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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  March 12, 2016 7:30am-8:01am PST

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better hume fri emerged, there was so much going on, the vietnam war, martin luther king and bobby kennedy. it was a divided party. but that a lot of people looked at that, looked at the images of that convention and so we want nothing to do with this party. so i'm wondering now how the convention itself is looking for cleveland and republicans this summer that as any possibility of drawing in protesters to the degree that one did. >> well, neil, obviously we pray not, we hope not, but let's be realistic, whether donald trump wins that nomination or it's given to somebody else or someone else wins it i should say, i think there's a pretty good chance of tens of thousands of demonstrators on all sides to show up in cleveland and i've noticed, recently, that the city of cleveland has increased their
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allocation of riot gear for july. and i think that's a very wise decision on cleveland's part. we hope nothing happens, but i do remember 1968, i was actually in chicago right before the democratic national convention, it was already an armed camp. august of 1968, before the convention. i hope to never see it again, u hope it doesn't happen this summer, it might happen. >> wow, we hope not. but you're right, things escalate at their own accord. proofrs, thank you very, very much. cleveland is the site of this year's republican convention, cleveland, ohio. you know the governor of that state is of course, he's fighting for his political life in the 66 delegates at stake, but regardless, he would have a huge role at that convention, not only keeping order, but keeping the peace, john kasich is next.
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all right. to shove, you'll notice it's at an airport terminal obviously, and it's donald trump they're waiting for. now, synthetic plane in the background, but trust me, he's not appearing via fedex, but he is arriving a little bit behind schedule in his own 757. big plane. normal 757 is like 300 people. now you know. obviously, the reason why we're centered on this is not because we wanted to give fedex a commercial, although i find it an interesting backdrop. but a lot of waiting to hear what donald trump may have to say regarding last night's big dust-up in chicago where it got pretty ugly. it got pretty nasty. and half a dozen people ultimately arrested in the middle of a protesters versus
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trump loyalist, then the event cancelled. when the crowd heard that, that was nasty. we've already heard from marco rubio, this gives him pause as to whether or not donald trump sort of fuels these sort of things and whether he could back him as the party's nominee, what does governor john kasich think? this is his state afterall. 66 delegates up for grabs in just a couple of day us. good governor joins us right now. governor kasich, good to have you. >> thanks, neil. >> what did you think of what happened last night? >> well, i didn't see it until i got back to my hotel room. and you know, frankly, donald has created a very toxic environment. and it's really dividing people, which i have been saying since the third debate, and -- >> how did he create it? how did he create it? >> dividing people. look, i'm a guy that has unified this state. we have fixed many problems here, including the issue of jobs, working with local
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communities, working with the legislature, we've fixed a lot of things in cleveland, particularly the cleveland schools, working with unions, believe it or not, has said that we need reform with the mayor who was a democrat and the legislature, which is conservative, to bring people together. and you have to remember, neil, my entire campaign has been unwaveringly positive, and i stand on that stage sometimes, i did, and i couldn't believe some of the things that i heard or some of the things that i heard on the campaign trail, and as you know, some people urged many toe go negative. and i simply wouldn't do it. now in the last debate, we saw progress to a discussion of issues, and that's where we ought to be. we're not going to fix these problems in that country by dividing people. and you know, last night, was, you know, some of his supporters, and probably some people who absolutely came seeking confrontation. >> we've already seen that, right, governor, but we've seen black lives matter crowds showing up at sanders' events, in fact they stormed the stage
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in his event. and hillary clinton events. so this is not unique to mr. trump, right? >> well, i don't disagree that it could really affect all of us if people go request an agenda of disruption, but you know, when you're spending your time, criticizing people, and look, neil, i tell you this, i went to new hampshire, and i learned that i could walk into a room with 100 people, and give them hope, and show them a path to success or i could walk into a room with 100 people and really get them to press, by dividing them. i've chosen to raise the bar. i don't have any interest in running a personal, negative campaign. and i think a lot of things that have been said have created edd toxic environment. >> marco rubio said about that environment, sir, that it makes him think twice now as to whether he could support him as the party's nominee. where do you stand on that?
