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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 9, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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my friend kimberly guilfoyle, next. >> hello, everyone, at midnight in new york city this is "the five". welcome to this special midnight edition "the five". 312 delegates at stake tonight. 150 up for grabs for republicans. 166 on the line for democrats. here is the latest. so as the polls are closed in idaho, and now, fox will project that ted cruz will win idaho for the primary and in michigan, fox news projects trump will win the
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republican presidential primary, cruz and kasich locked for second place and rubio appears headed for a fourth state finish. and on the democratic side, for a major upset. in mississippi, fox news projects trump will win the republican primary, leaving cruz to finish in sixth place. kasich and rubio locked for third place. democratic side, fox news projects clinton will defeat sanders in the mississippi primary. we'll have more on this democratic election result but first, let's talk about the republican side and i've been running numbers and they haven't lied, nor will they. time for mitt romney and the establishment to stop dividing
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the g.o.p. that is my opinion. take it or leave it. kg, your thoughts on the results? >> an exciting evening for sure, and you know, we're talking about that attack that turned out to be interesting. trump and cruz had very good nights tonight. strong showings, strong numbers. and also, you know with the polls that we've been seeing and analyzing over the past couple weeks. now, the question remains you know marco rubio didn't do as well as he would like to do tonight. there is going to have to be a reexamination in terms of where he should go as a candidate as well, but florida is still up for grabs. trump leading there. but there is going to have to be an assessment if there is a party unify looking to have a cruz and rubio unite together, pick one, etc., to go to the antitrump vote. >> now, juan, it's like a sea
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change when trump locks down michigan and mississippi it felt like we're talking about momentum politics. he lost a little bit of momentum. >> i think what you saw is there are polls that indicated he may have seen that was the language because polling indicated that, that cruz is narrowing the gap. after tonight you have to say trump is demonstrated that he's continuing to rule and has a steady command of this primary process. i would differ with you on cruz. i think that kasich had a good night, i think kasich strengthened the case for voters in ohio to see him as a legitimate contender. on the other hand, rubio just interested in that story. i have been talking to dana earlier. i don't understand what is the story behind the fall of rubio? that he got in the gutter with trump in terms of language? could it be that people just saw
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him as overly ambitious? >> donald trump said the establishment doesn't make sense. i understand and when you say establishment, i think what you mean around washington, d.c., i think. and. >> this is a common term. >> i don't understand the meaning of it anymore. does that mean the person that spent a thousand hours of their lives volunteering? at state conventions? i don't know who you mean by that. i mean, i'm just saying donald trump said i don't know what establishment means anymore. if it has meaning. so are you too hard on them?
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donald trump had a great night for him in mississippi. and michigan. it's great momentum going into next tuesday. and cruz had arguments that he did well. rubio, things that happened for him did not happen again tonight. late deciders in michigan did not go for rubio. they went for kasich in mississippi they went for cruz. in florida can rubio make a case to stay in? i don't know. i don't know what their thinking is. i'm not the kind of person that tells someone to get out of a race. >> if marco doesn't become nominee, it is well whispered he would like to run for governor of florida. earlier today we drew stagnant in talking about cnn which ran with the story saying rubio is
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going to drop out of the race, then, cnn had to back track that. it turned out not to be backed by anyone in the rubio campaign. i don't believe people run for president because they want to have another office. ed gillespie in virginia. republicans maybe didn't want to win that said he wants to be governor. and he lost by half a percentage point because of that. i don't think that rubio runs for president because he wants to be governor of florida. and i don't think kasich runs for president because he wants to be vice president. >> your thoughts on the evening? >> you stole my point. i thought the biggest thing is in that press conference, looked like he had a discount table with the steaks and vodka, what else? >> water, yes. water. >> and i thought it was interesting.
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it was a big defeat because this might be the first nominee that will never use teleprompter. but the biggest line is when he said i don't think there is such thing as establishment. finally, someone called out these talking head tunists who keep talking about the establishment. it's the media people that worked for years. trying to win. they won in the senate and house. so you have people calling rhinos and now, they have the gall to call everybody else establishment. >> can we call outsiders insiders? that a fair assessment? >> no. no. >> donald trump. >> he has 99 senators. >> that is right.
