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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 28, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PST

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respond to your question, in your buzz feature. if you happened to miss our program, check out our replay this sunday afternoon. i'll see you on the night of super tuesday. and we're back here next sunday with the latest buzz. the republican presidential candidates now in the final sprint ahead of super tuesday. done touch, marco rubio ted cruz all barn storming trying to shore up last-minute support before voters have their say just 48 hours from now. hello everyone, and welcome to america's news headquarters i'm eric shawn. >> i'm arthel neville. ted cruz and marco rubio both soaping new lines of attack on donald trump, trying to gain much needed ground on the front-runner. >> you know who was helping fund the gaining of eight? little fellow named donald trump. it's interesting. he also says gosh i'm a business
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man. i write checks to everybody. you know what? you don't need to write checks to a bunch of federal politicians to build buildings. not like the city council you are trying to get away from. >> donald trump will never be the republican nominee. obviously, i want you to vote against him. and i'm asking you to photor vote for me. but i'm asking you to vote for me not just to vote against him. some of you have friends who have thought about voting for him. friends don't let friends vote for con artitieses. >> meantime, hillary clinton claiming a huge victory in the south carolina primary last night, handing bernie sanders his biggest defeat of the election so far. we have fox news team coverage on all of this, with peter dooszy live in columbia, south carolina covering hillary clinton's big win. and gary tinny in washington on the new fight over tax returns among the republican candidates. first let's go to chief political correspond carl cameron who is live in marion, alabama with a super tuesday
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preview. carl, sit the stage for us. >> well, donald trump will have a rally here, expected to have thousands of people. just outside of huntsville, alabama. and donald trump has been leading in just about every single poll of the super tuesday stakes that has been taken. one exception. ted cruz has a lead in most of the polls if texas, his home state. should the senator not be able to win his home state it would be very difficult for him to argue any kind of a path to continue after this super tuesday's balloting. in the meantime, daump has gotten more questions about the tone and tenor of his candidacy. he has been known the retweet the tweets of white supremacists in the past, in the last few days david duke the former grand wizard of the klu klux klan said to vote against donald trump would be treasonous against one's heritage. and today mr. trump was asked about it on one of the sunday shows and said that he did not know anything about david duke
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or the kkk and therefore couldn't or wouldn't disavow it. listen. >> i don't know what group you are talking about. you wouldn't want me to condemn a group i know nothing about. if you would send me a list of the groups i will do research on them and certainly i would disavow if i thought there was smog wrong. >> in 20 # 0 when donald trump toyed with running fon the refom tilkt ticket he said he didn't want to associate with the reform party us of the likes of david duke, he also mentioned pat buchanan, and lennora fulani who ran for president in 1996 as well and trump listed all of them as people he didn't want to associate with. he also was tweeting out mussolini yesterday. so he has definitely been busy on twitter. and he is very much under fire from his two rivals ted cruz and
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marco rubio. mr. cruz today suggested the reason mr. trump hasn't released his tax returns is because there might be something in it in the form of a bombshell and could include some of his work with the mafia. listen to this. >> maybe his taxes show those business dealings are a lot more extensive than has been reported. multiple mel pell news reports have reported about his dealings with s. and s construction, who is owned by fat tony salerno, a mobster how is in jail. >> fat tony in a presidential campaign story. arthel, that is a first. marco rubio and john kasich face major tests but not until march 15th when their home states vote. >> carl cameron, thanks very
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much. now, call me crazy, but do you think if donald's the nominee, the media and the general election is going to be okay with not seeing his tax returns. now, this is a man what prides himself of not being scared of things. >> what? those tax returns? ted cruz ramping up the pressure on donald trump to release his returns. this after the senator and marco rubio both released their tax returns capitalizing donald trump on his refusal to do the same. of course he is blaming an irs audit. garrett tenny joins us. >> donald trump has been impervious to any lines of attack from his rivals. but in the few days before super tuesday this line of attack is one that marco rubio and ted cruz are hammering on.
