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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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a president that defends your first amendment right. your first amendment right to live out the teachings of your faith in every aspect of your life. a president that defends your second amendment right to protect yourself and your family. and a president who believes that our solutions are not found in a big federal government -- >> day three of the new marco rubio. you've been watching the marco rubio rally in kennesaw, georgia. he's fired up. the crowd is fired up. the biggest line so far, talking about donald trump. saying mr. trump bankrupted a casino. how do you bankrupt a casino, the house always wins. went after trump about his spray tan, among other things. and you can just imagine what donald trump is going to have to say coming up in a couple minutes as we switch the picture and look from georgia over to bentonville, arkansas. looks like an air field there,
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where they are awaiting mr. trump on his airplane to come speak to a rather large crowd in bentonville. we'll, of course, bring some of mr. trump's remarks as they happen. good saturday to you. and what a saturday it is. south carolina primary today. 72 hours until super tuesday. and everything changed on thursday night. i'm leland vittert. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> you are right. this is a new senator marco rubio. we heard him throwing quite a few punches in his speech in kennesaw, georgia, saying that his competitor, donald trump, has been protected and insulated and he is not a genius, that he is portraying. so the rhetoric ahead of tuesday is a lot sharper. >> well, so much sharper and what's interesting is the words getting thrown around. con artist, massive fraud. these accusations are pretty stunning, as you hear them.
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coming out of marco rubio. and obviously, we saw donald trump respond on twitter to a lot of these things, calling him lightweight and other things like that. we'll get into that during the show. as we begin, fox team coverage, john roberts, at the rally you just saw in kennesaw, georgia, with marco rubio. but we begin right now with chief white house correspondent, ed henry in columbia, south carolina. democrats there are voeth today, choosing between hillary clinton and bernie sanders for this, the crucial south carolina democratic primary. ed, as you are there at these polling centers, how is turnout? how is it looking? >> reporter: turnout has been steady, but not strong. not huge turnout so far, anyway, leland. and what we're seeing -- i'm in columbia, an african-american precinct. this is very important to hillary clinton. in the latest fox poll, you remember she had a 42-point edge among african-american voters over bernie sanders. last night she held kind of her closing argument, a rally with
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the former president, bill clinton. and she was all about trying to, frankly, look past these primaries, and suggest that she is ready between what she expects to be a big victory tonight here in south carolina, and then looking ahead to super tuesday, where there will be more clinton strongholds in the south, as well, like georgia, like arkansas. that she wants to try to unify not just the democratic party, but the country with a direct suggestion that donald trump and other republicans have been divisive in their rhetoric. listen. >> no, with all my heart, that our best years can still be ahead of us. but that requires us not only to work together, but to reject the kind of demagoguery, the insults that we're hearing too much of in our political life right now. tearing people down is easy. building them up is what we need to be doing together.
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>> now, senior aides in bernie sanders camp tell me they realize this is very likely to be a double digit loss. they're trying to keep it as narrow as they can. and looking forward to super tuesday, they see some opportunities in states like minnesota, colorado, oklahoma, where sanders, frankly, has spent far more time this week than here in south carolina where they know a loss is coming. he's looking forward to tuesday, and he told supporters last night, he thinks he's going to surprise people and win a few states on super tuesday. watch. >> i needed your help tomorrow here in south carolina. we need you to bring out your brothers and your sisters and your moms and your dads and your kids and your grandparents. we need a big turnout tomorrow. but i need your help not just tomorrow. i'm going to need your help the
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day after the general election. >> sanders thinking that if he can win some states on super tuesday, he's going to grab the momentum back from hillary clinton and go on and win the white house. but that looks like a very steep climb right now, after her win last week in nevada, now hillary clinton poised for this victory in south carolina. they believe they're going to be very strong in the clinton camp on super tuesday, and they think the momentum is clearly on their side. >> we know about momentum coming out of south carolina, didn't work out so well back in 2008. we'll see if the second time around is better for mrs. clinton. ed, stick around. we'll see you at 7:00 for the results show with mr. bear coming up. thank you, sir. moments ago, we just listened to senator marco rubio and kennesaw, georgia. he is still speaking there, very animated speech, of course. on the other side of your screen, you're looking live in bentonville, arkansas. as soon as we see donald trump, we'll bring that to you live. in the meantime, senior national correspondent john roberts is at
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that rally in kennesaw, georgia, that we just listened to. john, the crowd looks quite amped up and we see a very animated presidential candidate there. >> reporter: a big well of support here for marco rubio in kennesaw. several thousand people here at this football field. marco rubio right at home, having played football in college. i've got to tell you, elizabeth, this race took a sharp turn into negative territory at thursday's debate, and it stayed there pretty much ever since marco rubio now joining donald trump in giving each other political wedgies, if you will. the art of the personal insult used to be the sole purview of donald trump. but now marco rubio has decided if he hopes to win any states coming up on super tuesday, he has to fight fire with fire. >> not presidential material, that i can tell you. he doesn't have the demeanor. he is a nervous nellie. i watch him backstage. he's a mess. the guy is a total mess. and, you know, i joked recently of well, can you imagine putin
