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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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new "nbc/wall street journal" poll shows that ted cruz, leading by 13 points, home state. all personal attacks between trump and rubio, they hit a new low. rarely seen in presidential rarely seen in presidential
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>> he is lightweight. he couldn't get elected dog catcher. i call him little marco. that is always is. >> he is always calling me little marco. he is taller than me, 6'2". i don't understand the size of his hands with someone like five two. you seen his hands? you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. you can't trust them. >> i see him starting to sweat. like i have never seen anything like it. thank god he has really large ears, biggest ears i have ever seen. they were protecting him. >> he says i'm sweating all the time. it is hot in here. am i sweating now? all right. he doesn't sweat. he doesn't sweat. because his pours are clogged from the spray tan he is uses. donald will not make america great. he will make america orange. >> so i'm looking at little marco, man, there is something
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happening with him. he is like melting. i think he is going to faint. >> got deferments from the army. he didn't serve in vietnam. he got injuries from squash. >> we don't need a guy who is sweating and scared. i never saw anything like it. little marco rubio. a total, total, feather weight. >> making fun of me for wearing makeup. how can it be, how can a person with the worst spray tan in america attack me? he should sue whoever did that to his face. that is who he should be doing. andrea: wow. who says three's a crowd. ted cruz while maybe not quite as personal he is also getting his licks in at trump. listen. >> donald trump had a one million dollars court judgment against him for hiring illegal immigrants. to build trump tower. he put his name on it. maybe it should say underneath.
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built by illegal immigrants. there have been multiple media reports about donald's business dealings with the mob and mafia. maybe they show the business dealings than a lot more extensive has been reported for example, s and a construction, owned by fatone any salerno, a mobster in jail. owned by two major new york crime families. that has been reported in multiple media outlets. andrea: what a weekend in presidential politics. brit hume, you covered so many presidential elections. did you ever think you see the day talking about spray tans and small hands? >> i got to tell you, i never seen anything like it. hoping to be here today you all can tell me what the hell is going on. i sure don't know. andrea: you don't know? >> i never seen anything like this. there is one thin thinking about. that is, when you see donald trump under attack like this from his fellow republicans, and
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you remember what happened in 2012, mitt romney is coming along headed toward the nomination and newt gingrich and rick perry started the whole bit about him being a vulture capitalist and taking advantage of the little guy, not caring about people like you and me, right? that stuck and it was picked up by the democrats. but the way it had been paved for them by his fellow republicans. and that stain on him never came off and i think played an important role in his losing the election. now you see with trump, the things they're talking about with him, in my opinion far more damaging than what was said about mitt romney, you get an idea what a target-rich environment trump is and what opposition party operating at full bore during general election season can do. i think it makes his prospects as general election candidate very dim. andrea: brit, is it embarrassing for republican party as whole. >> of course.
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andrea: it is tough to watch. >> fun to watch -- >> not if you're republican and you want to win. >> makes you think these are the candidates i will be happy to pick for president. because, it is so, low rent and undignified and unpresidential. and trump takes to it naturally. his supporters seem to love it. trump has bottom real weaknesses as general election candidate and only serves to further that. andrea: will it work, harris? harris: that is the question. two things, this is like a yo mama contest with steroids. it gets nastier and nastier, like your mama. when you want something like that, the big question in my mind does any of it have stickiness to people throwing the mud? what we're seeing particularly from marco rubio, such a depart you are from the person we saw at beginning of the campaign, almost like a split personality thing. his supporters may be questioning who they're really looking at more so than trump.
