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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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breaking tonight, the countdown to super tuesday is on and donald trump's momentum only continues to build. this while hillary clinton wins big in south carolina. hello. welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. hillary clinton dominates in south carolina, trouncing bernie sanders. exit polls show hillary won 84% of the black vote. meanwhile, the gloves are off in the race for 2016 as the gop candidates don't hold anything back ahead of super tuesday. take a look. >> i watched chris go after this
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lightweight rubio. i call him lightweight. i watched him. i'm sitting here and he's over here, somebody on my left doesn't matter, and he's over here and i see him starting to sweat. like i have never seen anything like it. thank god he has really large ears, the biggest ears i have ever seen, because they were protecting him. i have never seen any human being sweat like this guy. >> he's flying around on air force one and tweeting -- so here's the one tweet he put out. he put out a picture of me having makeup put on me at the debate. which is amazing to me that a guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for putting on makeup. donald trump likes to sue people. he should sue whoever did that to his face. >> what ted cruz did to ben carson was a disgrace. if we had a strong republican
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party, they would disqualify him for what he did. >> maybe it is that donald's not as rich as he says he is. i don't know if you heard donald says i'm rich. if you haven't, he'll tell you pretty quickly. now it doesn't hurt that he inherited $200 million from his daddy. that's a very good way to get rich, pick the right daddy. >> it's rubio. >> with me now, fox news contributor and author of the new book "not all roads lead to heaven" dr. robert jeffers, pastor of the first baptist church in dallas. good evening, pastor. >> hi, judge. >> good to see you again. i just saw you a couple days ago in nashville.
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hillary clinton, of course, has won south carolina but i want to talk to you about donald trump, because you were with donald trump in texas and have just gotten back. what were the crowds like and how was he received, especially by the evangelicals? >> well, the crowds were enthusiastic in ft. worth and it was there, of course, that he unveiled chris christie's endorsement so chris was there and lots and lots of enthusiasm and look, trump asked me how i thought he would do in texas and i said you know, i can't predict, i think he will do very, very well in texas, but i reminded mr. trump that while trump does not have to win texas, ted cruz absolutely has to win texas or he's finished. >> as it relates to donald trump, when you were introducing him, one of the things that you said was if donald trump doesn't win, that we will have the most
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pro-abortion president in the history of this nation. so i assume you're talking about hillary clinton, of course. >> well, it would absolutely be hillary clinton. that's right. she's going to be the nominee. she's going to be the nominee. >> all right. let's talk about donald trump. look, ted cruz, you have got this guy who announces at liberty university and says that he speaks for the conservative movement and all of a sudden, donald trump comes in and all the evangelicals or the majority of them, including yourself, say nice things about him because you can't really endorse him so i'll be careful about that question. but how is it that he appeals to the evangelicals when someone like mitt romney four years ago, the evangelicals didn't even come out? >> judge, there's a bloomberg poll that was taken in south carolina that explains the whole phenomenon of donald trump and evangelicals.
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72% of south carolina residents who voted were evangelicals and the poll asked which candidate best represents your values. donald trump was at the bottom of the list. but then the poll asked the question which candidate do you think will challenge the establishment or keep america safe or reinvigorate the economy, donald trump was at the top of the list. i think that explains it all. evangelicals, like most americans, judge, are tired of the status quo which ronald reagan said is responsible for the mess we're in. americans are looking for a leader and increasingly they believe that leader has to come from the outside and are turning to donald trump. >> historically evangelicals have voted based upon their values. so you're saying it's almost a different paradigm now, that it's about security, it's about a leader and wouldn't you say that it's barack obama who has kind of changed that paradigm,
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given where people want the outsider today? >> absolutely. i think there's a lot of parallel, judge, to 1980. remember in 1980, the economy was in a shambles, the military was falling apart, we had 50 hostages in iran and that year, americans had two choices for president. the first choice was a truly born again christian who taught sunday school in his baptist church and had been faithfully married to one woman. his name was jimmy carter. the second alternative was a twice married hollywood actor who was governor of california, had signed the most liberal abortion bill in california history and whose wife followed astrology and used it to influence him. his name was ronald reagan. evangelicals went for ronald reagan because he had the quality they thought was most important and that is leadership. i think that is what many
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evangelicals are looking to right now. they are looking for a leader. >> there's no question in your mind they are going to be coming out but let's look forward to super tuesday. just 72 hours away. what do you think is going to happen in those southern states? >> well, remember, these southern states or seven of these states are southern or southwestern states that are heavily evangelical. i can't predict what's going to happen in texas. i think donald trump will gather a large number of delegates. it's not a winner take all state here. i think he will do very well in the other southern states but remember, ted cruz, whom i like, by the way, ted cruz has to do well in these states because as we move forward, it's going to be more difficult to ted cruz in the northern states. i think the map looks only better for donald trump as you move out of these southern states. but let's face it, the fact that donald trump is resonating with a majority of evangelicals not only in the southern states but nationally is a true miracle.
