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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX News  February 27, 2016 7:00am-7:31am PST

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veterinary. a big fan of the american hospital association, you can find their hospital locater. >> thank you doctor. great, thank you for bringing the dogs in. >> log on to "fox & friends".com for after the show show. >> have a good day. now, neil cavuto. all right. welcome everybody. we are keeping an eye on a very busy field of republican candidates who are literally all over the place, all over the country, it's a do or die kind of weekend for them, and a lot of expectations that one or two of them won't be around next weekend campaigning if they don't perform well on what they call super tuesday. you've heard a thing or two about that. we have about a dozen states to grab. today, 59 delegates at stake for
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the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going at it in south carolina. >> e neil, didn't south carolina have a primary last week. that one was for republicans, this one for democrats. this one has hillary clinton up with what we're told is her true day. it's more representative of the democratic thing by about 28 points in some of the latest polls. now here are some of the states we're looking at for super tuesday. and again, they are heavily favoring donald trump, at least in some polls with that race just a few days away. we are going to be hearing in this hour from ben carson and john kasich, ted cruz, they're all here. donald trump and chris christie will be landing shortly, campaigning together. krisz cross the country. so a lot at stake here. larry sabado to pick up how they got something together. the something has to be, not so much for donald trump, but the other guys. they have to start putting up victories. in the case of marco rubio, real
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victories, not just second or third place finishes, right? >> absolutely. it's very unusual to have the runner up who is seen as having the best chance, maybe the only chance to stop the fronter, in this case, marco rubio, not having won a contest. he's got to post a victory soon. they're a heck of a lot of states up on tuesday, you would think he could find one to win. we'll all find out together and ted cruz obviously wants to do well in his home state of texas. and one would presume in a couple of the deep south states. >> now, part of the argument the rubio people have advanced with us when we talk with them is you can coddle together a lot of respectable finishes, second and third, because along the way, they're acquiring delegates, but you know, if donald trump is acquiring more of those delegates, it's the expectation db all right, we can sometimy his quest for the lead. in other words, if we can slow his momentum and he entersen
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cleveland without than 1237 or significantly shine, maybe question work some miracles, what do you think of that? >> that's a pretty good analysis, neil. essentially, the people who are opposed to trump, now believe that their chances of stopping him outright during the primary season. that is having one candidate get the magic number and stymy him during the primary are not goot convention at their best shot. some say it's about 30%. 30% shot that they could stop him even in a contested convention. those are the more realistic folks that i'm talking to behind the scenes. >> now when i was looking to the slightest states for tuesday, larry, i was going to with what the latest polls are saying. the one i would say that may be marco rubio has the best shot, maybe not even outright winning
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with, but doing well would be virginia. what are your thoughts on that? >> well, virginia would be one, don't forget about georgia. there's a hometown effect for candidates that spreads beyond the borders of the state. because of course you have medium markets that are overlapping with other states. and georgia is -- last time i checked the map, it was the neighboring state of florida. >> but hooe not doing well until his neighboring state of florida itself, right? >> that's right. he's not doing terribly well in florida. the polls i've seen in georgia don't have him doing well, if you're looking for that kind of surprise effect, it might happen there. in virginia, you're absolutely correct. most of the bush people here in virginia -- and there were substantial numbers, have moved over to rubio, not all of them, but quite a few of them. they're hoping to propel rubio to a strong second place finish, second place to whom? donald trump. >> interesting. >> before i let you go, a lot
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has been made of these delegates, states versus the winner take all states, but as you reminded me, it sometimes can be even in the proportional states like a winner take all feel. like in south carolina, for donald trump, you've got a plurality of both, but he got all the delegates because if you win a congressional district and precinct, the delegates from the precinct or district. are there any states that fit that bill or will have that same kind of man that could help a donald trump where he wins all of the delegates? >> oh, quite a few of them, neil. i wouldn't be surprised if donald trump ended up winning most or in a few cases ian all of the delegates. we'll see how the votes go. there hasn't been enough polling in many of these states to have a sense of it. but you're absolutely right. sometimes we draw the distinctions too finely between the proportional representation that ends march 15th, by the way, that's winner take all or
