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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  February 27, 2016 7:30am-8:01am PST

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financial markets or at least the banking structure that relates and responds to all people. so on the trusted end, let me just finish, neil, on that trusted end to say that she is the first viable woman candidate running for the presidency of the united states. i've got to think as a woman that there is something to her being the most scrutinized. she's going to withstand that scrutiny, she's going to make sure that the american people understand that she is trust worthy and all of the concerns that they have will be vetted in the public light, and i believe as she runs for the presidency, she ultimately will be victorious on her heart, her passion, her intellect, and her commitment to serving the entire country. >> congresswoman, thank you very, very much. we appreciate you taking the time. >> it's so good to be with you, thank you. >> all right. be well. fair and balanced now, representing the every guy, bernie sanders, talking about the south carolina state representative, windell
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gilliard. he is backing as i just said, bernie sanders. very good to have you here, sir. you know, the congresswoman expressed why african americans and many others are supporting hillary clinton. you stand out as certainly very prominent african american, and -- leader on the liberal movement backing bernie sanders. why do you think he's having a difficult time with african americans in general? >> well really, i don't think he's having a dilt time. here in south carolina. we know that we have a big step top take forward when we're competing against a machine. the big giant in the room. i mean, this thing is. do you think it'll be like that today? >> i think you'll get a
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different message. it won't be what you guys are putting out. and i don't mean you in particular, but blacks here in south carolina, we're independent. we're not traditionalists like the congresswoman says we are, talking about congressman clyne. we can think for ourselves. here, we could tell the story. you know, when her husband was president of these great united states, she was first lady, guess what, when you look at the statistics around the country, especially here in south carolina, we knew that her husband supported nafta. it caused hundreds of manufactured jobs to leave the country and particularly here in south carolina, then when you look at the laws that were signed into law, that her husband signed into law, where was her concern about young black men with going to jail in masses? mass incarceration? where was the first lady
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concerned. you didn't hear anything. and then this is running this, he described young black men as that. >> that's coming up against this hard break, sir. i want to thank you. ted cruz after this. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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frodoers don't stop. wake up, every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical. i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. he should pay for it. i am not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. i am not. and he should know that. i'm not going to apologize. >> you know, it was really my favorite moment of the week. not only because i just love my friend and colleague maria's reaction when the former president of the mexico used the f word, again. and you have to understand, maria, she's a pro, she uses respectable language. and boom. generates into that over donald trump and this building of a
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wall. it all comes a the a time when people are talking about image and demeanor and how you comport yourself and the critics of donald trump have been saying, if those are the reactions he elicits, maybe he's not the kind of guy that should be president of the united states. and early ted cruz backer by the way that said the same thing, not the backer, but ted cruz, former ceo of ge and responsible for me and maria, jack welch. >> how are you? >> there'll be no cursing in this interview, young man. >> what did you think of those terms? obviously he was responding, you know, to donald trump and the building of a wall and the mexicans paying for it. >> oh, i don't worry about that. a guy whose talking real talk about how he feels about something. >> okay, i think you're hiding
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something, but i think that's fine. here's what i found alarming, joe biden apologizing to the mexicans about, about donald trump. what'd you make of that? >> this administration is apologizing about every day, something america does. they're embarrassed about america. it's crazy. let's get them out of there. >> okay. so let's talk now about this race, you still like ted cruz, to your credit, you are early interested in him. he's got an uphill fight right now. do you think that it is imperative that he wins the state of texas on tuesday? >> i do. i think he's got to win. but neil the craziest thing in this election has been the idea of people calling ted cruz a liar. i've watched this guy for the last 18 months, the one thing this man is straight and truthful. truth and trust growing with this guy. wroi about truth and trust.
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this guy exxon if is it. let's take ethanol. he goes into iowa with a six-term governor, and tells him, we're through with subsidies. right straight in the eye. and you know what else gets me, they all come around to it, rubio always comes down to cruz's position eventually. he finally comes to ted's position. look, i think the idea of this calling each other names is crazy. it's crazy. >> well, you do raise a good point, in iowa, that was very unusual for senator cruz to go out and say look, i'm not going to coddle this will industry and he wins the state anyway. donald trump as you know, complained about that win said he didn't win fairly. we can go back and forth on that. i want to get your sense now of with donald backing and
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trump. >> look, chris christie is a great guy, and a political guy. he's been getting checks from the federal government over the last 20 years. he's going to be out of a job soon. he's interviewing for a job. >> what job? >> he's a great guy. you pick it, i don't know whether it's vice president, whether it's attorney general, whatever. he needs a government check. >> all right. well -- >> and he loves the political seed. >> and when his term is up in january 2018, he could as easily go into the private sector. he wants to earn money too. it might not be calculated. >> once a political animal, always a political animal. >> all right. we hope to hear from them later in the show. but, go back and looking at business and business leaders in america. they all have their different, you know, choices can, but they are very, very concerned that we're going into a slow down.
