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  Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  February 28, 2016 11:02am-11:15am PST

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three front-runners escalated their attacks, and we'll talk to all of them today. joining us first here now live is the front-runner, donald trump. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you. >> let's get right to it. marco rubio says that you are a "con artist." here he is. >> i think it's time to take the mask off of this guy. i mean, he's a guy that portrays himself as a defender of the little guy in this country.expl americans for 40 years. >> mr. trump, your response and what do you think of marco rubio? >> well, i think he's a light weight. he couldn't get elected dog catcher. if he goes back to florida, he's going lose big time. he is not liked in florida. he abandoned florida. he deceived and defrauded florida. he doesn't even show up to meetings. i think he's a guy who thinks he's -- i don't think he actually does even think he's hot stuff. he's not hot stuff. but he is, you know, i call him little marco. that's what he s little marco.
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but he's very nasty guy. so is ted cruz, by the way. they're nasty. they teamed up. i saw them shaking hands before saying, let's go, let's go, see if we can get them. they're establishment guys. and as far as, you know, the con man, that is very insulting. you know my career. i built an unbelievable company. by the way, i filed with the fcc almost the -- the federal elections, almost 100 pages of financials that show worth of if i ever sold it over $10 billion. that's what i built. i had number one best sellers including "the art of the deal" which is the number one, probably the number one best selling business book of all time. "the apprentice" is one of the top shows on television. when you think of that as being a con man, i don't think so. >> i stipulate you've been a very successful -- >> you talk about con man, i think he's a con man. >> i stipulate that you've been very successful businessman. let's go through the specific allegations that rubio raised about you. he says that you hired 200 illegal immigrants from poland
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back in the early '80s to clear the site for the trump tower. the fact is that the so-called polish brigade did work on that project. >> so let me just tell you how sad that is that he comes up. that is was more than 35 years ago. so can you imagine with all i've done, i built buildings all over the world, i built massive buildings in new york, massive of manhattan, he comes up with a thing from 35 years. >> but they were -- >> chris, chris, chris, they were hired by a contractor. i hired a contractor. i hired a contractor for demolition. he had polish workers in his force among others, by the way, he had polish workers in his force. that's all it is. i hired -- 35 years ago. and by the way, the laws were totally different 35 years ago. but 35 years ago i hired a demolition contractor to knock down a building that made way for trump tower and can you imagine they bring that up from
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so many years ago. >> by the way -- >> different laws and i didn't hire the polish workers, chris. he hired the polish workers. >> let me ask you about that. some of the workers were sleeping at the site because they were illegal immigrants and they were pulling 12 hour shifts. are you saying you didn't know any of that? >> in construction, many, many people sleep on the site. even now they sleep on sites because they save -- contractors save money by doing that. and you're not supposed to do it. but contractors all over the city and all over many other cities, they sleep right on the site. that's a fairly common practice. and it happens. and it happens with many, many contractors. now, just so you understand, i hired a contractor. the contractor came in with people. some of his people were polish. some of them came from -- but i didn't have control over that. you didn't have e-verify in those days like i do now where i'm building a building as an example, the old post office on pennsylvania avenue.
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i have e-verify. everything is perfect -- even though "washington post" said maybe it's not perfect, but everything is absolutely perfect. >> let me talk about a subject -- force. >> this little marco, 35 years ago i built a building and 35 years ago that's the best they can do. that's pretty sad. >> let me get something else which is a lot more current and he is hitting you on trump university, a program that you helped set up that you said to share your real estate knowledge and so you could help people invest, a super pac is running this ad. take a look. >> all of it was just a fake. americans do not make the same mistake i about with donald trump. i got hurt badly. i'd hate to see this country get hurt by donald trump. >> now, trump university ads promised that these instructors on your real estate genius would be handpicked by you, but in fact, the story is that a lot of them were picked just so they could get people to
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sign up. and one of them was a manager from a buffalo wild wings. so did you hand pick the instructors or not? >> okay. many of them we were hand picked and i hand picked our people. and the people i think did a good job. and they ran a good school. and i'll tell you about the school. it had an "a" rating from the better business bureau and the people that i think you even have on there have given a great report card. just about everybody that took the course, almost everybody signed a document and they rated the school. they rated the course, what they learned, was it good? not a huge amount of money if they didn't pay a huge amount of money. but what happened is -- >> wait. some of them paid $35,000. >> wait. >> wait, wait, some paid $35,000. that's a lot of money. >> chris, 98% of the people that took the courses, we have report cards from everybody. they report carded on the course. 98% of the people that took the courses, 98% approved the courses they thought they were terrific. now just so you understand, i could have settled this case a long time ago.
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i chose not to. i'm going to win the case in court because i do that. i win cases in court. it's a lawsuit. >> let me ask you about that. because this week -- this weekend -- >> i'm not a settler. you know what, chris, i don't believe in settling cases. i believe in winning cases. >> you went after the judge in one of the trump university lawsuits. here you are. >> right. >> there is hostility toward me by the judge, tremendous hostility, beyond belief. i believe he happens to be spanish which is fine. he is hispanic which is fine. and we haven't asked for recusal which we may do. but we have a judge that is very hostile. >> the attorney general of new york after those remarks accused you of racial demagoguery mentioning the fact that he's hispanic. >> i think the judge has been extremely hostile to me. i think it has to do with perhaps the fact that i'm very, very strong on the border.
