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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  February 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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state. >> projecting a super tuesday surprise. >> special coverage anchored by bret baier starts right here on the fox news channel. >> have a good evening. >> i am bret baier in washington. polls are now closed and former secretary of state is projected to win the palmetto state president theial primary and beating sanders by a wide varjin. this will give her momentum. and south states with significant african-american population. a major force in hillary clinton's win today. she's won three out of four contest and racked up victories
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in nevada and iowa. and bernie sanders seems to be at disadvantage on tuesday. hillary clinton will bring a victory speech and we'll bring it to you on fox news. steve hays. and a b to pard editor of the hill. and ron hill and charles krauthammer. a b, exit polls was overwhelming. 86 percent of those, 84 percent to it 16 for hillary clinton. >> yeah, she does have a fire wall and it held up for her. and he did not break through the way he intendñied. to she hasñi better and honest d trustworthy numbers than in the past three because black voters trust her more and white voters, too. he won with the independents and
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they lined up on their partisan philosophy, democrats who wanted change sanders. and white women split 50- 50. things to see here, but she has after a bitter and uglyulosis come out with a resounding victory from the voters who rejected in favor of obama in 08. they might be. and they got the word and clinton won three of four and in a better position than perhaps she was a week ago. >> it is hers to lose. the impediment if anything is the fbi inquiry. she did better than obama did. and there is a small percentage
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of primary gers. maybe how it has changed under bark bookkeeper obama. if you look at the states coming up and ones likely to go to sander ares and sanders. he might get 350 or 70. and it doesn't get better because unless something big changes, she will be the nominee. >> and he will stay in it. he's won the only good thing in the results is among the white voters. sanders did well in iowa waand elsewhere. he was up by 16 points and in states outside of the south that are less heavily tilted to african-american and the democratic electorate he will do reasonably well. only thing that will stop her is the comey primary.
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and the criminal repreferal, that is the lightning strike that will elevate sanders. he has the money and he has the biggest and most successful fund-raising machine ever and that means he will go everywhere and he will stay in even if he only is number two, it will speak for a movement. >> there are elements in here that are troubling. the young vote overwhelmingly goes to bernie sanders. 70- 30. and 65- 45. and a b mentioned white men and white women. 70- 30 against hillary clinton. >> that is troubling for her in the general election at this point. the race turns tonight. it is it a different race than it was out of new hampshire. and hillary clinton cleaned up and look the at issues and candidate qualities except for honest and trustworthy where a b
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pointed out it is much closer. and that is in new hampshire, the gap was 92- 6. and among other categories they won clean and decisively. it is in 2008 in the democratic primary and they had an opportunity to vote and send obama for the nomination and be the first black president in country. seven percent more people came out today than then. it is a very different race. >> if you look at bernie sanders. and hitting him repeatedly being a single issue canditate.
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and hillary clinton boat him in south carolina. >> that's the focus on the wall street speeches. didn't seem to she up. but there are states that it could factor in to. states like minnesota and he's home. it is the income inquality was grachlt he had a stronger margin with her. it will continue to be a narrative. and that is how hard he push ps on the wall street speeches. and he flies down the tunnel walls. and he's going to come out and swing hard at her as he tries to win oklahoma and carolina and places where he's more viable.
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>> is barak obama hillary clinton's fire wall? >> to the certain extent. it is the democratic party. >> you can fact check it. it is more than, what we are seeing here in south carolina, we have support with the african-american vote and the the older voters that come out in the democratic primary. the states are appealing to sanders. and masses mass, vermont and oklahoma and minnesota and carolina, the problem is we are are talking about 360 delegates. you look at both ofxd these rac. sanders is not that. and that is the last few races.
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and that is the polarizing cappedidates in your lifetime. >> and this question for barak rum rum and embracing him and asking people to describe their philosophy. and hillary clinton 51 percent of them are liberal. and doubled among the self described liberals. that is clone win. it is a groundswell of support.
