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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 27, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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hello, everybody, i'm uma pemmaraju live in new york. marco rubio is throwing everything he has at donald trump on the final weekend before the super tuesday contest. and the frontrunner is firing back. >> the party of lincoln is on the verge of being taken over by a con artist named donald trump. >> i'm tired and you're tired of guys like little rubio, a little mouthpiece that goes a mile a minute. >> can trump be stopped? his rival marco rubio joins us live in a moment. we all have eyes on the rubio,
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trump, and cruz and kasich campaigns. plus democrats are casting ballots in the south carolina primary today. the campaign trail heats up with a fury. america's news headquarters live from new york starts now. we're just days from when the highly charged super tuesday matchup begins, the single biggest day for presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle to receive delegates in several states. it usually ends up as the turning point in most election years. today is the day south carolina democrats head to the polls for this state's primary. bernie sanders has no events in the palmetto state today and instead is setting his sights on super tuesday states.
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many candidates are using this last weekend before next week to hit the campaign trail hard, trying to score points with voters in the states where the stakes remain very high. it's getting down and dirty as ted cruz and marco rubio directly attack frontrunner ado donald trump. trump picking up a big endorsement from new jersey governor and former rival chris christie. rubio has clearly taken the gloves off against trump, unleashing a barrage of attacks against him, voting to convince voters that his bid for the white house representatives true conservatives. we welcome senator marco rubio who will be holding a rally today in birmingham, alabama in the next hour. welcome, senator, great type o you here today. >> thanks for having me on. >> many voters who witnessed your performance recently are asking where was that marco rubio months ago. in this 11th before super tuesday you are attacking donald trump directly, with a
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vengeance. if you felt this strongly before, why didn't you move in this direction much earlier? >> that's a good question. we hoped voters would reach this conclusion on their own. unfortunately it hasn't gone that way. the press oftentimes treats him with kid gloves. after four states and all these polls, donald is the frontrunner and he's a con artist. this is the guy who is taking over the party of lincoln and reagan and is convincing far too many that he's somehow going to make america great again. this guy has been conning people all his life. look at trump university. people looking to improve their lives turned over thousands of dollars to of him and got nothing in return. i will campaign as long as it takes to prevent donald trump from being the nominee and to be the nominee myself. donald trump, this con artist, will never be the come tothe noe
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republican party. is guy said he is defending stream when he refuses to take israel's side? whoever thought someone like that would be the frontrunner in the republican race? >> you feel that's what's needed at this point? >> because he's a fraud. absolutely. this is the guy who says he's for workers but he's hiring workers from abroad to do work here. all of the trump clothes are made in china. but he's going to take on china? he's going to take on illegal immigration when he hires illegals to work on trump tower? he's a fraud and he needs to be exposed before it's too late. >> mr. trump is hitting back quite hard at you as well. he just finished a rally in arkansas talking about what he feels are your weak points. let's listen to what he had to
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say a moment ago. >> take a look at the guys giving rubio money, take a look at guys giving cruz money. i'm not even blaming them, it's the system. but when those guys need something, it's 100%. look at the lobbyists giving these characters money. 100% control over them. >> we're having some technical difficulties with that interview. we hope to get mr. rubio back on in just a few moments. oh, i understand he's back up, that's good news. senator rubio, were you able to hear what mr. trump was saying about you concerning your donors? >> yeah, it's silly. people buy into my agenda, i don't buy into theirs. one person whose money i haven't taken is donald trump. this is a guy who inherited literally millions of dollars from his father. if he had just invested in the stock market, he would be one of the richest people in the world
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today. he's a fraud. he's a con artist. >> marco rubio, sorry for the technical difficulties we're having with your audio. we apologize to our viewers about this. we appreciate you being on today. thanks very much. >> all right, thank you. let's focus on the top three vote getting gop candidates as they wage war with each other. let's bring in a senior adviser 'presidents nixon and reagan, pat buchanan. great to have you on board today. >> good to be here. >> i want to get more reaction about the rubio interview, although we had some technical issues. i want to ask you about your comments, the strategy to hit trump hard in this 11th hour before super tuesday. what do you make of the strategy and do you think it's going to make any difference at this point?
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>> i just listened, he called him a fraud, a phony, a con artist, i think what this has done for rubio is elevated him, and the media is covering a real fist fight. it might not really be a very high tone. so i think it's going to help rubio to that extent. however, i do believe it's not going to change what's going to happen on tuesday, where i think marco rubio could well get a shutout and not win a single state, where is donald trump could win nine, ten, or 11 states. >> let me ask you this. there's been a lot of panic we're hearing from the establishment, behind the scenes from the establishment over what's taking place right now. do you have your sources telling you that they are really pushing right now for what they hope will be a brokered convention? or some type of, you know, last stand, when the convention begins, because they are hoping to see trump not get all the
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needed delegates at that point? and if that happens, they're going to have a big fight over it? >> look, i think the establishment is at a point of desperation and total panic in terms of what it's doing. i'm sure it's delighted with marco rubio savaging donald trump. but really, rubio, in the numbers he's gotten suggest this, he's failed middle america. middle america asked for 25 years, get control of the borders, stop these trade deals shipping jobs overseas, no more of these wars where americans come back in body bags and the wars aren't won. the republican establishment hasn't been listening to the people. donald trump, the success he's got, represents exactly the opposite side of the coin of the failures of the republican establishment. that's why he's winning all these votes, uma. >> when you ran for president, you were the insurgent candidate. you know what it's like to go up
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against the establishment. >> sure. >> it's not something that is easy to do. are you vice e surprised by the there's this complete panic about what's going on with trump's success? >> i think trump's success is due to the thing we warned about. we said in the '90s, people will push across the border. what trump has going for him is simply to point at the results of the failed policies embraced by the republican establishment. and this is what gets me, uma. look, i can understand why they're going after trump. they're desperate. all the rice bowls of the establishment are going to be broken, if broken, they fear, if he becomes president. the establishment ought to examine its own confidence and ask itself how it lost middle america, how did it lose all those reagan democrats, why did they abandon them? will they blame the voters for
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that? >> if there is a brokered convention, what effect does that happen to a party and the likelihood of winning against hillary clinton? >> let's say trump is 200 votes short of going over the top and cruz and rubio have a number of other delegates and the establishment tries to tear the nomination away from the most popular -- the individual who got the most votes in the most states? i think it would rip the party to pieces as has not been done since 1912 when theodore roosevelt walked out and created a new party and sent william howard taft to win the election. >> you say the establishment failed to recognize the deep seated concerns of middle america. why do you think they missed the
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boat on that one? >> i don't know why. when i took on george w. bush, he was president of the united states, they told me i would get clobbered. i took a poll, and it asked people, who represents more of what you believe? in one poll, 80% said we agree with pat buchanan but we'll vote for president bush. i don't know why, after we were defeated in 1992 and 1996 and frankly again in 1999, why the establishment did not at least say, look, these folks have issues, they've got millions of votes behind them, they're angry about something, why don't we address some of these issues? that's what richard nixon did when i worked with him. as soon as democrats made ground on some issue he would say, what's going on out there, what's happening, how do we address that issue?obduracy of
