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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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rest and in my case i won't touch blue label whiskey the night before "sunday housecall." >> you have to be vitamin deficient before -- >> take your flintstones every day. >> drink fluids if you feel dry. have some gatorade. thank you so much, south carolina. >> the day after hillary clinton wins big in south carolina she says her campaign is now going national. she's feeling confident going into super tuesday. is there anything bernie sanders can do to stop her? mean while, the battle intensifies between donald trump, marco rubio and ted cruz as they each sit down with fox news. our political panel on what it means for super tuesday. and on that same day senate republicans meet with president obama over the fight to replace the late justice antonin scalia on the supreme court. including senator tom cotton of kansas -- excuse me -- arkansas. we will ask him if he has any plans to change his mind about considering any candidate the president might offer.
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he's going to join us here live. welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington. i'm shannon bream. >> nice to be with you i'm leland vittert. thanks for spending your sunday with us. the gloves are off and the brass knuckles on as voters in about a dozen states head to the polls in less than 48 hours. at stake the biggest single day delegate haul of the election calendar. marco rubio says even if he doesn't win a super tuesday contest, he's going to keep pounding away at donald trump and he will participate in a number of events today including one in virginia. we have fox team coverage from the campaign trail. covering the nomination race on the democratic side mike emanuel in nashville, tennessee, awaiting hillary clinton, she will have a rally there a little
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later. coming off her big win in south carolina. we begin, though, with chief political correspondent carl cameron in alabama covering the republican race. hi, carl. >> reporter: leland, you were saying it's brass knuckles. there's a different type of attire and it would be a hood. we're talking about the kkk, the ku klux klan on the presidential campaign trail today. donald trump this morning on one of the sunday shows was asked if he would disavow the comments praiseful from david duke, the former grand wizard who said it would be an act of treesen against one's heritage to not vote for donald trump. here is what happened when donald trump was asked whether or not he would disavow the support and praise from the former grand wizard of the kkk, david duke. >> how do you feel about the recent endorsement from david duke? >> i didn't even know he endorsed me. david duke endorsed me. okay.
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all right. i disavow. okay? >> okay. >> reporter: well, that was last friday. two days ago. obviously mr. trump was asked about david duke and he disavowed. similarly, back in 2000 when donald trump was talking about running on the reform party ticket he also denounced david duke. he put together a statement when he made his decision not to run in the reform party and it said in part i understand david duke has decided to join the reform party to support the candidacy of pat buchanan so the reform party includes a clans man, a neo nazi and a communist. this is not a company i wish to keep. that was in 2000. now, this was this morning, donald trump again having disavowed him on friday and several years ago refusing to do so today. listen. >> i don't know what group you're talking about. you wouldn't want me to condemn a group that i know nothing about. i'd have to look. if you would send me a list of the groups i will do research on
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them and certainly i would disavow if i thought there was something wrong. >> reporter: he chose not to do that in morning and a firestorm erupted. there have been a series of tweets, john kasich says there is no room for hate groups in america in one of his tweets, ted cruz just a short while ago tweeted and said, really sad, at real donald trump, you're better than this. we should agree racism is wrong, kkk is abhorrent and now mr. trump has added a tweet which goes back and uses the friday dis a vowel that he said albeit brief, notwithstanding his refusal to do so this morning. really quite remarkable, shannon. >> remarkable indeed. >> very interesting. carl, thank you so much. by the way, a decisive win in south carolina is giving hillary clinton momentum heading into super tuesday. she's hoping to deliver a knockout punch to bernie sanders who appears to be at a disadvantage. sanders admits to being, quote, decimated last night but says he is looking to the future.
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senior political correspondent mike emanuel is in nashville, tennessee. mike, is there still a race? >> reporter: well, hillary clinton is trying to end it as soon as possible, shannon. so hillary clinton is investing time here in tennessee today hoping for a sweep across the south on super tuesday. hillary clinton visited two churches in memphis today and is on her way here to nashville on this her third campaign visit to the volunteer state in cycle. clinton reiterated america has never stopped being great but the job now is to make america whole. she continues thanking the voters of south carolina for putting their faith in her and last night took a swipe at her viral senator bernie sanders. >> america isn't a single-issue country, my friends. we need more than a plan for the biggest banks. the middle class needs a raise. and we need more good jobs.