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i think where we are now is the beginning of the race. bernie sanders has a narrow appeal. white liberals on the coast and the the young and the college town. that has never changed. and if you take away the african-american vote sanders is left ahead and so you can't take it away. in hispan pices we assumed hillary clinton would have a lead it was a mixed result. and they broke even. but his a pole is limited and it can't go anywhere beyond that. goldman sachs speeches can't help them. and the northern states with fewer african-american will go to sand sxand hillary clinton will get the rest.
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>> the democrats had a lower turn out than republicans. it does not appear that south carolina is on thetrack. and absentee ball on thes set a record and that is cast back in 2008. and that is a barak obama candidacy. and we are getting from different board county chairs and election officials that turn out will be high today on the democratic side. and checking in with the clinton campaign and staffers breathing a huge soy of relief. and they have good music going on there, ed. joishgs they are excited and choring as fox and other networks called the race for hillary clinton.
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maybe clinton is at her high water mark. the southern strong holds. georgia and alabama and then the map goes midwest where his message resonates. ohio and michigan andñi minneso and colorado as well. but the clinton camp, think about the stakes for them. she was in double-digits in new hampshire and we reported her campaign manager said wait, everybody calm down and wait until march. then it is all about the map. and he noted the first four early states have four percent of the delegates you need to clinch the nomination and in the first two weeks of march, you have over 50 percent of the delegates and that is hope in the clinton camp, this is the beginning of her running up the score. >> and you look, ed, at all of
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the states coming up and for the bernie sanders' campaign, what is hillary clinton campaign looking to do in south carolina and on on in super tuesday? are they looking at the delegate countñr and doing the map statey state or think it is the shift of the race tonight? >> reporter: the clinton believes it is shifting to a national race and you have 900 delegates at stake next tuesday. she can have a big night and then all of the sudden, the math will get difficult for bernie sanders and add on the super delegates. she has party bosses and officials that are leaning to her. they are not committed, but right now she has a huge advantage with the so- called super delegates and the clinton
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camp is confident in tuesday, the math is going in their direction. and sanders hopes that, he will lose tonight but they get delegates and even second place in the states next week, he will stay alive. can he win states and take the lead? >> ed, thanks. bernie sanders south carolina is in the rearview mirror. the senator was in texas getting ready for tuesday's primary and getting to minnesota for a rally inro chester. they are in grand prairie tonight, mike? >> reporter: brett, good evening, time is precious and sanders invested a lot of it in texas. here in grand prairie near dallas, he received a warm texas welcome. and the venue was estimated of
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730. and loud and energetic. and he was more aggressive and pushing her to release the hilo paid wall street tex. >> the transcripts. and i am making it. here they are. he had a rally down in austin that is a blue capitol of a very red state. and sanders didn't mention the south carolina primary, he talked about it a short time ago. >> we'll see what happens in south carolina and then we're in texas. i think we have a surprise for
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people on tuesday. >> reporter: another applause line was him saying he could beat donald trump in november. he has to put points on the board on super tuesday. brett. >> mike, thank you. and when we come back to the south carolina special. we'll break it down with karl rove. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control.
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>> a big win for hillary clinton. the race was called the south carolina democrat primary going for the former secretary of state & over bernie sanders. and let's talk about the democrats and bring in two of the political experts to tell us what happened in south carolina. karl rove former staffer to george bush. and he joins us from texas. anything strike you about this win for hillary clinton. >> stunning how well she did with african-americans in south carolina. they went for bark bookkeeper
4:20 pm
obama in 2008 and tonight according to the exit 84 for her and 15 percent for sanders. that spells trouble on super tuesday for persony sanders as georgia and alabama and southern states are coming up in a coup canle of days and if that number holds for her and he worked on it. if that number works for her it will be a bad night for bernie sanders. >> bern py sanders put out a statement, he will not give a speech and he's on the road and in flight. i congratulate secretary clinton in south carolina and i am grateful for the grassroots supporters who took on the political challenge and i was all but unknown when this campaign began ten months ago.
