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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  February 28, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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thank you, and god bless you, and god bless america. >> hillary clinton, a victory speech in south carolina after a big win. tomorrow the campaign goes national. and breaking down barriers and at one point possibly playing to the general election. we don't need to make america great again. america never stopped being great. a b, and krauthammer. charles. >> she had a big victory and classic example of why her a pole is notes inially inspired. the enthusiasm is low and
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democrats understand particularly compared to bernie sanders. sanders has a thing. you are being screwed and the game is rigged. she went for every constitiency in the party and showing how much it reloys on identity politics and hispanics and african-american and that is why it is a pudding without a theme and no enthusiasm. and in the end democrats have to worry about. >> in the day after new hampshire, there had been bad days and this is a good one? >> it is more than likely shoe sowed up the nomination and she has the establishment candidate and a political and dc candidate at a time that the country and craving anything but those things. >> she's getting, and
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texting down pat for dollars. bernie sanderses did a better job in that department? >> another reason why it was a missed opportunity for bernie sanders to get up and say to his supporte supporters, you need to turn out and this is it a rev lougz and he would have raised dollars if he spoke. you heard a lot of breaking down the barriers. it is her new theme. she came up with that phrase. and much of it was targeted to african-american. she needs to try to turn out the obama coalition in the fall as possible p. she talks about flint. and she beat bernie sanders on who can handle race relations by 25 points. she wants to replicate that and
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talk p trayvon martin and other moms who lost their sons. it is it over hand out to reach these people. and you are going to hear it from now on. it is it her now message. >> she's pitching herself as a fighter. and they are playing in the hall there. and i will fight for you. back in 2000. this is a huge, huge victory for hillary clinton and this is a turning point and she is on a glide path in the nomination and not over stated how significant it was. but bernie sanders put a ton of resources in south carl sxarl more than 200 paid full-time staffers and sfent upward withes of one and half million and tons of money and resources in south carolina and he wanted to be competitive and ended up not. and the thing that stood out to
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me in her speech, she is saying no executive is too be be to jail and that is a risky argument for her to make. >> hillary clinton, the big winner in south carolina. next we look forward to super tuesday. time is running out. >> there you go. you got. it with super tuesday just around the corner. >> the most important day in this election. >> i want you to go out and vote and knock them out. >> it is it a bare-knuckle fight. >> a con artistçó will never ge control of the party. >> little mouse on him. bing, bimg, bing. >> enough of the trash. >> and they are going to the polls on march 1st. >> are we a nation of and for by
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the people or of and for and by the government. >> win, win, win. >> and others a real shot the at being the next president. >> if you want someone to stand up to washington, ask yourself who has actually stood up to washington. and for the the democrats, hillary clinton wants to be the first female president p. >> i will your partner and president. and we will make progress together. >> but bernie sanders's popularity could bring him closer to the nomination. >> this is a campaign of the people and by the people and for the people. >> a whopping 865 delegates up for grabs on the democratic side on tuesday. >> i want you to have a chance to vote for and elect and served by more democrats. >> there is a political
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revolution brewing in this country and i can feel in austin today. >> who will come out ahead and will anyone call it quits? what do you need to know. >> mr. donald j. trump. >> tonight, in american election head quarter specialist. the road to the nomination and a super tuesday preview. >> welcome to washington, i am bret baier. in the next hour we'll give you everything you need ton to get ready for are tuesday's extraf ganza who goes a long way to determine who will be on the party's ticket in november. we have karl rove, considered the act tectof george bush's campaigns and he's in austin, texas. here in washington, joe trippi
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has worked on the presidential campaign and howard dean, and walter mondale and john edward. here on the pan ple. a b stoodard and charles krauthammer and doug mcelway. molly line in boston previewing the massachusetts primary. and stacey casy in dallas. with the texas primary and john roberts in atlanta, georgia and georgia is an assess win for hillary clinton. & donald trump is the leader for the republicans in georgia. john roberts is in atlanta, tonight. good evening, john. >> reporter: georgia was not an after thought in the nominating process coming so late in the game. but this year, secretary of state brian kemp created the sec primary of southern states.