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>> reporter: senator bernie sanders has not campaigned in tennessee, instead he will invest his time in oklahoma and colorado, trying to bounce back from south carolina. >> we got decimated, decimated. the only positive thing for us is we won the 29 years of age and younger vote and that was good, but we got killed. >> reporter: his concern now is making sure he does not get killed on super tuesday. bottom line, hillary clinton is trying to wrap this up as quickly as possible and trying to show a lot of strength across the south. shannon. >> mike, i have to say it's kind of refreshing to have a candidate not spinning it. i just owned it and now they move on. we know you're out there on the trail to see what happens next. thank you, mike. african-americans in south carolina broke for clinton 86 to 14. if those margins hold it would be nearly impossible for bernie
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sanders to win some of the key states come tuesday. susan joins you now. as shannon noted mr. sanders isn't spinning this. he called it decimated down in the south. does it matter in terms of how badly he lost south carolina going into tuesday? >> i think the numbers matter. first of all, he did win the under 30 crowd, but if you look at the african-american vote, hillary clinton won almost 90% of those voters. if that trend continues as we go into the super tuesday state he could end up getting really clobbered and she could sew this thing up because almost 40% of those voters are nonwhite coming up in these next dozen or so states. so it's going to be tough for him to win and she could rack up enough delegates to be at least 100 ahead of him in the count and if you do the math and it's a lot of math because it's almost 3,000 delegates that have to be dold out between now and the nomination but he would have to win 60% of the remaining
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delegates in order to win the nomination after super tuesday if predictions turn out with hillary winning big on tuesday. that doesn't give him a viable path to the nomination. the question will be after super tuesday what, if any, path does sanders have going forward. >> what, if any, path and also the issue if the clintons continue to sew up the super delegates. one continuing thing happened this morning, the congresswoman from hawaii went on "meet the press" and resigned from the dnc so she can do this. >> i am resigning from the dnc so that i can support bernie sanders for president. i'd like to tell you why. as a veteran and as a soldier i've seen firsthand the true cost of war. i served in a medical unit during my first deployment where every single day i saw firsthand the very high human cost of that war. i see it in my friends who now a decade after we've come home are still struggling to get out of a black hole. i think it's most important for us as we look at our choices as to who our next commander in chief will be is to recognize
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the necessity to have a commander in chief who has foresight, who exercises good judgment, who looks beyond the consequences, who looks at the consequences of the actions that they are looking to take before they take those actions. >> does this move the needle at all, susan? >> look, sanders has a lot of enthusiastic support, he is still drawing huge crowds, still has a lot of money, enough to keep him going beyond super tuesday if he chooses to do so even if he is way behind in the delegate count. i think that she represents a group of people who really feel they don't want an establishment candidate to win the nomination. there are a lot of people who feel that way. it's just a question of strategy. how can they win the delegates the way it was set up. it's in clinton's favor and that is sanders' biggest problem. he has the money, the young people behind him and big crowds showing up, a lot of enthusiasm. it's just the math. the math is not working in his favor. he doesn't have nearly as much support on capitol hill as
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hillary clinton has, but he has some, but he won't win that super delegate count you just talked b those are the elected officials. it's not stacked in his favor. she is a voice among those who feel that an establishment candidate is not who they need this one. >> one of the big things that hillary clinton has on her side is bill clinton who has been out campaigning and so much of an issue was made back in 2008 in terms of is hillary clinton an asset or liability out on the trail. so far he has been both as we've seen him in new hampshire, we've seen him in south carolina. check out this sound bite from yesterday that raised a lot of eyebrows. >> benghazi, they were killed and your wife tried to cover it u up. >> go ahead. >> >> those four lives, those four american lives. if someone lost their grandchild, son, brother -- >> did you serve? >> yes, i was a marine. >> bill clinton went on to tell him to sit down and shut up so he could answer the question. as we look at it, susan, how is
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this going to play out as bill clinton sort of ends up speaking to larger and larger audiences conceivably things get nastier and nastier? >> bill clinton was both a help and hindrance to hillary clinton in 2008 those of us who followed both of them around on the campaign trail occasionally said things that offended minority voters who help hillary clinton in 2008, there were a few occasions when that happened and i expect we will see things happen along the way like what we saw yesterday, but overall i feel like he is a help to her and he is a help to any establishment democrat. he really helped president obama sew up a reelection in 2012 by getting on stage at the convention and defending his presidency and i think he will do the same for hillary clinton. he is still amongst democrats a very popular figure and overall he's great on the campaign trail, but things like that show you that there are vulnerabilities in the clinton campaign having to do with benghazi and other issues and that's going to come up to always making her vulnerable as we go forward. >> we will see how those
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vulnerabilities play out. bernie sanders so far hasn't tried to exploit them especially when it comes to benghazi. susan from the washington examiner, thank you, ma'am. all right. we are of course less than two days out from super tuesday. 48 hours until the polls open and the presidential campaigns are turning up the heat on each other. our political panel is going to weigh in on the march 1st primaries coming up a little bit later in the show, plus 2:00 p.m. eastern, you don't want to miss this, chris wallace talks with republican front runner donald trump and the two men hoping to overtake him, senator ted cruz, senator marco rubio. they have some very choice and strong words, some fireworks in at least one interview. keep it right here on fox news all sunday afternoon. fox news sunday coming up after the show. . on tuesday top gop senate leaders are scheduled to take part in a meeting with president obama regarding a supreme court reese placement for the late justice antonin scalia. will they stand by their promise to refuse to act on any nominee
