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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOXNEWSW  February 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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report, bret baier sets down with loretta lynch, it's her first appearance on fox news. a lot of -- the biggest -- supertuesday, and apparently for some, the way you deal with that kind of pressure is to get nasty. more on that in a moment. first, on the republican side, the latest polling shows donald trump in a strong position ahead of supertuesday, he's leading every state except for two of them. in arkansas, ted cruz holds a slim advantage, and in texas, his home state, senator cruz has a wider lead. and this developing on sunday. donald trump with a warning on for republicans in the so-called establishment. if they gang up on him, they better be, quote, careful.
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trump adding that the republican party pledge he signed last year works both ways. >> they want to play that game, i can play it much better than they can and i have a lot more people than they do, and totally, if they're doing that, it's a total violation of the pledge, yes. >> we have fox team coverage, mike emanuel is following the democrats on their race to the nomination. garrett tinney is trying to get the candidates to release their tax returns. carl, trump rolled out another big endorsement today? >> reporter: he did, harrison, mr. trump is still working the crowd here, there was about 12,000 to 15,000, and he got a very key endorsement. jeff sessions, the senator from alabama, one of the architects for the anti-comprehensive reform movement to block it in the senate has now endorsed
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donald trump. trump has been racking up a lot of endorsements over the last several days, unlike his rival ted cruz who has yet to pick up an endorsement. jeff sessions helps donald trump craft his immigration plan, so this was one that was not entirely couldn't of the question, but it's clearly one those trump most coveted. >> there's talk about whether endorsements really matter to voters, but what you're saying is to this lawyparticular candi, it mattered to him. trump is up in every state cruise for tuesday except for one. what are senator rubio and ted krusz doing to slow him down? >> what they a'oday in an inter he twiced refused to denounce or
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disavow the endorsement or support from david duke, the former grand wizard of the ku klux klan, very, very aggressive stuff. and today, ted cruz went after him on that subject and marco rubio went after mr. trump for being a draft dodger. marco rubio essentially saying because of a squash accident, playing squash athletically, he got a deferment from the draft. >> he got deferment from the army, he didn't serve in vietnam, he didn't volunteer and he got deferments because he got injuries from squash, so he's not a tough guy. the first guy that begged for secret service protection, donald trump, he's not a tough guy. >> reporter: marco rubio is now little marco to donald trump who must have used that phrase 15 times in a speech just a short while ago. on friday of last week, donald
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trump disavowed the endorsement of david duke, going back to 2000, he disavowed the endorsement of david duke. he said i don't know who he is. that's what ted cruz went after today. watch. >> watching donald's interview, when he repeated to decline to denounce david duke, i thought that was unfortunate, particularly when layered on the fact that white nationalist groups were doing robo calls and telling people to vote for donald trump and don't vote for the cubans in this race. no republican can control what outside groups do, but in my view, racism and bigotry has no place in politics. >> reporter: and mr. trump has been known to retweet some of the tweets in white nationalists
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during the course of this campaign. so he has shown no purr function to the do that. they're doing after his character, his honesty, his integrity. much the same way donald trump has been going after theirs. not a lot of policy in these closing days before the vote on supertuesday. as you said, harris, in arkansas and t texas ted krusz may be doing enough to win. arkansas would be a cherry on top, but it would still leave donald trump with the vast majority of the voters who are voting on supertuesday, it could put the race out of reach for everyone except for ted cruz and marco rubio. florida and ohio vote on the 15th. then we may get who the front-runner and who the nominee might be. >> and the only person that we would ever allow to uptown girl
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you would be billy joel. taxes have been a key topic on the campaign trail. we're going to go back to donald trump now because his competitors marco rubio and ted cruz are using tax returns as an attack on donald trump. he's claiming he's waiting until after an ongoing irs audit. garrett has the latest from washington. >> reporter: as we have seen throughout this primary that donald trump seems to be nearly impervious of any attacks that come his way. but two days before supertuesday, is a new line of attacks that ted cruz and marco rubio are hammering. they began the weekend by releasing his own filings and questioning why donald trump has refused to do the same. >> maybe he's not as rich as he says he is, maybe he's given large sums of money to
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groupslike planned parenthood. >> donald trump is portraying himself as this great leader who's going to turn the american economy around. >> trump's responding with personal attacks on cruz and rubio, calling them liars who have has never ---the donald 's attempt to dismiss the issue by arguing that he can't release his returns right now even if he wanted to because he's in the middle of being ougaudited by t irs. despite the commissioner saying this week there's nothing preventing him from releasing his returns from being audited. >> you can't determine anything like net worth or anything like that from tax returns. >> with we should point out that neither rubio nor cruz has reletsed their complete tax returns. they have both said they would
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be willing to if the other candidates did as well. now let's go to the democrats, hillary clinton gaining a even more momentum heading into supertuesday, a live look right now that he's hold agent the university of arkansas. clinton's delegate count dwarf's bernie sanders. but what to make of this, sanders is still drawing major crowds on the campaign trail. at his rally today in oklahoma city, wall to wall sup parters. >> what this campaign is about and it's unique, it is asking the american people to think beyond the status quo, think outside of the box. they're saying, look -- >> we love you, bernie! >> well, thank you, love. love you too.
