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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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sort of believe it. i looked at one of them and i said, man, that comes right out of a government agency. that's a fraud. i saw lawyers talking about it on some of these crazy talk shows and they said, they said it is a fraud. it's like a fraud. i would have disqualified him from his victory in iowa because you can't do business like that. you just can't do it. you can't do it. then you take everybody, move them up a notch. four in a row of three. i like that. it doesn't matter, i got almost the same number of delegates, i got one less. it doesn't matter. but you can't do that stuff. you can't do that stuff. frankly -- but cruz is smarter than rubio. intellectually he's smarter than rubio. but both, they lie. you know, i deal in the real estate business, i deal in a lot of different businesses. i meet some bad people. i meet much tougher people than a rubio or a cruz. much tougher. but i've never met people that could lie like these guys. these guys are world class liars. it's unbelievable.
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i was helped in cruz's case because rubio looked at him and said you're a liar. and he was actually right, because he actually did lie about that particular point. but once he said he was a liar, i was able to say he's a liar. i know politicians very well. i dealt with them all my life. a lot of them are bad people. you have some good once but you have a lot of really seedy, horrible people. i've never -- i've seen some bad stuff. i've never seen a politician call another politician a liar. when he called him liar, i said great, now i can call him a liar. because there was so much lying. but rubio is probably a worse liar than cruz. i don't know who to pick. at the end of three, four weeks i'll give you my pick. does that sound okay? so we have an amazing story. i have decided that with my life, if i win, i'm going to do something that's going to be so amazing for our country. we're going to have great trade deals. we have the worse wo trade deals ever made in history.
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we have trade deals that are so bad, we have deals that are so bad. iran deal, we give $150 billion to iran. they're now spending that money -- it's one of the deals -- forget about country to country. one of the dumbest deals i've ever seen. but all of our deals are like that. that's a horror deal. that deal -- those hostages should have been back four years ago. they should have been back before you started the negotiation. they go in -- this guy can be k -- kerry, it's horrible. they go in and you say we have to have our hostages back. they'll say no. great negotiators. persians. always been great negotiators. they'll say no. you'll say bye-bye, we're leaving. bye, enjoy yourself. now they're sifting at a table. nobody on the other side of the table. and you let them know we're not going to negotiate until the hostages are released.
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then you double up on the sanctions. you just go ratchet, ratchet, ratchet. within 24 hours you'll be called, you got your hostages back, folks. then i go a step further and i tell the story about my father. because my father did not give me $200 million. believe me -- oh, my sister. she calls. i have a great sister, a great brother. they both call that night after debate. dad never give -- are you kidding? where's our piece of it? you know? it's unbelievable. took a million dollars, borrowed it, paid it back. and that's now morphed into $200 million. in all fairness to rubio, he read that in the "new york times," it is such a false piece. "new york times" is going out of business. it is the newspapworst newspape. going out of biof business.
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unless something like me buys it. they wrote a story about me a few days ago. it was so wrong they knew it was wrong. i said they pull the story. no. why won't you pull it if you know story is wrong? we won't pull it. they are really dishonest. i call it the failing "new york times." it's very interesting. they bought "the boston globe." they paid 1$.3 billion for "the boston globe." right? $1.3 billion. they spent a fortune, hundreds of millions of dollars on "modernizing" it. right? at the end of a number of yooers they just sold it for essentially $1. they lost $1.5 billion. they have no money. they sell their headquarters. this beautiful like the cathedral. i used to go there when they had real people running the paper. it is like a cathedral. old, beautiful building on i think west 43rd or 45th.
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beautiful, beautiful building. they used it call it the cathedral to journalism. they sold it to move into an office building that's a horrible office building opposite the port authority bus terminal. horrible. but they sold the ka thrcathedr i believe about $150 million. the guy that bought it, they're friends of mine, they flipped it for $525 million. a short time later. i say to myself, so why are we listening to their editorials? they tell you what to do, they tell you this and that, they write stories that are inaccurate. so why does anybody even read "the new york times"? they lost $1.5 billion on a simple newspaper. they lost hundreds of millions of dollars. they should have never left their cathedral because now you walk be into that place and it is like you are walking into -- it is like walking down this concrete right here. there's nothing. it is just a very average office building with bars on the front of it. it is terrible. and i say, why?
