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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  March 6, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> i am chris wallace. with donald trump headed to the nomination is the republican party in danger of tearing itself apart? we will ask rush limbaugh and mitt romney. >> we have no idea what donald trump is aextraing crowds, they have no idea why his crowd is loyal? >> conservative radio talk show host rush limbaugh in a rare television interview, a fox news sunday exclusive. >> then, mitt romney joins the never trump movement and donald trump fires back. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud, the promises are as workless as a degree from trump university. >> he was a failed candidate and should have beaten president obama easy.
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>> we will talk with the last republican presidential nominee about his unprecedented attack on the frontrunner. >> plus, the feds grant immunity to a federal state department staff are responsible for setting up hillary clinton's private e-mail server. we will ask our sunday panel if that is now the biggest threat to hillary clinton's nomination. all right now. open fox news. >> hello, again, from fox news in washington. we begin with late breaking election results. republicans want to the polls in four states open saturday. it was a split decision between donald trump and ted cruz. trump posted a win in louisiana with 41% and took tongue tuck with 36% but cruz posted a decisive win in kansas with 48% and in maine with 46% the overall count has trump with 378
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delegates and cruz with 295 and rubio at 123 and kasich with 34. 1,20037 are needed to win the nomination. we will have the d results later. the big story this week is the open warfare inside the republican party. in a few minutes we will talk with former governor mitt romney who launch add blistering attack against trump but, first, the king of conservative top radio, rush limbaugh joins from his studio in florida. rush, welcome back to fox news sunday. >> chris, thank you, great to be here. i want to let everyone know, folks he may have to interrupt me because why speak in 10-1 minute segments so do not get mad if he has to interrupt me to keep hill on the track he wants to stay on. how is that? >> a dispensation from the pope. >> i will do my best. >> brevity is the soul of wit. >> first, mitt romney's speech
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where he basically joined the anybody but trump movement and you say that is going to back fire with trip supporters in other voters who will see it as the establishment try to tell them what to do with mitt romney listening slain what he is missing. >> it is all that and more but, it is not unprecedented. his dad did much the same thing against barry goldwater with republican stabment guys bang in 1964. the establishment, this is not new, the establishment is not wanting outsiders or conservatives is not anything new. now, chris, very briefly, there is something remarkable happening here that no one is talking about but skirting the issue. the republican party has told us they cannot win with just republican votes. that is why they support am middle east and why they support the democrat on many issues to get his magazines or other minorities. guess who is doing it?
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donald trump is deeing it. donald trump is put together a coalition whether he knows it or not or whether he intended, he put together a coalition that is exactly what the republican party say it needs to win. though trying to get trump out of race. they not in charge of it. they are not in control. it is the most amazing thing to watch this happen. governor romney comes along and tries to talk people out of trump and it will not work. can you not talk his supporters out of supporting him. the only go that can do that is trump himself. >> we will talk about that. there is a lost commentary and some coming from conservatives who say the republican party is if danger of tearing itself apart. we have soon splits, many times before over political philosophy but this is not what is happening this time. this is the establishment, the elite of the party, versus the grass root states. >> exactly.
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it isn't anything new they were this way with ronald reagan. before reagan was elected. they tried to deny reagan in 1976 and in unanimous 80. when i hear governor romney in the speech talk how the republican party must stand for legitimate conservative values, they don't. that is why they have the problem they have. they are not conservative. they are run by their go nors. you look at the primaries and they don't like ted cruz, either, and maybe they dislike ted cruz more than trump but cruz and trip are the only guys that have won. the establishment candidate in this race cannot get noticed. the republican primary voters whether close primaries -- closed primaries or open or voting for anyone but candidates attached to the establishment. >> you think ted cruz is the real conservative in the race. we will discuss him in a moment but, first, donald trump.
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how would you feel talking about him bringing in new people how would you feel if he is the republican nominee for president >> well...i would not, much way when anyone is elected, you daily with what you end up getting. i am not under any allusion i have any ultimate say so i am like anyone else in media i have my opinion and i am not afraid. you do not win everything. you have to take what you get. as far as trump this is a bigger upside. a lot of people disagree with me on this. the people who want someone not of washington, it is serious this time. it is a disconnect between the republican party establishment and the democrat establishment. and the people of the country. it is longer, producter, wider. the people in the establishment have been telling us they fix
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everything and everything they tray to fix, they much with. tarp, the recession and the stimulus bill, college education new is an impediment because of the costs. a college education is if longer a step up. the american people have worn out their patience being told by so-called "boaters," -- by the . they would rather invest in themselves than to listen to washington who does not have a record of fixing. >> rub had a tough night, cruz won two and donald trump won two and donald trump called on rubio to drop out and make it a two man race. you live in florida is marco rubio finished? >> i don't see where he is getting traction anywhere. what is harming him?