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>> senior political correspondent mike emanuel, live in washington for us tonight. they love him. mike? >> reporter: yeah, and we were at several of his events yesterday in texas and there was death major energy at bernie sanders rallies there. here in tennessee, hillary clinton has a huge lead in the recent polls, but she's not taking any chances, clinton spending a lot of the day in memphis and here in nashville, she's spending a lot of time at a coffee shop, she also visited two churches in memphis earlier in the day. part of her message in the volunteer state was her firing back at donald trump's slogan, make america great again. >> great right now. what we need is to be whole. we need to be whole, where all of us have a play, where everybody feels like we're all in this together. >> reporter: after a blowout win
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in south carolina last night, clinton clearly hoping for a lot of big wins across the south, and you can tell she wants to shift her focus to the general election. >> well now i see, this next question might seem a little odd, because if you count the delegates you get it, but if you look a at the crowds you don't. is think any evidence that the bernie sanders steps aside if clinton wins on supertuesday? >> reporter: not at this point, and he's spent a lot of time campaigning where he thinks he has a shot at winning. he's going to do a stop in colorado later this evening. sanders says he believes he has a chance to win in minnesota, oklahoma, massachusetts and vermont. and part of his pitch is electability saying he can beat donald trump. >> we will defeat mr. trump because the american people do not want a president who insults
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mexicans, who insults muslims, women, african-americans. who insults veterans and basically anybody what does not look or be like him. >> but even before bernie sanders can think about taking on donald trump, he has to think of a way to stop hillary clinton's momentum, particularly here in the south. >> you wonder, a lot of the insiders in w washington question whether he should go negative. but he promised his followers that he wouldn't the that and i wonder if there will ever be any regrets about that. keep it here on fox news channel on supertuesday, we'll have continuing coverage including "out numbered" at noon. as we get them, megan kelly and
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bret baier, live election coverage, beginning at 6:30 eastern. just outside our nation's capital today, this story involving a rookie police officer shot and killed on her first day on patrol. we learned from investigators the suspect is an army staff sergeant who's assigned the to the pentagon. the policewoman who died, ashley glennen, 28 years old, sworn in the day before she was killed. she was also a marine reservist and served in the marine corps. they say the army staff sergeant shot and killed his wife after she called 911 and when officer blenden arrived.
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>> she felt like she still wanted to do this job, she clearly had a passion to serve others in a way that went beyond herself. >> investigators say twoers were hurt in that incident, they're in the hospital as well. the suspect is ronald hamilton, who worked at the joint staff support center in the pentagon. we're told his 11-year-old son was home at the time, he's now staying with family. and more election coverage ahead, as we get closer to supertuesday. a report that has an average of polls has donald trump ahead in minnesota, but the most recent polls came out in late january and the mason-dixon reviews showed marco rubio leading. so we have some fresher numbers to throw at you now.