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yesterday as you mentioned the two senators pushed the issue further by releasing summaries of their own recent tax filings and this morning on the sunday talk shows questioned why it is donald trump has refused to do the same suggesting as mitt romney did this week there may be bombshells in there that trump wants to avoid getting out. >> on the other hand maybe it's the case that he's has given large sums of money to left wing groups like planned parenthood. >> if trump is president he is not going to make america great, he's going to make america broke like he did those four countries. >> they a gop front-runner argu he can't release his returns because the irs is auditing him and he needs to wait until they are finished. but this week the irs commissioner said that's to the
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the case and that trump could still release them if he wanted to. >> you can't learn anything from tax returns about net worth or thing like that. the tax returns are being audited. i have been audited for many many years. it is unfair. i don't know why but for some reason the irs audits me virtually every year. >> we should point out neither rubio nor cruz released their full tax returns as mitt romney did in 2012 and hillary clinton did last year. though they said he would be willing to if other candidates did as well. >> thanks. hillary clinton wins big in south carolina defeating bernie sanders decisively. clinton winning by rough lly 50 o'percentage points and dominated the vote among african-americans. bernie says he is hoping for a
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boost when voters from nearly a dozen states hit the polls on super tuesday. we go live to south carolina with more. peter. >> hillary clinton had been asking voters here to vote for her and give her a sponge send off before super tuesday. that's exactly what she got. clinton clobbered bernie sanders performing especially well with african-american voters. 86% of whoem voted for clinton yesterday compared to just 14% for sanders. and at a victory rally last night, clinton sounded like she is already thinking past the primary process and on to a general election matchup with the republican who is has racked up the most delegates so far, mr. donald trump. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. but we do need to make america whole again. instead of building walls we need to be tearing down barriers. >> the way sanders sees it,
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clinton won big here but he won big in new hampshire so they are on pretty level ground heading into super tuesday. and super tuesday has been the sanders' teams focus since before the polls each closed here. he didn't stick around to try to get out the vote in south carolina. instead he headed to the biggest delegate prize the day after tomorrow, texas. >> on super tuesday, the state that is going to be voting for the most delegates is the great state of texas. and if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your coworkers, we are going to win here in texas! >> the morning after the blowout loss, sanders actually won his fourth kongal endorsement, congress woman tulsi gabbard from hawaii what stepped down from her job as vice chair at the dnc so she could endorse
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publicly and cut a video for the democratic socialist senator from vermont. >> peter doocy. all the action kicks off this tuesday, march 1st. voters in 11 states heading to the polls that day in what is the largest round of voting in this presidential primary process. of course be sure to keep it right here on the fox news channel. we will have continuing coverage as the results roll in starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern tuesday. well, a contention issue in this campaign has been the iranian nuclear deal. hick and bernie sanders strongly support it while the republicans are vehemently against it. now it turns out the agreement is not even signed. the state department telling republican congressman lee zeldman of new york that it does not have to be. congressman zelden asked secretary of state carry about this and the curious absence of iran's john hack con. >> why didn't you ask iran to
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sign the nuclear agreement. >> i believe they did sign it. >> the letter that you sent said it is not signed. >> that is accurate. it's not a treaty. it is a political agreement. but the actual agreement between the iaea and iran is signed. >> okay. >> and that is a legal obligation. >> but the iran nuclear agreement, the jcpoa, the p5+1, whatever we call it, is not signed -- >> that is a political agreement, correct. >> what does all this mean, john dalton, senior fellow at the american enterprise institute joins us. ambassador, i buy a car. i sign for it. i buy a house i sign the mortgage. i go to apple bes, i eat dinner and i sign the check. is my appleby's bill, because i signed it, more legally binding than the iran nuclear deal sning
