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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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me know about the facebook comment, is it turning more toxic and contentious? i'll see you on the night of super tuesday, and we're back here next sunday with the latest buzz. a fox news alert. the republican presidential candidates making their final push ahead of super tuesday. donald trump, marco rubio and ted cruz criss-crossing throughout a broad section of the country trying to shore up last-minute support before voters have their say in just 48 hours. hello, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's headquarters. i'm arthel neyville. >> and good to see you again today. i'm eric shawn. man oh, man it's wide on the campaign trail, no shortage of attacks between the top candidates. front-runner donald trump campaigning to hold his lead and ted cruz and marco rubio, well, they are attempting to gain some ground. >> i believe a first rate con
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artist is on the verge of taking over the party of lincoln hand reagan and now or never we need to remind people what's going on here. >> we'll beat out the establishment. the establishment is disgraceful. little marko is doing not so well. in florida down about 20 points and the people in florida can't stand him. >> and chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in madison, alabama with a super tuesday preview. take it away. >> reporter: hi, or they will, a heck of a preview, day and a half left of campaigning, monday and then, of course, super tuesday, 12 states, 11 states will be voting and almost half of the necessary delegates to clinch the nomination are up for grabs, but they will be awarded proportionally which means that the first, second and third place candidates can all get some delegates and potentially make the arguments that their campaigns can continue, but today there was a whole new line of discussion about donald trump's support and/or embrace of the endorsement and kind
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words from david duke, former congressman, former grand wizard of the kkk. as recently as friday and as far back as 2000 donald trump had disavowed any support from david duke saying he didn't want any part of him but this morning on one of the talk shows twice and for several minutes he refused to disavowal and he then later tweeted out his own disavowal on friday, but today he was hesitant and for that both marco rubio and ted cruz have been pounding him. first of all, we have marco rubio about the kkk and donald trump. >> he was asked this morning two times will you repudiate and condemn the ku klux klan, and he refused to do that as well. we cannot be a party that nominates someone who refuses to condemn white supremacists and the ku klux klan. >> ted cruz tweeted that it was sad and that donald should go ahead and disavow david duke.
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mr. cruz was going after trump today for an entirely different reason saying that he is effectively as bad as republicans view the billionaire george soros who is known for huge donations to democratic causes and candidates. pretty tough comparison from ted cruz referencing donald trump and george soros. watch. >> he's supported more democratic politicians, heck, george soros is looking at him going, man, that guy supports a lot of liberals. i will not compromise away your religious liberty rights. >> reporter: for the last three days donald trump has been given just as good as he's been getting, pounding ted cruz and marco rubio, particularly rubio, calling him little marco. he sweats a lot, big ears, all kinds of discussions of their looks. rubio's sort of returned those same insults in kind and ted cruz has been arguing that donald trump has essentially become the equivalent of the
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manchurian candidate, calling himself a conservative, get into office and the general election and flip into something completely different. this is all about character, integrity, honesty and trustworthiness in an attempt to upsend the front-runner before super tuesday. ted cruz is leading the polls in texas and if he doesn't win his home state it's pretty much done for him but there's another ten states out there and at this point trump is leading in all of them, so notwithstanding the name-calling and the insults he continues to roll down the trail and he'll be here in another hour or so and we're looking at thousands of people here in alabama. he's come here before and had tens of thousands and he's building up momentual of the southern states which will be making up a big part of the vote on tuesday. arth arthel. >> thank you very much. >> you need 1,237 delegates to be the republican nominee. donald trump will never have -- i don't care how long i have to work, i'll go to all 50 states and every territory.
