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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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much of anything else. the dow was great for a while, hit 215 and then the bottom fell out. now we're off 126. neil will probably have an explainer for this. can't blame him but maybe he can 'splain it. [shouting] >> i should posit here that everybody is okay at this trump rally. a photographer got too close for the secret service's confident and you see what happened. blows were thrown. everyone is okay but i occurs within the same roughly 48 hours we have had the candidates going back and forth with some actually childish language but at least, at least, none of these guys have come to blows just yet. mean while we had senator rubio holding a big rally at the university of central arkansas. the super tuesday hours away.
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we have all the candidates spread out pretty much over the dozen states up for grabs tomorrow on super tuesday. and you can imagine they'll be piling on the frequent flier miles and the no dose pills to get them through the grind. carl cameron is in san antonio. >> reporter: ted cruz needs to and wants to and expects to win his home state of texas, and we're hear in san antonio, remember the alamo. recognizes this is one he absolutely has to win. all the candidates have home states and all of them know if they lose their home state is an embarrassment that could cripple their candidates. mr. cruz won the iowa caucuses but has won since and is going are donald trump saying she is not conservative and is make up stories about refusing to release tax returns. he was involved in the mafia and maybe that's what he is trying conceal. a steady barrage of cruz
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criticism and donald trump is still leading the polls in states voting tomorrow. but cruzs look took do well in texas and also looking at oklahoma and arkansas. told me those were two states he thought he could compete in aggressively. as for marco rubio, he has been focusing on virginia and suggesting through his aides on the campaign that regardless of what happens tomorrow, regardless of what happens on march 15th when florida has a winner take all primary, that the rubio campaign is prepared to go to the convention. this is some of the republican establish. has been talking about for months. what if donald trump can't be stopped. marco rubio is suggesting he'll go to the convention and contest the thank you. thank you. thank you. nomination and play for it itself and for trump it's a huge night. he is expecting lots of big victories and has been increasingly bold about predicting them. >> carl cameron, thank you very much. let's put this in perspective. you're hearing about the nontrump candidates have to win
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their home state. that would be marco rubio on the 15th, winner take all florida. that would certainly be governor john kashich in ohio. with the states up for grabs there on the winner take all, 66, and tomorrow, for mr. cruz, in texas. 155 delegates at stake there and a proforce nat not winner take all state -- proportional. they agree they win at home or go home no less than john kashich telling me just that. >> i have to win ohio. are you kidding? of course i do. >> so that's -- that's a winner take all state. 66 delegates. that could change the imagine mightily. but you're saying if you don't win it, pack up? >> oh, yeah, pack up of we don't win in ohio, that's for sure. >> so you know the drill. ted cruz knows the drill. speaking of san antonio where we just heard from carl cameron. he has to get that w there. the question is, does it have to
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be a big win? he probably would just be happy with a win at all. 155 states going to be apportioned out here based on the size of the victory and each candidate claim they're in. we should explain it is possible that if he wins his state, he might not win as many delegates as, let's say, for example, most people would think with 155 delegates at stake, the ware they par self -- parceled out, he and donald trump could split them. no way to know for sure. just that if you're senator ted cruz you want to leave your home state with a victory. lee carter has been looking into this in all these states. i fess for all of them, witch at home, win at home, win at home. >> they have to win at home. i don't think anyone besides kashich will go home if they don't win. i think rubio is in for the long haul and cruz is likely going to win. win by enough for it to be significant? i don't think so. right now we're looking at polls and it's closing in. still about nine points ahead if
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you look at the collective of the polls but that's not enough because it's a proportional state. if he doesn't get 50% of the votes he doesn't get all the votes so could leave texas having equal delegate counts with trump and himself and if rubio bractless 20% threshold -- breaks the 230% threshold, which he could, they would have equal number of delegates. >> another one of my crackpot theories is the narrative tomorrow night could be ted cruz. let's say if marco rubio doesn't win in the state, even if he places well, cruz wins his state, cruz will say, look at me, i've won two states, texas, biggie, and iowa, an important kickoff, and marco rubio has yet to win one, put are further pressure on rubio when it comps to florida. >> absolutely. i think that there's a very good chance that rubio could come out of this without winning a single state. now, i don't think that any indication is that he thinks he should still go home. and part of that is because on super tuesday they have this
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proportional issue. so he feels like he can stay in the game long fluff to -- >> what would that momentum be, then? let's say 595 delegates at stake tomorrow. the rule of thumb seems to be at least from smart folks like you, is that donald trump stands to get about 300 to 350 of them, and the rest portioned out to the others. that would widen the delegate lead and then get to winner take all states in a couple of weeks. >> it would be big and really lard to break the momentum. in fact i see very little way he could break the momentum. i think there's a lot of strategies they're deploying right now that are different than we have seen before. i think rubio is trying too take trump out at the knees. a lot of stories coming out today about immigration, all bets are off right now. all focus on trying to take down trump and their hope is that's can do that by march 15th in time for the other winner take all states for them to make up
