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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 12, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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into the election season. my friend sean hannity is up. he has trump. stay tuned. welcome to "hannity." that is fox news alert. 2016 gop front-runner donald trump canceled a campaign rally in chicago earlier tonight amid security concerns. now this after violent edge taylors hijacked what was to be a peaceful campaign rally. joining us on the phone is donald trump. thank you for being with us. probably a tough night for you. walk us through your end what you heard and how you made this decision? >> well, i came to chicago a few hours ago, sean, and we have a tremendous group of people and real supporters, amazing supporters, amazing people.
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25,000, more than 25,000. and it was going to be an inedible event and we started to notice that all of a sudden almost simultaneous -- almost like, you know, certain time a lot of protesters showed up. and i guess it was a very staged thing with this move on organization which is not a good group of people from what everybody tells me. we had a lot of protesters come in and they seemed to be very disruptive and going into the arena which was starting to fill up with the people that were coming. and we met with the security. we met with law enforcement. who did i think a terrific job. and they really told me it would be very -- it would be best not to go in and do the speech because if i made the speech it probably had mixed into the, you know very large arena i guess seating 12,000 or 18,000. we had about 15,000 people
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outside and may have clashed with the people to protest us. but they said it would be good not to be doing the speech because you would have had clashes and people could have been hurt or worse. and i think and we have been given credit for this. hopefully bedid the right thing but i think, frankly, canceling turned out to be a very good decision because we'll do it another time. probably another place. but we'll do it another time. but we have a tremendous group of supporters come in and it was so sad to tell them and they were, you know, very sad that they weren't able to see what we were going to do. we would have a great rally. stopping the first amendment rights. i have the right to speak and they have the right to hear and listen. and we were unable to do that for security reasons. i've said. it was my decision. i said, look. i don't want anybody to be hurt. we want it to be a nonviolent situation and i will tell you the people that i had,
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supporters who were very angry. they're angry to start off with. what's happening to the country with the jobs going to other countries. with the horrible situation that we have at the border. i mean, everything we have, nothing works anymore. nothing. nothing in our country works anymore. and they're angry people and, you know what? they're not really angry about just about anything else. they're very secure in themselves but they're very angry of when's happening with our country. and so on top of everything else, they don't have the right to go into a pavilion and have a one-hour rally. they're stopped by what took place today which is really a very organized group of people that there's a pretty consistently to different groups of people. >> you know, mr. trump, we have statements that actually prove this fact and we've been watching our own coverage here on fox and some people with
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bernie sanders. put out a statement of hate-filled rhetoric to be put on notice after tonight's events. they said that. a direct result of violence at trump rallies. why see any violence at trump rallies. i have been watching and flipping the dial tonight and somehow people trying to flip this on you, some of your competitors and, frankly, pretty ignorant so-called journalists trying to do the same thing. as if you stating your political opinions is responsible for this. and i want to give you a chance to respond to that. we have seen a lot of this before you even got in this race and ferguson and baltimore. the murder race in the city of chicago is a national disgrace. what is your reaction to that? >> well, you know, i have had many rallies and we have massive rallies, by far the biggest. much, much bigger than bernie by a factor of many times. we have a couple of weeks ago 35,000 in alabama. we have 25,000 routinely.
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and we don't have problems. we have some protesters. every once in a while, somebody will stand up. today we had a little more than normal in st. louis in the morning. we had a number of people standing up and it was fine. nobody got hurt. they had to get taken out. and they're disruptive and we do the best we can to do a little creative -- have a little bit of fun with them. they're out there protesting. i don't know if they're having fun doing it, frankly. but we're conscious of it and we're conscious of the fact we don't want anybody to be hurt so today we had a little bit more than normal in st. louis and a great rally, tremendous turnout. thousands of people out on the street that couldn't get in to a very, very large auditorium. and then i came to chicago and, you know, we were going to have so many people. at least 25,000. many people would have to be outside. and we were able to cancel a lot of the people that were coming not there yet and hadn't come
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there yet. i got there early. i'm in chicago right now. and i was able to figure it out. we're getting credit for canceling. had i gone e been easier to go there but if i went there you would have had a lot of problems because this was a very organized group. and i think not a good group. >> why. >> really spiteful. first amendment rights. it's interesting. if we ever did that to them it would be a national disgrace, a national story and the likes of which you have never seen. but doing it to us, it's a very big deal. so we have, you know, these incredible people that unfortunately were shut out from hearing what they wanted to hear. >> you know, this is not uncommon, mr. trump, that supposedly supposed to have free speech on college campuses. this happens only to conservative speakers on a fairly regular basis here. you see the violence in the city of chicago.