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and should they? joining us to talk about that gop senator tom to then of arkansas. great to have you here today. >> great to be on with you. >> there's so many things i want to talk to you about but let's start with that scotus nomination. do you see any gone senators willing to have a hearing, have a vote of any kind? >> no, shannon, i don't. first off let me say this about justice scalia, he was a great jurist, american and great man. whoever ends up taking that seat on the supreme court will not replace justice scalia, he is irreplaceable, they broke the mold when they made him. now, on the process to fill that seat we think the american people deserve a say in this. every four years american people get a say on who will control the white house and the congress. thgs a great occasion in which they will also have a say in who controls the supreme court. we think we should let the american people with a he in on who should make that appointment. >> how do you respond to critics who say it's the president's prerogative to no, ma'am nalter someone and the senate should consider that individual? >> in 2014 the people had a say,
10:14 am
this he said stop, they want nod more of the overreach from barack obama and they nominated a republican senate. they did not elect a republican senate to create a new supreme court that will rubber stamp the obama agenda, particularly in light of the fact in 2013 the senate democrats broke the rules of the senate, specifically to pack the courts of washington, d.c. so president obama's executive actions wouldn't receive appropriate review. that's another reason why we think it's important the american people have a say here. >> are you worried at all about political backlash in this decision if the white house -- hillary clinton, if she is the eventual nominee out on the campaign trail saying the obstructionist gop is shutting down washington, you have to elect me so i can appoint someone to the supreme court and get it done. >> no, i think hillary clinton should be worried about political backlash. justice scalia was the deciding vote and wrote the opinion on the case that recognized what the constitution plainly says, all americans have the right to keep and bear minds, defend him-
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or herself and their families. those issues will be at stake on the election trial this fall. >> this week the president laid out how he plans on closing down gitmo. you are a veteran who has fought overseas with regard to a lot of the individuals and issues that are tied up in gitmo. he also talked about the fact that there is a plan to bring some people here at least he wants to do that. there has been bipartisan opposition to that. your response? >> widespread bipartisan opposition. over 90 votes every year in the senate for the last seven years. we don't need to bring hardened terrorists from guantanamo bay to the united states. that's all that are left there. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is refusing to weigh in and approve the transfer of some of these detainees to other countries. we don't need to bring these hardened terrorists to the united states and that's why federal law has prohibited it and just this week attorney general lynch and the nominee to be the general counsel of the department of defense say that
10:16 am
federal law prohibits this kind of action. i would expect military officers to refuse to bring any detainees to the united states as federal law prohibits. >> also bipartisan support in the senate for a criminal justice reform measure, you're opposing it at least in some measure, why? >> i think there's things we can do to reform our criminal justice system but we have to look at the details. we could reform your prison system so prison isn't dangerous to corrections officers or people who are in prison. we could do a lot of work to focus on rehabilitation and redemption of prisoners because if you don't get life without parole or death then you are going to be back on the streets and we should try to get those people back on the right side of the law. i think we should address the overcriminal zags of private conduct in this society. i don't think that we should let hardened violent felons back on to the streets because inevitably they will commit heinous crimes. a federal prisoner who benefited if early release from previous guidelines brutally stabbed and murdered his ex-girlfriend and
10:17 am
her two small children. i'm afraid we will see that kind of thing again if we go forward with the legislation as it's written. if we make sure that it doesn't let violent felons back on the street that might be a possible path forward for legislation. >> are you confident it could be amended or tweaked in a way that it could eastern your vote? >> it is possible. we will have to look at the details. there are very few people in the federal prison system who are not hardened drug dealers and traffickers. people who, you know, got arrested for just carrying a dime bag of marijuana or an individual sized dose of heroin or cocaine, they generally don't get in federal prison. in arkansas they really don't get in state prison, either. for those very rare cases in which there is a manifest injustice, my case would be that's why we have a presidential pardon. the first republican president abraham lincoln was the most merciful and charitable of all presidents. for those hard cases we do have a means to make sure justice is done and that's the presidential
10:18 am
pardon. >> we will keep an eye on that issue. senator tom cotton thanks for coming in. goo to see you. the same day she took the oath of office a virginia police officer dies in a hail of gunfire. in the last hour police are telling us more about this tragic incident. >> prince william county police department is in very deep mourning over the loss of officer ashley guindon last night. our condolences go out to ashley's mother and her extended family as well as all of her loved ones throughout this department and beyond. overseas the truce holding in syria. it was fragile to begin with, we will get the latest on what the russias are doing. plus an astronaut gets ready to come back down to earth, our conversation with scott kelly marking one year in space.
