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tv   Sunday Housecall  FOX News  February 28, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PST

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♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. i'm arthel neville. time now for "sunday housecall." >> i'm eric shawn. welcome as always. joining us, dr. marc siegel, professor of medicine at nyc's longo medical center and author of the inner pulse. and. >> and dr. david samadi, chairman and professor of urology at lean objectionville hospital and chief of robotic surgery. good see you. >> good to see you. >> happy sunday. hope you had a nice week encinitas let's start here.
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there are no new concerns about the zika virus after doctors in oregon discovered their first case of the virus spread through sexual transmission. dr. seeingeling, should we be concerned about a major outbreak in the u.s.? >> absolutely not. that's a great place to start this. kind of a virus has never taken hold in the united states. dengue fever is very related. there is 100 million days cases in the world every year. it doesn't take hold here this. mosquito, even though we have it in our southern states hasn't traditionalbly picked up this kind of virus. you brought up sexual transmission. i want to alay some fears. i don't see it taking hold here, but you talked about sexual transmission. the doctor from the cdc said there is more sexual transmission than we were expecting. we're talking about 147 cases, 107 of them were in travelers that travelled down to affected areas. 40 are no puerto rico and related territories that we have. here's the concern, and it's not something to be afraid of.
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if you are a pregnant woman, they studied nine pregnant women who returned to the united states, nine travelers, one of them, unfortunately the child suffered microcephaly. that's where the money s that's what we have to do is protect our pregnant women. >> okay. >> i agree. we covered this about two or three weeks ago and i made it very clear that i don't think this is going to pan out to become a huge problem. part of it is because it involves pregnant women. and the partners have to have gone to one of these zika areas and will come back and possibly -- again, cdc is looking into the sexually transmitted mode because it's not routine. it's usually done through the mosquitos. it's not contagious. you can't get it from person to person. and it's foreign to recognize the signs and symptoms. so you are going to have fever. you are going to have rash. you are going to have red eye. and some body pain f. that's the case, if you have that, obviously, you need to make sure that you wear condomes, no unprotected sex with any of the
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partners. and the other thing is that pregnant women, the recommendation is not to go to brazil, not to go to the olympics, not to take any chances because of increased risk this microcephaly, which is a genetic development of small brain, et cetera. the other thing is, you can also get neurologic damage, something that we see in an eper extremities. it is a neurologic disease. it's also important to recognize that this virus can do night how do you know if of it? >> you can get a blood test. >> do you have symptoms. >> you probably have symptoms. again, if anybody has traveled to those parts of the countries, south america -- >> what are those symptoms? >> again, fever, body aches, red eye, rash. those are the symptoms. and it can become even more. but the numbers are very small. it's only mostly travelers. and what you need to do is everything we've talked about mosquitos. long sleeves, use some of these repellants. making sure there is no stagnant
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waters anywhere. i really don't think it's going to be a problem. and the fact that we are getting ahead of ourselves with the season coming in. [ overlapping speakers ] >> look, 80% of the time you done even know you are sick. that may scare people. even the 20%, it is a mild virus. like david is saying you get better in a week or two. it's almost impossible you are going to get hospitalized for this. if will be the any deaths associated it's extremely unlikely. >> incuation period, two weeks, you are probably more susceptible to get this virus. otherwise you are done. the only other thing that can happen is sometimes, like owe bowla, they become acute and they start to evolve and become mutated and i think the cdc is looking at this. i don't think it's going to be a big issue and i hope they don't spend a lot of money on coming up with vaccines. this is going to pass. >> hopefully -- i don't like cute viruses.
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not cute. >> meanwhile, coming up here on the program hundreds of thousands of people across the country get hip replacements. how do you know if getting one is right for you? coming up, we'll talk about getting a new hip, what you should do if you need it, and what you can do with your doctors. strayed ahead on "sunday housecall." >> announcer: "sunday housecall" is brought to you by al ka seltsdser heart burn relief chews for fast heart burn relief. taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. wenit gave me a leafput in the names almost right away. first. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy.