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establishment is what created donald trump. how do you lose your entire republican party base to someone who was a political outsider six months ago, never ran for office, who is a businessman who is contributed to the clinton and contributed to republicans? you've got to ask -- after a while you have to stop blaming everybody else and ask yourself, did we perhaps miss the boat here? >> pat buchanan, always great to have you. >> thank you, uma. we would like to hear from you. we've been talking about the fact that the gloves are off and senator rubio continues to miss mr. trump hard. is it too little, too late ahead of super tuesday? tweet me @umapemmaraju and we'll get to some of your answers later in the show. and now to the democratic
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side of the presidential race in the south carolina primary. rivals bernie sanders and hillary clinton are already looking ahead to super tuesday, hillary clinton holding a get out the vote event in fairfield, alabama while bernie sanders is on the stump inonestar state of texas. chief white house correspondent ed henry joins us from columbia, south carolina with more on the primary and the turnout today. ed, great to see you, what's going on? >> reporter: good to see you, uma. it's been a steady turnout, it's a beautiful afternoon in columbia, south carolina, a lot of people out and about, no longer really coming in here. it's been a slow turnout in the afternoon. hillary clinton has been leading by double digits here. that may also have an impact. the local polls have suggested that she's up big. bernie sanders knows that, which is why he has been spending a lot of time outside the state, as you mentioned, in super
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tuesday contests. hillary clinton is having three or four events here a week, trying to make sure she doesn't lose her big lead, she's not sitting on it. she's looking ahead to super tuesday and to a time when she might be president. >> if i'm fortunate enough to be your president, i'm going to fight to raise the federal minimum wage. but we also have to create more good jobs. jobs that can give people a real shot. >> reporter: now, the problem for bernie sanders has been that hillary clinton has a big edge with african-american voters, not just here in south carolina, but looking ahead to super tuesday, he is going to have to do something about cutting into clinton's edge, because you have other southern states like georgia, like alabama, where
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clinton was just visiting and holding that rally, where the african-american vote will be pivotal. one of the surrogates that bernie sanders has had on the trail is the rapper killer mike. i got a chance to chat with him yesterday. here's what he said about bernie sanders and whether it's a -- i li . >> i like the people born in the '30s and '40s will tell you like it is. >> reporter: killer mike trying to cut to the chase there. he says he endorsed bernie sanders after in his words, "smoking a joint and reading his tweets." if nothing else, it made a tense, bitter campaign -- killer mike adding a bit of levity. >> there you go. thanks, ed, very much. "america's election
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headquarters" with brett bare begins live at 7:00 p.m. eastern. join us for super coverage on super tuesday, we don't want to miss that. all eyes on fbi and apple as the battle over unlocking a terrorist's iphone rages on. both will be able argue their cases when they testify at a hearing in front of congress next week. are gop presidential candidates rallying as many voters as they can? will anyone be able to derail frontrunner donald trump? ted cruz thinks so. >> super tuesday will be the most important day of the entire election. and i'll tell you, georgia is a key battleground. in georgia we're neck and neck. i am very encouraged with where we are in georgia and across the country. unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete.
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"we're gonna need a bigger boat." "xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of oscar moments, simply by using your voice. live oscar sunday, february 28th on abc." welcome back, everybody. we want to show you texas senator ted cruz holding a rally at the george national fairgrounds in perry, georgia. he is exchange ahead of super tuesday, which is set for next week. and we are keeping close watch on all the candidates as they criss-cross states looking for votes. stay with us for continuing coverage. overseas, a cease-fire in
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syria in effect today under a u.s. and russian deal backed by the united nations. it's the first major cease-fire in five years in the civil war in syria. the deal involves rebel forces but not islamic terror groups like the al nusra front. there are reports of scattered attacks including a car explosion on the edge of a government-held town, killing at least two and wounding several others. and back in this country, the battle between the feds and apple now escalating over whether or not the tech giant should be forced to create new software allowing the fbi to unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. all the gop candidates are taking the side of the fbi. on tuesday apple and the fbi will be arguing the encryption case in front of the house judiciary committee in
12:22 pm
washington, as apple's ceo tim cook says he's willing to take the battle to the supreme court. will it be congress or the supreme court that breaks the impass? jim woolsey, former director of the cia, is our guest. welcome, great to have you today. >> good to be with you. >> the house judiciary committee will mark the first time apple and the fbi will be facing open publicly, with fbi director james comey asking apple to allow them to bypass security features on the iphone that will available them to get information on one of the san bernardino shooters. is this an argument that the fbi can win? >> i think they can win it. i'm not sure they should. this is a close call, uma. this is a conflict between the values of liberty and security. and both are important. and neither of the positions on this issue are irresponsible, i
12:23 pm
think. this is the kind of thing that probably they ought to be sitting down, just two or three of them, in a back room somewhere in washington and sorting it out rather than jumping immediately to congressional public hearings. but it will provide a lot of interest for folks. as i study this more and more, i'm more inclined and apple's direction. >> that's very interesting, since you once headed the cia, and you were on the intelligence side of things. you feel that you're on apple's side on this one. what do you make the apple ceo tim cook's comments that authorities are, quote, asking the company to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the equivalent of cancer. it would expose people to incredible vulnerabilities, he said. >> i think the problem is that it's not just that the bureau wants the help of apple in getting into the devices that the terrorists had. apple does that and other
12:24 pm
companies do that from time to time. it's not extraordinary. what's different is that apple appears to want to be able to get inside this type of system itself and to do it in a way on its own, and also have it as a requirement by the government that there be certain features in the operating system of a telephone. and that's going to create a situation, i think, where you have a really serious possibility that other countries and other parts of the government and private plaintiffs in lawsuits are going to be able to get their hands on some indelible aspect of our cellphones to come and be able to get into litigation on them.
12:25 pm
this could be an employment program for litigators. >> a new poll suggests more americans are siding with the fbi in the battle. does this surprise you? because so many people are concerned about terrorism. >> no, it doesn't surprise me. the bureau is generally popular inside the u.s. and for good reason. and their position is not an irresponsible one. it's just that i think it opens up the possibility that other courts, other plaintiffs in lawsuits, other governments are going to say, ah, you in the bureau are able to get into apple's phone communications, we want to be able to to do that too in the czech republic, say. >> couldn't it be limited to national security concerns, and shouldn't national security trump certain privacy concerns when you're talking about
12:26 pm
keeping people safe? >> i think heading that way is the right way to go, to limit its applicability to something like terrorism situations. but you can't do that just by doing it on a case-by-case basis. i think there may need to be a statute. there may need to be some type of role in this for the foreign intelligence surveillance act court which is used to dealing with sensitive matters of this sort. this is not something where there ought to be a snap judgment. it ought not be decided right away. i don't think it ought to be given to the u.s. government, even to the fbi, the right to determine apple's operating system. >> fascinating. former cia director james woolsey, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. we've been telling you, just a few days to go before super tuesday. it stands to be a big night for frontrunner donald trump, if he continues his winning streak. but will it be a make or break night for the rest of the field? ed rollins, former adviser to president reagan, is joining us to weigh in on some of the politics and strategies that
12:27 pm
could come into play on march 1st. and new outrage over the president's push to shut down gitmo. republicans blasting the president in their weekly address saying it only serves to weaken our national security. ahead we'll speak to a snort from kansas where some of the remaining detainees may end up, and he's trying to fight that. stay with us. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months
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just a few days to court voters before the contest. it could be a big turning point in the election, and usually has been in most elections. texas is the big prize with 155 delegates. that is of course ted cruz's home state and it could be a critical test of his staying power in the race. but if the polls are right, it should be a very good night for donald trump. at the same time his rivals remain confident they can at the very least stop his momentum.