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>> well, thanks so much for being with us. you certainly believe in what you're saying. with me now is republican strategist david dibella and miami mayor philip levine, a clinton camp surrogate who was just in south carolina today with hillary clinton. gentlemen, so hillary wins south carolina. any surprise there? >> no surprise. the democrats have been saying for months that this is her firewall and even if bernie sanders would have gotten 100% of the vote, she still comes away with more super delegates because they have a rigged system to keep the establishment in charge of who the democrats nominate. >> i want to talk about that rigged system in a minute. let me just give phil, who was with hillary, i will ask you the same thing that i asked the pastor about donald trump. how did they react to her, what were the crowds like? >> i got to tell you something. in south carolina, i was there for the last few days, they were
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so enthusiastic, the people of south carolina were incredible. so many people came out. they love secretary clinton and you saw it in what happened tonight. this is something that's actually historic at this point. we expect that it's going to continue this way, judge. >> you know what's interesting is she seems to have changed her message. it's all about you and me and us, kind of taking from bernie sanders i want to address what david just mentioned. because i think it's very important. that is the super delegates. the democratic party has super delegates which means there are a bunch of people, the high-falutin' ones, the elected and the establishment people, who have already, although their state hasn't voted, are already in hillary's camp. what do you say to those in bernie sanders' campaign and his supporters that it's rigged for the clintons? >> well, i would say that's not the case. first of all, the system has worked beautifully for many, many years. of course, senator sanders,
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their campaign, their people, have increased the dialogue, pushed the narrative out in a beautiful way and it put more people in the tent. remember something. people that are super delegates are folks that are elected by the people. these are not people that just decided to become super delegates. >> no, no, but phil, phil, let's be real clear on this. the super delegates, many of them are already committed to her in states where they haven't even had primaries. explain how that works. >> well, it all started when mcgovern and jimmy carter won without the support of the establishment. there was a great quote by the former democratic party boss that says jimmy carter can't be president, i don't know him. it was actually the election before that he got beat by mcgovern supporter that kept him from even being a delegate to the convention. so the democrats came up with the super delegates which allowed their elected officials and their big donors and party
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operatives to be able to cast votes. let me say one other thing. the mayor's right. this is an historic election. never before has a nominee been indicted and very well hillary clinton may be the democratic nominee and very well may be indicted. >> here we go again with the republican attack machine. >> funny you would say that. i found it ironic in her speech, she said something like no american is too big to be jailed. she says that in her acceptance -- >> clearly the numbers are the numbers. the numbers are the numbers. secretary clinton has been in service for about 40 years in public service. we know there are all these lies out there. the fact of the matter is, people trust that secretary clinton will get the job done, that she will build bridges for the american people. listen, the republican party as we know right now, they are in the five stages of grief. i know they are in shock right now because donald trump will be their candidate. but it is what it is. >> i want to go to donald trump and rubio. now, you know, donald trump is donald trump. he's kind of a showman, and i
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want to be clear, he's a friend of mine, but i never expected rubio to get in that mode and you know, is it entertaining for republicans, or are they turned off by it? >> well, i think most people saw that debate as the worst version of a jerry springer show, but the reality is look, it doesn't change the dynamics of this race. the dynamics of this race are the same. for someone to beat donald trump they have to start getting victories and have to start collecting more delegates -- >> okay, but rubio hasn't won a thing and is not projected to win florida, his own state. so why is the establishment so dug in against donald trump? >> well, judge, your term is establishment. i don't know what that means. this week, two congressmen came out for donald trump. >> two? the guy has won three of four primaries. >> right. i hear you. we have had donors call us and