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the nusra front and isis are not part of the ceasefire, it appears to be holding in syria but there are reports of violations. some syrian residents who haven't fled completely are moving back to clean up what's left of her bombed out homes but
10:23 am
a rebel spokesman worries continued breaches could stop the resumption of u.n. brokered peace talks. i see him starting to sweat, like i have never seen anything like it. thank god he has really large ears, the biggest ears i've ever seen, because they were protecting him. it was going -- >> he's making fun of me for wearing makeup so how can it be, how can a person with the worst spray tan in a attack me? he should sue whoever did that to his face. >> lightweight, rubio. total lightweight. little mouth on him. bing, bing, bing. >> how do you bankrupt a casino? the house always wins. >> trump is a con man. trump is a con man. the last thing i am is a con man, folks. i built a great business. >> so say mr. trump. there's a lot more where that came from and yes those are both
10:24 am
leading presidential candidates for the republican nomination. here for a fair and balanced debate fox news contributor pete snyder and emily tisch sussman who is the campaign director for the center for american progress action fund. pete, first to you. rubio continues pounding away at trump, con man, con artist, hair force one. too little too late by marco or does he have trump rattled? >> i was half expecting john seena to pop out of the back screen. i think this has gotten a little out of hand. i think it is a little too little too late. we had months and months to see who could be the alpha and stand up to trump and no one did. i understand the strategy of marco trying to make it a two-person race but this thing is all but over on the republican side. >> things change at all? >> look, i think that's probably right but i think he has to try. i think to have trump as the decided front runner and to go in with the nomination, i think must be very scary for a lot of people, particularly a lot of
10:25 am
republicans. for as many people that support him there are twice as many that say they would never vote for him and those are just republicans. it is very difficult to see how he does well in a general election. so i think you have to try. you can't just concede it all together. they really haven't gone after him so far. >> we saw this morning the reporting from carl cameron about this david duke dust up where on friday he disavowed david duke, the kkk leader's endorsement, today on the sunday show he said i don't know anything about t i would have to look into these groups and get back to you. does that matter with republican voters, those kind of thing, but people who are already supporting trump they don't care whether he dis a vows something that david duke has said or not? >> i think trump has tried to be the anti political correct guy. leland, we all know kkk, david duke, easy answer, disavow, it's disgusting, they're horrible groups not right for leadership. so this one is a head scratcher, but donald trump is trying --
10:26 am
>> democrats have to love this, great on significance research on trump if he's the nominee. >> it's almost like there's no book for this. there's nowhere to go. how could you possibly script a leading candidate that wouldn't automatically disavow the kkk. there's almost no playbook for this. he's writing it himself. >> or you have to pull old sound bites. you made the point about marco trying to make it a two-man race, pushing out cruz. for the past 48 hours or so we haven't heard much about ted cruz, he wanted to change that. take a listen to him on fox news sunday today. >> chris, every accusation you raised there is incorrect. i appreciate your reading the donald trump attack file on that. >> come on, sir. you personally -- wait a minute. wait a minute, sir. you personally apologized to ben carson on a debate stage. you fired your communications -- >> please, don't interrupt me. >> chris, please don't interrupt me. >> please, don't accuse me of
10:27 am
something i didn't do. >> go ahead, chris. >> don't accuse me of doing something i didn't do. two of those things, you apologized for one and fired your communications director. don't say this is the opo file. >> chris, our campaign from the beginning has been the highest level of integrity when others have engaged in personal attacks and insults. we don't respond in kind. >> is cruz still relevant? >> absolutely. he is number two in the race, the only guy who has won a race -- contest besides trump. come wednesday morning i think he is going to have a pretty large lead on marco rubio. he is absolutely relevant. >> so he is still pounding away. emily, last word to you. >> i think it is very difficult for cruz to see a path forward and he thinks hitting the media is the place to go. this is the third zat when he hit the media and got huge applause lines and he thinks that's the path to it. >> it was not a sustainable strategy overall.
