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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  February 27, 2016 8:30am-9:01am PST

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af quick question and welcome back, efrk. who are the republican candidates right now, pitted against hillary clinton, does the best? what if i told you it's john kasich. true. in the latest match up, he beat her the best and when it comes to ohio, in a country mile. by 17 points. he joins us now. governor, good to have you. >> thanks, neil. >> your state is a very important state, probably an
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understatement. you got a big battle coming up there. do you think right now, not even lookinging at the number, that you have to win your state, you have to beat donald trump? >> yeah, i have to win ohio. of course i have to and we will. look, i mean, we've got marco, who's trailing by like 20 points in florida. and i don't know how ted's going to do in texas. we'll have to see, but in ohio, i'm running even with him right now. head to head, i beat him by 18 points, but i have to win ohio. i mean, what are you kidding? of course i do. >> that's not -- that's a winner take all-state. 66 delegates. that should change the math mightily. but you're saying if you don't win it, pack up? >> oh, yeah. pack up if we don't win in ohio. that's for sure. but here's the thing, neil, that why is it that i'm beating hillary by more than you know, anybody else in the field. it's because people say i can get the crossover votes and i can get those democrats to come, the conservatives to come over
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and support me. i think i have her, i've been beating her 11 points and neil, look, this is all process. let me just say one thing. we have to pick a president who's experienced, who's accomplished and who's achieved things. we're not picking a class president. we're picking the president of the united states. and i think the other even though i was in the middle l of all the name calling and maybe the pundits like the name calling, i think i demonstrated by ek appearance in domestic policy, my experience in foreign affai affairs, which i have vast experience and i was very proud of that debate and you know, i just, i was in memphis last night. had a thousand people show up at memphis last night. so, people are very much responding and you know, it's gratifying. >> i agree. wait a minute, wasn't a fox business debate. maybe that was why. governor, i do want to get a
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sense of the dynamics and how they've changed. your former presidential candidate colleague and governor, chris christie, supporting donald trump right now. were you surprised at that? >> yeah, a little bit. i thought that i had a, i'd asked chris to support me and he said he was going to think about it and you know, he thought about it, decided to do something else. look, i just think it's tough. you know, chris and i have been friends and i think maybe you know, it's tough when you don't do as well as you'd like to in a place like new hampshire and i'm not here to analyze chris christie. he's a good guy. and but he went for trump and was i surprised, yes, does it affect me, not really. >> "the new york times", the paper that supported you, called it a calculated, vindictive move. par prizing here f. what do you think? >>. >> here's the thing, when you're in the arena and you're
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actually, teddy roosevelt said, you're not standing nup the stands, but you're in arena, you have to respect the people. give them credit for being in the arena. doesn't mean you have to agree with him. doesn't mean you have to approve mare tactic, techniques, but i have regard for people who went through it. chris worked very, very hard. i can't tell you why he decided this. he didn't call me to tell me he was going to do this. >> really? interesting. >> life goes on. i'm not going to be critical of chris christie. he's been a friend of mine and we work together. >> you know, the name calling and the back and forth that continued yesterday. what did you make of that, donald trump with the water thing and then senator rubio with the comment that it looked like donald trump had soiled himself. >> well, i'm slightly aware of it because you know, i had so
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much i have to do, but neil, the people say how do you beat donald trump. i will give you my view. it's your record. it's your accomplishments and your vision. you know, getting down into a wrestling match in the dirt and the mud, i've thought about it myself. you know, i criticized donald on the merit, no name calling, but u on the merits when it came to his position on immigration. i did it in on, the third debate, i think. but i have never called him names. i'm not going call him a con man or anything like that. i've thought about, well, what if i did it? i think if i did it, there would be so many people in the country who would be disappointed and i think my family would be disappointed. the record is criticize iing somebody's lack accomplishments or experience sh i think that's fair game, but you get into this personal
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stuff, we are running for president of the united states. put your vision out there. let people know what you're going to do. now, somebody attacks me, i'm not going to sit back and take it. i'm not somebody's pin cushion or a marshmallow, but i'm more comfortable talking about what i'm for. i've done probably 130 town hall meetings now. i don't think i have mentioned any own my opponent's names an by the way, i'm the last governor standinging and i went from 16 candidates down to five of us now. pretty amazing. >> you have an impressive record. even those who may not be big fans, agree you have a big record to stand on, but i am wonder if you ever feel like the rodney dangerfield in this race, that you just don't get the respect. >> no, i don't, neil. we are geing momentum. i've had a lot more people sign on to raise money and neil, you can't be in these town hall meetings and have these people come up to you and say they