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sitting there waiting for a meeting and rubio walks in and he's totally drenched. >> the makeup thing applying -- he had a sweat mustache. then he asked for a full-length mirror. i don't know why, because the podium goes up to here. he wanted a full-length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. i don't know. >> you know, at a slightly higher political plain, they latched on is the fact, that he had illegal workers in new york, and he hired foreign workers at his club. listen. >> donald went on a news network, and said, well, gosh, you just can't find americans to do those jobs. what utter nonsense. you're talking about jobs as waiters and waitresses and bell hops in some hotel in palm beach. you're telling me you can't find
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waiters and waitresses? >> reporter: so here's the lay of the land heading into super tuesday. 13 contests in all, colorado and wyoming not awarding delegates. 11 really count. donald trump leads in 9 of those 11. a recent poll in minnesota showed that marco rubio was ahead there. ted cruz leads in arkansas in one poll. also leads in texas. a lot of delegates up for grabs, and marco rubio needs to put a couple in the win column, because of march the 15th, it's winner take all, elizabeth. if he doesn't win then, the campaign can't last very long. back to you. >> john roberts reporting live. thank you, john. and now live pictures once again from bentonville, arkansas. donald trump's plane has been spotted above the skies of bentonville, if you will. he is en route from oklahoma city, where he held a rally. and you can imagine the crowd there anticipating his response to what marco rubio has been saying over the past 72 hours or so. hard to imagine how this would get more vitriolic, but i'm sure
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everyone will find a way. as we press on, many of the super tuesday delegates will be awarded proportionally. this is key. because every candidate is battling to carve out their piece of the action. ohio governor, john kasich, is in nashville, tennessee. here's live pictures, hoping to keep his campaign alive come march 15th. you're saying if you don't win it, pack up? >> oh, yeah, yeah. pack up if we don't win in ohio, that's for sure. but you know what? i win in ohio, it's a whole new ball game, and guess what? i will be the nominee. >> you heard it here first. now on to knew neuro surgeon, ben carson. he is hoping to build on his delegate count. >> pundits and campaigns are calling it the single-most important day of the election cycle. given the raw number of
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delegates at stake, 1,460, super tuesday may prove to be just that. among republican candidates, donald trump is rolling in the super tuesday with the most delegates, and he leads in most of super tuesday polls. across the aisle, hillary clinton has a commanding lead over bernie sanders. 13 states and one territory will vote on tuesday, and here is the breakdown. >> on the democratic side, 865 pledge delegates are up for grabs come tuesday. as you can see, states holding contests are heavily concentrated in the south. and as ed henry said, it has earned its nickname, the s.e.c. primary after the southeastern collegiate sports conference, although some would call it the acc primary. on the republican side, 595 delegates will be awarded on tuesday. that's almost half the amount needed to clinch the nomination. colorado and wyoming, although shown on the map, only begin their complicated process on tuesday, with delegates then being awarded on at a later
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date. senator ted cruz calls texas, seen there, the crown jewel of super tuesday, and it may be a make it or break it test for the native of the lone star state. they award 155 delegates on the republican side. speaking of texas, and ted cruz, tea party voters played a crucial role in sending him to the senate back in 2012. and he hopes they will help him in his presidential bid. jenny beck martin, has endorsed senator cruz. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> saturday, as it is. as you listen to the news coverage, especially coming out of thursday's debate, in the past 48 hours, it almost seems like a two-man race. rubio-trump. is that fair? are we ignoring the guy who beat donald trump somewhere? >> ted cruz -- if he were to win the majority of the vote in texas, on tuesday, he gets all
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of those delegates. they won't be awarded proportionally if he gets 50%. that's 155 delegates. there's a lot at stake in texas. >> it certainly changes the delegate count drastically from where we are now, as we have trump so far ahead in that. speaking of the poll, though, as you think about it, right now in texas, monmouth university, 38% of likely gop voters supporting senator cruz. the favorite son. donald trump, 23%. marco rubio, 21%. obviously, this was taken a few days ago, before the debate. we'll see how those numbers change. what is happening with cruz's message that it is resonating in texas, where he's from. but perhaps not in some of the other states where you would think in terms of evangelicals, places like south carolina, he would be so much more popular? >> well, i think that -- what we found is that we had a multiballot process for tea party patriots and over 100,000 people voted. we endorsed ted cruz, and we
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endorsed him because he is a consistent conservative. he stands for the constitution. and he talks a lot about the constitution. people have thrown a lot of attacks at him. they have tried to discredit the trusted record that we have seen with him. but i stood by him, i fought with him to stop the full implementation of obamacare, to stop the iran deal. and to stop the reopening of the xm bank. he can be trusted. and we have to remind people that he can be trusted to keep his word in the fight for us, and for the constitution on capitol hill and in the white house. >> 2012, 2010, 2014. the tea party was seen as folks disenfranchised. they were an he radio with the government, wanted change in washington. breaking up the washington cartel. when you look at where support of those people go, take a look at the exit polls out of south carolina. ted cruz didn't do so well in south carolina.
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dissatisfied offer angry with the government. if senator cruz is to be trusted, to take on washington, and to go support the constitution, why are focus who are angry siding with trump rather than cruz? >> well, here's the thing. the tea party movement started actually our first round of tea parties was serve years ago today. and i am outraged. i'm frustrated with what's happening in washington, d.c. i didn't get out there and plan one of the first 48 tea parties, seven years ago today or the 9-12 march on washington where we had nearly 2 million people show up. i got out there to support a constitution. i know what makes america great, is our constitution. and i can assure you, the people who are outraged right now at the political correctness and problems we see in washington, d.c., they're going to be more outraged when donald trump does not stick to the constitution. yes he was saying he wants to make it easier to sue people.