10:28 am
we saw rubio hit the media at all over saying they're scared of trump. we will see if anybody is scared of the media. >> great way to go to insulate you from any attacks. it's just the media. >> when in doubt, blame them. >> all right. emily, pete, thanks, guy. appreciate it. all right. so pretty soon the voters will have their say and for all your election results stay right here, fox news. live coverage starts 6:00 p.m. eastern on tuesday. megyn kelly, bret bear. another terrible reminder of what can happen when you protect and serve coming up. a community is in mourning after a policewoman was gunned down after just rejoining the force, new details on the investigation and the suspect coming up. also where the suspect worked is pretty concerning. plus after hundreds of meals on the international space station scott kelly is no doubt looking forward to probably a little home cooking, maybe barbecue. we will hear from the cast naught about the ups and downs of one year in space. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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we're learning more on this just the past hour or so. an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon is in custody now accused of fatally shooting a virginia police officer who was just back on the job. he's also accused of killing his wife and injuring two other police officers when they came to respond to a domestic dispute. officer ashley guindon was sworn in friday, just one day later she died in a hail of gunfire. kristen fisher has been following this story as it breaks out of virginia and joins us now. >> reporter: so the pentagon just confirmed the identity of the alleged shooter, ronald hamilton, an active duty army staff sergeant who worked at the pentagon. he is accused of shooting and killing his wife and a 29-year-old marine veteran who was on her very t. first shift
10:34 am
as a prince william county police officer. on friday the department posted this picture of officer ashley guindon with the caption, welcome, officer, steven kendall and ashley fwunden sworn in today and begin their shifts this weekend. be safe. less than 24 hours later she was dead. >> she was not only driven and passionate but exceedingly intellige intelligent. she struck us that way as we interviewed her prior to hiring and her rehiring her and it's always the type of officer we're seeking that type of passion, intelligence. >> officer guindon and two other officers were responding to a domestic disturbance at a home in woodbridge, virginia, a nice suburb, 20 miles south of washington, d.c. police say when they approached the front door the suspect opened fire. all three officers were hit and rushed to the hospital where officer guindon later died. the other two officers are alive but their conditions are unknown. as to the suspect he later surrendered without further
10:35 am
incident when officers were able to search the home they found his wife dead and also an 11-year-old boy who was not hurt, he is being cared for by friends and family. the suspect is facing several charges, capital murder of a police officer, first degree murder of his wife and two counts of malicious wounding of a police officer. he will likely be arraigned in court tomorrow morning. the prince which will y'all county police department's chief says his department is in deep mourning. officer guindon had interned with the department several years ago while in graduate school. she had finally become a full-fledged officer only to be killed allegedly by someone else who knew what it meant to wear a uniform. shannon. >> there's just so many things so difficult to understand about this can i say. thank you for the new details. >> you got it. on wednesday the supreme court is going to hear what could be a landmark case about what kinds of restrictions states can or cannot put on abortion clinics and doctors. the case arises out of texas where opponents of a state law
10:36 am
that requires, among other things, that abortion doctors have hospital admitting privileges within a 30 mile radius, opponents say it will severely limit access to legal abortion. joining us to talk about the case and more elizabeth wydrop. and carrie sibarino. good to see both of you today. >> great to be with you. >> elizabeth, what is at stake here in this case? >> so more than 40 years ago the supreme court affirmed that a woman has the right, the constitutional right, to make decisions for herself about her life, including whether or not to end a pregnancy. these laws shut down the infrastructure by which a woman exercises that constitutional right. they would close nearly all of the clinics in texas and they make an end run around the constitution to say, okay, maybe you have this constitutional right but we are not going to let you exercise it. i think that the supreme court is going to recognize these laws for what they are, which is not about the health of the woman.
