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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 12, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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hello, everybody. this is a fox news alert. it is full speed ahead on the campaign trail today with only three days to go before what could be the make or break moment in the race for the republican nomination. at this hour we are getting or expecting rallies from four gop candidacy as they gear up for are potentially pivotal primaries coming tuesday. ohio governor john kasich an florida senator marco rubio holding events on their home turf. both hoping their favorite son status will give them some advantage in the highly contested race so far and keep their presidential dreams alive. over the next hour front-runner donald trump will take to the stage in cleveland, ohio. in kansa city, ted cruz looking to pick up more support in the
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show-me state with his own rally. we're going to get back to our coverage with john kasich who's holding a town hall meeting at this hour in heath, ohio. let's listen in. >> when i think about the challenges that we've had in lincoln county and so many of the villages, and of course over there in newark, what i see happening with the gibb reeses. you remember gibb reese? earl shirts. jill brasae. you see, they didn't wait for anybody to come riding in to down to solve their problems. in mckeys rocks we fixed it ourselves. we want to renew the spirit of
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the country? we renew it, right within our families so we strengthen it. with our neighbors so we know who our neighbors are and we need to take care of the community in which we live and make sure that everybody has a chance to rise. now i want to tell you something really important. many of you would watch debates and you would say, how come they never call on kasich? okay? you know why they didn't call on me? because i didn't personally attack somebody. i've actually had people in the national immediamedia who have if you really want to get attention, you need to start attacking. let let me tell you, folks, firf all, you leaked me to represent you. number one. number two, i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land to be elected to
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anything. thank you. thank you. and we cannot create in this country a toxic environment where images of people slugging it out at a campan rally -- thinkbout it -- are transmitted all over the globe with people who, they really do love us. they don't like to admit it, but they do love us in other parts of the world, because they know that we're the strength for freedom. we're the strength for human
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rights. we're the hope for women who want to have equality in their society. and you know what they -- lot of them say when they see this? what's happened to america? what's happened to our country? you know, problems are serious. rob mentioned them. but think about these problems. i heard from my father that during the great depression, he'd go down to buy some milk and some bread down at the corner store. he didn't have any money. he'd walk in and the guy would say, we'll put it on the kasich tab. there was no tab. it didn't exist. think about what it was like to have had a loved one to be on the barges at normandy splashing
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into the water and climbing on the beach with machine gun fire that would cut you to pieces, and think about the loved ones, the families that were at home, who thought i may never see my husband, i may never see my son, i may never see my brother again. and many of them never did. or think about what it must have been like when you had this flash on the television. my god, these planes are crashing into the buildings. where's my mom? i was there after 9/11 at ground zero and i saw signs painted by kids in an elementary school down the block, and i saw in the buildings on the glass things printed in the glass that said
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please fine my mom. please find my dad. so now we have our struggles. but think about throws and what's happened. we emerged from the depression stronger than ever. we came out of world war ii as the guardian of freedom in the world. and you remember when george bush stood on that rubble and said we're all americans, all over the world. so we'll fix these things when we remember that we're americans and not republicans and democrats first, but americans first, and work together and lift this country. we will fix this. now, i've done 106 town halls in new hampshire. 200 meetings. then i've done -- i don't know how many in south carolina. was in illinois for some last week. i've been all over the place and
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they've all been fun. so now we're here. please don't screw this up for me. okay? i'm having a great time. okay? who wants to go first and ask a question. ask whatever you want. yes, sir, right back here. >> i have a question on social security. first of all, it is not an entitlement. people and their employers have paid in to that expecting it to be there when they retire. i read somewhere in new hampshire you were proposing some income cuts for senior citizens. correct me if i have this wrong, and i hope i do. but what is your take on that? if so, that's not right to do. thank you. >> yeah. well, sir, here's the situation. they say that things like social security are the third rail in politics. touch it and you'll die. i have no third rails in my political world. you see a problem, you have to fix it. now you understand the problem with social security is demographic. we don't have as many people working as we have retired.