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when rubio won a tea party darling and a tea participate favorite, what happened? gang of eight. the perception he want to washington and threw in with the "establishment." he cannot recover from that. has not been able to recover in that. he is seen as the candidate, the republican party and the donors, to glom on, jeb bush, look, he stated in december of 2014 he who wins this primary by not winning it, without winning base voters. they made it clear they are embarrassed of base. marco rubio is attached to the establish president. i don't see his future in this cycle. >> you have not endorsed a candidate but you talk fairly about ted cruz and the other day you said he is the close of the we will come to ronald reagan in our lifetime. i did not know ronald reagan as
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with as you but i covered him for eight years as president and i have to say i felt that reagan was more inclusive than cruz, more about try to soft were the edges to get more people inside the tent. >> i don't think that is strategic. you are talking about personalities. i said this on the air the other day senator cruz strategy is there are 4.5 million or 5 million republicans that did not vote in 2012, because they did not like the nominee, not conservative enough or religious components who knows but senator ted cruz things if he gets the voters and everyone else votes the same way though did in 2012 they can win so he tailored the message for a specific conservative evangelical. it is limited the appeal. he can appeal to everyone the debate you guys did the other night, i don't mean this to be insulting but i am telling you
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what i thought he was in a different league on a different planet. you got the sun stance from cruz. the or guys are dough what they were doing and trump said, yes, i agree with ted. he is in a different league. he understands conservatism because he is. he is a nice guy he is a likable guy. not crazy. not nasty and not a liar, he is down the middle gay. anyone can trust him. he has plenty of integrity. he is who he is. he is conservative. he does want to get government out of people's hicks. >> looking down line, there is a lot of talk among the "stop trump moment," of a brokered convention. what is the chance? if they go in the convention and trump does not have the majority
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but he has more delegate than anyone else what happens if establishment keeps him from getting the nomination? >> you keep a sharp eye because who uns the convention? the establishment. the republican party, they run it. i looked at the rhymes the other day, rule 40 determines everything you asked me about, if trump does not get 1,237 the delegates are pledged to him whether they want to vote or not in the first ballot and then it is wide open. this is at least as of 2012 candidates in order to be considered at an open convention have to is gotten a majority of delegates in eight states. they can change that rule any time, when they want, the meeting is remaining up prior to the convention and they can do, i predict if they cannot stop trump in the primary process they will make an effort to stop him at the convention.
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governor romney has stated that. if that happens there is a walk up and utter chaos. it will typify exactly what has happened to the republican party and the base. >> here is the question i often from folks i run and, how does the story end? >> it ends with everything working out. it will end with a nominee. i think when we get down to the summer and it comes together and the pressure and intensity now is taken care of we will have a nominee and whoever it is, support for the nominee, too, and we will move failure because at the end of all of this, everyone is going to realize it is the democrat party that is the most destructive force in this country not one of republicans and they have to be stopped in this election if this country is to be restored to its
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founding principled and the ideals a majority of americans associate with this country were the democrats have to be stepped. that is going to be what everyone -- brings everyone back to sobriety. >> so you think a lot of what they are talking about is overblown? >> i am rarely wrong, but i could be. i think the rallyization that hillary clinton and the democratic party pose the greatest threat to our future, chip, grandchildren, will bring everyone back to reality. republican party could be forever reconstituted and changed and that may not be bad, either. this is real. this is not a phase. it is not a tall per tantrum. the average american who mes this country works and thinks republican party is actually
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oriented against its interests and does not understand or believe the crisis they think the country is in. the party will not be healed by any of this but clearer heads will prevail and the correct enemy will be identified. political enemy will be identified and efforts will come together to defeat whoever it is they throw out. >> always good to talk to you, i don't think i entrepreneured you a system time i have to applaud both of us for that. >> mitt romney open split in the republican part his attack on donald trump and what do you think of romney's speech and the would expect of a brokered would expect of a brokered convention? at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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>> a look identified the beltway at detroit the site of tomorrow's townhall with hillary clinton and bernie sanders ahead of the michigan primary on tuesday. this week, the last republican nominee, mitt romney, launch add brutal attack on the frontrunner, donald trump. he joins me now from san diego. governor, welcome back. >> thanks, chris. >> in the interests of equal time you heard that rush limbaugh had a lot to say about you. what do you want did say back? >> well i enjoy listening to rush rush i often agree and sometimes i disagree but we can all agree it is a very important election and we do not want to