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do you respond to that? >> the same person that made division about squishies and rhinos is now doing insider outsider defend one self when he called people squishies and rhinos. >> i am showing you -- >> 50% of the people voted for cruz and donald trump. they're not your typical elite and this is -- >> i like trump. >> i don't want, they're saying we don't want someone new. call it what you want. >> i thought cruz was an insider. is he insider or outsider? >> he is the one senator of 100 the other 99 don't get along with and won't vote for. i'm feeling like an outsider at this table.
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>> am i being too harsh? >> yes. i think you were. >> i don't know who is inside or out. we want to make sure a republican takes the white house so someone like hillary clinton with her credibility issues is not the person going to pick the next two, maybe three supreme court justices. so let's focus on goals and things that matter. now, you're seeing a similar thing with the democratic primaries in terms of people we want someone who is in a different -- right? so people are looking at bernie sanders. right? so there is some kind of at tut and typical republican voter that is different. >> other thing is that bernie
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sanders, which i know we're going to get to, trump winning michigan and sanders winning michigan if you become the nominee you start to look at michigan and think i might not be able to win there. >> so. >> check out this response to carl cameron's question. >> do you agree you're going to need to get main stream with american republican politicians, the establishment as it's been labelled behind you? if so, what do you say to them tonight given many of them are pouring money in? >> i would say let's come together we're going to win. i say let's come together. carl, the interest is not 100%. i would say that. some people you're in the going to get along with. it's okay. i would like to do that. and i am a unifier. i unify. you look at all of the things i built around the world, i like unifying. i get along with people.
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i have great relations. i get along with you. right? campaign carl. >> your thoughts? >> a kinder, gentler carl? >> it was tonight. tonight he's talking about liars, right? >> a lot less. >> and little marco. >> people seem so like it and everybody stayed on him for an hour, every, every, every, channel stayed on donald trump. that is unbelievable. how much money would that have cost? >> i do think he realizes that in order for him to get as successful as he did he had to engage or rupture a disruption. so when you say okay it's time to heal, it's on him he said things that don't bother me
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normally. when you say about john mccain, a pow who rejected the ability to come affiliate, that sticks with me. you can get over that if someone said yes. i had to do things i didn't like that i did and read it. but i want to come together. they're still 60%, right? that do not feel comfortable. >> it's not only that. if you look at numbers, he's less trust worthy than hillary clinton camp. everybody beats up on hillary. if you're inside of the republican party in terms of people that care about the senate, the house, the down tick you havewell, boy, this can be a problem. that gets representative of the establishment. >> i mean, we talk about how to win a primary in the general
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election and you go far right. that is -- >> i imagine -- >> yes. >> and there are people who make fun of that idea. >> if you extend the almond branch you say the people like -- >> you don't get to be center. i'm talking about making amends. it's different. >> moving towards being -- >> well, i think what we saw tonight is someone of that paving the road for him to say look. i'm a unifier. i'm going to try to get along. you saw that language coming forward tonight and it's important. >> on policy, i don't see --
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he's been all over the map like entitlement reform. he didn't start there. it's not -- this is unlike anything we have çóseen. it's hard to nail down. on policy, 47 people in mississippi voted for offering legal status to people here illegally. but 43% of them voted for trump. that is not policy, i don't think. it's not about policy. it's about personality and desire to win. one thing that i notice that is a big change tonight is that in mississippi and michigan for the first time, trump is able to win an important category of can win in november november. it's usually gone to rubio in other states. the first time for him. >> and i want to say criticism is invaluable.
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it is the engine of truth. people get upset when you criticize trump or criticize rubo or criticize cruz. you have to understand, be suspicious of the lap dogs because it's the only people that criticize that will save you from ultimate destruction. >> greg, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> hold your applause. >> we have to go. coming up, a special election coverage we'll see what marco rubio and john kasich is saying about the rurlts and what does the dnc say about picking on trump?
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ted cruz outlined his strategy. >> nationwide there are roughly 65% to 70% of republicans to recognize donald trump is not the best candidate to go head to head with hillary. if we nominate donald trump we lose. hillary beat trump badly. there is only one candidate that has beaten donald trump repeatedly and can, and will beat donald trump this nomination. >> it's long said republicans will be under no illusion and you're looking at electoral votes at 270.