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trust you could i have a hug, could you just listen to my problems. it's pundits. we're in a 24/7 news cycle. you're on the air. i've watched you for many years. in fact, i worked with you for a time. i remember going through the debt crisis. are they going to shut the government down. that was some really, really good reporting, but i know that you have to fill these cycles and so, people just get paid to talk. i don't really pay much attention. i don't watch television. i haven't had a television on in my hotel room and when i watch television, outside of course your great show, i watch the golf channel. >> that was very well done. very well done. let me, i know you've got to get out on that stump. i was talking to an analyst yesterday saying well, i could see christie being trump's attorney general. and i said, who would be his vice president? without a blink, he said, that
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would be kasich. got to be kasich. what do you think of that stuff? you seem to be everyone's number one number two. >> well, you know, there was a time when lincoln asked everybody if you can't be number one, be number two and he became president. i'm the governor of ohio. i have the second best job in america. i love my job as governor and that's what i intend to do if i don't win sh but you know what? i win in ohio, it's a whole new ball game and guess what? i will be the nominee. so, everybody that's out there watching, if you want somebody who's the adult in the room, you just stay cool and calm and collected, we're going to get there and help me, by the way. something you want to do, jo that's a website. i think that's it. i got so many i can't keep track oof them. >> governor, always a pleasure. thank you very, very much.
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john kasich from the fine state of ohio. we're going to be hearing from ben carson as well. the candidates everywhere looking forward to super tuesday. a dozen states up for grabs. almost 600 delegates. how it could go a long way and you just heard from governor kasich, if he does not win his state, it's over. it's over. for him. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira.
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i want to dip into this. ted cruz is speaking to reporters in atlanta, georgia. >> brings in foreign workers because hire america. he hired only 17 and right after the debate, donald went on a news network and said, well, gosh, you just can't find americans to do those jobs. what utter nonsense.
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jobs as waiters and waitresses and bellhops in some shi shi hotel in palm beach. may have to pay them a higher salary. than the foreign workers donald is bringing in. but to the men and women of georgia who are out of jobs, to the men and women of georgia who are forced into part time work, whose wages are stacked, i will fight for you and i'm the one candidate who has fought for you over and over and over. >> second part of the question, senator rubio's conduct. i was glad to see someone taking -- head to head.
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been unwilling to do so. i welcomed marco making that case. listen, it is abundantly clear. if you care about the support, we are one liberal justice away from losing our basic rights. from losing our basic religious liberty. from losinging the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. at the debate, donald argued with me, said, ted, you got to be willing to cut a deal with the democrats ton supreme court. you got to be willing to cut a deal with the democrats on religious liberty. i will not cut a deal giving away your religious liberty, giving away the second amendment and donald trump is telling us that's what he intended to do and he's got a long record of it on the second amendment. donald trump supported bill clinton -- >> we will continue monitoring this back and forth withers in
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atlanta, georgia. on the phone with us now is a rival, dr. ben carson. doctor, good to have you. >> good to be back with you, neil. >> how do you see this race going, doctor? of these dozen or so states up for grab, do you have to win one of them? >> no. but i think that it would be important to collect you know, delegates. and continue to do that. you know, it's a gradual process of more and more people are starting to hear the message. you know, i just got through speaking at an event where they were expecting a couple of hundred people and you know, several times more than that. we had to couldn't get everybody in the room. had to go and speak to another group outside. you know, people are starting to listen. they're starting, you know, after that thing that was called a debate the other night, i think a lot of people are saying, wait a minute, we need to get serious and when i went out into the spin room afterwards, there were several
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sper national reporters. they had the same question. aren't you embarrassed? we can do better than this. >> you know, i noticed that was not a fox business debate. didn't you? >> it was not fox at all. no question about it. >> a chance for you to promote fox business. you'll have another opportunity. doctor, a lot of people, i mean, when it come to who do you personally like in this race? you scored highly on that. are you troubled that the closeness you get from voters, doesn't get you the vote from those voters? there's a disconnect there between the money your u campaign is able to raise, the enthusiasm online you're able to raise. the passion and support and good will, but no engendering a lot of votes. >> not early on. but as time goes on and people have an opportunity to really get a chance, to know what they're look, they could have a
