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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  February 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. will a high profile endorsement shore up donald trump's front-runner status? plus, the punches flew in thursday's night republican debate as marco rubio and ted cruz took on trump. so, did they do any damage or was it too little too late and hillary clinton regains her momentum, but has she stopped the sanders surge once and for all? or could there be a super tuesday surprise? welcome to this special edition of the journal editorial report
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as we count down to super tuesday. it's the biggest day on the 2016 primary calendar, with nearly 600 republican delegates up for grabs including 155 in ted cruz's home state of texas. coming off his third straight victory in nevada, donald trump is the front-runner and he can now boast a high profile endorsement from new jersey governor, chris christie. >> there is no doubt in my mind, and i've been saying this from the time i entered the campaign, that the single most important for the republican party is to nominate the person who gives us the best chance to boat hillary clinton. i can guarantee you, that the one person that hillary and bill clinton do not want to see on that stage come next september is donald trump. >> joining the panel this week, "wall street journal" columnist and editor, brent stevens, kim
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strossel, james freeman and mary o grady. so, kim, we're going to get to chris christie, but i want to ask you, hugely impressive performance by donald trump in nevada winning across most demographic groups of republicans. is he clearly, he's not clearly the front-runner, but can he be stopped an who's going to do it? >> we certainly saw ted cruz and marco rubio attempting to do that for the first time at that thursday night debate. they had largely been going after each other. there seemed to be an understanding this time that trump was indeed the threat after nevada and they were going to have to try to attack him, but also in some new ways and you saw them do it by going after his lack of a policy agenda and some questions of his character, so this is going to be the new line. >> mary, look, i want to go back to this nevada performance. he elevated his game. he had been down in the low 30s
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or so. maybe mid 30s. he's up there now at over 40%. he was winning among very conservative voters over ted cruz. evangelical voters over ted cruz. even won among hispanic voters. his argument is look, i am the guy who can win among all these groups. the rest, your support is too narrow on the right with cruz or not deep enough with rubio across enough groups. >> i don't know. this is a big country and nevada's a very different state from some of the other states he's going to face in the coming weeks and i think for example, you look at him boasting about getting 46% of the hispanic vote in nevada. that was 46% of republicans who turned out to the primary but if you look t other poll, it shows he's greatly disliked by hispani hispanics. >> shows 80% have a negative view of him. >> so, i think there are places where add kim says, you know, both rubio and cruz can make enroad, but they're running out of time and i think the debate on thursday night was a really
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big achievement, particularly for rubio, but the question is, you know, whether he can get the attention of the voters. >> the danger for the republican party is they might now defeat themselves into sinking with donald trump is electable. in a general election. i do not think he is electable. there is a, he has a high floor of support. he's also got a low ceiling. and i think there are a lot of conservative voters who could not imagine having that man as the commander in chief. >> that, the people who say that electability is our number one concern, our voting are rubio. got 51% of those. one out of four republican vo r voters, so, they're prizing other things chlts somebody who can bring change. somebody who says i want to stick it to the man, even if donald trump may be the man. stick it to washington. >> it should be rubio's strategy, number one, to expose
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just how hollow donald trump is and i think you saw the beginning of that in his debate performance, but also to emphasize the issue here is not the nomination, it's the election in november. >> what do you make of the krchs christie endorsementment? >> seems self-serving. if you listen to christie over the course of the campaign, what you heard was an argument that wg the governor was the critical experience to do this job. you also heard the need to make a case against hillary clinton. i seems to me if christie was going on that criteria, that he talked about, the person he would have endorsed was john kasich. now, the fact he didn't suggest he's decided truch's going to be the guy. i don't know if he got something in return for this, but -- >> what would that be? attorney general? i don't know see the vp slot just because they're too similar loud mouth guys from the northeast.
