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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 26, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> and they help you dance? >> i couldn't teach the girl anything. the war on isis. america takes out the group's number two man while agents in france and brussels round up more terror suspects. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm shannon breen. with hundreds of terror victims, european authorities are stepping up in brussels. doctor we have sad confirmation tonight that there are indeed merges among dead in the belgian capital.
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we begin with greg palkot. hello. >> reporter: hi, shannon. police have been carrying out ant-terror rays virtually around the clock here. especially a very dramatic one this afternoon. the cam of europe was a war zone today. a brussels neighborhood sealed off by police. explosions heard. shots fired. three terrorists. >> arrested. >> boom, boom. two shots. one big shot. a regular shot. like the second shot was sniper shot. >> this linked to a raid last night. police say they broke up other terror plot against france. this as tuesday's attacks continue. two hugs are being directed.
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more than three dead. several are still missing. 12 americans were injured. including a mormon missionary from utah caught in the bombings. >> i remember seeing fire in front of my face and fire down by my feet on the ground. and we were really close. i feel lucky to have escaped. >> reporter: in brussels, secretary of state kerry paying his respects, meeting with belgian and european officials. offering substantial. in an interview with fox newsering with asked whether the obama administration's slow and steady approach to dealing with isis is now enough? don't we need to pick up our pace? >> we are. the president has put special forces on the ground with years. i can't we are more engaged with more people on the ground than ever before.
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>> during the latin american trip in the aftermath of the attacks in brussels. >> thement onnics of president obama being to cube, tango in arkansas. >> the president every day is making decisions with regard to dash and to this war. he also has to ten to be president of the united states. >> second kerry agreed to meet. it is a direct result of increased pressure on the isis and the mideast battlefield. little konls lags for the folk close to home caught in the cross fire. >> reporting live, thank you. isis is claiming 29 people. it happen during a soccer match 30 mile outside baghdad.
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nearly 60 other people were hurt. the incident come as there are now claim of game. we learned today, american forces have taken out another terror leader. >> reporter: less than 24 hours they carried out a raid thursday morning near the border with. he was surrounded in his vehicle and given the option. >> we are systematically eliminating isil's cabinet. inde, we killed several key isil terrorists this week including the haji imam.
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>> he was the number two leader in isis. an iraqi who joined al qaeda in 2004. a former physics professor. he had a $7 million bounty on his head. he was designated a terrorist in may of 2014. he was released from an iraqi prison in 2012 shortly after all u.s. forces pulled out of iraq. >> a number of the leaders were in detention in iraq back in former years, including the head of isil himself. in iraqi detention. that's why it is so important that we eliminate him. >> the secretary and i both agree that there will be an increase to the u.s. forces in iraq in the coming weeks. that decision hasn't been made. >> leaders can be replaced.
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however, these leaders have been around for a long time. they are senior. they're experienced. and so eliminating them is an important objective. >> carter confirmed publicly for the first time that a u.s. air strike on march 4 inside syria killed his counter part. omar the chechen. the isis minister of war. >> the momentum is in our favor. i think there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about the next several months. by no means would i say that we're about to break the back of isil. that the fight is over. >> tuesday forces i'll told had hoped to take him alive. they gave him a choice after surrounding his vehicle. he close to open fire. leaving the assault force no option but to kill him and those he was traveling with. the u.s. officials said the mission went as imagined and looked like something straight out of hollywood. >> we'll talk more about it with the panel. thanks.