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trump has not changed. you like him or hate him. would seem there are not a lot of people in the middle. donald trump, court case coming up with the trump university. a lot of stuff democrats don't need republican help. you have to start to ask, do you have to get that nasty within the republican party? maybe you do, because where is dr. ben carson? where is john kasich? they're on higher road, like i always say it is not crowded on the high road. >> donald trump hasn't taken the high road. no one has effective attack against him. harris: is that your phone? >> donald, is that you? so sorry. i was not attacking you. andrea: not spray tan appointment calling to confirm, mr. hume. no one can criticize you. >> people who feel candidates are attacked by donald trump with flat-footed responses this is where someone found a response that is effective and natural and found a few new ways
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to attack donald trump. to your point, mitt romney was so wounded, he was pristine candidate on white horse. they threw pain on him. sustained him to the point where he was beyond repair. donald trump was nasty and dirty to begin with. a lot of insults are superficial. i don't think they will deeply wound him. one of the things marco rubio used is age. he said donald trump needed to full length mirror at the debate to make sure he hadn't wet his pants. that is new line people hasn't taken. harris: i don't know what that meant. >> i don't think any of it sticks to donald trump at all. marco rubio has got a comedy writer who is good. a lot of jokes were quite funny. people watching it were entertained. what struck me, the new poll out of cnn, 49% of the republicans for trump. full 33 points ahead of nearest competitor. when you hear people doing gyrations trying to figure out how someone else will take the nomination, it is like diet
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math. i have two brownie this is morning with carrots and what i have for dinner will make the whole thing go away. i don't know how you close that gap. andrea: brit, every time you go after him, establishment upping ante again. people saying great, marco rubio you're finally taking on trump in a language he understands. i think it is too late. but does it help donald trump when he gets attacked like this. >> i don't think it can possibly help him, the superficial stuff, orange hair or orange skin, whatever, might mate people look at this supposedly, big, strong, invincible guy as something other than that. as a fit subject for ridicule. and he is kind of a bully. and bullies can't stand ridicule. and his reaction to it so far hasn't been in my opinion very effective. some. things being raised against him, screwing of little guy in bankruptcies which is real. possible mafia ties, which are
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not superficial thing. hiring of illegal aliens is another. he may explain them to the satisfaction of many of his supporters whose political philosophy is, whatever donald trump does i like. that is about extent of it. in at that sense, he won't be but he is not yet a majority candidate in the republican party as we look at, to the primary states coming up. so, there is some vulnerabilities there for sure. the question for rubio and others is, when they hit him, does it help them or does it, or does it maybe hurt trump without helping those candidates? for example, chris christie takes on rubio very effectively in the debate in new hampshire. rubio looked terrible, right? and next thing you know, chris christie is out of the race. so he did some damage but didn't help himself. that is always the problem with attack politics is. it is possible to hurt the other person, the person you're attacking. what is hard to do is look good
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doing it. harris: the mud sticks to the person attacking. >> that's right. harris: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell new york times which was sourced outside of fox news, so i can't independently confirm their sources mitch mcconnell according to "new york times" saying they will try to split this vote with donald trump. basically a warning that democrats have to get together and get donald trump out of the race. your quick thoughts on that? >> look at it this way. what are they afraid of? what are these republican leaders -- harris: i don't know. what are they afraid of? >> what they're afraid of trump as general election candidate losing white house and losing senate and possibly if it is bad enough landslide against them, losing the house. that is what they're afraid of. andrea: at this rate they likely hand it to hillary clinton if it keeps up way it is going. >> that is what it looks like. i think the damage to trump is just beginning. that doesn't mean he won't win the nomination. but could very well win he doesn't win the general. andrea: we will see.
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to get all things super tuesday, you heard brit sell it, keep it right here on fox news channel all day and night. we'll begin our wall-to-wall coverage of the delegate bonanza tomorrow, starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. and then all across the country, we're going to be, as folks go to the polls to choose a person that they want to see in the white house come january. on thursday night, hold on to your hat, folks. fox news channel, hosting republican presidential debate, sure to be quite the event. what we can expect from candidate after days of straight up name-calling and down and dirty insults, you see it on thursday. you can not miss this one. of the bret baier, megyn kelly, chris wallace, thursday fox news channel. we're awaiting final release of hillary clinton's emails tonight. how could it impact her white house bid, ahead of super tuesday? whether she should have to turn over 30,000 other messages that she deleted off of her server? bill clinton on the campaign
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trail. well, he snaps at a veteran who brought up benghazi, even going so far as to tell the guy to shut up. so is the former president helping or hurting hillary? right after the show, catch more from the couch. joins us for outnumbered-off time,,/outnumbered. we have brit hume here. send all your political questions our way, do your best to have brit answer. your mama. >> oh good. ving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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♪ harris: super tuesday eve. we're awaiting final release of hillary clinton's emails tonight, after 88 more messages now marked confidential were released on friday. that brings total number of classified messages to just more than 1800, including 22 which contain top secret information so sensitive, the government reportedly won't release any part of them to any one of us. clinton's campaign insists none of the emails were marked classified at the time they were sent but either way the controversy does not seem to be hurting her politically. the latest cnn/orc polling she is leading vermont senator bernie sanders nationally, a slight increase from the survey in january.