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say how do they reach out to the trump campaign. scott brown came out a couple weeks ago. >> phil, i'm going to give you the last word. is there any question in your mind as to who will be the republican candidate? >> we think it's going to be donald trump. those debates are funny. kind of like watching joan rivers, combination of don rickles and joan rivers with rodney dangerfield. it's entertaining and of course, the democratic debates are more like "60 minutes "reque" focusi issues. >> all right. i'll let you have the last word on that. thank you both so much. with me now is republican communications expert lee carter. what's your take on that last discussion? >> well, i think actually people are getting energized by rubio. i have done a lot of testing over the week and i thought maybe his performance would test better than it did. i'm not sure it will change minds but people said he finally
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seems relaxed and comfortable in his own skin. he's trying out -- we are seeing a different side of rubio. people are responding to it. what i have also been hearing is they see him as acting more like a leader and cruz is like, i don't even know where he is anymore. >> cruz seems to be kind of missing in action right now. all the cameras are on the two of them. let me ask you, rubio is still projected not to win his on state of florida, where he is a united states senator. i mean, that's an embarrassment. that's not until the 15th. let's talk about super tuesday. this tuesday. what do you see happening as between trump and rubio? >> i think trump's going to win it. he's going to win big, all of them. >> really. >> i think maybe there's two or three he might not win, texas, probably not, but here's the thing that's so interesting about it. it's proportional on super tuesday. what that means is unless you get more than 50% of the votes, you don't take all the delegates. it gets proportionally allocated. so trump could win big and cruz
6:15 pm
could win big in texas and say that's a big victory. if he doesn't get more than 50% of the vote they split it three ways. it could be a big, big problem. >> of course, texas has the biggest prize with 155 delegates for the republicans. >> that's right. >> and as it relates to rubio, cruz, you know, if it's just texas, then i suspect you don't see many more for him. >> i don't see many more at all for him, especially because that's the only state where he seems to be performing well. the other thing that's really important to be watching right now is momentum. if you look at the polls, look at the trend lines right now, cruz is dropping. trump is gaining. rubio is really gaining. so it's really just momentum is important going into super tuesday although if somebody doesn't win big on super tuesday it will be really really hard to gain momentum going forward. >> is it possible for donald trump to lock it up on super tuesday? >> i don't think it is possible for him to lock it up on super tuesday. i think the perception will be that he locks it up. but unless he goes in with a lot more delegates, he's got to have a significant number more
6:16 pm
delegates because after that, then it's winner takes all. the fear is if he doesn't go in with more than 50% of delegates after super tuesday a lot of things can change that we could have some people drop out. imagine if cruz dropped out. i can't imagine that happen but suddenly you would have a race. >> the interesting part of rubio is that they tried to get jeb bush's support and he wouldn't. he tried to get chris christie to support him, and chris christie wouldn't. you know, there is all of these attempts to get people to support rubio and it's not happening. so if things go as planned, florida goes to trump, assuming that trump doesn't lock it up on super tuesday, after the 15th of march in florida, then is there still a possibility of a brokered convention? >> i don't think so. i don't think there's really any way trump's not the nominee. i can see a few paths right now but i cannot imagine a world that happens right now that doesn't go for trump because it doesn't seem like there's any major gaffe that he can make, doesn't seem like there's anything that -- >> he can't say anything else. >> no.
