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tv   Americas News HQ  FOXNEWSW  February 27, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. fox news alert. the showdown in south carolina. democrats battling for their first state below the mason-dixon line. the polls close in less than an hour. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric shaun. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders fighting over the very final votes right now in south carolina. they're looking ahead also to the big prize, super tuesday. the largest single day delegate haul. mrs. clinton leading senator sanders two to one in their previous contests. now with more than seven times as many delegates at stake, she's in alabama, was earlier today, and sounded pretty confident on the campaign trail.
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>> if i'm so fortunate enough to be your president, i'm going to fight to raise the federal minimum wage, but we also have to create more good jobs, jobs that can give people a real shot. >> she may be back to columbia, south carolina for a potential victory party tonight. her opponent, senator sanders, bracing for potential loss there. skipping ahead to texas. even leaving south carolina out in a stump speech earlier today. >> and in iowa we ended up in a virtual tie. in new hampshire, we won that state. in nevada, we came within five points. you bring your friends and your neighbors and your co-workers. we are going to win here in texas. >> senator sanders is in texas and happens to be the largest prize in the contest on tuesday. nearly 1,000 democratic
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delegates are up for grabs across 11 states and one u.s. territory. who could grab them all? some of them, mike emmanuel was at sanders' rally that's going on in grand prairie, texas. what were some of the senator's key themes as he campaigns in the dallas area today, mike? >> reporter: senator bernie sanders said it sounds like dallas is ready for a political revolution in response to a very vocal crowd here in grand prairie. sanders wrapped just a few moments ago after rallying an estimated crowd of 7,000. 30, according to the venue. he noted polls suggesting he would beat donald trump in november. he also took the swipe at hillary clinton pushing her to release her paid speech transcripts. >> to wall street groups like goldman sachs, and if you get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for that speech, it must be a great speech and you want to share it with the american
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people! >> reporter: sanders taking a tougher tone with hillary clinton, while campaigning here in texas. eric? >> you know texas very well. you've been a reporter in waco, austin and in midland. how will this resonate, 'cause the senator was in austin earlier today. >> reporter: it's interesting because austin is a blue city in the middle of a very red state. so he tried to motivate folks to go to the polls on super tuesday. bernie sanders attracting a crowd of 10,000 at a venue in austin. the senator encouraging supporters to bring their family members, neighbors and friends to the polls tuesday. he notes texas is the biggest prize up next. >> a revolution is more than waving a sign or wearing a pin. a revolution is jumping head first into the political process. that means voting.
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that means bringing out friends and neighbors. with your help we can take a giant step forward in moving this political revolution if we win here in texas. >> reporter: time is precious ahead of super tuesday. so sanders is leaving from here in the dallas area for minnesota in a matter of minutes. eric? >> all right. mike emmanuel, back in his old stomping ground of the lone star state. good to see you. >> thank you. >> i was a reporter in austin and houston, by the way. with an expected loss in south carolina, senator bernie sanders campaigning in texas and minnesota focusing on super tuesday currently. hillary clinton is leading sanders in the delegate race. 505 to 71. but democratic party chair and local officials say sanders is within striking dance of clinton -- distance of clinton. a fox news contributor is here, also a former pollster for president jimmy carter. good to see you, sir.
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>> good to see you. >> let's start with that delegate race. what is bernie sanders delegate strategy? >> let's understand, the delegate -- how the delegates are portioned in the democratic party. in the primaries and caucuses, they are not like the republicans. there are no winner take all contests. they're all straight proportional contests, which means that when you have some two candidates head to head, this race will go on for a long time. the lead that right now that bernie sanders is facing are the uphill struggle, is because of the super delegates in the democratic party. one fifth of the party officials and establishment party members in other were given free seats to the convention who can do what they want and they have really put a thumb on this election and in that case, we will see it i think develop more and more as an issue. but bernie sanders' strategy is to keep running and doing well.