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and we're going to have a bigger rush even than we have today because as baby boomers retire, there's not enough people in the workforce to be able to support the baby boomers. the numbers don't work. they just simply don't work. this should have been addressed 20 years ago. and i proposed trying to fix it almost 20 years ago. but politicians thought it was the third rail. so what do we do? well, i don't want to give you the complicated formula as to how we start the initial benefit. let me give you the principle. reason why it is an entitlement is, if you qualify for it, you get it. doesn't have anything to do with the negative word of entitlement. just means when you meet the criteria, you automatically qualify. i believe as you have earned money throughout your lifetime and if you have been wealthy, then you are still going to get social security. you're just not going to get as much as you thought you were going to get and the people who really depend on it, the people that really need it are going to get their full benefit. when we do that, it fixes social
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security forever. we never have to mess with this program again. it will be strong and it will continue. there's no other way to get this thing accomplished but i will tell you this. in order to get this done, you will have to have some democrats who are going to work with republicans to get it done. that's the answer on social security. >> what do you consider high-income? when you mention that. and secondly, i understand what you said. makes sense. fewer workers. but couldn't that money come from somewhere else like foreign aid or how about the perks for lifetime in senate and representatives get that we still pay for and they're not doing anything? they're not doing anything now. >> you know, it's sort of like -- first of all, we could take it out of waste, fraud and abuse. don't know whether you know this or not but if you walk into the government and you say, hey, can you show me where the waste, fraud and abuse office is, that doesn't exist. number two, foreign aid is a
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tiny little piece. i'm just going to give you the real story and not tell you what you want to hear. it's tiny. if we took away all the salaries of all the members of congress, it would be like a spit in the ocean compared to what we're facing. so we're still trying to figure out exactly what those income levels are. but it is vital that those who really depend on it can get it, and those who have had the ability to accumulate wealth over time will get less. they'll not get none like some have proposed, because then it becomes a welfare program, and it is not a welfare program. all i want to do, sir, is to make sure we get this program solid, because there is a lot of our seniors that are very frightened about it and there are more 18 year-olds who think they're more likely to see a ufo than a social security check and we need to take care of that becaus they're going to pay into it for a very, very long time. that's, frankly, the answer, sir. yes, right here.
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>> i'd like to follow up on that. as i cross over the threshold of the cap on soci security, one side of me went, hey, that thatis great, i get more money back in my paycheck. . long term side of me said that's not so goodecause you're no longer contributing to your social security. what's your take oun eliminating the cap on social security and also not privatizing social security but towing social security out of the hands of the government so they can't rob and steal social security like they have done historically? >> let me speak to all of this because this is why it's good to do town halls. because it is also educational. first of all, what happened with social security is the amount of money that was in was more than the amount of money that flowed out. there's not green money that's social security, red money that's gas tax -- all the money
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flows in. the government does not invest in the private market. i don't want them investing in the private market, buying stocks. so what they did is when they borrowed the money to run the government -- which we did not do when i ultimately got to the balanced budget, what they did is whether they borrowed it they put an iou in that account. those ious are being redeemed right now. because the government can't default on those. it has to honor those ious. but the problem is back to the demographics. the fact is that we just have a lot fewer people working compared to those who are reting, and when it comes to the cap, should we raise the cap, part of that is related to -- you can raise the cap, you still haven't solved your fundamental problem. but i believe at the end of the day, whether we raise the cap or not will be a discussion point whenever we sit down and try to get everybody together to figure something out. i'd like to have a plan that i can providep on on social security in the first 100 days. then i've got to recruit some
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democrats. now i was saying in a funny sort of way that one of the things i'm going to do in the first 1 00 days is to collect the phone numbers of the moms an dads who have kids in congress so i can call mom on her birthday, then she calls her son or daughter who's in congress, member of the congress, and says don't you pick on that president, you work with him. i like him very much. and you laugh, but does that work, neal? am i right? all right, from john kasich's rally. now to another part of ohio, cleveland, where front-runner donald trump is addressing his supporters there. we want to listen in to his remarks right now. >> we are going it replace obamacare. it is a disaster. we are going to have incredibly, incredibly strong borders. we are going to have strong borders on the sthoun border. we are going to have a wall.
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we are going to have a wall. a real wall, folks. a real wall. and who's going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> who! >> mexico zblirmts. >> you better believe it. they're paying. they're paying. okay. okay. so here's the story. we have trade deficits with virtually every country we do business with. with china, it' 500 -- think of this -- $500 billion. and you're losing plants over here and you're losing a plant over there. and you're losing another plant, i hear, over there. any direction i can point to, you're losing jobs, you're losing your plants. we're not going to let it happen anymore.