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we just completed a corner. showing all of 1% growth. that is not sustainable for good earnings momentum or for that matter keeping all their workers, you know, you know, on staff that we could be entering something bad if we don't do something to turn this around. what do we have to do? what would it take, in your eyes? i know you're allegiances to ted cruz, but what would it take to boost this economy? >> well, ted cruz last night on the "hannity" show outlined a program that would do it. lower taxes. more sensible regulations. dealing with the deficit. all of these things will in fact launch us into a recovery. but we are in a terrible manufacturing position right now. the currency is hurting our experts. our exports. but we are having some success with the consumer because of the lower gas prices are giving them more buying power. you saw the whole people, the
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home improvement retails from home depot and lowe's. you're seeing a consumer spending that's more robust than you are seeing the industrial sector which is really in trouble. >> you know, i just saw that jack welch mentioned home depot. have you ever been in a home depot? >> yes, i have, and my ken lingo tells me about it every day. >> okay. i'll play along. let me ask you about this dust-up with donald trump and his taxes, jack. he says he can't submit them right now, he's being audited. i talked to cpa's and says he has no obligation to release them. mike huckabee says there's only hell to pay when you do, and there's nothing gained when doing it. how does jack stand? >> romney waited until september. sop we'll have to see. i mean, that's donald trump's decision. that's whether or not he raises suspicions by not doing it or
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avoiding by not doing it. >> what do you think the suspicions would be? >> i think romney laid him out nicely. >> okay. as you artfully dodge this question, what romney was saying that trump is afraid of revealing that he's not as rich as people think he is. and that he doesn't give as much to charity. what do you think, either or both were true, whether that would be a big deal? >> i don't think trump's supporters these angry folks, are going to change their view. look, donald trump, peggen noonen today in the "wall street journal" has a great, great article about the trump-domoter. it's a beautiful article describing a group of people that feel they've been getting screwed by the insiders and the republican party. i want them to feel that way. that's why i support ted cruz in the beginning. ted cruz is the first one to
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call this crowd of a cartel, to call them for what they were, and that's why i supported him. >> all right. you didn't go quite as far as saying two years, but jack welch, nevertheless, always a pleasure, my friend. thank you. >> i love talking to you, neil, thanks for having me on. >> same here my friend. jack welsh, has done to help so many careers, including my own. so he's the guy you blame. after this.
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all right. back here with you in new york city as we look into the south carolina primary, this time for the democrats. a big battle as you always hear for the soul of the democratic party. it's a leaning soul than before the emergence of bernie sanders. many argue that he has drawn some say dragged hillary clinton to the far left. and that might be something very difficult for her to overcome. in a general election should she be the nominee. it's anyone's guess. you've learned this here, guesses has been wrong. former economic advisor to president barack obama, always good to have you my friend, how are you? >> doing well. thanks for having me back. >> you know, austin, when you look at what's focussing on the democratic race, i like to say, government versus more government. bernie sanders advocates for more government, free college, for everybody.
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hillary clinton best i could tell yesterday tried to say, well not for everybody, but you could pay for your own kid's college education, but she is trying to draw a line or thread the needle at the time when a party is looking for all government, pretty much all the time. how do you feel about that? >> well, i think there's a danger in primaries that you can get polled, if you get polled into -- pulled into calling for things that you can't actually provide the numbers to show how paid for. i think that could be a problem. i don't think that's my interpretation, that's not what really has happened in the democratic primary. now i've been on record being a little critical of the sanders folks for having numbers that don't really remotely add up, my impression is that clinton has been a bit careful not to be proposing things that later on they'd be saying wait a minute, you can't possibly pay for that. those numbers are all wrong. >> you know, this comes in a week, i'm sure you heard that
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45% of eligible filers do not pay any federal income tax at all. that's not to say they don't pay a fica and related taxes, some for good reason, retirees, or multi, what have you. the number has grown, its doubled since the '80s, i'm wondering how sustainable that is to you. >> what's happened in the u.s. tax system as you know is we've shifted more of the burden on the payroll taxes, which are paid by low and middle and upper middle income workers, and then they cap out, as you get above the cap, 120,000 or something like that.