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and more election coverage ahead. >> the other day he told a protester, i want to punch you in the face. donald trump has never punched anyone in the face, ever. >> they're talking everything from policies to appearance, but will the nasty turn help any of the candidates? our political insiders are here to debate it and our own a slas of celebrity glam, he promised me he would wear white, wait until you see that tux. this is shaving.
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gorgeous red tux and a best actress nominee? >> that's right, i'm incredibly honored because right now we're about to be joined by -- how do you feel second a time out? >> i feel calmer. >> yeah. >> i feel older. it's almost ten years already, so i am older, i'm not as hungry as i was before. i didn't have anything to eat when i went the first time around. so i'm fine. >> reporter: there's not a lot of eating going on in hollywood here i have noticed. >> there's not. they don't love that activity too much. however i know there was a "vanity fair" party today. that's the only reason i'm here. >> reporter: that's the best thing about l.a. is the in and out. harris has a question for you. >> first of all, huge fan,
4:19 pm
fabulous emerald green, what was your favorite part about playing that character? i watched it for the first time just last night, back and forth with my husband, we thought it was so romantic and we wondered what was her favorite part? >> reporter: the movie was incredible, harris wants to know what was your favorite part of the movie? >> i think, i made a lot of great friends and one in particular, eileen o'higgins which is a really close friend of mine now, getting to work with her and hang out with her was always great. working at home in air was wonderful. and there's a scene near the end on a boat, but i went tell you what happens. and i loved that, it was very gratifying. >> first of all, harris and i are in love with your air rings. >> they come in a pair, so it's
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as black history month comes to a close, we're pausing to reflect on a trail blazer who overcame hatred and went on to succeed on one of the biggest stages of professional sports. >> reporter: imagine people staring at you because of the color of your skin. imagine them calling you names. now imagine enduring that for 15 years while playing a game you love. imagine. >> how did a young black manage who was 6'2" end up playing hockey? >> i should have been playing soccer, baseball, anything but hockey. >> they told you that?
4:25 pm
>> oh, yeah. >> what was the response from people when they saw you out on the ice. >> once they got over their shock, then the talking started. >> the sight of a black hockey player was shocking to a lot of fans. >> for 12 years we have been coming to hockey, and he's only to the second one we have ever seen. >> when val came on the ice, he was noticed. >> john gallagher teamed up with val to write black ice, a biography of val's journey to leave the hockey league. >> he was not going to walk away from sport he loved, no matter how much abuse he had to take to play it. >> i heard that people would throw things at you. >> there were everything from beers to chairs. >> we would hold our shoulders in, tuck the neck in and keep
4:26 pm
your head down so you don't get hit in the head. >> i was playing on the team and they loved me to death. >> on the ice, val learned respect the hard way, an enforcer, he used his fists to protect his teammates. >> i never want to hurt anybody or maim anybody so that for the rest of their life. a goon is the type of a player who will go out there, he will maim, hurt, spears, whatever. an enforcer is one who goes out -- >> in rochester he helped the americans win a cup, and became an instant fan favorite. >> that must have been a little bit confusing for you, though? >> you know what? it balanced everything out, because i knew once i got on the road i was going to get abused really bad.
4:27 pm
so going home and having somebody somebody love you, it didn't heal the hurt, but it still felt a lot better. >> val was recently honored in rochester where the team celebrated val james day. >> did that moment make it worth it? >> yes, it did, to see that someone actually remembered me after all those years, it made me feel that even though i had to take abuse in other cities, that i did make a difference. >> while val's nhl career was very brief, it was just as volatile. >> you ended up in here? >> i was so frustrated, i was just so mad, what are you doing this to me? i'm out here trying to entertain them and win a hockey game for my side and i got to take all this abuse? >> did you want to quit? >> no, that just made me want to ply harder? >> why. >> because i wanteto show that i belonged. >> i read that it took you a long time to even watch a game of hockey. >> it was about 20 years.
