rick, can you do it? >> all right, reddy? >> 30 on the clock. >> okay. ready -- >> i'm going to give you easy -- >> happy pretzel day! >> having a pretzel day. all right. >> you're cheating. you're cheating. >> all right, show me one more time. >> okay. >> one more time. >> that looks legit. >> almost like this, all it is is a little twist. >> what is that? >> there's your pretzel. >> we'll get some of these up and we'll bring them inside for you. >> look at the guys.
6:39 am
>> all right. >> we'll be right back. more on the day. >> have a pretzel day. >> and look at this. by the way, what's the website? >> >> buy one get one free. >> thank you so much. thanks guys. coming up here on the show, the fallout of the apple/fbi controversy. a lot of people wondering how to keep their personal information out of the hands of the government on their iphone. we don't want you snooping around. here's simple solutions to defend your data so the feds keep their hands off of it. are you a golden retriever family or a beagle family? how to match your family with the perfect breed, that's straight ahead. >> good question. oh my god, it's so good!
6:40 am
>> i was the second little girl, and i was just always a mess. climbing treels, just out in the yard, and i was very involved in theater growing up. so it's nice now to perform on a national stage in front of everyone. >> probably just to be polite, be as kind as you can to other people. realize everyone is god's child. i have learned to count my blessings along the way. and i feel like i am grateful to everyone who's helped med get here. my faith is very important to me. so when i get to connect with the audience and i get to connect with other families who might have lost a child or experienced 9/11, i feel like i
6:41 am
have this little portion of my life that i can contribute with other people. share my faith, be there to hold their hand, and be there to help them through some tough times. the best part about being a journalist is we can be curious and find out exactly what's happening on the streets in our towns or across or country. and i'm in the know, and i get the honor and privilege of reporting it back to you. you know, becoming a mother has changed my life. in so many wonderful ways. i'm able to now report the news with more compassion. and what's really cool about getting this position is now i can tell her, you can do anything you want to do, little girl. you can make it. i am so honored to be in your living room, in your bedroom, on your tv screen, every single morning. and i promise you, i'm going to work hard to bring you the best. >> ainsley earhart joins "fox & friends" weekdays from 6:00 to 9:00.
6:42 am
what're you, what're you, what're you? i probably got that question 3 to 4 times a week. i'd always get asked if i was asian or moroccan or something else. so i jumped at the chance to take the dna test through ancestry. and my results ended up being african, european and asian. it just confirmed what i guess people had seen in me all my life. i do feel like ancestry helped give me a sense of identity. "what are you?" now i know. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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good morning, some quick headlines for you. golden state warriors superstar
6:45 am
steph curry giving a fan the birthday present of a lifetime. curry handing over his game worn autographed shoes to a boy holding a sign, asking for them. the boy couldn't stop smiling. he apparently spent $400 of his own birthday money to see curry play against the magic. scored way. customer might always be right, but almost never named beyonce. watch what happened when one woman told starbucks she was queen bey. >> i told her my name was beyonce to be funny, and this is what she gave me. >> you wish on the cup. well-played, starbucks, clayton, over to you. >> well played. well following the fallout from the apple and the tug of war. many are wondering how best to protect the personal information on your phone to keep them out of our phones. more on how to make sure our
6:46 am
data is secure, we bring in chris the cyber guy. >> add nauseam about this whole thing, is apple right or is the fbi, the government right about what should be taken, and what i think i just want to point out is that what if they're both right? it's got people very curious about what their settings are on their phone at this time, and hey, i'm not a terrorist, but i would like the ability to turn my phone on in a way that really protects it at a deeper level if i wanted to, and i wanted to show you what that was. there's three simple things you can do this morning, and i don't know if we can use this camera to get a cutaway of this. i'll hold it still. you would get on your iphone as step one, go to your settings and scroll to touch id and pass code. you put in your existing pass code, it's just four numbers, most people have four numbers, one way to strengthen it, change pass code, and your options really go up from here. automatically wants to boost you up top six numbers.
