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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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living like a queen. i love having an extra day. you can get more done. >> thank you for being part of "the real story." have a fantastic rest of your leap day. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the rest coast, and just -- west coast, and just when you thought the presidential race couldn't get weirder, donald j. trump and rubio fighting about the klu klux klan and size of hands. a look at where everybody stands in the polls and how america's election has become a global spectacle. we'll show you how media outlets are cover the election and mocking our candidates. let's get to it. >> first from fox news academic. donald trump is crushing it. in the polls on this eve of super tuesday. just as the republican race
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turns uglier than ever. accusations of trump's mafia identifies. talks of the klu klux klan, even taunts about the size of donald trump's hands. more on all that schoolyard stuff in a moment. first the latest numbers and they're impressive. in georgia, the real clear politics average has donald trump leading in the polls by double digits. marco rubio and ted cruz are tied. trump is killing it in massachusetts. the real clear average has him leading with 45%. trump has a 14-point lead in the average of surveys in virginia. cruz. tennessee, trump support in the volunteer state is double his closest rival. and trump has a double-digit lead in alaska in a monmouth university poll. marco rubio and ted cruz are tied. then there's texas.
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stake tomorrow. ted cruz is leading in his home state. recent polls show him anywhere from 15 points ahead to one percentage point ahead which we be a dead heat with donald trump. several other super tuesday states do not have recent polling but there's a new financial survey from cnn and it shows another first for donald trump. nearly half of all republicans tell the pollsters they support him nationwide. that doesn't count for much with our state-by-state system, still it could indicate the shifting mood of republicans as more and more get behind donald trump. his closest rivals have been frantically trying to cut into the front-runner's support. marco rubio and ted cruz piled on after donald trump refused to condemn the klu klux klan, and its former leader, david duke, during an interview. trump was asked about the klan, and support from white supremacy groups. today donald trump claimed he couldn't hear the question. and blames cnn. >> i have a lousy ear piece that is provided by them, and,
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frankly, he talks about groups. he also talked about groups. and i have no problem with disavowing groups but i'd like to know who they are. >> trump now says he does disavow duke and the klan but accusation head blew a dog whistle for his base. this is the second time he tried to end controversy. months ago he said he couldn't hear clearly when he seemed to confuse the quds force with our allies. marco rubio says he notice buying this excuse. >> he is unelectable now. he refueled to criticize the klu klux klan, has again three interviews. on "to the today show" he blamed it on a bad ear piece. klu klux klan comes through pretty clearly. >> this isn't trump's only dustup involving race. he also went after the judge overseeing the fraud case against his controversial trump university. trump suggested the judge was being too hard on him because
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the judge is hispanic. >> base of the wall and because of everything that's going on with mexico and all of that, i think it's frankly this -- look, this is a judge who i believe has treated me very, very unfairly. >> meantime, both marco rubio and ted cruz released summarizeses of some tax returns and called for donald trump to release his. ted cruz suggested that donald trump is holding back to cover up connections to the mafia. >> there have been multiple media reports about donald's business dealings with the mob, the mafia. maybe his tax returns show the business dealings are a lot more extensive -- >> well, trump refuses to release his tax returns, he says because he is being audited. no audit would stop him or anyone else from doing so. he hasn't responded to the allegations from ted cruz and instead has been going after marco rubio or, as trump now calls him, little marco. rubio responded with a takes on trump's hair and face, and now his fingers.
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>> have you seen his hands? they're like this. and you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> is that it? rubio was set to hold another rally today outside atlanta, but when he came on stage, his voice wasn't perfect. the south carolina governor, nikki hayley announced she would be doing the talking because marco rubio lost his voice. may not be all he lost, carl cameron is live in snow. ted cruz is barnstorming texas today but is winning his home state. i guess depending on the poll. >> reporter: well, listen, ted cruz needs to win texas, and without a victory here it would be very hard for him to remain a plausible candidate. if you can't win your home state, where can you win? cruz is campaigning very hard here and had a lead in several polls and even donald trump has suggested that cruz is likely to do well and prevail here.