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brit, i guess my big question is, when you look at this bernie sanders is not posing a threat that many people hoped to support him that it would. he has never even talked about the emails. so it couldn't be that in their competition really. but overall, how do you handicap looking at hillary clinton being investigated by the fbi in the middle of a presidential campaign. >> well it doesn't help. you look at polling about her trustworthiness and it's terrible. so she has got that burden to carry. that is not going to change. it may worsen but untrustworthiness is not attractive quality in a presidential candidate but everything is relative. in the end she will be faced off against a republican nominee which looks today if it will be donald trump. ands question then becomes, is that enough of a burden she might lose the election. i doubt it. but it is possible. harris: really you say where this comes into play is the general election. last report 50 lawsuits to federal court over access to the
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messages some this is just going on and on and on. so many more. >> her explanation for it when she keeps talking about and others do as well, whether the messages were mark classified. the thing to understand about this, at core of this is this. information isn't classified because it is marked. it is marked because it is classified. it is not marking that identifies something as classification although that's helpful. harris: content? >> some material and information contained in the document, whether it is marked or not. what the findings are so far is, that is that you go through the emails and many of them are laced with classified information, with information that is secret. and the reason they're not marked is, she is the one doing emails and she didn't mark them. harris: she needed to marker. >> she would be marker on her own emails. son of them would be any business being on private server. harris: they were simply that way because of contents within
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them. biggest question, kennedy, as we go towards the general election when will republicans use this against her? i realize they're focused on each other during the primary. >> it will be interested seeing how donald trump uses this. see if he articulate as argument without being emotional. think i that is very important here. harris: why? >> we have two issues. email server and benghazi, so emotional for republicans i think they have actually kneecapped themselves when they could have made smart arguments against her and tackled her on more than just trustworthiness. funny, all democrats i talked to, i had dinner with couple of friends last night. they really believe she won't be indicted. they really believe none of this stuff rises to the level where she will actually be charged with a series of crimes. andrea: agreed. >> that is so surprising to me. >> worth remembering, david petraeus was convicted of a misdemeanor. that was bargained down no doubt. but if you look at, i read
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various legal analyses of these and a good case can be made there is indictable felony here and very good case there is not. my guess is she won't be indicted. harris: agreed. >> think about this for a minute. if you come down to it, she is nominated by one of major parties, you have not a huge case, and you don't have any criminal intent, are you going to indict, is it wise to indict a nominee of a major party? is that the right way to do it? is that the right thing to do? harris: there is a crime. andrea: not only that, brit, the fact that her staff took the classified information and moved it to a public server? and then the conspiracy to try and hide it, that alone is a felony punishable up to 10 years. >> it is. who is likely to be indicted? i think -- andrea: i agree she won't get indicted. >> they might indict members of her staff. whether they will indict her i think is very much in doubt. >> speaking of clintons, new fallout after former president
9:22 am
bill clinton snapped at a veteran during a rally in south carolina. finds out what happens who the protester says he is former marine ask about hillary clinton's response to the benghazi attacks, listen. >> eight years active duty service. two tours in iraq. platoon of 31. six killed. >> and what do you think should be done? >> the thing is we had four lives in benghazi that were killed and your wife tried to cover it up. [booing] >> if you listen to me -- have a lot to answer. >> i'm not your commander-in-chief anymore. i would tell you to be more -- >> shut up and listen to my answer i will answer you. >> clinton sparring with a woman in the crowd moments later. he defended his remarks saying quote i think you ask, make a points. they were never trained to let
9:23 am
anyone answer. i let them make their point. i tried to answer. they just kept screaming because they were afraid of the answer. we can't be like that. andrea. what is happened to bill clinton? this is not the bill clinton that we knew before. he hasn't had a voice the whole time he has been on the trail. he has been hoarse. he weighs about 90 pounds. telling people to shut up. what is going on? andrea: not 1990s anymore. we are not effective as he used to be. he had the short fuse in first election in south carolina. he sort of lost it on barack obama. he didn't help hillary clinton then. he certainly is not helping her now. brit, i look at this, i think, why is she using him? i know he is popular but to make the case that she's woman and doing this on her own, and she sticks up for all women. he is reminder of all the problems in the past. send him on to his island with his friend with all the young girls. >> my goodness, you went there. >> younger bill clinton, was really the big dog, a person of
9:24 am
prodigious talents. i covered his presidency. most talented politician i ever met. most talented man he ever met. he seems elderly and frail. is he okay? >> seems like there is something wrong with him. >> hands are a little shaky. he is, as he say, shadow of his former self. >> i think you're either shut upperson or you're not. for trump that is his brand and his style. he says shut up, you expect it. with bill clinton that is not his thing. he says shut up, my goodness, what is wrong. harris: -- in its entirety. like just let me get my words out. there wasn't a pause for him. you could barely hear him. hoarseness of his voice. curious to know, you have covered him for some years, what is different about him? take away things that were semantics all that. what has changed for bill clinton? >> i think he has just gotten
9:25 am
old. he had health issues. it shows. >> he is cranky. >> from personal experience, when you start to get old, it shows. harris: no you don't. you only read about that. >> i'm in the gym two or three a week trying to fight the aging process. get up in the morning, everything hurts. you go to remember something and you can't remember it. you are not who you used to be. andrea: speaking of hurt, will it hurt his wife? >> i doubt it. i doubt it. clearly over the top, yelling at him. when he said shut upi'm sure audience appreciated it i'm not unsim threat tick. >> a lot of people would sand up for their wife. one, he stopped eating meat. you have to eat meat to be a virile human being. also going on campaign trail with the horrible coughing fits.