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georgia could give donald trump a big night. he leads in the polls byñi 16 points and ted cruz and marco rubio have been be campaigning hard here and both in the state today. and rubio will be back on monday. he's hoping to convince voters to abandon donald trump insisting the future of the country and party are at stake. >> what happens if donald trump is nominee? >> i think it will split in poses. he will never get 1237 dell dpats to it be our nominee. >> and on the democratic side. hillary clinton more than doubles bernie sanders support. georgia is least red of the big southern states and they hope that shifting demographics can turn it purp and he will hillary clinton angling to do it. >> i need your help in the
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campaign and on tuesday. and i need you to convince as many other folks to get out and vote today or on tuesday. joishgs today because there is early vote nothing georgia. and there is a time that the democratic candidate would come out on top. in the end. senator david perdue won on the republican side and the advantage that the polls didn't show. it may be hillary clinton is engaging in wishful thinking this election cycle. >> texas is the crown jewel of super tuesday and most delegates at state and a must win proposition for favorite son ted cruz who needs a win to slow down donald trump. and casy ste gal is in dallas tonight. >> reporter: good evening, voters talking about the economy and to education and there are
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a handful of other issues that hit especially close to home for many texans. >> i think donald trump has a good idea to lock down our borders. >> for one month let them do without the hispanics and things will shut down in the construction yard. joishgs in a state where everything is bigger so is opinions on immigration. behind california, texans have largest number of illegal immigrants. >> all of the presidential candidates followed donald trump's lead on building the law. and on the democratic side. it is comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship. >> reporter: it is it a hot topic. there is the plummeting price of oil and thousands of lay backs
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and scale back. the analyst don't believe the candidates are focusing on it enough. >> 155 gop delegates are up for grabs in texas and making it the prize and all eyes are on senator ted cruz. >> he has a home field advantage. but he is an acquired test. they love him or worry about him. >> reporter: the latest poll out of the university. and senator cruz ahead of donald trump by 15 points. but there are other recent polls showing cruz and trump in a virtual tie. on the democratic side of things. all of the polls favoring hillary clinton. and the former secretary of state enjoying double-digit leads over sanders. >> thanks.
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massachusetts could be a bright spot for bern about -- bernie sanders. his views line up with the left friendly electorate. hillary clinton has won there before. good evening, molly? >> reporter: massachusetts is rarely thought of as a battleground state. but that's what it is in this primary season. secretary of state hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a dead heat. no doubt that sanders is heavily invested in this state. he held a largeeraly and droou drawing 8000. and he has held six. and secretary of state is not taking anything for granted and her husband holding an election eve rally wor shefter. and she featured an adwith gabby
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gifords. she is contrasting her opinion on guns with sanders. this face off with a senator from vermont isxd proving trump trump will be leading the polls over the traditional candidates like ohio governor kasich. >> donald trump will win massachusetts. massachusetts is a progressive state and we elect republican governors and no republican spent more time than donald trump. >> reporter: trump stopped by here and held rallies. and kasich is making a last-minute push. he held a rally and will be back with a town hall and a rally before super tuesday, brett. >> molly, thank you.
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and virginia has seen the controversy over a loyalty oath. donald trump is critical of party leader ares and hillary clinton has friends in high places in the common wealth. doug is there this evening. >> reporter: good evening, brett. virginia is one of only two swing states in the tuesday primary along with colorado. what happens can bear the general election in november. there was a warning sthot against a establishment from washington. and that's when a political science professor from randolph makon college upset a sitting house majority in the gop primary. asked then why he would run, brad said because washington d.c. is broke from head to toe right now. that sentiment is helping to it
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exmrin why donald trump can do well in virginia. trump has a commanding lead 35.7 to rubio 27 percent and cruz's 16 xdpercent. and then on the democratic side. no surprise here, hillary clinton is expected to do well here. >> it will be a shock if hillary clinton does not win virginia handedly considering that terry mccaula is the governor and managingment campaign. >> reporter: his ties run deep. he was one time chairman of the democratic committee. and co-chair in 1996. and chairman of hillary clinton's first run inçó 2008. pay close to the northeaster counties in northern virginia. four out of ten of the nation's
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wealthiest counties is home here. and that is the anti- washington sentiment is not as great as in other parts of the state or country. the african-american vote, i know you have talked p it a lot in south carolina. and 20 percent of the population of virginia and african-american. and if they go like they did, hillary clinton will walk back a big winner. >> we'll get a heads up on what to it watch for and where from karl rove when our if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months.
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>> we'll talk strategies. karl rove joins us from austin texas. and joe trippi who has worked on several presidential campaign. carl, what states to watch on tuesday, particularly. >> two groups of them and have what is in the rules and gives an extra to the person who win
2:23 am
its. they are porportional primaries x. if they are straight like virginia and trump wins with the vote that you voted from real clear politics. he wins 18. but what are the quirky points of the rules that drive up the winner's totals of delegates and one is a 20 percent threshold. you have to get it statewide or congressional district before you get counted for teleigates. texas is the largeest and georgia and tennessee the third. this is where who ever wins the state can get extra on the teleigates and then the other one states that have a requirement in a congressional, even if the candidates. the person gets two and guy in second gets one and the third guy gets 0.
