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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 27, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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we start with a fox news alert from south carolina where we're down to the final two hours of voting in that state. it's the democrats first in the south primary. hillary clinton as we have been reported, heavily favored in today's contest. looking ahead to super tuesday on a high note. hello, everyone. i'm eric shaun, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's headquarters on this saturday. >> i'm arthel neville. bernie sanders not sticking around south carolina for the results. he's already in texas holding a rally near dallas ahead of this tuesday, super tuesday. the lone star state is the biggest prize up for grabs with 222 democratic delegates. 13 states and one territory are
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holding primaries or caucuses on tuesday. republican candidates gearing up for it with events scattered around the south. >> we have team fox coverage for you. john roberts is in georgia with the latest on the republican race. first let's go to ed henry who has been traveling with the clinton campaign. he's with the clinton camp right now in columbia, south carolina. mrs. clinton had a big lead leading into today's contest. it seems that will hold? >> reporter: it really does, eric. if you look at the latest fox news polling, there was a 42 point edge among african-american voters for hillary clinton over bernie sanders and that is widely expected to be the key ingredient tonight to a clinton victory. even the sanders camp in private is acknowledging they're highly unlikely to win tonight. they're focusing their energy on super tuesday, as you say. clinton started campaigning today in some of those super tuesday states. she was in alabama a little while ago after spending several days here in south carolina
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making sure she didn't sit on this big lead. in alabama, she was talking like somebody who thinks she's on the path to the presidency. listen. >> if you will work as hard as you can to turn out as many voters as possible between now and the time the polls close on tuesday, i promise you i will work as hard as i know how. i will be by your side. i will be your partner as well as your president. >> reporter: if you think back to the night of the new hampshire primary when clinton was blown out by double digits, her campaign manager put out a memo t look, everybody calm down. the key is going to be march. and that's where we are obviously on the precipice of now. his point then was that we're going to have a whole bunch of delegates, almost 900 of them on super tuesday. they're going to be decided. so the clinton camp thinks yes, they had a shaky start, but they think they're warming up newest in time when the delegates are really going to be handed out
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here. >> the senator sanders, he got out of dodge. what is he doing the rest of the day today? what's his strategy as he goes to the midwest? >> reporter: his strategy is all about minnesota tonight, for example, super tuesday state. they're hoping to steal a victory there. maybe colorado, maybe oklahoma. he's been getting a lot of the college students, which has been a key part of his base turning out for big rallies in those states. if he can win a couple of those on super tuesday. then i spoke to his campaign manager who said right after super tuesday, this map shifts very quickly to the midwest where they think sanders is strong. watch. >> i think the geography gets better for us as we go along. as i said, after march 1, there is only two southern states left. you go to the industrial midwest. i think senator sanders message about disastrous trade policies that he supported will resonate with people in the upper midwest. >> reporter: he's talking about
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ohio and michigan. later this month, 150 delegates apiece. the key for sanders is he just has to sang in there on super tuesday. doesn't have to win every state because remember, democrats award their delegates proportionately. they're not winner take all. for example, tonight even in a loss for sanders in south carolina, they're expecting to take home some delegates. the key is that will allow him to hang around for a while. but he's got to start winning some of these big states in order to get ahead of clinton. he can hang around, but to win this nomination, he'll have to start picking up some of these states. >> that's a great point that he still collects some of the chips, keep them in his back pocket and keep on going. ed, always good to see you. polls close in a couple of hours. arthel? on the republican side, a flurry of campaign activity heading into super tuesday with the candidates focusing on the southeast. taking a look now you can see senator marco rubio campaigning in alabama. dr. ben carson is holding an event in houston right now. we'll get pictures for you
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later. senior national correspondent john roberts is reporting live from atlanta. john, what's the latest in the republican campaign trail? >> reporter: good afternoon to you. it's pretty hot and hitting pretty hard here on the republican side. why not? 595 delegates available in 11 states on tuesday. 76 here in the state of georgia. in total it's almost 25% of the entire republican delegates. so the candidates are taking no chances as they tour the south trying to make the other ones look bad. and the latest person who has gotten into that fray is marco rubio. it used to be at that donald trump was the master of the political wedgy. now marco rubio getting into it. what we saw in the debate was just the beginning. in an event north of atlanta a little earlier today, rubio was hitting trump just about every way he could, including some personal insults. trump was firing back in kind. i asked rubio about that.