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my friend and the group, they made hundreds of millions of dollars in a short -- just buying it, keeping it for a little while, selling it. then we're supposed to listen to "the new york times." these people are incompetent and they're bad people. they have a bad agenda. they're really bad people. that's one of the reasons i want to straighten out the libel laws so that we can go after them, because they are bad people. these are really bad. so, what we're going to do is we're going to make trade deals that are going to be fantastic. we're going to get our best. we have the greatest negotiators in the world. we have the best. we use political hacks to negotiate with china. with china, we are losing right now 500 billion -- with a "$500 "b" -- billion a year. okay? that's a trade deficit with china. $500 billion. we have a massive trade deficit with japan. they bring in millions of cars. you look at those boats in los angeles, they bring in millions and millions of cars.
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it never stops. we send them beef. we send them beef. that's the deal, okay? which is a fraction. they don't take the beef. you know that, right? you know what happens. goes back, forth, back, forth, finally they take it, they call it aged. it's kobe beef and they sell it for ten times more. that's what happens. that's what happens. but we don't get the price, they get the price. okay. but with japan, same thing. with mexico, they're killing us at the border, they're killing us with trade. you saw the other daycari carri they moved to mexico. somebody had their cell phone going. they're taking these shots. everyone's devastated. 1,400 people -- gone. ford moved to mexico. $2.5 billion plant. nobody did anything. that was two years ago. now they're doubling up, they're going to build more there. i would have let them have it so hard they would never have the guts to build more there. never have the guts. nabisco. nabisco just moved their big
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plant where they make oreos. which we don't need anymore. right? no more oreos. that's a good thing. that's a good thing. but nabisco just moved their plant from chicago into mexico. okay? no more. but let me tell you about carrier. i watched carrier because it just happened a week ago. i watch these people, they were devastated. there for a long time. good air conditioners. i'm not buying them anymore but i buy a lot of carrier air conditioners. i saw this executive up front, we're going to close our operations and we're going to move to mexico, lots of luck, folks. right? people are devastated. so i went to the wharton school of finance which is considered the best business school. okay? got to be very smart to get into that school. very smart. the rubios of the world cannot get into that school, believe me. they don't have the capacity. actually, cruz could, in all fairness. cruz could. i don't know if he has the temperament. i think neither has the temperament, but academically, certainly.
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but i go to but you don't hav be smart. how do we solve the problem where all these countries are moving in to these places and people like yourselves and friends of yourselves an people that i know are losing all their jobs. we're being devastated. here's what we're doing with, a as an example, carrier. i would call carrier, through one of my people. it's not cool if the president calls. right? the president is calling an air conditioning company, listen, i don't like what you're doing. i may make some of those calls. they'll say it is terribly unpresidential, but i don't care. no, they'll say it is unpresidential. they'll say it is unpresidential. when vicente fox, the former president of mexico -- when he used the f-bomb, i thought it would be a national thing. i know if i used it, it would be the biggest story in the history of the world. right? so he used it, nobody cares. and then he was -- and he was so angry. you know why he was angry?
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because they're used to getting their way. right? they're used to getting their way. how dare they do this! how dare they say that! and i won't build that -- you know what -- wall. we will not build that -- you know what -- wall. see? i've learned. by the way, i don't use that word prp the wor word. the words i use are peanuts. that word, i wouldn't be able to get off airplane. do you like the plane? made in the united states. boeing. made in the united states. speaking of that, with iran just ordered 118 airbus planes. nothing in the united states. they just ordered a lot of equipment from italy and all over europe. they just ordered missiles. i didn't know they could buy missiles with their $150 billion. they just ordered missiles from russia. nothing from the united states. they capture our ten wonderful sailors, they put guns to their heads, they put them in a
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begging position, they were scared and frightened and they let them go two days later because, you know what? the money was going to pass. if the money was not going to pass, if they already had the money, the billions and billions of dollars, they would have kept them. but they wouldn't have kept them if i won the race, that i can tell you. they would have been out so fast, they would have been out so fast. so, so, with carrier, i call them up. i say, folks, congratulations on your new plant. i think it's wonderful. i love that you're building in mexico. it's great. i hate what you did with the 1,400 people, and more. and this is also united technologies, just to shame them, because they laid off additional people by going to mexico. mexico is become being the new china. and their leaders are much smarter than our leaders and they're ripping us not only at the border but they're ripping us like crazy with trade. so i'd say to the head of carrier, congratulations on the new plant, but here's the story,
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folks. every single air conditioner that you make, as it passes the border -- and we will have a real border. okay? we will have a real border. the illegals will not be able to carry those air conditioners in. okay? because we're going to have a real border. and we're going to have a wall and it is going to be a real wall, folks. and by the way, congratulations, mexico -- you're paying for the wall. just so you understand. congratulations. so, i would say to them, every air conditioner that you make that goes in to the united states and over our border, every single one, you're going to pay a 35% tax on. okay? now some of the stupid people -- because i'm a conservative person, but i like to say i'm a conservative person with common sense. all right? some of the stupid people that say, oh, he's not a free trader.