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>> well, i said it the last debate, that sometimes he makes it very difficult, i said it with sort of a smile. yeah, it brings to mind as to what kind of a leader he would be. and i hope he'll knock this off and stop trying to divide us. and but you know, my feeling is, you don't beat donald by wrestling in the mud with him. you have to have a stronger vision and you have to give people hope. and i think as a result of that, neil, i'm beginning to see a significant rise all across this country because people cheer when you say, i'm not going to get into the mud. records are fair game. what i'm saying here today about his creating a toxic environment is real. and he needs to stop it. he should know better than that. and as the leader of ohio, where we've seen significant economic gain, where we saw, as you know, very tough court decisions that could have resulted in a split ohio, we're unified in this
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state. we don't have all of our problems solved, but i've learned over the course of being the governor and being in public light that our job is to lift people, to give them a path towards solving problems, not to drive them into the ditch. >> well, you know, you have made dramatic progress depending on the poll, certainly surging in ohio, it might produce a win for you on tuesday. you said that you've got to win to stay relevant, but having said that, donald trump says you're not all that that much 6 your record isn't what it's constituted to be. here's what he was saying about you just this morning. >> the problem with kasich is that he's very weak on illegal immigration. and that's why i think he's going to lose ohio. he's very weak on illegal immigration, he's very, very weak on trade, and you know, ohio is only doing okay because of oil. they struck oil. he got lucky. >> you got lucky. what'd you think of that? >> neil, i'm not going to, you know, wallow in the mud, but let
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me just tell you, we're up over $400,000 jobs in ohio, our wages are growing faster than the national average, i've cut taxes by more than any governor in america, our credit is strong. our pensions are strong, and we're running a $2 billion surplus coming back from an $8 billion, $8 billion deficit. we not only have some energy, which is mason, but we also just found out we have our third amazon investment in this state. we're strong in financial services, medical device development, we have the great cleveland clinic here in ohio. we are across the board diversified, and yesterday, by the way, yesterday, neil, i stood in a plant where a chinese investor has investored a half a billion dollars in creating over a thousand jobs in a abandoned auto plant in ohio. give me a break. okay. >> so you don't quite agree with donald trump on that. let me end by asking you about your role, whether or not you
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win tuesday, you are still the governor of ohio, you will be for the cleveland convention this summer, and there's added angst, i'm sure you're aware, governor, will cleveland be looking at another chicago situation? are you making, taking any extra steps to keep the peace, to make sure it doesn't erupt into something nasty? what are you doing? >> well, of course we will, neil. we handle all situations as best we can. and we plan and we prepare, and that's july. and this is now march. so, yeah, of course our people plan. our folks have been involved in many -- have been involved in anticipating challenges and they've handled themselves well. we have people trained to handle al host of activities, and we'll try to stay ahead of it. i will tell you, is everything in the world can't be anticipated, but we do the best that we can in doing that. and secondly, don't be sprazed,
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first of all, i'm going to win ohio, neil, with the help of these republicans who are going to reward me for the job i've done. for the team that i've put together. and secondly, don't be surprised if i go to that convention with more delegate strength than anybody else. we have a long way to go with half the delegates still to be chosen about a thousand. >> all right. >> so fasten your seat belt, neil. >> as always, thank you very, very much, governor kasich, good chatting with you. >> thank you, neil. >> john kasich, he is governor of the state hosting the convention. keeping everyone safe. in ohio, we're waiting for donald trump to address crowds. what jack welsh thinks is at stake and what the donald might have to say. and jack welsh, one of the greatest ceo's ever on ted cruz and why he thinks he's the guy with the right tone and the right approach. jack, next.