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>> he has terrible spray tan. it's not even spray tan. it's the worst i've ever seen. he needs to sue whoever did that to his face. >> this lightweight ruby, total lightweight. and little mouth on him, bing, bing, bing, bing. and his new attack is he calls may con artist. i'm a con man. right? you know, i built a great business and believe me, i wish my father loaned me 200 million or gave me 200 million. i wish he had 200 million in thos days. i'll tell you what. i wish my father gave me that money. i borrowed a tiny amount of money, a million dollars. i started a business. it's worth much more than $10 billion right now. >> reporter: a million dollars? a lot of people might not agree with him. this is all a lot of fun, arthel, to watch them sling mud back and forth. certainly loft marco rubio supporters are saying it's about time he did that to donald trump. party elders are looking at this saying, you know what?
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we don't need a mud fight. we need a clear and concise debate over policy, highlighting the differences between the candidates and this personal stuff is just really going to make us look bad when it comes to the general election. >> we're going to talk about that particular point, john, with our panel, political panel that's coming up later. i just heard rubio talk about trump's tanning bed activities or something or another. it seems like they're coming up with new lines of attack. was that the newest on trump or is there something more? >> reporter: i mean, that's the personal stuff. but there is a couple of issues out there floating around that may get some traction because they hit trump right where he lives, on immigration and job creation and finance. there was the problem that he had with illegal workers in new york some three decades that were learned about at that debate. the fact he's hiring a lot of foreign workers, and then what mitt romney brought up earlier in the week about, well, maybe donald trump has got some problems with his tax returns and that's why he doesn't want to release them.
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that is a theme that ted cruz picked up on today. listen. >> this is a man who prides himself on not getting scared of anything. why is he scared of handing over his tax returns? you know, mitt romney said he thought there was a bombshell. maybe, maybe it is. but donald is not as rich as he says he is. >> reporter: so maybe donald trump doesn't have as much money as he says he does. maybe he's not as rich as he says he is. for donald trump, arthel, there is a good chance that themes fighting words because remember what he told us, i'm worth much more than anybody thinks. i built a great company. the more he has to talk about this stuff, the more it takes him off message. i know enjoys the back and forth, but you got to stay on message if you want to become the nominee. right now for a lot of it he's off message. arthel. >> we'll keep watching. thank you very much for that report in atlanta. >> thank you. not just marco rubio, but that other war of words
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escalating between donald trump and former mexican president fox. fox continues to slam the republican frontrunner for his immigration proposals. and mr. trump's vowed to build that wall along the mexican border. mr. trump insists mexico will pay for it because of the former president's insults, trump said it will be ten feet taller. here is some of the former president fox's comments when he was interviewed by fox business' maria bartiromo and the republican candidate's response earlier today. >> i am not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. i am not. he should know that. i am not going to apologize. >> by the way, i don't use that word. the words i use are peanuts compared to that word. i wouldn't be able to get off the airplane. >> joining us with reaction is the trump campaign spokesperson. how will he get mexico to pay for that wall if they refuse? >> hi, eric. great to sigh. it's interesting that no one
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really talks about the fact that this wall has already been appropriated for by congress. but more importantly, of course we can get mexico to pay for the wall. the federal government has strings to every single penny it gives to the states. it's time that we do that to the countries that are receiving our money. particularly with mexico when we are hit very hard at the border, whether it's illegals coming in and overwhelming the social system and some of our states, or even the drugs coming across hurting our communities. we give mexico hundreds of millions of dollars and it's time that we attack those strings. >> you would deduct the cost of the wall, whatever it is, from those appropriations? >> well, there is several ways we can do it. again, because the wall is already appropriated for and you could deduct some of that money from the federal aid that we give. that's with mr. trump is saying. we are going to get mexico to pay for the wall when he gets to washington, d.c they're going to work out that deal. >> if he gets to washington, d.c., obviously, 'cause man, the war of words, look what marco rubio is doing, calling your