3:19 pm
see hillary clinton become the president of the united states and the great majority of republicans, mainstream republicans from across the country do not want to sea donald trump as president of the united states. they are concerned they would see a recession and they are concerned we would see a more dangerous world. >> here is the criticism i heard from some people and that would include rush limbaugh. you certainly have a right, the first amendment is there to criticize donald trump. some people say your speech was "condescending and undemocratic," in the science that you are saying foes wore voting for donald trump do not know what they are doing. >> folks need to understand the background of donald trump. i find from time to time i talk to people about the campaign. they say i did not know donald trump gave a bunch of money to jimmy carter and hillary clinton and harry reid and john kerry and they hear that he is an
3:20 pm
extraordinary success but they did future know about trump airlines and trump mortgages and the vitamin network and did not realize a lot of the small people have been crushed by donald trump's rise to become a very wealthy man, successful financially, but there is a guy who has not been a uniform success as they learn about him they say, i want to make sure i look at the other guys in race. all the argument which we heard from rub, the establishment trying to maintain control and push back a guy they could not control? >> you cannot control ted cruz, for instance, and no one is suggesting you can do that and marco rubio everyone tried to stop marco rubio from going against a sitting republican governor in florida and he did it. and won. establishment suggests there must be a wizard of oz pulling the strings. they are individuals like
3:21 pm
myself. i decided someone had to say something. i did not say i would do a speech or talk to anyone i difficulty on my own because i care deeply about the country. i love america and am conditioned. i believe the heart and solve conservatives and republicans recognize the principled that donald trump is talking about having if to do with conservative or keeping america strong. >> do you see any connection between your speech and the fact trump who was expected to win all four contests yesterdayened up losing two of them to ted cruz? >> it was a big night for ted cruz. that is overwhelmingly because people are taking a commerce lack at donald trump and the best look watt the last debate. ted cruz and marco rubio prosecuted their case effective ly. donald does not have from answers. they talk about information and release the tapes from "new york times" we talk about flexibility
3:22 pm
on immigration. flexibility? that is clearly saying what he said to the "new york times" is very different from what he is saying to the american people. he is not the real deal. he is a phony. he talks how he will not be controlled by the money. do people understand that he is not giving money to his campaign? he is loaning it because he expected to get money back from the big donors? he is running a general election based upon raising money from the very people. he is not the real deal. ted cruz and marco rubio made that clear. that is why you saw what happened last night. >> you took down donald trump hard this week but you had a different view of him four years ago when he endorsed you. >> had are some things you cannot imagine happening in director life and this is one of them being in donald trump's magazine miff sent hotel and having his endorsement and a
3:23 pm
delight he has shown an extraordinary ability to show how our economy works and create jobs. >> what changed? >> let me tell you, if you look at past, this guy was very successful, and made a lot of hundred for himself but at the same time take a look at how many small people he crush loan the way and how many failures he had. we could talk about the past at great length and a lost opinion endorseed me would i would not endorse and donald trump is one, i do not want to see as president of the united states and there is a long list those, 61 million people voted for me and corner think all 61 million people ought to be president of united states. >> you were talking about his extraordinary ability to create jobs and understanding of the economy and it is not like everything that donald trump you believe he did wrong happened in the last four areas. a last business failures happened before 2012 and before
3:24 pm
2012 he was making the birther argument that president obama needed to she his birth certificate because he was not born in the up. were you part of the reason he is where he is now? >> let's talk about what hasn't happened or did future happen and what happened during the campaign. calling george w. bush a liar. cozying up to vladimir putin and saying he is a strong leader. and popular with his people. tag about all muslims as if they are one group. this is a person would considered mexican immigrants rapists and the policy positions, one after the other positions that are inappropriate. he doesn't want to balance the budget but $10 trillion of additional debt this is a guy who does not represent what is right for the future of the republican party. >> if your speech this week you suggested the other three