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this is going to be a tough -- i just voted today, south carolina is not going to have i think a record turnout in this democratic primary. but we're going on super tuesday. hillary clinton has a real advantage in the south of african-american voters. look, the system isn't over. people keep trying to say this race happened, new hampshire, nevada, it ended here. it doesn't. there are high points and low points based on where candidates have strength. once we get out of super tuesday, the calendar starts moving north. as it moves north, it moves into territory a lot friendier to sanders, lot more industrial workers where he's been drawing blue collar support heavily, and in those states. hillary clinton still is trying to hold the core of the democratic party. but look, if sanders comes out
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of super tuesday winning three or four of those contests, he will win vermont. it's his home state. but if he wins three or four contests and does well, he's going to get a lot of delegates. even in the worst condition, he'll still get a lot of delegates because of the state proportion ale representation. texas, for instance, we're all waiting to see, you need the candidate at the resources. the millions of dollars it would take to have a big campaign in texas. but we will see whether bernie sanders not only does well in austin, but does he repeat what he seemed to do in nevada, getting a good share of hispanic votes? that will tell us a lot going down the road. >> so you mentioned based on what i'm hearing you say, that i figured that if you're advising bernie sanders, you would tell him to stick it out. but you also mentioned money. you said that both sides have enough money to stick it out. does bernie sanders have enough money to wait it out and keep
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going? >> so far, because he's not being funded by big money or special interest. and he's got the biggest online donation effort in history of the united states so far. he's got millions of donors who got plenty of room to give more money and as long as he's making it competitive, they can keep him going in this race. he's spending a lot of money recently. but i think if he does well enough on super tuesday, he'll raise more. as i said, the calendar starts moving. you start going to states that are better. and you can't -- when you're dealing with -- take what i mean about straight proportionality. even if hillary clinton wins a race by ten points, 55, 45, she only gets ten more delegates than does sanders. that's the disadvantage of a proportionality. it doesn't reflect the political value of a victory.
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so i expect they will come out as we see already now with the delegates who are being selected by the voters, a much closer race and then the issue will become as he goes on, he does well, what do these super delegates do? do they say we tonight care what our voters say? we don't vote for you? and also the other thing, pardon me i guess the huge donkey in the room, whatever animal you would like to say, the big pink one, the one that's been labeled f.b.i. and justice department, it's so nonpolitical. but the news out of that stuff is getting worse and worse. let me say one last thing about bernie sanders. >> if you could give me 20 seconds, i have to go, please. >> 20 seconds. when bernie sanders started off, i thought he was just running for a cause. he now seems to be running because he wants to win. that makes it a tougher contest. and he's showing more elbows and sharper teeth than he ever has.
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>> okay. we will leave it there and we'll see you again. thank you very much. >> great. thank you. >> remember to keep it right here on fox news channel for the latest from today's south carolina democratic primary. bret baier hosting special election coverage live in washington, d.c that starts at 7:00 p.m., 50 minutes from now. 7:00 p.m. eastern, as soon as the polls close in south carolina. >> and after their south carolina contest ends, republicans will be setting their sights on super tuesday. senator marco rubio has released summaries of his last five years of federal income tax filings showing that he gave $50,000 charity donation to the christ fellowship church in miami, another one to a baptist church. this all comes after republican frontrunner donald trump says he would not release his tax returns, at least not right now, until he finishes what he's call ago routine audit. we'll have more on that in just a moment. but right now the candidates are
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crisscrossing the southeast looking to rally support. both senator cruz and rubio both looking to steal the momentum from trump. the republican frontrunner campaigned in arkansas. and did so as you can see alongside his new ally, governor chris christie. mr. trump taking the opportunity to lash out at some of his favorite targets, of course, top on that list, rubio and the media. the billionaire businessman saying he wants to open up libel laws to try and make it easier to sue reporters. meantime, ohio governor john kasich has been campaigning in nashville today. he picked up an endorsement there from former attorney general albertorgones. he's now the dean of belmont university law school. he has lot of ground to make up, but says kasich leads the race in what he calls faith and freedom. let's go to john roberts who is live at the moment in atlanta. hi, john. >> reporter: good evening to