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no, no, i'm a smart trader. i'm a fair trader. i'm a free trader. but it's get to ot to be fair. whether china is making $500 billion on trade deficits, i'm not a free trader, folks. because when you try and do business in china they charge you tax. i have many friends, they can't do business in china. they can't get their product into china. china dumps it over here, you can't get it over there. when he does get it in, it is a big tax. i'd say to carrier, congratulations, but you're paying the 35% tax. here's what's going to happen. i'd do it early before they start building. here's what's going to happen. mr. president, you can't do that! that's not free trade! like all these stupid people, they talk about free trade! we want free trade, mr. president! that's not free trade! i said, here's the story. i'm just telling you, every single unit you make comes over that border, you're paying a 35% tax and that's going to make up for all the jobs we lost and everything else. and i hope it works in your
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bottom line. so here's what will happen. if i am one of these characters like a rubio, take a look at who's giving him money. look at the guys giving him money. take a look at the guys giving rubio money. take a look at the guys giving cruz money. i'm not even blaming them. it is the system. but when those guys need something, it is 100%. look at lobbyists with be look at special interests giving these characters money. 100% control over them. they have 100% control. me? i'm -- i'm self-funding. i'm not doing the money thing so i'm putting -- you know, i think somebody said to me -- i said the other day, how much have i got? i was always proud of the fact. i think i'm in it for over $25 million already. i didn't have to spend any money. i didn't have to spend any money. that's a big thing. i don't think i get credit for that. i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm the only one in either party. i'm self-funding my campaign. i'll go a step further.
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i think i'm the only one in many, many years. i mean i don't remember anybody -- maybe ross perot many, many years ago, but i don't remember anybody self-funding. they all take money from these people. during the debates, you probably saw that. somebody would get up, make a fool out of himself and they're all standing up clapping like he made a great answer. i'd give a great answer with be there was like dead silence in the room. and i had friends in that room. i said that's a rich room because i into you a lot of the guys. lobby bbyist lobbyists. special interests. the other night one of them is laughing, having a great time, he's a friend of mine. then booing when i give an answer. boo, boo, boo. then like that. they're all playing games, folks. okay? i just spoke to him. it's cute. it's fun. it's life. that's the way life is. okay? but those rooms were packed. they're packed with special interests and they're packed with donors and lobbyists. those people have total control
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over the people i'm running against. so what will happen, if you have a president rubio, or if you have a guy like, you know, nasty t ted, then what's going to happen is they're going to be called by their lobbyists. because you have lobbyists, they special in politicians. this is the way it works because i've had many lobbyists. much they do a great job, actually. it is almost guaranteed. if you need something, i'll say what do you think? do you know anybody for senator rubio? oh, yeah, this one, that one, they're all good. who's the best? this one. call him in, tell him what i need. sends you a massive bill. sometimes it is two minutes work. sometimes do me a favor or don't do me a favor -- just do it. it's terrible, that's the way the system works. okay. if you have rubio and cruz, what happens is the lobbyists,
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special interests or donors will call and they'll get 100%. here's what happens with me. carrier will call friends of mine but the friends i won't accept their money. by the way, i've turned down tens of millions of dollars. i feel stupid doing it. i must tell you with be my whole life i've been taking money. my whole life -- despite listening to the sleazebag, my whole life has been about making money. and i give a lot of money away and all that stuff but i take money. that's what i'm supposed to do, right? i'm a business person. you're a business person. i also gave to democrats, i gave to liberals, conservatives, republicans. i was loved by everybody. i owed it to my family, to myself, to my company. i got along with everybody. when i needed something, i just got along with everybody. but what happens is this. when they are called, they do what they do. when they call me, so here's what happens. they call me, i said, no interest. i say i have no interest. carrier will call me within 48
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hours saying, mr. president, we're moving back into the united states. it's very simple. it's very simple. within a short period of time they will call and they move back. and honestly, look. we're losing so many companies. i want to see free trade. i want to talk about free trade. i love free trade. it's not working, folks. we're losing -- we're losing everything. we're losing our jobs. we're losing our money. we're losing our base. we're losing everything. we're losing our respect. chi china, we have rebuilt china. and i love china. they give me tens of billions of dollars for condos. i have the largest bank in the world which is a chinese bare 4. the largest bank in the recalled world -- in the world is a tenant of mine in manhattan. they pay rent. the mexican people phenomenal people. i just won in nevada. i won with the hispanics. did you soo ee that?