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it's probably worth more unanimous the iran due near deal. welcome to the fantasy land of international law. look, the iranians have said for 15 years that every agreement they've made with the europeans, with the personal 5, up to and include this vienna nuclear deal is simply a voluntarily undertaking on their part. they have entered it voluntarily. when it suits them to perform it they will perform it. and when it doesn't suit them they will walk away from it. they have at least been consistent. they have treated this as something they do out of the good of their hearts. i think they are already violating the vienna deal, they have been violating it since before the ink was dry. but there have never been resolutions for how binding this is in their minds. it is a powerly voluntarily. >> john kerrey said the vice
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president of iran signed the iaea agreement. >> that gives the iaea certain sfolts to monitor the iranian nuclear program. i i believe the iaea will do do what it can under the limitations that have been put under it, including being denied access to key facilities. but it is not an espionage agency. it monitors what is declared to and it what is open to it. i think it will do that and that's all it will do. it will not be a sure guarantee that iran is not violating the deal for example, by cooperating with north korea among others both on nuclear matters and on ballistic missile matters which are not covered by the deal at all. >> do you believe that iran is living up to its word in this deal? >> absolutely not. i think they never had any intention of living up to their word. i think that their objective was to get relief from the international economic sanctions, to get their assets
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unfrozen, to get back into international commerce, to try and bind the west in with economic deals that will be very hard for a new president to reverse, to get people to accept the inevitable about iran's continued progress, and with another year to go in this administration they are well on their way to doing it. this is path north korea went down in 1990s when it signed an agreement during bill clinton's administration. you could see a road map how to con the united states. and the iranians read the playbook and did an excellent job of it. >> you used the word inevitable. what do you think the inevitable is? >> a nuclear armed iran capable with ballistic missiles to hit targets anywhere on earth. other countries realize this. and that's why they have started
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nuclear weapons problems. the consequences are extraordinarily adverse for the united states its friends. it ought to be the subject of a lot of discussion in the upcoming presidential campaign, especially given hillary clinton's likely nomination since the strategy that barack obama pursued that led to the deal being signed last year was the strategy that started when she was secretary of state. >> ambassador john bolton as always we thank you for your insights. certainly we'll continue with this during the campaign. eric just two days until the most important day of the primary season so far. what the candidates on both sides of the fight are doing to come out on top. can donald trump and hillary clinton be beaten? want to get their hands on. if they could ever catch you. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you?
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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. sadly, another terrible reminder about the dangers that our police face every day in trying to keep us safe a. virginia police force mourning the loss of one of its officers. the first day on the job took a tragic turn. officer ashley gooden shot and killed responding to a domestic dispute right after she was sworn in. kristen fisher has more on the terrible tragedy from washington. >> this was actually the
9:20 am
officer's first shift as a police officer. on friday the department posted this picture of her on their twitter candidate with the caption welcome officer steven dendle and ashley gooden, who were sworn thisn this weekend and begin their shift this week. be safe. a warning. because that shift ended up being her last. the 29-year-old and two other officers were responding to a domestic violence call yesterday evening when they came under fire. all three officers were injured and rushed to the hospital where she later died from her injuries. >> we're still trying to learn more about what led up to this. the time line of the events that led up to the shooting. unfortunately the news of her passing hit a lot of us hard and has been something difficult to deal with. >> police say another woman, a civilian, was also killed. as for the suspect, that person was not hurt and is now in custody. that person is now facing a capital murder charge among other counts.
9:21 am
but we still don't know what that person is. who is the suspect? what happened? why did that person decide to engage three police officers at 5:30 on a saturday evening? and in a nice suburban neighbor. this happened in woodbridge, virginia, 20 miles south of washington, d.c. there are still so many questions in this case. we are hoping police will be able to answer some of these questions at a press conference which is scheduled to start here about just about 15 minutes. eric. >> kristen, we will certainly keep our thoughts and prayers to keep the officer in those thoughts throughout the day. thank you. back to politics now. the countdown is on for super tuesday. and if polling predictions hold out, hillary clinton is well on her way to victory in at least three states. a new poll shows her way out in front of bernie sanders in georgia, by 34 points. she also has a sizable lead in tennessee and texas.