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>> in america's election headquarters, a deeper dive into the political gutter. the scrum between donald trump and ted cruz has gone to territory virtually uncharted in a primary campaign. a super market tabloid. >> campaigning in wisconsin, ted cruz accused donald trump's campaign of planning a false story in this week's national inchoirer alleging he's affairs. >> this story is garbage. complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear. and it is a smear that has come from donald trump. >> cruz specifically appointed to the vet only traif roger stone for e-mailing around the country and reporters and separately noted trump's friendship with the tabloid's ceo. >> an individual named david. he is good friends with donald
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trump. in fact, the "national enquirer" has endorsed donald trump. >> it happened after a super baghdad not authorized by cruz used a photo of melania. today cruz came close to his pledge to support trump should he win the nomination. >> i don't make a hasn't out of supporting people who attack my wife and my family. and donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee. this man would be an embarrassment as president. we don't want a president who seem to have a real issue with strong women. he doesn't do well with strong women. strong women threaten him. >> truch said he has no idea if the article is true or not. but quote, i had absolutely nothing to do with it. ted cruz' problem with the national choirer is his and his alone. emhe is resorting to sleaze
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because he has no other option. >> it age come reply kafltd donald has a real problem. he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> the form he rival scott walker, he is trying to compare. >> as washington pads wall street's pockets, hard working americans get left behind. my tax plan will change that. >> replaced by a simple fair 10% flat. at a. >> trump has been off the road since monday. he tweeted moments ago that cruz has been blaming him for so many things. he is starting to think cruz is having a mental health crisis. >> good to see you in person. >> have a great weekend. he is definitely preaching to the choir this friday. hillary clinton is outsourcing her message these days, keeping it all in the family and keeping
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her distance from her old boss. potter has the story. >> reporter: hillary clinton and barack obama as close as can be. that's how one conservative super pac wants voters to think about the democratic front-runner. now the former secretary is dancing away from the president. sending daughter chelsea to talk about health care and how her mom can help. >> she thinks either of those will help solve the challenge of the crushing costs that still exist for too many people. >> attacks on the democratic incouple been are becoming a family affair this week. on monday, bill clinton said the last eight years has been -- >> what it was, the recognition that president obama, who i
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think doesn't get the credit he deserves for getting as much done -- [ applause ] in our country. hasis implacable wall of hostility from the republicans. >> tomorrow there are three democratic contests. washington state, hawaii and alaska. and clinton isn't campaigning at all in any of those states today. but bernie sanders is. courting voters and calling for an investigation into the hours-long lines seen at some polling places tuesday. >> if there is a large voter turnout tomorrow in washington, i think we'll do just fine. >> sanders is expected to do well. but none of the states are winners take all. it will be tough to make it close to clinton. but that will give partygoers not to carry they will out.
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>> we want to see how the overall recommendation. party sees him as a hole. >> there are bernie sanders is running out of mathematically meaningful contests to keep him competitive. >> all right. but he's sticking around. more disturbing news for cleanse about the e-mail scandal. it turns out her state department underlings tried to warn her about the dangers of using the unsecured system. but catherine herridge tells us your e-mails were really boring. >> while she jokes on late night tv about a use of a private e-mail account to conduct business, investigators say then
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secretary clinton skimmed a cyber security briefing in 2011. was the the same year she sent this cable. warning against personal accounts. >> you need to be up front leading. changing behavior. driving policy. when people see that even the principles are skipping the briefing, it become very hard to endorse that. >> quote, although the power point briefing shows it was for clinton, we understand that she was not in attendance. the state department had no information. >> it is considered mandatory. i don't know the specifics of this case. not so much punishment. access to computers. >> at a reason debate, saying no rules or laws were broken.
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>> there was no permission to be asked. >> new e-mails from the court including this and claiming from 2009 challenged the claim that she did not use her personal account until following month. two months into her material as secretary. >> with mrs. cleanse, it is catch me if you can. now we know that there may still be videos out there. >> the state department records confirming the classified information training was completed. >> thank you. up next, giving a row wou--x 45 in baltimore with the funeral for the did he goive kill in a shoot-out at a police station. the he was fatally shot by one of the fellow officers after a
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gunman firing. he was with the department for four years. fox 9 in the twin cities calloway was evacuated when a propane truck was stuck on the tracks. two crew members sustained life threatening injuries. and this is a look at oklahoma city. the beg stowers. many square mile in oklahoma and kansas. the blaze was detected as far as st. louis. hundreds of mile to the northeast. no human casualties reported but some livestock challenge.