2:24 am
and watch the results. that same trio. georgia, tennessee and texas. boom. >> boomph. >> got you. joe, we are talking republicans, it is 1237. that's the delegates that are needed and the specific number to get the republican nomination. trump locks well positioned, but what states do you watch that say this thing is going to go for a long time? >> texas is one because of can cruz win it or not. that is important. if he doesn't he's out of the game pretty much at that point. but the problem be with super tuesday. it is slow motion up to here. and we are talking about iowa for a year or two and new hampshire a year or two. and that's what they are focused
2:25 am
on and now it is like a freight train down the tracks and all of them coming at once. and donald trump who is well known andñr using free media an is not relying on ads and has a strong hold everywhere becomes impossible to get by and that's the problem for all of the candidates. rubio and cruz and kasich are still out there compoting everywhere. and they are not down to compete one-on-one and only in a now states. and the quick answer everywhere. and somebody has to break out and it may take rubio breaking out in one state and cruz in another. but right now trump has the upper hand going into super tuesday. >> carl, we know that you are not a donald trump fan and efforts apparently by you to reconsoil between rubio and
2:26 am
bush, is that happening? >> well, no, what that referred to, i gave freeñi advice for people kind enough to talk to me and i said to rubio and bush people, it was not useful to aim fire at each other. that's the extent of my participation on that. >> when you look at the delegate map, do you see donald trump rolling away. >> there are 595 delegates up for grabs and 600 delegates and if donald trump walks out with 300 out of that batch. this is over. but if donald trump walks out with less than a majority and significantly less. the race will go on. and that's going to be the global number that we need to look at. if he wins 9 or 10 of the contest and ends with 35 percent
2:27 am
of the vote. heñi will get 40 percent of the delegates and not go getting the rest. >> we'll be watching. joe and carl, thank you. >> so what are the voters saying about super tuesday. we'll talk about that when the americañrñi headquarters goes o will interview attorney general
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>> i will do whatever it takes and campaign as long as it takes and stay in the the race as long as it takings. will never get control of the party. >> he memorrizes the phrase. like the con man. i never said that. he said it so many times. trump is a con man. and the last thing i am is a con man. >> his defense of not releasing tax returns and gosh, i am being audited. okay, that's the reason to release your tax returns. so you are telling me a few months from now you are charged with tax fraud? >> welcome back to the the super tuesday preview. we like to talk to the locals on the ground. and joining us from nashville,
2:32 am
tennessee. joey garrison. and minneapolis star tribune. patrick conden. and austin texas brian rosenthal. >> we are talking republicans first of what tennessee locks like. >> a couple of weeks ago we were head nothing the thinking ted cruz with his base of evangelical supporters would be a favorite and we learned in south carolina last weekend, that trump is performing well with the evangelicals which is a wide base of the voters in the state. and the last poll showed trump up 16 point prospects and a heavy favorite as we are two-day or three days away. >> patrick in minneapolis. on the republican side how is it your state line up right now? >> well, cruz and rubio have
2:33 am
both been organizing for months. and i think they have built a good ground game. but the question is trump. we haven't had no polling and so it will be a state, he hasn'tt( paid that much attention and whether the wave can come to a state like minnesota, too. let me stay in minnesota on the democratic side. bern py sanders has a lot of hope for your state and had a tough loss in south carolina, tonight. how are the sanders's prospects in minnesota? >> well, this is a state that his campaign spent time in and he's speaking in minnesota tonight and half an hour and he was here yesterday. and we have seen sanders on either side and a state with a democratic party and arguably
2:34 am
aligned with what he's talking about and particularly after what happened to him tonight. a state like minnesota is a must win for him. and that is not to count out secretary clinton who with is organizing hard here and they are not taking it for dpranted either. >> brian texas and republicans. obviously ted cruz has big plans for his home state and donald trump is creeping up in the polls there? >> the gap has been closing, but still shows cruz on top and he got the endorsement of greg abbot and the former governor, and it is his to lose and an important state for him. there have been a lot of talk p how if he doesn't win with, his campaign has to end. and his cam 59 hasn't tamped that down. they agreed with with that. a lot riding on the election here. >> abbot endorsement a big deal
2:35 am
for cruz? >> he is popular and actually more popular among the republicans in texas than ted cruz is. and he has a lot of support. he can move votes. >> the issues that are most important in your states, joey first to you. >> it is hard to say whether there is one single defining issue. immigration issue caught fire anywhere including here. and probably start with that one and that is resonated with the republican voters here. >> and patrick in minnesota? >> you know, minnesota has a good economy, it is hard to get, and put your finger on one sort of polarizing issue. but when you talk to democrats here about the race on that side, the stuff that sanderses talks about is resonates. income inquality and wall street is on the minds of democrats here. >> brian?