12:32 pm
joining me is ed rollins, thank you so much for joining us. there is a lot to talk about. when we're talking about the super tuesday contest, people need to understand that when you're going for delegates, it's not a winner take all situation. >> it's proportional. >> it's proportional. even if you don't win the night, you'll come away with some delegates. >> there are 624 delegates up for the day. suppose trump does what he's been doing and gets a third of the vote. that gives him a lot of delegates, more than anybody else. rubio, kasich to a minor extent, cruz in texas, they're going to split the rest of the delegates. if you had one on one, you might have a shot, but at this point, they're all fighting for the same -- his base isn't going to go away. it may expand. >> to be a runaway winner he has to do 40 or better in these states, to really show he's got a lock on it. >> my sense is, some of those
12:33 pm
states, he may. massachusetts is a perfect example, he's over 50% in a state like that. i think the critical thing is, is anybody standing at the end of the day that's still viable? kasich and rubio will try in their home states, winner take all, march 15th, 99 delegates in florida, 66 delegates in ohio. if they win those states then obviously they're back in the game. if they don't, and trump wins them, it's over. >> with rubio launching this tirade against mr. trump here in the 11th hour, sort of a hail mary passio, the fact that he i already trailing by 20 points in his own state of florida, down 16 or so in texas, 17 in virginia, what is he hoping to gain out of this? >> i think obviously he still wants to be the nominee and still thinks he has a shot at it. a couple of weeks had a lifetime in this kind of politics. >> sure. but who are the voters he's going after? certainly trump people are very
12:34 pm
loyal. >> he's not taking any of those voters away. the key thing, is trump going to expand his base. that's what we'll see on tuesday. if he gets to the 40 mark or above, and in some places he will, then it's awful hard to stop him. >> the trump loyalists at this point, they're made up, do you think, also of reagan-type democrats? >> some reagan democrats. you had pat buchanan on, my old friend from the white house days. he had a contingent, ross perot had a contingent. a lot of those voters have been very unhappy for a very long time, some of them evangelicals, they don't think the presently kind of government works for them. >> the fact that rubio came in with the tea party, as did cruz, but the tea party at this point doesn't seem to be backing him in the home states for both of them, in a big way. >> i think trump has grabbed that anti-establishment, an anti-washington portfolio. the dilemma we face as a party
12:35 pm
is there's a lot of people in the party who don't like what he says, they don't think he has substance, they don't like the racial undertones to what he says. come any onovember, the democra will be unified behind hillary. >> does chris christie's endorsement surprise you? >> christie is an opportunist. he doesn't want to go back and govern his state. this will give him another six months to be out on the road. my sense is he wants to be vice president or attorney general or something in the admission. >> does it open the door for other establishment types to say, okay, if chris christie is doing this -- >> more so, i think, some of the governors may jump on board. i think the senators, i think mitch mcconnell and others are
12:36 pm
pretty anti-trump. i think most of them won't jump on board. a lot of them basically are very concerned about holding the senate. so my sense at this point in time, we'll say the and see, but if he ends up being the nominee, lots of people will jump on board. they may hold their nose but they'll do it. >> are you worried about a brokered convention at this point? >> i think a brokered convention is the only way to stop trump. >> what about the impact to the party? >> i think there's a danger to the party under any circumstances at this point in time. i lived through the reagan/ford battle. >> that was quite a battle. >> quite a battle. ford obviously lost, probably would have lost anyway. the party recovered. in this particular case, the direction that trump is going, the anti-immigration things he's said, are pretty outrageous and people won't accept that in the final analysis. >> what about donors looking to support a winner? will we start seeing a lot of
12:37 pm
money headed trump's way? >> i think realistically you're talking about a 2 or $3 billion campaign by the time you finish, he's going to need the party. the moment he says i want money, he'll get money, no question about it. >> the more you spend, the longer it takes to consolidate behind a nominee, you're losing time going after the democratic rival. >> that's true. and equally important, they won't waste any time going after him. if they see trump as the nominee, they'll go after him full scale, like they did with romney. they'll do everything they can to knock him out. >> this has been obviously for you, a veteran of campaigns, unlike any other. >> there's never been any like this. i've seen bits and pieces of it in the past but never full scale. political scientists will be writing about this one for a long time. >> indeed. thanks for joining us. we invite you to watch fox
12:38 pm
news sunday, tomorrow, ahead of another important day of campaigning. anchor chris wallace will sit down with frontrunner donald trump as well as texas senator ted cruz, on the fox news channel. check your local listings for the time and channels. growing concern over president obama's decision to close guantanamo bay and the possibility of transferring detainees to american soil. we've got more on the growing fallout, next. the biggest problem with the president's plan is it's just not much of a plan at all. it lacks crucial details required by law. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do.
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. . welcome back, everybody. more backlash today following president obama's decision to close gitmo. there are many concerns about what closing that facility will mean for national security, particularly when it comes to bringing some of those dangerous detainees to the united states. the gop react to go the president's decision in the weekly address today.
12:43 pm
>> the president seems to think a more timid america will keep us safe. we in the house could not disagree more. we think a confident america is what keeps the peace. a confident america is what will make us secure. >> okay. joining us now, republican senator jerry moran of kansas where fort leavenworth is located and were some of those detainees could end up. thanks for joining us for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> your state of kansas along with two others is where the pentagon happens to be evaluating whether to relocate some of the detainees there. what are you hoping to gain by taking this trip now? >> well, uma, i certainly am concerned about gitmo detainees coming to congress but i'm broadly concerned about them coming to the united states.