4:21 pm
and thanks specific people and goes on to say that he will continue to fight our grassroots political revolution and growing state by state and we will not stop now. and don't let people like donald trump divide us. and we can create an economy that works for all of us. carl, what is your thoet thoughts tonight? >> with all respect to you. i would have had bernie sanders drop down and speak. she will be out there giving a victory speech. and he is be out there striking the cords that resonates. and he is making a mistake on relying journalist to read it. if this 84- 16 number holds up and black turn out is 62
4:22 pm
percent. she could have won the election in south carolina without a single white vote given the support she received with the african-americans. you would have to have a an electorate that is 85 percent white given the break down forç blacks for hillary and whites for sanders. >> is this the obama corks're coalition coming behind her? and embracing the obama campaign a smart move. >> obviously bernie sanders is doing well with millennials and younger voters. the problem for him, and i thought it in the beginning. he does well with white progressives and younger voters. there is plenty of those in new
4:23 pm
hampshire and the mostñi divers democratic party starts to come in to play. thi are trying to break in to this formidable strength. this is not working. and he's running out of time because in three days on tuesday, a lot of these states are looking like south carolina than new hampshire. >> joe, let me ask you, do you agree with charles krauthammer, barring the comey inquiry that hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee? >> south carolina broke her back last time. and this time it could break bernie sanders. >> i do, but bern py sanders will stay in to the end.
4:24 pm
he has a cause. we started a revolution. the economy is rigged against the little guy and we need to tear down wall street and help all americans. that is more powerful than i am experienced and win in november. he will be there a long time. be careful. i am not certain she will get the numbers in the african-american outside of the south. even in south carolina, the african-american is more moderate and less liberal. and a lot of people serving in the national defense and working in the military and serving in the military. more conservative and that is to say more moderate than the african-american population itself. and one minor note, i believe hillary clinton will be the nominee, but there may be surprises and we might have them in texas. in nevada caucus. he beat her among the latinos. whether that translates in
4:25 pm
texas, i don't know. if he does well with latinos, there may be a smaller margin for her. latinos make up a share of the democratic primary. >> looking at the map of super tuesday and all of the states that are up for grabs, is there a state that lines up for bernie sanders? >> the state i would be watching for on super tuesday is colorado. 67- 32 and over hillary clinton and she lost it by 35 percentage points. and sanders said it is one to win with. it it is not enough for him to win 53- 47 though. you know, he's got to start not just win withing but start to rack up obama- like wins against her particularly in states that
4:26 pm
obama carried by 30 points. if you lose south carolina and he loses carolina or win withes it slightly, that does tell you, i agree with carl, he will go to the convention and money and grassroots to do that. but a threat to the nomination, if he can't put it together in colorado, that's the state i will be watching on tuesday night. >> joe, carl, we'll head back for republican talk next. >> we'll talk surigates and single women, why they could be the key to t that opens the white house doors.