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you have a governor who i've gotten to know and he's abandoned this state. he's lived in new hampshire. he lives there. he's moved to new hampshire. he said he's going to win. i won in a landslide. he moved to south carolina, he said he was going to win. i won in a landslide. he moved to michigan. he said he was going to win. and if he didn't win michigan, he'd drop out of the race. and i won in a landslide. why didn't he drop out? i'm going to break away from that rally for a moment because we want to bring you some additional updates to what's been happening with donald trump today. there were some tense moments earlier for mr. trump where he was speaking to thousands at another rally in ohio. >> i have to do it myself. i know its --
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>> as you can see, secret service agents were responding very quickly to what was seen as some kind of potential threat at the rally near dayton, ohio. agents jumping on the stage surrounding the republican front rubber. this is after someone in that crowd apparently got too close. you see that video there. that's new video just a short time ago that was brought to us after that on-stage incident showing secret service agents escorting a protesters out of that ohio event. this incident follows what was a troubling and chaotic scene in chicago last night with clashes breaking out between trump supporters and anti-trump protesters inside the chicago pifl on. all of this prompting trump to cancel that event as what was described as security concerns. mr. trump says the high tensions and flare-ups are tied to president obama for what he says are the divisions that have
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polarized the nation. >> we want to get along with everybody and we can get along with people. we're going to unify the country. our president has divided this country so badly. he has been a -- i call him the great divider. you know when he got elected originally, i said, you know, i don't think he's going to be a very good president. >> on this very busy news we heard from the president speaking a short time ago at a democratic national community reception in dallas, texas. he adds the heated rhetoric on the campaign trail is getting out of harnof hand. >> what the folks who are running for office should be focused is how we can make it better. not insults and schoolyard taunts. certainly not violence against other americans. >> meanwhile, the battle for the all-important delegates continues to raise the stakes in
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several states in play right now. voting is under way at this hour in guam, the northern mariana islands and in washington, d.c. this is a polling station in the nation's capital with republicans there casting ballots for who they would like to see lead the gop as the party's no many knee. let's gret to ed henry who's following from cleveland, ohio. >> reporter: good to see you. i'm at an african-american church in cleveland where hillary clinton will be speaking in a short time. she has jumped on this trump situation you have been talking about. she had an event a little earlier in missouri and was talking about how for some time out here on the trail she has been saying that the tone needs to be lowered, that donald trump needs to stop going after various groups, and that some of this violence is getting out of control. listen. >> i believe with all my heart,
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we a the only way to fix what's broken is to stand together against the forces of division and discrimination that are trying to divide america between us an them. >> reporter: now, she obviously is in missouri because it is one of those primary states on tuesday. ohio here as well. voters will be going to the polls. she is in a scramble with bernie sanders in the midwest in particular. because remember, he shocked her with that victory a few days back in michigan. he's trying to build on that momentum, and in part, he's doing that, bernie sanders, by appearing earlier today in chicago where this whole situation with donald trump rally went down. it was clear from sanders' remarks that he believes trump needs to dial it back. in fact a couple days ago i sat down for an interview with bernie sanders, and even then he was making it clear that he believes the tone had been getting out of control it is interesting to note that has endorsed bernie sanders in this campaign and in
11:20 am
fact recently we've been seeing the last couple days saying they need to shut down trump supporters at the rallies. >> how do you exist in the modern world when you have somebody who's running for president insulting muslims and mexicans and women and veterans? you know, it's quite preposterous. >> so, interesting as i mentioned, hillary clinton will be here in a short time speakingalispeaking ali at this african-american church. we expect she'll comment on donald trump but also she will want to turn out african-american vote in the cleveland area as she tries to push back on sanders and win this battleground of ohio. >> thank you very much. we are just getting started right here on america's election headquarters this afternoon. republican voters in washington
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welcome back, everybody. as we have been reporting, it is election day in some parts of the country. republican primary voting
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continues in the nation's capital at this hour. 19 delegates are up for grabs as d.c. republicans come out to caucus for their presidential nominee. kristin fisher standing by live in washington right now with the latest. are we expecting to see a lot of turnout today? >> reporter: not a huge turnout, though the lines outside have been very impressive. today is a very big deal for republican voters in the nation's capital because for the first time in a very long time, their votes actually matter in a presidential primary. voters who come here to this one and only precinct will have tremendous influence over how the district delegates are divided up. 19 delegates are up for grabs. only 3,000 to 8,000 voters are expected to come out, so you have a very small number of people voting for a very large number of delegates. >> in terms of like bang for your buck if you're a presidential campaign, whoever shows up here today is like 50 people voting for delegates in
