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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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thank you for joining us today on happening now. >> super tuesday tomorrow. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. it is one of the biggest days of the presidential process. just hours away now. hi everyone i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story" for a monday. it has the potential to be the turning point in the race for the white house. let's look at all the states where voters will have their voices heard tomorrow. republicans will hold caucuses or primaries in 13 dates. daelts have delegates up for dwrabs in 11 states. some of the most delegates you will see in the big state of texas, georgia and tennessee. candidates are interested out across the country today making last-ditch efforts to gain more votes. we have fox news team coverage for you. ed henry following the democratic race in virginia. first we go to chief political correspondent carl cameron live in san antonio, texas. carl, trump leading the polls in most of the super tuesday states.
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what are ted cruz and marco rubio tao doing to try to stop him? >> reporter: everything possible. it is not a coincidence that the senator from texas, ted cruz is in san antonio, home of the alamo, because he recognizes that this is one where it could be the last-ditch fight and. he has to win it. you have got to win your own home state in republican presidential politics. and texas is a huge delegate way to get a head win going. he has been in a ferocious battle with donald trump this past weekend. repeatedly ted cruz accusing donald trump of being a fraud when it comes to fighting illegal immigration. citing reports this week and reports from years ago that on a number of years ago he hired illegal immigrants to build trump tower, involved in various building of hotels around the country. and trump is implying that american citizens won't apply for those jobs and he has been working people from over seas
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for hotel workers and the like. cruz has been calling him out on it because it is a big issue that was in donald trump's inkpa. he and rubio exchanging accusations all weekend. not about policy, it's more about name calling. it's a furious sprint until super tuesday. ted cruz is expected to win in texas but potentially every other state could be close or a trump win. >> on the other side of the coin, hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a heated battle over the democratic no nation. hillary clinton won big in south carolina. now there is a surprising endofrs doris men she didn't get? what did you find out? >> after south carolina where she had almost a 50 point victory she is in massachusetts a super tuesday states talking about unity, saying it's time for the country to come together and suggesting maybe the democratic party as well. she hopes to have a big super
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tuesday. despite all that talk about unity there was basically a civil war over the weekend within the democratic party. you had you had tulsi gabbard resign accusing the dnc of coddling clinton with not enough debates. she has been attacking clinton on foreign policy. >> as the vice chair the dnc i'm required to stay neutral. but i cannot remain neutral any longer. the stakes are too high. that's why today i'm endorsing senator bernie sanders to be our next president and commander in chief of the united states. >> bernie sanders has been very few congressional endorse meant and think one is a prominent female lawmaker. obviously he hopes to do better with female voters as well. >> speaking of senator sanders
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raising a huge amount of money, it is a come in fast but there is another number he maybe has to worry about? what's that? >> big time. it is a all about the math right now. yes, he is raising even more than we've talked about before. his staff today sayingist he is on pace for 40 million dollars in the month of february alone. the problem for him is that will keep him in the race for long time, fuel to stick around. but hillary clinton, if she has a big day tomorrow is really moving closer and closer to wrapping up this nomination. look at the math here. tomorrow, 865 delegates at stake for democrats on super tuesday. through march 15th, the first two weeks of the month over 1800 delegates. you need over 2300 to seal this nomination. if hillary clinton has a big day tomorrow, she is going to move much closer to.whering this up earlier than many people thought. >> ed henry live in virginia. thank you. largest number of delegates to date up for grabs tomorrow. and there are a lot of ways to actually clinch the nomination. fox news anchor and host of america's newsroom bill hemmer
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is here for the billboard wall. >> how are you? >> i'm fantastic. let's talk about the biggest prizes tomorrow, texas, georgia and tennessee. >> texas, 1 # 5, 155 delegates. it's not winner take all. it's proportional. clearly the biggest bushel. georgia is second with 76 delegates, again not winner take all. and number three would be tennessee to the north, again, proportional delegation, 58 in the volunteer state. >> let's go to texas. a lot of people are saying cruz has to win texas to stay in this race. let's talk about that first. and then the his re. >> okay. sure will. not much of the polling in texas suggests cruz can get a vick three. likewise for rubio and kasich. they need to win. if you look at the results in texas it's hard to say frankly because texas is always loaded toward the back half of the calendar n. 2012 it was pretty
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much done when mitt romney won just about ever county, over 250 counties. in 2008 this is a better comparison. mccain won the state. huckaby did well in north texas, eastern part of the state this. right here is harris county. that's houston. that's where ted cruz grew up. i expect him to do very well in these places of texas. and that's going to give him his best shot n. oklahoma meanwhile, you see these counties that are blue that went for huckabee? that same year those voters went for huckabee in oklahoma as well. perhaps this is where he could get some energy. as we stated earlier, he needs it. >> interesting, they moved up the primary because they wanted the nominee to be clearer this time around. now it could be working in reverse fashion for some of the candidates. let's talk about trump. of course he is very high in the polls. mane people think he is going to get the nomination. how do rubio and cruz potentially do that as well? >> you have to keep trump's