9:26 am
i would have the house in chappaqua tested for black mold. there is something going on. i'm not wrong on either point. >> peta, that was kennedy that said about the meat thing. direct your stuff her way. >> i agree. meat is what's for dinner, right? >> thank you, brit hume. >> scoring another big endorsement over the weekend from alabama senator jeff sessions. now another gop lawmaker coming out against trump. says he won't support him even if he wins the nomination. what this means for the race moving forward. we'll be right back with meat. ♪
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andrea: right now, check it out. the man with the tan, donald trump holding a rally in virginia ahead of super tuesday. days avenue jersey governor chris christie, shook up gop
9:31 am
establishment endorsing him. alabama senator jeff sessions, tea party favorite, throwing his support behind the billionaire businessman. this as maine governor paul lepage and former arizona governor jan brew letters jumped on to the trump train over the weekend. not everybody is sold. nebraska senator ben sasse becoming first high-profile elected republican saying he will not support trump even if he wins the nomination. according to "the new york times," senate majority leader mitch mcconnell told gop colleagues they can drop trump like a hot rock and run negative ads against him if his nomination threatens their re-election. brit, what do you make of this? this is very different from what we heard the rnc insure donald trump, which you will have party support. think about endorsements that happened for trump. >> most interesting one to me was one over the weekend with
9:32 am
jeff session. said distrusted and disliked by virtually all his colleagues. sessions was closest thing to a friend he had, they worked together on couple of issues. what this shows is, while being dislikeed by senate colleagues, may play great on campaign trail people may think it visiter few. it has a price. the sessions endorsement of trump is evidence of that. if you're disliked by your colleagues, in the end it doesn't help. andrea: came at such critical time, sessions. shifted entire news cycle from fantastic debate performance back on to donald trump getting support from a former candidate. >> this whole episode of you
9:33 am
read about the meetings, republicans show, that no such thing republican leadership, there would be level of disagreement, officeholders political advisors and, donors, and they are not agreeing on anything. so you see some members already running off to even those critical of trump to endorse him. others saying sasse did would never vote for him. they're all over the place. our process for nominating a president is wide open. so anybody can run. donald trump, of course, barriers to entry that most people face running for president, first off name recognition. people recognizing you're a successful person. trump had that going in. harris: didn't need money. no rubber chicken dinners. >> he had to spend less than anybody. came in famous. people thought he could do things, like kick butt and take names. they had seen him do it on
9:34 am
television. he gets in and running away with it, because in our process somebody can do that. there is no quote establishment way there once was to stop him. melissa: trump's best endorsement, al sharpton said he would leave the country if trump wins. i wonder if trump bought him a swiss chalet to make that promise. going back to chris christie a bit, amazing, we see it every election they go scorched earth. all of sudden they're out there together. i wonder with trump though, gone scorched either with some people. if he does win the nomination how do folks work their way back to getting on the train to make peace with him? >> if they have something to offer, jeff sessions and chris christie both do. one is sitting governor left the race is critical. ice opened to the light of donald trump and his flowing mane. jeff sessions is the other one. it is interesting all of these people qualify their endorsement. it is almost like they don't
9:35 am
care they're sort of selling out to this idea because, you know is donald trump a true conservative? what does it mean to be conservative in this day and age? no one really knows that. what is donald trump promising to people? harris: is he selling out? supporters say they love him. is that selling out? you get 30, 35, some polls 49. >> not selling out for donald trump. >> what about christie? christie said repeatedly in this campaign that any candidate who wasn't taking on the issue of entitlements and what they threaten for our economy and our fi fiscal, is not dealing in reality. one candidate says he will not do anything to entitlements. donald trump. core issue for christie and comes on other side. harris: american public has issues. are they to that particular voter, because you're answering questions that voter --
9:36 am
>> i don't disagree with that. when we're judging whether politicians endorsing trump are doing it for reasons that they agree with him or reasons for some sort of political expediency which seems to be the case. andrea: party is a mess. you look at republican party. there is no leadership. i don't know if it is rise of trump his strength or it's the party's leadership vacuum. i'm not sure which one is it or both? >> when you're out of power don't have the white house there is leadership vacuum, traditionally filled by winning presidential candidate. one who wins nomination gets control of the party. that is how the system is designed. that is what it allows. we don't have a nominee yet. nominee looks most likely at moment, who is with odds for much of the republican party stands for. >> which is what the republican party wants. >> this is regular mess, no doubt about it. andrea: is north korea following in iran's footsteps? that is what many are asking, rogue regime releasing media of detained american crying.
