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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 17, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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five hours. pretty bright green. how are you going to celebrate? john: i have 11 days left in lend. that is how i will celebrate. >> have a great day, see you tomorrow. john: brand-new development on the heels of the supertuesday primaries which clarified races on both political sides. heather: as the dust settles on the latest presidential contest from donald trump, the party so block is nomination. john: real clear average poll shows donald trump well ahead of
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his competitors at 36% to ted cruz's 22%, john kasich behind them at 12%. on the democratic side hillary clinton leads bernie sanders 51% to nearly 40%. joining us now chris wallace, anchor of fox news sunday. on the democratic side especially, it seems like this race is pretty much over. >> it does. the sanders camp is talking about the path to the nomination in the northeastern states. she has such a huge lead over him, not even including the superdelegates. they are proportional allocation of delegates on the democratic side. none of them are winner take all. if he beat her 55-45, may end up with 10 or 15 more delegates. awfully hard to see how he comes back and is able to close the
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huge gap she has opened. john: delegates have become an interesting characteristic of the republican race. if there is a contested contention, if donald trump doesn't walk in with 237 delegates, those delegates who are normally props as part of the convention will have a huge, interesting role this time around. >> exactly right. they are almost all bound by law to vote for the person they were allocated for in the first ballot. trump if he did well in south carolina, those delegates that are his delegates have to vote for him but if it goes to a second or third ballot the numbers bound by law to continue to support their candidate, i put that in quotes, drops
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dramatically. in a lot of these cases they had little to do with the picking of the actual delegates, the actual people are chosen and district conventions, state conventions in the state, often times the party establishment plays a big role in that, south carolina, big trump victory, but nikki haley who supported marco rubio has a lot of delegates chosen, lindsey graham will have something to say, tim scott, if, that is a big if, goes to a second or third ballot, a lot of those delegates become free floaters and have a lot more loyalty to the party establishment than they do the person they were initially pledged to vote for, in this case donald trump. john: most of those delegates haven't been selected. there will be all kinds of attention focused, we are speculating or postulating donald trump doesn't enter the convention with the 1237 he needs. >> that is right. this means it puts tremendous
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burden on the campaign's. they have to have ground games in states to pick the delegates because a lot of this will happen at state conventions, ted cruz and donald trump putting together teams to make sure the people pledged to vote for donald trump are actually trump supporters and would vote in a subsequent outlet, same with ted cruz, john kasich, in case it does that. john: we had the graphic up a couple minutes ago showing him at 12%. what is the motivation to stay in the race if you are at 12%? >> good question. not clear what the answer is. he says i can win the nomination. even if you were -- in such a weak position even if they got
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every delegate outstanding, he wouldn't reach 1237. a completely topsy-turvy convention, third, fourth ballot. i was with the campaign cowboys on tuesday telling me about 1940, wendell wilkie, i don't think he had any delegates when the convention started. on the sixth ballot he won the nomination. he lost to fdr but things happen. that hasn't happened in half a century. the other part of the argument is could conceivably be the balance of power between ted cruz and donald trump. whether he wantss to be a running mate or the party platform, if he were the difference he would have a lot of flak. john: donald trump is saying if he doesn't get the nomination there are going to be riots, obviously republican leadership has to be careful how they
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handle this from here on. >> i don't take that at his word. he said a lot of people would be upset and that is putting it mildly. forget the idea of actual riots in the street. a lot of people supported donald trump. he will going with more delegates than anybody else even if he is short of 1237. he is numb 200 short. if there is a perception the nomination was taken from him, forget the delegates, a lot of voters who supported donald trump, went out in primaries and voted for him, would be very unhappy. if he doesn't get the nomination and has gone in with a lead, the party has to go to great pains to convince them that message has been heard. i am not sure donald trump's supporters, they really are zealous in their support for donald trump.