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he is -- ted cruz is going after donald trump after one of the signature issues he. texas obviously the quintessential border state where donald trump wants to build the wall, and now ted cruz is going after donald trump for hiring illegal immigrants. not just several years ago, when he was billing trump tower and apparently brought in a number of polish workers, but also just getting busted just a week ago for hiring hospitality workers from europe instead of americans. watch. >> donald trump had a $1 million court judgment entered against him for hiring illegal aliens to build trump tower. now, donald said, gosh, that's a long time ago you can't blame me for what i did a long time ago. all right. how about last week. last week, the news broke that donald is bringing in hundreds of foreign workers to work at his fancy hotel in florida.
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>> reporter: trump says he can't get americans to work the jobs so he has to use what is called h1v visas to bring in people from overseas except hundreds of people applied and didn't get hired and they were americans. >> let's turn to julie pace, white house correspondent for the "associated press," writing about the republican race for the ap throughout. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> hands and klan and now the mob. i guess this is where we are, but we have got super tuesday coming. if donald trump cruises to everything but texas, has he wrapped this up? >> he'll be heading in that direction. it's easy to forget in the midst of all of these insults that are traded back and forth and controversial statements that what really matters in primaries are delegates, and there are lot of delegates at stake tomorrow. it's the biggest single day delegate haul in the primaries, and if donald trump is able to sweep most of these states and
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by a large margin, he's going to start to put a lot of distance between himself and marco rubio and ted cruz in the delegate count, and once that disstands becomes too great it could become impossible for anyone to catch up. >> runs seem to be putting together some sort of plan for the case where he doesn't get enough delegates to clinch it. what happens if donald trump gets there but doesn't have enough delegates to actually win the nomination? >> this is the source of a lot of conversations among republicans. with we get into late spring and he is ahead in the delegate count but hasn't reached the magic number to crunch-what happens? contests convection comes up. how you make that happen is unclear, because in that scenario you would have thousands, millions of republican voters that would have backed donald trump. so to take the nomination from him under those circumstances would really potentially rupture this party.
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so, it's no -- >> put donald trump would rupture the party as well. not as if many in the establish. ment are going, donald trump, that will work. >> this is the real problem that republicans have. who becomes the nominee is not going to be the answer to this problem that the party has. it will provide an answer to who the nominee is but doesn't solve what this party is going to be, whether it's going to be party that can keep the to factions together or a party that has to think about its future and having one segment break away. >> i mentioned the klan and the hands and mob accusationsment have any of these things changed anything? is anyone saying, oh, well, was for donald trump but i'm for him no longer as a result of this? refusal to disavow david duke is some more establishment republicans, governors, senators, who are being a little more force inflame their statements about trump -- forceful in their statements.
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mitt romney said his comments were disqualifying. but the big question is whether states in terms of votes, and super tuesday is looming very quickly, tomorrow, and it's unclear whether this will change the way that people vote when they head to the polls. >> he romney tweet i thought was notable in its forcefulness, as you put it. we have seen now a little bit of -- we saw him last week, we're seeing him again now. should we expect to see him on the trail now, out campaigning against donald trump? >> well, the big question is whether mitt romney will actually endorse someone. it would be hard for him to show up on the campaign trail and simply be against donald trump and not for someone else. the rubio campaign has been working hard for this endorsement. a lot of former romney staffers are either working for rubio or backing his campaign so we would seem like the most natural candidate for romney to endorse. but there is something happening with mitt romney. he seems to be taking this very seriously, the idea of donald
