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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 29, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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i'll be watching "fox & friends." much luck. >> -- for a driven mom. the kind of woman i look up to. >> welcome. >> ainsley earhardt. bill: good morning. it's a feature week, hundreds of delegates up for grabs, and new polling that shows donald trump with a big lead. it's monday, a big week ahead. martha: i'm martha maccallum. the mudslinging is getting really dirty on the republican side. ted cruz and marco rubio try to gain much-needed territory on
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the frontrunner. >> i believe a first-rate con artist is on the verge of taking over the party of lincoln and reagan. >> donald trump is telling us he will sit down with harry reid and chuck schumer and give away justice scalia's supreme court seat which means your second amendment rights are in jeopardy. >> i think we'll do well on tuesday and we'll beat out the establishment. the establishment is disgraceful. little marco is doing not so well. in florida he's down 20 point. he couldn't get elect the dog catcher. >> byron york standing by with analysis. john, good morning to you. what is the latest?
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>> we are currently at lunch hour at the intercontinental hotel outside of atlanta. the republican race taking on a tone that is deeply disturbing to the establishment. it's not just the schoolyard taunts about big ears and sweating. the establishment camp and the trump camp which has the support of chris christie and jeff sessions. trump seemed to not distance himself from kkk lead i are david duke. >> i disavowed him. he was at the name news conference and cnn was at the news conference and they heard me disavow them.
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he talked about groups. i have no problem disavowing groups but i would like to know who they are. reporter: trump saying he didn't quite hear the question. super tuesday is a big one for all of those campaigns. martha: it's fair to say not many people thought the republican race would look quite like this. reporter: marco rubio insists trump is a conman. that's his new attack against him. >> i admit i'm the underdog and i like that role, i have been in that role my whole life and my
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whole career in politic. i thought most of us didn't think it would get to this point either but unfortunately he's been a better con artist than we thought he was. reporter: many people believe if donald trump becomes the no knee the republican party will rip itself apart and end. martha: john, thank you. bill: there is a reason they call it super tuesday. about half of the 1,237 delegate needed for the nomination. within that massive total the biggest prize is texas. democrats 222 on the line. republicans 155. they are awarded pore poring alley. it's not like you win the state
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and take all the delegates. the rules are complicated. ted cruz. here is the latest polling from the "wall street journal." cruz leads in his home state 39% to 36%. he needs to win texas. >> he really need to win texas. the 13-point lead has been mirrored in some other polls. but the problem is, winning your home state is a minimum accomplishment. you are supposed to win elsewhere, too. he hoped to do very well in some of these southern state, alabama, georgia and tennessee. but after finishing third in south carolina he does not appear to have caught fire in those state. if he comes out of soup you are
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tuesday winning texas but nothing else, people may say he need to stay in the race. if you listen to the rubio campaign, they stress these delegates are awarded proportionally and rubio will collect delegates with his second place finishes earlier in the race. they say then he goes on to march 15 where this home state of florida, plus ohio are being contested. and those are winner-take-all. if he wins those he gets back in the race. bill: georgia polling. trump 30% and cruz and rubio 23%
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each. that's significant and i'll explain that later with larry sabato. trump right now is in the driver's seat. >> he is. it look like he will have a good soup or tuesday. for some of the state, the polls are pretty old. it's hard to say who is winning. but if donald trump does win a number of these states he can point to south carolina and never. and he will say wing is wing. now, you tell me why i shouldn't be the republican nominee. on the board i'll show you what's at stake for super tuesday. work for me, will you? march 1, there are more than 11 on the board here. but 11 that are significant for the republicans.
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the biggest one is texas. biggest is georgia. larry sabato is coming up in 30 minute to tell us how this works based on delegates and distribution and what you can try and predict when you wake up wednesday morning. martha: donald trump picking up another endorsement. this time it was frommal bam a -- it was from alabama senator jeff sessions. >> we need to make america great again. i'm pleased to endorse donald trump for the presidency of the united states. martha: this is noteworthy. senator jeff sessions is from alabama which is a super tuesday state and he's the first sitting senator to endorse donald trump.
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trump has made a case that ted cruz doesn't have any sitting senators endorsing him and marco rubio has many. big * senator sessions big on immigration. that was a surprise in alabama when that came out. martha: hillary clinton is hoping to ride a wave on super tuesday. she defeated bernie sanders by nearly 50 points. mrs. clinton taking a veiled swipe at donald trump. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. but we do need to make america
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whole again. instead of building walls. we need to be tearing down barriers. martha: a preview of hillary clinton. sanders expected to lose south carolina by a large far gin. he's got his work cut out for him tomorrow. bill: tomorrow super tuesday as the polls close, special coverage starting at 6:00 eastern time tomorrow night. the gaining is all here, we'll be back in the studio. >> lots to cover here this morning. donald trump firing a warning shot across the bow of the republican party. >> i don't think it's fair the way the establishment is treating donald trump. i signed a pledge, and i will, you know, abide by the pledge
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unless they default. but as far as i'm concerned, they defaulted. martha: is the loyalty pledge with the gop no longer worth the paper it's written on? bill: an american held hostage in north korea is trotted in front of the cameras to make an apology. k.t. mcfarland and how we should respond. martha: a u.s. navy seal getting ready to receive the medal of honor. details on his selfless act of heroism. >> i'm wearing body armor so i want to protect him from any potential threats in the room. anybody in combat knows in those moments you either react or you get killed.