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number down. and, again, you have to win. if trump has tomorrow what the polling suggests, he may win ten of 11 states tomorrow. >> right. >> that would be -- i mean, that would be -- that would be sizable. then the question s what happens on march 15th? you know, rubio's going to go to his home state of florida. florida is a winner take all. all you need to do is win that state and you are in the game. same for john kasich, or rubio and ohio in the same day. 66 delegates on the line of the it is inwinner take all. likewise for illinois and missouri, too. they have different rules than florida or ohio. again, these are winner take all states that if you get the victory, you have a chance of surviving. >> right. because all the ones tomorrow are proportional again. you could still get delegates even if you don't win the state. keeps you alive until the big states and winner takes all. >> you can guess how many
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delegates will be distributed. they are only guesses because the rules in each state are different and complicated. >> they are. i was trying to keep william bam straight in my head d it was 50% in this case. 50% in this case. if it is a over 50% -- anyway. you are the number cruncher. thanks bill. super tuesday coverage, polls close, results come in, be here. special coverage featuring bret baier, megan kelly and chris wallace. hefty exchange on a college campus. >> go home! >> these are angry protesters clashing with a controversial conservative commentatoras at what was supposed to be a discussion about free speech. and new concerns that college could be denying that organization now funding. plus, donald trump facing
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criticism for not failing to quickly denounce an endorsement from former kkk leader. now trump is blaming a technical issue during a tv interview, this as his political rivals escalate personal attacks against him. are any of those going to actually hurt the front-runner? >> he's just big talker and a yammer and i guy who has been able to manipulate the media and goet a lot of attention. he is good con man. he has done a good job of convincing people that he, a guy who spent his life cheating the little guy is somehow the champion for the little guy. w l. in my 20s, i was super irresponsible with credit cards. it was time for experian. they gave me tools so i could finally get serious about my credit. now lenders see me for who i really am... go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today.
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held without bail on charges of gunned down officer ashley guindon on his very first day on the job. the suspect also charged with killing his wife. officials say the wife called 9119, and when officers arrived he shot her and then turned the gun on the officers. back to politics. donald trump facing criticism over comments he made when he claim to know nothing about former klu klux klan leader david duke. >> just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke. okay? i don't know anything about what you are even talk about with white supremesy or white supreme cysts. i don't know. i don't know did he endorse me on what's going on. >> well, mr. trump said he couldn't clearly hear the questions posed by cnn host jake tapper because he was given a bad earpiece. trump later completely disavowed duke's endorse men umtd. but his rivals on the trail quickly pounced on it. here's marco rubio. >> he's unelectable now.
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he refused to criticize the klu klux klan. he now has given three interviews, this morning on the "today" show he blamed it on a bad earpiece. i don't care how bad the earpiece is, klu klux klan comes through clearly and. he refuses to crit sizite. >> joining me fox news contributo contributors. mercedes, is this something that disqualifies donald trump from the race? >> i do believe that trump's comments were -- it was a significant mistake in this situation. iified it that -- you know, i always say this is word association game. you know, when you think of puppy, you think cute. when you think of kkk, you think evil. this is very basic. he did come out and say he disavowed david duke. but it's still a communications mistake, if you are not going out there -- he is the master of media spips, to go out there
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right after this firestorm is brewing and say look icon democrat the kkk, i don't in any way support them and be strong on this. we are not hearing much so the media narrative isn't in his favor. >> mitt romney is getting back in the action, called him out for not releasing his tax returns. now he tweeted this, a disqualifying and disgusting response by real done trump to the kkk. his coddling of republic bigotry is not in the character of america. ebony. >> let's not be naive. of course donald trump knows who david duke is. he disavowed him around the year 2000 when he was associated with the reform party. what the issue is, the hesitation. you are acting like you don't know what he is when asked about it on live tv. it shows donald trump was in a a political conflicting moment
11:16 am
there. ochbts obviously we don't though all of trump's supporters to be racial bigots. some of them absolutely are. that part of that language resonates with some of trump's supporters. he was thinking wow do i yp upset that base of supporters by saying something unkind or is that political cost worth the risk? ultimately he decided it was worth it. but that's certainly the political calculation that was going on in the mine of donald trump how i see it. >> since the last debate criticism has been ratcheting up. the attacks, they are getting really personal, around they? here they are. >> donald is not going to make america great. he's going to make america orange. >> he is always calling me little marco. he is taller than me, like 6'2" which i don't understand whether his hands are the size of someone who is 5'2" have you seen his hands? they are like this.