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>> that's senator marco rubio making his case to "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace about his path to the nomination. once the voting is finished on super tuesday the florida senator faces a must-win situation, they say in, his home state. just a few weeks later, that on march 15th. take a look at the latest average of major polls by real clear politics showing in florida donald trump is leading the field there by nearly 20 points over the senator who is in second place. as you can see, ted cruz takes number three. so with the remaining candidates all in single digits, jeb bush's name, look what he notched up, that's because many of the polls in the average were taken before jeb dropped out. so, what does senator rubio have to do? joining us now is republican congressman adam kinsinger of illinois and also a marco rubio support. congressman, welcome. you just heard his guy vow he'll go to all 50 states and will continue right to the convention. how do you think he can gain traction? >> well, look in, most of these states coming up whether it's
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super tuesday or whether it's march 15th like illinois, rubio is in a strong second place. now, look, we understand that trump's in the cat bird's seat right now and in a better position, but when you hear things like, you know, his refusal to denounce the ku klux klan and things like that, the anti-trump vote -- >> i'm sorry, he did disavow it on twitter and said i disavow those remarks. >> great to do it on twitter, very different when you're talking to a news reporter and he said, wait, what do you think about david duke and the ku klux klan, and you say i don't know i'll have to do some research. i was 12 years old when david duke was thrown about and i knew about david duke. i think to say that trump didn't know. trying to play to two different bases to be honest with you. >> and he also -- sorry to interrupt again. he also disavowed with chris christie and also disavowed apparently in comments, you know, years ago, but in any event, go ahead. >> sure he did, yeah. this is donald trump. he has his cake and eats it too. tries to please everybody.
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pro-choice, pro-life and on both sides. issue and when he's talking to jake tapper on cnn, if i had done that interview as him it would not have been hard to say i absolutely 100% repudiate david duke and his racist philosophy and anything associated with the ku klux klan, not that hard. the reason we're talking about it is because he's trying to please everybody, and it's sad. marco rubio, look, he's focused on uniting the conservative movement, being the guy that's going to defeat donald trump. it's very obvious it's him because he's second in most of these polls and we're excited about super tuesday, march 15th and beyond. >> you talk about second in some of the polls. le polls in virginia. you are. he's number two right behind donald trump and about 14.5 points behind and what's interesting when you look at the numbers, if one or some. other guys drop out, potentially that could give marco rubio more support to be in front of trump. when do you think or could that start happening? >> well, i hope it happens after tuesday. look in, a lot of respect for senator cruz and the campaign
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that he's run, but i think in my mind he's not going to be the guy that has the big path to victory here, so i hope that he makes a decision to get behind marco rubio. i hope john kasich does, a great governor of ohio but really no path to victory. it's time for us to unite together. we're running against a guy that uses fourth grade insults and talks about people's ears and whether they sweat. that is not the kind of presidential candidate that ought to be leading the greatest country in the world, the one i serve in the military of and i'm proud to be a citizen of every day. it's very different than what our american country has stood for. >> your candidate has taken a bit, too, over the weekend. donald trump calling him little marco and says he can't get elected dog catcher in florida, he's a dog catch -- a senator a the same time your guy is making fun of donald trump and here's what i asked a donald trump spokesman yesterday. >> guess who the con artist turned out to be, none other
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than marco amnesty rubio and it's interesting senator rubio is i guess out there trying to beat donald trump at being donald trump and it's just coming off as a chief night at improv. >> cheap night at improv. >> why did it take so long to go after trump and what about the tenor and tone of this campaign? >> i think it's very cute when trump or trump spokesman gets offended by any kind of attack. look, we'll call, i don't talk about my religion a lot and we're talked about being light in darkness and the only way to be light in darkness is produce with foyer and we'll have to fight back donald trump on his terms. he doesn't have a real discussion about issues. nobody knows where he really stands. all he says is he'll make america very great again and rubio has put out detailed plans and will unite the conservative movement and if it takes fighting back, this guy lives in comfort, takes his jet home and a hoe it will room is too germy and rarely stays in one and has millions of dollars, this is not
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a man who is fighting for the middle class and has lived palatially all his life and now he acts like he's going to be a warrior. >> he's from queens, jamaica states, a very nice neighborhood of queens. just go back to that marco rubio is in virginia right now. take a look, someone with a big sign no trump. what, congressman, do you predict? >> well, look, i think our party has always done the right thing, you know. we don't believe in the ku klux klan or any of the racist ideology. we're a part of ideas, a party of optimism and the party of reagan. i think conservatives are going to unite behind marco rubio. may take through getting through tuesday and a little bit of a break through the march 15th primaries. people will see that marco rubio is the guy to beat donald trump and they will see that donald trump is the only guy, by the way, that can't beat hillary clinton in the polls, so no matter what he says he can't beat her, not in the polls, we have to win in november. >> congressman kinzinger, thanks so much for joining us, coming out swinging for marco rubio. >> thanks. >> good to see you. >> arthel. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton