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i just, i think it's going to remind a lot of conservative voters of his hug of the president. prior to the 2012 election. froms not looking too far beyond the interest of chris christie. that's what it looks like. >> kim, what are you looking for on super tuesday? what should our viewers watch? >> i think there's a couple of things. one, watch to see if ted cruz can win texas because if he can not win his home state, if donald trump beats him there, there is going to be an enormous amount of pressure on him to exit the race. especially after his poor showing in south carolina. >> but if he wins texas, can he stay in? >> he probably can make the argument, but that gets to the second point, which is can rubio and cruz or rubio alone, keep donald trump's numbers down to the low 30s, maybe the high 20s. can rubio maybe even win a state? i think he needs to win a state. maybe a place like oklahoma or virginia. to show that he's got it in him
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to win himself. and to also blunt this momentum that donald trump has going forward and suggesting that this could in fact remain a two man, even a three man race. gl i would look into other state, arkansas, where the governor has endorsed rubio and minnesota. still ahead, a high stakes debate in houston gives marco rubio and ted cruz a final opportunity to take on donald trump. before super tuesday, so, did they do any damage and are there other obstacles ahead for the front-runner? >> he can release past years tax returns, he can do it tomorrow. he doesn't want to do it because presumably, there's something in there that is bad. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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a debate in houston b thursday night took the fight to trump and tried to change the dynamic of the race heading into super tuesday. take a look at this change over health care. >> what is your plan? >> i understand the lines around the state, whatever that means. this is not a game. >> when you get rid of the line, it bripgs in corp. tigs. gl that's the only part of the plan. >> i thought about, you have many different plans. you have competition. you have so many different plans. >> repeating himself. >> not repeating. i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago and -- >> all right. did rubio and cruz open up u some major vulnerabilities that rotors could see for the first time for donald trump? >> yeah, i think they did. i think particularly on obama care, this idea of interstate competition is very old idea. >> it's a good idea. >> it's good, but doesn't solve
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the problem. it's limited. we know that and i think that by having that sort of back and forth with trump, rubio showed how when he's not incomp hence bt, he'd vapid. >> the lack of policy knowledge f they could expose that, he's going to get, he's going to get -- >> marco rubio succeeded in doing is mocking trump. and trump's entire method in this campaign is to mock and be little the people on stage with him. so, what it's about that sally by rubio was that he was returning fire and returning very accurate fire. it deminnished trump. i think that's the way any of the candidates were on stage with him have to over it. >> he also forced trump to talk about planned parenthood again and his ideas are much more liberal than conservatives. and you know, there was also some discussion about how his
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tax cut doesn't add up and cause more debt. >> they've exposed in previous debates he doesn't know many of the details about various policies. i think his crowd likes that because he's an outsider. they perceive and he's taking on the established politicians. shown he's not a conservative. i thought the attack rubio launched that had some potential here is hypocrisy. when he often assigns while trump was talking, but making the point that trump ties, trump suits are made overseas, making the point he's hired immigrants to work on his buildings. we know these -- bringinging immigrants to work in his resorts. i think -- >> jobs america won't do. americans won't do. >> i think that is a new and potentially very dangerous attack for donald trump. to show that he basically has not been for the little guy. he has not been for the people
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that he's now representing. >> let's look at a clip of mitt romney going after donald trump for not releasing tax returns. >> either he's not anywhere near as wealthy as he says it is or hadn't been paying the kind of taxes. the reason there's a bombshell is because every time he's asked about taxes, he dodges and delays and says we're working on it. >> he said, look, i can't release them because i'm being audited. and afterwards, he said maybe they are auditing me, does any of that, the auditing, is not -- you can still release your tax returns. yeah, not a good moment for trump because it does potentially look like he's hiding something and the other candidates, went after this him on this as well, too. he came up with the foe any
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audit excuse and it really heightens for a lot of voters, the question of what is it twaktly because what you also heard his rivals talking about on the stage is ted cruz hit this particularly hard, that trump, if he gets the nomination, the democrats are going the shred him and he is unvetted and there's a lot of liabilities, so they're raising that sector. >> ted cruz made this clear. he said, look, trump has not been vetted. not by the media, which will wait until after he has the nomination. to lay out all of the victims of the trump business plan. the failure of trump university. all of the meem moaning about what trump did. fairly or not, a lot of it might be totally unfair as it was against mitt romney. >> and his, the other republicans on stage node to stay trump is open stanl part two and make the case that he can't win. but they're making that kras. now, rubio is making that case that he didn't.