9:37 am
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e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. >> welcome back. shocking update on young american student detained in north korea. otto warming in news conference in pyongyang.
9:42 am
they announced his arrest last month for allegedly trying to steal a political banner hanging in his hotel in the capital. in the video he appeared to confess. >> i understand the severity of my crime. i have no idea of what sort of penalty i may face but i am begging to the korean people and government for my forgiveness. and i am praying to the heavens so i may be returned home to my family. >> he is also seen crying at the news conference. now some are pointing to comparison to videos released by iran showing u.s. sailors on their knees after briefly detained by authorities in that country, back in january, not long after iran released sailors, the islamic republic put out another video showing one of the sailors crying while they were in custody. do you see parallels to these stories. >> same thing. humiliating american full view of the world.
9:43 am
that is what has been attempted here. both cases it was successful. >> what does north korea get out of this. >> north korea is puny little, impoverished failed state. outlaw state. >> yeah. >> so america is the opposite. and of course, you know, you got this nutty guy at the head of the place. >> yeah, yeah. >> crazy as a june bug. appeals to him to do something like this, to humiliate america. >> it does, but don't americans have a greater responsibility when they go to places like north korea? >> stay out of trouble. >> 21 years old. >> 21 years old. >> he can drink and -- harris: we can argue about whether young man should be doing, we can go back and forth. one thing for sure, that country is, that regime is known for offing its own people. if you doesn't agree, i can understand why he is crying. >> what may have been true he didn't know what punishment he might face. harris: i definitely believe him. why aren't we the tiger?
9:44 am
when you poke us in the eye why the heck aren't we the tiger? >> that raises a question that every president confronts when there is provocation like this. harris: yes, that's what i'm saying! >> we're the tiger. we'll be the tiger. what does the tiger do? harris: i would call a news conference. i'm president of the united states i would let him know you just poked us. we love one of our own. sometimes they do staff stuff you don't love. we made a deal for five taliban commanders for a guy came home and looked upon as desserter. certainly we can fight for somebody or stand up to say we're the tiger. >> he is trying to -- melissa: he took down a banner. >> but, and he ended up leaving it there. in other words he took it down, decided it was too big to take and left it. that is what he did. at most it was bit of minor vandalism. that's what he did. melissa: in this country, minor vandalism. in that country something completely different though. >> that country there is no rule of law.
9:45 am
andrea: we're not even a tiger anymore. we seem like the sleeping cat because if iran was a, sort of test commercial, a lot of people said this was direct, shot at the united states and i thought, no, because it was couple days before we would give them $150 billion. if you get that much money from a country, you never thumb your knows at them. it was shia commercial, telling sunnis, we humiliated united states. is north korea following suit, brit? >> of course. andrea: we can't expect john kerry, will he thank them for this too? >> this is what countries like that do. andrea: yes. >> and you know, the easy way to look at this, barack obama shown such weakness dealing with dictators they feel they can get away with stuff like this. that may be true. we don't know. we don't know how to establish that a is what they were thinking in their mind. it is also a hard question to answer, harris, when you will be
9:46 am
the tiger in response to that, what do you do? do you bomb them? well, probably not. do you take one of their people? no, you don't do that. do you impose additional economic sanctions but maybe if some were available. but that place is sanctioned to death. the hard question, how do you do that? of course we are where we are. in other words you can't go back some years and be tougher on the world. harris: i hear you. >> not to create atmosphere that may have led to this. melissa: stand up and demand his return i think what you do. >> i'm suring the state department which issue some an know dine statement. harris: you said it beautiful i. we can't go back. >> excellent discussion. big controversy over one state's proposal to let illegal immigrants apply for certification like for jobs, dentistry, teacherring, pharmacy. some say it violates federal law
9:47 am
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andrea: more "outnumbered" in just a moment with jon scott for second hour of "happening now." >> ted cruz host as rally with rick perry campaigning for him there.