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wins big in south carolina earning a decisive victory over bernie sanders. secretary clinton at a rally in nashville right now. tennessee is one of the states up for grabs this super tuesday. she won in south carolina by roughly 50 percentage points as she dominated the vote among african-americans in the palmetto state. meanwhile, bernie sanders says he is focused on what's ahead hoping for a boost when voters in nearly a dozen states hit the polls on super tuesday. senior political correspondent mike emanuel live at that clinton event in nashville, tennessee, so what's the mood there? clinton is speaking right now so they are quiet and what's the feeling before she started? >> reporter: arthel, a lot of buzz in the room. polls show hillary clinton with a big lead here in tennessee, but she continues working hoping for a super tuesday sweep across the south. clinton started her day in memphis visiting two churches earlier today. her mess raj today has been calling for love and kindness
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and healing in the country and clinton is asking state voters for their support. >> i do believe america remains great but what america needs to do now is become whole. i would be deeply honored to have your support in the primary here in tennessee. >> reporter: bernie sanders is focusing his attention this hour in oklahoma city. later sanders will travel on to rally support in colorado. sanders says he thinks he has a shot winning in minnesota, oklahoma, massachusetts and vermont in the upcoming states but sanders admits south carolina was a blowout. >> we got decimated. that's what happened among older african-americans it was pathetic from our perspective. but by the way, what was the glimmer of -- of positive news for us is that we won the 29
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years of age or younger vote and we did well with african-american young people as well as white young people. >> that's why a lot of political experts are asking if last night was a critical point in the democratic race. clinton's trying to put it away here in tennessee while sanders is trying to live to fight another day. arthel? >> okay. mike emanuel, thank you so much. >> eric. >> the action kicks off on tuesday, march 1st. voters in 11 states heading to the the polls on that day in what's the largest round of voting so far in the presidential primary process and, of course, keep it right here on the fox news channel. we'll have live continuing coverage as the results roll in starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern tuesday night and after bret and megyn get out of their chairs i'll sit down in the warm seat. yeah, heather childress and i will be anchoring israel 4:00 a.m. arthel says she's going to bring the doughnuts as we continue our coverage all night to 4:00 a.m.
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and beyond. you are going to bring the doughnuts. >> we have a fox news alert and update now on a missing little girl in montana. the roosevelt county sheriff's office confirming 4-year-oldmationy lily has been found alive. we're told she's in good health and is being evaluated as a precaution. liliy was apparently abducted friday from a native american reservation in northeast montana. authorities say witnesses saw a 20-year-old man take the girl against her will. he's now in custody and we'll bring you more details as we get them. >> a major investigation under way in one city after a police involved shooting sparks hours of protests in the downtown neighborhood. >> and with less than 48 hours to go until the critical super tuesday contest who is up and who is down and who is fighting for political survival. >> and we'll have this, an exclusive about a heartbreaking court battle over the lives of three little babies born to that
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surrogate mother and why some wonder if this case could establish a new precedent when dealing with the issue of surrogacy. pall nt to just ask somebody?
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establish a new precedent whe there was some unrest in
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salt lake city overnight. investigators there right now searching for answers. that after that late-night police shooting by two officers they say that left someone who is being identified by the salt lake city tribune as a 17-year-old teenager there in critical condition. that shooting triggering hours of protests in downtown salt lake. >> okay. so we're just two days away from the biggest prize so far in the primary season, super tuesday. for the gop nearly 600 delegates are up for grabs, about half of what's needed for the nomination and for the democrats 865 pledged delegates are at stake so can the front-runners from both parties, donald trump and hillary clinton be stopped on this critical voting day, or is the stage already set for the general election? let's ask david drucker, senior correspondent for "the washington examiner." a lot to cover so let's get right to it. >> all right. >> if trump is the candidate and likely to win most states on
1:20 pm
super tuesday is that an automatic kill switch for cruz or rubio or will there still be air in their tires? >> there might be air in their tires because delegates are awarded proportionally and it's not winner take all and as long as money rolls into their campaign and supporters don't give up to them. march 15 is winner take all in florida, that's crucial for rubio and cruz needs to win texas i think/tuesday. even though it's proportional delegates not winning your home state is a real problem. >> march 15 is the florida primary. let's take a look at a real clear politics average in florida. trump with the lead with 40.3% and rubio with 20.8%, trailing trump by 19.1 points so is florida do or die for florida. >> well, i think anybody in this situation, your home state is in a sense do or die in terms of keeping money rolling in and enthusiasm behind the candidacy especially when you're uphill