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we're back now with "sunday housecall." you know, hip replacements are so common. how do you know if you really should get one, or instead have a procedure they are now calling hip resurfacing. dr. samadi, when a doctor says you need a new hip, how do you know. >> we are seeing 400,000 surgeries of hip replacement this this surgery. the hips are major weight bearing joints and the whole
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body leans on that pelvic area. so you want to make sure that you are taking care this by doing exercise, losing weight, doing all the good thing. overall, wear and tear, osteoarthritis can affect those joints. what happens is you are going to have an unbalanced pal vis, a lot of pavin, immobility and it's going to interfere with your life and that's when these kinds of surgeries comes in. i want marc to talk auction about the medical treatment of this. as far as the surgery is concerned. you go to the operating room, jenrette anesthesia. you will stay in the operating room a couple of hours. s that incision of four to six inches. we will expose the head of the femur, which is a bone which goes into the hip socket. then what happens is you can put a new -- as you can see in the pictures you can see a new prosthesis going in. that's the form of this. this is basically a form of ceramic. and it gives you the mobility.
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and there are some complications as a result of this, but in the hands of experienced surgeons this works really well. >> it is unbelievable when people say they have them marc. how do you know when a patient comes to you? what do you look for? what do you tell them. >> you have to observe this over time. how bad is the deterioration on an x-ray? how much is your mobility limited? how much is it interfering with your life-style? are you racked with pain? now, have i tried things like physical therapy? has that happened helped? has exercising helped for you? what about weight loss. that's use. i have painkillers. unfortunately the non-stared oil drugs they are bad for your kidneys and bad for your liver. if you are stuck on those every single day that's not a good solution. so i can't suggest that. that's when i start working in coordination with an orthopedic. maybe it's getting time for this -- the operation itself is only a couple of hours but then there are months of rehabilitation afterwards and you could get wounds or blood
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clots. we don't go into this casually. >> some patients react better to this replacement than others? >> it's done mostly around the age of 60, 65. and they last 15 to 20 years. that's what the hips good for. but we see it sometimes in younger guys. and that's where the resurfacing comes in. you still keep the head of the femur, resurface it and maybe put a new ceramic on the top. the rofy is faster. until they end up with a real prost these sis. a lot of patients on steroids they may get stow necrosis, may actually lose that part of the femur. if you are also not only steroids, but exercise is very important, rehab after these exercises and surgeries are important. >> dr. siegel -- >> the resurfacing i want to find out more about that. >> i asked our chief of
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orthopedics about this. he said it's only in select patients in select hands. people that are really skilled at it. what you are doeg doing is preserving the head of the femur, the ball, and stick a plastic cover on that ball and replacing the socket a. lot of times the ball is not in great shape either. you have really got to know what you are doing. and the other point is can you do in minimally invase oifly. david does prostate surgery minimally invasively. can you do it through the scope and get the patient in and out in the same way. >> smaller incision, faster recovery. you also want to think patients that may have fractures. cancers that ma tas at that sized part of the hip. you want to take all of that into consideration. with mris and cat scans you can find out this mogs information. >> in the oler patients we sometimes use cement. in the younger ones we don't intend the use comment but then the rehabilitation is longer.
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it restricts your motion the cement, but we ten to use it in the older set. >> in the younger guys you will have bone that can grow in and you will have a biologic fixation and that's the important point rather than just cement that can stick to the socket in the older patients. >> crazy blew is coming. >> that's coming. that's the gluten. you've heard some concerns about gluten. is it reallied a bad as some make it out to be? we'll ask the doctors to separate medical fact from fiction. that's next. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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the segment about everything that worries us. should everyone be tested for gluten sense tiftd or celiac disease? are the tests reliable? i wonder if the concerns about gluten are overblonde. dr. siegel? >> that's a great question. here's what i think the answer is. first of all, if you have abdominal pain, weight loss, fever even vomiting, i start to think of this as a possibility.