10:37 am
you have mainstream medical community coming in to say that they are not helpful to a woman's health. in fact, shutting down these clinics are dangerous because people will have to face other ways of trying to terminate a pregnancy if that's the decision they've made with their doctor, their family, their god. i think the supreme court is going to recognize these decisions for the sham law that they are, that they're really just focused on shutting down a woman's constitutional right to choose for herself and not really about the health at all of the woman. >> and those who support this and helped to get it passed in tacks and other states have similar laws that may be impacted based on what the court does, they say it's about setting surgical standards, about setting -- they say -- regulations in health standards that they argue benefit a woman. >> absolutely. i think it's ironic that this case is named after an organization whole women's health that claims to have women's health in the name and yet is fighting for lower health standards. the laws in texas simply say that abortionists need to have
10:38 am
admitting privileges at local hospitals, that's something the national abortion federation says you should look for in a doctor, they raise the standards to be on par with other outpatient surgical procedures. these are things designed particularly in the wake of the atrocities that we saw that goznel committed that the state wanted to make sure that that's not something that would be able to happen in texas. it's likely to be a 4-4 or 5-3 decision, a close decision and that highlights how important this vacancy on the supreme court is because, you know, we see the kind of extreme liberal justices the president would like to put on, probably who would like to remove any ability for states to just enact common sense regulations on abortion. i think that's why the people deserve to have a voice in who this other final seat on the court will be. >> all right. i want to have quick answers so we can get both of you in. how much, elizabeth, do you think it wil make a difference justice scalia will not be a
10:39 am
part of hearing or deciding this case? >> i don't think this case will make that much of a difference. i think what we're looking at here on the supreme court is looking to justice kennedy and his jurs prudence on the full and equal liberty that all americans men and women enjoy under the constitution and justice ginsburg, people wall iz siship, people have the rights to make their own decisions about complex personal parts of their lives. i don't think his vote would have been determinative but it's interesting in the sense that if it did split 4-4 we might have wanted to put the case on for rehearing, but if you have republican obstructionists saying you are not going to get a person on to the court until deep into 2017 you're really shutting down the supreme court on crucial issues like this. >> carrie, quick final word. >> i think it will turn on justice kennedy. if you look at his jurs prudence before he realized that states have to have reasonable accommodation gs to make sure abortion is done in a reasonable way and to protect their health. i think there will be an opportunity for people to make
10:40 am
this call. it may be reheard if it's a 4-4 decision regardless of when the seat is filled. we'll see. >> i may see both of us over there on wednesday. busy week in the court. thank you for coming in. all right. identical twin bothers separated by more than 200 miles of space. outer space. now one year later scott kelly is returning home for the conclusion of the ultimate science experiment with mark kelly. we will have more on that, you'll hear from him next. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day.
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check this out, astronaut scott kelly tweeted this photo to all of us here. kelly has been in space for nearly a year and says this is one of the best sunrises he's seen. you know, he's seen a lot. the international space station circles the earth 16 times a day, that means 16 sunrises and sun sets every day. in his only one-on-one interview with fox news scott kelly told us how he feels about the last week he will spend on the international space station. >> it's been 12 months, we've
10:45 am
been following astronaut scott kelly as he orbits around the earth in space. he along with russian astronaut left work to work aboard the international space station. kelly's twin brother mark stayed behind. they are helping to measure the physical and psychological affects of living in space. now 337 days later scott kelly is ready to get home. with less than a week in space i asked him about his out of this world experience and what he'll miss the most. >> the stuff that i'm going to miss is doing -- working on a project, working on things that i really believe in. i believe very strongly in something that's very, very important and working, you know, kind of on the tip of the spear, so to speak, as the person that's operating the space station and performing these experiments. living in an environment like this is very, very difficult, very challenging and then, you know, being successful, you
10:46 am
know, with that and the sense of satisfaction you get. you know, i think i'm going to miss that. i'm still going to obviously be involved in the space program when i get back, but that's the part i'm going to miss. >> can you explain to us the science behind some of the tests that will be conducted. obviously comparing you with your brother, and that tests have already taken place over the past 11 months. >> there is a bunch of different studies that involve me and mark. and that's -- you know, that's one part of the larger science program of 400 different science experiments we have going on while i'm up here, but through the course of this whole year, actually even before i launched, you know, i have done -- i don't know how many cat scans, mri secret service, bone scans of various types. we do ultrasounds up here, we're measuring our bone density, changes to my muscles including my heart, vessels, you know, in