11:17 am
and you no he what they say about men with small hands. you can tru't trust them. you can't trust them. >> trump has also taken personal jabs at rubio. today rubio is easing off of the attacks. >> i suppose i could sit here today and hurl insults against him because he has done that the whole campaign. i've done it a couple times lately. but i'm not -- i'm not. i'm not. they want me to read a sweep. not today guys. i lost my voice. it's too crazy. you know what my ears are? they are the way god made them. >> okay. mercedes, calculation here. is it more than just losing his voice that rubio has decided to come off of these attacks? >> you know, i think mar is trying to find the right balance. he wants to appear in this raw moment where he is taking on donald trump. but at the same time, you know, he has to stay true to him,
11:18 am
which he came in as sort of being the happy warrior, the inspirational figure, talking about the children of the reagan revolution. and i think it's important to find that balance. with that being said when we are talking about small hands and big ears. you know as a republican it's so discouraging and a turnoff for women voters. because we are looking a the great party of reagan when reagan would speak out at c fax and all these other events he was inspirational and about the vision of america ask. we are losing this right now with what is happening in this current political state. >> ep me, a lot of people said why didn't marco rubio start the attacks earlier, the super pacs start the attacks earlier. some people say he is stooping now to a lower level. what's the right mix? >> i don't know. the hands, ears shing seems silly to me. what i think would be more effective is again talking about trump's vision for america. nobody is voting for they candidates, ladies, because of their political records or anything like that.
11:19 am
people are voting for candidates nowadays because of their vision for our country. trump is selling a compelling message for many, that is we will make america great again. where rubio could be smarter here, talk about issues like what happened with the david duke thing and talk about hey his message is let's make america great again but do it include you? are you a part of his narrative? the hands and ears discussions are silly. >> time for my take. big question today is whether anything will change in the gop voting after the last didn't and the ramped up attacks from rubio and trump. if the new cnn orc poll out is any indication, maybe not. new national survey finds trump's lead more dominant than ever before with 69% of the support of the republican likely voters. cruz, 15, carson 10, kasich 6%.
11:20 am
in super state alabama trump, 42%, rubio 19, cruz 16, et cetera. trump has a smaller advantage in oklahoma with the support of 35% of likely voters compared to 23% for cruz, 22 for rubio and so on. since almost all super tuesday states are proportional, meaning the delegates are divided up among the candidates, the other candidates who aren't trump all say they have good reason to stay in the race no matter what happens. the spin is this. rubio doesn't need to win any of the super tuesday states. he just needs to do well enough. cruz might win in his home state of texas. carson still thinking his outsider status will resonate. kasich staying in until his home state of ohio. so that means votes splitting and splintering and a race like we've never seen before. have you heard about this story a college campus on the verge of an outright riot.
11:21 am
so what sparked outrage among students and faculty when a conservative leader, speaker, comes to speak at california college campus? it only happens once every four years. some daredevils celebrate leap year by leaping out of a plane. that brings us to the question of the day, what do you plan to do today with your extra day? tweet me at gretchen carlson. i'll be reading some of your comments coming up towards the end of the show. we're may go michael mcdonald once again. ♪ thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income?