12:44 pm
if you're opposed to that occurring, you're often asked what is the alternative. i've consistently said gitmo where they're currently held is the alternative, they ought to stay there. as someone who has espoused that point of view, it's important for me to see what's going on at that facility, to talk to our military leaders, as well as those who serve at gitmo to protect our country, to get a sense of what's going on. i've confirmed what i believe is the case. i think it's important for me to see it with my own eyes and have conversations with our military leaders and get their perspective. >> many folks opposed to closing gitmo are arguing that detainees released so far, a number of them have returned to joining terror groups overseas. the obama administration insists that released detainees are being monitored in the countries that have agreed to host them. this week secretary of state john kerry offered a response that surprised a number of
12:45 pm
people when it was revealed that one terrorist was released to the sudanese and is now back helping al qaeda. let's listen in for a moment. >> now that he's out, i would hope we end the policy of issuing a terrorist to terrorist nations where he can get out. >> senator, he's not supposed to be doing that, and there are consequences to that, and there will be. apart from that, the fact is we've got people who have been held without charges for 13 years, 14 years in some cases. that's not american -- that's not how we operate. >> kerry's response with, he's not supposed to do that. how can the administration appear to be surprised when some of these detainees are being released back into countries that do support terrorism? what did they expect was going to happen? what's your reaction to that exchange that we just heard? >> uma, i'm a member of the appropriations committee including the subcommittee that
12:46 pm
secretary kerry testified in last week's hearings on the budget. we had this conversation about detainees as well as the defense promotions subcommittee in which we heard from military leaders about the role they played in developing the plan. i think just common sense tells us that the relief of those detainees, very dangerous individuals, people who are there for a reason, for what their past conduct has been, their attacks against the united states and our interests, common sense tells us that they're not going to change their behavior. and it seems to us, it certainly seems to me that the president is going out of his way to release these detainees, to reduce the population at gitmo, to reduce the opposition that exists in a bipartisan way. it seems to me the politics of trying to close the guantanamo bay facility is trumping the reality of the dangerous nature of the individuals that we hold there. and i would say that while we
12:47 pm
face so many challenges around the globe, from china and their role in the pacific, russia and their efforts in europe, and certainly isis in the middle east, this is the focus the administration should have, rather than how to get detainees out of the facilities in guantanamo bay, releasing them to countries that we say, we hope, are going to supervise their behavior. yet we know the places they're released to probably don't have that desire or that capability in many instances. so this is a wrong-headed plan, it's a wrong-headed goal. it seems to me it's an effort to simply comply with a campaign promise that was made by president obama nearly eight years ago. >> do you think the gop, republicans, will be able to stop gitmo from closing? >> well, even the attorney general of the united states indicates that the president does not have the legal authority. and i hope the answer is yes. the president will have to violent the law and the president will have to overcome
12:48 pm
the restrictions that have been placed into appropriations bills. the law says the president can't release those individuals or bring them to the united states, i should say, can't bring them to the united states, unless congress is in agreement, and there's no money to be spent to build a facility, to plan for a facility. and again, our -- seemingly our military leaders have lack of input into the plan the president proposed. and they should have more input as those military installations, defense is going to be involved. >> all right, senator, thank you so much, we really appreciate it. all the best on your trip and report back to us when you get back, please. >> i would be happy to. thank you. we've been talking to you about a vicious war of words erupting between donald trump and the former president of mexico, vicente fox continuing his brutal criticism of the presidential frontrunner calling him a false prophet, among other things. the feud shows no signs of being settled anytime soon. >> listen up.
12:49 pm
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. and we are back. well, think about this. adolf hitler, false prophet? just a few of the choice words former mexican president vicente fox has been using to describe donald trump. now that feud is growing. it comes after fox used very
12:53 pm
colorful language in a television interview assessing trump's promise to have mexico pay for a wall to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking in the u.s. will carr joins us from west coast bureau with more on the growing feud. will? >> reporter: hey, there, uma, vicente fox doubling down on his criticism of both trump and the wall. take a listen to what the former mexican president said on friday on both fox business and on cnn. >> i am not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. i am not. and he should know that. and i'm not going to apologize. mention back to the old days of carnage, war, and everything. i mean, he reminds me of hitler. >> reporter: so fox saying and comparing donald trump to hitler. now as you might predict, trump was unfazed. he continues to say that mexico
12:54 pm
will pay for the wall, which some estimate will cost between $5 billion and $25 billion. and anytime someone takes a shot at trump you know he's going to return a counterpunch. his response during the debate on thursday, he said that wall is going to get ten feet higher. here's what he said about fox earlier today in arctic national wildlife refuge. >> he was so angry. you know why he was angry? because they're used to getting their way. right? they're used to getting their way. how dare they do this. how dare they say that. and i won't build that you know what wall. we will not build that you know what wall. see? >> reporter: trump also taking to twitter, tweeting "fox horribly used the f word when discussing the word. he must apologize. if i did that, there would been uproar." trump has also pointed to his numbers that he had in the nevada caucus hispanic voter where is he got 45% of the hispanic vote. uma? >> will, thank you very much.
12:55 pm
earlier we asked you if it's too little too late for senator marco rubio to be taking shots at donald trump at this 11th hour stage of the campaign before super tuesday. joseph tweets, well, i think it is. trump has defined the race and his opponents and built an incredibly loyal block of active wroters. darrell, not too late to dump the trump. eight years ago country demanded the change, the option was obama. disaster. don't repeat history. bishop writes i pray to god it's not too late. and it's not too late for rubio to win. i'm tired of media geniuses c l calling game for trump in the third inning. thanks to all of you who have been weighing in. getting lots of responses to that question. just 24 hours to go until the 88th annual academy award and while not without controversy the event brings together some of hollywood's best and brightest. the best picture category features eight films this year, the revenant, mad max fury road,
12:56 pm
the big short room, and brooklyn. the revenant leads with 12 nominations including best actor for leonardo dicaprio's performance. some say he's going to take home the award. this is leo's sixth academy award nomination. he's never won so far. that will be a wrap for us. i hope that wherever you are this weekend you stay safe and make it a great day and a great weekend. stick around. we have more from america's news headquarters with kelly wright. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. look for savings on boost® in your sunday paper. hello. i'm kelly wright. thanks for joining us. >> i'm julie banderas. voting day in south carolina. as the spot for the democrat race to the white house turns to the palmetto state. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are looking ahead to super tuesday. >> and the republican candidates coming out swinging again today. donald trump, marco rubio, and ted cruz all trading jabs on the campaign trail. we are covering it all for you right now.