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ground. cruz and rubio have similar strategies and it's going to be hard for them to come ahead. if they have just one, not the other, we could have a real race and see trump would have a race on his hands, but there's no sign, no indication, from either rubio or from cruz right now they're going to drop out. >> they do have the money, and the money still keeps coming in, as it does for ben carson. >> they sure do. >> thank you. any of you remember hobby lobby, the company that went to supreme court to argue the fact that obamacare can't force contraceptives on workers and got a carveout and won in the supreme court. enough its ceo ills not a political beast and shied away from controversy but in an exclusive chat with me, guess who he set his guns at? donald trump. and guess what he had to say about mr. trump? that he would sooner opt out and not vote for anyone than accept
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trump as his nominee. guess who his choice is? we'll tell you after this.
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hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. do you remember the incident this weekend where donald trump was spraying the water bottles to make a reference to the sweater, little marco rubio. i don't know that was the
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defining moment for hobby lobby founder but it was over the weekend that the man behind the supreme court fight that he won to protest to order contraceptives and that sort of thing for his workers that drew the line. that is when he said enough is enough. donald trump, you are not for me. marco rubio is. telling me exclusive on fox business a couple hours ago exactly why. >> the last thing we need is an individual that leads us by a scorch earth attitude and no matter what it takes get ahead. i cannot for the like of me understand why the faith world would come alongside someone that completely is different than what we would like our children to be and what they will be. if we elect someone that wins at no matter what the cost, regardless of the decency and the last thing we need in this country today. >> but i know you're deeply religious man yourself. argued to the supreme court for
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those views, and strong, deeply felt views. but jesus also argued for turning the other cheek. marco rubio is not doing that. he is also talking about his opponent's fake tan, also talking about his little hands, you heard all of that. is that appropriate? do you think you have put your money on the wrong guy now? >> no, i don't. i think it exactly proves my point itch don't think this who is marco rubio is. he didn't start this way. but it's exactly what all of us can do at some point when we -- >> still doing it, david. to your point, he is fighting fire with fire. and it might help him in the polls. might not. it's hard to say. what do you think? >> i think he's a decent person and before this race he has been proven as a decent person and i think it's coming back in a way that it's not him. it is not who marco rubio is. >> you think it's a mistake what
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he is doing? >> can think it's a mistake and prove mist point. we will all be doing this because a leader -- why do we follow a lead center because he leads and is ahead. head of a company, head of the country. we don't want a head of the country that leads us in a way -- to act in a way we shouldn't act. whether we're christian or not, whether we're person of faith or not, we don't want our children to emulate a person that would win the way he is winning, calling people names, everybody is stupid. that is not who we want our country to be and that's who we're following. >> if he were the nominee would you support him over, let's say, hillary clinton? >> under no circumstance could i vote for someone that i feel like can do much, much damage to this country, to the extent of maybe even students following him and talking about -- an
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enemy which god created them and he is really criticizing god when he creeds someone's anatomy and i cannot under any circumstance, when i know that could cause other people to do it, because he is the leader. why not follow the leader and i could see as much as suicide happening just because of the way he does -- >> just to be clear, david, is hillary clinton versus donald trump, you would vote for hillary clinton. >> i don't believe i could vote. >> wow. >> i would have to stand aside. i'm afraid i would have to. >> we hear many on the religious right feel this way, not to typecast you, sir, but there are others 0 who are also considered deeply evangelical for want of a better term. senator sessions, for example, who recently decided to back donald trump because he says evangelical voters as well, to paraphrase, want to get things done, even if the process and the language and the tone can be
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a little in your face, little crews. it's about getting -- a little crude. it's about getting things done. what do you think of that? >> i think to do things under any circumstance to get things done, is not a godly thing to do and i think you're going to just wreck this company and put is deeper in debt in terms of debt in terms of who we are, the society we're in, our culture, our culture is going downhill. this will only take us further. i apologize and i don't have to apologize, and i shouldn't, but i prayed for those religious leaders that have -- are blinded to the fact of an individual they're supporting that is totally without decency in terms of the way that he gets ahead in life. it is not the way we would want our children. we need to ask ourselves, is this the way our children want to get ahead? and how we want other businessmen get ahead? is the way that donald trump gets ahead, by no matter what it takes?