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near winner take all delegate situations. so you can sweep delegates. for example, florida is on margin 15th, the winner by one vote, just one vote in florida will get 99 delegates. and everybody else will get zero, but until then, the candidates finishing second and third and fourth have a shot of at least pulling away a few delegates from their efforts in a particular state. >> larry, it's always good talking to you. thanks for being with us on a second, appreciate it, sir. >> happy to do it, neil. all right. ohio is one of those winner take all states too, john kasich's bread and butter, got to win there, and of course marco rubio, 99 delegates at stake in florida. he's got to win there. ohio at 66 by the way, and good professor pointed out, winning by one, these are all the state delegates that's where the man and numbers can ratchet up. this has been the week where donald trump was staggered a little bit. ironically over a provocative comment by no less than the last
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republican party bearer, mitt romney when he got into this with me on fox. >> look, people have a right to know physical there's a problem in those taxes before they decide who -- >> what kind of problem would you envision? the low rate he's paying if that's the case or the fact that he doesn't give as much to charity or veterans groups or whatever? >> well, you know, you've gone through a good list there. one we could find it doesn't have anywhere near as much income as we might then he would have with $10 billion net worth or he doesn't pay any taxes or pays very, very low taxes. >> you're saying you think he's significantly less than that? >> i don't know. >> the fact that he is, is so aggressive in avoiding any discussion of taxes, of his taxes, and is not willing to put them out so far, suggests that there's something in there he doesn't want us to see. >> or you know by now that no sooner had governor romney thrown that out there with me
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then everybody was talking about it. it became a big subject in the debate this week, and it has become a subject since. should donald trump submit his taxes? now, the major ones now, not all of them have done that already, we are getting word from the cruz and rubio camp that they will in a matter of days, but obviously, governor romney was focussing on the really rich big guy in this race, donald trump. whether that's the personal vendetta or not, you be the judge. but will getting those taxes out settle the sko r? who better than to ask a former presidential candidate himsf, a guy who put transparency with a capital t into in effect when he submitted years and years of returns, the former arkansas governor, presidential candidate, mike huckabee. governor, good to have you. we chatted about this before governor, what do you make of this, and the need, the urgency for donald trump to turn over toez taxes? >> let's be real clear about
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this, this has nothing to do with donald trump's taxes. this has to do with the panic in the establishment trying to stop donald trump because he has running away with a nomination, and it scares the daylights out of the insiders who have not only run the party, but they run the country for a long time. and the people out here and the rest of america are sick of it. they're throwing their support to donald trump. and when mitt romney made this comment the other day, and i was listening when he made it, i was just astonished. i'm thinking, mitt, it's february. you didn't release your tax returns until september, after you not only had secured the nomination, you had gone through the convention, it was weeks before the general election, and for him to try to give instruction to donald trump that he ought to be releasing very complicated tax returns, in february, was just unbelievab unbelievably -- >> you provided the ground rules for how you do this. talk about transparency, you submitted like over a decades
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worth of returns. >> yeah, when i first ran. 20 years of tax returns, and i regetted it, it was one of the dumbest things i have ever did -- >> why? >> because my opponent didn't, number one, but he used information that i had submitted that was quite frankly, totally innocent, but he used anything that could be found, as did the press, who don't understand tax returns, let me ask this. let me ask this of your audience, how many do your own tax returns? most people don't. they take it to someone to help them. especially if they're complicated and they have a lot of businesses. i would never think about doing mine. i have a number of llcs and corporations, there's no way i would try to do that because it's too complicated. >> you've never used turbo tax, come on governor, get with the program here. >> it's a little complicated. >> i understand. >> here's my point, the law doesn't require tax returns to be given over. and frankly, tax returns are going to tell you far, far less
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about a person than does the legally required financial disclosure statement which donald trump submitted before anybody else, including me. >> i understand precisely what you're saying, but it's sort of like i see that coming through here, if he doesn't submit them, people are going to summer miez, he has something to hide. marco rubio and ted cruz have said as much, governor romney was hinting as much. given the masses like donald trump's empire, they sigh that will personally might not billion secondly might not be giving as much to charity. you know how this goes, but not submitting them and now giving the argument look, i'm being audited and i can't submit them right now. donald trump was explaining this morning that that is a big reason why he can't. what do you make of of that and that it makes him look like he is hiding something?