1:21 pm
and you're an underdog. a lot of polls in florida don't go together and some show trump with a huge lead an that's clearly why he's out in front and some show rubio with a smaller margin to make up. rubio supporters will put a lot of money and attention in florida between now and then. time to turn it around. doesn't mean that he will but there's time. >> does donald trump have an achilles' heel and if so what is it and who is going to step on it? >> right. this is really interesting, arthel. i've been saying for ten months or nine months or however long trump has been in the race that he was never going to fade and he's never going to just drop off the face of the earth but if somebody bothered to attack him we might find out whether or not he's vulnerable and only in the last few days really have we seen marco rubio really take it to him. ted cruz began taking it to him in january, and that was mostly on policy, and he should get credit for that, but this is the first time weave seen someone take it to trump in a personal way and bring up his business
1:22 pm
career and things that might be less than flattering, and so we're going to find out if any of this can have an impact on trump and get people over the next couple of weeks to rethink his candidacy. i don't think it will. trump has his committed band of followers no matter what you say to them so he's basically going to always be at around 30% or so no matter what. the issue is whether or not the other republicans at this late date can keep him there and find a way to overcome his already delegate lead and what will probably be a bigger delegate lead after tuesday. >> okay. let's move over to the democratic side of the race. hillary clinton currently has 459 super delegate votes. bernie sanders has 20 super delegates. typically do the super delegates follow the lead of the primary voters? >> i mean, that's usually what happens. i should back up. we don't have a lot of recent history in any event where you've got a mismatch with pledge delegates going for one
1:23 pm
candidate and super sell gates deciding to go for another candidate but look back at the 2008 democratic primerry where hillary clinton and barack obama battled deep into the primary season and there was a lot of talk that hillary clinton could overcome then senator obama he's lead because she was closer to the party establishment and would have a group of party delegates on her side even though the president kept winning primary after primary but i think what we tend to find is that you're not going to have super delegates trying to supercede the will of the popular vote, and we don't know that for sure, but i just suspect that if hillary clinton was in a position where she needed super delegates to win she would be in precarious decision. she won nevada and south carolina really convincingly and super tuesday looks like it will shape up well for her so i don't know if she will have to worry about that. >> and in terms of regular delegates she has 91 to sanders'
1:24 pm
85 delegates. that's close, but as you said, the race has a ways to go. quick answer for me before we go. back to the gop side of the race. who is likely to remain standing after super tuesday, gop side? >> if ted cruz wins texas, he's still standing and marco rubio, as long as he finishes a strong second or third in these contests and picks up delegates he's still standing. won't go anywhere until he has a chance in florida. >> okay. we'll talk to you again about this, david drucker. >> thanks a lot. there's an emotional court battle in california over three little babies born last week in los angeles to a surrogate. her name is melissa cook. she's 47 years old and gave birth to triplets, but court papers say the father who hired her initially told her to have an abortion because he could not afford, he said, to care for all three babies. cook said no, she says she is pro-life and is now suing in court for parental rights. >> i'm healthy. i'm 28 weeks pregnant.
1:25 pm
the babies are doing great, the three little boys that i have inside me. >> the babies are at the center of a custody battle and federal lawsuit cook neild challenging california's surrogacy law. according to the lawsuit, the father identified in court papers as a 50-year-old single georgia postal worker with the initials c.m. wrote in an e-mail, quote, i felt that it's possible to abort all three babies, i don't have any more money in the bank and cannot afford anything more. the california judge gave the father parental rights and as a result the infants were taken away from cook the instant she was born. >> she heard the babies crying know that they are fairly healthy, but she wasn't permitted to see them and now they won't even tell her how the babies are doing. >> the firm theyoused surrogacy
1:26 pm
international is not part of the lawsuit. its co-owner declined our request for an interview citing privacy and issued a statement before the birth that reads in part there has been many misrepresentations made about this matter. i've addressed the misrepresentations in the appropriate forum, the judicial system. the interest is in protecting the three children and i have no interest in sensationalizing the situation. cassidy is a prominent pro-life anti-surgacy lawyer who challenged the new jersey surgacy laws in the landmark baby m case in 1987. he's calling for a moratorium on surgacy and says this case should put the practice on trial. >> the one contract we never ever ever re-enforce is the sale of a child. you can doctor this up. you can, you know, play word games with it, but this is simply and purely the sale of a trial. >> cassidy says he's appealing
1:27 pm
the ruling that gave the father parental rights and mean while more legal action is expected on this case in this coming week. although surrogacy has given countless parents the blessing of children these through newborns for now remain at the center of a very complex legal battle. >> fascinating story, eric, and i'm sure we'll be hearing more on this issue because it's an important issue, on both sides of that table. >> absolutely, really is. >> thank you, all right. coming up, u.s. drones are trying to help turn the tide against terrorism in west africa. how they are being used to puck back attacks from boko haram.