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and so eric, trump said all of the polls show that i can beat hillary. that is not accurate. polls show two of the last ten showed he can beat her one on one so there is a lot of work to do. and -- i don't know. if republicans started to show the down side of hillary, i will tell you ted cruz and hillary have the only two that even a remote chance of becoming the nominee and the reason why states matter, how many wins and states you have, if you're going forward, you don't need to win by ht. when you just have a portion you
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win by a little, you get the same amount of delegates. so with trump getting his 13 now, to 21 and rubio, two. >> it's actually seven states are winner take all. it might not matter by then. what about hillary? >> there are a lot of winner take alls. >> juan? hillary clinton, is she worried about these candidates? >> i think when i look at the republican i understand why people are looking at kasich and why rubio is touted as representing the future of the party. when you look at trump and cruz,
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how do they run over kind of a supporter that i think is what showed up in terms of her language and you said just now, they start spending money to beat uphillry -- >> can i just throw something at you? 65% of g.o.p. turnout until now and 30% drop on the democrat side there may be a lot of democrats and independents moving over to the g.o.p. side. >> that is -- this is him urging
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supporters to vote for him in the republican primary that happens tuesday. his home state. take a listen. >> i believe with all my heart the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. so you're given an incredible task. i want to know what history will say about us and i want you to know you believe in me once. i am asking you to believe, again. we can win this election and we will. i need your help because we're not just going to win the florida primary. we're going to win florida in november. >> i thought it was a passionate speech and have you to get people to believe in you and invest. he's fighting for his political future, florida is huge. he wants to be the guy to take it. he moved closer in terms of
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numbers. so that is where he's got to make it happen there. i thought it was good to say i believe the winner of the florida primary will be the nominee of this party and we'll win florida, you know, come election day. >> he might eat them. he believed them. >> and you know, when you saw those states on stage next to trump these are make from sacred cows that were ideological conservatism and formal rhetoric that is born from conservatism. that stuff doesn't matter. trump, i believe proved it by i guess killing ideology because you can see how he can go from liberal beliefs to conservative beliefs and move around and people like his central vision. so when i look at cruz i think
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he is ideologically too pure. i think that trump is proving they aren't. >> that is interesting. thanks. >> ahead a look at the democratic results on this night between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. don't go away.
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welcome back to our special election coverage. democratic rivals hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling it out in two states tonight. michigan with 130 delegates at stake and mississippi with 36 delegates at stake. in michigan, fox news projects bernie sanders will beat hillary clinton in a major upset. and fox news projects clinton to beat sanders in the mississippi
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primary. quite a big night indeed. >> on saturday, we roll through the week doing more and more shows. a couple things on the bernie sanders win. okay so looking for the biggest take away of the night. hillary clinton going into polls earlier had her up 37 points. and he wins, barely, but a win is a win. and he won with whites, liberals, young people and independents. also, for people who are concerned about income inequality, he won there and in the democratic party, 76 people of people said hillary is not trust worthy. and a majority of democrats said race relations had gotten worse
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after eight years of presidency with barack obama. >> that is interesting. what do you think? tonight? >> i think the surprise is that bernie is in a state where there is a high african american vote. saying if i can do it there, i can do it anywhere. problem is that the numbers just, hillary clinton has the nomination locked down and of course on the republican side there is a lot of winner take all states coming up, it's not that way in democrats so she can proceed to play this game. and it's just a matter of time before she gets the nomination. >> all right. okay. now, earlier, hillary clinton tells what she thinks this election should be about and takes another swipe at republicans.