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you. i'll tell you, it is getting ugly out there. what happens on super tuesday in those 11 states with 595 delegates, 25% of all the republican delegates available will go a long way to determining just how viable marco rubio's candidacy really is. that's why we're seeing in the last few days, an incredibly different marco rubio than we saw on the campaign so far. really going after donald trump, getting very personal at times. today joking with the audience that donald trump has got the worst spray tan he has ever seen, that he's being so liting justice should -- lit to my knowledge justice, saying he should sue whoever did that to his face and repeating that he believes donald trump is a con man. listen. >> we're going to pull off his mask and people are going to see what they're dealing with here. a world class con artist after pulling cons on people with trump university and his business, is now pulling a con and the ultimate con job and that's taking over the most important country in the world. that's not going to happen. >> he said the obama statement,
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once. and that was fine. then teds twice and i have nothing to do with it. chris is over here. he's over here. just to my right. he said it a second time. and i said, that's strange. i'm going like this. that's strange. then he said the same exact words. he memorizes phrases, like the con man. i saw bret baier yesterday say i -- he said con man so many times during the super view. trump is a con man. trump is a con man. the last thing i am is a con man, folks. i built a great business. >> rubio believes until you say something ten times, people don't hear it. so he'll continue to say that. there's a lot of people in the republican party that donald donald becomes the nominee, the republican party will implode, it may take a decade or more to remr. it. so many of those people are looking to marco rubio as their savior. the problem is he doesn't lead in any states up for grabs. one poll showed him ahead.
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>> a lot of attention is going on marco rubio's attacks against donald trump. ted cruz is continuing his too. >> yeah. he is attacking donald trump, though he's not complaining about his spray tan. he's hitting him on the day that 36 years ago, there were some illegal workers that were hired on a trump project. also talking up this idea that his tax returns may have a problem and then the idea that he hired foreign workers for his club. but today ted cruz was making an issue of donald trump complaining that fox, the former president of mexico, said he's not going to pay for that fing wall, that donald trump will. here is cruz. >> this from a man who over and over again has stood up and used profanity, has used vulgar insults. and i got to say, i don't think it's a good thing to see presidential candidates just behaving like school children bickering. i think differences should be on substance.
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>> reporter: yeah. cruz thinks that the differences should be on substance. rubio believes that as well, though he thinks he has to get down in the mud with donald trump to highlight the differences. one of the big attacks on donald donald, why isn't he releasing his taxes? marco rubio released four years of his. he paid $526,000 in taxes on $2.29 million in income. people are saying that's a lot of money for a senator to be making. the salary is just over $185,000 a year. most of that money came from royalties on his book deal. >> all right. thisgood to see you as always. >> it will. thanks. >> john and eric, more ahead on the gop race ahead of super tuesday. plus is south carolina the first of the big southern spring board for hillary clinton? and will it hold? only minutes before the polls close, keep it right here on knocks news channel as results -- fox news channel as results start to come in
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less than an hour before the polls close in south carolina as the democratic primary there nearly wraps up. hillary clinton hopes tonight will be the beginning of her potential southern sweep for her on super tuesday. entrance polls showing mrs. clinton is doing very well with african-american voters, while senator bernie sanders doing well with young white voters and independents. so how will all this play out 72 hours from now? joining me is the reporter from the "wall street journal" white house correspondent, colleen mccain nelson who joins us now. so colleen, if mrs. clinton gets the big bow tonight, how does that help her on tuesday? >> well, south carolina's results will have resonance across the south. on tuesday you have several
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southern states voting, including alabama, tennessee, georgia, arkansas. they all have similar demographics to south carolina. they all have significant african-american populations, which hillary clinton is doing very well with black voters and bernie sanders has continued to struggle to make in roads with african-american voters. if we see tonight that he loses big and also really struggles with african-american voters, that could be amplified on tuesday and allow hillary clinton to rack up several lop sided wins in those southern states on super tuesday. >> senator sanders is in texas, mike emmanuel reporting reportia rally. it's curious because he was a civil rights worker. he was arrested in chicago in the is the 60s. he had repeatedly begun down to selma. why hasn't he been resonating more with african-americans? >> that's a great question. part of his challenge has just been voter familiarity with hillary clinton. she has a yearlong head start.