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boss a fraud. let's take a listen to some of the latest escalating words from marco rubio on donald trump. >> what will the conservative movement be like if the frontrunner in this race right now, donald trump, is put in charge of the conservative movement? so last night we had a chance to talk about that. [ cheering ] it's time to pull his mask off so that people can see what we are dealing with here. [ cheering ] what we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist. he is a con artist. >> he calls your boss a fraud, a con artist and says that the party of reagan and lincoln will never nominate donald trump. what's your reaction? n this is coming from the guy that got people in the state of florida to believe that he was going to go to work and fight for them. he got them to believe that he was going to fight against amnesty and guess who the con artist turned out to be.
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none other than marco amnesty rubio. you know, it is interesting that senator rubio is out there, i guess trying to beat donald trump at being donald trump and it's coming off as a cheap night at the improv. >> he's also talking about trump university. that's big issue now over this weekend. the attorney general of new york who is a democrat, eric schneiderman, said that is a scam. a classic bait and switch. there is some lawsuits, including class action suits against that. your boss at a rally blame add sleazebag law firm, in his words. what's that about? 'cause you have former students who say they got ripped off? >> i think any time isn't happy with what they have, they're going to complain. here are the facts. 95% of the students at trump you rated that as excellent. number two, there are a couple of people that didn't get the results that they wanted. so now we essentially have marco rubio pushing for social justice? you can learn everything that you want, eric, but if you don't implement appropriately, you're not going to have the same results. that's essentially what we have
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here. the people that didn't have the same results are now suing. >> it's those dissatisfied students' fault? >> that's exactly what they're suing for. because they didn't get the same result. if we look at the details, which are out there, by the way, mr. trump has won major parts of this lawsuit because some of those students were on video saying that it was an excellent program and that they loved it. this is just another attempt to throw something out there against mr. trump that has nothing. what it is doing is showing how republicans are willing to even attack capitalism to try and force their way into the nomination. >> the lawsuits aren't going away. what if we have to have a deposition on trial in los angeles? could this be a presidential campaign with donald trump in the middle of a campaign taking the witness stand? >> no, not at all. this is something that mr. trump has been talking about on the trail and even today in arkansas he had the same discussion which could be settled at any time. at the end of the day, mr. trump is not going to be bullied. anyone that has money or has a business knows what kinds of frivolous lawsuits can be thrown
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at them. mr. trump isn't going to take it laying down. >> finally, super tuesday coming up. the tone of this campaign, some people saying it's so juvenile. the bricks going back and forth. you think this will continue or will it stop? >> i think it really depends. mr. trump has always said that if you attack him, he'll attack back. he has spent most of his time talking about making america great again, whether it's with regard to foreign policy, whether it's regard to immigration. even business and the economy, which by the way, every poll shows him winning handedly on all of the issues that are important to america and that's why you see people at the polls working and supporting donald trump. >> 72 hours or so until super tuesday. that's a big one. we'll see how it goes. thank you for joining us and addressing some of those issues today. >> great to be here. >> we will get reaction from the campaign and marco rubio in just a few minutes. we'll be talking with jason roe, the senior campaign advisor to the senator. arthel? >> make sure you stay with fox
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news channel as results come in from south carolina democratic primary. america's election headquarters with bret baier live starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. and be sure to join fox news for extensive coverage on super tuesday. more of hillary clinton's e-mails are now out in the open. 1500 of them to be exact. they were released yesterday. now we're told the state department is going to put out some more just in time for super tuesday. so some are wondering how that could affect her campaign. we'll take a look and maybe in south carolina, with lower than expected voter turnout today, that's what we're being told in some of the democratic caucuses. we will talk to our political panel about what's going on with the ballot box. one of the most important tuesdays in politics is just three days away. what we can expect on super tuesday when about a quarter of the country heads to the polls. first ted cruz on the importance of the day.