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>> right and the thing is what rubio has to do is make sure his rep said before, make sure the ceiling remains. he does not get much of above one-third of the electorate. he did better in nevada, but he's basically got the ceiling on him and i think lots of people who are sort of on the fence about whether he might be the best person, is rubio and cruz continue to expose these kinds of insist ensys. >> but trump is going to hit back hard and he did with the christie endorsement. he got up there and said rubio is not fit to make the change. >> it is potentially helpful to trump because this is the first of the dropouts for him. but you notice trump on friday, he was saying, i won, but didn't want to talk about thursday night's debate. he kept referring back to earlier debates where he felt rubio didn't do adds well. aruba yoi heard him on thursday night. >> i think that's right. i think he did and saw that in trump's response. when we come back, he's running
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we won the evangelicals, we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. >> that was donald trump after his sweeping victory in nevada this week. his win there showed once again his strength across the republican electorate with gr p groups including evangelical christians and blue collar conservatives. a key voting block for any candidate hoping to succeed in the super tuesday states. john is a republican political strategist, top adviser to rick santorum's presidential campaign.
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welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> we hear a lot these days, the rise of donald trump means that the republican coalition is fracturing, the party is splitting in two. is that overwrought or how do you see it? >> i don't think it's new. i think it's always been there. i think we're looking at it with a much more powerful mike scope and understanding that the republican party is moderate to conservative s or lishment and outsiders. we've found there's a lot of blue collar conservatives. >> this is a fox news alert. we will take you back to the journal editorial report, but first, here is senator marco rubio holding a rally in kennesaw, georgia. >> of the conservative movement, an individual that's never even voted in a republican primary, who stands agrees with hillary clinton on planned parenthood, neutral with israel, if you don't support government
9:22 am
sponsored health care, you're in favor of letting people die in the streets. this is a dream to the republican party and you know the media, you guys are sharpening their knives. as soon as he's the nominee, they're going to descend on him like the hounds of hell and tear him apart, so we're not going to allow someone like that to be our nominee. we're going to nominate a conservative. we are going to win. we're going to win in florida. we're going to win in the early stage. we'll find out on the 15th. we feel optimistic about the number of delegates we're going to win, which is what this race is about. this is not a traditional race. usually in a race like this, people are pushing you. at some point, everybody needs to get out. so someone we're inspired by can wrap up the nomination. that's not what's going to happen with trump. the majority of republican voters don't want trump to be our nominee and they are going to support whoever is left standing to ensure we don't nominate a con artist to be the nominee of the republican party in this very important election
9:23 am
cycle. >> governor kasich -- >> well, they have a right to be in the race. they've worked as hard as we have and they're out there as much we are. i'm never going ask for anybody to drop out. they have a right to be in it as long as they want. ultimately, it's a process of voters and this race will narrow down and when it does, it will be a clear choice and when vo r voters have a clear choice between two people, that's when donald trump starts to lose. the sooner that happens t better off we'll be. >> why do you think trump hasn't released his tax returns? >> i think part of it is he's not as rich as he says he is. this is a guy who inherited millions from his father. had he put it in an index fund, he would be as rich as warren buffett. it's part of the fraud. he's telling people he's this great business man, successful in business and will do the same for america, i hope not.
9:24 am
he took four companies into bankruptcy. we had calls all over the place, bankers calling us, others saying all kinds of insight into donald trump and one is when he took one of his companies bankrupt, they put him on an allowance, so it's part of what con artists do. they come to you and try to help you make you believe they're something they're not. it's how he get people into trump university and they realized it was a con and they lost their money. we're not going let that happen as a country. >> could you not have taken that approach three or four months ago? >> i always hoped that voters would see this for what it is. obviously, we live in a different dynamic today and it's gone too far. if we're going to save the republican party from being taken over by a con artist, we're going to have to start making a case more aggressively and i'm more than happen p pi to do it. thank you. >> thank you, guys. we're going to have you exit through the building.
9:25 am
>> you were just listening live to senator marco rubio speaking to reporters in georgia. he said the race will narrow down. he said voters will have a clear choice. we heard from the senator there. he was asked about donald trump again, calling him a con artist, saying that voter wils will aga have a clear choice. he said he had been talking to a number of bankers who had works with donald trump in the past who were critical of his business dealings and said he doesn't want to release his tax returns because senator rubio says maybe he is not as rich as he's been telling the public. senator rubio in georgia speaking to reporters there. noy, back to journal editorial report. >> who have a college degree, those people, could they stay home and off set any debts from these other voters. >> it's a very fair question. the problem we have now is it's donald trump versus nobody.