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>> well, i listen to a tax expert on fox yesterday who made the very point that donald trump has made. i'm not trying to defend donald trump here, i'm just stating what i know as a candidate. as somebody whose been through the process. it is a stupid thing to give people information that they don't have to have because all you're doing is creating distractions from your campaign. one of the reasons donald trump has been more -- >> dpa expert told me that very point, but again, i get back to perception. and then, and that's always it. all this taxing right now, could i get to this, governor, you heard governor christie has endorsed and now is campaigning today with donald trump. what did you make of that? that was considered a death blow to some of the others because he was seen, at least quazi establishment figure who had gone over to trump in the new york times described it as vindictive, how do you describe it? >> well, i describe it as a person who understands that the presidency is an executive job.
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and christie, like me, like a lot of people, including jeb bush and scott walker, bobby jindal, rick perry, all of us talked about the need of electing somebody with executive experience. i think chris christie is being true to what he said. trump hasn't been a governor -- >> he called him an entertainer in the passed. don't take things in the campaign seriously, bygones are bygones, and god knows the thing that jfk and lyndon johnson said about each other, do you think that's a potential republican ticket? >> it could be. i mean, i do think that christie's endorsement of trump was as donald would say, huge. and it was. it was, it was an extraordinary opportunity to show that he is getting support, and by the way, you know, he doesn't have a lot of support from members of congress because they're all afraid of him and they're afraid of their donors, but duncan hunter of california, chris collins of new york have endorsed, you're going to see more. >> governor, always a pleasure.
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thank you very, very much. it's a huge interview. all right. >> huge. >> and mike huckabee, we're going to be seeing ted cruz and ben carson. we have a busy 1:45 to go here. get ready, we're just getting started. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ what kind of problem would you envision? all right. welcome back, everybody. here we are at new york city looking at a race that is pretty much country worldwide, a dozen states that's a big, big series
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of primaries and events on tuesday for republicans, well for a couple of them, it could be do or die. including maybe ted cruz. let's talk to a guy, lieutenant governor dan patrick. governor, always good to have you. >> it's always great to be with you neil, good morning. >> thank you for taking the time. you have al busy schedule and i'm sure ted cruz chris crossing the country today, arkansas, trying to pick up on what he hopes will be a win in texas, polls seem to candidate he will win, but does the size of that win matter or w is a w. >> a win is a win is a win. in fact ted cruz is the only person so far who's defeated donald trump in a race. and i think quite frankly, he's the only one who can. i was listening to larry earlier in your show about the strategy for marco rubio, but marco does not have a chance to win this nomination. he likely will not win a state between now and the 15th, and i think by the 15th, he should decide to step out of the race because for those, neil, who
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want to take trump out, the only way to take trump out is for ted cruz to go head to head with donald trump. and when that happens, ted cruz will win some of those winner take all states, and i believe ted cruz will be the nominee. i don't see this strategy of marco staying in because the only thing that allows, neil, is for donald trump, potentially, to win winner take all states with only 35 or 38% of the vote. ted is going to do well on tuesday. i don't think marco is going to pick up many delegates -- >> the rubio -- before i get to other states. texas here. 155 delegates. it may not be as big of a victory for your candidate as you hope in that by texas rules, given, you know, a course of voting and the light, he would be lucky to get half the delegates, maybe a little bit more. i know what you're saying about, you know, a win is a win.
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to quote the donald, huge, but does he need to rack up a lot of delegates. this is about delegates. the rubio people say, after super tuesday, even if they don't win one of those states, they will leave super tuesday with more delegates than your guy, what do you say? >> i don't play the expectation game, neil, but i'll say this, i think ted east goi's going to hy good tuesday. ing and i think there will be a gap and two men at the top of the delegates will be donald and ted. >> this christie endorsement of ted/trump, does that move the needle a little bit after the debate? >> surely doesn't impress anyone in texas or the south. i don't think. and chris christie looks like he's maybe trying to position himself to be attorney general if donnell should win the nomination. i think that's what it's all about -- >> might be aiming higher, maybe aiming for vp. >> i'm not sure what he's aiming for, but i know this, there's
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only one candidate, neil, who can beat donald trump head to head. and that is ted cruz. the longer carson and kasich and rubio stay in the game and none of the three have a pathway, they don't, they're nice people, i'm being respectful, but they don't have a pathway. all they do is assure donald trump of doing better than he should. so, i think texas will be loyal to their favorite son. i think ted will do well across the other states and i hope rubio on wednesday morning, if he goes o-fer for the day decides to step aside. that would be the right thing for the party. >> i wouldn't hold my breath, but you never know. >> always a pleasure, neil, thank you. >> 155 delegates, biggest prize on tuesday. n south carolina in a prize minute. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income?