1:01 pm
>> the presidential candidates are kicking it into high gear as super tuesday approaches just three days from now. but first there's today's democratic primary in south carolina. polls in the palmetto state set to close in just three hours from now. hillary clinton is widely expected to beat bernie sanders, but her campaign wants more than just a win. the clinton camp wants a big win, huge, you could say, to propel her into next tuesday's contest. we have fox fox team coverage right now beginning with mike emmanuel in texas with bernie sanders. but bewe ginn with ed henry at the clinton campaign headquarters in columbia, south carolina. ed, good to see you. what's happening? >> reporter: there's been some voting going on at this precinct in columbia. it's trickling out now for the afternoon. it had been strong this morning. the clinton camp is certainly hoping she'll turn the coroner this campaign. remember after a double-digit blowout by bernie sanders in new
1:02 pm
hampshire the clinton campaign manager put out a memo saying everyone calm down, come south carolina and march the math would start turning in hillary clinton's favor largely because of southern states like south carolina here on super tuesday, alabama, arctic national wildlife refuge, strong african-american turnout. and her husband, bill clinton, has been out here on the stump with her and he said at a big rally last night that he believes his wife is a candidate of action and that is breaking through with voters. watch. >> i want you to vote for her not because she's the best qualified, though she is by light-years, not because she'd be the first woman president, which would be a good thing, but because this country has been paralyzed long enough. >> reporter: now weather the clinton camp is hoping is to keep the pressure on bernie sanders who had some of the early momentum. i spoke a short time ago with bernie sanders' campaign
1:03 pm
manager, jeff weaver. what he's hoping for is that they can just get out of super tuesday alive and start turning the race back after next week. watch. >> i think the geography gets better for us as we go along. after march 1st, two southern states left, we go to the industrial midwest. i think senator sanders' message about income inequality will resonate with people in the upper midwest. >> the idea being after super tuesday you'll have states like ohio and michigan where some of clinton's pro trade positions might backfire in the industrial midwest. but the bottom line is the clinton camp feels confident here in south carolina that they're going to have maybe a double-digit victory here tonight and then moving forward to super tuesday next week, that she may just clean up so many delegates that the math is simply going to put her in a commanding position, guys. >> yeah. certainly hoping for that and that would give her quite a bit of momentum for the duration of
1:04 pm
this entire campaign. ed henry, good to see you. thanks for the report. >> great to see you. >> well, sabernie sanders doesn have any events in south carolina today but he is in the super tuesday state of texas holding a rally right now in grand prairie. texas is the big prize next week. 222 democratic delegates on the table in the lone star state. senior political correspondent mike emanuel continues our live coverage from grand prairie. hey, mike. >> reporter: hi, julie. here in grand prairie just outside dallas a huge crowd has been waiting here for hours for bernie sanders, and they are very fired up and enthusiastic. earlier, sanders was just down the road in austin, texas, campaigning just down interstate 35. the venue there estimates more than 10,000 people showed up for bernie sanders. the senator looking ahead to super tuesday with texas, a huge prize, and austin being a blue city in a red state. sanders encouraged folks to get it done for him on tuesday.
1:05 pm
>> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your co-workers, we are going to win here in texas. >> reporter: getting louder here in grand prairie as we expect the senator is about 15 minutes or so out. he is also doing the job in terms of drawing a tougher contrast with his democrat rival, hillary clinton. >> many of my critics out there do not have a whole lot of faith in the american people. they are thinking in very, very small ways. >> reporter: sanders does not have time to worry about south carolina with a compressed calendar at this stage, texas and super tuesday are just on the horizon. again, we expect him here in just a few minutes. julie? >> all right. mike emanuel, thank you so much. kelly? the republican presidential
1:06 pm
candidates also look eight head to super tuesday. the candidates crisscrossing several states and stepping up their attacks ahead of tuesday's contest. listen. >> if you want someone to cut deals with democrats, you've got several choices in this race. marco rubio has done so and donald trump is promising to do so. then i ask you, stand with us on tuesday on super tuesday. >> it takes 1,237 delegates to be the nominee of the republican party. donald trump will never have 1,237 delegates. it will not happen. >> there's a lot of back and forthright there. senior national correspondent john roberts joins us live from the campaign trail in kgeorgia. a lot of fireworks among the republicans. >> hey, kelly. good afternoon to you. actually, it's built up way beyond or i'm back in atlanta now. kelly, for the most part, actually for almost the entire part, the realm of politics has been the sole purview of donald
1:07 pm
trump, but this week on the campaign trail, marco rubio has decided it is time to fight fire with fire, taking it to donald trump in ways that he never has before. at that rally a short time ago, in kennesaw telling the crowd donald trump has the worst spray tan, yes, the worst spray tan he's ever seen, and at every opportunity accusing trump of being a con man. listen. >> this is a guy who inherited millions of dollars from his father. had he put that money in an index stock market fund, he would have been one of the richest people in the world, would have had as much money as warren buffett. instead he took it on a bunch of risky deals. part of the fraud he perpetua perpetuates. they put donald trump on an allowance. that's part of what con artists do. >> he choked with chris and i watched it both times but the one time i'm right next to him and looked at the puddle on the ground and i said what is that? what is it? i wanted to know, what is that? but this time this wise guy, this light weight --
1:08 pm
>> that was donald trump remarking on corpus christi, who has just endorsed him, took marco rubio apart in many ways in that new hampshire debate. most of the attacks against donald trump have either fallen flat or increased his popularity, but there's one issue that both rubio and ted cruz are going after that really gets to the heart of where donald trump lives -- immigration and job creation. talking about the illegal immigrant problem he had working on his buildings three decades ago and the fact he has hired foreign workers at his marla go club. here's cruz. >> trump had an over $1 million court judgment against him for being part of a conspiracy to hire illegal aliens. right now today donald's hotel in florida brings in foreign workers because they largely refuse to hire americans. it was recently reported out of 300 american who is applied to work there he hired only 17 and right after the debate donald
1:09 pm
went on a news network and said, well, gosh, you just can't find americans to do those jobs. what utter nonsense. >> reporter: now, you know, that's biting donald trump because he's been spending all day explaining that and what's going on with the lawsuit against trump university. it's also interesting to point out that typically in an election year you'd never see a politician in the state of georgia but because the secretary of state here, brian kech, put together an s.e.c. primary including alabama, oklahoma, tennessee, arctic national wildlife refuge, the candidates have to pay attention to the south this year and that's why we see them here in the peach state. >> proving to be very important and instrumental what the gop would do. john roberts reporting from atlanta. thank you, john. all right. well, all the action kicks off this tuesday, march 1st. voters in 13 states heing to the polls that day in what is the largest round of voting in this presidential primary exciting process. and of course be sure to keep it here on the fox news channel. we'll have live continuing
1:10 pm
coverage for you as the results roll in, starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern on tuesday. well, the war of words between donald trump and the former president of mexico is getting down right ugly. >> i am not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. i am not. and he should know that. i'm not going to apologize. >> that's just one of the criticisms vicente fox is hurtling -- hurling, rather act the republican front-runner. details on the feud that's quickly escalating. >> if you're wondering why maria's mouth dropped it's because he cursed on live television. >> he did. bernie sanders looking to keep up with hillary clinton in today's south carolina primary. what outcome his primary needs heading into super tuesday. i'll discuss. >> i'm running for president of the united states because in my heart of hearts i simply do not believe that establishment politics and establishment economics is going to do what