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when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discourse. >> ted cruz blaming all of this dust-up at a trump rally on donald trump. i think a number who go to his events might disagree with that, and nonetheless, cruz supporter jack welsh in palm beach, florida, with his take on that. we are waiting to hear what donald trump has to say. he's going to be winging into ohio and give his post-cancelled event response to all of this. what do you think donald trump should say when he talks to
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those people? >> talk about the first amendment. you got to talk to the supporters and tell them, once again, their voice isn't being heard. whether it be by politicians in washington, or people trying to shut him down. and all this is going to do is increase trump's popularity among his crowd. so this is not destructive. and these politicians who are now deciding whether or not well, rubio said on your show, i heard before i got here, a little bit of e might not support the candidate. he's going to support hillary clinton, not only disqualify him right away. as far as bernie sanders' concerned, he never got a job in the private sector. that's when he was 40 something years old. his claim to fame is being a protester, arrested or hauled out of the jail. so i mean, come on.
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he says should cause a riot. >> you think that a lot of these candidates who are now coming back saying, you know, hedging on whether or not they would support donald trump, your candidate, if you like ted cruz, if he were to lose, presumably to donald trump that he should support donald trump? >> ted cruz said, from day one, that he made a pledge, and keeping the word. the strength of ted cruz and one of the reasons i'm behind him is speaks his word. and i think he will keep his wo word. >> he threw a lot of this open last night in donald trump. donald trump's people respond, look at them and how many come to our rallies, tens of thousands, obviously you're going to have mal contents, target of all these groups that are an avenger of left wing causes that come together and target us. that's not my fault.
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what do you think? >> look, you've got creatures like bill ayers coming out of the woodwork on this. you have with george soros behind it, come come on, let's not give a lot of credence to these creeps. >> when ted cruz and marco rubio kind of fault donald trump for this -- >> excuse me, marco rubio questioned whether r not he would support. >> ted cruz also blamed the tone of donald trump for what happened at his rallies. that, he did say. >> but he didn't say he wouldn't support him. >> fair enough. what do you think of what i raised at the yut set here, that both of those candidates, apart from if they would support the eventual nominee, are blaming a lot of this on donald trump? his rallies are donald trump's fault. >> they're in a political fight, so they're going to throw some stuff on the fire. >> you don't agree with that.
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>> no, i don't. these people are, the trump supporters have a right to be there, doing their thing. this is a free country and they shouldn't be stopped. we ought to have, we ought to have, if we're going to have ryan, we ought to have ryan and have to ask what bernie sanders has to say about tearing our country down. >> you're right on the left. as you were talking, bernie sanders, marco rubio is in a florida event. that's a must win with all the 99 delegates there. having worked for you and covered you, i can remember a few ru kous shareholder meetings when you were dealing with those not quite concurring with what you were doing. this was in the middle of the downsizing, yo you dealt with lot of nasty protesters. that's what i'm asking.
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for dealing with it. >> look, you want to let the protesters have their voice. be courteous to them. let them be there and get out and i don't agree with inciting them in any way, shape or form, but i also don't believe that we now should be and i'm not a truch supporter. i'm a cruz supporter,ut i don't believe we should be piling on trump to have the creeps like bill coming back again. what these people want to destroy our country. and they want to destroy the way of life we all have. and it's crazy. >> do you think the party is tied up in knots over donald trump? needlessly so? that he d does bring in a lot of people who typically haven't voted republican, gosh, a lot of them haven't voted at all and they're killing the golden goose. >> no, i think we ought to have a free swing for everybody and
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we ought to let it play out. but they are getting their hides ovhighs over trump and now, the media's having a little party with this little riot in chicago, so it will make it sound like it's not quite right. there have been protests forever. now, trump could have handled this better, let's be clear about that. but the idea that we're going to blow this thing up over and we're going to have candidates now say they're for hillary clinton? come on, that's whacky. >> you said trump could have handled it better. how so? >> he couldn't have said some of the things he said like pumpbl him in the nozette set ra. he didn't have to say that, but i don't think that's what's got these guys out there. bill ayers didn't come because donald trump said something. excuse me, neil. he came because he loves trouble. >> yeah.