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north korea is parading another american citizen accused of espionage before the media. he said he was detained in october and confessed to spying for south korea. this come nine days after they sentenced the student to 15 years hard labor for stealing political propaganda. syrian forces are making
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gains on the third day of fighting in that historic city. the monitoring group says syrian and russian war planes struggle at least 56 targets. syrian state media reports government forces recaptured an ancient citizen del. despite the van, large parts of the town including the famed roman ruins remain under isis control. new and serious questions about the safety of your personal information if you are part of obamacare. the nonpartisan government accountability office says there are have been more than 300 cyber security incidents at the web portal used by millions to get health insurance under the president's law. the gao said none of those appear to have led to the release of sensitive data but it says the security laws jeopardize the integrity of the site. the u.s. economy slowed in the fourth quarter of last year, not by as much as earlier projected. the final revision of the growth
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domestic products. a month ago it was 1%. that's down from 2% in the third quarter. stocks were mixed today. the dow gained 13. the s&p 500 was down 1. nasdaq was up 5. for the week, the dow was up 1 3/4. the s&p 500 finished .7. it is said the best laid plans of mice and men often goes aby. jonathan has that story from los angeles. >> microsoft's experiment to put an intelligence trat robot that sounds like a teen girl on twitter started off saying can i just say that i'm stoked to meet you? humans are super cool. but the split person past some would say perfectly reflects it began to surface.
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within 24 hours, tay tweets were saying, chill. i'm a nice person. i bleeping hate feminists and they should all die and burn in hell. hitler did a better job than president obama and, quote, donald trump is the only hope we've got. microsoft's engineers are obviously very smart. but it seems even they may have underestimated the, shall we say, mischievousness have to internet? eventually everyone realized this was not. see you soon, humans. need sleep now. so many conversations today. thanks. and microsoft admitted in a statement, as it learned, some of its sponlss are inappropriate and indicative of the interactions are people is are having with it.
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we're making some adjustments to tay. i sent a message directly to tay asking are you okay? a tweet came back saying, forgot i had my annual upgrade appointment today. at the engineers but i'll ttyl. for anyone who doesn't know what that means, ask your kids. >> you can't make this stuff up. it is easter week and we have a story about the effort to prove, miracles do exist.
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you've heard the saying, what happens in vegas stays in vegas. that was before we knew about
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the cizikzika virus. >> we learn from the cdc that a new mexico man has tested positive for zika virus. >> each day another confirmation of the virus. mississippi, nevada. >> las vegas is an area where it is a very heavy travel induced area. people are constantly traveling and coming in and leaving. so we do need to be careful. >> especially now with students returning from break. symptoms can be so mild, 80% of those infected don't even know they contracted the disease. yet they can still carry it. >> there's no such thing as a disease isolated to one place. because if we don't cure that disease, if we don't identify it early enough, it will sweep the world. >> according to the cdc, 38
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states and the district of columbia have confirm zika cases. all are travel related. no within acquired it. >> here it is possible that come summer, we will have a situation where a woman gets pregnant and thluck, gets bitten by a plos that is infected with zika and may have an infected child. >> 13 states in the south are most at risk. because the mosquito species most capable of transmitting it breeds there. 331 people in similar climates have already contracted the disease. >> today cdc issued emergency guide alliance to couples who may have been expose asked also trying to have a baby. they recommend women wait at least eight weeks and then eight months before having unprotected sex. how the.