1:11 pm
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welcome back, everyone. we are keeping a close eye on the campaign trail. as we speak, senator marco rubio speaking at the yellow hammer presidential forum at stanford
1:15 pm
university in birmingham, alabama. we'll monitor this event and keep you posted if any news breaks on the rubio campaign. i promise you i will work as hard as i know how, i will be by your side, i will be your partner as well as your president. and we will -- we will make progress together! >> that of course is presidential candidate hillary clinton earlier today during a campaign stop in alabama. she's back in the palmetto state with the polls still ohm for another few hours. when the polls opened bernie sanders was off to texas. according to polls, the former secretary of state will likely trounce sanders in south carolina and should that happen, could that affect voters' view of sanders heading into next week? tammy bruce is a radio talk show
1:16 pm
host and fox news contributor and basil smack l is director of the new york primary party and former aide to then senator hillary clinton. nice of you both to join us this afternoon. >> hi, guys. >> all things south carolina right now in terms of the democratic primary for what's happening there in the palmetto state. we just heard from hillary clinton. she has a lot of confidence going into today and we heard from ed henry who says the polls are basically kind of slow right now because it's a beautiful afternoon down there. but tell me if you will, do you see hillary winning this and trouncing bernie sanders in south carolina? tammy? >> i think that seems to be the case. i think even senator sanders realizes that. it also could be quiet at the polls in south carolina because there's no enthusiasm for the democrats. you know i had to say that. [ laughter ] and this is really also -- this is what i've seen with secretary clinton, and you will like hi disagree, but i think a lot of this current campaign is about
1:17 pm
almost rerunning 2008, that it's almost like she has to get certain states because of what happened last time. and yes, president obama trounced her in south carolina, but it seems like she's running in the past and she's then lost the connection with what has happened in the last seven or eight years, which has been horrible not just for americans in general but for african-americans specifically. and for senator sanders it was a terrific opportunity for him if he wasn't afraid of bringing up the democrat party's liability in this, the argument that hey, is your life better than it was eight years ago? and the answer is going to be no, that he actually represents something better and different. i disagree with that, but he could argue that. and that would absolutely decimate hillary clinton's argument, any benefit of carrying on the -- >> well, first of all, i do think there is enthusiasm for both candidates so i certainly dispute that. but i do think, a, it's right to run in the way she's running because number one she is telling voters, south carolina
1:18 pm
and across the country, this is who i am, this is what i've done. but i think that that specific question about how black lives have improved in the last eight years if at all is a lot more nuanced. and i think she can say we have a long way to go, which is what she said, i'll be your president and your partner, but it's also acknowledging there have been gains. graduation rates have gone up. crime overall has gone down even though we see spurts of gun violence here and there, but we're going to tackle that. >> both candidates went to black colleges and universities in south carolina and we should point out that the 5% 5% of the african-american vote comprises the south carolina democratic party. >> true. >> having said that, has hilly lost her traction? will she repeat what she went through when she was facing then senator barack obama, who trounced her? but the difference this time is that there's no bill clinton saying that's a fairy tale. this time she's taking her
1:19 pm
message directly to people and they seem to be resonating -- i was reading about the delta theta sorority, a huge organization coming out in full support. of course congressman jim clyburn. >> this might be also a chance for places like south carolina to have their fantasy do-over. you know, bill clinton, it was a horrible situation with his comments and how it was interpreted in 2008, kind of dismissing the impact of barack obama and the issues of being a fantasy. they're doing the same thing now to bernie sanders. but this might be for everyone realizing frankly of the disaster of the last eight years. maybe we can redo it and do what we should have done then. that's why they will lose because there are genuine issues that are different now, our lives are worse off and she has been a disast we are foreign policy issues. you notice none of those things are being dealt with and that's a mistake. >> it's interesting when i hear folks talk about both the disaster but also her dis ast rouse campaign. if you didn't like the hope and change obama was talking about,
1:20 pm
why isn't hillary clinton a -- why couldn't she make a good president? because she is clearly talking about substantive polyissues and ways to solve them in ways that perhaps bernie sanders and others may not have, but so there's a question of you didn't like hope and change, so now you don't like the pragmatism she's bringing along with the policy. >> okay, we're talking all things clinton. now let's talk all things bernie. how will bernie sanders go into these other states ahead of super tuesday to get voters to feel the bern and gain some traction or momentum against hillary clinton because he came out of new hampshire looking pretty good and south carolina it looks like he might be doing pretty bad? but say genaros that margin. will it give him that rubio effect of saying i came in third place and second place. >> it's much more of a trump dynamic. my column on monday on the "washington times" is going to be hopefully about the end of
1:21 pm
identity politics. if we can talk about jobs, the future, the economy, national security, trump has actually transseco transsended all of the subcategories and has won them all and doesn't pander to one section or another. this is what bernie sanders can do, win some of the black vote, the hispanic vote, talking about the future for even, and we might be -- >> interesting point because she talked about panhandler and that's something jim clyburn was saying for those of you who reach out to african-americans you're looked upon being either serving them or pandering to them. >> exactly. >> you kind of reach this block in other voters. >> first of all, identity politics has been gone particularly in the black community for decades now. black votes don't just vote for black people. >> 90%. >> even when obama announced in twechb it took a full year for african-americans to come around to him. i think identity politics has been waning for quite some time. but i think the difference between pandering and anything
1:22 pm
else sort of serious and sip sere concern for community is your track record. how long have you been there, how much work have you done. >> i want to show the map of what super tuesday will look like for the democrats and can we pull that up real quickly to show you the map. all those states, they will have to compete in those states. of course bernie sanders is hoping he can gain some traction in those states that are above the mason/dixon line. alabama, arctic national wildlife refuge, georgia, oklahoma, tennessee, texas, and virginia. some analysts claim that if bernie fails to narrow the gap in those states it could be the beginning of a coronation for hillary clinton, in other words, bernie sanders would get burned. >> it already is in a way because of the super delegates, right? he's already under the 8-ball. but, look, this panel, the issues that matter to women, to african-americans, matter to everyone. if he talks about the economy, that these issues transcend complexion, transcend gender, he could make a difference with those points and remain legitimate. but he's already in trouble
1:23 pm
because of the super delegate thing. it's already stacked against him. americans who are democrats can also vote against that if they want to, that this still is a coronation because clearly hillary doesn't represent a solution. i don't think bernie sanders does either. but this is the argument about are we going to start appealing to eesm other -- >> she always -- >> are we going to appeal to each other as americans first, separate from what are slivers of identity. >> basel, last word. >> i think if bernie does pick up traction, i would say that the super delegates are not boupd. they could go with him and leave her. i don't think that's going to happen. the math doesn't seem to be working in his favor. he's got to run the table on tuesday. >> i appreciate you both coming here and sharing your insights. >> exciting times. >> we're going to take it back over to julie now, who's following a lot going on with senator marco rubio. >> certainly he is in full momentum right now in alabama. senator marco rubio at the yellow hammer presidential forum in birmingham. we'll listen in for just a
1:24 pm