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46%. everyone said, trump won with hispanics? that can't be right. how hispanics do we have? there's an hispanic. you know what? in arkansas we have about three. but that's okay. but there are three and they're right up front and they like trump. right? but i won with hispanics. now, we have to use our head because china, it's the single greatest theft in the history of the world. we have rebuilt china with the money they've taken out. we have rebuilt china. not going to happen anymore, folks. not going to happen anymore. we're going to have great trade deals. we're going to have great everything. we're going to be so smart. we're not going to make sergeant bergdahl where we get bergdahl and they get five killers that they've been after for years. not going to happen anymore. and five to six people -- probably six. but five people at least were killed trying to fight. so he's a traitor. we knew he was a traitor because we had a general and a colonel there prior to and they -- before we made the deal. so we make a deal where we get a
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dirty, rotten traitor, and they get five people that they most coveted for nine years they've wanted these people. those people are now back on the battlefield or will soon be back on the battlefield trying to kill us all. okay? not going to happen anymore. we're not making those deals. we're not making the iran deals anymore. we're not making -- we're going to build up our military. it's totally depleted. can you imagine general douglas macarthur? i thought he was great. general douglas macarthur, general george patton. can you imagine saying to them, we can't beat isis. they'd knock them out in 24 hours. i swear, it would be brutal. it would be brutal. and we have great people going to air force academy, going to annapolis, going to west point. we have great people. but we don't have a leader. we don't have a leader. so we're going to build up our depleted military. and by the way, we're going to
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get the things that the generals want. not the things -- do you notice we order planes that they don't want because it is made by a earn is company instead of noer? they want another plane. it's better, it's faster, it's cheaper? not bad qualities, right? the planes better, faster, cheaper -- and we order the one they don't want. i see it all the time. we're going to get the right stuff. we're going to make great deals and we're going to bid like crazy but we're going to bid and we're going to make up. there is so much fraud, waste, abuse in our system. i'll give you an example. the drug companies take care of all these guys i'm running with. all of them. they give money to them, you wouldn't believe. do you know a friend of mine, a doctor comes up to me, and he says very, like he can't believe it. donald, can you look into this? the united states is the largest drug buyer in the world. good drugs make you better. right? hopefully make you better. some probably don't. but drugs that make you better.
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we don't bid. i said no way. we don't bid. once he said it, i'm smart, i go -- i know what it is, the politicians don't make us bid. so if we bid we would save $300 billion a year on drugs for all of the stuff we buy. we would save billions and billions and billions of dollars. we don't bid. why don't we bid? because the drug companies have these guys totally under control. i don't give a damn about the drug companies. i don't give a damn. so the money that we'll save -- here's the end result. end result is the product will be better. years ago a certain senator -- who is actually a very good senator, i won't use his name because people i respect i want to at least get their approval. but i was called by i believe the ambassador from sweden and they were going to spend $1.5 billion on renovating the united nations building. i had just built a building across the street that was 92
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stories. beautiful. trump world tower. and i did it for like $360 million. and this guy called up and he said, mr. trump, i don't understand. he was a good man. i think it was the ambassador to sweden with be but whatever. called up. he said i don't understand. we're going to spend $1.5 billion on fixing up the united nations. not building. fixing. but i read where you spent $360 million to build that massive building right across the street. could that be possible? i said yes. he said why? i said very simple. corruption and incompetence. okay? he said could i set you up with meetings with the head people at the united nations? kofi kofi annan at that time. head man. i said yeah, i'll come over. he said what do you think it should cost? i said i think no more than $500 million. complete beautiful with marble floors, instead of terrazo. nobody builds a more beautiful
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building than me. call up the builders, they'll tell you, nobody builds better than me. so what happens? they call me and i go to the united nations. they're talking to me. i said is it a boiler system or is it new york state? uh -- but aren't you in charge? i don't know what new york state is. i say you got a guy in charge that doesn't know anything. i said look, i will do it for 500 million -- i'll save you $1 billion. i'll do it. somebody said to me, yeah, but it won't be the same job. i said that's right, it will be much better. in other words, in other words, you'll use linoleum and i'll use marble. it will be a better job. and you don't have to move. i'll do three floors at a time and nobody's even going to be disturbed and you won't even have to move. and that was it. i never heard from him again. and the numbers came out recently, and they're close to $4 billion to renovate some buildings. and i think it's such -- i never even heard from him.
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i was going to save him $1 billion. but the point is this. they said, well, it won't be the same. honestly, my $500 million renovation of the united nations would have been a much better job, a much higher-end job than their $1.5 billion job. and they actually called hearings. i went down to washington. i testified before a congressional panel. but nothing's done. you know, they're politicians. they're asking, well how come this? how come that? i say, hey, look, you tell me. the hearings lasted a long time. books got closed, nothing was ever done. same thing with the military. i'll get better stuff for less money. and even as an example, they're going to order a new air force one. right? from boeing. $3 million. now i don't want to get into it because i'd like to have it. if i win -- i'd love to have it and blame obama. you know? because that plane is old.