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it seems like there are no solutions to the violence. we have had weekends with 12, 13, 14 people shot and including young children and seems a city out of control like new york before rudy giuliani took over. >> there's a problem. no question about it. it's a great city. i love chicago. i have big investments in chicago. and i think it's a great city. but it certainly has certain sections with problems like probably almost no other place in this country. but chicago is chicago. and it's, you know, an amazing place and i do like chicago. it's a city that i think is highly underrated, actually, but and they hear about some of the statistics and that's a shame. that's a horrible shame. and it's too bad they aren't able to do something about it. but this was i think very unrelated to this. this was an organized group. they knew that we were going to have thousands of people coming.
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and these are people that just wanted to listen. the theme is make america great again and wanted to listen about making america great again, we'll bring back the jobs. we'll bring back so many different things to the country that we haven't had and strengthen our borders. we'll build a wall. we'll do so many things and thing that is are positive for the country, not negative for the country. but it's all about making america great again and maybe they don't want to have that happen. i don't know. i'll say this, sean. i think we did the right thing. if we would have gone further i think you could have seen -- they have bad situations back to 1968, the democrat convention was, you know, a disaster. people killed. and lots of things happening. so tonight virtually nobody is even hurt. we made a very good decision. we've been given credit for making a decision and we closely with law enforcement.
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they gave us good advice. >> let me talk about a double standard. i watched and listened and people quoted you from saying -- i assumed it was joking. the old days, you know, we wouldn't take that sort of thing. but they never seem to pay attention to some of the rhetoric of the president. the president has said, republicans want dirty air and dirty water. he talked about the police, the cambridge police act stupidly. a long history in the country of african-americans and latinos stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. every election year the narrative of the democratic party against republicans is that they're racist against black americans, hispanic americans, against gay americans that they want dirty air and water and throw granny over the cliff. nobody i heard tonight trying to blame you for the actions of others has ever been critical of the constant predictable rhetoric, almost a playbook of the democratic party. i have asked you in past
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interviews, how do you deal with this double standard and the predictable playbook of attacks that you would face if you're the nominee? >> well, there is a double standard and you know that maybe better than almost anybody. there's an unbelievable double standard. sometimes i, you know, i'll speak to young people and the children of young people and they'll say could you speak to, you know -- i do it for friends. isle speak to their children and i honestly, it's a lot easier for people in life to be a liberal democrat. okay? but if you don't believe in it, you can't do it. and it's -- you have a double standard like nobody can believe. if this rally -- if conservatives and republicans ever did that to a liberal rally it would be a national disgrace. it would be all over every paper for weeks. and you can imagine if that ever happened. but with this, almost routine. you see it happening all the time. very routine and very unfair.
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i agree with you. >> let me ask this. and it's a question that i have asked you a number of times on the campaign. since the president is in office, millions and millions more americans in poverty, millions more on food stamps. millions more out of the labor force. he'll accumulate more debt than any every president combined by the time he leaves office. the economic situation is as bad as you describe. how much do you think this is created anger in the country and maybe just lashing out in this particular instance because you're such a high profile candidate? >> well, it is tremendous. first of all, there's tremendous division in the country. looking at african-american youth, young african-american, 59%, inconceivable. 59% unemployment rate. and you look at even african-americans in their prime. 30, 40, 50.