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not sure how you would convince him that he doesn't have the nomination stolen. that would be a huge task for the republicans. this is speculation assuming he didn't get the nomination and somebody else did. john: have you ever seen a more interesting primary season? >> 4 people like us, i go further than you do. we have been to a bunch of these. the only other campaign that compares is 1968 when you had lyndon johnson and the terrible assassination of bobby kennedy, nixon, the riots. john: chris wallace, see you on sunday. catch this on foxnewssunday. heather: the white house ready for a showdown, senate
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republicans, the president on wednesday nominated federal appeals court, merrick garland hold a vacant seat, there will be no confirmation hearings for him but today garland is meeting senate democrats on capitol hill. the very latest from this front. >> reporter: good morning. today is the easy part, merrick garland will be among friends when he meets with harry reid and patrick leahy. the hard part going forward will be trying to find a way to convince republicans to give him a hearing, something they have adamantly vowed not to do until the next president is elected. last night josh earnest laid out the administration's plan to overcome that, pointing out how
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republicans previously praised garland. >> this is someone with a long track record, a track record that has been praised by republicans. not long ago orin hatch described him as a consensus nominee. not much has changed except republicans are in the majority in the senate and are prepared to block president obama's nominee no matter who that person is. >> things appear to be shifting among a handful of republicans including chuck grassley, who say they would be willing to meet with garland when they return from break. they are quick to say any meeting would be out of courtesy and not a sign of a changing strategy but at least a couple republican senators take a stand against giving him a hearing could quickly change if democrats win the white house. >> if republicans are not successful in the november election, it i hope we are but if we are not we ought to look at this nomination in a lame-duck session. i would rather have a less
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liberal nominee like merrick garland than a nominee that hillary clinton if she were president would put forward. >> reporter: majority of republican leadership maintain there will not be any confirmation hearings for any nominee until a new president is elected. heather: mitch mcconnell said it is not the person, it is policy. john: the deadly attacks in paris, french lawmakers and first responders reenact the massacre at a concert hall. left 130 dead across paris last november. senior foreign affairs correspondent live with the latest from london. >> back to the blood he seen of isys back to terror for legislators and other officials in paris today. a committee of french parliament investigating the attacks went
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to the theater where gunmen burst into a crowded rock concert and killed 89 people, the biggest death toll in one location during that terrible night we all remember. what they are no doubt examining is why it took half an hour for anti-terror troops to arrive at the scene, why it took three hours to end the siege. critics in the months following the attack have said top-heavy and badly organized anti-terror forces in france, their response time and lack of response time could have led to a greater casualty toll. meanwhile police continue the search for two terror suspects on the run, they fled the scene of the deadly shootout in brussels we told you about yesterday, four policeman were hurt, one terror suspect killed and now we learn that the algerian man who was killed in
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that raid by police was in belgium illegally, found with him as you recall, isys material and weaponry, this rate is part of the authorities in belgium's ongoing investigation into their role in the same paris terror attacks from last year. belgium and brussels and important staging grounds. at that with other arrests we told you about yesterday, four people believed to be in the early stages of planning another attack and authorities all across europe still very busy with a terror and isys mission. heather: strange development in the case of a michigan man accused in a deadly shooting spree. the suspect is suing his former employer, who he claims is responsible for a rampage that killed six people. donald trump came out on top in the latest round of primaries but one prominent political analyst says he will come up
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short. donald trump told cnn there will be riots if he doesn't get the nomination. would you be upset if there is a contested convention? live chat up and running, go to to join the conversation.
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heather: some crime stories we are following. in mexico, police say these women are facing charges for allegedly aiding and harboring two escaped convict. investigators say they cracked the case when one of the women, following a three day manhunt. federal judge announcing his retirement after being named in a civil lawsuit alleging he raped a teenage with him during the 1981 trial of a serial killer. the former driver charged in a deadly shooting spree is suing
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his former employer. he said the devil was controlling him when he killed six people and wounded two others last month. john: the dust has settled from the critical voting contest, our next guest said donald trump could have generated unstoppable momentum by winning ohio and florida. now it is clear the brutal battle for the gop nomination will last until june and could lead to a contested convention in july. let's bring in the center of the university of politics. you have another name for it, share that with our viewers. >> titanic tuesday, it was big but like the ship we suspect one candidate would sink beneath the waves, that happened to marco
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rubio. john: he started with so much promise. >> timing is everything in politics, it really is. go back to 2008, at this point in his career he might well have succeeded because he fit the times. you have to be in sync with the spirit of the times. this year for republicans, they were not interested in anybody who first of all didn't have a long resume, anybody associated with the establishment in any way, shape or form. marco rubio did. that is one or two reasons he did not do as well as he was expected to do. john: because he did not win
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ohio, you think it is quite probable, possible certainly the convention becomes a contested convention in july? >> it is probable we will go to june 7th, every single primary will matter. that upsets the news and analysis business terribly because -- i am kidding. we thrive on chaos. we want as much chaos as possible. i can't say that this definitely will result in a contested convention. and solidify a nomination in 40 days between june 7th, the end of the primaries and july 18th when the republican convention is gavel to order. it will be a lot of negotiation. they will not be sitting on their hands, they will not be going on vacation. candidates, staff and others in
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the republican party will try to have a successful convention. that is where trump is in the drivers seat. john: what happens? trump will go to ted cruz or john kasich and say run with me as vice president and bring your delegates on board? >> i am talking about negotiations for the ticket but also suggesting there are probably 200 delegates, may be more in the republican convention who are not pledged. we focus on democratic superdelegates, there is a kind in the republican party too, there are delegates available to donald trump or other candidates. this is not all cut and dried after june 7th. we will not sit there for 40 days waiting for the gavel to come down in cleveland. john: the party leadership
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doesn't like to go well into late spring and summer without a clear nominee. they like to have their nominee chosen early so that person can turn his attention to hillary clinton who will probably be the democratic nominee. you are saying republicans won't have that luxury this time around. >> as a famous rock band said you can't always get what you want. that is what they want but they won't get it this year. there are some plus hes to that. the longer candidates campaign particularly ones like donald trump who after all has never been a campaigner before this year, the better you are trained the more you learn to respond to the same questions that come up over and over again so it is not as though it is disaster. it can be an advantage under certain circumstances. john: buckle up. thank you.