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i'm sure we'll be hearing more back attacks from boko haram.
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1:32 pm
patrol. that suspected shooter, we're told, now in custody and police say he's identified as an active duty army staff sergeant. kristen fisher has the very latest on this tragedy in washington. hi, kristen. >> reporter: hi, eric. the shooter has been identified at staff sergeant ronald hamilton, 32 years old. he was assigned to the pentagon and now he's accused of killing a marine veteran who was working her very first shift as a police officer. 28-year-old ashley gwindon had just been sworn in on friday and this picture was posted welcome officer steven kendall and ashley guindon who were sworn in today and begin their shifts this weekend. be safe. less than 24 hours later officer guindon was dead. >> she was very passionate. she struck us prior to hiring her and re-hiring and the type of officer we're seeking is that kind with passion and
1:33 pm
intelligence >> reporter: officers were responding to a call to a domestic disturbance at a home in woodbridge, virginia, 20 miles south of washington, d.c. when they approached the front door the suspect opened fire. all three officers were hit. officer guindon died at the hospital and the other two are still there recovering and staff sergeant hamilton surrendered without further incidents. when officers were finally able to search inside his home they found his wife dead and found the couple's 11-year-old son squared but not hurt. hamilton is facing several charges including first-degree murder of his wife and capital murder of a police officer. now, this isn't the first tragedy for officer guindon's family. her father who was in the national guard committed suicide after returning home from iraq and now this. the suspect is due in court tomorrow morning. eric? >> so sad and tragic. kristin, thanks. >> you got it. >> there's a new weapon in the war on terror in west after can a. fox news is learning american
1:34 pm
drops are now berating as the eyes and ears of a multi-national african task force. the unarmed aircraft helping soldiers take down members of boko haram, the radical islamic terrorist group which has pledged its loyalty to isis. paul tillsly is live in johannesburg, south africa with more. >> reporter: arthel, fox news has learned the u.s. drones high-tech imagery and careful analysis by american specialists by the data they provide is turning the tide against the terror group boko haram. one has seen the drones at their cameroon base. >> it's been a real game-changer. it's moved surveillance and analysis into the 21st century. it's providing clear imagery of boko haram bomb factories, troupe movement, camps, so it's making a sizable difference. >> reporter: the m21 predator drones are flying out of northern cam roorngs close to
1:35 pm
the borders of nigeria and chad, the gray eagles as known, including this one seen above the base, have only been in operation less than a month but knowing at last where the boko haram fighters are at any time has enabled african ground troops catch them unaware and force them out of at least two nigerian towns, and the intel has enabled multiple ambushes. so far it's reported in total. they have helped local troops reportedly take out well over 100 terrorists. no news yet though on the fate of more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by boko haram almost two years ago and u.s. defense officials have confirmed to fox news that u.s. special forces are looking to resume training of the nigerian military but the decision we understand is not immediate and american soldiers are not going to be put near the front lines. arthel. >> paul tilsey, thanks so much. a human rights group says
1:36 pm
strikes were conducted in three separate areas in raccaings the de facto capital of isis no. word or what carried out the operations but the russian state media says there's six separate attacks in damascus. those attacks allegedly carried out by syrian opposition fighters. the u.s.-russian brokered peace agreement took effect on friday. it's oscar night in hollywood and the academy is preparing to hand how the awards for the 88th time. live coverage from the red carpet as we count down to the show. >> leonardo dicaprio, he's no stranger to the academy awards, but he's not won one yet. could that change tonight? we'll ask the guy who knows everything about the oscars and is batting like 1,000 on his predictions only here coming up in two minutes. >> okay. we asked a group of young people