3:25 pm
candidates should work together to stop trump for kasich in ohio, and vote for marco rubio in florida, a stop trump, but it is not welcoming. kasich rejected it in the debate cruz is actively campaigning against marco rubio in florida even if trump wins to drive marco rubio out. are they paying a mistake? >> they each run their campaign in the way they think it is most appropriate for them and likely to lead to them being the nominee. i will not tell them how to run the campaign. people in ohio will likely get behind kasich and if i was a resident that is who i would vote for. in florida people look at marco rubio and are impressed with what he has done and they will get behind him of the i think he will win in florida. we will see one of the three and right now it looks like ted cruz
3:26 pm
will. emergency as strong of the but it could change. we have seen a lost surprises. i will endorse one of the three before the convention and i am hopeful i will do everything in my power to make sure one is our nominee. >> there is speculation when you call for contested convention you are opening the door for a suspect aereo where the party would end up turning to you. here is how you answered that we. >> there are no circumstances i can for see where that would possibly happen but let me say something else, no reasonable scenario >> just slam the door. i will not --. >> i am not running for president. and i won't. >> this is the kind of thing the question i will ask, why people hate reporters, you say you will fat run for president but you did not rule out a draft. here is an opportunity. >> oh my gosh. chris, it is ridiculous, i am
3:27 pm
ought going there you have three people i would like to see as the nominee, i will endorse one, i will campaign with one, i an not running for president, i am not planning on running and this is what it is about. four people of running, and one will be our nominee. >> as general george sherman said if nominated i will not run, if elected i will not senator. >> in my opinion that is absurd. no republican should say that. that makes absolutely no since for someone to say if they were drafted by their country they would say no, i can say i am not running for president, i will not run, i will support one of these four, and i am supporting three of them right now and that noon we are get one those people as our nominee. >> you realize by saying what you just said people will say, well, he opened the door to draft. >> you know how absurd that is. we have four very strong people running and they will be our
3:28 pm
nominee. 100% certainty of that in my view. >> despite saying they all thought he was unqualified to be president all three candidates on the stage on thursday said if trump is the nominee they will support him. you say you won. do you think it is a mistake to say they will support him if the nominee. what are your plans, then, a third party candidacy? >> the guys would asked that remember at going of the campaign they committed to support the nominee but they did not imagine it would be donald trump and at the debate it looked like they had a hard time getting those words out but they autopsied the hedge they made. as far as my own plans i anticipate supporting one of the three, ted cruz, marco rubio, or john kasich and if they do not become the nominee i will go to the voting booth and find
3:29 pm
someone else who is running as a conservative or perhaps write in the name someone i believe should become the president of the united states who i could be proud of and who is interested in balancing the budget, keeping america safe with a strong military and who is not willing toll disparage fellow americans, mexican americans, muslims and so forth. >> thank you, governor. >> we bring if our sunday group to discuss the growing republican slit and what it means for g.o.p. chances in november.
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marco rubio had a very, very bad night, i call for him to drop out. it is time now he drop it. >> i would love to take on ted one-on-one, it would be so much fun. >> this is the only campaign that has repeatedly beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump in the race. >> donald trump and ted cruz calling for a to man race after they each won two states last night. now time for our sunday group, george will, julie pace covering the white house and the campaign for the associated press, mike duhaime a top advisor to chris christie's campaign, and charles lane for the "washington post"
3:33 pm
and, george, what do you make of the developments, the continued march toward the nomination and romney's speech and the escalating talk of the republican party tearing itself apart? >> we may have passed peak trump. i don't think mr. romney was under the idea he can talk people out of supporting trump if they support him. but this is interesting? he is the nominee, mr. trump, he will be oppose by the most recent nominee and no way he could support because it fits because the republican nominee will be have said that the most republican president shut have been impeached a sense of the day office, but our parties are not filmcy. democratic party is the old of the party in the world and the republican and democratic parties have been framing this debate in the country for 160
3:34 pm
years and what the republican party needs to avoid blow such to get a choice between mr. trump and someone else. the evidence we are approach is the fact that ted cruz announced last week he would open ten offices in the state of florida and he probable is not dying that to win but to prevent marco rubio from winning. if that happens, indeed, you have your choices, the pest chance of not settleing this where if what you outlined with rush limbaugh donald trump has the largest share of delegates but not a majority you have a blowup. >> mike, we saw the rules last night and trump wins two states, cruz wins two states, and kasich and marco rubio win nothing: the trump calling on rubio to drop out. is this in effect now a two man