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>>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground. >> let's talk more about the democrat vote and secretary clinton's big win. we have a supporter of hillary clinton that joins us from new york. and neal is a communication's corrector from democracy for america that endorsed bernie sanders and joins us on the phone from detroit. randy your thoughts on south carolina, this is a big win. >> it is a decisive win for hillary. and if it you justa pose what is going on in the democrat and republican. bernie and hillary are talking about issues that affect regular
4:31 pm
people in the country and in south carolina, she talked about creating opportunities that resonates with people and you saw a decisive win across all women and african-americans and i think it gives her momentum for super tuesday. >> neal, a lot of people said why is not bernie sanders making a speech. what is your thoughts on that? >> i think south carolina is ideal for secretary clinton and deserves a lot of credit for the victory and she put time and resources and energy in the primary, and i think, we're focused and the senator's campaign is focused on on the road ahead. we think there is possibilities for growth. look at this past week, first time we saw bernie sanders win some national polls. he tied or won them straight out. that's the first time we saw
4:32 pm
them in the cycle. and as a result, given how expected the results were tonight it doesn't change the dynamic. >> neal, is there a state on super tuesday that is standing out. >> i think the vermont results will be good. i think that will work out for sxhim colorado and minnesota will be interesting and it goes beyond super tuesday. i am right here in michigan and michiganñr will be a good state for senator sanders and this will go on a long time. randy has it right. the difference could not be more clear between our side and the republican side. both are talking about income inequality. and frankly i couldn't be happier and this is california or bust. >> randy, obviously hillary clinton has connections in south
4:33 pm
carolina that goes back decades. and how does it lay out the rest of the campaign. bernie sanders is not going anywhere. >> so look i was in massachusetts today and there is huge enthusiasm which are communities for hillary clinton. they know that she listens. she is listening to people who need a chance in life and break down barriers and create opportunities and in the south carolina exit. jobs and economy are the number one issue. that is throughout the country and it is p not only attacking and reigning in wall street as important it is. it is break down barriers and creating jobs, good jobs that create incomes for families in america. i think that resonated more than anything else in south carolina. that's what i heard in nevada and heard in massachusetts and
4:34 pm
heard in florida. people want results. >> this is your candidate hillary clinton asked about the e-mail investigation just the other day. >> this is a security inquiry going on and we respect that, it is on its own time table and it is moving forward and then there are lawsuits. i am personally not concern body it. i think there will be be a resolution on the security inquiry and the litigation that others have brought and some are right wing outfits. those will just proceed. >> obviously there is a federal investigation here, is there any inkling in theñr supporters thi is a little bit of a concern? >> you know, this woman has been the public light for 25 years. in the last 20 years that i have
4:35 pm
watched her, there have been slime after slime after slime attacking her and each and every time, she comes out fighting more fiercely and more compassionately for every day americans. and she is released all. e-mails. >> not all of them. >> and whatever the federal vchgz wind its way through. i am not surprised. there will be more and more attacks because she is out there fighting, fighting, fighting for every at an americans. network neal, i will give you the last word. some say your candidate didn't goi] hard enough to the issue. >> to paraphrase senator sanders. i think america doesn't want to hear about hillary clinton's damn e-mail. they want the best candidate to take on wall street and special
4:36 pm
interest that dominate the political process. we'll see senator sanders deliver upsets and defy washington's professional pundits and build the diverse coalition that democrats need to win in november. i am excited for tuesday and go out west in the weeks ahead. >> neal and randy. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> for the democrats and the republicans, this campaign season, one is no longer the loneliest number. tonight, the impact that single women are having on the race for the white house. >> they are a critical voting block. and i think we can expect the same in 2016. >> the number of unmarried women in the u.s. is on the rise the majority of eligible women to vote will be single.
4:37 pm
that was in president obama in 2012 when they favored him over mitt romney. >> there is no shortage of resources on the left veered to attracting women. >> what they view the most important role for the government. making sure jobs pay enough to live on and working families and helps middle-class families. the bottom line comes down to how is your pocketbook affected. >> reporter: unmarried women have chosen bernie sanders and he made no secret to tax the wrelthy to pay for free education and health care over hillary clinton. analyst warn that they need to spoke to the single women voters. >> they are professional adults and those issues relate to the taxes and bills and mortgages
4:38 pm
and having a better future. >> reporter: it is a balancing compassion and trying to convince the female voters that it the left will not be be good for them. >> and if you can do that. you can deputy a long way with women voters. >> reporter: you may remember the direct appeal obama had to the female voters. julia educated with a career and sxhield and no spouse. the left showed how women can make it on the right. and right noted that the dependence was the problem. >> thank you. we are waiting for hillary clinton to show up. and we are not forgetting on the republican race and the super tuesday preparations down south.