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there is 3 million people in the united states with celiac disease. it's easy to test for. it's antiboats against something called gluten, which is in whole grains. it's twogleatin. your body will make antibodies to it and start to chew up your small intestine, if you have celiac people. that's 3 million people, but there's 18 million people long they have a gluten sensitivity meaning they have some of these same symptoms, weight loss, deefr, diarrhea, not doing great and i can't prove that they have gluten sensitivity because the tests aren't sensitive enough to pick it up. sometimes they are, most of the time they're not. i want to say one last thing. if i put you on a gluten free diet and everybody out there is going on a gluten free diet, guess what i have to cut out, something me and david are talking about all the time, mediterranean diet, fruits and whole grains, whole grains are good for your heart so i don't want to exclude them, especially wheat unless i have to. >> but the people who feel they
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are a injury jik to gluten, they go on a gluten free diet does that work? >> if you look at the question you asked, they feel like they have gluten free. it's interesting because there was a study out of the journal of digestion, they looked at all the people that they thought they have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. 90% of the time they were wrong and that's why if you're going to go on this gluten free diet it's bess to have the dig sis first. the way it works you get a blood test and you can get a biopsy of your small intestine. the difference between a celiac disease is that you will basically -- the difference between celiac and sensitivity is that the gi system in celiac disease is affected whereas with sensitivity it's not. bloating is the biggest symptoms, you have some food, you will get bloated, you have nausea, diarrhea and cramping and you're self diagnosing yourself. once you go on this kind of diet you are going to become malnourished, they are not going
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to get all the nutrients and it's not really good. be careful that some of the multi-vitamins they may have gluten so be careful with that. that's really important. it's everywhere. processed food, ketchup, cereal, pasta, pizza, but get tested before you self-diagnose and treat yourself. >> you get the test? >> it's overblown, eric. that's the whole point of this. i think it's overblown and overtreated. >> i agree with that. it's the stuff in wheat and other grains that give it the stickiness, the elasticity, that's what it is, but these restaurants that are specializing in gluten free it's the big rage, most people don't have it. the problem is if i test you i can prove you don't have celiac disease, i cannot prove you don't have gluten -- >> that's important. >> you can try an elimination diet for a week or two, but people get carried away with this. >> $6.2 billion by 2018 so it is a big market and a big hype in my opinion. >> there you go, we'll leave it there. if you have a question for our doctors e-mail at us housecall
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all right. so the oscars are airing tonight and some of the most popular beauty regimen sweeping hollywood are vitamin injections and something called iv hydration drips. so what are they and do they really work? dr. samadi what do you say? >> there are two components to this, one is the iv hydration which if you're absolutely dehydrated and running behind which is exactly how i feel from last night's party iv hydration is okay, but taking a lot of vitamins through iv, these celebrities have made this into such a popular thing, they're getting vitamin c and claim it can boost your immune system, vitamin b 12 to energy jazz you, make sure you're walking on red carpet with energy. they are going through preparations from their teeth, hair, there is no science between getting vitamins through
9:58 am
iv. too much vitamin d can affect your kidneys and bone, vitamin c can affect your liver. so i absolutely don't recommend it. i think you can get rest. if you're way behind you can get some iv fluids if you have to under surveillance of your doctor. >> i was going to say do you have to go to the doctor's office to get these injections? >> that was a great intro. i absolutely agree that that's the first point because do you know something, some people can't even tolerate iv hydration, how do i know you don't have underlying heart disease and don't know it. i give you intervenous fluids you can have a heart attack. i do not want to give iv hydration to someone who isn't out on a football field playing for a couple hours and suddenly gets dehydrated. your blood pressure will go down when you're standing up or sitting up, your heart rate will go up if you're dehydrate ds to the point where i might want to give you fluids. that's the first thing. if you're dehydrated i as a physician can tell and i'll know whether you need intervenous
9:59 am
fluids, you will not know. you will not know. >> who is doing this? >> celebrities made it very popular. >> in doctor's offices in beverly hills? >> no. no. no. >> the second point i want to make is about vitamins. david is right about this, if you have a well balanced diet you won't be vitamin deficient as well. the only vitamins i tend to see deficient on out there is vitamin d and b-12. i have to test you for it and see whether you should take it. it's not giving you any benefit to take it through an intervenous. >> this is done in a lot of medical spas, get your botox, go for lunch and they put an iv and give you this kind of stuff. it's dangerous. don't do it. there are cancer patients that are vitamin b 12 deficient, people who have major gi problems, they can't take them through oral path, that's when you can get iv vitamins. for normal people, celebrities that are going to go out just because they have some hangover, drink a lot of fluid, get some
10:00 am
rest and in my case i won't touch blue label whiskey the night before "sunday housecall." >> you have to be vitamin deficient before -- >> take your flintstones every day. >> drink fluids if you feel dry. have some gatorade. thank you so much, south carolina. >> the day after hillary clinton wins big in south carolina she says her campaign is now going national. she's feeling confident going into super tuesday. is there anything bernie sanders can do to stop her? mean while, the battle intensifies between donald trump, marco rubio and ted cruz as they each sit down with fox news. our political panel on what it means for super tuesday. and on that same day senate republicans meet with president obama over the fight to replace the late justice antonin scalia on the supreme court. including senator tom cotton of kansas -- excuse me -- arkansas. we will ask him if he has any plans to change his mind about considering any candidate the presen


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