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profound effect. >> time's a wasting. the perception already is that donald trump comes out of super tuesday with a commanding lead in delegates. maybe senators rubio and cruz. build up a delegate. further putting you under pressure. do you agree, do you fear that is this. >> i don't fear anything. i just recognize that you do what is right. you don't do what's politically expedient. and the rest of it will take care of itself. i happen to be a very strong believer in god. and i think there's will the of people who are praying for this country. and i believe there are a lot of people who are awakening at this stage and recognizing that we are about to go over the cliff. and if we continue to do silly things like attack each other and make it about each other and not deal with this financial
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structure of this nation, which is about to collapse, and not deal with the business man, a house divided against itself cannot stand. not deal with the educational deficit. 71% of people applying to our voluntary military between the ages of 17 and 24 are rejected for mental, physical or educational reasons. educational being the largest one. that impacts upon our national security. these are the issues that need to be talked aboutful you'll notice that these are not the issues that we talk b about. we talk about he said this about your mom. that's third grade stuff. >> you did mention god, doctor. if you don't mind, i want to pause this for you. in donald trump trump doesngets elected president, is that god's way of telling you i'm okay with trump? >> if that happen, it happens
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and we'll deal with it and you know, ultimately, we don't understand the beginning from the end and we don't know why point a leads to point b and how it gets there. if we were god, we would know that and we don't, so we just have to accept some things by faith. >> the trut salad thing from the debate. what were you meaning? it was the most repeated term online afterwards. >> well, in book of matthew, chapter 7, versus 20, it says by their fruit, you will know them. talking about how you determine who a person really is. who they are, you determine it is by the life they have led and that is the fruit they produce. that's what i was referring to. >> they never use fruit salad though. doctor, thank you very much. it's always good chatting with you. >> thank you, neil, take care.
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>> all right, dr. ben carson. the q and a are reporters ramping up. he's going to be speaking in atlanta. all the candidates are going to start going through a busy campaign day in stops pretty much everywhere. dozen states, they are up for grabs. it gets really, really crazy. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and
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here's how important the super tuesday states are. donald trump is forking over close to a million bucks in ads to get his message out in alabama, arkansas, georgia, tennessee, texas, virginia. again, there are 11 states up for grabs. they represent 595 delegate. the most important of those states at least as far as
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psychological significance as well as survival significance will be texas. the home state of senator ted cruz. he has said, his people have said, he's got to win there. kaitlyn, the argument seems to be that not only should he win there, but trump should win by a big margin because his home state. it's all how these guys play these things. what do you think? >> right. he has to win there and i think that he would do hils well by winning by a large margin the way the delegates are appropriated this. texas has something like 55 degree gats in the way they're reported, the threshold you achieve so, cruz would serve himself well by not only wing there, but by winning big. that way, he could say i'm not only beaten trump in iowa, but
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i've won my home state of texas and then he'll point to you know, john kasich and rubio, who states go on march 15th and say the pressure's on. >> quickly then, the other must win are those candidates like kasich in ohio to get those 66 delegates and obviously, rubio in florida to get those 99. >> right. absolutely. i think they're respective campaigns will be close to finished if they are not able to win their home states and their home states happen to be winner take all. so, the pressure certainly there and rubio's campaign has pledged that they would win florida. they said you know, pretty much take it to the bank that they'd win florida. those are some pretty high expectations. thank you very, very much. beginning with lou dobbs at 5:00
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p.m. then at 6:00 p.m., when i take you through gets the south carolina results. fox business is there. we have your back. i said it from the beginning and i mean it. weekends, all days, you name it. we're there. we've got you covered. ♪ >> thanks. enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. will a high profile endorsement shore up donald trump's front-runner status? plus, the punches flew in thursday's night republican debate as marco rubio and ted cruz took on trump. so, did they do any damage or was it too little too late and hillary clinton regains her momentum, but has she stopped the sanders surge once and for all? or could there be a super tuesday surprise? welcome to this special edition


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