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what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it's the world's #1 choice. what pain? advil. >> welcome back to our south carolina primary special. hillary clinton's big win tonight. and much of our emphasis is on the democrats, there is fierce competition with the republicans
4:43 pm
ahead of tuesday. john roberts is tracking it from lapt la -- atlanta. >> marco rubio decided to meet fire with fire with donnedald trump. >> i am responding. he attacked me because i have make up. >> he has a terrible spay tan. it is the worst. he can afford to get a better spray tan. he needs to suexd who did that his face. >> and trump revelled in the now competition. this guy has a fresh mouth. he's a very nasty guy and i actually thought that ted cruz was a liar, but rubio is worse. thank god he has large ears. they were protecting him i have never seen any human being sweat
4:44 pm
like this guy. >> 595 delegates and 25 percent up for grabs. top republicans are working hard. ted cruz mocked trump. >> this man over and over stood up and used profanity as he used vulgary insults it is not good to it see the presidential cappedidates behaving like school children. >> cruz was trying to keep the discourse at a higher level. and ohio kasich is said he was the adult in the rom. >> when did we get to the point where we call these kinds of names and have people represent themselves as leaders. how do you feel about this.
4:45 pm
enough of this trash? >> reporter: they are digging in a handful of new attacks. his problem be with illegal workers and his hiring of foreign workers in florida and the lawsuit he's facing over trump university and all that are taking him off message. >> if i didn't have a host oil judge in california, this would have ended. çó >> he's hispanic which is fine: s? the rubio campaign said we'll hear more from the students saying every since rubio brought it up in the debate in houston, they are getting a lot of phone calls, brett. >> john, thanks and looking live in hillary clinton campaign head quarters and there is the secretary of state giving a hug to jim, congressman clyburn. and she wins tonight in south
4:46 pm
carolina with the help of the black vote overwhelmingly in that state. let's listen in as she has a victory speech and that is the start of many to come. ♪ respiratory >> thank you. [applause] thank you so much, south carolina. [chanting hillary] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you so much from one end of the state to another. i am so greatly appreciative because today you sent a message
4:47 pm
in america that we stand together. [applause] >> when we stand together there is no barrier too big to break. we've now gone through four early states and i want to congratulate senator sanders on running a great race and tomorrow, this campaign goes national. [applause] we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we are not talking anyone for granted. [applause] i want to thank all of the local leaders, legislators, mayors,
4:48 pm
pastors, organizers, volunteers that have worked their hearts out for this campaign. i thank all of our great south carolina friends. going back so many years, i especially want to thank two of your former great democratic governors, dick riley and jim hodges. [applause] and i especially want to thank your champion, your statesmen in congress, jim clybourn. [applause] i am so looking forward to working with the congressman to make the changes and continue the progress that we can build on the record and accomplishments of president
4:49 pm
obama. and to the 850,000 people who contributed what they could be, most giving less than $100, i thank each and every one much you. now every day since iowa, more and more of you stepped up. today grassroots donors are powering this campaign. [applause] and for the millions of people watching in our country, please join us by making a donation to [applause] and here's why. because together we can break down all of the barriers holding our families and our country back. we can build ladders of opportunity and empowerment, so
4:50 pm
that every single american can have that chance to live up to his or her god- given potential. and then, and only then can america live up to its full potential, too. [applause] this campaign and this victory tonight is for the parents and teachers in rural south carolina. [applause] they showed me crumbling classrooms in communities too long neglected. we are going to work together to give our children the education they need and deserve here in south carlollina and across america. this campaign and our victory is for the entrepreneur who told me
4:51 pm
more dreams die in the parking lots of banks than anywhere else and that is especially true for women and people of color. so we are going to work together. to give particularly young people, the tools you will need. to start that small business you are dreaming of and this campaign and our victory is for the reverend, presiding elder of the a me church who looked at all of the violence and division and said how, how are we going to strengthen the bonds of family and community again? well, we are going to it start by working together, with more love and kindness in our hearts and more respect for each other,
4:52 pm
even when we disagree. [applause] respiratory despite what you hear, we don't need to make great again, america never stop it being great. stop it being great. but we do need to make america whole again. instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers. we need to show by everything we do that we are in this together. today too many people at the top, too many cooperations forgot the basic drewing. prescription companies that increase drugs for no reason
4:53 pm
than greed and double and triple bills ofñr folks overnight. coop corporations that shift overseas to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. johnson controls and on the parts in wisconsin that we tax pay pers helped to save in 2008. let there be no doubt that any boofrd room or executive suite in this country if you cheat your employees and exploit your customers and pollute our environment or rip off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountable. [applause] if you turn your back on america you'll pay the price.