moment. let's listen. >> i do live paycheck to paycheck and i have a few house in student loan debt. i'm going to take the kefb movement to people who are lifg today the way you are and i am and we will convince people that conservativism is right for me, conservativism is right for them, and conservativism is what is right for the united states of america. we will turn this country around. when i'm president for the fist time in eight years you're going to have a president that follows the constitution. that's not too much to ask of the oval office. you want a president that defends the first amendment right to live your faith in
1:25 pm
every aspect of your life. you want a president that defends the second amendment by defending yourself and your family. you want a president that believe believes [ inaudible ]. if you want to change the constitution, it's not through the court system. there are two changes i can see in the constitution, just two. number one, i want to have a balanced budget amendment so we can't spend we don't have. two, i want term limits for congress and term limits for judges. maybe going after some of this crazy spending stuff as well. two, we'll reembrace free enterprise. that's why we're going to fix our tax code and i have a
1:26 pm
serious plan to do that. all of these things i'm about to say, see it on my website, marcorub we'll fix our tax code, fully utilize our energy deal with the national debt saving social security and medicare, and when i'm president, we will once and for all repeal and replace obamacare, which is destroying jobs and hurting our economy. and we're going to also, by the way, do the one thing the federal government is supposed to do, and that's keep you safe. the world is a dangerous place. north korea is governed by a lunatic who happens to have nuclear weapons. the chinese government, the chinese communist government, is building up their military and taking over the south china sea. they still our inventions and hack our computers. vladimir putin is sowing instability in the middle east and in europe. iran will get $100 million because of barack obama's deal
1:27 pm
with them. and radical islamic jihadists are spreading all over the world, isis has affiliates in over a dozen countries. and this president guts our military in the face of all this. we're soon going to have the smallest army since the end of world war ii. and the smallest navy in 100 years. and the smallest air force in our history. when i'm president of the united states, we are going to undertake a reagan-style rebuilding of the united states military. when i'm president, we're going to have a real war on terror. what we have now is a fake war. this is not a real war on terror. a real war on terror is your intelligence agencies find them and your military destroys them and if you capture them alive, they don't get the right to remain silent, they don't get a court hearing in manhattan, they don't come to a federal prison in alabama. they go to gaughan tan mow. >> and there you go, marco rubio hitting hard and here talking foreign policy, talking china, talking trade, talking about the war on terror, saying that this
1:28 pm
war on terror we're fighting isn't a real one, it's a fake one, and he will fight the real war on terror if elected into office. we'll continue our coverage as we watch these live events unfold just ahead of super tuesday. mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component... is an integral part of what makes the 2016 c-class one of our most sophisticated cars ever. because when you're setting a new benchmark for refinement, it is the small stuff... that makes the biggest impression. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. welcome back. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. voters heading to the polls in south carolina for today's democratic presidential primary. the polls closing at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> meanwhile, democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders looking ahead to super tuesday. clinton campaigning in alabama while sanders is in texas. >> the gop candidates are also looking ahead to super tuesday stepping up their attacks before the next big presidential contest. >> all across this country, people are waking up.
1:33 pm
there is a spirit of awakening that is sweeping this nation. so i want to ask everyone here to look forward, look forward to january 2017. >> senator ted cruz making his case to voters in atlanta yesterday. cruz maintains a narrow lead in his home state of texas, by the way, which is one of 13 states heading to the polls in the republican presidential race on super tuesday. there are 155 delegates up for grabs there. the biggest prize in this contest. so the stakes could not be higher. ken cuccinelli is a former attorney general of virginia and supporter of senator ted cruz. thanks for talking to us. >> good to be with you, julie. >> texas should be a slam dunk for cruz but in this election, i have seen it all. i mean, if two cuban-americans cannot win the hispanic vote in nevada and cruz didn't win the
1:34 pm
evangelical christian vote as expected in south carolina, how make or break will texas be for cruz if he loses in his own state? >> well, we have a high degree of confidence in texas. and he's the senator from texas. he's a fighting senator from texas. we're going to win texas on tuesday. and, you know, some polls show him ahead by as much as 15 or more points. others show it closer. that's why we vote. and we're very confident especially with the addition of greg abbott this week to the lieutenant governor and the extraordinary network of support that ted already has in texas because he's been a fighting senator for texas, because he did actually go to washington and take on the establishment. he's been throwing hand grenades into the establishment since he got there. i think we should promote him to president so he can nuke the establishment. >> you know, four u.s. presidents in the last 70 years or so have had ties to texas. both george bushs, dwight d. eisenhower, and lyndon johnson.
1:35 pm
but this campaign, all bets are off. as of went, the last time it was rallied and tallied, the clear politics poll average has senator ted cruz ahead of businessman donald trump by a little more than seven points. you were mentioning his lead. but how does cruz hold on to that momentum? >> well, for one, much of what he did thursday night to prosecute the case of why he is best prepared to prosecute hillary clinton in a debate. look, nobody thinks that rubio can stand up to hillary. christie took him apart. and both rubio and cruz took donald apart on thursday night. he looked like his head was rode to explode. only ted has really gone head to head with trump and beaten him in the south carolina debate and of course in iowa, and only he can take on hillary prosecute the case for her lack of openness and the distrust that even democrats have for her, for her ties to the establishment, as he's been fighting the establishment. it's a strong case to make, especially in a lot of the
1:36 pm
states that are coming up on tuesday. none more important than texas. >> now, of the 11 states holding primaries or caucusing this tuesday, texas holds the biggest prize, obviously, for the gop. >> by far. >> they have 155 delegates. that is huge. >> it is. >> so far senator cruz hasn't won a state contest against trump since the first one in iowa, the caucuses there. what's a senator doing over the next cup dales to ensure a victory? >> well, you saw -- you played a clip of him in georgia. speaking i would note very aspirationally. you all introduced that as the attacks going on but that is not what ted cruz was doing. he was talking about his vision for america and how he wants to make the life of every american better. he believes washington is the problem, not the solution, and wants to shove power back to the people and the states. and he is active that way as a u.s. senator. so he's the only candidate who has a track record that matches the vision he's sharing with america as he bound through many of these states between now and
1:37 pm
tuesday. >> again, all goes in this election cycle. cruz entered the 2016 fray with clear advantages. he easily won his senate seat four years ago. he remains a favorite of texas party insiders, governor greg abbott and others as you mentioned. if he doesn't win at home, should he stay in the race or stem aside and give his support to rubio? >> first of all, for people not from texas they might think what you just said is correct. he did not have an easy win in texas. he starmted at 2% in a poll with a 3% margin of error against the establishment candidate in texas and fought his way all the way back to a runoff victory. that was not an easy win, that was a hard win. >> remains a favorite among texas insiders. >> clearly and texas voters. >> i'm talking about today. so, you know, some are wondering if he does, in fact, win the iowa caucuses and texas, does that necessarily propel him to
1:38 pm
win down the road or is texas just a given and then it goes back to the same old, same old after texas? >> well, home states are not a given. marco rubio is getting destroyed in every poll in his home state right now. so just because it's your home state it's not a given. they have to be happy with the job you've done. ted cruz has done in washington what he told texans he would do, that's fight the establishment, try to rip obamacare out by the roots and defeat am necessar am he has done and only he has done among the three candidates leading in this race. >> a lot of political insiders would say if the gop does actually want to beat trump, that you don't want to see other gop insiders, establishment candidates like marco rubio i guess might mops each other in order to beat the top. in other words, ted cruz and marco rubio. do you think we might be seeing some sort of unity between these two? we saw in the last debate the two of them sort of ganging up on trump together instead of ganging up on each other, marco rubio even thinking that he made