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that's the first amendment. >> seven years ago was the first tea parties, if you will. if all of a sudden we have a situation as things morph in this campaign where the tea party and your groups have endorsed somebody like ted cruz to champion the change in washington. but all of a sudden those are anally go somewhere else. is the tea party still relevant? >> the people -- the top three people right now, trump, cruz and rubio, all three of them have been campaigning for the last year on tea party values. and ted cruz and rubio got to the senate campaigning on tea party values. ser seven years ago, no one was talking about the tea party. and by noon eastern time, several people were talking about this tea party beginning. and now the top three republican candidates are there, because of the tea party values. the tea party is alive and kicking. it's stronger than it ever has been. and the people who are
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frustrated as the growth in government has ever been to a tea party event, ever, they need to remember we were there because of the constitution and our founding principles, constitution napa valley limited government. and when they go to cast their ballot tuesday, they need to remember, it's more than anger, it's about our founding principles. >> we will see that. that's what makes america great from a woman supporting ted cruz. we appreciate it. jenny martin, thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> elizabeth? let's take a look at the other side of the aisle. in 2008, hillary clinton lost south carolina by a wide margin in barack obama. and she is banking on a first-place finish. she is counting on african-american voters to give her the edge over bernie sanders. gilda cop hunter joins us. she has not doorsed either
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candidate. any surprise endorsements, and if not, when will you make that announcement? >> sorry to -- spoiler alert. there will be no surprise endorsement the today. i don't endorse as a policy. and i don't intend endorse. i have always chosen to remain neutral. i think somebody has to. and i fully intend to support the democratic nominee, and when in november. >> all right. let's continue talking about endorsements, because we have seen some pretty big ones ahead of the primary today. spike lee endorsing senator bernie sanders. morgan freeman, among others, endorsing hillary clinton. are those impacting voters? >> i think endorsements have their place. time passes, so endorsements don't carry the same weight that they used to. quite frankly, any endorsement has to be couched with the
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question of is the endorser bringing along any kind of constituency. and if that endorser is bringing along some kind of constituency, some kind of ground game machine, then, of course, it makes the endorsement that much better. it would be accurate to say that there are still some voters who are swayed by the opinions of people that they hold in high esteem. but i think those days are getting more and more spare. >> so our viewers know, we have a live picture of benefit totalville, arkansas, awaiting a speech from donald trump. i want to continue talking to you about the south carolina primary. what type of crowds are you seeing, because in 2008, we saw record turnout in south carolina. everybody really rushed to vote for then senator barack obama. are you seeing the same type of enthusiasm today as you saw in
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2008? >> well, of course. i don't think you'll find any democrat who would suggest to you that we'll have the same level of turnout this -- in 2016. that we had in 2008. it depends on the part of the state. there are parts of the state where the turnout has been rather heavy. in my home county of orangeburg, for example, there have been some precincts that have experienced a very high turnout. so it depends on what part of the state, but i would have to be honest with you and say that i would be very surprised if the numbers in this 2016 primary equal both in 2008. different circumstances, different candidates. >> sure. well, secretary clinton and bernie sanders have been very open about the fact that they were courting african-american voters in south carolina. and secretary clinton did see protesters for a comment she
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made years back at one of her events. and i want to read it and get your reaction. >> in that speech, i was talking about the impact of violent crime and vicious drug cartels were having on communities across the country. and the particular danger they pose to chiropractor and families looking back. i shouldn't have used those words and i wouldn't use them today. so does the past haunt her, or is she able to recover? >> i think any time you have been in politics and the public eye for as long as secretary clinton has, there will be comments and statements that -- in the day they are said will have a totally different mean being. context is very important. i don't think those comments will hurt her with people who are supporting her. so i think it's kind of a wash. i think there are a lot of voters, particularly voters of color, who are experiencing serious crime in their community who can relate to the intent of secretary clinton's comments.
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>> all right. and my last question, representative, have you already made your vote today? >> i voted early. i voted on monday. >> all right. representative gilldagob hunter. make sure you let us know who you endorse. thank you much. >> you'll be one of the first to know. it thank you for the opportunity. >> we appreciate it. and for our viewers looking live, we are looking at bentonville, arkansas, where you can see trump force one, which many people call it, has just arrived to a very eager crowd there. we're really anxiously awaiting to hear from donald trump, because we spent the better half of 15 minutes listening to senator marco rubio in kennesaw, georgia. and i think one of the observations that we had was that we have simply not heard the sharp rhetoric like we have heard since the last debate, from the senator really coming
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out swinging. >> swinging for sure. some of those comments would make desperate housewives best-of clips. this is trump's airplane that has landed. marco rubio called it hair force one that was landing. it's interesting to look at the optics, though, of this, in terms of trump pulling up in a plane. this looks very much like a general election kind of rally that you would see in terms of the plane, in terms of the image imagery, a hang gar party, hangar rally. we see support staff coming off from the secret service. at some point he'll come down the stairs and deliver his remarks. he's been called a massive fraud and con art. it will be interesting to see where he chooses to come back at rubio. a lightweight, a choker, those kinds of things. we'll have to say how he responds to this specific allegation s, especially he prupted for casinos.