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the unemployment rate is very high. we have an african-american president. and you would have thought that he would have done a much better job for african-american citizens of this country. and he hasn't. and i will. because i'm going to bring back jobs from china. i'm going to bring back jobs from mexico and so many other places ripping this country apart. our country's being ripped apart. let me tell you. this is largely economic issue, too. you know that workers, hard working people, middle class people, haven't had a salary increase effectively in 12 years. all right? so for 12 years they're making less now in many cases than they made 20 years ago. it's ridiculous. and it's a lot of anger. there's a lot of anxiety but there's really a lot of anger from people that are not angry people. and, you know, you get everybody together and you get them in a city like chicago and what you get is a good city. it is a good city, potentially a great city. and a friend of mine who's a
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very successful guy, found chicago to be his favorite city so you get them in a place like chicago and a thing like this shouldn't happen, especially to 25,000 people we had coming to this, sean. you know, we were able to stop many of them from coming, fortunately. a wonderful thing about the internet. stopped many, many from coming or would have been really a mess and you don't know what would have happened and did it early enough and the early cancelation and the cancelation was just a turned out to be a very good move because now things things just about cleared up and no damage. >> what do you say to all those people that are in many ways feel that frustration? you know, when i give out statistics, mr. trump, and i say, oh 95 million americans out of the labor force. 46 million on food stamps. doubled our debt. median income down. i know it sounds like a statistic but these are real
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people. real lives. real suffering. unnecessarily. it seems to get worse every year. not better. what do you say to those people maybe left behind, maybe struggling, feeling the anger, feeling the angst, hopeless maybe in many ways that might be, i don't know, drawn into these groups that seem to have agendas and in this case it was obvious lay political agenda. >> sean, you know what i say? i say vote for trump. vote for trump. we're going to do a lot of thing that is will make this country much better. we're going to do tremendous things and one of the things we're going to do is bring back our jobs and our industry because it's been ripped from this country. it is just ripped right out of the country. that's 50,000 manufacturing plants and businesses out of just taking like nothing. all the job losses. you take a look at right now. pfizer is leaving the united states. carrier is moving to mexico.
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ford is moving its big plants to mexico. nabisco is moving the big, big plant from chicago into mexico. and all the jobs lost. and people are disgusted. they're disgusted with their politicians, with our trade deals, the fact that the military can't beat isis. can you imagine telling general george patton we can't beat isis? he would beat isis in two days. can you imagine general macarthur, general patton? they wouldn't believe it. >> yeah. >> we can't do anything. we can't take care of our vets. we can't have good health care. obamacare is a disaster. got to be repealed and replaced. we can't get education locally. we have this horrible common core which is a disgrace where people are making a lot of money from washington and they don't care about the people of ohio,
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the people of anyplace you want to mention. i mean, they don't care. i mean, you have some probably do but for the most part they care about how much money they're making. and education is -- so we can't, sean, we can't -- we don't win at anything anymore. this country doesn't win at anything and why you have so many people coming to my rallies and great anger. no question about it. >> you know, i have never understood the mind-set and i was watching marco rubio was on before you came on, and he quoted you saying, quote, well in the good old days we would handle protesters this way. i'm thinking, i never blamed words for inspiring people to hate. it seems like maybe some of your opponents jumping on this to try to capitalize politically. what is your answer to them? >> well, i don't know. i was just asked will you get more or less votes? i have no idea.
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this would not have been done. i did this for security reasons. i don't want to see people get hurt. some people i was lecturing one of the networks tonight and they said this must have been planned by trump. and believe me, it wasn't. believe me, it wasn't. >> the commentary is so over the top and so outrageous and so dead wrong. i mean, when did we start blaming victims of violence instead of the perpetrators of violence? there's no words that inspire people to hate. >> yeah. but when little marco goes and, you know, starts saying what he said about this, it's a terrible thing. a terrible thing to say because, look. and i do say, you know, years ago it wouldn't have been put up with. we have some protesters, we have had very little protesters. when we have 25,000, 30,000 people in an arena and we have 2 or 3 people stand up or 5 people, actually, today was one of the bigger. in st. louis, a number of
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people. we got through it. it was fine. >> about 30 people. right? >> yeah. >> 30 people taken out. >> very mild. the police did a fantastic job. police in the country have to be given much more credit than they're getting becau they're not properly recognized in my opinion. between the police and the vets, you have two group that is are not being properly recognized. we have very, very little. ten years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago, when we take people out, the police don't want to touch them because they'll end up losing their pension, losing their job and life. brutal today. so it's a very hard thing. and i do say, in the old days, they wouldn't have put up with it like they do. a protester standing up in the middle of the speech and screaming at the top of his or her lungs and then also in some cases being very violent, throwing punches.