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welcome back to "the real story." troubling incident happening at a trump campaign event. so take a look at this. well, the photographer was reportedly trying to exit the press pen to capture a black lives matter protest when he had an altercation with security. after the photographer gets up you see him grab at the security officer's neck. joe purdicon capturing the scuffle. the trump campaign saying we are not aware of all the details surrounding the incident and future inquiries should be directed to local law enforcement. how about this story, violence erupts as a mob of campus protesters try to shut down a lecture about free speech. >> go home! >> angry students faculty and staff at cal state los angeles on the verge of a riot. protesting the appearance of
11:26 am
prominent conservative commentator ben shapiro. trace gallagher live with more on this story. i'm trying to put it together in my mind. supposed to be talking about free speech and yet you are not welcome if you talk about free speech. >> >> you know it's bad when the cops finally have to hustle you out the back door. before ben shapiro was speaking he was betting text messages from students telling him things could get ugly. they were right. violent protesters, screaming students, even activist professors, reportedly blocked the entrance to the student union no nobody could get in and listen. shapiro says he was amazed a state funded school and state funded police allowed protesters to shut down free speech. shapiro had been scheduled to speak for weeks. but then the school president canceled the speech saying he wanted to include other few points. shapiro showed up any way and
11:27 am
despite heckling, shouts, and fire alarm, he is kept speaking. >> there it is, gang. guess what. you know what? they are not going to stop us. >> and it was only a matter of time before the protesting led to pushing and shoving and an ongoing chorus of chants and expletives, of course. one man who was not a student came to hear the speech. and he never got in. listen to him. >> that's what the left does. you know, university. you normally think somebody with a want to listen a different point of view, even if they disagree. here they won't allow disagreement. >> group blamed the behavior on the university president and administration vowing to pursue legal options. the university hasn't responded but ironically is threatening to take away the group's funding for the event because not enough people got in to see it.
11:28 am
ben shapiro says nobody should have to exercise free speech by sneaking in the back door. >> no doubt. you know what? this is not the only college campus where this has been happening. it's kind of a ramp ant situation right now. world series of poker champ is here on the "the real story" to tell us what the latest betting odds are on the candidates and why they are a better indicator of who will be the next president than some of the polls. plus, south carolina governor nikki hayley doing all of the talking at a marco rubio campaign stop earlier today. why was she doing that?
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. bottom of the hour. let's go back to politics now. mere hours before super tuesday starts. marco rubio is in tep ten before heading to arkansas and oklahoma later today. ted cruz holding a series of events all over texas. that makes sense for him, right? governor john kasich in vermont, the home state of bernie sanders who has stops in massachusetts, virginia, and my home state of minnesota. and that's where we find senior political correspondent end mike emanuel who joins us live from minneapolis. mike, first of all, how do you like minnesota? >> minnesota is beautiful, gretchen. it's great to be here. >> i know minnesota is critical. the caucus tomorrow evening for the future of the bernie sanders campaign. critical for him, right? >> you are absolutely right,
11:33 am
gretchen. senator sanders himself told voters here that minnesota will be huge on tuesday. the senator wrapping up a rally here in minneapolis just hours ago. he was here over the weekend in rochester minnesota as well. that tells you how big of a state this is for him. sanders spoke a short time ago about what's at stake here. >> the truth is, tomorrow is important and key to super tuesday. what happens here in minnesota. we can win. no question, here in minnesota, if we have a turnout. >> reporter: part of his message here in minneapolis was about climate change, about being against fracking, clearly thinking that an environmental message will be troo key to turning out minnesota democrats. >> any sign of sanders and his supporters losing their hope with some tough races ahead for tomorrow? >> reporter: no. in fact his campaign set a goal of raising $40 million by the end of the month later today. rallies over the weekend and here today have been very large and very enthusiathuenthusiasts.
11:34 am
and sanders told voters they shouldn't settle for hillary clinton. >> if you start your campaign talking about the need for a half a loaf, you are going to get crumbs. and the american people today do not want, do not need crumbs. they need the whole loaf. >> reporter: colorado and minnesota will tell a lot tomorrow about whether it is a decent day for bernie sanders and his campaign or a very long super tuesday. >> making me hungry talking about all that bread. marco rubio wrapped up his campaign in georgia. he hopes for a strong showing there tomorrow and in all the other super tuesday states as well.