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how do you bankrupt four casinos. this is the first time donald trump has really been hit hard. >> and you talk about him arriving on these optics, about him being larger than life. and that's exactly what marco rubio hit when he was in kennesaw today. he said donald trump is not some genius. he has been protected his whole life, he's been insulated his whole life. he has received millions and millions of dollars from his father. he went on to say that he's the only one in the gop side who has hired illegal immigrants. and he also, like you said, he kept on mentioning all of his failed business ventures. and he said the ones who lost were the workers. were the men and women who lost their jobs when -- any of his businesses went under. and those are the people who really lost out. >> well, according to rubio, his campaign is hearing from a lot of folks who have been wronged by trump, not paid by trump. those kindsthings.
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but it's also interesting the way rubio hit him on the issues. trump came into the scene about a year ago solely on the issue of illegal immigration. i'm going to make mexico pay for it. rubio is saying that easy donald trump is the only candidate to -- how trump tries to defend that. it's a debate he wasn't really able to. in interviews since then, they have talked to him a little bit and he said oh, well, down at my resort in palm beach, it's been hard to find people, that's why we're having foreign workers and suddenly the feed i can't is looking and talked to people who have applied at trump's resorts, why weren't you betting any. this is interesting vetting. how trump with hands the vetting and also how he responds may
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tell us a lot in the next 48 hours as we head up in super tuesday. >> we had breaking news yesterday when we saw that donald trump received the endorsement the of governor chris christie. a price announcement. obviously, christie at the time describing trump as someone who will go to washington, d.c. and be able to absolutely turn the place around. he went on to say trump is hands down, the better choice on marco rubio. so we're really seeing these two go after each other. and that was after the debate on thursday really taking the wind out of marco rubio's sail. he had a great debate on thursday night and then trump was able to dictate the new cycle again. you always wonder today -- we see these optics and wonder if we will learn anything else today, because it's always -- he's able, really, to steel the he headlines at every opportunity he gets. >> so far, no word about things
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are going to be really big or a huge endorsement. you make the -- chris christie. folks deciding marco and cruise, if you had been seen. the program is starting with benton have and arkansas. people are taking it more seriously as a candidate. and they are going after him. we saw mexico president vicente fox come after him, how he can build the wall and those kinds of things. very interesting, as we look -- zoom in, trying to see who is coming off. there is donald trump, and i believe chris christie on the left, coming off the plane. just as predicted. let's sew if we can listen in for a second as they walk down.
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as we await to hear from donald trump and you can see governor chris christie is with him had bentonville, arkansas, i want to bring in our own mike emanuel. he is in grand prairie today. mike, we are watching these pictures, and we just listened to senator marco rubio make a pretty enthusiastic and animated speech. i want you to tell me, what's going on in grand prairie on the other side of the aisle. >> well, liz, we're awaiting a bernie sanders event later this afternoon. and i can tell you, we're about three hours out from bernie sanders and the parking lots are full. the lines around the building, and the crowds are fired up and ready to go. so that's what's happening here in this dallas suburb of grand prairie, texas. but you've been talking about donald trump and the endorsement of chris christie, a lot of speculation about the impact of chris christie's endorsement the of trump. a lot of folks saying the fact that christie was on the stage with trump and the other
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republicans, and making that endorsement, they think perhaps that will have a bigger impact than some of the other elected leaders' endorsements. we'll obviously find out on tuesday the impact. but there was some speculation about whether governor mike huckabee might be endorsing trump today. but a former senior huckabee adviser told me that would not be the case. but trump clearly feeling good about things. he was under a lot of attack the other night at the republican debate. and let's take a listen to the rally. >> great to travel with donald over the last couple days. i'll tell you, i found it very interesting, very interesting to watch some of the things that some of donald's opponents are saying about him. yeah. well -- you think you're booing now. wait until you hear this. you know, i saw senator rubio just saying -- just saying that -- that he is going to work every minute he can to become the nominee for president.
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well, that would be a real switch for senator rubio, since he doesn't work much at all. now, i'm not just making this stuff up. let me tell you exactly what marco rubio has done since he's been a united states senator. seems to me, when you're a senator, and you're on some committees, you should actually show up for work. do you have to show up for work? well, let's see what marco rubio did. he says he's got great foreign policy experience. because he served on the foreign relations committee. now, he has missed, during his time in the senate, 60% of all the meetings in the foreign relations committee. hey, marco, show up for work for the american people. marco rubio says that he's going to help create jobs. the only person in this race that's created jobs is the guy standing right there! donald trump! how about this? marco rubio says he's going to create jobs.