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if you invest in your workers and in your country's future, then we will stand with you. now together we have to break down all of the barriers, not just some. it is important that wall street never threaten main street again. no bank can be too big to fail and no executive too powerful to jail. but, america is not a single issue country, my friends. we need more than a plan for the biggest banks. the middle class needs a raise. and we need more good jobs. jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced. jobs that provide dignity and a path to a brighter future and we can create those by building
4:55 pm
under the progress of president obama, let's make manufacturing and small business and scientific research and clean energy and enough to power every home in america. and don't let anybody tell you we can't make things in america. i know we can and i know we will. let's break down the barriers that keep people on the sidelines of our economy. especially women. don't you think that we've waited long enough for quality affordable child care and paid family leave. and time for equal pay for equal work? and let's break down the
4:56 pm
barriers that stop our children from getting the best possible start in life. we need to support great teachers and great schools in every zip code. [applause] respiratory let's break down the barriers holding back our young people. especially the student deaths that makes it hard to imagine living the life you -- student debt that make its hard to imagine living the life you want. and special support for black colleges and universities that play a vital role in the country and state. and breaking down all of the barriers mean we have to face the reality of systemic racism that more than half a century after rosea parks sat and dr. king marched. and john luis bleed. and plays a significant role in determining who gets ahead in
4:57 pm
america and who gets left bep hind. we have to invest in communities of color and reform our criminal justice andxd immigration syste we have to guarantee opportunity and dignity and justice for every american. and tonight, i want to pay tribute to five extraordinary women who criss-crossed the state with me and for me. five mothers brought together by tragedy. sabrina mother of trayvon martin. shot and killed in florida for walking down the street. lucy mcbath. mother of jordan davis shot and kill canned by someone who thought he was playing his muc too loud in the car. maria hamilton. mother of deandry the shot and killed by police in milwaukee.
4:58 pm
and clen cart's mother shot for selling cigarettes. and geneva mother of sandra bland who died in custody in texas. they lost children that is unimaginable. yet, they have not been broken or embittered. instead they have channelled their saro in a strategy and mourning in a movement and they are reminding us of something deep and powerful in the american spirit. by now, we all know the story of flint, michigan. how city's children were poisoned by toxic water because their governor wanted to save a little money. but there's another side to the story in flint. it is it a story of a community that's been knocked down and refused to be be knocked out.
4:59 pm
[applause] it is hundred of union plumbers to come and install new water fixtures and students raising funds for water deliveries and showing up in flint to distribute splicing. united autowork wither ares and general motors donating millions of dollars. we with know that there are many other flints out there. communities that have been left out and left behind. but for every problem we face anywhere in america, someone, somewhere is working to solve it. our country was built by people who had each other's backs and understood that we all have to do our part and at our best, we all rise together. imagine what we can all build together when each and every american has the chance to live
5:00 pm
up to his or her potential? imagine a tomorrow where no child grows up in the shadow of discrimination or under the specter of deportation? imagine a tomorrow where every parent can find a good job and grand parent enjoy secure retirement. and hard work is honored and families are supported and communities are strong? when we trust and respect each other, despite all that divides us. and so please, join us in this campaign for our country's future. go to hillary clinton.comor text join. j- o- i- n. 4 447 -- or text 4746 right now. i stopped by a


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