11:26 am
texas. >> d.c. is typically seen as establishment country. romney won here in 2012 with 70% of the votes. mccain in 2008 with 68%. candidates like marco rubio and john kasich historically have the edge here, but no one knows for sure because there have been zero polls this election cycle in d.c. in fact, none of the candidates have even really campaigned here. >> as much as they want delegates in d.c. i think some are like do i really want to win washington, d.c.? it is seen as establishment country. i think there definitely are candidates who want to win. they aren't accepting the establishment label that d.c. carries. >> reporter: indeed many of the voters here today are members of the so-called establishment, former members of the about you shall and reagan administrations, former ambassadors, lobbyists, people with really deep ties to the federal government. now the delegates will be allocated proportion atly unless
11:27 am
one of the candidates gets 50% of the votes. then it becomes winner take all. expect the results around 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> every vote will count in this election from d.c. there is much more ahead from america's election headquarters. texas senator ted cruz moments away from taking the stage in kansas city. but missouri's just one of the states heading to the polls on this so-called super tuesday 2.0. florida also gearing up for that state's big primary and it has the most delegates ln the line. senator marco rubio making the rounds in the sunshine state today. but our next guest, former reagan advisor ed rollins, says it will be tough going for rubio on his home turf. he'll tell you who he believes has the best shot at victory. >> what happened to marco rubio? >> i think when he got into the fray, he had a very optimistic, he was a very smart candidate. he should have stayed in the optimism. but when he got into the fray a few weeks ago he got battered
11:28 am
very badly. he's certainly not an effective candidate. there's no place for him to go. even if he wins this state, there's no place for him to go after that. >> we'll also get he'd thoughts on some of the unrest and protests over the past 24 hours tied to donald trump's events. we've been hearing from his rivals on both sides of the aisle blaming him. is that fair or not? i want to hear from you. who do you think is to blame for the problems? we'll try to get to some of your answers later on in the show. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane.
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none of this works. come on in.
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welcome back, everybody. the battle for florida off to an early start. some people in that state already turning in their ballots ahead of tuesday's big primary. five states head to the polls on that day. florida is the one with the most delegates up for grabs. steve harrigan joins us now live at the polls in coral gables. steve. >> reporter: poll workers told us this morning they've never seen anything like it here in the past 20 years. we have record early voting across the state. already 1.7 million early and absentee ballots cast. it could go over 2 million. a lot of people voting are new voters, they have not taken part in previous florida elections. >> bernie sanders is like super important for florida. i think he could really help the country. i don't think he's just like someone for the young people. i really think he's trying to help everybody. >> marco rubio is the person that i'm voting for. it seems that he's been like
11:34 am
falling through the cracks. >> reporter: according to a fox news poll on the republican side, donald trump has a commanding lead of more than 20%. next would be marco rubio, the florida senator crisscrossing the state in what could be a struggle for political survival. finally, ted cruz who is a distant third in florida but his organization is still working hard in the state. it is a winner-take-all primary on the gop side. all 99 delegates go just to the winner. despite that fact, the cruz effort still strong here in florida. perhaps trying to deliver a knock-out blow to marco rubio. >> steve, thank you very much. the rest of the presidential candidates on the gop side sounding off about the chaos at donald trump's event in chicago last night saying the violence at the front-runner's rallies are "his fault." >> you can't ignore that the fact that increasingly donald trump events have become violent. you had a guy sucker punched the
11:35 am
other day at his event. the guy was released and he said maybe the next time we should kill him. yeah, he's responsible for that language. from frankly, donald has created a very toxic environment and it is really dividing people and which i have been saying since the third debate. >> last night was some of his supporters an probably some people who absolutely came seeking confrontation. >> when you have a campaign that encourages violence, when you have a campaign that is facing allegations of fiscal violence, against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty display. >> joining us with thoughts on all of this, ed rollins, former white house advisor to president reagan. long time strategist to other political leaders as well.
11:36 am
as well as a fox political analyst. the piling on as begun over last night's event in chicago. >> i find it very disturbing they'd jump on trump in this particular case. there's been some things said he probably shouldn't have said. he toned down his rhetoric a great deal the other night. obviously he had been a leader of the fighting. my sense is is playing a very heavy role. >> why isn't that -- >> it isn't the trump people fighting among the trump people, it is outsiders who crash into the event and create chaos and tear up signs. my sense is as we go forward i hope security against intensified which is never a desirable thing. but i worry. having watched ronald reagan be shot in 1981, having watched george wallace be shot in 1968, and that nearly killed -- i worry very much that someone's going to get seriously hurt in these things.