6:17 pm
he can't say anything else. >> let me ask you a question. if you have got bernie sanders on the left and his supporters are rabid, and he doesn't win the nomination, especially with super delegates which makes it rigged in my mind, will some of those discontents and malcontents from the democratic party reach over to the outsider on the republican side? >> i think they will. this is the thing i have found so, so fascinating about the whole race so far. when you are talking about this is so emotionally charged, people are tired of politics as usual, tired of being promised the moon and not seeing things. they want something that's very different. i have talked to many voters out there who are considering between trump and sanders. i'm considering crossing party lines. if it's hillary i'm not going to vote for her. >> there's another piece to it. i think the unions, the blue collar unions are coming out for trump. >> it's really, that's
6:18 pm
fascinating to me. it is absolutely 100% correct. we are seeing the blue collar coming out in favor of trump in a really big way. he's got a very very interesting smart message. if you look at him, he's got five policies. one of his big policies is trade. trade is so important to unions because trade means jobs that are coming back to america. that is huge. people want to see manufacturing come back. in states like ohio, in places that are struggling all across the country, trade matters a lot. people trust trump and i think he's going to have a big time with unions. we haven't seen a republican like that in a long time. >> in a really long time. part of the problem is in '86 when president reagan said we are going to give amnesty and then everything will be on lockdown and it never happened, i think they now believe donald trump. always great having you on the show. thank you. hillary clinton takes south carolina. but can she take donald trump if they face each other in november? i talk with a democratic
6:19 pm
strategist about what many say could be an epic one-on-one showdown for the white house. plus can the donald win with women? it's one of the questions i asked his son when he joined me this week. my interview with donald trump jr. is still ahead. first, tonight's poll question. who will win big on super tuesday? facebook or tweet me. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch!
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breaking tonight, hillary clinton takes south carolina. but can she win against donald trump if they face each other in november? let's ask my next guest, democratic strategist mary ann marsh. all right, you are really, really smart. hillary clinton wins south carolina. no shock there, right? >> right. >> okay. is there anything about the demographics of it that you think is worth noting right now before we move on? >> well, no question. african-american voters came out in even higher percentage than they did in 2008 for barack obama. that is going to be instrumental to hillary clinton not only to win the contest coming up this tuesday, super tuesday, and the end of march, but for the general election. that is going to be the base of her support. she has to expand upon that and
6:24 pm
african-americans will have to turn out in numbers as big or bigger than they did for barack obama for her to beat donald trump. >> and of course, she's embraced barack obama. she's embraced the message of bernie sanders. there's a different person on the campaign trail. am i right? >> well, i think you saw tonight hillary clinton obviously clinton and trump, no matter what anyone else says, they are the nominees. we know that tonight. the math is against everybody else. so you saw her tonight turn to the general election, making an appeal to the voters that have supported bernie sanders. she wants the younger voters. she wants the more progressive voters who haven't supported her thus far. she is starting to make that appeal and she is going to make appeal to women as well. she needs to pick up more support of women. just like trump has sort of turned the tables upside down including your last guest where we talked previously about the fact that many union members, blue collar workers will support donald trump, businessmen will support donald trump, secular and evangelical voters support donald trump, hillary clinton has a chance to get a lot of
6:25 pm
independent women and i think she can get moderate republican women as well. so the conventional lines of democrat versus republican i think are going to change a lot and defy expectations as the whole race has so far. >> the whole race obviously with donald trump being the outsider who in spite of how hard the establishment, the republicans, are digging their heels in, he just keeps going beyond expectations. but what about marco rubio? he hasn't won a thing and is not projected to win much. how do you see him impacting donald trump and chris christie coming in and you know, i think getting into rubio's head. >> well, look, marco rubio's not going to win any states, period. he's not going to be the nominee. when he tried to do something in the last debate it was too little, too late. everything he said today in the last 24 hours, he does not have the standing with voters to make those claims stick, true or not. so marco rubio will not be the nominee.
6:26 pm
ted cruz will not be the nominee. this race is over on the republican side and over on the democratic side. we are moving to the general election. the only question now is how long are rubio and cruz going to make mischief and on the republican party, everyone's talking about the convention and all that. i will say as a democrat, look, great, go ahead, have at it, have your fight. i think that's wonderful. but if the republican party tries to deny donald trump, the nomination in any form, it would be so easy for him to leave the party, take on a third party bid and the republican nominee who would come out of there would come in third. period. >> knowing donald, donald wants to win. he doesn't want to mess it up for someone else. i don't know that they will go to a brokered convention. you have been right so far. what's your prediction on that? >> if they're smart, they won't. as a democrat i should be rooting for it but that's not what the country's looking for. everybody wants this fight to go to november. it's going to be trump and clinton. i think it's going to be the
6:27 pm
most epic campaign i have seen in my lifetime. i think it's going to be incredibly close. >> who wins? who wins? looking ahead with the crystal ball, who wins? >> i think it's just going to be so close. right now. and it looks like 2000. on election night i was on fox and said it would be the closest election ever. i think we might be looking at another one. >> it will be interesting. always good to have your input. thanks. donald trump really trounced marco rubio in rubio's home state. next, will weatherford joins me from florida as we talk super tuesday and blood feud between the donald and rubio. then, how heavy will the hispanic vote be on tuesday? we break it down straight ahead. i take pictures of sunrises,
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a cease-fire in syria is said to be holding despite numerous violations. many streets are relatively peaceful right now. people are out and shops are open as you can see there. the u.n. envoy to syria says it appears everyone is serious in their commitment. russia has grounded all of its war planes to avoid any mistakes. it has established hotlines with the u.s. military to exchange information about any violations.