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martha: we await a special ceremony at the white house. president obama expected to present the medal of honor to navy seal edward byers. he's receiving the medal for a hostage rescue mission in
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afghanistan in 2012. byers speaking out about that honor in a video produced by the navy. >> my initial reaction was i felt honored and humbled. i'm going to be a representative for the navy. and there is a weight that that carries with it. that weight is the sacrifices that everybody has made within this community, guys like nick chat and all our bropters who have fallen. it's an affirmation of the job we do. bill: we'll see that later today, 11:00 a.m. eastern time. >> they are not treating me well. you look at way they stack the audiences in the debates. i have won every debate
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according to every single online poll after the debate. i don't think it's fair the way the establishment is treating donald trump. i signed the pledge and i'll abide by the pledge unless they default. but as far as i'm concerned, they defaulted. bill: that's donald trump accusing the republican party of violating the loyalty pledge. is that valid? scott brown, a former senator' and supporter of donald trump. where is the evidence to suggest they have not treated him well. >> i know when i ran no one would even see me. that being said. unfortunately what you are seeing now is basic battling for
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the nomination. it's nothing unusual that i have seen. the going back and forth, tearing each other up. it's getting more and more high when it comes to the actual rhetoric. but when and if donald trump is the nominee, the party, reince priebus will get as many people as he can to support him. you are starting to see that with christy and sessions and governor lapage coming forward. it's a slow process. i wish it would stop and we would focus on the issues. bill: trump said i will abide by the pledge unless they default. as far as i'm concerned, they are defaulting. what would he do? >> i'm not concerned about what he would do except win the nomination unless the people let the establishment and reince priebus know they have spoken.
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the folks in washington aren't listen together message the american people are giving out. they are tired of washington and the back stabbing. we are fighting for crumbs. we don't have the presidency. the number one goal should be to get the presidency and keep the senate and keep the house and move forward with the agenda to put the genie back in the battle and fight for what we care about. border security. reestablishing our ties with our allies. bill: you were one of the first to endorse him. chris christie and senator sessions are not necessarily two people you would put in the same group. what did they have do for his candidacy. >> i thought the chris christie endorsement was huge. it was at a time when marco and ted were coming at him pretty hard. after it's all said and done, we
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are republicans and have to work together. to have jeff sessions come out is really big. jeff doesn't endorse people. but when it comes to the border security issues and dealing with isis and those threats, jeff sessions is so similar to him. jeff and i were in lock step on those issues. it's a big endorsement. bill: that david duke thing from sunday, how long does that linker? why not clear that up? >> i thought it was crystal clear. when he was asked about the christy endorsement. you have got the endorsement from the kkk, david duke. he said i disavow. to ask five different questions and get the same answer. it's something i went through. the media, the different networks try to get a different age toll make their news day.
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i thought it was crystal clear with the christy endorsement and his position on that. bill: thank you, sir. martha: some brand-new polls out. 24 hours to go until super tuesday. donald trump and hillary clinton break away from the pack. bill: a beloved pastor is shot dead and you will not believe who pulled the trigger. >> we are torn apart. this is not something you expect to happen. we lost a true giant today. we really did. we have over 15,000 activities that you can book on our app to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. feel free to be yourself all day.... just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals.
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>> don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva.
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bill: an absolute tragedy during
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a church service in dayton, ohio. reverend schooler was gunned down and police say the short was his own brother. church members have been devastated by this. >> he was a caring person. he cared about people's soul. we have lost a great person and i don't -- he always impressed on us the -- we never expected something like this. bill: family members say the short has a history of mental illness. he's expected in court today. martha: an american hostage held in north korea apologize on state tv for a so-called hostile
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act of trying to steal a north korean banner from a hotel. north korea say he's making a television appearance at his own request. kt mcfarland joins me now. kt, thank you for being here. obviously this is a propaganda-style video. he cries, but we are not going to show it. >> i went to the website. a chinese-based tour company. it brags, come on our tours to destinations even your mother doesn't want you to go to.
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this kid says i'm going to pull a prank and take the banner back to the university of virginia and show it to everyone. the united states pays the price. now we'll have to get that guy out. the north koreans nabbed him because the north koreans know sanctions are about to be imposed on them. they don't want those sanctions. so what do they do. they have a propaganda video and we'll have to pay in some way to get him back? >> here's the thing. countries like iran and north korea that have taken american hostages. well, he's a cia agent. they keep them as bargaining chips. and we rush to release them and do whatever the north koreans want and the iranians want.
6:28 am
why do we do that? some are legitimately in that country for a good mission. but a college student who goes over there for a prank and expects everybody to drop everything to go get hip. martha: there is talk the united states wants to reopen negotiations with north korea. what would you do? >> we have put on all the sangs we probably can put on and they had no difference. who has the ability to influence event in north korea? the chinese. but we are unable and unwilling to use the leverage we have with the chinese and they are unwilling and unable to with north co-rans. american college student if you
6:29 am
want to go on your summer vacations to scary, dangerous places and do dopey thing, don't expect the united states to come running to your defense. this kid is costing us. he's enabling north korea to have hard currency because he's a tourist and spending american dollars there. bill? bill: devastating waves of attacks. isis claiming point. we'll tell you where and who was the target. martha: the insults are piling up over the three men leading the race on the presidential side. we'll look at the effect it could have on the party and how low this could possibly go. >> thank god he has really large ears because they were protecting him. >> he doesn't sweat because his
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bill: a suicide bomber killing at least 14 in iraq. today attack follows twin bombings in baghdad. at least 70 killed. the deadliest attack inside the capital. two roadside bombs occurred hours after government troops and policemen came under attack from isis fighters in separate attacks around the capital city. >> lightweight rubio. totally lightweight. little mouth on him. bing, bing, bing. little rubio. this guy has a fresh mouth, he's a very nasty guy. and i actually thought that ted cruz was a liar, but rubio is worse.
6:34 am
>> he's always calling me little marco. he's taller than me by 6'2" which is why i don't understand why his hand are the size of somebody who is 5'2". you know what they say about men with small hand. you can't trust them. >> there have been multiple media reports about donald and the mob. maybe those business dealing are more extensive. we don't know. martha: that's just a few seconds -- all of this flying in all directions. both need to do well and they have a lot of ground to make up in that regard. kate pavlich is the news editor.