11:37 am
security has to be intense. trump has to be careful for his own security and he has to make sure that the people that are there are his people. >> we are taking a look at live pictures right now addressing his supporters in cleveland. earlier today in ohio there was that scare for mr. trump on the stage there. security rushed to the stage. >> what i found very disturbing -- i'm always a big supporter of the secret service. it seemed very slow to get him off out of the way. i think you just have to understand there are people out there that want to hurt him. he is the most controversial of the candidates and it is just local police and the secret service have to work very closely as they normally do to make sure this doesn't happen. it would be a disaster, absolute disaster for this country if he or anyone of the supporters that are in there get seriously injured. >> right now what we keep hearing from these other candidates, his rivals, along with the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders saying that it is up to mr. trump to take responsibility for what is being said out there and
11:38 am
the fact that they're blaming him for fueling the passions to the point where people are getting violent. >> again, i think he has to be careful with his rhetoric right now. i think he will say something. i think this is a smart man who is basically toning down his rhetoric somewhat. he has got the largest crowds. he's the front-runner. he's probably going to be the nominee. the people that are complaining about him today are pretty far back. but i think we all as citizens have an obligation to free speech. can say whatever they want but i don't think they should -- >> if you have piling on from the other rivals, doesn't this only further help mr. trump with his supporters? >> i think it does. being perfectly honest, there is a crazy mix out there at this point in time. i think we're now, if he's going to be the nominee, we'll probably know better next tuesday. we have to start coming together. i think he's starting to talk
11:39 am
about that. we have to unify this party or otherwise we'll lose in the fall. >> the florida primary on tuesday. a lot at stake there. a lot of people wonder why marco rubio does not have that home state evangelical th that many expect he would. >> i think the rivalry between him and jeb bush got very nasty early on. i think many of the supporters of the same. he doesn't have the resources. he's about out of money. very expensive state. ten media markets. it is not a state that's easy to organize. for some reason -- he a he really lost momentum in the last two, three weeks. he's very articulate, he has a very optimistic message. i think people just don't think him a viable candidate. he's 20 points below trump and i expect him to lose on tuesday. >> he's taken on the role of being an attack dog in the last few weeks. >> bernard shaw had a wonderful saying, when you get in the mud with a pig, the pig gets dirty
11:40 am
and is happy. you just don't want to do that. rubio is on a higher plane. very optimistic. it is hard to get beat up on the stage. get beat up by christie. get beat up again by trump. the national reaction is to respond. >> quickly though, if people are still concerned about what could be a contentious convention. what are you hearing about the establishment right now? >> i think what's happening is a lot of money has been spent against trump. enormous amount of commercials, negative, what have you, last couple weeks, really didn't have an impact last week. my guess is they'll spend money in ohio and florida. if he wins those then he's on his way. when people say he's going to be the nominee, let's focus on the senate which is equally as important. >> thank you so much. i know you'll keep close watch as we all are come tuesday and
11:41 am
beyond. it is always great to have you here. well, isis launched two chemical attacks against civilians in northern iraq. but with the fight against isis a major topic in the presidential campaign, hear why our next guest says the gop candidates are failing to address the issue the right way. >> we need to do whatever is necessary to utterly defeat i s isis. and that needs to be driven. not by politicians, but by military expertise and judgment. right now we're not using a fraction of the tools that we have. this little guy is about to make his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanks to mom and dad and their safe driving bonus check from allstate. oh. look at this. safe driving bonus. are you a safe driver? lucky little fella. only allstate gives you two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safe. see how much more an allstate agent can do for you.
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welcome back, everybody. well, a 3-year-old girl is the latest victim from isis in iraq. killed near the city of kirkuk.
11:46 am
as many as of 600 people were killed. the names and personal information about isis jihadis smuggled out by a defector scoring a treasure trove of the data for western intelligence agencies. joining us, lieutenant colonel tony schafer, senior fellow at the london center for political research. nice to have you on the program. we're hearing about this information that has now been obtained and is gleaning all kinds of information for authorities who are on the heels of isis. what's your take on it? >> first off where europeans are much more on top of this than we are. one of the key things that came out of the isis thumb drive were the paresis attackers were list. the american media not even noticing that that link was made directly.