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>> that is the stake in the election rising higher, running for president shouldn't be about delivering insults. it should be about delivering results for the american people. we're better than what we are hearing in the political rhetoric. we are better than what we are being authored by the republicans. >> blame it on the rain or blame it on the republicans. prank? >> clinton is one of the last people on the planet that can accuse people of using inflammatory rhetoric. she's been operating a divisive campaign, separate genders, separate this and that. but the sad thing is her politics are no match for her
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indictment. the fbi doesn't care about delegates. >> you're right. that is the problem going forward. >> you can see it coming. she's still a wax figure and not a facade. >> so different. i mean donald trump did a press conference off the cuff, no notes for an hour, entertaining people. she has to read a teleprompter. there is a difference in the delivery for sure. >> there is a big difference. what i thought is interesting is if you look at the polls, the gender gap leapt out at me. clinton won with women. but lost with men, men in michigan clearly, and i think with a work issue and trade gap
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they went for sanders. >> do men go home and talk to their wives, i think that is why hillary has problems with women. >> the gap tonight is women went for hillary. on the republican -- >> there is no back allowed. >> let me try. so remember, donald trump can smooth things out. guess what? all of a sudden today the women aren't coming along. now, what happened, i'll leave that to the table. something happened to rubio and to trump, something is happening with men. we know about the far left and liberals of university people
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and the rest. maybe they're looking for the energy on the left. i'm looking at trump's people if i was hillary, what is going on with the question? >> you know what the response to that on the other side is is that yes. it's gotten longer on the g.o.p. side but no one is facing the threat of indictment. >> on our side either, megyn. >> there is a doj and fbi investigation into mrs. clinton right now. >> let's not be melodramatic.
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>> it is not melodramatic. >> you have the republican party being led right now by their front runner who has a multi facetted, absolutely outrageous, ridiculous position. >> my goodness. what are you thinking? >> it looked like she saw a ghost and the ghost is hillary. >> the ghost of clinton past, dana? >> i was watching that earlier and i thought hillary clinton put her supporters in a terrible position because of a selfless, reckless, illegal decision to have a private server to end up in a position where she has to say on 60 minutes have you ever lied to the person people? well, first of all i would never want to say. that means that decision on the server put debbie
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wasserman-shultz in a terrible position. the democrat that has it the worst is president obama. of course he wants a democrat to win for his legacy. he has to have a semblance, hopefully is, from the justice department. the signal they were independent before offering immunity to the guy that set up the server for hillary clinton. >> this is a problem for them. they've gotten chips at vegas, all in on the table on hrc. and i mean, wow. >> if you mentioned that, did you know bernie sanders was still running? no. no. is how are you going to protect hillary clinton from donald trump? you can see what the dnc is worried about the most. donald trump. i commend debbie wasserman-shultz to sit down with megyn kelly.
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that is not easy, right? >> you know it. and being melodramatic? she wasn't being mellodramatic. >> it's not against hillary clinton. >> who is it against? the server? i hope the server looks good in orange. >> i am just telling you. they want to know if anyone hacked into the server or receiving anything anything. if you're asking is there an ongoing criminal investigation of hillary clinton, answer? no. >> answer, yes. >> i thought the answer, debbie wasserman-shultz is under pressure. i thought that was the best i'd ever seen her. >> juan, all right. >> there is a bar for that. >> that is it. >> i like little bars. >> yes. >> okay.
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>> so directly ahead, many critics said the g.o.p. front runner is not a true conservative. you're going to hear trump on that, next.
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welcome back. in just 15 minutes the live caucus comes to a close. and just moments ago in idaho, fox news projects ted cruz will win the republican primary. >> i'm not really changing the republican party. i'm a conservative. but i'm a common sense conservative, look. nobody is more conservative than me on energy independence. i've been talking about it for
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years, nobody. nobody is more conservative than me on the military, taking care of our great veterans who are being maligned. nobody is more conservative than me on health care. we're going to repeal and place obamacare and common core. we're getting rid of it. >> what is a common sense conservative. what is that code? if you're more conservative, you're crazy? >> i don't know. it's more conservative than anybody else? >> i think what he's saying is not the label of conservative or not. there is a number of conservatives who are part of the group that are saying they'd never vote for him. i think what he is saying is that i'm going to be able to govern better. i'm going to be able to do something better. very a more humble view of government. i think restrained government is better. that to me is a conservative
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viewpoint. i think he is saying because he's successful in business, he will be able to bring that success and deal making and compromise to government. that might not be a bad thing since for a long time, the far right has been saying don't compromise on anything and making it impossible to take a vote and stand for it without getti getting lambasted by them. >> i don't know. i think he picks and chooses his position and says this is who i am. if you don't, too bad. planned parenthood is a good one. i'm against abortion, pro life, however, planned parenthood the other parts of planned parenthood, he doesn't have a problem with. that is not a typically conservative issue. but people are saying so, i'll take that medicine because i like where he is on the wall. i like where he is on immigration and certain aspects of the military. it's really, when i -- for me it's a common sense being his
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common sense. if you like donald trump, you like the way he's common sense with that. if you want to say the most conservative, you would say ted cruz. he's a constitutional conservative. donald trump -- if he were worried about the conservative label, woe have gone to cpac. >> hillary clinton says she's a progressive that can get things done. that is her version of what you guys are talking about on the right. >> the left is scared to death of being called a liberal. conservatives are never like that. they embrace the level conservatism. so we're changing that. >> no. no. no. you guys can be the judge but my perception is people like the label conservative. i think they don't like being called radical. and there are questions about being called a establishment republican.