6:35 am
and maryanne, my guess is our conversation will be somewhat more civil than what we saw. the bar is so low it's not hard. katie, what do you make of this? >> i think it's embarrassing. if you are an independent voter or someone looking from outside the united states for leadership you are seeing an embarrassing display of stripping the dignity from the presidency of the united states. donaldonald trump supporters wil support hip know matter what. so i don't think marco rubio should fall into degrading his character. ted cruz has some good substantive point. he's talking about donald trump's possible ties to the mob
6:36 am
which have been well documented in books. according to law enforcement there are ties to the mob in terms of trump's business deals. it's embarrassing to see them talk about small hand and spray andand -- spray tans and little marco. martha: they are trying to out-do trump on his theme and it's difficult to do. a couple weeks ago trump was saying what a nice guy marco rubio was. politically they are both throwing hail mary passes as they head into super tuesday. are they going about it the right way or the wrong way? >> it's wrong. neither rubio nor cruz will be the no knee. they have to win their home states and they have to win
6:37 am
every state in march, april and june to pull even. the on the other option would be for the republican party to change it rules and force trump out. if that happens there will be an insurrection. even if everything both of them are saying is true, voters don't believe them because they don't have the standing they believe those accusations and they will stick on trump. trump has been known for a longer period of time. that's where this race is. martha: i think it's important that donald trump does have a ceiling of support. the vast majority of republican voters don't support donald trump. but in order to beat donald trump it has to be a one-on-one race. but it doesn't looks like it will be donald trump versus marco rubio.
6:38 am
or ted cruz. but he doesn't have a majority. in terms of moving forward with the party. donald trump brought the caricature of the republican party as being seen as racist and inteldand intolerant to lif. martha: i want to get your thought on this david duke thing. he said he disavowed it friday. he said he was not interested in this endorsement. there was a jake tapper interview that had a lot of ambiguity in it that a lot of people found disturbing. do you think the biggest threat of this for him is in the general election? >> correct. african-american voters in the primary process have shown they are highly motivated to vote. this will motivate them even more.
6:39 am
despite donald trump's best efforts to clean this up, i think you have seen enough discontent amongst some republicans, independent and some republicans, especially women i see them crossing over to vote on the democratic ballot in the fall. look where we are. look what's being said in february. i can't imagine what october is going to look like. but right now that's what it looks like. bill: texas is the biggest prize tomorrow. super tuesday, lots of delegates on the line. casey stealing is live at gilley's bar in dallas. voters are getting energized about tomorrow. what are they telling you? reporter: a lot of people have been standing in line behind me. the event is supposed to start in 10 minutes. you can feel the excitement in texas ahead of super tuesday.
6:40 am
candidates have been crisscrossing the state. texas senator ted cruz has been crisscrossing the state. another plan this evening in houston. there is a recent poll out of monmouth university that shows cruz at 38% and businessman donald trump with 23%. and senator marco rubio at 21%. but there are two polls that show cruz and trump tied. fit is a close race they could end up sharing delegates. >> cruz can win in texas and not get too many more votes than donald trump. then if trump wins most of the rest of the state he can come out way ahead and with increasing momentum. reporter: all of the polls showing former secretary of state hillary clinton leading
6:41 am
the polls with double digits over her rival, bernie sanders. bill: texas is not winner-take-all. how do they award the delegates there? reporter: it's a little confusing. for republicans there are 155 up for grabs. 47 will be awarded proportionally based and overall statewide * totals. the bulb will depend on how well the candidates do in each of the congressional districts. for democrats, the majority comes from the state's senate districts. 145 delegates there, then another 77 allocated on overall voting number, plus the 29 superdelegates making 251 total. so an awful lot at stake for republicans and democrats here in texas tomorrow.
6:42 am
bill: clear as mud. casey stegall. martha: fox news going wall to wall for super tuesday coverage. special coverage with bret, megyn, bill and myself starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow evening. bill: the strategies on super tuesday. what each one needs tomorrow in the so-called sec primary. >> i ask you to vote for me on tuesday and find other people to vote for me on tuesday. don't worry, you will see me again. not only do we want to do well tuesday, we are coming back and we are going to win the general election and turn this countrye around. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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bill: each candidate crunching the delegate map on what is need to survive. professor larry sabato, of the university of virginia. welcome back to america's newsroom. >> i'm excited about super tuesday. bill: texas has the biggest bushel. 155 at stake. second to texas would be georgia with 76 delegates. but as you know it's not like you can go in there and get the majority to vote.
6:47 am
it's based on proportionality. for cruz and rubio you have to start wing or keep trump's numbers close. that has to be rejected for tomorrow. >> that's correct except texas where cruz is likely to win by a decent margin. bill: none is winner-take-all. 595 on the line. i just crunched some numbers. this is a total guess. if you have got 595 delegates and trump gets 250 tomorrow. say rubio and cruz, maybe they get 150 each based on the polling we watched and how they performed in some of the other states. what does tomorrow prove? >> it proves it's going to be difficult to catch trump. they are going to have to do it
6:48 am
not really tomorrow through proportional representation. they will have to do it starting march 15 when you can really win some big delegate packets with winner take all. if it's going to be done. it's going to be done then, and even then it's going to be difficult. >> trump has a lead in 10 of 11 states. i want to take you back to south carolina. trump with 32.5% of the vote. rubio and cruz, 22.5 for rubio and 22.3 for cruz. if you look at this georgia number. trump is 30% in georgia and rubio and cruz are dead even at 23 each. they are essentially eating each other. >> that's true, and don't forget about kasich and carson. they are additional elements. they are not getting much of a
6:49 am
percentage but they are making it more difficult to catch trump. even if cruz dropped out, i'm not saying he will. but if he drops out, it doesn't mean this support will move on past rubio. trump will get a decent proportion of those votes. you can't move percentages from category to category, it's never that simple. bill: larry sabato, university of virginia. thank you very much. after tuesday you have some winner-take-all states. but first things first, and that's tomorrow. martha: the bright light on hollywood's biggest stage. a-listers and celebrities stepping out for the big oscars. who took home the little goldman. but first chris rock taking the
6:50 am
controversy surrounding the award and turning it into some laughs. >> they have more men because they are all wearing the same outfit. george clooney showed up with a lime green tux on and a [bleep]. . he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta!
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they say you shouldn't spoil your kids. but your grandkids? how about front row seats to the best show in town? and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. >> the oscar goes to ... "spotlight." martha: it also took home best original screenplay.
6:54 am
also "mad max" got six wins. "the revenant" won for best director and leonardo dicaprio's acting in that film. it's the first time he took it home despite the fact he's been nominated self times. >> i thank you all for this amaiding award. let's not take this amazing planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you very much. martha: people took to the internet to weigh in making it the most tweeted oscar moment in oscar history. brie larson won best actress for her role in "the room."