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trump become becoming the nominee and wants to have his voice in the mix whatever way he can to try to stop him. >> julie pace from "associated press." thank you. of course, fox news channel will have coverage of all the super tuesday results tomorrow, starting during the brett baier special report. two days later the republicans face off in their next debate. bret and megyn and chris wallace are the moderators, this thursday, and still ahead in this hour, we'll tack you to texas, tomorrow's biggest political prize by far. look at how that state hands out delegates because that's important. and more on how senator ted cruz is looking to leverage his home state advantage. the republican race for the white house, coming up from the fox news deck on this monday afternoon. score, thanks to kaboom... get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker
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why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. in the republican race for the nomination ted cruz is stepping up his attacks on donald trump in texas, the senator's home state and the biggs prize on super tuesday. texas has 155 g.o.p. delegates. more than all the previous contests combined. the state is not winner take all. at least unless somebody gets more than 50% of the vote in every congressional district. not likely to happen. there's a new poll from nbc news, "the wall street journal" and merit college showing ted cruz has 39%, beating trump by double digitted but other candidates could pick up delegates. cruz today tried to portray trump as a political insider, who spent decades supporting
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democrats. trump just a couple of hours ago said ted cruz has done nothing for texas. casey stiegel in dallas this afternoon. ted cruz is doing a lot of last-minute campaigning in texas. >> reporter: he really is, holding this event here in dallas this morning. he is now made his way down to san antonio, where he is holding an afternoon rally, and then from there he'll head to houston for an evening campaign event. his message and theme at all telling voters that this election comes down to jobs, freedom, and security. also managing to get in a few jabs at donald trump along the way. >> you don't get to abuse and take advantage of american workers and then suddenly style yourself a champion for american workers. >> we call hem lyon already lion ted. he'll listen to me say something, get up someplace else and say the exact opposite of what i said.
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>> reporter: ing in like a little he said/he said there cruz telling the rally here in dallas that the only campaign that can beat donald trump is his. >> casey, could you explain how texas awards its delegates? it's different from many. >> reporter: it's at confusing, and it's different for republicans and for democrats. let's break down the math. on the g.o.p. side, 155 delegates up for grabs here tomorrow night. 108 of those are based off how well the candidate does in the state's 36 congressional districts. the other 47 at-large delegates will be distributed proportionately based on statewide voting totals. for democrats, 251 delegates are up for grabs, 10% needed for the nomination itself. 14 a 5 of those from the state -- 145 from the state's senate districts, 77 awarded on the statewide result, and then
12:17 pm
you have 29 super delegates who, as you can see, an awful lot at stake here in texas north just for republicans but democrats as well tomorrow. >> thanks. a lot of political coverage ahead, including a report from georgia where marco rubio lost his voice today. next we look at the democratic side and whether hillary clinton can put the race out of reach with a strong performance against her rival bernie sanders tomorrow. stay with us.
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>> hillary clinton has big leads in most super tuesday states. one a poll from monmouth university has her beating bernie sanders 71 to 23 in alabama, similar to south carolina. you can see oklahoma here as well, sanders is winning that one but only by five points and with that particular survey it's
12:21 pm
within the margin of error. both campaigns -- candidates are campaigning today in massachusetts, another state where polls show this race is close. meantime, clinton is beating sanders by more than 30 points in georgia, more than 20-points in tech e tennessee and texas, according to the new "wall street journal" nbc news poll. the states grandfather out delegates proportionalie so it's not just about who wins but by how much each wins. ed henry is in fairfax, virginia. looks like hillary clinton could wrap this up earlier than some analysts predicted. >> reporter: she could. she'll be here on the campus of george mason university this hour. that's why we're here ahead of her. she is trying to reach out to college students. bernie sanders has had an edge there. who she has had a big edge is with african-american voters. we talked about there was a clinton firewall in the south. south carolina, she got the turnout, big-time. now she is hoping to do the same tomorrow on super tuesday. you mentioned all those states where she has big leads.