9:26 am
once it becomes, if he does become the nominee, and it is against hillary clinton, then we got to go back and say, what's going to motivate those voters and frankly, they may be more motivated to show up and vote against hillary than to vote for trump and that may be part of the message. >> but he has, very high negative. higher than hillary in our own "wall street journal" nbc poll. if you were advising him, what would you advise him to do? >> i think he's in a unique position. if he can pull off, he needs to do something. to start look iing more presidential. the paradox is how do you do that with not your base not looking like oh, wait a minute, he's going washington on us but i think people are looking for symptoms that it's all right to vote for him. that there's some stability there. i do think he should be concentrated more on that. >> willing to take a rising, but not jump off a cliff for donald trump. thank you, john.
9:27 am
>> my pleasure. >> much more to come in this special one hour edition. still ahead, a look at the democratic race heading into super tuesday. there's no doubt hillary clinton exploded bernie sanders momentum, but will it be enough to lock up the nomination or is sanders cooking up a super tuesday surprise?
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what we are about is making a political revolution in oklahoma can help us move in that direction. when i look at out this crowd, i don't think there's any way we're going to lose on tuesday. >> welcome back to this special edition of the journal editorial report.
9:32 am
we look ahead to super tuesday. that was bersy sanders at a r. l one says he is within strikes distance within hillary clinton in at least five states including vermont, massachusetts, oklahoma, colorado and minnesota, but is it enough to stop her recent momentum? back with bret, kim, mary. what is bernie sanders have to do to get the revolution revving up again? >> i think you have to do what he's been going quite successfully. now, there's this feeling that hillary has it in the bag after nevada. i'm not so persuaded by that. the fact is sanders has the heart of the democratic party. bernie sanders is speaking the language democrats have been listening to when they read paul krugman or thomas -- this has been the movement of the party away from the bill clinton new democrat centrist party to the far left. and really, it's been a momentum
9:33 am
play for him. the whole question is whether he has just enough momentum to overcome the deficits which he's been narrowing. >> he may have the heart of the white gentry liberals, mary, but not of the african-american vote, which has been saving hillary clinton. >> he always doesn't have the levers of the machine and that's what the clintons have. and i think that you have to give bernie a lot of credit for the fact this hasn't been the coronation everybody was expecting. she's now catching him in places like massachusetts. and colorado. looks ify. you know, those are states he has to win. and if he doesn't win those, you know, the other ones she walks away with. >> he's got to show he can win outside of new england. colorado is crucial to him. if you can't win in a state that's legalized marijuana, where can you win? >> you spend any time in denver, it's a very young city. the people's republic of boulder north of there. you mention they smoke a lot of
9:34 am
weed. this should be a sanders crowd. i think that's a major alarm if he's not able to win in colorado, but if he does, maybe picks up minnesota, texas. probably a longer shot, but he did do well with his panic voters in nevada, so who knows. >> i think she's going to control the industrial heartland and that's going to be tough for him to get. >> surprises of this race is the weakness of hillary clinton. and there's a reason why democrats are turned off by her because they've been listening to the same drip, drip, drip as she likes to put it of her e-mail, ethical issues and being out of step with what is idea logically now the center of the democratic policy. hatred of wall street, hatred of wealth. she embodies both. >> but they don't think sanders can win the election and they're about winning and power and those super delegate, members of congress, officials of the party, they're all for hillary clinton and in the end, they're going to vote for her, so bernie
9:35 am
not only has to win the normal delegate race, he's got to do much better than history. >> he does and that's almost impossible. all that being said, sanders' legacy in this race will be profound. whether he wins or loses. he has refused to attack her on some of the things that would matter the most like this fbi investigation. but the arguments he's been making about her speeches to wall street, his demands that she release those speech, you know how "the new york times" came out and said she needs to release the speeches. that is something a lot of voter rs listening to, they're worried about and there is a question going forward about her able il to ewe neat the party or get enough enthusiasm to help. >> i agree with that point, but i think she's going to have the party united. i think the democratic party's going to be less fractured than the republican party of donald trump's the nominee. >> true. >> would you agree? >> we do, except what we are seeing is that republicans are coming out in these primary
9:36 am
races in droves. not so much on the democratic side. and even some on the left are worrying about that already. >> bret, the goldman sachs speeches, transcripts. 250,000, little less than what i get. not really. i don't get anything. is that a vulnerability for her? >> i think it's immense. now, having said that, i was once in ukraine where hillary clinton turned up a speech. i think she had left a fear for the potential endorsement of wall street, then simply the -- of these performances. how little it takes to make that kind of -- >> that's why i think it's quite amazing. she was probably just tossing out political bro mids about diplomacy. >> talking those out in a case where i was president was for a very well connected ukrainian billionaire. those are the questions that disturb a lot of democrats.