6:55 am
and mark rylance won best supporting actor for "bridge of spies." people boycotting for the lack of diversity in the nominees. that gave chris rock a lot to talk about. >> i'm here at the acad michigan award also known as the white people's award. is hollywood racist? you damn right it's racist. hollywood is sorority racist. we like you but you are not a kappa. martha: there was a video about what if these black actors were part of the scenes from the other movies. i wish he had directed his fire at the academy.
6:56 am
they are the people who make these nominations. sitting home and watching, it seemed it was everybody's fault things didn't turn out the way they wanted them to. some of his paint were well made. in the 1960s, they didn't protest because they had real issues. bill: he said i'm not wearing the uniform tonight. i'm wearing a white tuxedo. the day before super tuesday and marco rubio is making his closing argument. we have shown you what is on the line and tomorrow is significant for him and ted cruz and john kasich, and ben carson. not to mention the frontrunner donald trump. we'll take you back live there in a moment. martha: new polling shows hillary clinton and donald trump
6:57 am
likely to be superstars on super tuesday. . . . .
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6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: republican candidates gearing up for a big super tuesday tomorrow. you have five contenders still left in the race, making final pitches before key turning point in the presidential campaign. welcome hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. about a dozen states up for grabs along with hundreds of delegates to the national convention in july. latest national poll gives trump a huge lead, now this is national poll. it is not based on state, which is what tomorrow's all ba. 49% for trump. rubio and cruz trailing far behind, virtual behind for second. trump started day stamping out fire with questions over the weekend about david duke and ku klux klan. >> i have no problem disavowing groups. i would like to know who they are. it would be very fair to disavow
7:01 am
a group, matt, if they shouldn't be disavowed. i need to know who the groups are. i disavow david duke. if you you look on facebook i also disavowed david duke, when i looked at it, and disavowed david duke. i disavowed david duke on facebook and twitter. obviously never enough. martha: is it enough? brit hume, fox senior political analyst. >> martha, good to be here. martha: what do you make of this whole disavowing david duke and the ku klux klan. >> i don't think this will last very long. i mean, sort of inexplicable having said what he said on friday about disavowing duke he pretended he didn't know who he was on sunday and didn't disavow duke and the kkk. i don't think it will pull away any of his core supporters who seem not to be shaken in their view of him by anything. martha: probably not. look what ronald reagan said
7:02 am
when he woos given, offered support from the organization. let's put that quote. ronald reagan said those of us in public life only resent the use of our names that those seek political recognition for repugnant doctrine of hate they espouse. politics of racial hatred and religious bigotry practiced by the klan and others have no place in it country and are destructive for values of which america always stood. different way approaching the problem. >> that is how it is done. if he wanted to do it, he could have done it with a statement like that. that sounds like ronald reagan. doesn't sound at all like donald trump. martha: indeed it does not. we heard a lot every at weekend. -- over the weekend. i want to get to the chris christie endorsement and get your thoughts. there are a number of people sort of in the more establishment credibility lane are now signing on as endorsers of donald trump. does it matter for him? >> i think it does.
7:03 am
it is a sign something happening. a sign of profound divisions within republicans ranks, non-trump republican ranks. one view is this guy is the worst. he is not a conservative. temper american tally, deeply unsuited to be president. everything must be done to stop him. other view, this is guy is inevitable. going to be nominee. might as well join up and guide him in the right directions, maybe, maybe just do ourselves a little political good. the case of chris christie is perfect example of that view. christie went around telling everybody during the primary season anybody who didn't take on entitlements was not facing of reality in life today. donald trump has sworn not to touch entitlements. chris christie signed right up. it may say more about christie than it does about trump. nonetheless we also saw jeff sessions over weekend do essentially same thing. paul lepage, who was one of those we know in private
7:04 am
meetings was terrified of the possibility of trump, wanted to stop him, he has now joined the trump bandwagon. so there you go. martha: look what marco rubio talked about over the weekend, all the stuff about small hands and trump with the water bottle. did you ever think that you would witness the kind of schoolboy stuff, locker room talk, that is substituted for political repertoire a day or two before super tuesday? >> raises an intriguing question, martha, which is this. this is what trump traffics in. serves him very well all we can see. it was entertaining as all get out. rubio doing best trump. he better than i thought. the crack about his hand. we're way in uncharted territory here. i have never seen nothing like it in my life. martha: nothing -- it is so, when you listen to todd harris said on friday, one of rubio's top advisors, media, sort of blaming media.
7:05 am
media wants circus, the circus we'll give him. let us in the ring he said. >> that is one way of looking at it. remains to be seen giving trump a large dose of his own medicine, ridicule in crude and funny way would take him down a peg. he has the image of being strong man, invincible and ridicule is something that tends, if it takes effect to make you look small. we'll see how he responds to it. i mean, i was surprised rubio did it. i was surprised he did it naturally as he seemed to. martha: we're still in the vetting process of these republican candidates. it could be over tomorrow night, clearly but the things that are coming out when you're talking about donald trump and statements that he has made, all of this is looked at by the democratic candidate, most likely hillary clinton, you know when you talk about this mafia ties stuff ted cruz brought up.
7:06 am
none of it may hold water in the long run. this will be used against the candidate, if it is donald trump he better be ready for all that. >> remember what happened to mitt romney in 2012, republicans, principally newt gingrich and rick perry, who raised notion mitt romney was vulture capitalist who took advantage of people and took over companies and fired everybody, that theme was picked up by the democrats and bludgeoned mitt romney with it all the way to election day. it was effective and he lost. we see similar situation. businessman candidate, very different from mitt romney to be sure, businessman nonetheless, under attack by republicans for his business practices, screwing the little guy, all the rest of it. trump has got to be said is target-rich environment for those charges. so got to figure the democrats will sit by and let republicans touch him up a little bit. if he gets nomination they will be all over him. martha: writing their playbook.