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very, very strong on the border. he has been extremely hostile to me. this is a case that in our opinion should have been won a long time ago. it's a case we should have won on summary judgment. we're nothing with this. we have a very hostile judge. now, he is hispanic, i believe. he is a very hostile judge to me. i said it loud and clear. now, the attorney general -- >> why even bring up that he's hispanic? it does raise a question. >> because you always bring it up, chris, because you always say how the hispanics don't like donald trump. you always bring it up in your poll numbers. you say that hispanics don't like donald trump. >> i don't think i ever brought that up. i don't think i ever brought it up. >> okay, well, you -- >> but the campaign -- you're can't pin this one on me. >> chris -- will trump do well with the hispanics? in nevada i got 46%. i won with the hispanics.
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that's very good. i can tell you, it's a very hostile judge. this is a judge that in my opinion does not like donald trump. >> let's talk about the tax returns. because both cruz and rubio released -- they didn't release all of the tax returns, they released part of the tax returns. but you're refusing to release any of your tax returns. back in 2012 when you were flirting with running for president, you said releasing your tax returns would be "a great thing to show how successful you are. i know you said you're under audit. you can still release them. you have three questions which you can answer without releasing a ballpark figure, 2014, the returns that you have already filed under penalty of perjury, what was ballpark, what was your gross income? what was your effective tax rate, and how much did you give to charity? >> okay, chris first of all, let me just tell you something, as you know, i have filed, you know, unbelievable voluminous
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documents as to my net worth and as to the company i built, almost 100 pages with the federal elections commission. you know that's been filed, right? >> i do know. >> you talk about net worth. you don't know that? >> no, i think i do know that. >> i filed with -- yeah. i filed voluminous as to my net worth and values. by the way, people in your profession were unbelievably impressed with the company i built. all right. that has to do with net worth. you can't learn anything from tax returns without net worth or any of that. the tax returns have been audited. i've been audited for many, many years. it is very, very unfair. i don't know why but for some reason the irs audits me virtually every year. >> can you tell me what the gross income is? >> i've been singled out. >> you can tell us what your effective tax rate is for 2014? can you tell us what your effective tax rate is and how much did you give to charity? >> go down to the federal
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elections commission and take out my financial disclosure forms. by the way, when you talk about cruz, he didn't put on that he's borrowing money from banks all over the place, but he borrowed a lot of money from banks at a very low interest rate, an interest rate you could not get. believe me, he could never get it. he borrowed from goldman sachs and citi bank. he didn't put that down in his financial disclosure form. and i put down over 100 pages of investments and deals and everything else. i have full disclosure. he didn't disclose. he had a million dollars worth of loans at low interest rate. as far as taxes are concerned -- >> i've got two more questions i've got to ask you, okay? i've got two minutes. so let's try to get these both in. you raised a new issue on friday. you want to change the libel laws to make it easier to sue. here you are, sir. >> whether they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money. we're going to open up those libel laws.
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>> is that really the kind of president you will be if you don't like an article you're going to sue a newspaper or a network and tie them up in litigation? and, by the way, the supreme court has ruled on this to open up the libel laws to make it easier to sue us, for instance, you're going have to win them the constitution. >> well, in england, i can tell you it's very much different and very much easier. i think it's very unfair when "the new york times" can write a story that they know is false, that they virtually tell me they know it's false and i say why don't you pull the story and they say we're not going to do. that because they can't basically be sued. you can't be sued because can you say anything you want and that's not fair. all i want is fairness. so i would absolutely work to open up the libel laws so that if you write something wrong, i want everybody to write whatever they want to write, but if you write something that is wrong, at least knowing ly wrong but wrong, a person like me and other people can bring lawsuits to have it corrected
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and to get damages. >> all right. finally, i got about a minute left. actually, i'm over time. what the heck. do you expect to lock up the nomination with your performance on super tuesday, effectively lock up the nomination? and this week you won endorsements from chris christie and maine governor paul lepage. kevin mccarthy says he can work with you. are you becoming a captive of the establishment or is the establishment surrendering to donald trump? >> well, we're doing very well. i expect to do well on tuesday. i hope, i mean, i tell you, we're going to have 25,000 people node alabama. we have 15,000 yet today in tennessee. we had a tremendous amount of people, probably 15,000 in arkansas in an airport hangar. airport hangar. it's been amazing. we have a movement going, chris. it is something really special. having paul's endorsement and chris christie and sarah palin and sheriff joe arpaio from
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arizona who is the king of the borders, when he endorses you, that means you have the best border plan, no question about that. jerry fallwell jr., i'm winning with evangelicals. we are beating everybody with the evangelicals. i love the evangelicals. we're winning with the military. we're winning with the vets. we're really winning with everybody. and i have am really thrilled. i think we'll do well on tuesday. we're going beat out the establishment. the establishment is disgraceful. little marco is doing not so well in florida. he's down about 20 points. and the people in florida can't stand him. he couldn't be a dog catcher in florida. >> i think we already heard that, mr. trump. thank you for answering all of our questions. thank you for your time, sir. we'll see you at the fox debate thursday in detroit. >> thank you. thank you very much.