10:30 am
and he's on the small business committee in the senate, and he's missed 85% of the meetings as senator. he's on the commerce committee to create economic activity. he's missed 80% of the meetings of the commerce committee! since he's been in the senate, he's missed 68% of all of the committee meetings he's been assigned to. let me say something clear. this guy shows up for work every day, he works hard, he's built incredibly successful businesses. and let me tell you, one message that senator rubio, wherever you are, right now. unlike the united states senate, president of the united states is not a no-show job, so you're not qualified. senator rubio says that, you know, mr. trump didn't start these businesses and create all this wealth. let me tell you something. i've known this family for 14
10:31 am
years, personally. and let me tell you what he did. his father, who started off with a small business in brooklyn and queens, new york, not manhattan, everybody. brooklyn and queens. and he worked hard to help build a business. and he helped his son with a very small bit of help at the beginning of his career. a million-dollar loan that he expected -- and listen, we as parents know, we lend our kids money, we want it back, right? mr. trump's dad was no different. he lent him that money and he turned a $1 million loan into a $10 billion fortune. that's the kind of guy we want as president of the united states. this is a family that has stood up and sacrificed for america when america needed to be sacrificed for. he has stood behind our veterans. he has helped people in need every time he is asked. this family has done what the american dream is, and he wants
10:32 am
to bring the american dream back to every american family, and he will. ladies and gentlemen, we don't need more professional washington politicians in the white house, do we? we want an american who knows how to work hard, how to stand up and how to speak the truth. and there is no one who speaks the truth like donald trump. and let me tell you one other thing. you see when the pressure has been on. when the pressure has been on donald trump like it was thursday night in those debates, he stood up like a man. he fought back. he fought hard. and that's the way he'll fight for you! and then when the heat was on senator rubio in those debates, you saw what happened. he melted. he melted. i had a ringside seat for one of those, didn't i? all right? and donald trump did it again the other night, when he looked at him and said, "i'm the only
10:33 am
person on this stage who has ever hired anyone." he's exactly right. we need a president who is going to not only make america great again, but we're going to need a president who is going to make america proud again. proud to be americans, proud to be working hard. proud to have raised our families in a place that is safe and secure. we need someone who is going to stand up to the people fighting against us and the rest of the world. donald trump is going to be that man to stand up for america. and so i'll tell you this. when terrorists attack america in the future, donald trump won't apologize for america. he'll stand up for america. i am thrilled -- so thrilled to see this packed airport hangar. now, are you ready to fight for
10:34 am
donald trump come tuesday? you ready it to show up and vote and give him a win in arkansas on to us? well, then, ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and privilege to introduce to you the next president of the united states of america, donald trump! >> wow. thank you, chris. thank you very much. i really appreciate it. look at this turnout. this is incredible. and there are many people outside that can't get into the hangar. the fire marshall won't let them in. oh! fire marshall, let me talk to you, please. please. but it's such an honor. and you know, we've had tremendous results here. and i think we're going to do very well here. we're going to do well everywhere. i think the only place we're tied, actually, is texas. we're tied in texas, and i think we have a really good chance of
10:35 am
winning texas. people are so tired of these politicians, all talk, no action. and i have been watching it. i dealt with them all my life. i've been watching it all my life. i got a little glimpse of it just now. i watched this lightweight, rubio. total lightweight. and little mouth on him. bing, bing, bing! bing, bing, bing! and his new attack is he calls me a con artist. i'm a con man, right? you know, i built a great business. and believe me, i wish my father loaned me $200 million or gave me $200 million. i wish he in $200 million in those days. i'll tell you what. i wish my father gave me that money. i borrowed a tiny amount of money, $1 billion, it's worth much more than $10 billion right now. i filed unbelievable statements with the fec, federal elections. and the press knows, they fully understand, because they went down there, they were like a bunch of ants. they were all over the place.
10:36 am
and they were so disappointed to see what a great company it is. some of the great assets of the world, very little debt. tremendous cash flow. and it says it all. first time i have done that, because i'm a private company. believe me, if i didn't have a good statement, i wouldn't have been able to run, because i wouldn't have been able to file. and the filing is amazing and the company is amazing. and the reason i tell you that is because that's the thinking we need. we have $19 trillion in debt. we're going up to $21 trillion as a country. our country is a mess. we're losing our business. companies are moving into mexico. they're moving to china. they're moving to ireland. pfizer just announced they're going to move to ireland, great company. they're moving to ireland. they're moving all over the world. they are leaving us. and our numbers, that 5% number you hear, unemployment. total fiction. it's probably 25, could even be 30%. because when somebody looks for a job, and they give up like most people do, they go home,
10:37 am
they say, i can't do it any more. they're considered statistically employed. we have a real problem, folks. and we're going to get it solved, okay? we're going to get it solved. but i will address, you know, little rubio. this guy has a fresh mouth. he's a very nasty guy. and i actually thought that ted cruz was a liar, but rubio is worse. i mean, he's worse. and i watched. i must tell you, one of the reasons i love having chris. and chris called me a couple days ago and said, you know what, what you have is a movement. i've then said anything like it. and he's a pro. he's one of the real endorsements that i wanted. and he called me. i would have called him. i was sort of like getting ready to call him. and out of the blue, chris called. and he said, i want to endorse you and your campaign. i've never seen anything like it. and many people have never seen anything like it.
10:38 am
peggy noonan, who is terrific, writes a fantastic piece today in the "wall street journal." "time" magazine, cover story of the movement we created. just to address. so i was in new hampshire, which we won, by the way. we, not me. we. we won. and i saw a meltdown of a human being like i've never seen. it was rubio. and it was chris who started, and i'll tell you what. he is one prosecutor, isn't he? in all fairness? but he started, and he looked at rubio and they went back and forth, and all of a sudden -- and you have to understand, i'm -- i've been to every single debate now, which is nice. center means good. i told cnn, are you going to announce i'm number one? no. i said nobody is going to know i'm number one unless you announce it. they said you're in the center. and i said i don't care, nobody knows that. they didn't want to do that. they should do it, right?