2:36 am
>> immigration by far. that border wall is built it is built in texas. >> we appreciate your perspective tonight. and we'll tune in on super tuesday. >> will it be big super tuesday >> will it be big super tuesday for donald trump. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. its intelligent drive is paradigm-shifting.
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>> last night he was calm and i punched him around. well, i think, yeah, he's learning how to spell. but he's flying around on hair force one and tweeting and put out a picture of me having make up put on me at the debate and that is amazing that a guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for putting on make up. donald trump likes to sue people. >> and marco rubio changed his style on the stump. and we'll bridge in stove hays. and a b stoodard. and ron, with the national journal and senior columnist
2:41 am
charles krauthammer. rubio is full trump. >> relishing in it and got a bounce as if he was released to maybe his inner trump i don't know. what is interesting now, if you look at the polls for super tuesday, trump is on a glide path and it looks remark believe and would give him the bomph that carl talked about to get to the finish line. but the question is, is there a change in the dynamic of the race starting with the debate and continuing now in to this season of the pummelling of the candidates that they are giving each other. what was interesting, trump spent a lot of time in his speech on the idea that he is a con man. and the second effect it puts
2:42 am
him on the defensive and force the mainstream media to go into the issues that are raised. trump university and polish imdprants. it will not have immediate affect and it has to between the 15th of march. but is there going to be a change in the dynamic. and i think trump will sweep these races on tuesday. but narrow margins and look as if there is something happening one-on-one with rubio be and is that going to make a difference? >> and it could be cruz. cruz suddenly wins texas and wins two. but rubio, we are looking at the summaries of rubio's tax foilings. they earned an average of a million a year in his first four years in the senate and he paid 176 annually and a business that collects royalties on two
2:43 am
bocks. that is not the complete form and that is not to have the talking point. and his or out. ndonald trump should and donald trump's excuse was thin. just because you are audited you should put your forms out. and donald trump had a worst day in the campaign because his opponents realize the way you go and get under his skin is by rid cowl and mock him. but donald trump won the four contest 61 percent of the delegates and only needs 39 percent. that is a low threshold. that is impossible almost that he can't. each if cruz wins texas and rubio wins florida. and that is it big if. donald trump is in good position
2:44 am
to win with the nomination. >> it was a half million a year. and anyway, ab, where do you see the race? these states on tuesday set up the rest of the races on the 15th. >> marco rubio has until the 15th or florida. and tuesday will be decisive. he's won at such a pace with the delegates. he doesn't have to keep up the pace. it looks like he will get to 12 then. trump, soon. but what is happening behind the scenes, a discussion of whether or not it is better for all of the candidates to hang in and thereby protect each other and collect delegates here and there and take it to a contested convention or a way to get people out. i don't think ted cruz will go his own way. but the dynamibs of the throw.