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>> this race here in georgia is gonna be decided by the men and women gathered here. i want to ask everyone one of you -- every one of you to vote for me ten times. now look, i'm not suggesting voter fraud. we're not democrats.
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now to the hillary clinton e-mails. the state department releasing a big batch of e-mails from her private server, including 88 that we are told a classified as confidential. just before today's primary in south carolina, those were released last night. but they are now also -- they will release more e-mails this coming monday. that's just before super tuesday. what does all this mean for the campaign? kristen fisher is live in washington, has more. first of all, is mrs. clinton addressed this issue and these new e-mails on the campaign trail? >> not today. on tuesday she said that she has zero concerns about how these e-mails with the ongoing f.b.i. investigation will affect her candidacy. there are growing concerns about the impact the e-mails might have on several of her top aides. she tells one of them, sullivane technology right now and forgot to copy you, to which sullivan
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replied, secure technology. that was one of the 88 documents that contained confidential information. that's the lowest level of classification. there were no secret or top secret documents like there had been in previous releases. but there could be some. there could very well be some in monday's release. >> she has denied any wrongdoing throughout this whole thing, going back to the u.n. press conference she had in front of the security council, what we call the security council stakeout area, talked about the e-mails then. how many more do you think we'll get on monday? >> the state department has now released 93% of her work-related e-mails that were on that private server. the final 7% are scheduled to be released on monday and those e-mails could very well contain some of the most complex and sensitive information. that's because according to our katherine marriage, these e-mails contain information from multiple intelligence agencies and each one had to weigh in on what's classified and what's not. in fact, yesterday the state department spokesman said they'll be working through the
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weekend reviewing e-mails to meet this monday deadline. >> aware that there are, in fact, still conversations taking place between the various parts of the interagency talking about some of the e-mail. those are ongoing. but we hope to resolve them by monday. >> keep in mind, the state department blew past a similar deadline last month. so it remains to be seen if it sticks to this deadline, which is just one day, hours even, before super tuesday. >> see what's in those e-mails on night. arthel? the stakes are high for super tuesday with more states and more delegates on the line than any other single day in the nomination contest. let's take a look at the map. the biggest single prize? texas. they do everything big in texas. 155 republican delegates are up for grabs and 222 democratic
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delegates up for grabs. it's also -- this man will tell us -- the home of ted cruz. bryan llenas is here in studio. i want to start with the race for ted cruz and how is it shaping up there in his home state? >> reporter: texas is the biggest prize in super tuesday, as you said. 155 delegates will be difficultied up proportionately among the republican candidates based on voter totals. according to the latest poll, cruz leads donald trump by 15 points. 38 to 23. rubio a close third with 21%. now, important to know, this poll was done before the latest firey debate. other polls show cruz's lead is narrower. for him, the lone star state is critical. it could be his only win of the 11 contests where delegates are at stake on super tuesday. the home field advantage has led to a strong ground game which seems to be working if you will the polls. the question is, though, will cruz win by a large enough majority to get a big portion of
2:24 pm
those delegates? he may need them. trump could win every other state on super tuesday, giving him a majority of those remaining 440 delegates. cruz telling sean hannity he believes it will be the most important day of the election, with him and trump emerging as the favorites. >> i think there is a very significant possibility we'll come out of that with donald having won some delegates, with me having won a bunch of delegates, and with everyone else with very, very few delegates. >> home states are not a given. rubio is losing in the polls in his home state of florida by 20 points to trump. as for the issues that matter much for texans, particular emphasis is on illegal immigration and energy. the border state is behind only california with the second highest population of undocumented immigrants and plummeting oil prices have hurt the state's oil and gas industries. >> that's for sure. let's talk about the democratic side of the race. of course, that race is going to put the emphasis on the hispanic
2:25 pm
vote in texas, right? >> that's right. for the democrats, texas represents a staggering 222 delegates, which will also be difficultied up proportionately. the latest poll has hillary clinton up big time. 64% to 30%. much like in south carolina where clinton is riding the support of the african-american community. her support is expected to be fueled by the latino vote. the state is 40% hispanic. there are 4.8 million hispanic eligible voters in texas. that's the second largest hispanic voter population only hyped california. clinton could especially prevail in the southern border region, el paso, san antonio, and other areas. according to the pew research center, hillary clinton would have lost both california and texas versus barak obama if it were not for the strong support she received from the hispanic community back in 2008. she won hispanic voters two to one over obama that year. where a third of the turnout then was hispanic.