4:28 pm
>> and the reason why i took 20 years, is every time i watched a hockey game, i would hear all those chants in my mind. >> when we scheduled this interview. >> we were told he would not skate for us. but the moment seemed just right, but with a little coaxing, val seemed surprised. >> the last time i was on a pair of skates was two years ago, and two years ago was the first time i had been on skates in like 25 years, so this is a little different. you're right, it does feel half good, you know, it does feel half good. >> today val is finding his feet again, without an ounce of bitterness, instead he tries to share his experiences with the rest of the nation, and tell
4:29 pm
them how people nowadays are not too quick to judge, to hate. imagine. >> people ask me why i love my job, it's because of the storytelling, i'm addicted to that. to see more stories on black history month, go to is candidates are looking to do some damage with some very personal attacks, will it work or is it just too nasty or too little too late the? the fox political insiders are ready to get on with it on the fox report, as we do each sunday, jump on our fox news social pages, twitter and facebook with your comments. seed block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea...
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4:34 pm
to do is pop some of them up on the screen and get to them as we can. supertuesday, donald trump in most states ahead, your thoughts? >> it is clear to me looking at every poll that's come out both today and last week, that with the exception of texas, trump has a lead outside the margin of error in virtually every state, indeed every state. he is getting attacked relentlessly by marco rubio and ted cruz, it's what i call the kitchen sink. >> but it seems to be almost helping him. >> it could well be, he's being attacked for his bankruptcy, he's being attacked for the way he's campaigned, he's being attacked across the board but harris, you're right, it doesn't appear to be hurting him. >> david wovrl -- >> i think we said last week, the three candidate who is had
4:35 pm
their home states on tuesday, ted cruz has to win texas if he's going to survive. but why don't we just back up a little bit before this tuesday, i think since we were last together, all four of us on sunday, this race for the republican nomination and for the general election has taken a significant turn. >> how so? >> the republican party is fracturing in front of our very eyes, with trump being relentlessly attacked, beginning on wednesday night here on fox, or wednesday afternoon with mitt romney floating out this bombshell on the tax returns. >> a lot of people on twitter are taking exception to that. >> there is a concerted effort by the republican establishment to destroy donald trump to keep him from the getting the nomination. >> do you think it's going to work? >> i don't think it's going to prevent him from getting the
4:36 pm
nomination. but it's going to -- there's a very real thought that the senate and the republican ---in other words a total mess. >> pat, i want to get your thoughts the self inflicted wounds that donald trump has suffered this weekend, not the least of which is david duke on the kk issue, and he's already moved away from it, he's denounced it whatever, but people are still talking about it. is it even still a topic as we go forward for voters these days? >> it was kind of shocking this morning to watch him say i don't know about those people or whatever. i think it reflects, donald trump's having a week where this is where the campaign is being tested, not in its crowds, not in -- it's just mechanics of going to places, tested in his vision and control of the race.
4:37 pm
and i must say i think that, in particularly as he is being pounded, i think he's doing i think he's on the precipice of doing deep damage in the general election. as i say, the republican party, however, is falling apart. we have been saying this for a couple of years, i made this argument last year, after the polling i did, having to do with the way the base looked at the party itself, the establishment. but i must say, i think the party -- i have always believed that it would potentially blow itself up this we're. >> i want to get a couple of things, jeff sessions real quickly giving his endorsement. my question was our reporter earlier this hour, was endorsements in general really don't matter, do they? >> john and pat are right, the republican party is fathered. but with the chris christie endorsement, which was huge after the republican debate, and
4:38 pm
now jeff sessions, some part of the republican establishment is moving to trump, which provides at least an -- for the primaries as well as the election. >> michael bloom, if he gets in kaz an independent, that hurts the republican votes, does it not? >> it hurts the democrats. >> when do you think we'll know about michael bloomberg? >> we'll know in the next week or ten days, but as the two parties fracture, move apart, more polar aized, the opening in the middle gets even bigger. >> this has got to be delicious for democrats to watch. so what do republicans do to make this go away. >> they want to defeat trump, obviously. but if they can't -- we have the spectacle that has been raised that the republicans might field a third candidate in the fall. >> which can dat? >> if bloomberg ran as a third -- >> bloomberg is going the to run
4:39 pm
as an independent, right. >> but the republicans may get a line on many states and run a regular republican to sabotage trump. >> doesn't that put the democrat nominee in the -- all right, we have to take a quick break, when we get bag, i have quite the little mix-up of nastiness to show everybody in the form of montage. stay with us. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. without looking at cable wires and boxes in every room.