12:22 pm
the bottom line is, in some of her rhetoric she is looking ahead to taking on republicans like donald trump, as if she is getting hate of bernie sanders and already looking to the general election. listen. >> i do want to be a president who remembers how people work together again, who creates an environment, who encourages people to overcome our divides. >> reporter: not just on super tuesday but look at the first two weeks of march, there's about 1800 democratic delegates at stake. if hillary clinton gets a big majority of that, big share of that, she is going to put herself in a position where she is going to be getting closer and closer to wrapping up the nomination. >> i understand you smoke with bernie sanders campaign manager. what does he say? >> reporter: he says they know they might have difficulty in super tuesday in the southern states like georgia. but bernie sanders is polling
12:23 pm
well in states like minnesota, oklahoma, colorado, which vote tomorrow. they hope to eek out some victories there. and then since his proportional delegates, even when she loses in places like south carolina, he loses, bernie sanders gets some delegates. so bernie sanders was look can ahead and mentioning donald trump a little bit. watch this. >> minnesota can play a huge -- dare i use that word -- [cheering] -- to have to change -- i have to change my vocabulary around now. every time i use that word, it brings all kinds of responses. >> reporter: sanders' campaign manager thinks later this month he'll do well in the industrial midwest, michigan and ohio. first he has to get through super tuesday without taking a big beating. >> bernie sanders does not have a lead but has advice her own action figure complete with a jingle straight out of the '80s. >> my bernie, my bernie,
12:24 pm
wherever i go, he goes, my bernie, my bernie, gives me everything that he knows. >> to the tune of those, my buddy dahl commercials from back in day, a day too long ago even for me. i know you don't remember that. >> i had a buddy doll. >> i don't know what that it is. tell me about ryan the action figure. >> bernie sanders the action figure, company in brooklyn wants to create action figures, started a kick starter laweek. the goald;f3f3f3f3f3uuuuuuuuuuut producing these. it's more than crushed that. 105 now. each one costs 20 bucks, a dollar of each purchase goes towards bernie's campaign. they also created a hillary action figure completed with custom pant suits and sold more than 20,000 of these figures to date, and the founder says, it's been quite a response so far, and we'll get out by july. >> money is what it's all about.
12:25 pm
every bit of it. ryan, thank you. more on the run republics ahead as the candidates make their final pitches before super tuesday. we'll head to one of the biggest battlegrounds of all tomorrow, georgia. you think donald trump has taken over your facebook feed? wait until you see the reaction he is getting around the world. what do you think newspapers in eastern europe are saying? this is insane. we'll show you some examples coming up. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. officials in northern california investigating a possible high school fight club after video surfaced on social media. the school superintendent says the fights have been going on for years at nevada union high north of sacramento. students tell a local news station the kid have gone home with bloody noses, black eyes and concussions. want more space on your next flight? new york senator chuck schumer is pushing a minimum seat size
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. in the republican race for the white house. for republicans, nearly half the delegates needed to win the nomination are up for grabs tomorrow. the second biggest prize after texas is georgia, 76 delegates. as i mentioned earlier, donald trump is leading in georgia, at 30%, and the latest nbc "wall street journal" poll. you can see cruz and rubio were tied but what if there were no kashich and carson, would that change things?
12:31 pm
it might. john roberts is live in atlanta. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. rubio made another swing through atlanta today and it was a clever strategy to gain attention but a lot of negative press has been aimed at marco rubio after he took that sharp turn into deeply personal insults against donald trump so here in atlanta today a hoarse marco rubio died way back on the permanent attacks, referring to donald trump on his business dealings, suggesting that democrats and the press would unload on trump should he become the nominee. >> there are democratic groups out there interviewing the victims of donald trump's scams. and i promise you that the day -- it's never going to happen but if he were to ever become our nominee, the minute he becomes our nominee, the press, the democrats, and all these groups will descend on him lining the hundreds -- like the hounds of hell and will rip him apart. >> reporter: marco rubio urging
12:32 pm