7:07 am
>> absolutely. no doubt thought about this already. i think trump will have a hard time deeming with that. martha: real quick before i let you go, mitt romney will get in. the divisiveness you talked about in the party is so real right now. do you see it going anywhere? >> the republican party establishment doesn't exist in any meaningful sense. you have this sort of scattered group of party figures, officeholders, advisors and political activists, outside groups, they're not led by anybody in particular. they're all over the place what to do about this guy. some will attack him. some will join him. i think republican party as we know it may not even exist after this election if trump gets the nomination and goes down to the resounding defeat that these people fear. martha: yeah. i may appear you look back in history, that was a big turning point of that things looked very different for the party. >> thank you very much. martha. thank you. martha: brit will be back in a couple of hours when he will be on the couch with the ladies of
7:08 am
"outnumbered." this is a big moment for brit hume, joining "outnumbered" couch. they will be very happy to have you there. comes up at noon eastern time. you can hold your own pretty well even though you're outnumbered. no doubt. >> we'll see. bill: ladies are tough, brit. good luck. we're watching high noon. hillary clinton saturday night in south carolina, clinton holding campaign events in virginia and massachusetts while senator bernie sanders focuses on minnesota. ed henry live in washington. good morning to you. reporter: good morning. bill: is clinton on the verge of taking commanding lead in the democratic race? reporter: she may be. more clinton emails coming out from the state department late tonight. that will be something grabs more attention right before super tuesday. remember things have been indoctoring out for months now and had very little impact on democratic primary process. after she lost new hampshire, her campaign manager put out a mem we, people saying this is
7:09 am
spin and nonsense, if you look what he said, it is playing out. in march it will be all about math. there she goes, she wins south carolina on eve of march. come super tuesday you have over 800 delegates at stake. 1800 delegates for the democrats at stake in the first two weeks of march alone. so she is poised for a lot of victories tomorrow. it will be put bernie sanders in a very defensive position. i do think obviously these emails coming out tonight from the state department, it continues to add to drip, drip whether she is honest and trustworthy. bernie sanders has not made it an issue. she has been able to steamroll him perhaps but come general election this has impact. bill: we'll talk about the judge with latest emails in a moment. what is bernie sanders's strategy as it stands today in order to survive and advance, ed? >> i talked to his campaign manager jeff weaver. they know they will lose a bunch of clinton strong holds in the south. alabama, georgia.
7:10 am
hard to keep up with the african-american vote. sanders is pouring energy into oklahoma and got minnesota and massachusetts. these are states, maybe even colorado hopes to sneak in with victories. since democrats have proportional delegates even if he comes in second on various states on super tuesday he will collect delegates. he announced he raised $40 million in the month of february alone. that tells you he has money and maybe delegates to keep going for a long time. the problem for bernie sanders, coming in second, collecting some delegates, having a lot of money in the bank, that's fine but that doesn't give you the math to actually beat hillary clinton. unless he starts knocking down some states tomorrow, you have ohio and michigan, some big ones coming up in march, he has to start winning some of these or he will simply fall too far behind. bill: we made the point with larry sabato, you to win and keep numbers low to stay in it. ed henry from washington. thank you.
7:11 am
>> the marco rubio going in with a new line of attacks against donald trump. >> americans are being fooled by this guy. when someone such set, uncertain about the future, certained about what is going on, you become vulnerable. people say give meet power, i will turn your life around, that is how con jobs work. martha: but is mudslinging too little too late to help him in his campaign come super tuesday? plus this. >> there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the long leadership it needs both at home and around the world than donald trump. bill: chris christie, and senator sessions climbing on board the trump train. why this endorsement has party insiders scratching their heads today? we'll explain all that. martha: a virginia police officer killed in the line of duty on her very first day on the job. what we know about the suspect accused of gunning this young woman down.
7:12 am
>> just two short days ago she swore her oath of office again to wear the badge of service to our community. we are humbled by her commitment to us. we are saddened to have lost so quickly such an intelligent and dedicated servant.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
♪ martha: the gloves are clearly
7:16 am
off and marco rubio is now going after donald trump, shedding the nice guy image for the last few days and unleashing a wave of sharp attacks against the frontrunner. rubio trying to swing momentum in tomorrow's contest by pulling out all the stops against trump. listen. >> i want you to vote against him and i'm asking you to vote for me. i'm asking you to vote for me not just to vote against him although i need your help. you have friends out there thought about voting forehim. thinking about voting for him. friends don't let friends vote for con artists. >> we have the communications director for marco rubio for president. communications message has changed pretty dramatically over the last few days, alex. how come? >> we'll expose donald trump for what he is. is one of the world's greatest con artists. like he scammed all the victims and students at trump university. just yesterday he claimed he had 35,000 people cheering him on in
7:17 am
alabama. that was a lie. the local police said he only had 10,000 people. to put that we had 20,000 people rallying with marco in virginia. it he was serious making america great i would bring jobs overseas in china making tack at this ties he would bring them back to the america. rubio campaign is challenging to bring those jobs back to america if he is serious about making america first. martha: where has all this been, alex, when you look at the campaign? basically for months marco rubio has said, no i'm not going to do that i have don't want to attack anybody. i'm hear to talk about what i'm talking about. some would say why so late? >> we're at serious moment here. donald trump is the frontrunner. donald trump has won three states in a row. we can not let this con artist become head. conservative movement, head of party of reagan. that would be disaster for our
7:18 am