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she's run here before. her husband has run here before. people here know the clintons and they like the clintons. but part of the other problem is that they just aren't familiar with bernie sanders and it's striking to be here for the last week and talk to a lot of voters, particularly african-american voters who say i just don't know that much about bernie sanders. i don't know what he stands for. i don't know where he came from or why he hasn't been here in the past. so you can certainly quibble about whether that's on him or on the voters to learn more about him. but he just didn't have much time to introduce himself and during the last week, he spent a little time in south carolina. but he really already had turned hissings to super tuesday states that he thought he had a better chance in and so instead of being in south carolina all week, as hillary clinton was, bernie sanders spent the week going to massachusetts, ohio, illinois, michigan, oklahoma, and south carolina voters absolutely noticed that and said he wasn't even here this week. >> yeah.
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also one thing that's fascinating about all this is you talked about the 2008 -- she had a flameout against barak obama. just a terrible campaign in that state. and her husband, former president bill clinton, of course, accuse -- bringing up the race card about that and all the other stuff, the fairy tale comments and all that. is it a chance tonight do you think for the south carolina people to say we didn't do it last time and it was a messy campaign, but we will tonight? >> that's right. there has definitely been a -- hillary clinton spent the last several years trying to rebuild relationships with black voters and they say that at this point, it's worked. they trust her. they're familiar with her. something that she's done very successfully has been to embrace barak obama's legacy and say she's the candidate who will build on that and a lot of african-american voters have told me that that helped them make up their mind, that she would be the person who would carry on barak obama's policies. and the clinton campaign also
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has said they learned from the obama campaign, from what the obama campaign did in 2008 on many different fronts, they said they took a page from the obama playbook and just tried to copy what he did in many different respects. they did outreach to barbershops and beauty salons and really just looked at the things that worked for barak obama in south carolina and tried to replicate that in many ways. >> colleen mccain nelson from the "wall street journal," we thank you. the other thing you can look out for, lawn signs. up in new hampshire, all bernie, bernie, bernie. we'll see what happens tonight in south carolina in less than one hour. thank you. >> thank you. >> in less than one more, we are counting down the hip -- minutes until the polls close. fox news will bring you all the news, from the first in the south primary as it breaks. plus chris christie now backing donald trump, a man he earlier said wasn't fit to be the u.s. president. what the new jersey governor's endorsement means for donald trump and the other candidates
3:25 pm
trying to catch up to him. plus if trump takes the top spot on the gop side, what does that mean for the democrats? could a trump nomination help hillary clinton? hear from one analyst who says yes.
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31 minutes before the polls close in south carolina. the latest matchup between senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton. polls have shown her with a wide lead in the race there. as they prepare to go toe to toe depend in 72 hours, 11 states in the democratic column on super tuesday. clinton camp hoping for a big win in south carolina. the question is, will they get it? ed henry who follows the clinton campaign is at clinton headquarters in columbia, south carolina with the latest. >> reporter: good to see you. remember when hillary clinton
3:30 pm
lost in new hampshire by double digits to bernie sanders and the momentum was swinging in his direction, the clinton camp was trying to tell their supporters, calm down. come march there are going to be a lot more delegates at stake than the early states of new hampshire, iowa, nevada as well. we are finally reaching that point, as you say. hillary clinton poised as the polls are about to close here in south carolina, poised to have a big victory. even the sappedders camp admits that. but they're trying to propel forward into super tuesday. he was in minnesota today, a lot of college students there. he's had large rallies, oklahoma, colorado. some of these big super tuesday states they hope to surprise people and make up some of the delegates they're going to lose in south carolina. sanders a little while ago said he still has momentum. watch. >> is one thing to have the support of the establishment. it is another thing to have the support of the people.
3:31 pm
[ cheering ] >> reporter: but the clinton camp notes that in the first two weeks of march, you're going to have nearly # thousand delegates -- 2,000 delegates decided and they think clinton with this victory on the heels of that victory in nevada about a week ago, that the momentum has swung in her direction. today she was talking about not just standing up for the middle class as she does at rally after rally, but talking as if she's getting ready to take command of this race and prepare to be president soon. listen to her. >> and i'm gonna work hard not just up to and including tuesday, but i'm gonna work hard here in alabama because i want you to have a chance to vote for and elect and be served by more democrats in this state. >> reporter: remember, democrats do something a little different than the republicans. they don't have winner take all states.