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he's going to get ahead. i don't want things doesn't -- i don't want a loose cannon to take care of the problems we have. we're all angry at where we have been. but to do something because we think someone's made a billion dollars, we've made billions of dollars but that doesn't make us have the ability to run this country. >> interesting view. you are worth five or six billion. >> that is very conservative but that doesn't make any difference what number. that should not have anything to do with who runs this country. >> would you apply that same standard to any businessman or woman who wents to run and mike bloomberg's name comes up, for example. >> i have to look for character, and the freedoms that we do or don't have in the future. >> so, the argument trump has made, i'm sure that michael bloomberg would make if he has a third-party run, when you're
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that rich, no one can buy you, no one can buy influence with you and there's that advantage. what do you make of that arguement? >> hopefully none of us that is going to run for office cannot be bought. hopefully we have people that -- of integrity that is going to make the decisions that are right. >> we learned the hard way in some cases, hopefully to your point, rare cases, people can be bought, they can be influenced, they can be be her to the education lobby. hillary clinton will be very loyal to that lobby, some say the same about the oil lobby will be a republican candidate would be very loyal to that lobby. i guess what i'm saying, is there a danger to that, period? >> i don't think there's ever a danger for us to follow god's word and that's what we should do, and until the time we do we will not see our country turn around. >> finally, sir -- i know you're pressed for time -- the president wants to name a replacement for justice antonin
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scalia and plans to do so but republicans want to wait until of the election, deny this president with 11 months or so left in office, that right. what do you think of that? is that good move, bad move? risky move? >> the president should do what he should do and he should appoint someone. the congress should then do what they should do and either decide or not decide whether that person should come into -- become our supreme court justice. >> is that david green's way of saying, hold confirmation hearings and you're free to reject the nominee? >> i think they should both do what they have been elected to do and should listen to whatever it is, then they also should make sure that we have a justice that would follow the -- our constitution. >> david, finally -- >> and keep us with our freedoms. >> i apologize. i keep apologizing. david, finally, if donald trump
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becomes president, if he wins the nomination and becomes president, he has a 30-point gap with hillary clinton to as little as a few points. what is it you fear so much? what do you think will happen? >> i fear that we are going to have a country that follows his lead. it happens. i i've been in business for many, many years and i always see people following the leader, and i'm fearful they will follow his lead of how he gets ahead and how he gets things done. he gets things done that is totally, totally unchrist-like. >> keep in mind that's his opinion, david green of hobby lobby. we reached out to donald j. trump and his folks to get a answer to that. hope spring asternal it will. that what's do here. we get a view from the candidate. meantime, bernie sanders, for all the so-called troubles in south carolina this weekend, where he was swamped better than
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three to one. if you think he is having trouble raising money, let's just say, think again.
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s. it's a super tuesday for democrats as well and ahead of that where does this momentum stand with hillary clinton after a big win in south carolina. a lot depends on some things that are coming down the pike, or maybe not coming down the pike. that is something that has come -- like e-mails and all of that stuff with hillary clinton. big exclusive, and i mean big, because no one from the attorney
1:25 pm
what is most important is to follow the facts, follow law, and come to an incomes conclusion. >> would you ever have a private server? >> pregnant pause there touché, bret. an hour and a half from now on bret baierser fine show. quite a coup there. i have a feeling it's going to be big. in the meantime i have a feeling that bernie sanders' problems
1:26 pm
hillary clinton is going to have at a short time at george mason university. she wants to cut into sanders support. virginia a super tuesday state. one of many super tuesday states in which she is leading big-time against sanders. remember the blowout victory in south carolina. a lot of delegates at stake for democrats tomorrow on super tuesday, all around the country and a little earlier today, massachusetts, one of those super tuesday statessers clinton came up with a slam on both sanders and republican donald trump. watch. >> i do have a difference with my esteemed opponent who wants free college for everybody. first of that makes it really
1:27 pm
hard to control costs. have to have some cost control in there because it's going up way too much. but i also will tell you, i am not going to ask you to pay taxes to send donald trump roz's youngest kid free to college. >> there are two reasons why bernie sanders is likely to stick around in this race for a long time. the money you mentioned. that's fuel to stay in this race. the other part is democrats decide delegates proportinally so even in south carolina last weekend, bernie sanders got more than a dozen delegates even though he lost by 50 points. even if he loses almost all or all of the states tomorrow he will walk away with delegates but the broader opinion hillary clinton is going to image closer and closer to securing the delegates to win the domination if she racks up a lot of victories tomorrow. >> thank you very much. i do want to get to marco rubio, responding to some jabs earlier in day from donald trump. let's peek into this a bit.