party as brit hume was saying t would be a disaster for the country if con artist like donald trump became head of party of reagan and lincoln. we'll not let it. so we're engaging him on every level. we're debating him on policies but also exposing him for what he is, which is a fraud. martha: a lot of people out there feel very strongly about this man and they are republicans as well. and they feel like the people they have sent to washington, marco rubio and ted cruz and all of the others that they have gone there and they haven't gotten job done. they're sick and tired of that happening. donald trump is telling them they need to pick an outsider, they need to pick somebody who will get stuff done and he says he has a long reputation in his business for doing just that, being task oriented, getting things done and tackling big problems. >> that is not true. if you look at his businesses long litany of bankruptcy. if he was president of the united states he would bankrupt our country like he bankrupted all his companies. is a guy who agrees with hillary
7:19 am
clinton on most issues. he agrees with her on eminent domain. you should use taxpayer dollars to fund planned parenthood. we can't have somebody like that as head of the republican party. we can't have somebody like that as president of the united states. that is what is important in this debate. at the debate he couldn't explain his own headlight care plan. kept talking about circles around the states, whatever that means. martha: he was talking about cross state competition. didn't put it as eloquently some would like, he was talking about crossstate competition been around a long time. i don't why that would be surprising element after plan? >> because interstate competition in of itself will not solve our health care plans. if he knew anything about health care policy he would understand that he would understand we need a comprehensive plan as marco rubio put out. go to our website., read about marco rubio's comprehensive plan to repeal and replace obamacare. we haven't seen anything like that from donald trump. he talks about the circles
7:20 am
around the states, that is not a serious plan. he has been exposed on that. martha: alex, you think there is a state marco rubio will win tomorrow? >> i don't know. it's still, it is still competitive race. obviously donald trump is the frontrunner. i think ted cruz is obviously going to win his home state of texas tomorrow. our goal is to accumulate as many delegates. as you know all delegates are awarded proportional basis. we'll win a lot of delegates which is important to look who is the nominee. on march 15th we will win home state of florida. i feel good about trajectory of the race. we feel american people coming behind us because they understand is be like donald trump who is world class con artist, can not be head of the republican party, let alone head of the united states and planner and chief of the greatest military in world. our crowds are surging, bigger in donald trump's many in cases. people like never before. we're excited about the future
7:21 am
of this campaign. martha: alex, thanks very much for being with us. >> appreciate it. martha: we'll see how everything goes tomorrow for all of the candidates. good to seek with you as always. >> thank you. bill: 3 1/2 years of torture and isolation. american pastor saeed abedini speaking out about captivity in iran. he will join us live to share his story. martha: the state department releasing the final batch of hillary clinton emails today, one day before super tuesday. >> no one is above the law. and hillary clinton -- [applause] she is disqualified from being the commander-in-chief. [applause] [cheering]
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
martha: ongoing news conference right now with general dunford and the pentagon chief ash carter.
7:25 am
moments ago ash carter is saying he believes momentum is on our side in the fight against isis. it has been an uphill battle in many ways. we know more than 70 people were killed over the weekend in iraq, at the hands of isis and another 24 at least today at a suicide bombing at a funeral. so that situation on the ground continues to be extraordinarily complicated. more on that as we get it. bill: in the meantime the state department now releasing the final batch of hillary clinton emails, one day before super tuesday. over the past nine months state department released more than 48,000 pages of clinton emails. the total number of emails containing classified information now said to be more than 1800? judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. good day to you. what is in the latest group here? >> emails about drone strikes which by definition are on the highest category of protection
7:26 am
called top secret. mrs. clinton will say, you know what, it didn't top secret when i received it and didn't say top secret when i sent it. that is defeated by her obligation as secretary of state to know a national security state secret whether she sees one whether it is stamped top secret or not. bill: i thought she says, i thought she said she didn't receive classified? >> she uses the word classified. classified is hollywood term, most respectfully to our friends in hollywood. it is not a legal term. the legal term is confidential, secret or top secret. when she says she didn't send or receive anything mark classified. that is technically true. nothing is marked classified. it is marked secret or top secret. drone strikes, came out over the weekend, is highest protected category. bill: general hayden talked a lot last week. what have you heard from him. >> i had a couple of off the record personal conversations from general hayden.
7:27 am
i can reveal what he has revealed on air. he is certain the russians hacked into her server and once they did, had access to confidential secret, top secret. bill: wow. cheryl mills, right, state department, there is breaking news on that. what have you found there. >> catherine herridge, our intrepid d.c. colleague, learned this morning that cheryl mills who was mrs. clinton's number one aide then when she was secretary of state, then and now, retains top secret clearance, continues to retain clearance, even though cheryl mills emailing state secrets to people at the clinton foundation. bill: and that is? >> a felony. a felony. bill: so, every time we talk about this, i asked you about, yeah, they clearly broke the law. then i come to the question, will they be charged? the answer i get from knows is, probably not. why not? >> well, there is a growing
7:28 am
perception in the land that mrs. clinton is getting special treatment because of what her last name is and because she is likely the democratic nominee for president. bill: perception? >> perception. now, i don't believe the fbi has given all of its evidence to the attorney general. when it does, she, attorney general lynch, who will be interviewed by our colleague bret baier tonight on "special report," will need to determine when and how that evidence is going to make its way to a grand jury. if it does, mrs. clinton will be indicted. if she isn't, the attorney general will have one hell of a explanation to make. bill: we'll look forward to you with bret baier. >> thank you. bill: martha. martha: what federal officials accuse him of doing to support islamic state terrorists. bill: also what does chris christie's endorsement mean for donald trump? and why are some from his own party questioning that endorsement? >> of the candidates remaining
7:29 am
on that stage he is the best person to beat hillary clinton which is job one for republicans. we do not want hillary clinton in the white house. he is the best person to beat her. he is the best person -- >> to do what?
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
martha: defense secretary ash carter holding a joint news conference with the chairman of the joint chiefs staff, marine corps general joseph dunford. they're talking this morning about our progress against isis.