3:32 pm
these delegates are award proportionately. even with a loss by sanders, he'll walk away with a few delegates. and on super tuesday next week, even if clinton wins most of the races, sanders is going to keep collecting delegates, going to be able to hang around. he's also raising a lot of money on the internet. that's going to give him the fuel to hang around. the key is going to be does he start knocking down some of these states? he's not going to do it tonight in south carolina of the but next week and beyond, can he start winning some states like he did in new hampshire and actually take the lead in this race? right now clinton appears to be taking that lead for sure. eric? >> allall right. we'll check back with you at the top of the hour with the very latest as the polls close. arthel? >> meanwhile, republican frontrunner donald trump arriving for a rally in arkansas and bringing with him a former rival, now turned ally.
3:33 pm
new jersey governor chris christie helping to fire up trump supporters going into super tuesday. they're getting off the trump plane. will that surprise endorsement have any effect at the polls? let's bring in now brad blakeman, former member of george w. bush's senior staff and a professor of public policy, politics and international affairs. and alan colmes, host of the alan colmes show, nationally syndicated by fox news radio. good to have both of you here. >> hi. >> brad, i'm going to start with you on this. are you surprised that christie endorsed trump and will the christie endorsement help trump in the polls? >> not at all surprised, but the most valuable day of the christie endorsement i believe was yesterday. the reason being is thursday trump got pummeled at the. yet nobody was talking about that yesterday. they were talking about the christie endorsement. so it was brilliant for trump to trot out christie at a time when he needed to change the message and he's really good at that. the question is, what good will
3:34 pm
a new jersey gosernor do for donald trump? can't deliver the state. so i think he'll be valuable as a surrogate, but much more than that, people vote for the person. they don't vote for surrogates. >> and alan, senator rubio is a favorite establishment candidate, but does rubio stand a fighting chance now depends this new york-new jersey duo. you heard brad say trump is great for taking everybody off message. >> that's assuming the new york-new jersey duo means christie helps trump win new jersey. it's not even his home state. i thought he moved to new hampshire there for a while. he talks about rubio not doing his job, where was christie? he's been an absentee governor. he told the publisher of the new hampshire leader, the manchester union leader just recently, i'm never going to endorse trump in order to get mcquaid's own endorsement. this may help trump a little, but to a far greater extent hurt chris christie. it's hurting his credibility
3:35 pm
with establishment republicans. they've come after him for this. he said all kind of things negative as you pointed out earlier about trump and now suddenly he's flip flopped and going to support the guy? makes no sense. >> brad, do you think this will hurt chris christie? >> look, how is it going to hurt him? he's a governor of the state. he's got a sixth term. what could he be other than maybe perhaps a cabinet official in a trump presidency? that's probably what he's after. it's more selfish i think than awe truic. >> he's gunning for something in a possible trump administration. he loses credibility for doing the opposite of what he said he would do a couple weeks ago. >> okay. let's take a look at another governor. governor john kasich. i want to play some sound on his reaction on the negative name calling tone of the gop race. listen. >> when did we get to the point in this country where we can call these kinds of names and
3:36 pm
have people actually represent themselves as leaders in this country to these young people? enough of this trash. go and tell people what you're for. >> so brad, how does trump's unfiltered approach reflect on the republican party as a whole? >> i don't think it reflects well at all. i think we've debased not only the primary, but if this continues, it will be a stark contrast in the general. usually it's not the candidate themselves that gets in the gutter. usually they leave that to others. but here you have the frontrunner of the party who doesn't cease to amaze every day with name calling and cursing and saying things that are really not presidential. so there is a danger the longer this goes on. i think donald trump said he can be anybody he wants to beat. let's try to be a statesman. >> so alan, over to you now. do you think that trump's tone affects the gop party as a whole
3:37 pm