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and then when the people surrounding this person -- people getting hit start throwing punches the other way, the story of the next day is how violent the room was. as opposed to this particular protester or protesters that actually were causing the problem. and i see it because i'm making a speech on high. i'm on the platform. and i'm able to see it. and i see some people that are really, you know, bad. they're bad dudes. and they're throwing punches and when the punches are thrown back, it is always their fault. it is always the person, the supporter. it is always their fault. it's so unfair. it's so unfair. i see it all the time. we have had very, very little problem. we have actually relatively speaking for the amount of people, the tens of thousands of people at every event, we have had very, very little problem. >>, seem to be threatening this is going to go on at future events, mr. trump.
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they endorsed bernie sanders by a vote in 2016 and a record setting 78.6% of 340,000 votes supporting bernie sanders and yet they're responsible for creating this havoc and shutting this event down and i would even argue putting innocent people's lives in jeopardy. there were women and children at the event. i saw them there. where's the media asking bernie sanders why are your supporter doing this? some people on fox cameras saying they support bernie sanders. they wanted only bernie sanders voice heard on tape. people -- everyone in the media will ask you, who will ask bernie sanders, openly endorsed and supported him. will he condemn it? will hillary condemn it? is that a fair question? >> i remember bernie sanders's microphone taken away by the two youngly days in attendance and screaming in his face and took
2:21 am
away the microphone and walked back like a little baby. disgraceful, actually, it was allowed to happen. look. whoever the group is, it was an organized group and some point, you know, people get fed up with it. some point we have people waiting in line for five and six and seven hours. to get in. and then they goat in and they get shut out and they get, you know, you're talking about right of free speech and the things that -- you know, that we all know. it's so unfair. you had people that got here at 11:00 and 10:00 in the morning. waited all day and then they get protesters and the proest ters all showed up pretty much at the same time. they didn't just drift in. they just -- boom. all of a sudden showed up. some point, they won't get away with this stuff. it's going to be a much different situation.
2:22 am
i will say this. i have such great love and respect for these people that have been so supportive. their courage. they were so nice tonight. to wait hours and hours to get in and then be told we're going to postpone it and to leave and there was no violence, essentially no violence. i have such great respect for them. >> the people supported this. you know, in the course of this campaign, it's obvious you have taken on the issue of securing america's borders and building a wall on the border because of drugs and the crime that's associated with it, the cost to our educational health care system, criminal justice system. obviously, controversial. i guess in the minds of some. to me it makes common sense. to a lot of conservatives it is common sense and like i was watching you last night in the debate. here we have a country like saudi arabia that doesn't let women drive. women can't go to work and
2:23 am
school without their husband's permissi permission. they can't leave the house without a male relative and we act like they're a close friend and ally and a major cultural divide with islam. do you think that a lot of the backlash from these radical leftist groups maybe associated with these positions that you seem to be willing to take that others maybe don't have the courage to thattic? >> yeah, i do. i think they're associated with the strong border. i want to have a strong border. otherwise we don't have a country. we have drugs pouring in. we have crime pouring in. we have a lack of equipment develop because of it. we have the job picture. there are a lot of reasons for it. but there's also just a total disrespect for the law. you look at what happens. i mean, a total disrespect for the law. and they have to be careful because things like this and incidents like this, you know, a
2:24 am
country's build up great anxiety and they build up something that can be very combustible and that would be a terrible thing and what i didn't want to see tonight. when i flew in, i was two hours early and flew in and i said -- i met with law enforcement and they discussed -- they were totally prepared to go through wit. they said it's hard getting in and could be harder getting out. and i said, what do you they said this could be a real mess if the people clash. i didn't want the see people get hurt. at the same time, it's unfair to the great people that spent all day waiting in line to get in and then they end up going home empty handed. why like it. >> now, do law enforcement recommend this to you, as well? you have secret service protection. >> yeah. they did. they recommended it. they did strongly recommend it. >> yeah. >> i understood it, exactly what they said. they're professional. the law enforcement i think did