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it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
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let's go, let's go make america all it could again. >> welcome to the political revolution. thank you all. >> all right, fair and balanced to the other races going on. still the battle there in south carolina. battleground today for them. it was for republicans last week. hillary clinton is heavily favored by some polls up as much as 30 points or close to it over bernie sanders. this is her base a lot of her people like to say. this is more representative of the democratic party. that's in the eyes of beholder, of course, big backer is democratic congresswoman, of the fine state of texas. congresswoman joins us now. congresswoman, thanks for taking the time. >> good to be with you this morning, good morning. >> all right. hon hillary clinton, i mean, bernie sanders has been working very hard for the african american vote. he's met with the reverend al sharpton, hasn't turned out big numbers thus far. doesn't turn out big numbers in
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polls for him thus far. what do you make of just that? >> well, what i make of it is is the african american community as i heard before is not monolithic, it is very diverse. but it also understands individuals who have been with them for a very, very long time. i've been in south carolina for a number of days. i was in south carolina in 2008, i understand these are hard working people with a great history, and they understand the bread and butter issues that secretary clinton has been talking about for decades. being in south carolina, fighting against incarcerating young black boys and adult jail. fighting against segregated schools in alabama. it's about relationships. and then, again, this time around, she has been unabashedly, unashamed about talking about the divided issues. and as a woman who has worked in diverse communities, they feel comfortable that she is comfortable with diversity. and that she can both feel their
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joy and their pain. but the bread and butter issues of what the campaign and secretary clinton have been talking about, and it's resinating among women, and i think that's important because it's not just south carolina, this is a message that's going to carry secretary clinton to the white house and the overall -- >> are you worried congresswoman, that the negatives are very high too. so too that the republican front runners negative. a lot of people don't trust her. and it's something that bernie sanders likes to keep pointing out. will that hurt her? especially her wall street ties, she bashes wall street, takes big speaking checks from wall street, what do you think about that? >> one thing about it, broebl the most vetted candidate in this campaign is hillary clinton. everything to be known about hillary is on the table. starting from the time that she was first lady in arkansas, maybe even the time she worked for the dhichildren's legal defe
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fund. there will be sufficient time for every issue of trust to be tested. but i will tell you from a personal perspective and many who know her, we're not in any way frightened by any overview, review, and dissecting of secretary clinton. >> but are you frightened by the fact that pretty much extreme left on issues like the risk of paying more, bashing wall street, bashing trade deals that her husband orchestrated, are you worried that regardless of your own political viewpoints, congresswoman, that in a general election that should she get the nomination? she would have to dash to the middle to get out of that and she might have put herself in a very, very far left hold. >> neil, i'm not in any way concerned. and the reason is because secretary clinton is a smart, smart, smart policy person if
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you will with a big heart. >> does she believe this stuff? >> let me say this, look at her work in arkansas. you know what he did in arkansas, he took an education system that was not treating poor people and poor families and poor children right, and turned that education system around to invest in children. whether it's a leftist policy, it's a policy that invests in people. and what i would argue is that when she gets into the general election, whether it's business, small businesses, whether it's poor people, whether it's working families, whether it's people who happen to be those who are considered the multirich, i hope their goals are what is best for america. that's what she's going to campaign on. leftists, moderate, it's going to be what's best for america. and she will appeal to progressives. i am a progressive. she will appeal to moderates and others without compromising principles. what we have got to do is build on some of the very valuable points that the press has made. and create jobs. more manufacturing. we're going to be against that and turn right side up the
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financial markets or at least the banking structure that relates and responds to all people. so on the trusted end, let me just finish, neil, on that trusted end to say that she is the first viable woman candidate running for the presidency of the united states. i've got to think as a woman that there is something to her being the most scrutinized. she's going to withstand that scrutiny, she's going to make sure that the american people understand that she is trust worthy and all of the concerns that they have will be vetted in the public light, and i believe as she runs for the presidency, she ultimately will be victorious on her heart, her passion, her intellect, and her commitment to serving the entire country. >> congresswoman, thank you very, very much. we appreciate you taking the time. >> it's so good to be with you, thank you. >> all right. be well. fair and balanced now, representing the every guy, bernie sanders, talking about the south carolina state representative, windell


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