and how does that play out for the democratic side of things, if hillary becomes the candidate on the democrat side and she has to face trump hypothetically speaking, how would that work? >> i think brad is a better messenger about how it affects republican, since he is a republican. i think he had it right -- here is a guy who gets up atwaly and waxes poetic about punching protesters, about physically assaulting people. it's a terrible reflexion the party and there is no question about who is more presidential should there be a matchup between hillary clinton and donald trump. i just can't imagine that the broad -- we look at numbers and trump talks about winning in all these polls. that's a small slice of the party itself and certainly the general electorate. i don't see how those numbers translate to a genuine. >> but i heard you say, alan, that maybe not translate to a genuine, but brad, what about the fact that because of the excitement that trump is bringing to the party, like it or not, his approach, does that
3:38 pm
help? does that play a positive role on some level, brad? >> trump is certainly -- he's excellent at diagnosing the problem. the question is is he good with the solutions? and fact-based solutions and policy. and he's got to change the tone in a general election to win. the other thing is, all these new people he's attracting need to stay with us. they need to be part of the party. but not angry part of the party. destructive part of the party in the nation. >> alan, i started with brad, so i'll give you the last word. >> i think we showed marco rubio did a great job in terms of policy of revealing the emperor has no clothes. donald trump doesn't get health care, you can't just do away with the lines around the states and that's going to solve the problem. i think that was marco rubio's best moment. and perhaps the broker conference would enable rubio as the nominee. >> trump says there won't be a brokered nominee. >> he said a lot of things.
3:39 pm
>> i don't think there will be a brokered convention. i think we'll know in the next few weeks where this is going. >> okay. alan, i'm sorry. i didn't give you the last word. i'll talk to you again. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and it's 6:38 here. in less than 20 minutes, south carolina democrats get to the polls and that is when our special election coverage gets underway. bret baier with the results from the palmetto state's primary at 7 eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> but first, will donald trump help hillary clinton win the white house? that's what some political experts are predicting about a potential matchup between those two in a general election. one of those experts, susan estridge is always here. she thinks so. she's here and she'll tell us why.
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could get closer to the nod on super tuesday. some experts are predicting that the republican nominee trump will actually help democrat hillary clinton in november. one of those is susan estridge, professor of law in political science at usc, former campaign manager for candidate michael dukakis and a fox news contributor. i'm going to bring it back to 1948. harry s. truman, they all thought he was going to lose. he holds up that chicago tribune, says dewey defeats truman and he had the last laugh. do you think it will continue and what does that mean for hillary? >> he defies expectations in republican primaries. without undercutting the significance of that, i've been around this business long enough to know that winning primaries is completely different than winning a general election. i probably would be justicest ridge were that not the case. so i don't think that away from them. but while one party is
3:45 pm
committing suicide, it's pretty scary to watch and i think for a lot of democrats, myself included, the specter of trump makes it all the more important that the democrats nominate a candidate who can get elected president. i think there is only one on our side who can and that's hillary. >> you support hillary clinton. so you talk about suicide of a party. but look the numbers are way up. the numbers in south carolina among the republicans, shot up since 2008. for the republicans. the democrats we're told today, kind of middling. he certainly has brought a lot of new people into the republican tent. >> he's bringing new people into the tent. i thought it was interesting to hear brad say the question remains whether they'll stay there and go the distance with the republican party. i'm afraid of trump than the republicans. mirin friends are. they're terrified because they think as i do, that when you look at a general election
3:46 pm
electorate, when you look at an electorate that's going to have a lot of hispanics in it and african-americans in it, and white women in it and married white women in it, you got all the groups that have traditionally not liked mr. trump. so i think in that sense, trump has been doing very well, but he's been doing very well with a small slice of the population. democrats look at it and say, well, america couldn't elect trump. you say, could it elect 74-year-old jewish socialist from new york? and most people if they're being honest say probably not either. so we've got one candidate at least who could get elected. >> finally, quickly, some polls had him beating hillary clinton in november. so how do you account for that? >> oh, he's so much fun. i mean, that's really the problem. even i was watching the last republican debate and, you know, it was so much fun.