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a great job because, you know, you could see it. had this gone forward, that was a staged deal by moveon or whoever might be doing it. a staged deal. had this gone forward, there could have been tremendous clashes and a lot of people would have been hurt. so and now i see the streets are empty. it looks like you have a picture of much earlier. >> we do. >> right. the streets are now empty. >> if they continue this, mr. trump, future events, what is your -- have you thought about how do you, you know, all the people are willing to come out to the event. i think you're right. they a right to hear your voice. organized, ongoing -- >> i think we'll get more people. they don't want to just stake this kind of stuff, sean. they don't want to take it. they're tired of it. this is one of the reasons that there's such a huge number of people leaving the democrat party and coming and voting for
2:26 am
trump. i mean, they come to vote for donald trump because we're not going to take it. i mean, it's just the country is going to hell. we're very divided. we're very, very divided. we have a president when's a very divisive guy and frankly this is what it is. this is an obama situation, too. he has caused tremendous division in this country. he's a -- i call him the great divider. and we're going to unify the country. it's going to be tough. we're going to unify the country. right now we have a very, very divided country. >> i think you raise a good question. how do we get -- because it is divided. people are suffering. real problems. not made up problems. as i said, millions and millions of people. really suffering. government has hurt them. not helping them. the violence in chicago, the murder rate in chicago, the fact it's not dealt with is a national disgrace in many ways
2:27 am
to me. but how do you bring the views and parties snogt how does that happen? >> look. you need lots of things. you need education, programs. but you also need jobs. we got to create jobs. our jobs are being stripped out of our country. they're taken out of the country. the people literally just look for a job for tour, five months. they can't find one. they give up and now considered employed. the numbers are phony. these are all phony numbers. numbers given to politicians to look good. these are phony numbers. so it's a very complicated situation but it's a situation that if i become president i will solve it. it really does also begin and end with jobs. we have to bring jobs back. when you hear 59%, 58%, 59% african-american youth unemployed, i mean, much more than half don't have jobs, can't get jobs and, you know, it's
2:28 am
educational. it's programs. but it's really -- we have got to get jobs. you know, people they become educated and they work hard and then after they graduate they come out and can't get a job. >> you know, you're saying that i have often said and i think this is an important point. you know? i was 8 years old, had a paper route. 12 years old, a dishwasher. 13, a cook. 17 i was a bartender. and if i didn't have the summer jobs, i got in enough trouble having jobs. for all the kids with zero opportunity in the summer, i know what it would have meant for me growing up, out with my friends and getting in even more trouble. you're right. the kids don't have a chance, an opportunity. that gets back to the issue of immigration. more competition for limited jobs, especially low skilled labor. lower wages if you get a job. >> true. >> that ends in economic
2:29 am
hardship for people. i think the economic component cannot be ignored in the anger of this country. i think that's a good point. >> it is and it's a point to understand and we have to bring things back to our country. we have to go back and just, you know, bring it back to better than it ever was. we can make it better than it ever was and make the country better. i say make america great again and adding now because i have seen the people of the country, they're incredible. we'll say better than ever before. we can make the country better than ever before. we make a horrible deal with iran with $150 billion and a terrorist state and now buying missiles and testing missiles and not supposed to do that. the whole thing is ridiculous, sean. i'm very happy and the decision we made tonight. and there's been very, very little damage done and most importantly there's essentially nobody even hurt. and i think if we would have
2:30 am
made the wrong decision tonight could have been something that would have been very bad. everybody's very happy with what we did and how it's come out. >> it is very interesting and hearing a different side for you. i've known you over 15 years now and i sense a real pain in there about how bad things are. do you think maybe you communicate that enough to people, that this is a -- your campaign is about people? >> well, my km pain is about people. it is about making people better. getting people higher wages. getting them better jobs. getting them better education. getting them better health care. strengthen our military to keep all those things because if we don't have the right, they won't keep the things i mentioned. we are in a perilous position. our military's in very, very bad shape. physically, the equipment is old. the enemy has better equipment.