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>> we got bill ayers on the mike last night. >> yeah. >> it's on odd mix of people joining this cause. it's avengsers of the left. thank you very much, very much. the door just opening on donald trump's 757. going to be making his way out and addressing the troops there. attended, speaks his mind. john robert in chicago on what donald trump might say in a few minutes as he's coming down the stairs of his plane. what do you think? you flew the round with him and you know what hs on mind. what do you think he does? >> i would hazard a guess that one of the first things that comes out of his mouth today will be to talk about what happened in chicago and the fact that he believes that protesters denied him his right to free speech, but he also thinks that what happened last night is effectively spreadinging his
7:55 am
message much farther and wider than it would have been had he been at the event. you remember the monotra the protesters had in 1968. oh, it's sat patrick's day today. remember what happened in 1968 at the democratic convention. the whole world is watching. well, trump believes after what happened in chicago last night, the whole world is watching his campaign. of course, his opponents for the republican nomination are saying the whole world is watching what is happening coming out of donald trump's mouth, which has kind of laid the ground for what happened in chicago last night. john kasich come out this morning telling the media he believes donald trump has created a toxic environment. marco rubio suggesting the type of language donald trump has been engaging in are what's responsible for what happened. that it's seeking to divide the country. where this is heading is that
7:56 am
donald trump prevails and becomes the nominee. that big republican convention in cleveland in the summertime. a very democratic city. even though john kasich republican is the governor. the caller around cleveland, very republican, but the city centered very democratic and you can imagine what happened in chicago last night is any indication there may be massive protests at the convention should donald trump become the nominee. >> thank you very much. great reporting on this by the way. we are waiting to hear from donald trump. he is speaking right now. or will be shortly. it's his first chance to respond to the discord last night at a chicago event that had to be canceled an got pretty violet. donald trump, his moment is now. >> number one. number one in position by everybody and everybody tells me, so, thank you all very much. i want to thank you very much.
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what a good guy in ohio. oh, i love ohio. i love ohio. you know, i worked in ohio for summers in cincinnati and i love cincinnati. i had a great experience. it was early on and it was a job and i brought it with my father. i bought it and worked out really well. i stayed here, i ran the job myself. i was very, very young. and i bought it for this and i sold it for this and i looked good and felt good, like singing that first putt or getting a home run your first time at bat, so i always had a great feeling for ohio and the people are amazing people. thank you. i love you. i don't know if the media is getting this. here, we have a full hangar and we thought with this, this is a big, big hangar. this can take just abouting anything and we figured the
7:58 am
crowd would be okay an we have so many thousands of people extra that we had to put them out in the runway, right? they never want to capture that, just so you understand, right? it's really fan ttastic. let's address, thank you, darling. i love you, too, darling. this is amazing. so, let's address yesterday, should we? so, look, we had a tremendous rally in chicago planned. we were going to have over 25,000 people. the arena was seating about 11,000. we had registered much more than 25,000. so, what we did -- that's all right. that's okay.
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i once. you're loyal to other places, but that's okay. but what happened, it was very interesting. so, what happened, and these were great people. these are people like yourselves. these were people that want to make america great again. that's all it is. and they were pouring in to the arena, good arena, everything nice and all of a sudden, a planned attack just came out of nowhe nowhere. it was printed by people that were professional people. if you look at the posters, they're all printed. they have a mark on them, who made them. all done by a group. all very professionally done. disgraced if you want to know the truth. and with the thousands of people and fortunately, we were able to let a lot of them know, don't go, because we would have had a problem like you wouldn't believe. just like big nick over here, they would have wiped him out and that would not have been good. we made and we made a decision. we said, and i hated to do this, because frankly, it would have
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been easier to go, but i didn't want to see anybody get hurt. you would have had a problem like they haven't seen in a long time because we have team that are so amazing and it's not necessarily loyal to me. it's loyal to the country. we want to see, we want to see things happen. and they're loyal to the country. it's okay, usa is right. they're loyal. they're loyal to the country. they want great security. they want great military. they want to take care of their vets. they want a border. they want a wall. they want -- we're going


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