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heather: two feet of pain, historic flooding putting thousands of homes at risk. 17 years after the columbine massacre put a spotlight on school violence, we are learning about a new high-tech safety system that can pinpoint the location of gunfire in seconds. and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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heather: historic flooding in texas leaving homes, businesses and street inundated after days of heavy rain. thousands of homes at risk with evacuation orders. >> flooding has impacted 70% or 80% of this area. >> we have been very fortunate
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as far as injuries relating to the storm event and evacuation. we have no fatalities. >> all you can do is pray no one gets hurt. heather: the governor of texas declaring disaster areas across the state. in 2 dozen areas. john: a high school near san francisco is using a safety system that can zero in on the same location of gunfire instantaneously and relay that to first in sponsors. in 17 years to the day after the columbine massacre in colorado which drew national attention to growing problems of school violence. >> reporter: many schools have armed guards and metal detectors for security but more schools
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like this one are installing technology to pinpoint gunfire in seconds. at newark memorial high outside san francisco, hunters of senders -- hundreds of sensors listen for gunfire and can triangulate a shot in seconds. they tested a system that in the event of the shooting would give first responders critical information about the gunman's location. >> numb 100. >> reporter: it has been used in oakland and chicago but with 32 campus shootings since 2000, schools are increasingly signing up. >> we have seen a huge increase in shots and killings on high school, middle school and elementary campus es. this is the next iteration or extension of protecting students. >> some question if this is a wide use of education funds and
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if it protect students at all. >> the key factor is to see if it has the same deterrent effect in schools and at this point we don't have that kind of evidence. does it prevent active shooters? absolutely not. if it happens it will happen but at least there is a plan in place to react accordingly and efficiently and hopefully save lives. >> reporter: the technology costs tens of thousands of dollars to install and monitor and some say schools that can use it the most are least able to afford it. according to the company's more schools are finding the money with district officials here saying on a big campus, it is as important as the fire alarm. john: interesting report. heather: the big one maybe coming. southern california could be facing a devastating earthquake.
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governor john kasich says he is the only republican candidate with the know-how to win the white house. is it enough to convince voters?
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heather: hillary clinton scoring big victories in the primary, still signs of trouble for the
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front runner when it comes to winning in november. a luxury yacht goes up in flames at a popular tourist destination, dramatic photos of the blaze as investigators look at the cause of the fire. a man reunited with his best friend. how this puppy made it home after being lost at sea. john: dire warning for residents of southern california. two active faults could rupture together, a devastating earthquake. this cuts through several freeways and systems that provide electricity, fuel and water. >> this is not my fault. we hope it is not in our lifetime. there are three take-aways to this study. the big one could be bigger than 6.89 quake, it could happen closer to downtown la, not in the desert.
8:34 am
the initial quake could happen and trigger or initiate a second quake on a much larger san andreas fault. geologists have studied 1812 quake that destroyed the mission in capistrano costing californians to dismiss these studies because they don't answer the questions they care about most. the study is important because it shows one of the largest quakes in state history wasn't one quake but two. geologists now believe quakes have accomplices, this one in green, could agitate or prompt a second quake on the much longer san andreas fault in yellow. that splits california in half separating the pacific and the continental plate. hundreds of quakes every day, most so deep they don't even register, and a general reminder that today is the day lives will be turned upside down.