3:35 pm
race? i don't thing we will snow for sure until after march 15, governor kasich and marco rubio have put a premium on winning the whom state. they have to win. but the problem is the strategies was to hope it is the moment where it is a two person race and senator cruz has had enough suck he is in for the long haul and if either marco rubio or kasich win you have three marching for a long bit where the effect is to stop trump from majority. >> and as george pointing out they overidea of cruz going into florida not to beat or win the state but to take down anne arundel -- take down marco rubio >> to get to the point to be one-on-one with donald trump and ted cruz is smart. it is a four way game of chance opposed to 17 and now it was a smart move. >> what about trump, saying i
3:36 pm
want a two man race because if places like new york or pennsylvania or california i will beat cruz badly. >> he is right. he wants that. he is at point where he feels he can go up and you have to show the level of confidence you not afraid of what everyone shoots for and he will have an advantage and right now he has a significant delegate advantage and he wins florida he will widen the marriage. >> and the follow republican debate. >> you can do it, you can do it, breeze, it is hard, but, just --. >> when you are done with yoga can i answer a question. >> oh, boy. julie you are cover the campaign but you talk to folks at white house and democrats what do they make of donald trump of everything we are seeing.
3:37 pm
the lowbrow theater and do they think the republicans are happening them presidency or worry about the appeal of trump? >> an evolution in the way that democrats view trump. officially it was viewed as different to let trump stay and continue to say this it would alienate at the half voters that democrats need and it would be a huge gift and give hillary clinton the presidency but the shift is coming from watching republicans handle trump and the realization you cannot give him a path and let himself destruct and we have groups around hillary clinton and inside the campaign preparing for a scene election matchup with him and taking it seriously looking a business report and what he is saying about women and minorities and they would run the aggressive campaign because they do not know what will happen. you take every assumption we have on licks and low it out the
3:38 pm
window and look the at math differently. i would not say they are worried where hillary clinton could lose but they preparing for a tough campaign. >> what about whether you like him or not the huge enthusiasm with record continue out if republican primary after primary and not strong turnout in the democratic contest. >> it is a turnout game in the general election. whoever the nominee. trump is showing the ability to energize people to show up and we know that hillary clinton had problems with her likability, factors that make people get out and vote. they know it is an issue. >> republicans look having lost popular vote, the race against ted cruz is more of a traditional race and the last six elections a race against trip trump is out there and he is the x factor. >> you think trump is tougher
3:39 pm
candidate? it is hard for them to tell who would be tougher. >> chuck, is all of the talk about the republican party tearing itself apart is that overblown? or is the party of lincoln that started in 1860 is it in jeopardy? >> i would say real jeopardy. first, prospects for the john election. if you look at the recent poll numbers the most pop her figure in the general republican party is marco rubio and during this entire process all of the fire of all of canidates and all the money has been aimed at marco rubio and destroying marco rubio and the two people who are left standing, ted cruz and donald trump have the worst favourability. that is one problem. problem two, the ideas, the ideology and the coherence and messaging of the part has been
3:40 pm
completely scrambled by the campaign. if you are down ballot in the republican part and running senate or congress or state legislature, you now have no idea who will be the top of your ticket and who your partner is going to be. it is destabilizing, fought split or broken, but it has completely destabilized the party in a area where they had going in pretty good prospect and a chance of taking the presidency. >> how did a party, you say a party is a strong structure and go through very combinations offer the years, george, but how does the matter survive with the two leading candidates, donald trump and ted cruz who are running against the washington establishment saying they are corrupt and they change things. >> it survives by plan ahead in case donald trump is the nominee they are reliable reports now
3:41 pm
that republican senate candidates income bentleys and otherwise are planning to distance themselves with ads taking on the map at top of the ticket. >> you are saying republican attack ads against the republican nominee? distancing ads. >> second, republican party is going to have to rethink the pice of having open primaries and caucuses. seven of the 19 events so far have been closed. trump has lost five of them. is this a hostile take over of the republican party and the republicans have to think if they want to go forward vulnerable to this. >> panel, when we come back a new twist in the hillary clinton mail scandal. what could it mean? what would you like to ask the panel about the f.b.i. investigation?