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you know? he played golf the other day in hawaii. he went out for sma christmas t play golf. he talked about the carbon footprint. then he got into this plane which is very old. he was talking about the carbon footprint and we must stop what's happening in pollution and global warming and all of this. right? then he gets in the plane and he flies to hawaii to play golf and he flies back. he talks about the carbon footprint. give me a break, folks. give me a break. so, look. we're going to start winning with everything. we're going to knock out common core. we're going to bring our education up. we're going to repeal and replace the horror that's known as obamacare. it is a horror. we are going to save and enhance and always protect our second amendment which is under siege.
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we're going to save our borders. right now they're swiss cheese. people just pouring through. we're going to create strong borders. we're going to build a wall. pleefb pleefb believe me, it is going to be built. you heard in one of the sessions i had with the press. they said how do you respond ton vicente fox? he was the ex-president. i said i think he's got a filthy mouth to use that word. i think it is a disgrace. i'm like the only one that said it. but how do you respond? he said that he will never build that wall. what did i say? i said the wall just got ten feet taller. here's the thing. we have a $58 billion trade deficit with mexico. $58 billion trade deficit. the wall's going to cost $10
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billion. maybe $12 billion, depending. goes higher, higher, higher, it's okay. nobody's going over the trump wall, let me tell you. nobody. going to go deep, and going to go high. the deep will stop some of those tunnels. isn't it amazing how they can't stop a tunnel? it's called like check the area, right? so we are going to do that. but it is going to be there and it is going to work. you know, i won new hampshire. the people in new hampshire -- who i love. because they gave me that first great victory. and i love those people. and they have a huge heroin problem up there. you wouldn't think of it. you see these beautiful fields and you see the beautiful trees and roadways, it's so beautiful. the biggest thing whenever i went to a meeting was heroin, heroin. their kids are being addicted to heroin. it is flowing across the southern border. i made a pledge to them. i said first we'll try to help your kids get unaddicted. they have such a problem up
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there. you wouldn't think of it for new hampshire. you could think of it for some places, not new hampshire. these are incredible people. i made a pledge, we're going to stop that flow from coming in. because the easiest way to stop the problem is just don't let them have it. don't let them have it. once they're addicted, it is really tough stuff to get off of. but wheere're going to stop the problem. other day i heard our great vice president, joe biden, apologize. here's a guy that uses the f-bomb, is angry at the united states because he's so arrogant because they've always gotten their way, and that was where that came from. how dare they say that to mexico. we win all the time against the united states. why would they say that? that's what essentially he was saying. then i see joe biden apologizing to mexico, i'd like to apologize. he was apologizing for me! you believe it? they call him the republican candidate but hopefully he was apologizing just for me. i love that, you know? even the pope was very nice.
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he did a thing right before election. right? in south carolina. i heard, oh, the pope, the pope said something. i said to my people, wait a minute. they're going to vote tomorrow morning. was it good or was it bad? this was like ten hours before polls opened. right? in south carolina. and my people said, mr. trump, it was bad. i said, oh, this can only happen to me. the pope. the pope! what did he say? and basically the mexicans convinced the pope that trump was a bad guy because i want to have a strong border. and when the pope figured it out, and when we -- lot of people were calling the vatican, i can tell you, because a lot of people agree with me that we have to have strong borders. but by the time he figured out about the crime and everything else, the next day he was great and they were really very nice. i was just saying, this could only happen to me where the pope ten hours before an election comes out with something. so we're going to make our military strong. we're going to knock the hell out of isis, folks. we got to do it. we're going to knock the hell
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out of isis. got to do it. we have no choice. we're going to take care of our vets. and here's the story, very simply. we're going to be a great country again. we're going toe b the smart country again. we're not going to be the dummies that don't know what they're doing. we're not going to be the stupid people that are laughed at all over the world. we're not going to be the people that are afraid to even talk the word "waterboarding," and yet in the middle east you have people chopping off heads. can you imagine what isis and the others are saying in the middle east as they shop off head after head after head of christian, as they drown people in big steel cages, just drop them right in the water, drown them, pull them up, they're all dead. then we talk about waterboarding as severe. they are saying to themselves, these are the weakest, the dumbest people. they cannot believe it.