10:47 am
my body, affects of radiation on mark and i on a genetic level, psychological tests. so a whole -- you know, a whole battery of different kinds of science. you know, those tests will continue well after i get home. >> if you could elaborate a little bit more on the psychological. you know, you have a family at home. how has this year before for you to be apart from them? >> oh, it's tough, you know, when you have -- you know, you have a family, all families, you know, at times will have issues where they, you know, could use your help and your presence and -- in person and not just on the phone. so, yeah, it can be tough at times, but we've worked together at it and i've supported them as best as i could and they supported me and, you know, here we are with a week left. >> i do want to bring up another experiment. you do have a space garden, a lot of us have been watching you
10:48 am
on instagram and watching you on twitter. i know you also tried to grow some lettuce over the summer. how is your garden going? >> well, the lettuce we harvested, man, it seems like it was a lifetime ago. the flowers that we grew, we wanted to grow some flowering plants up here to, you know, demonstrate our ability to do that and we grew zineas that had issues at first but i was able to get them back into good shape. we harvested them as well, i did that on valentine's day and took pictures. we're going to have some more, i'm not sure when, but we will have more stuff growing up here, like the lettuce that we can hopefully consume and learn more about growing things in space. >> thank you so much for joining us, scott. we really appreciate it. >> all right. elizabeth plans's interview with scott kelly landing in kazakhstan this tuesday. >> welcome home.
10:49 am
coming up on the show, the technical name is faravasion. you will never believe what happened. okay. it was just trying to save 2 1/2 bucks. we will have to see if it was worth it. plus the hottest ticket in hollywood, the oscars are coming up. we are live from elizabeth prann and shannon bream's favorite spot ever. there we go, red carpet with an oscar preview.
10:50 am
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while some celebrities and viewers are boycotting the oscars over concerns about racial diversity the red carpet is ready. the academy awards are tonight. michael tamaro is there for
10:54 am
hollywood's big night. >> good to see you guys. the ballots are in, the gowns have been fitted and the only thing left unanswered is who will take down that golden fella. what can viewers expect in this unpredictable year? here is a look. >> sunday night the 88th academy awards will be a look. sunday night, academy awards will be filled with adulation. don't expect chris rock to beat around the bush. >> let's do this. >> this oscar awards people will remember it about the diversity issues. the oscars too white hash tag has been doll natuminating this season. >> reporter: best actors predicted to be leonardo decrap yo and brie alarson. and best supporting tour sly stallone.
10:55 am
on saturday's independent spirit awards some honorees spoke about the importance of being nominated and get noticed. >> it's good news for low budget films. hopefully there will be more of that. >> i think it's important to celebrate films to give them prominence, to give them attention. there's so many people have great stories. not all of them have a superhero in them. >> there is some special gratification in knowing that a big body recognizes little selves in some way. so, yeah, great. >> reporter: with so many emmy flicks being honored it's a win-win all the way around. >> it is nice to see that there's crossover between the independent spirit awards and the oscars. last year were the whip lash" we were important enough to be honored in both of them. it's good to see other movies that have opportunity. >> reporter: guys we'll be out here covering all the action here thanks our friends the
10:56 am
emerald waterways. i have to apologize, shannon, i think i actually said hey babe. >> i love it. i am many not anyone offended by calling me babe. back at you, babe. >> i'm offended, i don't know why. still to come, a texas woman in a very tight spot in a cold night in an empty house. yeah, it's not the first time it's happened. we'll tell you why, coming up.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
texas woman is facing charges now after calling the cops to be rescued from a
11:00 am
chimney. it wasn't her chimney. and this wasn't the first time he attempted to slide down the chimney. she did the same thing two weeks ago. >> it was 66 degrees. >> only in texas you fight say. "fox news sunday" is next. i'm chris wallace, as we head to super tuesday, the biggest voting day of the republican campaign, we'll sit down with donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio on "fox news sunday." >> trump gets a big endorsement. >> the best person to beat hillary clinton is undoubtedly donald trump. >> donald trump joins us live to explain how he intends to cement his standing as the front-runner. marco rubio and ted cruz finally team up. >> donald, relax. relax. >> i'm relaxed. >> you're a basket case. >> there's a statute of limitation on lies. >> we'll talk live with senator cruz who has more riding on super tu


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