9:37 am
>> but it's not a vulnerability. the democrats are much more cynical than that and they don't care about all this stuff they claim to care about. >> the problem is its sincerity. >> for a lot of money and she happily collected it. >> people are wondering what did they get for their money and i don't think she's worried about the bromides on foreign policy. her hosts on goldman sachs. >> still ahead, the battle to replace supreme court justice antonin scalia. it's a hot topic on the campaign trail, so how big a role will it play in 2016 race?
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try it. we're so confident you'll love it, we'll give you double your money back if you don't. . . .ib that's always discreet. justice scalia, in the
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history of the republic there has never been anyone bert than him at stabding for the principle, that the constitution is not a living and breathing document, it is supposed to be applied as originally meant. >> we are one liberal justice away from a left is majority that would undermine our religious liberty. that would understood mine the right to life and that would fundamentally erase the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. >> who will replace antonin scalia? it was a hot topic thursday as the battle heats up in washington where senate republican said this week they won't hold confirmation hearing on any obama nominee before the november election. it's fascinating to watch the democrats and president are trying to ratchet up the pressure on republican, but republicans are dealing in and mitch mcconnell says he won't even meet with a nominee. why are two sides so sure they're going prevail? >> they are both think iing thi
9:42 am
is going to help them mobilize their base come this fall. hillary clinton has already said she will use this issue to get people to come out to vote for her. you see the republicans and the fact there is so much unity in that caucus is suggesting it shows how much a lot of these republican senators even those from states where they're going to have tough re-election battles, knows this is an issue that animates conservatives in particular and they're going to knead that base to come out for them, so, this all about november. >> the republicans know that this is an issue of the supreme court that younifies their whol party. social conservatives care about the issues, but the business clatsz cares about property right, then the nra caring much about the second amend. . by the first amendment, the right to free speech, under threat by the left and the supreme court. >> the republican party the one
9:43 am
with the voter base that feels like it's been losing the last decade or so. and so, this is, it means a lot more i think to conservatives than it does to people on the left who have largely had things going their way. i also think this issue, this year is going to highlight what the tea party has never really appreciated about senate majority leader mcmcconnell. he's very good at stopping bad things from happening in washington and i think this is going to be one of those examples. there is no way anyone is going to get seated on that court this year. >> what about the chances if republicans stop a nominee know, say obama might make a sent ris pick, but then they lose the election and get somebody who's more to the left next year. >> well, i think it's pretty clear that if obama nominates someone and the senate gives them a hearing, it will somebody who is wrapped up like a moderate, but who is not because piano is not going to nominate a moderate. the thing that worries me more
9:44 am
is that if republicans lose the is that the, you know, the new congress sits on january 3rd and the new president doesn't come in until two weeks later and there's the period of time there where president obama could perhaps do something with the new is that the if it's controlled by the democrats. i think that's worth worrying about. >> here's your political suggest that rubio immediately endorsed ted cruz as the next justice to fill the scalia seat. >> i have a feeling cruz will decline the honor though. gl it's a two fehr. get him out of the senate, put him where he belongs. what else doupt? >> let's listen to a sound bite from joe biden from 1992 talking about same subject when a president from the republican party was in office. >> president bush would consider following the practice of a majority of his predecessors, and not, and not name a nominee.