11:35 am
john, rubio is experiencing some of the effects of non-stop campaigning. >> he has. the voice is typically the first thing to go. an unusual event in buck head with marco rubio losing his voice. nikki hayley did most of the talking today with rubio at her side. she picked up on the 'em drum beat of the deeply vigorous attacks that marco rubio has been pursuing since last week's debate. >> trump is everything i taught my children not to do in kindergarten. i taught my two little ones you don't lie and make things up. i taught my two little ones that you don't push people around. wh when a billiony hits you, you hit that bully right back. >> reporter: while hayley was talking, rubio got his voice back to the point where he was able to talk to the crowd for some 45 minutes. he used the hoarseness to dial
11:36 am
back on the attacks that some people have been labeling more along the lines of school yard. >> from time to time i'll still read the mean tweets. but i will never stop talking about the ideas you deserve top. they are on my website. you should go on it now -- well not now. when you're done. marco and you will see we have a real plan to fix our tax code. we have a real plan to roll back regulation. we have a real plan to save social security and medicare. >> reporter: rubio also did focus in on trump university and the lawsuit donald trump is facing promising very soon we are going to be hearing from some students who went there. and as marco rubio got conned. gretchen. >> interesting. okay. how is rubio -- i know you've got your crystal ball out. how is he expected to do tomorrow? >> reporter: well, he is leading in one very, very important state tomorrow, minnesota, gretchen. but the rest of the states he is not leading. but his campaign reminds it isn't about winning tomorrow. really it's not because there is
11:37 am
a proportional allegation of delegates. it is a promotional march to try to collect as many delegates as he can. he only has two more opportunities, tomorrow, next week and then we get in the winner take all states where he needs to win n florida, or his campaign viability could be in question. gretchen. >> yes, yes, all true. john, thank you. as we inch closer to november, what are the beth odds of the candidates odds of moving into the white house. our next guest has the inside scoop. why, he was the world series of poker champion and is an expert odds analyst. >> i know basically nothing about poker. why -- why is betting a better indicator of who is going to win than the polls. >> you know, they say in the history of elections people have been betting on elections even back to the roman times. and you would figure that when people are polling they are not
11:38 am
really giving you the true outcome because sometimes they are not going to talk about it for social pressure. they don't want their spouses to know who her going to bet on. sometimes they change their minds. but when people are voting real money they are actually going to bet for whoever they are going to vote on. historically the odds have historically been a better indicator of who is going the win. >> we'll show the odds right now for the candidates. you have mrs. clinton at negative 140. what does that mean. >> that means you would have to bet $140 to win $100 on hillary clinton. so she's the out and out favorite as of right now. so if donald trump is a plus $250, you bet $100, you would win $250. and so on. some people love the big long shots. i think people think that maybe joe biden might get into race and win. maybe mitt romney. but they are at $100 to 1 or 200
11:39 am
to 1. but the only way to entice people to bet on them is to put up crazy otsds so they feel like they're maybe they will bet on them. odds are created so there will be equal amounts on either side. and they ching on a daily basis in the same way the news cycle does. >> for those listening on the radio or not seeing the screen, clinton is still odds on favorite to win. then trump, robb rubio, sanders, cruz, bloomberg, kasich, biden and romney. if you had to make a best case bet on anybody right now, what would it be? >> there is an interesting phenomenon that happens sometimes where you can bet on two different candidates and ensure you are going win one way or the other. right now it's about a 99% chance that it's going to be hillary and trump based on statisticians. mathematically those odds would make you want to bet on one or the other. i believe that right now we have a spot -- we call it a middle where you can actually bet on
11:40 am
both. if you bet $80 on trump you would win $200 if he wins. if you bet $140 on hillary, you would win $100 if she wins. so if hillary wins, you win $100 but you lost your $80 on trump. right now today -- it's not going to last but there is a sweet middle right there that you can bet both sides and guarantee you are going to win money. >> this makes you excited, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> i can tell. you are really into this. you are a good number cruncher. and by the way you are not supposed to bet on the candidates. it's not totally league, is it? it is a not legal in the united states. but there are sites all over the world. people do it. in the same way that you are not supposed to be betting on sports. people are constantly betting. they say there will probably be $200 million bet by the time of the election. >> jamie, good to see you. awkward moves caught on the
11:41 am
campaign trail, donald trump telling chris christie to head back home after christie threw his support behind the republican front-runner. good thing we have greta van success stren. she's going to tell us what's going on with this whole thing. she's next. >> that's a big difference from where the position was and what we need to do. >> so you endorsed did -- excuse me. let me answer, george. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. ... ... ... pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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>> whack to the real story in politics, new jersey governor chris christie facing tough criticism about his decision to endorse trump after repeatedly slamming him on the campaign trail. >> done is a great guy and a good person but i don't think he is suited to be president of the united states. >> why. >> i don't think his tellerment and i don't think he has experience. >> what happened. he didn't have the temperament or the experience last august. and now he is the guy. >> i'm no longer in theis re. i was the perfect best suited to be the president of the united states. the voters decided toers. >> greta vansustren not the only one putting governor chris christie through the ringer. >> how is he going to make the mexicans pay for the wall. >> how? they are a korch nation. >> what's the answer. >> the answer is he will do it. >> how. >> the fact is he is going to have to answer that question. >> when donald trump said that. he was dead wrong. he's dead wrong now.