voters to come out for him, saying a vote for donald trump, because of that, will be just like a vote for hillary clinton. >> rubio needs georgia from the looks of the polls, not going to get it. >> reporter: no. he would like to get it. there's no question about this. but what he really wants to do, at least tomorrow, and then again on the 8th while the delegates are being allocated proportionately, stay close in the delegate count, winning outright doesn't matter until march 15th when a few states start allocating delegates on winner take all basis. rubio warned if donald trump becomes the nominee kyle be very detrimental to the republican party. >> history teaches us any movement who at its core is motivated by anger, fear, by appealing to your anger, to your fear, your worries, is a movement that is debt -- destined not just to fail but do great harm. >> reporter: a lot of people in the republican who believe is donald trump becomes the nominee it could rip the republican party apart in ways it would
12:33 pm
take a decade or more to repair. >> john roberts)ç3f3f3f3f3fmtuu. thanks. let's turn to meredith shiner, political correspondent for yahoo! news. is this over? >> no, i don't think that it's over yet. it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow in super tuesday. your correspondent was talking about winner take all states. if someone actually hits 50% in texas, that's the threshold by which all of the delegates in texas would go to one candidate. ted cruz has been campaigning significantly there, and i'm not saying that he would be able to do that but i think that's one of the far-fetched hopes of his campaign he can do that in terms of delegate mass, donald trump is owning the field in a place like south carolina where rubio's campaign was bragging about a second place finish, trump still took all 50 delegates. so you have a lot of delegates on the field, and particularly in texas where 155 are in play for republicans. that's a significant battleground where before that
12:34 pm
50% threshold, you see delegates doled out based on performance. >> your party leader is usually your nominee can the last nominee for the republicans what mitt romney. mitt romney seems to be coming out at the antidonald but i haven't heard much from anybody else, aside from, say -- well, that's about it, really. lindsey graham, i guess. >> i think that mitt romney was a polarizing figure in republican circles. people believed after 2012 one reason he lost the general is because he wasn't conservative enough, and others believe that the primary had pulled him too far to the right. when you look at the post-mortem from the campaign, when the rnc put out a report it talked about making inroads to hispanic voters, supporting immigration reform, which is one reason you sue rubio on the bipartisan bill which he is running away from
12:35 pm
and i don't know that mitt romney coming out against donald trump will make that much difference. the people who really believed in mitt romney because of his stature as a more moderate governor of massachusetts aren't going to be people who believe in trump or the establishment. >> anything in your reporting that people actually think trump is going to do the things he says he is good to do, like building a wall or other things he can't get done? >> i think that it's hard to say. i'm sure there are voters who real where y believe what he -- really believe what he is saying is real. but those voicers skeptical. he is popular because he is breaking the conventions of the system. he went hon the debate stage and didn't play by the rules that someone like scott walker, who had to drop out almost immediately, had to. so i think that part of the reason they are attracted to him is because he is not sort of bound to those conventions itch don't know of those same
12:36 pm
characteristics translate into believing he will deliver for you. some republican vote evers, they will believe, but i think there are others who look at his record and his life in new york, where at one point he was pro choice, or he is a little bit more moderate and supportive of progressive tax plans, that don't believe he is as conservative as someone like cruz who has been making pleas for evangelical voters and a much more conservative way. >> wonder what they would do if he actually did get to the white house and then he didn't do the things he says he's going to do. wonder what this angry group would -- i just wonder how they would react. >> i don't know the answer to that but die think that one of the things you should look at is what republicans in congress have done. republicans in congress promised they could repeal obamacare. they promised they could shut down the department of homeland security -- >> the knew bitter all along, the whole world new better. >> they did but part of that means they created this environment where there's an inherent distrust of republicans
12:37 pm
in washington. they talked just late last year about defunding planned parenthood knowing they couldn't and this is a trap for the republican party at large and it presaged donald trump's rise. when you talk about donald trump dividing the republican party or breaking it or setting it back, i think the divisions exist. he's just less subtle about it. they're coming out to full bear now in ways they didn't before. those divisions were happening when you have conservative members in the house, you had sun like ted cruz in 2013 whofmu shut down the government, the foundation for those divisions was there, this is just the first cycle. maybe because none of the establishment candidates or alternatives were as strong as someone like mitt romney in 2012, where there's a sense and% anxiety within washington republican circles they're not going to be able to stop trump. meredith shiner, very interesting. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> donald trump is stealing hideheadlines in men country.