1:39 pm
donald trump almost pee his pants. the two of them certainly rallied together on this particular debate a little different thap debates in the past. what kind of strategy is behind that? >> well, certainly in the debate, marco and donald were exchanging what i would call very personal attacks on one another. and donald and cruz were exchanging attacks on issues, whether it was health care, on libya, where donald was wrong and wrong meaning untruthful on the debate stage, and you could see him just getting madder and madder. his head was ready to explode. that worked out very poorly for donald trump and worked out frankly very well for ted cruz. >> specifically, now that ted cruz is calling out donald trump for hiring those -- >> oh, yeah. >> -- from countries that are doing the jobs of -- >> that americans could do. >> -- that americans do not want to do, contradicting the illegal immigration thing and taking our jobs. >> that kind of hypocrisy is a
1:40 pm
problem for donald trump and it goes with his lack of openness. >> ken chuch nelly, thank you very much. >> good to be with you. >> the top three nationally leading polling will sit down with us. check your local listings. this is a "fox news alert." bernie sanders is speaking right now at a rally in grand prairie, texas. let's listen in. >> huge! >> huge! >> that is the power of "saturday night live." what can you do. it looks like dallas is ready for a political revolution. [ cheers ] and let me tell you, so are a
1:41 pm
lot of people all across our great country. we began this campaign ten months ago. we were about 3% in the polls. we had no money. we had no political organization. and actually outside of vermont, nobody knew who we were. other than that, we were in pretty good shape. [ laughter ] and we were running against a candidate who's one of the best known people in america, somebody who had run in 2008, and somebody -- [ boos ] -- and somebody who has a very powerful political organization and the support of the entire political establishment in the democratic party. [ boos ] but it turns out that it is one thing to have the support of the
1:42 pm
establishment, the another thing to have the support of the people. [ cheers ] and a funny thing happened. over the last ten months. and that is we started off in iowa, where we were 50 points behind when we began. we ended up in a virtual tie. we started off in new hampshire -- we were 30 point behind and we won. we started off in nevada way, way down, ended up losing by five points. we'll see what happens in south carolina. and then we're here on tuesday. >> bernie sanders speaking from grand prairie, texas, as he prepares for super tuesday. bernie sanders giving his usual
1:43 pm
stump speech about getting rid of establishment politics and going on to win the establishment of the people. we will be right back with more on america's news headquarters. if they could ever catch you. 80% but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
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welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. the propoed cessation of hostilities in syria is in effect. the temp rare ceasefire brokered by the united states and russia earlier this week bringing relative quiet to parts of syria for the first time in years. southeast asia, foreign ministers are voicing concerns over recent actions by china in the south china sea. they're seeking a meeting with beijing over its recent building projects on disputed islands and reefs. memorial services held today for one of the victims of last weekend's deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. 62-year-old mary lou nye laid to rest in battle creek. she was killed with five others when police say jason dalton randomly opened fire at three locations.
1:48 pm
julie? at least six people across the state of colorado have contracted mumps. health officials are considering it an outbreak, in fact, because the disease has become so rare. what's particularly surprising about this mumps outbreak is many of the people were actually vaccinated against it. let's bring in dr. nina radclif radcliffe, a practicing anesthesiologist. why are people coming down with the mumps even though they've been vaccinated? >> it's a combination of some children not getting their children vaccinated and the fact even if you have been vaccinated, it can wane over time in particular for mumps. >> who is most at risk? >> we see anyone who has not been vaccinated is at risk and there are a number of people, when you start going off to college or send your kids to college, they'll come in contact with people with different immunizations. if you're going to a camp or work at a health care facility or child care facility, they're at increased risk. >> even if you have been vaccinated apparently your susceptibility to developing mumps increases with age. is that right? >> absolutely. there are a number of things we
1:49 pm
need to talk about. between 1970 and 1992, we were only giving one shot of mmr, the measles, mump, rubella for the vaccination. after that they were recommending for two. with that you have an 88% coverage. now if you haven't gotten that, you may need to see your doctor and get your levels tested so you can see. >> you can get tested, take a blood test, as simple as that to find out if you're immune or not and need a vaccination or not. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much, dr. nina radcliffe. we'll be right back.
1:50 pm
hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping.
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now for a look beyond the headlines, here is author and journalist liz trotta's weekly comment tear. >> in these final days of barak obama's presidency, we're getting a long, overdue look at the essence of the man, spiteful that fillets the void where character should reside. we've seen it so many times. in his obsession to reach a nuclear agreement with iran which is still arresting american citizens. in the rows garden when he honored the hippy parents of sergeant beau bergdahl, the deserter. in his condescending treatment of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the president's latest petty argument flaired up again last
1:54 pm
week when he announced he'll one more plan to close the prison at the guantanamo bay naval station, a keynote of his 2008 presidential campaign. mr. obama would scatter the 91 men left at the cuban prison, at least a third of them to u.s. soil, keeping it open, he insists, would act as a recruitment lure for isis, the so-called islamic state, and what's more, he says, it's, quote, contrary to our values. to but the tress his actor, the president dragged the pandering support of his disgraced general, david petraeus. by all accounts, it's clear that isis doesn't need guantanamo bay to expand its army of muslim fanatics. and it's also clear that mr. obama doesn't appreciate american values. he just wants it in his deep
1:55 pm
leftist soul aches to accommodate enemy. as with so many of his directives, the american don't agree. a poll reveals 56% of the country wants gitmo to stay open and vigorously opposes any transfer of muslim murderers to the home land. what of the prisoner, khalid sheikh mohammed, an architect of 9-11 who should have been executed long ago? instead he holds off justice with a bev-e of liberal lawyers. moreover, what of the roars in the middle east we can not close or win? while incrementally sending more troops to the fight, the president is signaling we'll simply take no more prisoners, a primary source for intelligence. he would rather drone them out of existence. next month mr. obama visits cuba for another of his epic media mash-ups. undoubtedly the future of the gitmo prison will figure in his
1:56 pm
conversation with cuban officials. we can only imagine what dark promises he'll make. stand by for another pathetic chapter in the president's long good-bye. basically the campaign to close gitmo is just one more act of spite no matter what the country believes. if it's any clue, the number of web sites offering countdown calendars to the ends of the president's term increases every day. and that is going to do it for us. >> it will. i hope you feel better. >> thank you. >> because you have to come back here again. >> no, actually tonight bret bret will be on. check out --
1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
we start with a fox news alert from south carolina where we're down to the final two hours of voting in that state. it's the democrats first in the south primary. hillary clinton as we have been reported, heavily favored in today's contest. looking ahead to super tuesday on a high note. hello, everyone. i'm eric shaun, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's headquarters on this saturday. >> i'm arthel neville. bernie sanders not sticking around south carolina for the results. he's already in texas holding a rally near dallas ahead of this tuesday, super tuesday. the lone star state is the biggest prize up for grabs with 222 democratic delegates. 13 states and one


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