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so we'll be looking at the hispanic vote. >> great pieces you do for that. bryan llenas, good to see you. eric? >> thanks. marco rubio he's been going after donald trump, calling haim con man, a fraud, a huckster with a bad spray tan who will not, he says, get the nomination. but is all that a little too late to derail the frontrunner's momentum? >> last night he actually was pretty calm after i punched him around a little bit. i think he's -- he's learning how to spell, somebody said here. but he's flying around on hair force one and tweeting
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at the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. voters in south carolina casting their ballots in the democratic primary. hillary clinton hoping for a big
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win in that state's first in the south contest. polls close just under 90 minutes from now at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. mrs. clinton accidentally crashed a bachelor party. take a look at that. while she's been campaigning in south carolina. the democratic presidential candidate dropped into a cafe and bar right in the middle of the party. she joked that she loves, quote, having men at my feet. plus, there is this. >> chris christie and the next president of the united states, mr. donald j. trump! >> man oh, man, talk about -- one day after announcing his endorsement of donald trump, chris christie joined the republican frontrunner at a rally in arkansas. that surprise endorsement, the first for mr. trump from a sitting governor. it was then followed by maine's governor, paula paige. marco rubio making headlines this week after launching a more aggressive stance against donald
2:32 pm
trump. the florida senator hit hard at thursday's night debate attacking trump on everything from his past positions to his business record and sparking what has now become a back and forth volley of insults. >> he put out a picture of me having make-up put on me at the debate. which is amazing to me that a guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for putting on make-up. donald trump likes to sue people, he should sue whoever did that to his face. >> let's bring in jason roe, senior advisor to senator marco rubio's campaign. can i call you jason or mr. row? >> sure. jason is fine. >> we're going to get to those back and forth volleys, if you will, in a second. i want to talk about this. as we know your candidate has picked up momentum, but he still has yet to win a caucus or primary. so what does he do? how is he going to break away
2:33 pm
from ted cruz and catch up to donald trump, if not beat him? what's your strategy going into super tuesday? >> our strategy is to start winning. there is 54 states and territories. 52 of those will be casting delegates for the convention. so far only four have. so we've got 48 to go. so there is a long way before this thing is settled by any measure. if you look over the first four, ted cruz was fortunate to win the first one and he's come in third place three times after that. meanwhile in the last two, marco has come in second place and this has shaped up into a two person race. marco is the first person to take on donald trump and i think everyone realizes that this is shaping up into a race between marco and donald trump. >> let me point out to you that in south carolina, rubio had 22.5 percent advantage of the vote to cruz's 23.5, that's very close. in nevada rubio came in second at 23.8% or 9%. and cruz is not far behind at
2:34 pm
21.4%. donald trump is way out front. now, let's talk about those exchanges that we pointed out in the beginning of this segment here. you saw rubio going back and forth with trump. he's getting more aggressive. is donald trump forcing your campaign to take on a different tone than you were expecting to? >> well, i think donald trump is forcing the conservative movement to stop being complacent about him hijacking the republican party -- >> hang on. jason. i let you go on the first question. you're giving me these generic answers and not specific. so please give me specifics. i'm asking you, sir, are you able to stay on message? how does marco rubio, your candidate, how does he control his message and satisfy his supporters and tell them what they want to hear? >> well, he's been doing that the entire campaign. but the reality is that donald trump for nine months has gotten away with bullying everyone,
2:35 pm