6:47 am
that's going to make it a lot harder for someone to crack into your phone. a little link right here shows you that there's even more options. you could go as high as 11, alphanumeric characters which could cause somebody to have to spend between 5 and 200 years to crack into your phone. really making it a lot more solid. >> right, the fbi now has the ability with a four digit pass code number to crack that within a matter of 24 hours. plug it into the fbi computers and they find it. >> there's a balance here. i think the best choice for people right now would be to boost up to the six numbers, until we hear that someone has cracked that. let's go down here to the one thing. so same area in settings. all the way at the bottom, people are asking this question, what are you talking about that ten hours, i'm sorry, ten tries, the phone will erase itself, yes, you can self-destruct your own phone. which is what the fbi is fearing, simply by turning this feature on. if you turn it on and people make ten attempts that are wrong on your phone. this is not good if you have
6:48 am
little ones around playing with your phone because suddenly your phone will get erased. but it's a great way to do that. and the third thing you want to do is simply, when you have a chance, make sure that the find iphone option on your phone is turned on. because when your phone is on the loose, it gets away from you. you'll be able to destruct the phone from remote location anyway. >> right. >> those three things going to make it more solid for you. >> those are important tips. if someone steals your phone, you can log in via another device, you can log in and wipe all of your data right off of there. and as i made the point earlier in the show, we have so much personal data on the phones -- >> our entire life is on the phones, everything, and where we are, and where we're going, and where we might be going, it's a -- the phone is no longer just something that communicates, it's a device that holds the key to so many aspects of our life. and we've got to guard it a little bit closer. >> it's a personal computer. coming up on the show, looking at a furry friend in your household?
6:49 am
we have you covered. we have the top dogs and if they would make a good fit for your family. and more e lit ration when we come back on "fox & friends." ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. frodoers don't stop. wake up, every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical.
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i love working in the salinas area becauseriselda zendejas. i always wanted to do something where i could help people around me. so being a construction supervisor for pg&e gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area. and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california.
6:52 am
america's favorite dogs have taken over, including the labrador retriever which rarngs number one for the 25th year in a row. >> wow, i have found one myself. what is it about these pups that make them the perfect family pets? joining us now is dr. heather lesnar. >> this is a lab, as you said,
6:53 am
25 years in a row, top five, for the best family dogs. they're so active, so sweet. they love cats and dogs, other pets. and they love doing what you're doing. if you like hiking or hunting, they are here all the time for you to hang out with. >> can't beat in a. >> and then the number two dog is a german shepherd. he's a four month old german shepherd. these are great docks too. they're very protective of their family and do well with obedience training, they like to work and very smart and very busy and very active. >> and german shepherd owners are so loyal. >> they absolutely are. >> line after line after line. absolutely. the number three dog is the golden retriever. now look at this little tweet heart. so golden retrievers a lot like labs, they have a great sense, they are very friendly, lots and lots of fun. they get along with everyone and they're super, duper snuggly. and all the dogs have been so
6:54 am
well behaved because they are training to be guide dogs in new jersey. so if you do choose to get a puppy, you're going to want to do lots of obedience training. >> adoption, which is the beagle, right? >> yes, and that's -- spoiler alert, the number four is the bulldog. we have our little baby -- look, we have it. >> oh my gosh. >> these are bulldogs, everyone loves that flat face. they look like people, it's one of the reasons we love them so much. >> now what is their personality like? >> they are so fun. they are fun, everybody loves them. and if we can get baby howard to look at the camera, you can see that that flat face -- >> this is your moment. >> he looks like a model. >> i can see it. >> they can have difficulty breathing, if you're going to get a bulldog, get a good relationship and choose one that's accredited by the american animal hospital association.
6:55 am
yes, he's the last one, beagle. >> here's a bulldog. >> oh my good pns. >> this is brandon. >> get that bulldog. >> and they are savvy dogs. . they like to hunt in packs and with other dogs. they get along great with other dogs. >> short hair pointer owner here, i get it. temporarily obedient at best. the wonderful thing too about brandon, he's up for adoption. you can learn more about him on fox news's website. and you can, if you like him for your home, he's available. >> i think pete's like the dog whisperer. >> this guy's a good one. he's a great dog. and a lot of these purebred dogs have rescue associated with them. you don't necessarily need to run to a breeder. you can go online to different rescue organizations and find them there. >> let me tell you something, if you need somebody to keep you warm -- >> found the spot right there. >> thank you so much, doctor,
6:56 am
great to have you. >> all right. for more information -- >> to adopt brandon, head to for more information. >> more "fox & friends" next. ♪ my school reunion's coming fast.
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6:58 am
♪ could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear.
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will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, go to the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct. book now at ♪ our guests are getting frisky. >> wow. >> puppy love. >> how can you not love them all? >> best place to go. >> exactly right. >> brandon can be yours, he just got out of a shelt per. >> he did. he's an ex-puppy mill dog. he's a survivor of that industry. and now he's looking for a home. and whenever we find new dogs, it's great again to find a new
7:00 am
veterinary. a big fan of the american hospital association, you can find their hospital locater. >> thank you doctor. great, thank you for bringing the dogs in. >> log on to "fox & friends".com for after the show show. >> have a good day. now, neil cavuto. all right. welcome everybody. we are keeping an eye on a very busy field of republican candidates who are literally all over the place, all over the country, it's a do or die kind of weekend for them, and a lot of expectations that one or two of them won't be around next weekend campaigning if they don't perform well on what they call super tuesday. you've heard a thing or two about that. we have about a dozen states to grab. today,


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