10:39 am
but they never want to do that stuff. they never want to do anything good. i'm not just talking about them, the other ones too. the media, most dishonest people on earth, i'm telling you. the most. and we're going to -- by the way, while i'm on that subject, i am going to do everything i can if i win. they write false stories, they write nasty false stories and know they're false. i've had some written -- more than the i've ever seen before. you can't really sue because the libel laws are essentially incent. we' so we can sue the media and get this story corrected and get damages. believe me. so important. and you know what, it will be amazing how honest they become. right now, they can say anything they want to say. someday, in the not too distant future, if i win, they're not going to get away with this
10:40 am
stuff. and i think we all feel -- don't we feel that way? it's terrible. very dishonest people. i watched countries go after this lightweight rubio. i watched it. and i'm sitting here, and he's over here. somebody on my left, doesn't matter. and he's over here and i see him starting to sweat, like i have never seen anything like it. thank god he has really large ears. the biggest ears i've ever seen. because they were protecting him. i have never seen any human being sweat like this guy. and he said the obama statement once. and that was fine. and then he said it twice. and i'm standing here -- i have nothing to do with it, because chris is over here. just on my right. he said it a second time. and i said, that's strange. i'm going like this. that's right. then he said the same exact
10:41 am
words. he memorizes phrases. like the con man. he said con man so many times during the interview. trump's a con man, trump's a con man. the last thing i am is a con man, folks. i belt a great business. i built a great business. and by the way, think of this, then i do a television show "the apprentice" and it becomes one of the top shows on television, tremendously successful. and by the way, they wanted to renew me, and i couldn't do it, because i was doing this. and steve burke, the head of comcast, great guy, comes into my office. donald, we want to renew you, and i said i am going to run for president, and you can't do both. he said please, please. and i said i have a big stake in the apprentice going forward. and we chose arnold schwarzenegger. let's see how he does. i know trump did well. 14 seasons. so i had this tremendous show that was one of the most
10:42 am
successful shows on television. and really one of the most successful, and we came up with the expression, "you're fired." and it's been great. and you got to know my kids, ivanka, don and a lot of other people. my family i'm so proud of. so we do a show, it's greatly successful. i do books, right? i do the art of the deal. one of the most successful -- probably the most successful, but one of the most successful business books ever written. and i did many of the books. 12 other books. many best sellers. then i built this business that is unbelievable. some of the greatest assets in the world. turn berry in scold, doral in miami. buildings all over the choice. big chunks of the bank of america building in san francisco built a city on the west side of manhattan. of the america's biggest floor plates in new york. just about the biggest floor plates. i think they are the biggest
10:43 am
floor plates. and just built 40 wall street, trump tower. so many things. and then i listened to this light little nothing say trump's a con man. isn't it a disgrace? seriously. you know, it's really -- it really is -- maybe they'll make the libel laws also. but, you know, it's very insulting when you hear it. and thank goodness, i have this, where i can get off and counteract it. because they say things that are so wrong. i don't know what cruz is saying. but these two guys are in big trouble. they're in big trouble. yeah, it's almost like who cares. but they're in big trouble. rubio has won nothing. he couldn't get elected dog catcher in florida. they hate him in florida. wisconsin went over it, he couldn't right now if he ran for office in florida, he wouldn't get elected to any office.
10:44 am
they cannot stand him because florida is like a second home. they cannot stand the guy, and think of it, he runs for senate. he wins, they give him their confidence, he wins. and before he even runs, he's looking for another position. and he never depose to vote on some of the important bills. he'sner voting. they hit him in florida. that's why i'm up 22 pinds. can you imagine? we have a sitting senator, at least with cruz, we're even. that's not so great for him either. because he's a sitting senator in texas. but in florida, we have a sitting senator. and i'm up by a tremendous amount. every poll. because they can't stand the guy. now, here's the story. he sat, and he stood, and i thought he was going down. and i said, man, i think he's choking. i love -- you know, i love -- it's called human whatever. i love watching whatever happens. i said i'm about to witness
10:45 am
history. this guy is going down. this guy is going down. and i'm looking, and i'm getting ready, because i'm, you know, like a lot of people, a pretty strong guy. and i'm getting ready to grab him, because i thought he was out. and he starts sweating and on, this is true. he's got a problem. i have never seen a human being sweat like a sweats. so chris is growing on him. now the third i'm -- i said that's not good. memorize. and then a fourth and fifth. and i'm looking at him like wow. i'm getting ready to grab him, because i'm telling you, he's going down. it looked like he jumped in a swimming pool with his clothing on and came back. now for the last debate, i go back and i see him with makeup, and it's like he's putting it on with a trowel. okay? and then he got very aggressive right at the beginning.