11:47 am
more importantly there is a lot of information related to how they operate which really helps us understand how they recruit and go about messaging. indeed it is a very important clue about how we can go about using military intelligence and special operations to go and attack them now and i'd like to believe we'll do that. >> the german foreign minister says those files detailing the information about those recruits is genuine, actual data they will be using in the hunt for these militants. >> i can't imagine why the mainstream media -- you guys are good, fox -- but why the rest of the media hasn't picked up on this. isis is out to kill anyone who disagrees with their message. secondly, they're going to come here. their intention is to come here. germans are now recognizing this as a fact. we have to be a lot more focused
11:48 am
on the fact they'll try to come here and very quickly. >> let me talk to you about the political precincts under way right now as we watch closely what's happening on the presidential campaign trail. who do you believe is actually articulating the message about isis in a way that really -- from your point of view -- sends a signal that they are serious about going after this terror group if they are elected? >> each candidate has a good and bad point. you opened with ted cruz talking about trying to have a professional do this. but cruz saying we are going to carpet bomb people was not helpful. donald trump saying we need 30,000 troops, that's not the answer either. what this he need to do is be presidential. they need to look at all the different means of national strength, of national resolve to do it. military is but one part of this. military we have to relook at strategy and tactics. that's now ongoing. general joe dunford and his
11:49 am
staff are doing the relook. we've got to look at the global arc how isis is recruiting and how they use technology to push their aims and how they go about trying to do a jihad against us. going through libya, afghanistan, yemen, europe. third and most importantly, to defeat them. we have to defeat them ultimately by having a political solution which means sending in an arab nato, if you will, to take back and hold the terrain they've taken in iraq and syria. it is a three-part thing. you i've not seen any candidate actually articulate the fact that as president they have to understand not only the military aspects but how to use every means of national will, of national power to go about defeating isis and keeping it -- >> but all of these candidates are underscoring a feeling of frustration that they see is quite evident with the public
11:50 am
and with many in the intelligence community who say that the strategy so far from this would you go has been the wrong one. >> it has absolutely been wrong one overall. first off all it has done is allowed for conditions to exist forthat. secondly, once they were warned this was happening, they ignored it. and third, now that it's happened, they are not doing as much as they could or should regarding organizing our allies, the sunni feel completely abandoned because of white house's deal with the shia in iran. so we have the isis going with the sunni to try to create chaos. we recognize this is a professional. the problem is the white house has been the primary obstacle. let's talk about for a second the whole interrogation thing. we're now capturing isis operatives at a very senior level. we can't keep them for more than 30 days before we have to kick them out to some foreign power because clear closing guantanamo. this is not a military decision. that's what's wrong with the military side of this. >> unfortunately, i'm up against the clock, tony. always great to have your insights. really appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, a massive storm
11:51 am
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we are back with news of a miserable start for this weekend
11:55 am
for millions of widespread flooding across the south. daring rescues as the water levels rise, stranding drivers and trapping folks in their homes. meteorologist janice dean standing by at the fox weather center with more. >> thank you for covering this story. i know there is a lot of other breaking news, but we have received over 2 feet of rain in some of these neighborhoods in texas, louisiana, mississippi and arkansas. and we're getting more rain in the forecast over the next couple days. there's the future radar again. grounds are saturated, flash flood watches and warnings posted where we have seen historic rainfall across the mississippi river valley. and tomorrow, we even have the threat of not only more rain, but severe storms. so a couple of inches of rain in the forecast over the next five to seven days. your flood advisories in effect here, where rivers and streams cannot take any more water. and the threat for strong storms, including hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes tomorrow across these affected regions. so really, people need to be paying close attention, and, of course, we will keep you posted. one other big story is the rain
11:56 am
and mountain snow across the west. this weekend, where we could see upwards of approxima3 feet of s several inches of rain across water logged areas across the west. we're keeping track. back to you. >> i know you are. and these with big weather stories, indeed. thank you so much. a that's a wrap for me on this very busy saturday. we continue with our nonstop election could haverage on fox . i hope you're having a safe and happy weekend. we'll see you next time. have a great day.
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♪ the political world is watching closely as donald trump holds campaign events this weekend. hello, everyone. welcome to " america's news headquarters. >> i'm kelly wright. trump getting a bit of a scare in ohio. secret service rushing on stage to form a wall around him. protecting him from a protester. all of this just hours after the front runner cancelled a rally in chicago over fears of violence there. anti trump protesters are managing to pack the uic pavilion where he was set to speak. sparking fights both inside and out.


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