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4:43 pm
>> i see him starting to sweat, like i have never seen anything like it. thank god, he has really large ears, the biggest ears i have ever seen, because they were protecting him. i have never seen a human being sweat like this guy. >> there have been multiple news reports about donald's business dealings with the mafia. maybe those business dealings are a lot more extensive than have been reported. >> i just put this out on twitter, has gotten too nasty or is this par for the course? >> this is par for the coast. but i'm ashamed to see it. >> i would like to say something, i would like to say what i said, when doug spoke to me, this campaign is turning into a garbage fight, it is ridiculous, i do not understand what these candidates think they're doing. it is not donald trump's
4:44 pm
personality or the fact that bernie sanders is a socialist that's driving this campaign, this campaign is being driven by a large majority of americans who believe that the country is in decline, that they are being screwed over and the candidates hardly talk about it. trump's advantage has been in ad. why is this exchange with rubio? he's not challenging him on trade, i do not understand why we're not having a discussion and saying these voters, there was an article today by curtis ellis saying i'm talking about the contempt, the establishment, the media and the voters. >> i want to say they are going to rue this day, that's what they should be doing. trump should be saying that, other candidates should. that's what's out there, the vast majority. >> i think donald had gotten lazy as a candidate, he's going for the cheap laughs, he is a very entertaining candidate, he
4:45 pm
can't help but enjoy it, and he's similar good at it, he it's like a good standup comedy act. but when people go to watch come comedy, you can drop f-bombs, but after a while people get tired of it. he's got to have clear, smart jokes. he's got to drop the invective. >> he says he will. >> but will isn'ting the it. you want to be president, act like a president. >> anthony pballeski. >> pat and john are making a very, very important argument. donald trump is where he is because of hiss really profound understanding of the anger of the american people with the corruption in politics, be the dysfunctionality of washington and the failure of the system to
4:46 pm
deliver for middle class americans. by getting him to this wwe roller derby stuff, he's becoming degraded as marco rubio degrades the process along with ted cruz, you know who the big beneficiary is? hillary clinton. >> some things that are about to come down the pike for her, loretta lynch, our attorney general is going on with our bret baier tomorrow night, we have been prometing this, at 6:00 p.m. eastern, you have some deft thoughts about that, pat, what are they? >> about which. about her? >> what's going on the night before -- >> i think the question is here is very simple and i'll use the -- this isn't helping hillary clinton, she's got her own problems. she is -- you know, in her negatives are so high and the democratic party is so far out there, getting into politics, as opposed to caring about to the
4:47 pm
country as a whole. the republicans have their problems, she however, sits there a and the people -- speaking about -- she ask not administer justice as she did in the case, the irs case with what's her name. >> two things, hillary won by 50 points, going to sweep supertuesday, this is as donald trump said, huge for her. loretta lynch i think is trying to restore and indeed inspire confidence in the independence of the investigation and she's appearing on fox. the right thing for her to do, where this goes, time will tell. >> are we seeing a shift now or do you anticipate? because donald trump said on the stump a few days ago, that he hasn't even started on her yet. >> this is how he thinks he's going to become president, is to come this and destroy everybody. >> and it's working.
4:48 pm
>> most feel in the republican race are self-destructive. >> do you think ted cruz and marco rubio should not have gone negative? >> hay had to do it, they were getting nowhere with their approach. >> what other options? >> they had no other options, they had to do it because he was going into the gutter against them, they had no choice but to respond. >> we'll be right back. 7 days ago, phil wasn't thinking about dancing. he was thinking about his joints. but now he's taking osteo bi-flex, and noticing a real difference in his joint comfort. the feeling originates in this area... spreads throughout the body... to here, inducing hilariously high levels of embarrassment in his son. he knows it's working by that look of abject humiliation on his son's face. you were made to dance, phil. so dance. shows improved joint comfort in just 7 days. osteo bi-flex. made to move.
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a little disagreement during the commercial. there have been observations that the same thing is happening on both sides of the political aisle that there is a split on both sides. you say no. why? >> 50% victory.