10:46 am
i knew they were going to do that, both of them. and i've got great reviews. do you know that every single poll, drudge, slate, i think "time" magazine, every poll had me winning that debate. which is amazing. every single -- not all of the pundits had me winning. but every single poll. and many of the pundits. but not all of them. some of them, no matter what. if i was abraham lincoln debating. they would say it was a great night, it was not a great night. i thought it was a great night. but -- right? but i was double teamed by these two. but with rubio, just to finish you off with him. so i knew it was going to be one of these nights, because everyone was saying they're getting killed. we're way ahead nationally. we're way ahead here and every place. we've got to win. we've got to win arkansas.
10:47 am
we've got to win arkansas. we've got to win. maybe i'll start shopping permanently at walmart if we win arkansas. i'll never go anywhere else. we've got to win arkansas. i love it. i love the people of arkansas. i know so many people. they're great people. these are great people. but just remember this. that's right. but just remember this. politicians are never going to get you to the promise land. they're never, ever, going to get you to the promise land. and things were said in previous speeches, and probably by cruz also. but i didn't get to see cruz. so many pings that have done so well. for instance, they talk trump university. it's a small deal, very small. but i got sued by a lawyer who sues. they sue. because they want to see if they can get some money back. i could have settled the suit
10:48 am
numerous times. could settle it now. when you settle lawsuits, everybody sues you. it's a little business story. i have friends, they settle lawsuits and can't understand why am i always sued. we have people at trump university that wrote most of them, that wrote statements and they wrote the statement where, i love the school -- for some reason, i never saw this before. we call them report cards. they did like report cards, essentially report cards. where at the end of the class, at the end of the period of time, they did study. they did a report card on how you like it. some even did film clips saying great things. the person that started the suit wrote a great statement saying it was fantastic. and did a film clip saying it was fantastic. and they have just asked that she be taken out of the case. she doesn't want to be in the case any more. and the reason they want is because he's she's a terrible
10:49 am
plaintiff, and she's on fillam saying how great it is. so they put in an emotion, which, of course, the papers don't write this. they put in evision saying the taker -- take her out of the case. the reach they want her out of the case, she is a horrible, horrible witness. she's got in writing she loves it. and i could have settled it, and when i saw her documentation, i said, why would i give her money? she loved the case and she's on tape. probably should have settled it, but i can't do that. i would rather spend more money and fight it. no, you've got to. you've got to. hey, would haven much easier if i settled. would have probably been cheaper. it would have been cheaper. much easier. but just so you understand. these people, all it is people put up something, and now they get letters, oh, can you get your money back? oh, get our money back yeah,
10:50 am
let's do it. the attorney general of new york -- this is a simple, civil case. the attorney general of new york meets with barack obama in syracuse. the following attorney general k meets with barack obama in syracuse. the following day he sues me. what they don't say is i believe $15,000, or a lot of money was paid to the attorney general by the law firm in california. see, i'm giving you sort of a life experience. isn't this more interesting than talking about trade? a trade is easy for us. trade is easy. but this is sort of like -- this is almost like a story on success. because this is the way the world works. this is sort of the way the world works. so the attorney general gets a campaign contribution from the law firm that's suing me. all of a sudden the attorney general -- his name is eric schneiderman. not respected in new york. doing a terrible job. probably is not electable in new york, but who knows.
10:51 am
and he meets with obama, gets a campaign contribution, i think. i think it is $15,000. and all of a sudden, he meets with obama in i believe syracuse, and the following day or two he brings a lawsuit against me. now, much of that lawsuit has been won by me. he's appealing it. it is on appeal by now. but much of that case -- it is a long time already. but much of that case we won. it's won. i don't mean we settled. we've won much of that case. they've missed the statute of limitation and most of it is going away. but nobody writes that. nobody wants to write that. the rest of it we're doing very well. we have a very hostile judge. because to be honest with you, the judge should have thrown the case out on summary judgment, but because it was me and because there is a hostility toward me by the judge -- tremendous hostility -- beyond belief. i believe he happens to be spanish, which is fine. he's hispanic.
10:52 am
which is fine. and we haven't asked for a recusal, which we may do. but we have a judge who's very hostile. should have been thrown out. wasn't thrown out. and i say i'd rather go to court because when you go to court and you have witnesses get up there and then they have to say but why did you sign a document saying that you loved the school, et cetera, et cetera, why should you pay money for that? so i just wanted to give you a little bit of the parameters. you keep hearing about trump university. so it is a civil case. it's a sleaze bag law firm that does these class action cases. they're very routine. and i will win the case in the end. i just didn't want to be forced to settle and i could have settled it before i did this. i knew somebody would try and use it for publicity but i believe i can turn it around just to show you hon dishonest these people are. and that's the case. and just to finish, if i didn't have a hostile judge in california, this case would have ended years ago. would have ended a long time ago.