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>> for all the payroll taxes that you're paying, you ask the retirees wi retiree, i don't think that should be a surprise.
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five minutes before the hour. we are chris crossing the country today, at least from one location, but all the major candidates on the left and the right. there are about seven of them, all over the place trying to capitalize. the democrats in south carolina. even though hillary clinton is going beyond south carolina, so, too, bernie sanders and on the right, the republicans crisscrossing a dozen states.
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ahead of winner take all-states a couple of weeks later. all of them are to try to make a difference ond on the right to try to put a dent in one donald trump and for republicans, it is a do or die mission. we told you about the push for cruz to win his home state of texas and the push on part of rubio to win something at all. arkansas's republican governor on the phone with us right now. he is backing no less than senator arurubio. governor, good to have you. we're told that your candidate might have a good shot in arkansas. but he might not win it outright. does he have to win one of the super tuesday states in your mind? >> i don't think he has to. but he has to be close and he has to show that he is the logical alternative to donald trump so that it coaless around him. our hope in arkansas is that he
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win, but also that he is all across the south, such a strong showing that it is clear he is the right alternative, the best conservative that can win in november. so, i'm excited about him. obviously, it's close here because we have donald trump today, marco rubio tonight, marco rubio again on monday. hillary clinton coming on the other side of it. we also have ted cruz, so, this to me is is ground zero in the sec. primary states and obviously, it's close and i hope we can push marco over the top. >> there is another strategy governor, that marco rubio even if cruz were to win texas and get the 155 delegates there, the rubio folks hope to come out of that day with more delegates net than ted cruz and so donald trump, but that he could show after super tuesday, he has more delegates than does ted cruz. what do you think of that
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strategy? >> well, we'd love to be ahead of ted cruz in terms of delegates, but i think it's also, you know, with the raw vote count, makes a difference just in terms of perception, so, coming in second or third makes a huge difference in a arkansas. i think it's closely split right now between the three, but there's a lot for marco rubio. you know, the fact, people are starting after the debate to question whether donald trump is all that he is said he's going to do for the middle class, for blue collar workers. so, i think there's some buyer's remorse there. there's a second look at donald trump and i think that's going to benefit marco rubio. >> are you concerned maybe is the way i should put it, that senator kuz cruz sorry, senator rubio, has gone the way, going tit for tat, with donald trump
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on these insults. now, he did so very humorously, your candidate, senator rubio, but some argue it's a zero sum game and if you're trying to do that with donald trump, of course, was doing the famous bottled water incident, mocking your candidate, that you don't get anything on that level or trading barbs with donald trump on that level. what do you think. >> i don't think you need to stoop down to his level at all. at the debate, it was an appropriate exchange. you've got to go toe to toe with him. rubio did that. that's in a debate format and it is on really trying to demonstrate that he's not the right one to represent. he's going to collapse in november if he gets the nomination, but in terms of the day-to-day dialogue, it elevates the race. that's the worst thing that could happen. there's not a contrast between donald trump's language, his rhetoric, his diminishing of
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people, character assassination. we've got to elevate this race, the presidency, most importantly. >> do you worry that bigones can be bye gones after these pretty big insults and donald trump saying when he was with chris christie, chris christie himself after endorsing him, that whoever he considers herp to be the nominee for vice president, won't be senator rubio. i'm sure it's thought mutually. i wonder whoever is the nominee, that everyone can rally around them. competitor, even who would have thought that chris christie would endorse trump. they were going at each other and in my conversation with chris christie, i didn't take he was a fan of trump with what
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happened and so, so i think you know, adults can come together for the better good, but it's a tough primary. absolutely. and you can't what we've learned is you can't lay down and just let the trump machine roll. you've got stand up to it. you can't be bullied by marco rubio. >> very good talking with you. top of the hour here and the front and center, rubio and his campaign at a rally in georgia. that's where you'll find our john roberts. what you got, sir? >> hey, good morning to you. georgia, one of 11 states awarding delegates. 76 up for grabs here in georgia. donald trump currently leads by 17 points here, but rubio trying to build support by doing events here here in kennesaw in the


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