1:28 pm
>> going to build a wall and be tough on mexico, but he doesn't tell you that he hires illegal immigrants to work on trump towers. doesn't tell you about he gave an interview to "the new york times." met with their editorial board and told them what he really believes about immigration, some sounds like what he said is different than what he is telling you but it was off the record. donald trump can fix that today. he should ask the "new york times" to release the audio of his interview with him so we can see exactly what it is he truly believes about this issue. he has made the cornerstone of his campaign. >> sounds familiar. we were with ted cruz when hey made remarks on this same use before the honesty and how frank donald trump really is when it comes to these back and forth on big issues. that fuels an argument among many in the run -- republican
1:29 pm
party that they're setting their sights on donald trump. i think we still have time for him. jason russell, what he makes more of the democratic back and forth before we get to this rip -- republican stuff of but bernie sanders is not about winning outright tomorrow but picking up enough states to slow the momentum or at least delegates, to slow the momentum hillary clinton enjoys, particularly with the super delegates. >> exactly. he needs to show he can win outside in new england and have appeal across the country tomorrow. right now it looks like the only states he could probably win are vermont, his home state, and massachusetts, he might have a chance at oklahoma but outside of that he is down by double digits in every single state in super tuesday. he's not going to win those states but at least if he can win resoundingly in those three states i mentioned he can show his a viable candidate sort of.
1:30 pm
>> affects some core base of support he enjoys, young people, and the money he raises, he likes to remind people, 27 bucks at a time. which is a remarkable attainment here, but i'm wondering, is that enough to slow hillary clinton's march to that magic number or does she get to philadelphia just shy of that? a couple hundred delegates shy of that? the role of the super delegates, i imagine, becomes all the more important. >> i don't think that's enough just the money alone. he has been raising more money than hillary clinton for a good portion of his campaign, but still hasn't been enough for him to do better than her in the polls and three out of four states that voted so far. so he has to change his message, and he has to show that he is going to appeal to voters outside of younger voters as well. keep in mind a lot of these college students are about to go on spring break for part of march, so it's going to be more difficult for him to turn out the votes. >> a lot depends on what down the road the justice department does regarding the e-mails, if
1:31 pm
anything, much depends on the recommendation from the fbi, since comey's office, even itch it were to recommend legal action, justice would vote yay or nay on that elm might get a lint of tom from the interview with attorney general loretta lynch but that is a wild card in all of this. >> absolutely, if hillary clinton was indicted it would make her electability a bilge question in this campaign, and it would give a lot more credibility to these claims she is corrupt, to democratic voters. they still view her very favorably, very high opinion of her, it if even the pretty objective justice department is saying that she has enough evidence there for indictment, it's going to put her in trouble. >> jason russell, thank you very much. well two of the three candidates have now at least on the republican side, the primary ones, released their tax forms but only the first two pages. why that might be very good news for donald trump if all he had
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>> is there any coring correlation when crowd these guys are ago and the votes they might be getting tomorrow? hard to say, this much is not. the full pear time on donald trump, after this. get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious
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look, people have a right to know if there's a problem in those taxes before they decide who -- >> what kind of problem wouldow envision, the low rate he is paying or the fact he doesn't give as much to charity or veterans groups or whatever? >> you have gone through a good list there. one we could find he doesn't have anywhere near as much income as we might think he would have with a $10 billion net worth or doesn't pay any tacks or very low taxes. >> you're think he is worth significantly less -- >> i don't know. i'm just saying, the fact that
1:37 pm