12:38 pm
news outlets in europe have been following the campaign. we have many viewer inside the european continent. i if youer watching, "the new york times" reports iraqis happen ranged from shock and outrage to admiration for take only the establishment. meantime in mexico, stories have sold donald trump's piñatas. i've actually seen these. two of the country's former presidents recent live said mexico will not pay for a border wall. or that bleeping border wall as one of them put it. in china the foreign ministry issued a warning to the united states after trump won the nevada caucuses. he has been promising to punish communicate for manipulating currency. sounds like the europeans are following the u.s. elections closer than their own elects. >> very true. one are one tabloid took a poll and said most voters couldn't name their own candidates but they know who donald trump is, which is not necessarily a good thing, considering the influential magazine recently
12:39 pm
ran a cover showing trump with an american flag behind him in flames with the headline, quote, madness, america's agitator. the brits have compared trump to the evil wiz art from the harry potter books and when trump said muslims should not be able to enter the u.s., the parliament considering a bill not to allow trump to visit britain. and a spanish newspaper published a letter from a spanish king advising donald trump to consider maybe bringing back the inquisition. >> i would guess that somewhere out there in some other country there's a supporter or two of donald trump. >> a bunch. the editor of a leading czech newspaper wrote an op-ed saying a high number of people believe that donald trump is a folk hero for taking on the political establishment. in fact even his own party. and for young people who worship pop culture, trump signifies
12:40 pm
american val like show business and working hard to achieve success. donald trump is certainly welcome in russia where his popularity is soaring because of his budding bromance with vladimir putin, but love him or hate him, trump is making foreign headlines every day and it's beginning to dawn on the rest of the world that he is on the path to become the g.o.p. nominee. >> trace gallagher in los angeles, thank you. pam families on budgets might want to wait to mondays to see mickey. walt disney park just changed the price of tickets so you have to pay more to visit the parks on their most popular days. they're now three levels. surge pricing, if you will, value prices are available mainly on weekdays, regular prices are in effect on the weekends, during the summer on the weekdays, peak pricing goes into effect on summer weekends and around the holidays, as an example, a value ticket at walt disney's magic kingdom in orlando will be $105. that's the value ticket.
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on the peak days, the magic kingdom is 124 bucks. at walt rolls over. more trouble for royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. out of commission after a storm damaged it. now company representatives say the ship is cutting short another cruise and heading back to a port in new jersey because of a weather warning. and a spokeswoman confirmed that a, quote, small percentage, unquote, of guests had stomach troubles from the norovirus. u.s. navy seal risked his life to bring home an american held hostage, and today the president of the united states recognized him for his heroism with the medal of honor. ahead, story of bravery and sacrifice, and why that seal says that award months belongs o someone else. >> the american college student detained in north korea. the north koreans put him on camera to confessed his supposed crime and it apparently involved
12:42 pm
him trying to swipe a souvenir from his hotel. that is next. but first, we have another winter storm coming. also you may have heard, nbc and its weather channel have taken to naming winter storms. but they have no naming rights as winter storms belong to all of us. so we at "shepard smith reporting" now give them names as well with a nod to fox, we name them after simpson characters. so winter storm millhouse is heading to wisconsin and northern im. you go, millhouse. millhouse is expected to bring up to a foot of snow to some areas there. then he moves across the great lakes and into the northeast. everything is coming up millhouse, the house always wins. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea.
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12:46 pm
a student testify university of virginia. he held this highly orchestrated news conference and admitted, likely under duress to the quote, very severe and preplanned crime of trying to steal a propaganda sign from a hotel in pyongyang. of course analysts say these confessions are scripted by the north koreans. the 21-year-old broke down as he apologized. the white house says it it's seen the so-called news conference and it's working to learn mow about the arrest. today we don't honor a single individual but a community across our entire military. the words of president obama as he awarded the nation's highest honor to a enoughy seal. senior achieved ward byers, keving the congressional medal of honor for his actions during a hostageridge in afghanistan in
12:47 pm
2012 the first living navy seal to get the decoration since the vietnam war. president obama said today's ceremony gives us a rare glimpse of a warrior who so often serves in the shadows. >> the american people may not always see them, we may not always hear of their success, but they are there in the thick of the fight, in the dark of night, achieving their mission. we thank god they're there. >> he also said the names of the navy seals to receive the medal of honor have become legend. lea gabrielle is here. you served with these guys, big day. >> i served in 2008, i was in afghanistan with them and i know some personally. they're men who do not want or expect credit for their bravery, and the navy says that each of the men who served on this particular mission that byers was honored for, volunteered for the mission knowing it was particularly dangerous. now, we're told that senior chief byers exposed him to the
12:48 pm
enemy while ripping down blankets covering the doorway where of the building where the hostages were being held. he fout with bare hands, holding a man down to make shower he was not the hostage. when he heard an english speaking voice he lunged toward; protecting the hostage from gunfire with his own body.