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frankly we worry more about traffic than earthquakes. john: there will be bad traffic if the big one hits. happy not to be living out there. heather: john kasich's presidential campaign, following his victory in ohio. john kasich trying to convince voters he is the only candidate with the experience to take over the white house. in the wall street journal, in the debates which require the world's troubles to be compressed in 60 seconds john kasich keeps saying i have done it. i know how to do this. it is true. is that enough to win the nomination? let's bring in a fox news analyst, and a radio talkshow host at fox news contributor. thank you for joining us.
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no one argues he does have the experience in washington and the state level, is experience enough especially in this atmosphere of antiestablishment. >> it seems it is not. donald trump had to seal the deal. he has not completed a deal. the most important thing in business is closing the deal so it is not over yet. can john kasich be the nominee? if we have a brokered convention, yes. >> a brokered convention could lead to a broken party. what we have to learn is this. the tail does not wag the dog, the dog wags the tail. i was really shocked yesterday when a gop convention official said this is the secret, voters
8:37 am
do not choose the nominee, we do. wait a minute. this is dangerous for democrats and republicans. there are mechanisms in place to override the will of the people. this trump train is moving, you will get some ash. heather: their rules could inflame -- if the republican rules committee want to change the rules they have until 30 days before the convention but we have rules in place. i am not giving donald trump that much power. a lot of people want to give that much power but we have a process in place. voters haven't -- >> i don't want to give him the power. you need to listen to the people who are speaking. what you are doing is saying i don't like him.
8:38 am
we are going to put someone else in power. >> i didn't say that. i am a political analyst. i was analyzing. i didn't say i didn't like a trump or was for john kasich but in this process it is not over with yet. heather: the discussion between you two, candidates can be polarizing in this race. your brother worked with john kasich, what did he have to say? some people say as a moderate he can bridge the gap between different groups. >> absolutely. i have heard that. one of the most decent human beings you ever want to meet, that is wonderful. politics in this political game is about more than that. you need to catch fire with the people. don't get upset with me, show business, it is not right.
8:39 am
much more -- much more to this than giving a great speech and having all the credentials in place, you need to catch fire with the people. >> inside the beltway, make a great vp. i want the process to unfold. you have 26% of the black vote. will he be a dream candidate for the republican party? yes. he can pull some independents from hillary and some democrats might jump over. >> democrats voted for him in ohio. heather: trump is doing that too. let the process play out. >> that is what trump ran on in ohio being the anti-trump, is that enough? >> that is not enough.
8:40 am
>> wait a minute. being the anti-trump is not enough. i want to know what you are for. i need to hear what you are for. i don't need to hear democrats or republicans tell me as a voter my vote does not matter. we will see. heather: thank you for joining us. thank you. happy birthday, mom. >> happy birthday. john: the embattled restaurant chain supposedly trying to win back customers after a series of illness hes, what supposedly is offering now. plus a setback for hillary clinton. what newly released emails say about her request for a secure government smartphone during her time as secretary of state.
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john: new information on chipotle, it is on track to give 9 million burritos to win back customers after food safety problems put a dent in its sales. the freebies began last month after it mailed out 10 million coupons. the bottom line for giveaways could total exceed $2 million. heather: with supertuesday part 2 in the rearview mirror, hillary clinton is making a case for her nomination. a recent wall street journal opinion piece, quote, dampening this good news for the clinton campaign is a sobering reality. the candidate's support is bringing and it may not be enough to win a national election. let's talk about this with pete snyder, former lieutenant
8:45 am
governor candidate, and julian epstein, chief counsel of the house judiciary committee for democrats. thank you for joining us. do you think hillary is in trouble when it comes to the general election? >> i do. first and foremost this news out of the state department is startling. hillary clinton clearly didn't like the issues she got from the state department so she built her homebrewed server. the possibility of an indictment hanging over her head is very bad. couple that, she can't find a voter under 45 years old with any enthusiasm about her and seems to be bleeding votes as the election drags on. it is not an inspiring candidate. heather: she has had problems with white male voters, that demographic. young voters especially and also african-american voters, she seems to be dropping by twee 10
8:46 am
percentage points. >> on the email issue, anyone who understands that does not think she has a serious legal problem. it is easy to make a political statement but that is not a fair reading of the law. with respect to showing's piece it is not uncommon for one candidate to do better with certain constituency groups with others but those groups always coming home during the general election. i don't think hillary clinton worries young voters, african-american voters won't come home. the real question is whether she facings ted cruz or donald trump. donald trump, the party is deeply debated, four of twee 10 voters say they will not vote for donald trump as the nominee. leave all the other demographic discussions aside. if that is true even if it is two of twee 10 who won't vote for a republican nominee the election is over. if you look at trump's negative
8:47 am
ratings, they have a negative view of him. no candidate has ever come back from that kind of deficit. heather: the numbers are slightly less for hillary. >> that is my central point. if hillary's negatives are 50% that is a problem for her. some other issues with demographic groups if she is facing ted cruz. if she is facing donald trump whose negatives are 60 to 70 and four of twee 10 voters say they will walk, those other issues are not the problem. heather: if they cross over in ohio and vote for a republican
8:48 am
candidate. >> it is because they are not satisfied with hillary clinton. i love what julian is saying, pay no mind to scandals related to email, she is in no legal jeopardy, general david petronius dealt with severe legal consequences, the same type of thing. it doesn't matter voters don't trust her or like her, they have to come and vote for the democratic party. stick with that strategy, can't wait till november if that's what democrats are thinking. >> the problem is you are factually wrong. there is no comparison between the clinton email, general david petronius's information was marked classified. >> there were no classified emails? >> nothing was marked classified. let me finish the point. the larger point, i don't see that going anywhere legally. most legal experts don't see that. the republican party is a deeply divided party.