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well, 9 actionor, and a-listers are gearing up for one of the biggest nights in hollywood is a the 88th academy awards tonight. the oscars will kick off a few hours from now and the celebrities are on their way to the red carpet. who was there but who was there, host of "in the spotlight" on that famed red carpet. hi, michael. >> reporter: 88th, can't believe it. just seems like yesterday. the gowns have been fitted and the only question remains is who gets to take home the little golden fellow in an unpredictable year. this is what people can expect. sunday night the 88th academy awards will be filled with drama, accolades and celebration. don't expect host chris rock to beat around the bush when it comes to the issue everyone is talking about, diversity. >> let's do this. >> this oscar night i think people will remember because of the diversity issue, the
1:42 pm
oscarsowhite hashtag that really has been trending since the nominations came out and that's really dominated this awards season. >> reporter: best picture, three-movie race between "the revenant" "spotlight" and "big short" and best actors are predicted to be leonardo dicaprio and brie larson and supporting category sly stallone and alysha vicander are expected to take the gold. some honorees spoke of the importance of being nominated saying some of this helps low-budget films get recognition. >> it's good news for low-budget films and it's good news for that. >> important to celebrate the films to give them prominence and attention because there's so many people who have great stories to tell and not all of them have a super hero in them. >> there is some special gratification in knowing that a big body recognizes little films in some way so, yeah, it's great. >> reporter: and with so many
1:43 pm
flicks being honorard it's a win-win all the way around. >> nice to see there's a crossover between the independent spirit awards and the oscars and, you know, last year "whiplash" north nat enough to be honored at both events so nice to see other movies having that opportunity. >> reporter: it's great to say we'll be out here all day covering all the action and, of course, we'll have all the winners tomorrow morning on "fox & friends" courtesy of our friends at emerald waterways. >> michael, before we go, are people focusing there now more on the movies and the films and the nominees or the controversy? >> reporter: you know, i've got to tell you, eric, the controversy has clouded this entire awards season, and a lot of stars are coming ready with their ribbons and their bracelets to promote whatever and raise awareness for whatever cause they want to do tonight, but i think a lot of people just want to sit back, relax and celebrate tonight. a lot of people worked very hard all year long for this. >> that they do. should be exciting. see you later. have a great snazzy dinner
1:44 pm
jacket. i love that, what you'rearing. >> reporter: i try. got to bring it. >> absolutely. >> arthel. >> michael just told us, of course, that the academy awards is not without controversy but event still brings together some of hollywood's best and brightest. "the revenant" leads with 12 nominations including best actor for leonardo dicaprio's performance. tonight marks leo's sixth academy awards nomination and has never won and let's talk about it now with oscar expect tariq khan. let's get right to tomorrow's headline. what film will be the big winner? >> tonight it's going to be "the revenant," best motion picture and director and at long last best actor for leonardo dicaprio. "the revenant" is being seen as this year's cinematic achievement of the year. in tomorrows of its directing, writing, acting, production values and cinematography and the kind of film link "12 years
1:45 pm
a slave" and king's speech" and "braveheart" and i think "the revenant" has the edge over shorter films like "the big short" and "spotlight" which both have a chance and mr. di caprio, his fifth acting nomination and hard to believe 22 years ago he received his first acting nomination for a film nomination called "what's eating gilbert grape" and he lost to tommy lee jones and "the fugitive" and been nominated for "the aviator" and "block diamond" and "the wolf of wall street." as good as leo has been there's always been someone a bit better. he's won all the pre-cursor awards and he's an absolute lock. can't lose. congratulations to leo. >> oh. i remember interviewing him for "eating gilbert grape." as a little boy. >> yes. >> you said leonardo dicaprio will get best actor.
1:46 pm
who gets best actress? >> saying this all year long. brie larson in a film called "room" who plays a young woman kidnapped and held in a tiny space raising a young son for seven years. just a heart wrenching performance, like leo won all the precursor awards and turning over to best supporting actor, a name you may not know yet, alicia vicander, this year's it girl. earned great reviews for "the danish girl "california and if she does not win watch out for kate winslet to pull off the upset and if that we'll see a "titanic" reunion with leo and her. >> that would be fabulous. >> any other films to watch out for? >> one thing here for best actor and supporting role, sylvester stallone playing the iconic rocky balboa.