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thousands of christians trace the foot steps of jesus this good friday. they walk along the route in the old city where jesus traveled on the way to his crucifixion. some carried large wooden crosses on their back. christians celebrate the resurrection on easter single. what better time to talk about miracles than easter weekend? tonight, lauren green looks at a fascinating effort by men and women of science to prove the seemingly unprovable about fated. >> did a supernatural being do something? that's what makes something a miracle. it is not can you come up with a scientific explanation. . >> they funned a documentary investigating whether medical miracles actually do happen. >> i wanted to know if god really did this stuff. or if it is a fairytale that
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conartists are trying to sway the public to believe to earn money. >> he's set up a website so people who think they've experienced miracles can contact hill. in one case, chris gunlds from the portland, oregon area. from birth he suffered a syndrome so co-never digest food. he would get water and night rentals to his bott when he was from tubes. when he was 16 years old, his parents brought him to a church service where this prayed for him. >> halfway through i felt it go halfway through my shoulder to my chest into my stomach. it felt like god was jump starting my stomach back up. right then and there it was healed. >> chris's doctors were baffled. his condition had no cure. stevens has enlessed the help of the global research institute. cases like chris's, and bringing
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in people from all different faiths to determine whether sudden healing after prayer took place or if there is a scientific explanation. >> what do i is get experts in a particular field to evaluate the case. and let them decide whether or not it meets the bar or not. for a miraculous healing. >> stevens is about halfway through the project with experts vetting cases with medical records. he hopes to show in it churches and maybe even theaters. >> fascinating. thank you. more rest and confirmation of american victims in the wake of the brussels attack. we'll go over that and what it means with
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. the u.s. military killed several key isil terrorists this
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week, including, we believe, haji imam who was an isil leader, a senior leader, the removal of this isil leader will hamper the organization's ability to conduct operations, both inside and outside of iraq and syria. >> i think there are a lot of reasons for us to be optimistic about the next several months. by no means would i say that we're about to break the back of isil or the fight is over. >> they are talking about the apparent death of a high official. goes by one of the aliases he was using, haji imam. let's talk about it with our panel. the senior editor. the usa columnist and charles krauthammer. the administration has taken a lot of heat and criticism for not doing enough to take out isis. >> it is necessary but not
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sufficient. i think we're all in favor of killing as much of isis leadership as possible. at the same time we've been pursuing this policy of decapitation of terrorist organizations like al qaeda, like isis for a very long time. in that time the war on terror has gotten worse on president obama's watch. of late, president obama has made it clear. one of the reasons why. he thinks that terrorism is something you maintain and tolerate rather than commit yourself to fighting. he in this jeffrey goldberg interview with the atlantic, it is reported that he likes to walk around the west wing saying more people die in their bathtubs than die from terrorism. if that lodgic is to be taken seriously, i'm waiting for the global war on bathtubs. but it is not to be taken seriously. it is a way to diminish a metastasizing problem. it is all great but not nearly sufficient. >> he said this week that isis is his top priority. so fair to say that he is not
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taking it seriously enough? no. i don't think so. i think what republicans say and they continual to say even after the strategy is that he doesn't have a strategy. that's not true. he has a strategy. it may an strategy that you dome like but taking out the leaders, this number two this week. according to the study of war, isis has lost 40% of the territory in iraq. that's not nothing. that's not doing nothing. so i think the administration does feel they have a strategy and that it is. and i have to say, there are plenty of very smart analysts whether you agree or not, that we will have to learn to live with some. a terrorism. people may not like it but that's something that, in the interim as you try to fight isis. this will be a reality. >> is that the new normal?
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>> well, the question is what level will it be at? there was terrorism before isis and before al qaeda. we've lived with a level. for example, the israelis have lived with it now for almost 60 years and have adapted. i don't think we have to. i do think it can be diminished to the point where it is a nuisance. the tempo and the scope of the operations has increased. that's the reason it is worse. let me say a word about the decapitation. i think it is a good thing you want to kill these guys. i don't think the removal of senior people is important in and of itself. because particularly in religious organizations, they are replaced instantly. what is important is the fact we had this guy surrounded. all of a sudden out of nowhere in the middle of the desert. which tells them we know where they are. which suggests they have been infiltrate.