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isis and al qaeda are not observing the cease-fire. yoko ono is home after being treated for flu-like symptoms. she was hospitalized last night on the advice of her doctor. her son tweeted today his mother is now home and running about as usual. he thanks everyone for their concern. the 83-year-old ono is the widow of john lennon. now back to justice with judge jeanine. a protester at a donald trump rally held up a sign that said make america hate again. here's what followed. [ crowd chanting ] >> the crowd booed him, bringing trump's attention to the protester before secret service could escort the protester out, a man in the crowd ripped up the protester's sign. the crowd cheered and started chanting usa, usa, usa.
6:34 pm
the protester was escorted out peacefully. my next guest was a dedicated jeb bush supporter and does not believe donald trump should be the gop presidential candidate. but with marco rubio and ted cruz continuing to get trounced, isn't it time to support the front-runner? former republican speaker for the florida house of representatives will weatherford joins me now. good evening, will. all right. what's the answer to my question? isn't it time to get behind the leader? >> absolutely not. this is a time to double down for a real conservative. i'm happy to tell you that i was a strong jeb bush supporter and proud to be, but i'm even just as proud to be a supporter of marco rubio who i believe will be the nominee for next president of the united states. donald trump is not a conservative. he does not represent our values. he's trying to hijack our party. we won't let him get away with it. >> let me ask you something. everybody keeps saying donald trump is not a true
6:35 pm
conservative. first of all, you don't win for presidency saying my one credential is i'm a conservative. that's not really the issue now. evangelicals care about terrorism and jobs. the democrats care about jobs. it's not about this political philosophy anymore. is it? >> well, we do care about jobs but let me give you one example. in the debate the other night i was sitting next to my 8-year-old daughter. we watched together. while donald trump stumbled over himself trying to explain how he would repeal, then replace obamacare, my 8-year-old looked at me and said daddy, i don't think mr. trump knows what he's talking about. i said you're absolutely right. he doesn't know what he's talking about. that's what's scary. people are looking for a leader with an optimistic message. >> why is he leading, will? >> he's leading because he's a professional salesman. he's an entertainer and candidly he's trying to pull a con job on the republican party. he's not going to be successful.