7:33 am
leland vittert live at the pentagon. leland, secretary carter with some interesting comments about isis. what do you think the headline here is so far? reporter: the headline is how skeptical the press corps, for that matter everybody is on the pentagon's spin on the fight against isis. past 24, 48 hours, isis shown ability to strike inside of iraq. three coordinated attacks inside of baghdad killing scores of people. yet when you listen to the pentagon talk, hey, the fight against isis, especially in iraq is going really well. take a listen. >> because of our strategy and our determination to accelerate our campaign, momentum is now on our side and not on isil's. our partners on the ground in iraq have retaken ramadi and making begins in anbar while at the same time we're making operationally significant strides in our campaign to dismantle isil in syria. reporter: obviously when it
7:34 am
comes to the numbers on the ground, be it isis inside of syria where they remained largely same side, fighting since all the airstrikes began or expansion inside of libya, there are questions exactly how thin they are trying to cut the measure of success. pentagon, meantime, martha, much bigger questions about america strategic prem sy around the globe. trying to deal with the russia issue inside syria. remember the administration said russia would get into quagmire inside syria. now seems they have huge success inside of syria. pentagon taking tough questions over issue of south china sea. the for so long the pentagon talking about stopping china from militarizing man made islands so close to the our allies. there are military fighter jets on the islands. that chinese put in very sophisticated radars and anti-aircraft missiles could change the u.s.'s blue water
7:35 am
navy ability to operate in that part of the world. martha: boy, a lot on their plate, leland. the next president will have quite a docket when it comes to foreign policy leland, thank you very much. bill: did we mention there's a vote tomorrow? chris christie hitting trail with donald trump over the weekend after endorsing him on friday. that was a big surprise from just about everybody. christie says trump as the best chance, the best chance at beating hillary clinton. republican governor of south carolina, nikki haley, who endorsed marco rubio disagrees with that point. >> chris is a dear friend but none of us understands why he did this. what i will tell you is, donald trump can't beat hillary clinton. his negatives are so high, his cap is at 35%. it is impossible for him to win a general. bill: chris christie making exactly opposite of that point. ashley pratt, senior political reporter. morning ashley to you and nomiki konst, democratic strategist, at
7:36 am
large member about democratic national committee and national co-chair of 44. nomiki, how are you doing? >> i'm doing fine. bill: ashley, you i'm starting with you, on back and forth. christie is saying he is one who can win. what do you say? >> he is. i think at this point everyone suck tag about the negatives. both hillary clinton and donald trump have high ones but no one is really focusing on here, how detrimental enthusiasm gap will be for hillary clinton in the general election. donald trump is able to turn out politically appet thick voters, people who haven't been voting for years, who finally feel excited to go out to vote for candidate they believe in. it will be hard for a flawed candidate like hillary clinton, to beat that. she is extremely, extremely vulnerable. he is able to turn out votes for democrat as well, which is something to be concerned about. her base of young female supporters are not there. they are less enthusiastic and.
7:37 am
they will vote for her but don't want to. bill: this could be a cage match, ladies, wow. you said i think hillary is especially vulnerable running against trump. how come? >> i think democrats are underestimating trump. we know he is malleable candidate. he will be able to position himself as working class, fair trade, republican, sort of like a reagan democrat in other words and hillary clinton is not able to corral that support right now. she is losing working class vote to bernie sanders. if bernie sanders isn't the nominee, that working class vote is undoubtedly going to go to donald trump. she also as ashley said, she has really tough time engaging younger members of the democratic party. i'm not just talking about millenials. i'm talking about those under 50 showing up to support bernie sanders but not supporting here. there is enthusiasm gap. more importantly donald trump will be able to talk about issue that all voters care about, that is the economy. hillary clinton's track record with the economy, when he talks about free trade he is saying he wants fair trade.
7:38 am
that is what democrats want. they don't want free trade. this is really big -- bill: nomiki, talking about economy, exit polling for south carolina by democrats the economy, i think it reached 80% if not higher from voters in south carolina. can she change the arc of her candidacy and campaign that in your view? >> i think it will take a lot of work. it is not impossible. i am a democrat so i will support the democratic nominee whoever it is but she has to understand that donald trump is ruthless. he will attack her in every which way she is not very good on the defense as we know. i would start now. i would start focusing on economy. stop trying to turn to the left on every other issue. focus on issue. bill: we'll see how that goes. want to show a poll, we did this in mid-february, when matched at hillary clinton, at moment rubio petes her, kasich beats her, cruz beats her, trump loses by five points.
7:39 am
ashley, that is interesting. plenty of time before we vote. to both of you, on issue of gender in public arena, donald trump is aggressive guy. winninn bill, wait for the question. hillary clinton can be aggressive as well. he really goes on the offensive. i'm wondering from a male, female gender perspective, how does it look when you're attack ing a woman every day if public, what do you think about that? >> i think definitely tough perception to overcome. i think he is extremely articulate to relate to people and something she can't do. people see her as weak and flawed candidate. someone needs to go after her for her record. donald trump is the person to do that. he has the ability to do it. i don't think it makes him look bad calling her out for the sham that she is. bill: nomiki, have you thought about that? >> absolutely. this is something the clinton campaign has been focusing on a quite a bit. every time somebody attacks hillary, there is response it is sexist.