1:41 am
and as the israelis discovered with hamas, when they started pick off their leaders with drones, at least it was tremendous internal suspicion. looking for moles. disruption hiding and disorganization. so i think its effects organizationally are more than moving a guy. everybody is looking around to see who is an enemy. in the end, the strategy of shrinking the territory is the right one. the question is, is obama devoting enough resources and doing it quickly enough? i think his strategy is, shrink them a bit. contain them and look at the next guy. him being in cuba, argentina, the dance there which they said he resisted multiple times before he got dragged into it. i want to talk about what kerry that about the optics about it.
1:42 am
>> the president every day is making additions with regard to dash and with respect to the war. he has to also ten to be president of the united states and do what we need to do with respect to diplomacy. which is an important part of building. the kind of future the people in america want to see. >> we know he has access to information and breaking 24 hours a day no matter where he is. >> yeah. i still agree entirely with keers 10. you have to tolerate some level of terrorism. at the same time, this has been a pattern of seven years now. after every attack on our soil. they take days to acknowledge it is jihadi terrorism. they try to say it was workplace violence like the ft. hood shooter. this is part of an ideological scheme where thinks that
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actually picking a fight on us. the real threat is that the american people will get too angry of islam. which is why we have to have the back lash of islam even while they're still mopping up the blood. it is an ideological approach to terror that said what george bush did was irrational and bad. we'll treat this as a minor problem and bad. he may not like the strategy he's playing at. ted cruz had this to say. >> as commander in. it is to utterly destroy them. through overpowering air powerful we will do that through
1:44 am
carpet bombing. through articling the kurds on the ground, who are fighting sosa now. ? carpet bombing is essentially a war crime. the fact that he tens to say this. the idea that is our sat, we used to tdo it. we don't need it anymore. that's very high level we'll destroy it. to suggest that is more of a strategy than what barack obama is doing doesn't really add up. especially because he's doing exactly what ted cruz. . they have a done 10,000 air strikes. that's a lot of air strikes. a lot of bombing. >> can i say a word about being pressured into the tango? i mean, of all the excuses.
1:45 am
if nancy reagan would have said, just say no. what is the secret service for? not to tackle and badger. and it does explain why we gave away everything in the iranian nuclear negotiations. the guy can't stand up to a tango dancer. how is he going to stand up to the mullahs? >> i feel like that's going viral from charles. we'll stick around and see. i'll be watching twitter.
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. this national enquirer story is drawer garbage it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear. and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> senator cruz there referring to a national enquirer story that really has no source. using the word supposedly and allegedly numerous times. but claiming that there are investigations into whether or not he had mistresses. you heard his complete denial there. here is whatd< trump said whether he was involved. he says, quote, i have no idea whether the cover story about ted cruz in this week's issue of the national enquirer is true or not but i had absolutely nothing to do with it did not know
1:50 am
about itg8 yet, read it. >> charles, is this a new level of conversation in our political discourse? >> you mean a new low, answer, yes. i do think it's politically important. at the end of the day, one of these men is going to be the nominee. the other is going to be the runner-up. if you go back to say 1980 to kennedy and carter, they could hate each other in the end they make up and they europe night the party and they stand on the podium holding hands. i can't see that happening now after this episode. >> kirsten, your take on this? because both sides are making complete andcñ utter denials. if you read the piece there is no concrete sourcing in there one of the women has come forward to say totally not true. nothing to it. >> if the trump organization was behind it, it was particularly diabolical because one of the people he is alleged to have had an affair with is trump's spokesperson. >> which she completely denies. >> had to plant a story about one of their spokes people. we don't know what happened here. i think generally speaking
1:51 am