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let's talk about this with vince coalin ace. political insiders are forecasting a super tuesday surprise from bernie sanders because he is neck-and-neck with hillary clinton in five states. still, can sanders stay alive without winning the african-american vote or the latino vote? and can sanders win the electability contest? >> well, he has definitely got an uphill battle. at this point, you know, he keeps arguing for a revolution. he will need a real revolution if he can't come out of super tuesday with any sort of close victories. vermont looks like clearly going to bernie sanders. beyond that he is in tough contests around the country. really for him the black vogt test that you just alluded to, he has already sort of failed. we just saw yesterday coming out of the south carolina that that test of whether he could accrue the black vote didn't work out. he admitted he got walloped in that contest. >> sanders supporters and campaign advisors they weren't
9:23 am
expecting to win in south carolina with the black vote. >> that's true. but they weren't even able to chip away at the margins. that's what they were hoping to do. they were not predicting a victory but they were hoping to accrue more of the black. didn't work out for him and it's adding favor into hillary's column going into all these states on super tuesday, the stc primary. she is going to have the southern states kaulg falling into her corner and that's going to make it difficult for bernie sanders. not the mention just today we saw defection from the democratic national committee over the party's support for hillary clinton and this person going to sanders, tulsi gabbard. it is an uphill battle. >> let's go to the gop nominees. let's talk about marco rubio first. he is more adepressive. and it seems donald trump has forced him to change the tone of his campaign. >> yes. >> do you think in the end rubio will be the gop nominee.
9:24 am
>> that would be a complete shock i think to everybody at this point because marco rubio has a small, small, small window in order for that to happen. yes, he's sort of adopted trump's tone, i think in an effort to get the earned media that he wants and proven to his supporters that he has the guts to go up on stage and fight against this guy. but marco rubio right now is not predicting any victories on super tuesday. he is just trying to get the delegate count up. if he can't get 20% in a state like texas, which is the minimum threshold for him to get any delegates out of this were tuesday then it seems unlikely he will get the nomination. donald trump has a big opportunity to close this whole thing up this week. >> speaking of donald trump, his bombastic style, should it win him the nomination, do you think he would change his approach in the way he would go after hillary clinton should she win the nomination on the other side? >> i don't know if he would change his approach to how he has treated hillary. he has been the one candidate
9:25 am
who has sort of been willing to bring up the ugliest words you can imagine about hillary clinton. he has already pulled out bill clinton's past indiscretions as evidence that hillary was -- >> excuse me, i don't mean his tactics. i mean his approach. i don't think he is going to be as bombastic and get into the silliness and the binge, binge, binge and all that with hillary. i think that's where he is going to see the art of the deal come out to play. >> i see. he has already promised to bring out a more empathetic candidacy. a couple months ago he was asked about this, where is the simply sympathetic and amp athletic trump we know. he said right now in the primary i can't be that guy. but in the general you will start to see that. you will see a gentler tone. but he will still be tough on the clintons. >> texas, georgia and tennessee
9:26 am
look at these numbers. cruz saying look this is a two-man race, it's him and trump. is he right? and how important, quickly if you could, vince, how important is it for cruz to win his home state of texas? >> it is essential. if he can't win texas, it doesn't seem like there is any reason to stay in the race. he has the lead right now, but donald trump has threatened him in texas. they are hoping that they can beat him of course in texas. but ted cruz has long made super tuesday the centerpiece of his campaign. his view is, look, i'm going to captivate the southern states i'm going to get all the votes. but the reality is once he gets past this and we get deeper into the calendar you are going to move to a lot more states that are not as favorable to a
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candidate like ted cruz. turns out the first case of zika virus transmitted threw sexual contact has now been reported in oregon. what this could mean for our fight against zika now and what we can all do to protect ourselves. the ds are here to fill us in, "sunday housecall" is next. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? hi this is conor.usic ) sorry i missed you. i'm either away from my desk or on another call. please leave a message and i'll get back to you
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