he is so aggressionsive in avoiding -- aggressive in avoiding any discussion of his taxes and is not willing to put them out so far, suggests that there's something in there he doesn't want us to see. >> all right. well, we don't know, do we? we know this, mark marco rubio and ted crews have released tax forms some going back a few years but only the first two pages. i if you're leaking for details, you're not going to find it there. which could be a good thing if you're donald trump. in other words you get the headlines but not the nitty-gritty. tax attorney robert wood still says that donald trump shouldn't do it regardless. why not? >> well, you had a good point, that the first two pages that were released by mr. rubio and senator cruz, the two senators, didn't tell us very much, and so you're right that mr. trump
1:38 pm
could release just basic details but they're still not going to -- still going to have some of the problems that apartly he's worry ped about and that its if he is under audit, the irs said, and they're right, he is not prohibited from releasing them, but he is not under any legal requirement to release anything. and i think most tax advisers think that if he is under audit, as he says, they're releasing tax returns would be a mistake elm that's not a political issue. it's tax issue. >> got you. the irs would take offense at you releasing this before they got a chance to look at it. right? >> i don't think they care. >> okay. >> i assume that if there is an audit every year, as he has said -- there's some speculation whether that's possible, is it true -- it is unusual to have 12 years in a row. it's not impossible. it's also, i think in the course of an audit, very common to have many years open, typically
1:39 pm
three, i suppose, would be the most normal, but in business enterprises, sometimes five and six years can be open at one time. >> you know, when you talk about dash lot of people say he's not worth as much as people think. that would not come through on a form, right? the income you generated through whether it's salary or royalties or what have you, but there would be no way for you to figure out how much a person is worth based on that return. right? especially a two-page one. >> yes. that's right. bear in mind that -- i think mr. trump has distanced himself from the tax forms in a sense, comment or tweeting issue think, he his federal election commission forms are complete and tax returns going to show anything about his actual income, which is probably overstated but it is true that if he has highly appreciating and appreciated assets, if he hasn't sold them, then they're not going to show up as tax or
1:40 pm
as gain. so if he buys something for a million dollars that's right worth $100 million, after a few years that's unappreciated gain and not taxable. >> when it comes to capital gains and dividendses and taxed at lower rate, and as mitt romney found out and mike huckabee found out. when you release such forms people go through that with a fine toothed comb and you're not rewarded for your transparency. >> no, clearly not in terms of any existing audit, again, the tax commentators are uniform in saying that from a tax viewpoint, as opposed to plate cal viewpoint, trump shouldn't release anything. but in politics, obviously, many rules are being broken now. and mr. trump is kind of the uncandidate, and he seems to get away with and it could probably say to people i'm not going release anything, that's that, and unlike mr. romney, mr. trump could probably get away with it. >> and donald trump embraced this as well.
1:41 pm
he could argue that mitt romney had a problem with that. we'll see where this goes. robert wood, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> well, when we saw them traveling around the country together well-started asking ourselves, this trump-christie thing, are we looking at the next ticket? and is it the ticket? hey mom. yeah? we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage with your phone and upload them to allstate. really? so you get a quicker estimate, quicker payment, quicker back to normal. i just did it. but maybe you can find an app that will help you explain this to your father. quickfoto claims. just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good.
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when we saw them get off the trump plane yesterday, is this the next republican presidential ticket when chris christie decided to endorse the guy he was ripping a little more than a few weeks earlier? donald trump. and to go through time, and interviews i've had with the new jersey governor multiple times, let's just say on this subject of being somewhat number two, his view has evolved.
1:45 pm
>> another thing that came up, he'd make a heck of a running mate. >> if you're anybody around who thinks i could be number two to anybody? i mean, be kind of hard. i have my own views, tough to be number two to anybody. >> if it came to looking at running mates, you be one he would look at. he thinks you would be an attractive candidate. are you on the same page? >> i think at lot of donald. we have been friends for a long time. don't think his stills are best suited for the presidency. >> as a running plate for somebody you could be the goo to be that attack dog. what you think? >> certainly could be without be but -- because i'll be the one picking a running mate. >> wouldn't rule out if it -- >> mitt romney would consider me in the last time ump you don't run vice-president.