whether journalists, anyone who has criticism for him. marco is the first person to stand up to him and call him out on it. we're doing a great job of controlling our message because for the last three days what everyone has been focused on is for the first time in any meaningful way, examining the history of donald trump. >> that's not true really. i know -- >> no, it is true. every night when we watch this, you guys focus on a horse race and you ignore the deficiencies in the candidacy of donald trump. this guy is being sued by three lawsuits, two of them class action. and the new york attorney general calls him a classic bait and switch scammer in the situation. that deserves i think a vetting from the media in a meaningful way. doing one story at one point in the process and ignoring it is not meaningful. we're about to pick one of the two candidates that are going to stand for president of the united states and every one of them should be vetted all the way through. >> i do agree that the media, we could focus more on the issues and less on the antics as they
2:36 pm
continue. but let me wrap it with this, let's take a look at the real clear politics average in florida. you've got trump in the lead with 40.3%. rubio with 20.8%. he's trailing trump by 19 1/2 points. i have to ask you, you've got 99 republican delegates up for grabs come march 15. florida primary, what happens if rubio loses to trump in his own home state? >> well, i love that everybody is thinking about a primary that's 2 1/2 weeks away. we've got a dozen or more, probably close to 20 before we even get to that point. so there is a lot of shoes yet to drop. i believe that two to three candidates will be out of the race before we even get to florida, which will consolidate. but i think we're going to be doing a lot better before florida is in question before that. we've got a lot of momentum. we are going to win some states here in the next week and i think that we are going to see an absolute two-person race by the end of next week and everyone will recognize that donald trump cannot con his way into getting the republican
2:37 pm
nomination. >> are you feeling strong in particular states come tuesday? >> all of them, i think it's too early to tell from the results of the thursday night debate. really what's been going on in the last two days, i think we're just at a point wnere we can start measuring our internal polls. it's hard to look at any of the public polls this early into -- after thursday night's debate and find anything meaningful. i can tell from you our crowds, i think we have something like 7,000 at a rally in georgia today. trump is boring his crowds to sleep. cruz is seeing his crowd tailing off. from what we're feeling on the ground, we feel great about where things are right now. >> good luck to you. trump is now boring his audience, whether you like his message's approach or not. they're loving it. we have to go. jason roe, we'll see you again. good luck, sir. >> thank you. >> make sure you stay right there on fox news channel. the results come in from south carolina's democratic primary polls. they're closing in under 90 minutes from now. america's election headquarters, bret baier will be here live in
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washington starting at 7:00 p.m. when the polls close. get ready for super tuesday. 12 states will be at the polls. our coverage will begin with bret and meghan 6:00 p.m., then i will continue with heather chilledders through the overnight working at 4 in the morning. i'm bringing my coffee, hershey bars, and be reved up on election night. >> i may stop by and bring you doughnuts. how about that? >> we'll take them, too. you need that sugar and caffeine every election night. >> absolutely. brand-new entrance polling coming out from south carolina. we're going to bring you the very latest coming up next. plus after record-breaking turnout last week for republicans in south carolina, the democrats head to the polls. can they match the gop numbers? how might that affect the candidates come november? >> when you run for president, it's not just americans who pay attention. and when you are president, the
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♪ this is a fox news alert. we have some south carolina entrance poll info for you from our fox news team. hillary clinton is doing very well with african-american voters. bernie sanders is doing well with young voters, white voters and independent voters. hillary clinton is doing well with most issue-specific categories except in honesty and trustworthy. again, that's early information from the south carolina entrance poll info from our campaign team here at fox news. keep it right here. we're going to have more results throughout the evening and don't forget bret baier will be coming up with a big show at 7:00 p.m. eastern. stick around for that for sure. turns out that the democratic primary today in south carolina, well the turnout among the democrats is expected to be far less than the turnout for the republican primary.