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to me, if you are telling me about a compassionate conservatism, what constructive conservatism, then, you get put into a box. that is when you start to see the circular type. >> i think people are voting for the person they like and identify with and are less concerned about labels, confusion. >> and to criticize that. >> yes. yes. sure. everything has been changed up, turned upside down now. >> can i say something about this? >> we've got a minute. >> i think one of the reasons this debate is different in 2016 than it was in 2012 before the evolution is that when you're talking about extreme conservatives there is no that is not a real topic.
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it's not for everybody. you're not seeing the price of social conservatives. you're getting brass tacks and talking about trade deals, jobs refreshing if you wanted to move on from this. >> and you're saying thank you, president obama? >> and final thoughts on the election results coming up next.
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. we're pleased about what happened and when you think about where we've come, or where we are in all likelihood seconds late over 20%. we are going to win the state of ohio. we're special. and i believe that when we visit tuesday we'll send a message not just to the country but we're going to send a message to the world. >> that is john kasich speaking from columbus, ohio.
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we're back now with final thoughts. kasich did well enough in michigan to say he has momentum going into next week. i think that is why you saw the celebratory mood there and cruz did okay, but it's not helping with the delegate count and he did not win in mississippi because trump eat him for the evangelical vote. now, you know we're talking about guns remaining a wedge issue on the republican side. abortion remains a wedge issue. but in terms of the social values, i don't see it like that. i just don't see it. >> i think that, in a way, i do think when donald trump talks about planned parenthood it picks up on something, i think the far right missed. some people were pushing for
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republicans to vote to shut down the federal government over the planned parenthood issue. and i thought how can you shut down the government or an organization that has about a 75% approval rating in the country? so again, republicans have been walked down a plank by people that finally now, you have donald trump saying wait a minute. i am not for that. i don't think there should be federal funding but that is crazy. >> now, you have kasich, you think that with republican voters what are you thinking? >> i think john kasich is peaking. people are paying more attention to him. he's representing himself well, coming off as presidential, as a statesman. he's stayed above the fray. >> i know we have less than a minute. if you want to look up something, on msnbc.
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i hate to plug them but charles evers on, endorsing donald trump. he was medger evers older brother. >> we're going to have to go. number one, juan, saturday, number two, kg's birthday today. >> thank you. >> and third, very importantly, check this out. just three minutes and 52 seconds we're going to repeat this again. >> groundhog day. >> we'll see you back here. >> happy birthday. >> thank you.
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>> donald trump triumphs again. he declared victory in three states with ted cruz winning one
1:59 am
making this look more and more like a two-man race. welcome to "fox & friends first". >> a stunning upset. bernie sanders steals michigan even after polls showed a double dig get lead there. >> i don't think i have had so many horrible things said about me in one week. shows you how brilliant the public is because they were lies. >> the revolution is strong in every part of the country. frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> let's take a quick look at the numbers for you trump securing a win in michigan with 36 percent of the vote, cruz finishing in 2nd barely beating john kasich. >> cruz with 36 and kasich and rubio in the single digits.
2:00 am
trump on top again in hawaii with 42 percent. >> a different story in idaho. ted cruz taking 45 percent of the vote followed by trump and rubio. that leaves trump with 446 delegates, cruz 347, rubio with 151 and kasich with 54. >> for the democrats with the major upset. bernie sanders defying the polls defeating hillary clinton by 2 points. it was a land slide for clinton in mississippi. >> current delegate count. for the democrats cl >> we begin with peter doocy live for us in detroit with more on last night's big win. >> good morning. heather. one of the groups biggest for trump goes on to win in michigan. it was the first test to see how