9:51 am
texas is seen as a must-win state for the lone star state senator. hillary clinton and donald trump dominating several new polls both nationally and states tomorrow on super tuesday. brand new numbers from alabama and oklahoma. we'll have those from top of the hour. good news for investors. stocks higher today. dow industrials and s&p 500 firmly on track to snap two-month losing streak. we're watching money and we're watching brit hume in the center seat, coming up. andrea: more "outnumbered" coming up. thanks, jon. >> thanks. harris: this is twist in growing debate over illegal immigration. new york state board of regents adopt allowing those granting amnesty deferred action for childhood arrivals program to apply for professional licenses f final policy gets approval the so-called dreamers will apply for more than 50 licenses for new york education department. licenses for jobs like teachers,
9:52 am
dentists, farm sifts, nurses and veterinarians. brit, what are your thoughts? >> i think it illustrates one of the reasons why there is demand for kind of immigration reform that would allow well-qualified motivated immigrants to come here because, we need people to fill these jobs. i'm sure that there is pressure from elements of the business community who would be hiring to have this happen. and, you know, a lot of people say it will take american jobs. if americans were available, capable and willing, i think most of these institutions would hire them. harris: you think? >> this is same thing trump said basically about building of trump tower. when they got down to it, they had to hire workers who were ready, willing able to do the job. and, you hear all the time, well, you know, there are not enough americans. argument then becomes, what do you mean there are not enough
9:53 am
americans? what you mean not enough americans accepting low pages you're trying to pay. that is the debate. a lot of it encapsulates what the immigration debate is b whether this is effort by business interests to screw little people by bringing in foreign workers who work at lower wages or this is legitimate need for staff to make these companies go. harris: before we open it to the couch, does this fall into slightly different category because of types of jobs? >> broadly speaking same issue i think when you look at it. harris: kennedy? >> i'm actually very limited government on this. i think if there is market for jobs and people to fill it, go ahead. maybe the government should be in business of licensing overregulating everything. that in and of itself is killing business. more people competing for jobs, you get better workers. harris: fox business network, "after the bell" over here. melissa: we talk about immigration, separating wheat from the chaff.
9:54 am
people wanting to come into the country to contribute and people here already on taking end of it. these people have a trade and skill who learned something and want to actually work and to contribute. we're also, talking about people brought here as children when they didn't have power over themselves. i understand the idea that there is something illegal that has happened before that. i mean you're talking about people who are here illegally. that is the problem i don't like breaking laws. when you have more labor, more people fighting for a job and filling a job, this is better for the economy. >> think about it this way, let us posit instead of recovery we've had from the 2008 meltdown, what we had instead was robust recovery, several things would be true. there would be more jobs available. the rate of growth would lift incomes, lift productivity. melissa: for sure. >> would be sign of increased productivity. the people who have jobs would be more likely to be getting raises which has been a real problem. people are, that is one of the reasons for anger and
9:55 am
hopelessness, people may be working maybe not as good a job they once had and can't look forward to kind of races. that would be different if it were true. pressures produced donald trump and bernie sanders phenomenon would be there, but they would be much diminished. harris: very true. we'll be right back. stay close.
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couch does it. we're talking andrea tantaros and her new book, presale today. pre-game, baby. titled, "tied up in knots, how getting what we wanted made women miserable." talk to me. andrea: this book is labor of love. felt strongly about for at least a decade. we were promised so much with the rise of feminism. we have gotten a lot, more than we can deal with, but really stressing us out, because no one told us, look, girls you can work like men, behave like men, have sex like men next like men, party like men, talk like men. there is one problem. we're not men. it caused this huge dysfunction between the genders and now the gender roles totally swappedded. women are stressed out beyond belief to manage feminine natural urges what society is dictating with feminism. and rise of interin the.
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i did a lot of research. it will be pre shocking. harris: andrea will talk about how we lost mom jeans to the dad. andrea: that's right. go to amazon, pre-order. harris: click on overtime tab. happening now now. alabama and oklahoma sanders on top. we'll cover all of it now. >> donald trump will not make america great. he will make it orange. and you know what they say about men with small hands. >> it is turning into a slugfest.


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