2:44 pm
a week ago, look at that, more than 730,000 people were part of the gop primary. that's a 71% jump when you compare that to the turnout in 2008. this comes between all those personal attacks that are just slamming donald trump and marco rubio. those are getting harsher, more personal, and some say just downright silly. all this have a lasting effect on the general election? jessica is a democratic pollster and strategist and senior political strategist, chairman of the american civil union, a former white house political director under president george w. bush. welcome to both of you. >> nice to be here. >> jessica, the turnouts, is it a body omen that the democratic turnout seems to be far less today than the republicans? >> well, no. as a democrat, i think it's great. it's nice to see an energized group of voters getting out there. i think a lot of that is due -- i want to give credit to bernie sanders who has been mobilizing
2:45 pm
people. not as much as obama did, but he's been doing that. we can also thank the african-american establishment in south carolina and tim cliburn and the work that hillary clinton has been putting in to make it clear how important it is that people get out to vote and support hillary clinton specifically who is leading in almost all the categories here. >> matt, there is a point president obama is not on the ballot, which drove a lot of people to the polls in 2008. but is donald trump in a sense, maybe doing that same thing this time there? >> yeah, let's make this clear. republican primary voters are voting in record numbers in every one of these states and the same is going to be true in south carolina when we compare republicans to democrats. we're in a little food fight here, to be honest. there is some name calling going on. i have five kids, it makes me feel like i'm at my dinner table sometimes. but the fact is republicans are engaged in this fight, in this contest. that will serve us well because eventually we're going to nominate somebody. we have to pull together and
2:46 pm
clearly the democrats, they don't have that much excitement for hillary clinton. if she's their nominee, they might like her, but they sure don't love her. >> well -- >> go ahead, jessica. >> for you to say there is excitement on the republican side. obviously comes from donald trump and his effect on the race, which i think has been quite negative in terms of the way the campaign has been run, but also the fact that we aren't really feeling in ideas since his plans so far from concrete. i have no real idea of how he's going to get anything done that he says. but to say that, i understand there is more enthusiasm for bernie sanders, but as we roll into super tuesday where she's leading a majority of those states and looking at what looks like it's going to be a huge win in south carolina, i think that you're going to start to see a lot more enthusiasm for her. she's winning the woman vote again. she won by 16 in nevada. she's no donald trump, but thank god for that. and i'm excited about it. so i don't think the enthusiasm
2:47 pm
gap is nearly as large -- >> if i could, eric, usually when there is a negative race being run, and when there is name calling and when it gets acrimonious, you see people vote with their feet by not voting. what we're seeing on the republican side is more people are engaged and involved than when mitt romney was winning this nomination or john mccain was winning the nomination. you can hurl all the instilts you want at the republicans who are running, including donald trump. the fact is it's engaging people 'cause they care about their future and i think the biggest problem for hillary clinton is democrats are just not excited about her. and americans aren't either. >> with a does it say about the tenor and the tone of the campaign? i just talked to katrina pierson about this. calling the senator of the united states rubio a little mouth. the senator talking about donald trump and arthel is laughing, because this stuff is unbelievable. >> i agree. >> honestly. we've never really heard all of this. maybe go back to the 1860s, but
2:48 pm
these brick backs back and forth, what would you do to your kids? >> i know what i would do. >> say you got a time out. >> i know what i would do. everyone goes to their room and there are times when i think all of the republican candidates should go to their room. but when a barak obama and hillary clinton were running against each other eight years ago, they were calling bill clinton a racist and hillary clinton was at the podium saying shame on barak obama. they were at each other hammer and tong. i think the difference with the republican race is that it seems a little petty sometimes with these charges back and forth. i do think we have to get beyond it. there is a challenge in front of donald trump. he's done a great job of grabbing the attention of 30 to 40% of our electorate. if he's our frontrunner and if he's to get the nomination, he has the next stage, which is he's got to be the nominee for a majority of republicans and also for a majority of americans. i think we'll have to transition out of this moment, which i agree, eric, sometimes it makes me -- i'm scratching my head, too. >> jessica, last word. >> i think to compare to what