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when they ask ted ted crcruz th question in the last debate, what about waterboarding? i don't want to get involved. that's a tough qution. then they stayed to trump what do you think about waterboarding? i think it is great but we have to go stronger. i got a standing ovation. i got a standing ovation. i did ask a pollster to go and poll the question. i didn't. they sent it to me. again, chop off heads, we're going to be very strong, folks. we're going to be the smart country again. so look, i want to thank you all. i would love to win arkansas. special plus. many friends. i don't want your money. i don't need your money. i don't want it. i want you to go out and vote on tuesday and just knock 'em dead. and let's go, let's create a mandate. we are going to make america great again. we're going to win, win, win. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you, everybody. i love you.
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thank you. >> donald trump in bennetton vil, arkansas wrapping up about an hour-long speech that began with chris christie, attacking marco rubio, talking about everything from the u.n. renovations to his company, to defense on immigration, to trump university. all sorts of other things. you see the crowd in bent bentonville, arkansas filing out as mr. trump heads out. he did respond to some of marco rubio's attacks calling rubio "little rubio," "nasty," "lightweight," among other things. but this was the first time in the past couple of days that we have seen donald trump really on any way be on defense. for a good 10 or 15 minutes he had tho talk about trump university, one of the things that he's been sued over that rubio's been hitting him on and things like that.
11:34 am
this was not the kind of trump that we saw a couple of weeks ago who was always an offense. >> we were certainly anticipating his speech because we had listened to senator marco rubio. he was in kennesaw, georgia, speaking to the crowd today. we saw him throwing punches like we haven't seen before. we were certainly anticipating donald trump coming out swinging. we saw a lot of the attacks against rubio coming from governor chris christie. governor chris christie hitting on rubio's record saying in total he's missed 68% of all committee meeting in the senate and he broke it down. he missed 60% of foreign relations committee hearings. >> it is a charge on rubio that's been going on for a long time, that he hasn't shown up to senate hearings and those kinds of things. whether that really continues to resonate with voters unclear. the crowd didn't really seem all that fired up by it. it was a different trump are crowd than we saw. i'm leland vitter. she's elizabeth.
11:35 am
today is the south carolina primary. >> yeah. while donald trump is speaking, hillary clinton was also speaking. she's in fairfield, alabama, a suburb of birmingham. just wrapping up a speech. >> i got to tell you, i have been looking forward to being here, having this opportunity to talk with you. just a few days before we have the primary on super tuesday, march 1st. because i know there are a lot of people in this state who want to continue the progress we've made, who want to keep moving forward together. and i'm going to work hard not just up to and including tuesday. but i'm going to work hard here in alabama because i want you to
11:36 am
have a chance to vote for, and elect, and be served by more democrats in this state. and so here's what i want you to do. i want you to imagine with me, imagine what we can do together. because any vision starts with imagination. and i want us to lift up our eyes, our spirits, our hopes to imagine what we can do in the country we love and here in this state. now imagine, imagine that we do have more good jobs that are paying a rising income to people king hard for them, and imagine -- imagine that
11:37 am
includes raising the minimum wage so that more people in alabama can do better. i want to commend mayor bell because he recognized that there are a lot of folks in this state just like there are across america. 35 million of them, who are working hard, at a minimum wage. two-thirds of whom are women, supporting themselves and their children. and at the end of the year, despite how hard they worked, they are still in poverty. you know, i believe in building ladders of opportunity for people. knocking down the barriers that stand in the way, and that begins with economic barriers. so i want to thank the mayor for doing what he tried to do to raise the minimum wage in birmingh birmingham. and i think it would be a good
11:38 am
experiment if the governor and the legislators tried to live on the minimum wage for a while. >> that was the end of hillary clinton. she's at a rally in alabama. clinton hopes for a decisive victory against bernie sanders in south carolina where the democrats are now casting their votes in south carolina. we have our ed henry there. we'll have a live results show at 7:00 p.m. eastern as this could really be a turning point in the south carolina race. for that matter, in the entire race for the democratic nomination. it was back in 2000. we'll see whether that happens again, if hillary clinton wins south carolina as she quite possibly will do. moving back now to the gop race and what we have seen play out over the past 72 hours or so after the debate moving through friday, and now to saturday where we see marco rubio and donald trump go at each other in
11:39 am
a way that could perhaps make some high schoolgirls plush. john stanton, d.c. bureau chief of joins us now. is this really what the presidential race has come to? >> yeah. unfortunately, it is definitely like "mean girls" basically. right? it is like high school kids yelling at each other on a playground and slap fighting. it is kind of amazing. from when you think about that, give our viewers a perspective of what happened. you had trump here say little rubio, he's nasty, all these kinds of things. chris christie went after marco rubio on a few things. take a listen to what marco rubio had to say just before. >> here's the one tweet he put out. he put out a picture of me having makeup put on me at the debate. which is amazing to me that a guy with the worse spray tan in america is atashging me for putting on makeup. >> he went on to say that donald trump should sue whoever put on his spray tan.