1:47 pm
have to warn you, spoke to a lot of oscar voters, some feel he's not oscar material. if he's did i night, i have a feeling it could be this category. if stallone loses one of the biggest upsets and if he does lose watch out for mark ruffalo, hollywood favorite, sixth nomination in three years, hasn't won. "spotlight" is up for three oscars, including best picture and ruffalo could pull off the big upset. >> you're thinking it could go to stallone? >> he's the sentimental favorite and look at lauren bacall and lauren stewart and eddie murphy in "dream girls" and stealion may be the lock but there could be a surprise or two. >> chris rock, of course, is hosting, very, very funny. >> yes. >> i want to ask you do you think that chris will put a comedic spin on the controversy,
1:48 pm
you know, surrounding the show? how do you think he'll hand tele? >> about a year ago we held a conversation about the last time he hosted back in 2005, did a great job and i know a lot ever pressure is on him. what he needs to do is come out and poke a little fun at the oscar controversy, not too much and make sure that, you know, it's not about him or the controversy. it's about the films, the nominees, poke a little fun at the nominees and get people relaxed and put them at ease. so many stars, leonardo dicaprio, matt damon, jennifer lawrence, cate blanchett, make them laugh and put people at ease, start the show and keep it going and i think chris will do a great job. good luck to you, chris. >> chris rock is a big star and can handle it. >> all right, tariq, thanks so much. >> there's the picture with chris. >> very good friend. >> thank you, arthel and tariq. a melee has owe rupted at a ku klux klan rally at a protest
1:49 pm
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>> three people are stabbed after a kkk protest erupts in violence, at a rally in anaheim miles away in disneyland gathering sparking a bloody
1:53 pm
brawl with counter-protesters. who are in los angeles with the details. >> yes, all the violence broke out at the ku klux klan rally in anaheim. all heck broke loose when several dozen protesters clashed with a handful of clan members using fists and knives and the kkk the most famous hate groups planned an antiimmigration rally with "white lives matter," and when the kkk matters were out of the cars, 30 people confronted them and several fights ensueed. >> the fight broke out on the street and the guys from the clan took off and jumped in the s.u.v. and three of the members were left behind and it escalated. >> one was stabbed in the upper
1:54 pm
torso by a clan member and it is believes it took place with a flagpole with the eagle decoration on the end of the flagpole. >> five emwere injured and 12 arrests and the anaheim police department knew this rally was going to take place and they posted it on facebook before the event and now the police chief said they will take a critical look how they responded to the violence. >> thank you. >> and scott kelly will be ready to come back down-to-earth after the record-breaking year in space. what he said life has been like way up there aboard the space station and what he will miss most about the exciting journey. ♪ someone waiting in the sky
1:55 pm
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. we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die.
1:58 pm
>>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground. >> american astronaut scott kelly is returning home on tuesday after spending a year at the international space station. his mission and the studyies help scientists understand the long-term effects living in space. he sat down with elizabeth and spoke what the experience has been like. >> living in an environment like this is very difficult, very challenging and being successful
1:59 pm
with that and the sense of satisfaction you get. i will miss that. i obviously will still be involved in the space program when i return but i will miss that. >> elizabeth didn't go to space for the interview but did it by satellite, what an amazing last sunrise he tweeted out. he claims to be 9 best views he has ever taken and documenting the whole year by posting various pictures like that on twitter. would you go up in space for a year? >> i would not but it is very impressive. >> another great american success story. >> remember, of course, talk about what we are doing down here on earth, super tuesday, march. we will have continuing coverage that starts at 6:00 p.m. with bret and megan and i take over with heather all night. >> i will bring you doughnuts. i will need some support. >> i am lying, i will be at
2:00 pm
home. >> you promised. bring them next weekend. we will be here next weekend with "the five," coming up now. >> all right, hello, everyone, i am here with juan and eric and melissa and this is "the five," at 5 o'clock in new york city. >> welcome to our special "sunday live," of "the five," two days before the most crucial election day yet, super tuesday. will that be the day hillary clinton looks up the democratic race? more on that in a moment. first, to the gone showdown, donald trump is about to hold a rally in alabama and ted cruz will hold one shortly in oklahoma. we are keeping a close eye on that. marco rubio will hold an event in virginia and he and cruz have


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