4:52 pm
>> for hillary clinton. >> for hillary clinton, yes. an expectation that she will sweep super tuesday. bernie sanders has not been personally negative, has not used the e-mails. i think the democrats will coalesce quickly around hillary. >> and that's not a shocker. >> in the republican ranks, the level of venom like we've never seen. the chris christie endorsement, we now learn, is really motivated because he's got a personal vendetta against rubio. rubio calls him up to say, i'm sorry, and you're going to have a great career post this presidential race. christie takes it so badly that he's happy to get on the trump bandwagon just to screw rubio. >> and to be vice president. >> and to be vice president. >> i know you're going to say something about mitch mcconnell. >> mitch mcconnell is the senate majority leader. they are getting ready to change to seven blue senate seats, seven republicans in blue states, and they're very nervous about losing control. he said in the "new york times"
4:53 pm
yesterday about trump, quote, we will drop him like a hot rock. he's given his senators permission to run ads against trump to separate republican senators from the eventual probable nominee. >> twitter says, the dynasty of the gop is over. trump or not, people are awake. pat? >> i think people are awake, and i would like to say something about they're awake in both parties. you know, in the landslide, which was a crushing one to beat for sanders yesterday, they are pebbles. there were indications if you dug into that data, particularly with white voters who hillary clinton lost, and with voters -- white voters particularly who were concerned about her integrity, her numbers inside the democratic party on those issues are already a problem and getting worse as is the issue of
4:54 pm
whether or not the democratic party is democratic or rigged. i think before this is over, it will play its way out to the convention, and that's not even talking about the monster, the unspoken monster in the room. the fbi investigation and the justice department investigation. that is, for her, deadly. i'm saying on the republican side the same kinds of things. but there are a vast majority of people for either party, if you listened to altogether analysis today, this morning or last night, it's the democrats this and the republicans this, and there's 60% of the american voters who don't give a damn about either one of them anymore. whether they want an establishment figure like bloomberg or they're looking for something, a real insurgent who will speak for them in a real way. that's why i believe we could end up with three or four candidates in this general
4:55 pm
election. >> all right. real quickly, i know you want to give some final thoughts. >> well, i agree with pat. i think anybody who thinks these races are over is wrong. this thing is going to have twists and turns of all degrees in the month of march. >> a reason for john kasich and dr. ben carson to stick around. you heard they are not even going to flinch until they get to ohio for kasich. >> why should he? he's a sitting governor for a crucial state. he's not gone negative. he's one guy who refuses to go in the gutter. he's played a good game in the long run at least to be vp. so he's smart. >> i think chris christie made the move of the week. by blunting marco rubio's attacks on trump after the debate, he stabilized the race, he put himself in position to be the likely vice president, if not vice president, attorney general, the political play of the week par excellence. >> the real rubio and cruz stood up, now will the real candidate
4:56 pm
stand up? people watching more than ever as we go into super tuesday. even more final thoughts, so stay with us. and some pictures. hmm. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. now there's simply ageless liquid makeup it helps you look younger in three ways. so in the future when you're older you look younger. simply ageless from olay... and easy, breezy... ... beautiful covergirl you both have a perfect driperfect.ord. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ so the other night i'm with my husband at the knicks game, my very first time at madison square garden. we thought we had good seats until we realized our best view was the back of the head of ed shohn. >> definitive results. knicks got clobbered. it will be a definitive result tuesday. hillary clinton and donald trump will wrap up the nominations, i believe, substantially. gentlemen, real good to have you. i'll be back tomorrow noon eastern. the candidates hosted by meghan kelly is next. but i have to tell you this news. my friend ainsley ear hahardt i
5:00 pm
about to co-host with "fox & friends." have a very blessed week, my friends. good evening and welcome to a special edition of "the kelly file," face to face with the candidates. i'm meghan keyn kelly. we're coming to you from houston theater in houston, texas. very nice. i can feel the enthusiasm. where in less than a week from now, voters will take part in the biggest prize so far this primary season, super tuesday. that's when 12 states will hold primaries and caucuses. up for grabs,


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