2:45 am
kasich, cruz and rubio are are the big question. trump is on the roll. it is that second road here, they will decide if they hang in and have a strategy and three of them picking off delegates or pressure for people to love. kasich might be pressured to leave if it he loses ohio. but rubio if he doesn't win florida will hang in and they still believe in. >> the new york times has the story about the behind the scones and anti- trump candidate. but the exit polls, steve, middle-class, whites, overwhelmingly supporting donald trump and places in the midwest, that people are coming out of the wood work for him. >> they really are. i don't agree with the different ways that donald trump did this. but he has clearly found himself
2:46 am
as the voice for people who feel like they have not been spoken for. i remember talking to jim jordan, a congressman in ohio. what do you say to an out of work from ohio that voted for republicans in 2010 and voted for republicans in 2014 and frustrated and now doesn't have anybody speaking for him. donald trump is speaking for him. and that is to trump's credit. i have mean issues with the way he does it especially the past now days, but he is become that spokesman and it is it a important group for the republicans. and the candidates dismiss those voters or fail to pay attention to them. >> here is trump on the university. he spent a lot of time talking about it today. >> we have a hostile judge to be honest with you, the judge
2:47 am
should have thrown it out on summary judgment and because it was me, there is tremendous hostility. and beyond bloef. i believe he is spanish which is fine. he is hispanish which is fine and we haven't asked for rekwuzial. and if i didn't have a hostile judge this case would have ended years ago. >> it is like the mccain thing. and other stuff. if somebody else said itxd woul be a huge and she hurt the candidate. i wouldn't bet on that happening with trump. he has a te flon surface. but the fact he had to talk about it and that means he's on the defensive which is now. an effect? i am not sure. that is it a change in the dynamic be and whether rubio and others can exploit it we'll see. ted cruz released nine
2:48 am
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i think it does take me a little bit longer to get into the rhythm of campaigning, to feel what i'm doing and how it's working. i'm not telling you anything you don't know. i am not a natural politician
2:52 am
like bill clinton or barack obama. >> we were 25 points out a month before the election in nevada, we came within five points. and now, we come to super tuesday. >> well, hillary clinton may be getting into the rhythm. she had a huge win in south carolina in the democratic primary tonight and now she heads into super tuesday with obviously a pretty good position looking at all the states that are on deck. we are back with the panel. talking democrats. steve? >> look, i think the line we just heard from hillary clinton which she has now used several times, i'm not a natural politician, i'm not like my husband, i'm not like barack obama, i think it might be the single smartest political line i have ever heard from hillary clinton. it's self deprecating and makes people say she's going to work hard but she is not going to be as natural as others and almost dismisses any future mistakes
2:53 am
she makes. having said that, i think this turns tonight, this is a different election. she's on the glide path to the nomination. it becomes a question about james comey and whether she will be prosecuted. >> earlier, the exit polls had it that bernie sanders was tied, it changed and hillary clinton is going to win that and in fact, may win 75/25 in south carolina. >> it's massive, the best night of her campaign, maybe of her career. what it does to bernie sanders is devastating. he had 80%, 90% of young voters, only about 10% tonight. the message of this victory is for her to tell bernie sanders' supporters who think they are on the way to revolution that he's not viable. it is really a threat to his turnout in storms to come even where he's polling well. >> hosillary clinton is now the presumptive democratic nominee. >> period. >> the only thing that can change is the e-mail scandal,
2:54 am
something big happens there. no way the math adds up for sanders right now. she put this away. >> you want to leave me a lot of air time. i appreciate that. you can't improve on that. sanders, he's in his mid 70s. i'm not sure he felt at the beginning he would ever come near to winning this. i'm not sure even when he ran ahead and did so well in new hampshire, he thought he was going to win this. he's a leader of a cause. he will be remembered as if there are successors and i think there will be, on the left of the party as a luminary of that. he wants to go to the convention, he wants to make that speech, he wants to represent perhaps 40% of the delegates and leave a legacy. that's a little like ron paul on his side who never expected he would win but had a constituency and made a case. sanders is going to do better than that. i think that's exactly what he's looking at. he will be there all the way and
2:55 am
perhaps if the party heads left as it seems to be, he will be remembered as the founder of the sort of socialist element of the democratic party. >> but will bernie sanders have caused hillary clinton problems in a general election potentially by pulling her further left, if she becomes the democratic nominee? >> yes. i think so. she was going to run on barack obama's record anyway and he's pretty far to the left but every time she seemed to move to the center, bernie sanders was there to pull her back to the left. i think that causes her real problems in a general election. >> you agree? >> especially if she runs against donald trump, a political chameleon, can position himself wherever he needs to to grab power. >> i don't agree. i think she will reposition herself quickly and well and run more as a centrist. >> okay, panel. thank you. final reminder tonight, a huge week coming up on fox news. starting off with an exclusive interview on special report, attorney general loretta lynch joins me monday night. we will talk about the controversy over apple's iphone
2:56 am
defiance, cyberthreats and of course, the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. that starts at 6:00 eastern. our super tuesday coverage also begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern and takes you all the way through the wee hours of the morning in the east, thursday fox news hosts a republican candidate debate from detroit. chris wallace, megyn kelly and i will moderate. that's 9:00 eastern. thank you for enjoying this night with us and inviting us into your home. that is it for this america's election headquarters special. fair, balanced and unafraid. we have you covered all the way through to the general election. have a good night. thousands of people came out today
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you're watching "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. hillary clinton sails to victory in south carolina but her opponent not backing down. >> this is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. >> tomorrow this campaign goes national! we're going to compete for every vote in every is state. we're not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. >> a landslide victory there but


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