2:31 am
we have allies in the middle east and give them equipment. a friend of mine has a son over in iraq. and he says it's so disconcerting to see that the enemy has our equipment, brand new and they're using the old stuff. he tells me that young guy, fantastic guy when i see him. he says the enemy has better equipment than they do. they have the humvees sent over, hundreds of them. hundreds. that are totally armored plated. our guys don't have it. they took it from the enemy. they took it from people we gave it to and supposed to believe our allies and the bullet fired in the air, sean, and our allies ran. and the -- you know, these characters, these horrible characters cut off people's heads and drown them in cages, they took the equipment. they have better equipment than we do, sean. people are tired of it, tired of seeing the stupidity and they
2:32 am
get something much different. >> by the way, for the record, you were going to be on camera with us tonight but at the advice of secret service and others they asked you not to. correct? >> i think they probably felt it would be better not to. but, you know, look, i think we can communicate just as well this way otherwise i would have done it. >> all right, mr. trump. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you very much, sean. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, more reaction toent of the news out of chicago. earlier tonight, protesters forced the trump campaign to cancel their what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated
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and this fox news alert. violent agitators disrupt a donald trump campaign rally earlier tonight in chicago. john roberts with trump supporters. john, when's going on? >> reporter: hey, sean, good
2:35 am
evening to you. you know, we have a number of different people here from wide variety of backgrounds. we have got a bunch of medical students here. we have a screenwriter and a musician. let's start with you. your that im? >> james king. >> reporter: you are not particularly a trump supporter. who are you supporting? >> ted cruz. >> reporter: why did you want to see donald trump tonight? >> i was on the radio and heard he was speaking and wanted to come by an just, you know, see what he was doing. so massive protest. kind of interesting to see. >> reporter: what did you think of the fact that protesters shut down the event tonight and impinged on the freedom of speech? >> i'm a freedom of speech guy like i told you earlier and people have a right to protest. that's the thing going on, shutting down speech. people have the right to protest, too. but, you know, i disagree on with him a lot of things, agree on a couple of things. we should have healthy debate. >> reporter: here's a man protesting outside the event. not inside.
2:36 am
your name? >> pierre. >> reporter: why were you protesting? >> i think we have come to a point and maybe we should have earlier enough is enough. the bigotry and the hatred with muslims and islam and americans and mexicans. enough is enough. and it's time we stood up. you know? so -- >> reporter: where do your politics normally lie? >> i'm a blue dog democrat. i don't care the most conservative person, the most liberal person. we can't tolerate hatred. that's not who we are. >> hey, john? >> hopefully this sets a precedent. >> reporter: sean hannity in my ear. go ahead. >> i want to ask a question. what did donald trump say that he finds objectionable to stop a rally that thousands and thousands of supporters want to
2:37 am
see? what is donald trump specifically said? >> reporter: all right. all right. first of all, you weren't trying to stop the rally though, right? >> i was on the outside. going with the flow. really supporting the guys. so, maybe i was. >> reporter: you were a little bit. what is it that donald trump has said that you find so offensive that you wanted to stop the rally? >> first of all, he says islam, we need to ban all muslims. no. i have friends who are muslims. a lot of good personal friends and to say that, you know, we are at a war with muslim people and that. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: let's go through the list real quick here. you guys were here to see trump, as well. why? >> yeah. i agree with some of his points. i disagree with his blunt language. he talks about mexicans and muslims. i wanted to listen to the points and see if i really agree with him. because apparently it feels like that he's not against muslims.
2:38 am
he's just -- can't filter his words. >> reporter: got it. >> john? >> reporter: thanks very much for being with us tonight. really appreciate it. anymore questions for you, sean? >> well, i could argue with all of them here because we have a fbi director and an assistant director of fbi and director of national intelligence and the special envoy to defeat isis saying isis will inif i trait the refugee population and donald trump called for a temporary ban to vet them. >> reporter: yeah. exactly. exactly. but let's just if i bring in a couple of other folks here with a different perspective. go to you, dimitri, was it? why were you here tonight? >> i do think that we're in very polar. we can't sort of respect each other's opinions and i've never seen level of hostilithostility. they were shutting down people's opinions and the right to have a bloef that they want to. and i just think it was a bit sad. i'm personally jewish. my friends are african-american and my friend is a muslim.