2:49 pm
went on between hillary clinton and barak obama isn't fair. donald trump is out there mocking disabled people. he's using curse words about ted cruz. he's gone after marco rubio in that way. he's called mexicans criminals and rapists and the -- so to make a comparison to two politicians like hillary clinton and barak obama who they fought -- >> who hated each other. >> it doesn't matter if they hated each other. they exchanged ideas. >> oh, come on. >> what do you mean oh, come on? >> they were fighting each other. >> almost just like this. so we'll stop now and watch the candidates. matt and jessica, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tomorrow on fox news sunday, chris wallace will sit down with donald trump. also marco rubio and ted cruz all ahead of super tuesday. fox news sunday here and on your local station. the debate over national security and privacy could make its way to the highest court in the land as neither side is backing down in the fight between the feds and apple.
2:50 pm
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the f.b.i. and apple to face off at a congressional hearing over the federal order for apple to unlock the encrypted iphone of a san bernardino terrorist in
2:54 pm
the search for more clues. the company says that would put other people's privacy at risk. mimi walters is here, a republican congresswoman and member of the house judiciary committee. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> absolutely. i want to start here. so is the feds' request reasonable and where should the balance tip towards privacy and liberty or security? >> first of all, we need to recognize that this is a very difficult issue. it goes to the heart of the debate that the framers had had they were developing and discussing the fourth amendment. the struggle between privacy and security. now we have technology in today's modern world and technology we know moves quicker than government does. so that's creating an issue as we move forward. >> so a couple things. should congress create a new law to deal with the current day
2:55 pm
circumstances of terrorists knowledge and in a compromise, should the government hire apple to help with this? >> i think ultimately congress will have to make the decision and i think apple is looking toward congress to make the decision. chairman mccall, who is the chairman of homeland security, is introducing a piece of legislation this week that will have a commission brought together with people who are experts in the field of technology, of privacy, of intelligence, of law enforcement. so we can listen to the experts to help congress solve this problem. on the one hand, we have to protect people's privacy. but on the other hand, we have to protect our national security. >> yeah. and it's definitely a tough issue as you pointed out, congresswoman. we'll be keeping an eye on this case and we'll probably have you back again to talk about it. congresswoman mimi walters, thank you so much.
2:56 pm
>> thank you. throughout the rest of the day, we'll be covering the south carolina primary. we are just under one hour before the polls close there. so we'll have another hour coming up. then bret baier will bring us the latest results. so stick with us right here for the coverage of the south carolina primary. >> bret will kick it off at 7:00 p.m. eastern. it will be a lively show as well. and we are going to be back for another hour. so don't go anywhere. we continue after this ♪ hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new.
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or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. fox news alert. the showdown in south carolina. democrats battling for their first state below the mason-dixon line. the polls close in less than an hour. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric shaun. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders fighting over the very final votes right now in south carolina. they're looking ahead also to the big prize, super tuesday. the largest single day delegate haul. mrs. clinton leading senator sanders two to one in their previous contests. now with more than seven times as many delegates at stake, she's in alabama, was earlier today, and sounded pretty confident on


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