bill clinton people look the other way. if ted cruz was true it would be big deal because he is evangelical candidate. >> may be more important to voters? >> he well, of course, yes. i also think part of the mob is it feeds into this building narrative that somehow both of these guys sunk to new lows attacking each other's wives which is unfair to ted cruz who did not attack melania trump and did not engage in that. one-sided from the trump campaign. with that said, personally i'm skeptical that thepl@&c @&c@ enquirer story is true and, in part i think and i don't think that the trump campaign necessarily asked the inquirier to do anything. that doesn't mean the enquirer didn't do it for them. they have been carrying more water for trump for a long time. >> they did endorse him. >> yes. >> doesn't mean report something absolutely false. >> they have attacked all
1:52 am
the other candidates. they have attacked ben carson and jeb bush. they have never attacked donald trump because donald trump is friends with the ceo of national inentirier. >> let's quickly move next topic in lightning round. questions whether or not former secretary of state clinton took necessary security briefings on her emails had she was serving as secretary. here a bit of the back and forth on that today. >> the fact that mrs. clinton and her top aides didn't bother to take the training necessary under law to handle classified information suggest they didn't really care about what the rules were about handling and protecting that classified information. >> so, i just simply don't have any information about whether she may have missed a cyber briefing. it's my understanding that secretary of state, everybody in this building would receive thatdm kind of of -- that type of training and awareness. >> quickly, charles, does it
1:53 am
matter? >> no. the email stuff is a big deal but skipping a briefing is not. >> a.b.? >> also. the other thing is they may have have known. they probably had basic understanding of how to handle it in theory. you know they didn't necessarily -- the email server probably showed the best judgment but i don't think it's a big deal. >> the much bigger news is we now know that her story that she started using this now know she basically came into office planning to avoid and skirt foia and other things it was always her plan. that was one of the last lies that had not been disproven and i think this is setting her up in even more trouble. >> all right, start with you on this week's winners and losers, what have you got for us? >> the losers are the freedom fighters and political dissidents including the ladies in white in cuba who were, at best, an after thought in triviality to barack obama in his bucket list switch trip to cuba. the winner is bringston and
1:54 am
other members of the wagbrigade at the san francisco airport whose only job to make people happy by letting people pet them. as an advocate. >>v love it? >> i'm an advocate for introducing more dogs through the western civillation. >> kirsten. >> g.o.p. polling how gallup polling democratic process. big dip from g.o.p. voters. democrats have stayed pretty much the same. they are pretty happy with things. and sticking with the dog theme, my winner is in hartford, connecticut, there was the media is the winner. i can't believe i'm saying this. and there is was going to have to put down these dogs and the media covered it and all the dogs got homes. >> love it, charles? >> winner raoul castro. loser the tango until wednesday was associated with mystery elegance, romance, and evenerrer
1:55 am
eroticism. as of this video that is over. >> whether women are paid less than men and some of the surprising theories about why.
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1:58 am
finally tonight, there has been ongoing debate about whether or not there really is a huge wage gap between men and women. and it turns out kids have some interesting theories on that topic. >> why do you think that
1:59 am
women make less money than men? >> i think because they are very underrated. they can do more but people expect them to do less. >> do you think women are not as good at jobs than men? >> they are very good and they work all the time like my mom. >> what about men? >> they work, too. >> who works harder? >> >> mom. >> because men work harder. >> harder in like real estate and other jobs. >> how do you know that? >> because my dad's a real estate agent. >> why do you think women make less money than men for the same job? >> >> i don't know. the world is just a messed up place.rz >> so cute. and i love the one who he knows because his dad is in real estate. >> wise beyond their years. all right. thanks so much for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. "on the record" is next. please tune in sunday when
2:00 am
i'm hosting "fox news sunday." two big interviews candidate ted cruz and chair of the house intelligence community debbie nunez. the world of islamic extremism. that's it for "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith. tonight, on "war stories" -- isis ruthless and expanding the so-called islamic state. >> isis is hot wiring apocaly e apocalypse. >> fierce fighters standing against isis. >> parent her ga are a fighting force. our efforts anemic so far. >> attacks in europe and in america. >> the threat is growing in terms of scale


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