12:49 pm
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an army staff sergeant in court, accused of killing his wife and then a cop. prosecutors say ronald hamilton shot and killed his wife on saturday at their home in virginia, which is just south of washington, dc. police say he then shot a responding police officer, and then surrendered. it was officer ashley guindon's first shift on the force. very first one. prosecutor says they'll most likely ask are the death penalty. a u.s. air force veteran in court today accused of trying to join the islamic state. this is one of the first isis-related cases to go to trial in america. the defendant's name is tyrod pugh. investigators say they caught him at an airport in turkey with more than 180 jihaddist videos on his laptop and they also found a note to his wife indicating he planned to, quote, defend the islamic state. it's -- now charged with trying to provide material support to terrorists but plead not guilty
12:54 pm
and his lawyers call the case fantasy. rick leventhal is covering it at the use in brooklyn. what happened in court? >> reporter: in opening arguments the defense says puig is not a man with a plan and the case is based on speculation and that in this country we don't punish people for their thoughts bit prosecutors say pugh turned his back on the country he once pledged to served and was ready to die for isis. he was honorably discharged in 1990 and went to work for american airlines but had been a radicalized before 9/11 and former coworkers say he voiced support for osama bin laden. he arrived in turkey on a one-way ticket and authority believes he was on his way to syria to share his skills with the islamic state. >> the idea that isis would attract somebody who had u.s. military training is exactly the kind of thing that you want to prevent against, and that you want to set out alarms against, and maybe a good reason to bring this case from the point of view
12:55 pm
of the federal prosecutor. >> reporter: the feds say pugh destroyed four flash drives when he realized he was being watched but they have found other evidence against him. >> didn't the defense try to get a key piece of government evidence tossed out today? >> reporter: a letter that prosecutors say pugh wrote to his wife in december of 2014 that seems to be a pretty clear indication of his plan. it was a draft e-mail which reads in part: i am a sworded against the oppressor and a shield for the oppressed. i will use the talent and skills give to me by aulai to establish and defend the islamic state and road there are two possible outcomes, victory or martyr. now there's a third possibility, 35 years in prison if convicted and this trial could wrap up next week. >> thank you. we'll be back with a look at how the moon helped save the life of one of the most famous explorers
12:56 pm
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let's get out there. let's meet these people. on this day in 1504, there was a lunar eclipse and it came -- eclipse and it came just as christopher columbus predicted and may have saved his life. he had been strappedded in jamaica for many months and the natives stopped feeding his men and him. columbus told them they would see a clear sign that god was angry. he apparently had read about the upcoming eclipse in an astronomy book tut the natives had no idea. a few days later the full moon passed into the earth's shadow. columbus and his men had no trouble finding food after that. after the explorer decided to shoot for the moon. 512 years ago today. fox news cannot confirm as we were not yet a news outlet of
1:00 pm
much of anything else. the dow was great for a while, hit 215 and then the bottom fell out. now we're off 126. neil will probably have an explainer for this. can't blame him but maybe he can 'splain it. [shouting] >> i should posit here that everybody is okay at this trump rally. a photographer got too close for the secret service's confident and you see what happened. blows were thrown. everyone is okay but i occurs within the same roughly 48 hours we have had the candidates going back and forth with some actually childish language but at least, at least, none of these guys have come to blows just yet. mean while we had senator rubio holding a big rally at the university of central arkansas. the super tuesday hours aw


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