1:46 pm
>> would you be open to it? >> i would be open to any way of serving my country but that's not what i'm here about. >> matt, from the austin globe, very smart guy. matt, what do you think of that. no one ever runs for vice-president about if you don't get the big job, it's not an awful consolation. what do you think of christie interests in that? >> it's a possible. amazing that footage that comes back to haunt people at times like this. i think that christie is a very canny politician. he is up -- his last term as governor, sort of looking at his own future now and seemed to hitch his star to the best option left to him, with donald trump, and being a running mate, i think, being the attack dog, i think christie would be effective at that. >> the traditional role of a running mate in the past. when i raised this issue with a
1:47 pm
flub of powers that be in the republican party, a predecessor comes to mind, she was not impressed. >> i'm disappointed. i was very disappointed and surprised. i wasn't surprised, but given all that he had said about donald trump on the campaign trail, and those were things which i agreed. it was big turn-around for him. i presume there's something in for the future or he has gotten some kind of agreement from donald trump. >> what do you make of that there was a deal made here? >> it was a huge turn-around for him and came at a moment of utmost need for trump. when rubio was effective in that debate. so you have to think there was some discussion, we do know that chris christie and his wife went and met with trump and his wife at trump towers. there was a meeting there. you have to imagine that the future of chris christie had to
1:48 pm
have been broached at the meet and can trump was in need and christie was there for him. so you have to think there was some resip proindication later on, whether as -- resip proindication, whether vice-president or attorney general, what that job might entail we have to wait and see. >> obviously chris christie is having a devil of a time in new jersey north his open fault but clouds on the economic horizon, the downgrading. so he might not be as effective of running mate if it came to that as a john kashich in ohio. that might offer balance and mighty up a crucial state. >> you also have two people from blue states in donald j. donaldd chris christie. trump if he gets the nomination needs to unites the party. going to be a very difficult thing for him to do. >> i think sometimes he says, the hell with that. he needs a politician but i
1:49 pm
don't think he wants one from washington. i could be reading between the lines. christie would give him cover, another governor would give him cover -- >> i think a governor is a good cover. i think the governor being a good cover but to get conservatives in the party, christie has a little bit of cache but not that much. so i think that trump may look for somebody who can broaden his reach within the party, make that convention into a uniting thing instead of a divisive sort of moment for the party. >> it is a tough sell. among some. the head you hoppy -- hobby lobby. well, we have a lot going on with super tuesday, right and but there's something you might have missed. something right before your eyes. after this.
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fox news is doing coverage tomorrow. did you know that? >> you certainly want to dvr that puppy. in the meantime, we have ted cruz. we have donald trump, governor christie, marco rubio. so many pairings, so little time on what they're all up to. casey? >> reporter: we break it all gown for you in this final push before super tuesday. all of the candidates are bringing out their big guns. their big endorsements. these are politicians that carry a lot of clout and weight. this morning, it was former texas governor rick perry, and current texas governor greg abbott alongside ted cruz at a campaign rally in dallas. perry telling the crowd of supporters that cruz uses two checklists every day. the bible and the constitution. in georgia, marco rubio getting
1:55 pm
some help today from nikki haley and rubio had lost his voice somewhat, so haley doing most of the talking to voters there. still rubio managed to get in a few attacks on donald trump saying that the businessman is "conning republican voters." mr. trump saying at a rally today in virginia, rubio is a choke artist and continuing with that narrative that rubio does not have what it takes to become president. chris christie outstumping with trump over the weekend trump and christie appearing together at a series of campaign rallies in key super tuesday states. with that, all eyes are on texas tomorrow. with 155 gop delegates up for grabs in this state. all of the polls primarily all of them show senator ted cruz
1:56 pm
with a home field advantage. winning the state of texas. there are at least two polls that show he and donald trump in a virtual tie for first. an interesting day as voters head to the polls in texas tomorrow. neil? >> thank you very much. more including who has the most on the line tomorrow. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video." oh! this is so good. if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis. just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. [ laugh ]
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1:59 pm
i'm so excited to hear his whole commentary on this situation. >> it's moving to see someone who works so hard and has so much talent work hard like this. >> i think he's going to tell some truths. >> i'm always thrilled when i can see him live. >> well done, you handsome man, well done. >> you're embarrassing me ladies, it's what i do.
2:00 pm
they're talking about fox tuesday's super duper coverage. it is awesome. as it happens when it happens, 6:00 p.m., with the movers and shakers, charles paine, lou dobbs, through the night, however long it takes. we mean business. but other business networks are an infomercial, so -- >> hello, everyone and happy super tuesday eve. it's 5:00 in new york city and this right here is the five. the gop candidates are spread out across the country today and the last hour push before the biggest day of this primary season yet. marco rubio and ted cruz are fighting hard to stop donald trump in the polls. a new national survey shows trump with a gigantic lead, 49% with rubio trailing at 16%. ted cruz came


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