9:45 am
until after the november election is completed. it would be our pragmatic conclusion that once the political season is underway and it is, action on a supreme court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. >> my favorite phrase from that is it is my pragmatic conclusion that this is just you know, just practica practical, sort of normal politics going on here. that really helps republican's argument they're not doing anything extraordinary, doesn't it? kim. >> yeah, especially, too, when you look at the entire history of the democrats and judicial nominations. it was harry reid's democrats that first used a filibuster to try to stop and to in fact stop bush nominee, then when they got a democrat president in office, they took the unilateral action of blowing up the filibuster so republicans couldn't block any of theirs, so they keep changss the rules. for them to now say there's a
9:46 am
clear precedent is amusing. >> what did you think of the brand sandoval, this republican governor is somebody we're looking carefully at. he took himself out of the race, but what were they trying to do? >> they were getting cute. i think the senate republicans thought they were playing games. this is a guy who's burned a lot of bridges in the republican party. it really doesn't matter. they're not putting anyone up there and it is absolutely, this is the reason we have a united states senate is to be a check on the president. they don't have an obligation to vote, they don't have an obligation to hold a hearing. there's nothing that says you can't have eight justices or you need nine. the number is not said, so, as we've heard from mr. biden, the president's clear. >> they should add this is the fruit of seven and a half years of president obama's bad faith. >> thank you. when we come back, the obama administration's plan to close guantanamo bay brings the war on
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we're interrupting to go to kennesaw, georgia, where marco rubio has just taken the stage for his rally. >> that is what he's doing now to millions of americans. hurting. people are struggling. you know it. you're struggling, some of you are. you're working as hard as you ever have and are running in place. you have trouble moving ahead. you have trouble getting ahead, because the world has been unfair, because the economy has gone upside down. and here comes this guy and tells you, i am going to help you turn this around, because -- i've been very successful in business. not really. he inherited millions of dollars. if he had taken those millions
9:51 am
of dollars and put them into the stock market, just like a normal person would do, just into the stock market, he would have more money today than warren buffett. but instead he invested in hotels that went bankrupt. he bankrupted a casino. how do you bankrupt a casino? the house always wins. here's what's not funny about that. any time he bankrupted a business, any time he bankrupted a business, the people who paid the price were the contractors he had hired. we're also hearing from them. i'm telling you, they are calling nonstop. small businesses that did work, and he pulled his money out and he did what he needed to do and they never got paid. he is not some great businessman. he's taken four companies into bankruptcy. you ever heard of trump air? it's gone. four casinos bankrupt in atlantic city. he is not some genius. he is a guy that inherited hundreds of millions of dollars and had he invested in the stock market, he would have been better off. he says to people, i am going to take on illegal immigration.
9:52 am
he's the only one running for president that's ever hired illegal immigrants to work for him. he hired polish workers to help on trump power. no, wait, he's going to protect you from immigrants taking your jobs. why is he hiring foreigners to do the jobs at his hotels that americans are trying to get? and he's hiring foreigners to do the jobs? he's fighting for the little guy. the little guy are the people he's cheated the whole time that he's been in business. time and again. it is a con job. he puts himself oh, i'm strong, a strong leader. the other day he told a protester, i'm going to punch you in the face. he has never punched anyone in the face. never punched anyone in the face. okay? he is a guy that has been protected his whole life and privileged his whole life and insulated his whole life. nothing tough about any of that. this is a massive fraud that he's perpetuating. here's the problem. the stakes are not just the fake
9:53 am
degree. the stakes are giving control of the party of lincoln and reagan and conservative movement and ultimately of the united states over to a con artist. that will not happen. i make this promise to you today. i will do whatever it takes. i will campaign as long as it takes. i will stay in this race as long as it takes. donald trump, a con artist, will never get control of this party. and the time has come for you -- i know some your friends have bought into this. listen, friends don't let friends vote for con artists. it is time to open our eyes. it is time to open our eyes. we cannot allow a con artist to get access to the nuclear codes of the united states of america! it's a big fraud. and it's time to open our eyes,
9:54 am
and we will in the days and weeks to come. i'm confident of it. now, what happens when you attack donald? he goes on twitter. you guys want to have a little fun today? all right. all right. well, last night he actually was pretty calm after i punched him around a little bit. i think he's -- he's learning how to spell, i guess, somebody said here. but he's flying around on hair force one. and tweeting -- so here's the one tweet he put out. he put out a picture of me having makeup put on me at the debate. which is amazing to me that a guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for putting on makeup. donald trump likes to sue people. he should sue whoever did that to his face. all right? so let's move on. because this is an important