11:40 am
this is a totally different marco rubio than we saw a couple days ago. clearly they have decided we're now going to get down in the sandbox and play on donald trump's level. smart move? >> um, i guess so. politically, right? i mean at this point they have tlo do it. doesn't seem like they're going to be able to win the nomination otherwise. donald trump is doing really well with this kind of stuff. frankly, rubio has demonstrated i think today that if you hit him hard enough he gets flustered and he doesn't do so well. his speech this afternoon, the parts of it were kind of parts where he was trying to defend himself on the trump university or trying to defend himself against rubio. i thought that was interesting that you saw that he really took it on the nose and it's been much more difficult for him to respond than you'd have thought. >> trump spent 10 or 15 minutes going on about this diatribe over the lawsuit against trump university. he went big on i'm worth $10 billion, there are filings, i've
11:41 am
built a great business. you have to think the hit that mitt romney took on him a couple of days ago on his taxes had something to do with him coming back to i have a great business. hasn't released his taxes yet. is that something that will stick? >> a is long as he keeps talking about it, it has the potential to. kind of with the classic bully situation, when they get hit they start to get defensive and try to back up into their comfort zone. for him his comfort zone is talking about how awesome he is. for average person responding to him they don't respond to him being i'm the greatest, they respond to him saying i'm going to make you feel great again. that's a problem for trump if he keeps doing that. >> we have a clip of trump going after rubio talking about rubio having what trump described as a fresh mouth. take a listen. >> this guy has a fresh mouth. he's a very nasty guy. and i actually thought that ted
11:42 am
cruz was a liar, but rubio is worse. and then i listened to this light, little nothing say trump's a con man. isn't it a disgrace? i mean seriously. it's really -- it really is. >> that's trump responding to rubio. rubio keeps going on with trump's a conartist, trump's propagating this massive fraud. when you listen to the crowd and you have been studying trump for a while, are crowds responding to a speech like this what we saw today differently than they responded to him a couple of weeks ago? >> i think so. if you watch the speech you can see people were not getting quite as rabid about some of his attacks. there was long stretches where there wasn't a lot of applause, he'd go back to one of his standard lines about the wall and make being the military strong again and try to get the crowd back into it. then these sort of weird tangents against rubio or in defense of his own wealth. that's a problem for him.
11:43 am
he has to be constantly punching or he loses people. >> when he said to the crowd i only had a million dollar loan, you could almost hear groans in the crowd, i really don't understand how that's a smam small amount of money. john, thanks for being here. we'll have you back. coming up, we have much more ahead. super tuesday is right around the corner. who will win? we'll have a fair and balanced debate. there's much more ahead on america's news headquarters. 73% of americans try...
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11:47 am cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. super tuesday is fast approaching. candidates are out on the campaign trail. so who will come out on top? joining us for a fair and balanced debate, kevin sheridan, senior advisor to the 2012
11:48 am
romney-ryan campaign. and radio show host garlan nixon. kevin, we had big headlines when governor chris christie endorsed donald trump. we saw him with donald in bentonville, arkansas today. donald trump did hit on marco rubio, but we saw governor chris christie sort of take the helm and really hit rubio hard. is that what we're going to be seeing now? >> yeah. that's the biggest threat to rubio is that now chris christie, a much more articulate and much better prosecutor of the case in general than donald trump is. but chris christie's not without his flaws here. one month ago -- not even. three weeks ago he was in new hampshire saying that donald trump isn't qualified to be president. he doesn't have the temperament for it. so you've got a guy with very little credibility on the issue now making the case against marco rubio. by the way, marco rubio's out there having fun right now.
11:49 am
he looks great. he looks like he has found his rhythm. he's nailing him on trump university. he walked him through -- if you looked at the last two hours of the campaign today where rubio is on the stage in front of a huge crowd and then going to trump. rubio looked better. rubio looked like he could outtrump trump. he's got better skills at this actually and he's really mocking him now. that will be interesting to see how this plays out. >> we listened to both candidates live. senator rubio looked like he was having a lot of fun out there. >> he does. my initial reaction is that he was pretty successful. we can see that. when donald trump is punched, he can't resist himself. he's kind of a narcissistic guy and people like that cannot resist fighting back if anybody criticizes them. but my opinion is he waited too late. he waited -- you can't wait until three days before super tuesday to start attacking someone who's this far ahead.