11:46 am
>> is he dead wrong now. >> he backed off of that decision. and that's a big difference. >> joining me live and in person not on tape is greta vansustren. she hosts on the record at 7:00 eastern here on fok. you had an opportunity to interview chris christie after he made the bombshell endorsement last week and you asked him tough questions. >> i think politicians don't think we have video in the cameras we point at them. that's the only thing i can think of. i mean, they say she is horrible things and then months later when things change all of a sudden they act like we are making it is up, that we've imagined these things that they have said. and then we present the video to them and they still act like we are making it up. i don't know -- you know, politics is -- it's a different world, gretchen. >> that's the unstatement of the century. okay. so let's listen to what donald trump said to chris christie over the weekend that got a lot of play. maybe didn't think it was caught
11:47 am
on the microphone. interested in your take after we hear it again. >> get the plane and go home. >> you got it. >> you go home. >> thank you, chris. wow. thank you. this is one endorsement, really, i that i wanted. >> get on the plane and go home. go home. >> you know, what is interesting about that, as luck would have it i was on abc this week yesterday and so was governor christie. i had time alone with him. alone with other people, too. and i asked him about that, he says that trump says go home, you essentially worked hard enough. i totally believe christie on this, that we shouldn't read anything into it. donald trump was saying go home, you've done enough work. go home. as far as i can see that was a totally normal he can change and christie has been out campaigning for him for at love hours, and donald says get your plane and go home.
11:48 am
>> it's interesting introduce governor christie has a press conference coming up in 13 minutes. they say it's going to be local new jersey issues. i wonder if he will take any question about donald trump. what do you think. >> i think he will. especially the one about the klu klux klan that's percolating today. and of course about the fact that he was attacking donald trump and now he is endorsing him. and now the finance chair who is coming out slugging against christie because christie has endorsed donald trump and she disagrees with him on that. expect a lot of those questions because we this the media we can't help ourselves. and look the people are entitled to have answers to them. >> yes. that is the important part. they are entitled to have the answers. and by the way, just a note to all politicians watching right now, we have something called videotape. >> actually, sd cards or something like that. but we got it. and we know how to operated the replay. >> we know really well how to do that. we do.
11:49 am
greta, we'll watch tonight at 7:00 eastern. donald trump may be feeling the love at his campaign events but he is coming under fire and it's not just the other gop candidates. what's behind the latest attack ads now? that's next.
11:50 am
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for republicans to have a chance to win next fall. >> that's the opinion of david mcintosh, the president of club for growth and a bunch of ads. >> a special day today. did you check your calendar in leap day. astronaut scott:y posting this putt, take a leap and explore new possibilities. so, how are you spending the day? your facebook and twitter answers, coming up next.
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welcome back to "the real story." let's check out what america is clicking on today. disney adopting surge pricing. happens at disneyland and other theme parks. visit on a slow day, pay less, on a busy day, pay more. an eight mile drive with a cat in the bumper. the cat is okay. chuck schumer calling on the faa to require seat size requirements on airplanes. the effort would prevent airlines from keep cutting seat size and legroom. >> astronaut kelly posting this on leap day. what are you doing with your extra day? jason is celebrating his 11th 11th birthday, although he is turning 44. jim and his wife are celebrate are their third anniversary. christopher is fingering his tacks and gail is on a cruise,
12:00 pm
living like a queen. i love having an extra day. you can get more done. >> thank you for being part of "the real story." have a fantastic rest of your leap day. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the rest coast, and just -- west coast, and just when you thought the presidential race couldn't get weirder, donald j. trump and rubio fighting about the klu klux klan and size of hands. a look at where everybody stands in the polls and how america's election has become a global spectacle. we'll show you how media outlets are cover the election and mocking our candidates. let's get to it. >> first from fox news academic. donald trump is crushing it. in the polls on this eve of super tuesday. jus


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