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3:45 pm
>> we have taken on the entire political establishment. >> i am thrilled we are adding to our pledged delegate count and grateful to everyone who turned out to support us. but, now, all eyes turn to michigan. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton reacting to a split verdict this three races on saturday night. bernie sanders picked up wins in two caucus states: kansas he won with 68% and in member with 56% but hillary clinton won the louisiana primary with 71% and that takes the overall democratic delegates corporate to 1,121 for hillary clinton and 479 for bernie sanders and 2,383
3:46 pm
still needed to in the nomination. we are back now with the panel. this week the justice department granted im90 to a fellow who is fm state department staffer, fore hillary clinton 2008 staffer who set up her private e-mail server. here is what ted cruz had to say about that. >> it is an ominous development for hillary clinton when pauly goes to the feds it airport good for phantomy. >> i love political discourse. chuck you are the legal analyst on the panel. how big a deal is this grant of criminal immunity for the guy would set up the server? to what degree does that show hillary clinton has legal exposure? >> why often agree with ted cruz but in his way he summarized it pretty well if the f.b.i. were
3:47 pm
not worried or serious or did not think this was a case they would not have put all of the effort into striking this agreement to find out what he mes. he is the guy would had his hand on the machine and knew the set up, et cetera, et cetera. it tell me that they are mounting a real investigation and they are concerned there was criminal activity if not by hillary clinton by some of her closest aides which would be as bad for her. it just reconfirmed the situation we have then all along, she has this cloud over her head. and it is not a safe situation to be in as a presidential nominee. >> he is talking about this is a security review, not a criminal investigation but you do not give immunity to someone from criminal prosecution unless it is out there. thank you is correct. he took the 5th so...that is
3:48 pm
revealing. >> we ask for questions for patch el and we got this on facebook. what is the process to get a new democratic nominee when hillary clinton is indicted and forced out? >> julie, jeff is obviously upping the gun a bit here but is there any talk in the white house about a worst case scenario? she is indicted before or after the nomination were. >> there is not a lost active talk, remember, the white house is coming down on the side of hillary clinton. they think she has denned the situation, saying it was a mistake to have a private senator are but president has said there is nothing that is going to come out in an investigation that will prove to be criminal. the bigger question for hillary clinton, she has got an free pass in the democrat primary on the issue because bernie sanders stood down. she will not get a free pass in
3:49 pm
a general election. if you look at herans that have ever involved she still does not have a good answer. she apologize and walked the apology back. she will be under a microscope in a way she had not been in the democrat primary. >> from the best of your knowledge and you are a good reporter, for plan "b"? >> i have not heard active talk. >> mike, what if the john election is trump vs. hillary clinton, ted cruz made a big deal of this in the debate point out that hillary clinton could have her problems but ted cruz had his problems and he has the civil suit over trump university and he pointed out that trump gave a lot of money to hillary clinton in 2008. how of is a problem is that? >> if it is not a problem in the republican primary it will less during the general election. it could help donald trump ran
3:50 pm
back to the middle to get more moderate votes. people have not talked about that. >> it is interesting because this are moments if this debate, the republican debate when donald trump is pivoting saying the abortion aspect is over the line but lapline. but planned parent hood dohood lot for women. he talks about being flexible on immigration. are you interested in that? i've got to think you must see that pivot of him at least leaving the door open about how he would appeal. >> i think it also shows a confidence level about where he is at this point in terms of marching toward the nomination. his positions during the republican primary have been hard to pin down. i think that will allow him to move to the center a little bit. it may alienate some folks on the right, but that's maybe he
3:51 pm
poses more of a conundrum to the democratic party than ted cruz. >> with legal problems with the server, the handling of classified information, is there anything that can stop hillary clinton from getting the democratic nomination? >> i don't think so, but look what mr. sanders is doing. he's running a campaign that's strong enough to refute its own premise. the premise is that big money dominates this. he raised $42.7 million in february. she raised $30 million. he did it with small donations. he can lose and lose and lose and live off the land. so he's going to continue this. and this protracted struggle, if a struggle can be called, we're either going to see her become a better candidate through practice, or we're going to find out that the more people see her, the more they don't really like her. >> and the other thing, george, that sanders is doing, in a very subtle way is sewing the seeds
3:52 pm