11:50 am
i think what he's doing would work had he started two months ago doing this. >> kevin, what's your reaction to that? that's not the first time i've heard someone say this is great, why haven't it. i think that's a fair criticism. in some ways, donald trump is underestimate. people thought he would collapse. i don't know why the trump university issue hasn't been out there longer. i don't know why the $200 million inherited line wasn't used by jeb bush or anyone else. it's working now. it may be too late. he's got 30, 35% of support that doesn't seem to be doing anywhere. until this field winnows down, which it may or may not after tuesday, it may not, you'll still have donald trump winning the majority of the delegates. donald trump just looked
11:51 am
terrible in that last rally. his crowd was dead silent for most of the rally. you just don't see that. >> that brings me to my next question. maybe we don't have the answer, but garland, who has the momentum going into tuesday? because initially we thought it was rubio after the debate. but then we had the chris christie endorsement. now we're hearing both of them today attacking each other. who has that momentum and does it matter? >> i think it matters. right now the person that has all the momentum is donald trump. i think he's leading in like nine out of the top 11 raises. if you look at the ones in which rubio is number 2, he's like still 10 points behind. even if rubio has some success and makes up 4 or 5 points, he loses. number 2 is still the first loser. >> garland nixon, kevin sheridan, if we had more time i would certainly keep this conversation going, but we've had so much breaking news, we
11:52 am
had to cut it short. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. next, we'll go live to see marco rubio speak at the fairgrounds. stay with us. super tuesday is of course tuesday -- but south carolina democrats vote today in their primary. hillary clinton is hoping it will not be deja vu all over again. you might remember she lost to barack obama in 2008 in south carolina but is now far ahead in the polls this time around, especially with the very key african-american vote. our guest is a senior writer for "u.s. news & world report," we appreciate you being here. how much is hillary clinton's victory in south carolina a foregone conclusion right now? >> i think you can take it to the bank. the only thing that people are arguing about down here is what will the margin be. as you mentioned, she lost the state in 2008 by 28 points to barack obama.
11:53 am
but it looks like she is going to win this state tonight by 28 points or more. she has spent more time in this state. she's got a deeper connection with african-americans, which are likely to make up about 55% of the electorate down here. and frankly, bernie sanders hasn't been here most of the week. that's pretty much the most telling sign that he's given up on it and moved on. he actually won't even be here tonight. he'll be rallying in minnesota when the returns come in. >> so does it matter, in a sense, if she wins south carolina? it certainly would have mattered if she had lost. but if she has a runway victory, does it change her more mmentum is it a wash at this point? >> it will marry for the next 72 hours. if she wins by a little, that would be a big surprise. if it's only in single digits, not many people think that will
11:54 am
occur, so she will dominate the headlines until super tuesday. that's always a good thing no matter what candidate you are. but the second most important thing is she'll dominate with african-american voters. that's been bernie sanders's obstacle that he's unable to overcome, because going forward, you're going to have more states in the south voting with large african-american populations. that has been clinton's strongest, most loyal group of supporters. and that's where sanders is going to have to prove he can do well somewhere with african-american voters or he is not going to be the nominee. >> when you talk about that in terms of bernie sanders trying to court african-american voters, we've heard him do it over the past couple of days, but especially in the southern states, the sec primary states on super tuesday. is it that african-americans don't know bernie sanders, they don't trust bernie sanders, or do the clintons just have such a
11:55 am
long legacy with african-americans he just can't overcome it? what's the >> they don't not like bernie, but as you said, they don't know him. hillary clinton has been going to rural or predominantly african-american counties. i've spoken to voters who say we don't have a problem with bernie but we don't know him, and we have a personal connections with the clintons because we've seen them before. bill clinton was called the first african-american president. he is revered by the african-american community down here. many voters cited him and what he did as far as government programs, being in the state. they recalled stories of him coming to their town. that matters. they've had a long, 30-year, 20-year relationship with the clintons. and so i think loyalty is an overwhelming thing, overwhelming
11:56 am
what sanders can do in terms of a message. >> we appreciate you being here, great insights. we'll catch up with you later from the trail, sir. >> thank you. keep up the good work. >> wow, what a two hours. >> great interview. viewers can tune in on super tuesday for excellent coverage all day. >> bret baier will be looking forward to super tuesday tonight, and everything we saw today between marco rubio and mr. trump. >> that's all for us. have a nice day.
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hello, everybody, i'm uma pemmaraju live in new york. marco rubio is throwing everything he has at donald trump on the final weekend before the super tuesday contest. and the frontrunner is firing back. >> the party of lincoln is on the verge of being taken over by a con artist named donald trump. >> i'm tired and you're tired of guys like little rubio, a little mouthpiece that goes a mile a minute. >> can trump be stopped? his rival marco rubio joins us live in a moment.


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