6:36 pm
he's not an entertainer. he's not a con job. he's one of the most successful businessmen in the country. let me ask you this. tell me how marco rubio has distinguished himself in the senate to make him worthy of being the president of the united states other than not showing up? >> well, he's done a lot, okay. >> what? >> first of all, he was standing tall when we were trying to reform the va. he stood right next to congressman jeff miller and helped reform the veterans administration in a big way. he also has been the leading voice when it comes to national security issues in the united states senate, making sure we are keeping americans safe. i mean, this is a guy who also, i served with when he was speaker of the house in florida, who wrote a book called 100 ideas on how to make the state of florida a better place. he's a leader. >> look at this. >> he's an optimistic leader. >> trump is 44% in florida. the people in florida don't even like him. >> that's the magic number, 44. but by the time we get to
6:37 pm
florida, ted cruz is not going to be in this race. he won't have a good night tuesday night. john kasich won't have a good night tuesday night. it's a two man race after tuesday. >> what do you predict, what is rubio going to win on tuesday? name one. he hasn't won one yet. >> look, it's a fair point. there's no question on tuesday donald trump's going to win the most states and have the most delegates. >> got to go. thank you. he says his dad is a job creator while the others have never hired anyone. my interview with donald trump jr. is next. ♪ ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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donald trump. is trump unstoppable? i sat down with donald trump jr. just hours after the last gop debate and before the christie endorsement to ask just that. here's what he had to say about his dad. >> thanks for being with us. you have had a rough night. >> little bit of a rough night. it's good. one hour of sleep, always fun to go do tv. >> the good news is your father has all these surrogates out there. you kids are so smart, so supportive, in it for him totally. it's a family affair. >> it is. we just believe in the message. we have seen what he's done for businesses for 40 years. people like to take a track record and turn it into a negative but he's done this time and time again. he has real experience. he has actually hired people. i love when people talk about creating jobs, people hired zero people throughout their lives. they are academics talking about it in theory, not in practice. >> let's talk about the debate. the debate was different and certainly was entertaining. but it was different in the sense cruz and rubio weren't going after each other, they were both piling on donald trump. how do you think your dad
6:43 pm
handled it? >> i think he did great. he's always going to do great. he's had to do it in the real world. when you are drowning, that's the most dangerous guy there. both guys are drowning, they see the numbers, they see what happened so far. wasn't supposed to ever do anything. my father was never supposed to be near this. he was supposed to be out by now. all of a sudden they are losing. you got to start throwing spears. he gets it. >> the amazing part is you have two latinos and your father is beating them in the latino vote. why do you think that is? >> because people are sick of the same old. they are sick of the promises, the nonsense. my father when he's talking to voters, he's not talking about, he has nothing against latinos. he hires a lot of them. we have thousands of them working with us. what he is, he wants to make it fair for them. those people are affected more by illegal immigration probably than anyone else. i'm not affected by it very much. those guys are. he's catering to that, telling them what they need and what's going to be a big difference. same with blue collar workers. you have someone talking with them, talking to them, not at them. >> the unions have historically gone with the democrats.
6:44 pm
i believe that there's going to be a different paradigm here. >> i think 100%. who do you think those guys are for? they will be for trump. they are not voting for hillary. the democrats promised all these things and never did anything for them. my father is all about the hard working american. he is finally giving them a voice, not saying let's run some sort of data base search and see when they want to hear, then we will do whatever our special interests tell us to do. >> what do you say to those people in the debate where rubio says well, you were hiring illegals yourself and you got fined $1 million. your father shook his head and said no, i don't know what it was. >> 35 years ago, something happened but that's the thing. you actually criticize someone who has a track record. over 1,000 deals, a couple things go wrong, that's normal practice. there's not a single guy who has ever been successful who hasn't had issues along the way. these guys have no track record. you can't talk about -- rubio can't say credit card bills and he's going to be in charge of the country. it's ridiculous. >> let's talk about, okay, the
6:45 pm
latinos and he's beating rubio in florida big time but not beating cruz in texas, although i understand that -- >> i think it will be really close. texas is always a different state. texas loves anything that's texas despite whatever shortcomings. but i think he will do great. when you look at the rest of super tuesday, i don't think it's even close. remember, he won in south carolina, where he wasn't supposed to. he's winning with evangelicals, winning with hispanics. he likes to joke he's winning with tall people, short people, skinny people, fat people. >> let's talk about women. will he win with women? >> he will. when you talk about a real track record with women, they like to say he's mysogenist. that's nonsense. that interview from howard stern, that's news as opposed to having fun with a friend and they try to paint him in a ngt way. in 1982, 35 years ago, long before there was ever any type of talk about women doing this and women doing that, like we have today, he had a woman in charge of building trump tower. in new york city. in charge of construction. in the early '80s.