8:49 am
>> let heather talk. heather: the larger point being whether you agree or disagree with the entire email scandal, it is another investigation which lends credence to the numbers that keep dropping in terms of her likability, honesty and trustworthiness. part of that relates to these investigations that pop up. >> that is a problem. the trust issue is a problem in the general election. it is a significant problem is she is going against ted cruz or john kasich. much less a problem if she is going against an unpopular person in the general election, and donald trump is popular with 70% of the general election population disliking him. as a legal matter the attorney
8:50 am
general under george bush. >> litigate the email all day long. >> you are the one that keeps raising it. heather: the likability and trustworthiness is a factor for both candidates. have a great day. john: dramatic video of a yacht going up in flames. where this vessel caught fire her owner never gave up hope when luna was lost at sea for five weeks. how this dog was finally found. >> this is not a day we thought would ever happen.
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john: let's check out what is
8:54 am
ahead on "outnumbered". >> donald trump warning of riot if he is denied the gop nomination in a brokered or contested convention. what does that mean? what would it mean for the party? >> the administration admits isys is committing genocide against christians. does this mean we need to step up the fight? >> a major-league baseball player retires when the team says his son is spending too much time in the clubhouse. who is right on this? >> all that and more. our first timer one lucky guy is a surprise, you will find out. he has a big surprise show on fbn. be careful, no touching. see you then. heather: dramatic video capturing a raging fire on a luxury yacht, going up in flames while it is docked. you can see the fire sent black smoke into the air.
8:55 am
firefighters were able to contain it. no injuries reported. john: the story of the survival of a dog lost at sea for five weeks. >> reporter: the kind of story that just makes you smile. luna, a beloved 18 monthmac german shepherd was presumed lost at sea a month ago when she fell off of her owner's fishing boat and disappeared. clearly a very good swimmer. yesterday she was reunited with those who love her having been found on san clemente island, 17 miles off the california coast. >> driving up the main mode -- road, and she jumped. >> reporter: she became the biggest celebrity on the island, everyone wanting to meet the miracle dog and snap a photo.
8:56 am
her owner was out-of-state but his best friend picked luna up. >> for luna and her owner, nick, everyone who knows this dog, i am speechless. there are no words to explain it. this is not a day we thought would ever happen. >> reporter: luna survived by eating dead fish and rats. she was examined by a vet who said she is a little thin but otherwise healthy. the navy issued her a new dog tag. on the new one is the inscription keep the faith. john: how far did she swim? >> she swam at least a mile. she was on the fishing boat a mile off of san clemente island. that is quite a distance. i tried swimming a mile and did not get a quarter the way. that is a strong, determined dog. john: thank you.
8:57 am
we will be right back. always and the kids always eat their vegetables. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch.
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jon: we will be back here with the second hour one hour from now. "outnumbered" starts right now. heather: bye. ♪ ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tan tantaros, and wis today, harris faulkner, kirsten powers is back, yea, actress and commentator stacey dash is also back, and today's #oneluckyguy, we welcome to the couch for the very first time anthony scaramucci, founder of skybridge capital and co-host of wall street week, the iconic business show that's premiering on fox business tomorrow at 8 p.m. eastern. anthony, welcome. we're so happy you're with us. >> thank you so much. andrea: and we have to tell you, you're outnumbered. >> in the hair spray, too, i saw that. [laughter] harris: you look fabulous. you didn't need any. congrats on the new show.


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