of the trump campaign against hillary. because he's pounding the message about the iraq war, he's pounding the message about trade, host pounding the message about all the things that went on with nafta and china during the first clinton administration. or the clinton administration, excuse me. and all of these things are themes that trump has been hammering and can pick up in states like michigan and ohio. >> my belief is that if it's trump against hillary, he will run to her left to scoop up the disaffected sanders votes. >> on the populist message. >> that the game is rigged. i understand capitalism and i understand you're all getting the short end of the stick and i can fix it. >> as long as we're jumping way ahead, enough of march or april or even the convention, let's go ahead, mike. both clinton and trump have very high unfavorable numbers. those numbers are under way. more people dislike them than
3:53 pm
like them. given that, does that mean what you'd be looking for is a totally negative campaign in which each side would try to convince you hate the other guy even more than you hate us? >> i think you will see a fairly negative campaign. at some point, they'll have to give people a reason to vote for them. but they're both so well-known, and quite frankly, have such high negatives, it is going to be very much i think a negative campaign. i think because of that, each campaign is going to try to move up their unfavorables as much as they can. >> i agree with mike. i think when you talk about base turnout elections, you're talking about a different scenario than when both seeides are open, you have to moderate and have crossover appeal. i think hillary clinton is going to need to turn out hispanics, black voters, young people. donald trump is going to look to turn out some of the disaffected sanders voters. if ted cruz is the nominee, he's going to look to turn out conservative white voters who maybe have stayed home in past elections. this is both parties pulling towards their base. >> the trump anti-washington
3:54 pm
message that has worked so well during the primary will continue pretty seamlessly. you saw president obama with tla type of success. in 2008, the same primary messagethat type of success. in 2008, the same primary message went ahead. >> just real quickly, less than 30 seconds left. there's been talk, because obviously the country is turning more to people of color, more minorities. that trump's chance would be that he'd have to get a super turnout from whites and especially white men. >> i think that's right. he'd have to do a lot better with minorities than he's doing right now. that will be a problem for the republican party. >> i'm just saying it sounds like a november in which both major parties are telling their voters what to fear from the other side. >> man, that is a spiriting way to end this discussion. thank you, panelists. see you next sunday. up next, haircuts, insults, babies. as we go on the trail. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. what a week on the campaign trail. donald trump solidified his frontrunner status, on the three remaining gop candidates and even a former republican nominee dialed up their attacks. as we go on the trail. >> i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find that a little bit hard to believe, but believe me, i am a unifier. >> have you seen his hands? they're like this. and you know what they say about men with small hands.
3:58 pm
>> he wanted to be don rickles and it hasn't worked because he's gone down. >> if donald isn't the nominee, in all likelihood hillary becomes the next president of the united states. >> gophers! i hope you will go for me! >> i want us to be a country where we are reaching out to one another again. >> what this campaign is about is saying, you know what? we can create the nation we want to become. >> if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished. >> he failed miserably, and it was an embarrassment to everybody, including the republican party. >> he's asking us to make him the president of the united states of america. >> this is not a game. >> i know what's happening with the economy. >> then answer the economy questions. >> you haven't employed in your life one person. >> replace the statements. >> you're the one.
3:59 pm
>> i've given my answer, lion ted, i've given my answer. >> i'm the last governor standing, and we're the little engine that can. >> lying ted, and little marco. these are not presidential material, folks. >> if you don't want donald to be our nominee, then i ask you, come join us. >> anger and fear is not a plan. it's a feeling. you can use it to motivate you to take action. but it by itself will not solve our problems. >> isn't politics great? next week, the stakes get even bigger. next week, with republican primaries that are winner take all. now for this program note. be sure to tune in to "special report" tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern for a town hall in detroit with democratic
4:00 pm
presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders. it's clinton's first appearance on fox news in two years. and that's it for today. have a great week. and we'll see you next fox news sunday. fox news alert. first pictures coming into "fox report" as we pick up the coverage from earlier today. the loss of our nation's former first lady nancy reagan. this is the hearse pulling into view now as it arrives at a funeral home in santa monica, california, in the past hour from the reagan home in bel-air, california. mrs. reagan, the wife of america's 40th president, died today from heart failure. she was 94 kbr. their marriage, once described as the greatest love affair. during her time in public life, mrs. reagan was known as a fierce champion for veterans. the elderly, and people struggling with physical a


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