6:46 pm
it's unheard of. know what he's about? he's about merit. if you are the right person for the job. >> tell me why there is so much establishment resistance. the "washington post" saying we got to stop trump, we have to make sure, i have never seen anything like this. >> i saw it yesterday. the "washington post," mexico and china all want to stop trump. guess what? the two countries ripping us off the most really want to stop trump because the game is over if he gets in there. same thing with the establishment. the establishment doesn't want trump because he's going to take their crony capitalism and eliminate it. you talked about the waste, fraud and abuse. you could shrink government so much, you could save trillions. we could then put it back into how about things that matter, education, taking care of our vets, fixing up the military. efficiency. that's what he's done with every company. >> some people were disappointed, your father wants to negotiate palestine whach. what do you say? >> he has had more awards from
6:47 pm
israel, my sister is orthodox jew. you can't start a negotiation when two sides have been fighting for decades. you can't start a negotiating by throwing sand in someone's face and say we're going to the table on equal terms. it doesn't work that way. the only way you will ever get anything done, by the way, it's incredibly difficult as they acknowledge, he's the only one that can get it done because he understands how to actually negotiate. he's done it once or twice. these guys have never done it. >> donald trump jr., thanks for being with us. >> it's a pleasure. thank you so much. with me now, former spokesperson for president george w. bush, republican strategist and fox news contributor, mercedes flagg. i want to talk to you about the latino vote. we know donald trump won in nevada at the caucuses, more than rubio and cruz combined. i know people say that was a very small sample but he still beat them. now, let's look at super tuesday. what states have a majority or
6:48 pm
large number, not a majority, of latinos and how will donald trump do? >> well, the main state to look at for super tuesday is texas. you are talking that when president george w. bush ran for president in 2004, he got 49% of hispanic vote in texas. actually, ted cruz got 35% when he ran for senate. so there is a window, an area there where donald trump could pick up these hispanic voters, many of them conservative, many of them who believe that the economy is incredibly important issue, many of them that believe that creating jobs is an important issue, which is a theme that i think sells well with hispanics and works well with donald trump. now, with that being said, the one issue that obviously, what i call you got to walk through that door with hispanics, is the immigration issue. that is where you have nationally the fact that eight in ten hispanics view donald trump unfavorably. >> let me ask you a question,
6:49 pm
mercedes. when you talk about florida, he's winning florida 44% again, in front of rubio and cruz. there's a big latino vote in florida. >> there is. there is. and there's also a large percentage of the republicans there that are hispanic. it's a very mix of puerto rican, lot of cuban americans, many of them that lean republican, that vote in the gop primary in florida. but here's the deal. in south florida alone you have had several of these gop republican congressmen who were backing jeb bush, now they have moved to the marco rubio camp so rubio does have the advantage of the hometown advantage in south florida in particular, and so donald trump will need to try to see if he can bring any of those hispanics into his camp. >> let's talk about the number of hispanics who came out for
6:50 pm
hillary clinton in south carolina or nevada, really doesn't matter, as opposed to the number that came out for the republicans. is there a larger -- well, first of all, i would assume there are more latinos are democrats than republicans. >> absolutely. definitely nationally when you are looking at the numbers, the democrats are at a clear advantage with the hispanic community. we see clear advantage with the hispanic community. we've seen it for example, when you look at 2012, romney really suffered. he only got 27% of the latino vote. and part of it is understanding, judge, before we used to talk about comprehensive immigration reform. we were softer, that was part of george bush's era. now, we say we have to secure the borders, which by the way the majority of the latinos agree with that position. but on the pathway to citizenship, what do we do with the undocumented immigrants, the
6:51 pm
illegal immigrants that are here. that becomes a big sticking point with the community and something that the republican candidates will have to figure out a good enough answer to get them on board. >> mercedes, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> your last chance, who will win big on tuesday. those results are next. everyone's lookin' red carpet ready. my man, lemme guess who you're wearing... toenail fungus!? whaaat?!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine... ...used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. jublia is workin' it! most common side effects include...
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now for the results of tonight's poll, who will win big on super tuesday? tim says donald, because the one sleeping giant is out there, get on the trump train, calvin says ted cruz because he is the only candidate proven fighting for the nation. ryan says my vote is for carson, he is humble, and fights for the nation. and kathy says donald trump because the hard-working people are fed up with the rest of washington, most of you want donald. make sure you log on and send me your thoughts on tonight's show. and don't forget, have you bought my book yet? if you're looking for a great read, pick up my book, he killed them all. remember to friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter
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good evening, and welcome to a special edition of "the kelly file." face to face with the candidates. i'm megyn kelly. we're coming to you from queenbury theater in houston, texas. very nice. you can feel the enthusiasm, where less than a week from now voters will take place in the biggest prize so far, super tuesday. that is when 12 states will hold primaries and caucuses. up for


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