7:40 am
they have to be careful how they respond to criticism. he has to tow lightly, don't go for cheap shots, that will not play well to any audience, let alone to democratic audience. >> it has been playing well. >> it has to other candidates, not hillary clinton. >> i don't know about that. bill: to be continued. plenty of time, right? ashley, nomiki, thank you for your time. keep it here on fox news channel for everything 2016 live super tuesday coverage begins tomorrow night 6:00 eastern time. on thursday the remaining republican presidential candidates debate in detroit, 9:00, eastern time. that is a big, big week here. >> i'll say. bill: don't go anywhere else. keep it on fox. martha: that will be great. lots to be here for every day of the week. meantime, finally home. the christian pastor held for years in an iranian prison, back with his family on american soil. a month since securing his freedom, saeed abedini, he can
7:41 am
seeks out in "america's newsroom." he. he joins us next. bill: trading punches at a secret high school "fight club" exposed. >> parents have been aware. coaches have been aware. prior to being brought to our attention. >> really blew my mind. i was surprised kids get away with things like that.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
bill: california school investigating after video of a group of students in "fight club." three videos, members of the school's baseball team fighting on social media. they were brawl inning a locker room. principal, parents, coaches outraged, but one student says it is all a misunderstanding. >> no one is trying, oh, i will beat this kid up, me and you, i think i could take you, i could take you too. all right. let's go for it. bill: kind of way you talk in high school. superintendent says students involved could face suspensions
7:45 am
or worse. martha: christian pastor imprisoned for years in iran is now home and opening up about what his life was like there. saeed abedini spent years not knowing whether he would live or die in that prison. iranian authorities arrested him in 2012. last month he was freed and reunited with his family as part of a prisoner swap. he joins us now. pastor, good morning. very good to have you with us. welcome home to the united states. >> good morning. thank you for having me in your program. martha: thank you very much. so tell us, just back up for us a moment. why, what did they tell you why you were arrested and tell everybody at home what you were actually doing in iran when you were arrested. >> because i've been arrested so many times, so, i know it was because of, i became christian from muslim background and started largest church, house churches in iran. but this time they told me the reason that you got arrested, it is not just because of the christian activity you have. they told me you had a plan to
7:46 am
remove government by making muslim christian. so that was main thing they always keep saying to me. martha: all right. so they threw you in prison. you must have been very frightened, obviously but you're a very courageous man, bass you were, as you say running churches, christian churches in the middle of iran which you knew was a dangerous thing to be doing. so you're in prison. what was that like? what did you see there that you want the american people to understand about how things are done there? >> actually, it's, all things that did because i i love my lord and savior jesus christ, who paid punishment of sin on the cross. things i want all the christian knows about that is our faith and our salvation. that is so much -- very valuable that we should be ready to pay any sacrifice to give all the glory in any circumstances that
7:47 am
we going to be seeing in our lives. i encourage every christian to step out in faith and keep their faith and just look to the jesus eyes and just keep going in situation, hard problems that come. just keep faith and give glory to god by walking through his will. martha: pastor, i know your faith is commendable, i know that you were there you were beaten, you were treated very badly. you also had time with the former marine, amir hekmati. i know first time you saw him you broke down into tears. why? >> just after i had been in solitary for a month. they took me to his solitary. when i saw him, he was so broken. they tortured him a lot. so it just made me cry. and i saw how much they really hate us, hate americans, hate christians. which we know it is like, i came there to love them, to help their orphans and just give them
7:48 am
message of hope and love to people but they're very prejudiced. they think we are we came to take things from them and so, it was very painful time. when i saw our marine in that hard situation. so, that, that is the way that they are actually. i pray for them that god changed their mind and their heart. martha: so what will you do, there is a picture of amir hekmati who was also released which is wonderful news. what will you do now? your work was going back to your, to your home country, now you're in america. but what will you do now? >> i pray 100 hours in prison for revival to come back to the united states and awakening churches here. i have plans to write it down everything that happened for me
7:49 am
as a book and visiting churches and preach good news and help the churches to, you know, be ready because, you know, as i met jesus first time that i became christian, he told me i'm coming back soon. go to preach my gospel. that will be my plan and goal today. just to help churches get, be ready for our lord's coming. martha: pastor, out of time, very quickly, how is your life, how is your family, how is that boeing? >> to be honest with you now, we've been far from each other four long years, we have very hard situation. my relationship with my wife actually at this point is not good. so, but with the help of different pastors, we are working on it, to bring healing and peace and so we can get united again to do lord's will for us. martha: saeed abedini, we wish you and your family well. you've been through so much.
7:50 am
you're really a testament to strength, courage and faith. we thank you for being with us, pastor. >> thank you for your support. god bless you and god bless america. bill: a lot of strength there. ten minutes before the hour. jon scott standing by on a monday. what's happening, jon? >> good morning to you, bill. less than 24 hours until super tuesday. getting downright nasty on the campaign trail. charges and countercharges are flying. we have new polling nationally and super tuesday states. those polls also have some experts asking is it over for bernie sanders? answers on that ahead. plus is it time to put a veteran on the u.s. supreme court? we have it for you, "happening now." bill: good deal. see you in couple minutes. top of the hour. man tries to jump a turnstile. this is an epic fail. so what happens next? ♪ does sitting behind a new desk make you feel like an svp instead of a vp? then you might be gearcentric.
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right now, save up to 40% on desks and filing cabinets! office depot officemax. gear up for great®. wthat you can book on our apps to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters.
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bill: more on this breaking news. army chief of staff sergeant accused of killing a virginia police officer her first day on the job is being held without bail. ronald hamilton appeared before a judge by video. he is accused of shooting and killing a officer ashley guindon responding to domestic abuse. hamilton's wife was found dead and two other officers wounded. kristin fisher live from washington with more. what did you find out? reporter: bill, officer ashley guindon was only sworn in on friday. the occasion was shared on police department twitter account and the post said officer guindon would begin her shift this weekend. even warned, be safe. less than 24 hours, officer guindon and two other officers responding to fairly routine
7:55 am
call, domestic disturbance at home in nice suburb of washington, d.c., when the officers approach the front door, the suspect opened fire. all three officers were hit. two were expected to make full recovery. they have a long road ahead. officer guindon died at hospital. she was 28 years old. >> she was not evenly driven and passionate but exceedingly intelligent. she struck us that way prior to hiring her and rehiring her. it is always the type of officer we're seeking, that type of fashion, intelligence. reporter: the suspect, ronald hamilton was active duty army staff sergeant. he was assigned to the pentagon. 32-year-old is facing several charges including first-degree murder of his wife and capitol murder of a police officer. the prosecutor says he will likely seek the death penalty. bill? bill: kristin fisher on that story. devastating there in washington, d.c. martha. martha: so sad. so it is going to be a super showdown come super tuesday
7:56 am
which is now here. it is tomorrow this week, folks. marco rubio and ted cruz both hoping they can turn things around as they try to gain ground on the clear frontrunner, mr. donald trump. with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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reporter: surveillance video catches a man jumping a turnstile in a philadelphia subway station but not with these didn't quite jump high enough to get over as he gets tangled and oh, that didn't happen did the man was arrested as he exited the subway car at the next station. that was not pretty. they think he may have been intoxicated. reporter: that's a safe bet. gregg: that's not good. bill: have a big day tomorrow. we want you to get your rest.
8:00 am
go good daywednesday pickup . martha: good day all week. bill: you and i have a big day on saturday to pace yourself. i will do the same. martha: get your rest your wheaties thanks everybody people have a great day. go happening now starts right about now. don't. jenna: it is countdown to super tuesday as voters head to the polls in the biggest showdown of the presidential race the candidates are campaigning hard for every single vote. hello everybody i'm jenna lee to go. jon: i'm jon scott. the greatest number of delegates to four grams 865 delegates at stake for the democrats, 595 for the gop and texas, the biggest prize of all. oh 222 delegates for the


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