2:39 am
we registered beforehand and wanted to hear what he had to say and go to the rally and maybe -- that's what america is about. hear somebody's opinion and agree or disagree based on what he says but this current situation to shut down somebody's rights, listen to somebody that they want to support or you want to shut down somebody's right to free speech, i think it's not a very positive route that america is headed toward. >> reporter: what you what did you think about the fact it's shut down? >> sad like dimitri. free speech, we value in america. i'm an undecided voter but i'm a big fan of the american political process. i think we have the most unique political process in the world. and we as students wanted to come and hear what that was about. and see what the fuss about donald trump was. he's been the most polarizing political figure of this political season so why not come out and hear it? whether you want to vote for him or not it's worth hearing because of the system. >> reporter: thank you for joining us.
2:40 am
you have clinic first thing in the morning. thank you for hanging in. sean? >> john roberts on the ground in chicago. thank you. we have more reaction to the violent protesters forcing donald trump to kans tell rally growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test chicago toni. joining us on the phone, dr. ben carson, of course he just endorsed donald trump. mr. carson, i know you. you're a peace loving guy. this happens on college campuses with conservative that is want to speak and then, of course, then the blame goes out, well, obviously what they're saying that caused people to protest and get violent. this seems like a planned orchestrated assault on not only donald trump's right the speak but on the right of people that
2:46 am
wanted to hear him to hear him. your thoughts? >> well, unfortunately, particularly on a lot of college campuses, intolerance reigns supreme. tolerance is only taught in one direction. and it's a very dangerous precedent because our young people are being caught that if somebody doesn't agree with you, you have the right to do whatever you want to them, including violence. and it's very sad. it's going to require some extreme leadership and it's going to have to come from both sides. >> yeah. >> and i believe this is an area where the media can play a significant role. >> did you hear some of the reckless, ridiculous commentary? i'm listening tonight. >> of course. >> it's like blaming words for people getting violent. now, isn't that blaming the victim? is that any different than blaming the victim?
2:47 am
>> it is craziness. they need to be teaching, particularly the younger generation, what the meaning of the first amendment is. why the bill of rights is important. i don't think these things are taught to them anymore, quite frankly. particularly the institutions of higher education and leading to a very difficult situation and then also we need to recognize that what's happening particularly in a lot of inner cities, since president obama came along, with the hope and change model it's been a lot of hope and not much change. so what does that do? that leaves people very, very frustrated and makes them easy to ma anyplace lit. >> i have to run but i got to tell you, dr. carson, that's such a valid point. things have gotten so worse, so bad for so many millions of mitt romneys and you know what? they're feeling hopeless and nobody points that out. we'll have you back on soon to talk about it. we unfortunately went long in
2:48 am
the last segment. thank you. >> no problem. okay. take care. >> coming up, more reaction to
2:49 am
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. here with reaction are juan williams, kimberly guilfoyle.
2:53 am
kimberly, i can't believe tonight that people on television are actually somehow blaming trump for the fact that people are violent and disrupting a rally. words don't, words do not justify violence, ever. thoughts? >> they don't. the first amendment is freedom of speech in this country. people fought and died to preserve those rights and our constitutional rights in this country. people should be able to go and listen to spun and decide if they would like to make an informed choice to vote for them or not. i respect the right of protestors to express their conditions, but also the people that wanted to hear mr. trump speak tonight. and it's naive to think that this wasn't part of a concerted effort to try to chill free speech tonight by people like move and how worried they are about the candidacy of
2:54 am
donald trump that they'd go to these lengths. how about protesting failed policies of mayor rahm emmanuel with the people dying and bleeding in the streets. and they should be protesting that. >> juan, we're going to give you the final word. >> no. no. i just think have to listen to people are saying on fox and what marco rubio saying words have consequences and you hear ted cruz says trump has to take responsibility for the violence he's been treating. >> wait, wait a minute. >> if you like like it's wwe in the old days we would have punched him in the face. you saw in north carolina a guy sucker punched a protestor and michelle fields being dragged
2:55 am
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♪ [national anthem] ♪ hi, friends. good morning. today is saturday, the 12th of march, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. chaos on the campaign trail as fist goes flying in the windy city forcing donald trump to cancel his rally. >> are you proud of yourself? >> here is a question. who is the protesters behind the chicago clashes? we're taking a closer look. >> and while trump says the violence is not his fault, the other candidates are piling on. >> responsibility for that lies with protesters who took violence into their own hands. but, in any campaign, responsibility starts at the top. >> a


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