10:53 am
okay. are you ready? so, that took place with rubio. rubio's going nowhere. i think he's going nowhere. hasn't won the a all. they're fighting. now what they want to do is they want to take trump on individually. they're all fighting. i saw this morning, we should get out, this one should get out, that one should get out, kasich should get out -- he's a nice guy, by the way. but he's a little tougher than you think. he's very nice, he's another one. it's so terrible, it's so terrible. he's always on the end. close to getting out. when you're on those end positions, i won't mention what i told other people. but when you're on the end position that means you're close -- it's close to over. but every time these two guys were hitting me, he looked like, oh, that's so terrible that you guys are fighting. we should have peace. that's all good but the answer was given by kasich. he's such a nice guy. and he is, he's fine. but i'm in new hampshire, which
10:54 am
we won. by the way, we won in new hampshire. we won in nevada. we won nevada. we won south carolina. it was so beautiful. and i'm watching them. i actually tweeted today, we won south carolina. we won south carolina, what a great memory. and now i'm watching bernie and hillary fighting in south carolina and i have the victory on the republican side. and you know what i saw which was amazing? we had the largest turnout in the history of south carolina. i won by tremendous numbers. right? landslide, right? landslide. beyond. don't forget, that was supposed to be 100% ted cruz. that was going to be his, you couldn't beat him there, impossible to beat him there. not only did i beat him, we killed him by like what was it? 20 points? some unbelievable amount. i won with every single category. i won with women, with men, with evangelicals, with military, with the vets, we won with rich,
10:55 am
we won with less than rich. we won with highly educated, we would pretty good education and we won people who didn't do so much with the education but i love them anyway. i love them. i love them. i love them. they're my people. they're my people. but we won with virtually every category. then we go to nevada, i mean that was a blowout. we just won with everything. i felt it because that was a caucus. i was a little worried with the caucus stuff because caucuses can get a little dishonest,ky say that word? dishonest? i went to one caucus which is the biggest one in las vegas. and i'll tell you, there was such love. they went crazy. and there were probably 2,000 people in the room. and of the 2,000 people, 100 people, maybe -- i don't even think that -- were possibly going to vote for somebody else. everybody else was on our side. i side this issaid this is a go. i got back to the room, it was
10:56 am
long before 7:00 and they're already saying this thing's over. because all over the state it was the same way. we ended up getting a tremendous victory. it wasn't even a contest. again, with evangelicals, with military, with everybody. it's been like a great, great experience. part of it is anger and part of it is you're tired of the politicians. you're tired of guys -- you're tired -- you know what? i'm tired and you're tired of guys like little rubio who, you know, little mouthpiece goes like a mile a minute. we're tired of these people. they a they're never going to get anything done. by the way, rubio bought a house for $178,000. he sold the house for $380,000. probably the only good deal he ever made -- to a lobbyist who i think was in front of them or close to in front of them up in the senate -- this was in florida -- wanting something
10:57 am
approved. now that's really dishonest. rubio stole from the republican party. but you know what happened? they said you stole from the party. he says, no, i didn't. yes, you did. you had a driveway built. no, i didn't. yes, you did. oh, okay. well -- he reimbursed them. okay? and for some reason he didn't get indicted. why doesn't he get indicted? i'll guarantee you one thing, chris christie would have indicted him so fast. but why doesn't somebody look into his house deal? how can he make that kind of a profit on a house to a lobbyist? and that's the problem. people are controlled up here by lobbyists. you know that, right? we have the lobbyists and the special interests that have total control over these folks, but not ben -- because ben is not controlled by them. although, i don't know? is he getting money from -- i don't even care. ben is such a nice guy. by the way, what ted cruz did to
10:58 am
ben carson was a disgrace in iowa. that was a disgrace. he said ben carson has left the race, because he went to florida. he was heading out to florida, which is where he lives, in all fairness. ben carson has left the race and vote for us. and at caucus, you can actually take the people and walk around. i don't like caucus. i like where you walk in to a voting booth, you walk, you vote, and you leave, like what you people are going to do. okay? i don't like this caucus stuff. but they said ben carson has left the race. vote for us. and they wine them and dine them and bring them around. i bet you thousands of votes. i would have won iowa in my opinion if that happened because these extra votes, these extra votes went to him. and you know what honestly? if we had a strong republican party, they would disqualify him for what he did. if i were the head of the republican party, i wouldn't throw him out. maybe for canada we'll throw him
10:59 am
out. we'll see about that. his big suit -- i didn't sue him. i'm so non-litigious, it's amazing. but i heard he's being sued now because he was born in canada, lived there four years. i always thought you had to be born here on this soil, like right here in arkansas. so we'll find out what happens. i hope that's not the reason he has to get out. i hope we beat them. but you know what? ted has that problem. but if i were the head of the republican party, i would disqualify his iowa situation. he also did another thing. did you ever see that? voter violation. did you ever see this? it's like a fraudulent document. looks like it dacame out of a government agency. so professional. says voter violation. it talks about you're in violation of all these things. listen to this. essentially -- this isn't exact, but close enough. but if you vote for ted cruz and bring this in and vote for ted cruz, the violation is canceled. now you got people that honestly
11:00 am
sort of believe it. i looked at one of them and i said, man, that comes right out of a government agency. that's a fraud. i saw lawyers talking about it on some of these crazy talk shows and they said, they said it is a fraud. it's like a fraud. i would have disqualified him from his victory in iowa because you can't do business like that. you just can't do it. you can't do it. then you take everybody, move them up a notch. four in a row of three. i like that. it doesn't matter, i got almost the same number of delegates, i got one less. it doesn't matter. but you can't do that stuff. you can't do that stuff. frankly -- but cruz is smarter than rubio. intellectually he's smarter than rubio. but both, they lie. you know, i deal in the real estate business, i deal in a lot of different businesses. i meet some bad people. i meet much tougher people than a rubio or a cruz. much tougher. but i've never met people that could lie like these guys. these guys are world class liars. it's


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