9:55 am
election. why am i so fired up about this? it's not just because i want to save the country from a con man. it's not just because i want to save the party from a con artist. but because this election is so important for our future. what is at stake here is not just who the next president is going to be. what is at stake here is what kind of country is america going to be in the 21st century. and we have a chance to make this country better than it has ever been. but that is not the road we are on right now. that is not the road we are on right now. the last eight years have placed us on a road that will leave us as the first americans who will leave our children worse off than ourselves. and that's the road we're going to stay on. if we nominate someone who cannot win. if you nominate a con artist, i promise you, the media will take him apart. listen, watch the media coverage of donald trump. they're laying off him. there's two reasons why they're laying off him. one, i'm convinced some of these reporters are scared of him. because they're scared of all the twitter hate they get when
9:56 am
they say something nasty about him. but i think the bigger reason is, because they're just licking their chops. they're just waiting for him to be the nominee the day he is the nominee, which, of course, is nephew going to happen. they are going to tear him to shreds. and by the way, the democrats are being gleeful about it. they know if i'm nominated, we're going to win. they attack me more than anyone else in this race. the democrats attack me more than anyone in this race, because they know if i'm nominated, we will win. because we will unite this party, and we will grow it. but they're holding back and they know if we nominate donald trump, they're going to win and they just can't wait to shred him, and they will. we cannot afford to lose this election. because if we stay on the road we're on right now, if we nominate -- if bernie sanders is elected president, we will -- bernie sanders is a socialist! now usually when you call someone a socialist in american politics, they get mad about it.
9:57 am
bernie says it in his commercials. he's a socialist. we don't want to be a socialist country. if you want to live in a socialist country, move to a socialist country. we want to be america! hillary clinton is unqualified to be president of the united states. hillary clinton is unqualified to be the president of the united states, because she took classified information, put it on her e-mail server, because she thinks she's above the law. no one is above the law. and hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief. because -- because on september 11th of 2012, four americans died in the service of our country in benghazi, libya. and she knew that they died because of a terrorist attack.
9:58 am
and she told their families it was because of a movie. anyone who lies to the family of americans who have lost their lives in the service of our country can never be the commander in chief of the united states of america. we cannot lose this election. we cannot lose this election, and if you nominate me, we will not lose this election. because unlike anyone left in this race, i will unite this party. we don't have to agree on everything. we agree on most everything. and we will come together. and we won't just come together. we will grow this party. we will take our message to people that don't vote for us now. people who live the way i grew up. people living paycheck to paycheck. people struggling with the cost of student loan debt. like i had student loan debt, over $100,000 of student loan debt. yeah, don't clap for student loan debt. it's not a good thing. i have never met her. but i paid sally may sallie mae
9:59 am
a lot of money. someone asked me if i'll be their prom date. when is the prom? i don't know. the last time i went to the prom, i had a really tacky tuxedo on. a long time ago. when is the prom? march 12th? i think that's after the primary, but i may come back anyway and do the prom. what do you think? we are going to win this election. because we will take our message to people that don't vote for us. we'll grow it and win and then we have so much work to do. when you make me president of the united states for the first time in eight years, you are going to have a president that follows the constitution of the united states of america!
10:00 am
a president that defends your first amendment right. your first amendment right to live out the teachings of your faith in every aspect of your life. a president that defends your second amendment right to protect yourself and your family. and a president who believes that our solutions are not found in a big federal government -- >> day three of the new marco rubio. you've been watching the marco rubio rally in kennesaw, georgia. he's fired up. the crowd is fired up. the biggest line so far, talking about donald trump. saying mr. trump bankrupted a casino. how do you bankrupt a casino, the house always wins. went after trump about his spray tan, among other things. and you can just imagine what donald trump is going to have to say coming up in a couple minutes as we switch the picture and look from georgia over to bentonville, arkansas. looks like an a


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