3:47 pm
you get a margarita, bag of chips, i mean, the guy is great entertainment. i think it's a little bit different when people finally go to the polls in november and look in the skies and say who do i really trust to keep this country both free and strong? >> all right, susan. now we know how you watch the debates. with the margarita and the chips. >> why not? >> and football games. good to see you as always. thank you. you can read susan's syndicated column in newspapers across the country and appears every wednesday and friday. u.s. military drones now fully operative in the fight against boca haram. now more from south africa. paul? >> reporter: arrest they will, fox news has learned that u.s. drones are helping african forces push back the islamist terror group, boca haram. 250 u.s. troops and technicians have created a clan deny stun
3:48 pm
drone base in northern camaroon, close to the borders of nigeria and chad. and predator drones are being used. the intel provided has enabled ground force to surprise militants and force them to retreat with heavy casualties out of nigerian towns on at least two occasions in the past months. and led the nigerian to be waiting in ambush when the islamists try to attack a refugee camp earlier this week, resulting in the deaths of 26 terrorists. finally analysts also believe the drones are possibly behind the success of an attack in nigeria yesterday in which 92 boca haram terrorists were reported killed. arthel? >> paul, thanks so much for that update. 12 minutes before polls close in south carolina. then in 13 minutes, know what that means? focus is going to shift to super tuesday. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, both hoping for big wins in 72
3:49 pm
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91 delegates are up for grabs to be award proportionately. according to a poll, among likely democratic voters, the former secretary of state is slightly ahead of the vermont senator by 5 percentage points, 49-44. that's within the margin of error. bernie sanders has new england roots and such a tight race, is not a good sign for the senator from vermont. a loss in his own backyard would not build confidence since he's not expected to do as well in those other southern states on super tuesday where minority voters are expected to help clinton. meanwhile, hillary clinton hasn't been in the state since late november, but she keeps shoring up her campaign with
3:54 pm
endorsements. on thursday state representatives and other female leaders outside the state house calling clinton the, quote, single most qualified candidate for the job. she won massachusetts by double digits against then senator barak obama. on the republican side, businessman donald trump has been spending some time in the bay state holding rallies with hopes of pulling in the state's independent voters. he's leading in the polls over more traditional candidates like ohio governor john kasich by over 20 points. trump is expected to win the lion share of massachusetts 42 delegates. this is big because it shows trump can win not only in those staunchly conservative states, but also the states like massachusetts which has a large contingent of moderate to liberal republicans. >> then in virginia, it looks like clinton and trump as well could win there, too. >> that's exactly right. both trump and clinton have big leads in virginia for the democrats, 95 delegates are up for grabs to be difficultied up proportionately. according to a recent poll,
3:55 pm
clinton drew nearly double the support from likely democratic primary voters than bernie sanders. 60-33 respectively. clinton has even tied sanders in virginia among young voters, which is supposed to be his base. 49 delegates up for grabs for republicans. 41% of likely gop primaryies was drawn by trump. 27% by marco rubio. texas senator ted cruz comes in a distant third. trump is scheduled to hold a rally on monday in southern virginia, a part of the state he's expected to do well in. arthel? >> it's a fascinating race. bryan llenas, thank you for breaking down the numbers. >> just 4 1/2 minutes from now, the polls will close in south carolina. fox news coverage continues after this are. do i look smart? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know.
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3:59 pm
>> an update to south carolina. hillary clinton is doing well with african-american voters, bernie sanders is doing well with white and young and independent voters and the polls are just about to close in south carolina. >> it will be interesting to see if she pulls off a big win and uses that for a super tuesday. and a sweep and bernie sanders campaigning in the lone star
4:00 pm
state. >> projecting a super tuesday surprise. >> special coverage anchored by bret baier starts right here on the fox news channel. >> have a good evening. >> i am bret baier in washington. polls are now closed and former secretary of state is projected to win the palmetto state president theial primary and beating sanders by a wide varjin. this will give her momentum. and south states with significant african-american population. a major force in hillary clinton's win today. she's won three out of four contest and racked up


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