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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 30, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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people on their hands who are unable to jump through all their hoops. >> amanda says, plenty fair. i have to work to feed them and myself. any sign of fraud should result in permanent loss of food stamps. you know, i like that. work for a living. >> uh-huh. thanks, everyone, who responded for us. "fox & friends" starts now. >> have a good day. >> bye. well, good wednesday morning to you, it is march 30th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump defends his campaign manager now facing charge for grabbing a reporter. >> i have to stand by him. i'm very glad that we were able to produce the tape because i don't see anything. >> he is standing by his man. some say this is actually going to help donald trump. in other news, isis hackers putting targets on the backs of dozens of american cops, publishing their personal information, where they live. the most terrifying part of all,
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how easy it was for them to get the information. check out this photo bomb. a hostage on an egypt air asked for and gets a picture with a hijacker who at the time was thought to be strapped with explosives. would you have done that? we'll find out about the guy that did it, and he's an american and told his friend and his mom was worried. let me let you take that in when i remind you that mornings are better with friends. ♪ hi, welcome to studio e here in the heart of midtown manhattan. it's going to be a pretty nice day i think by the time it's over. >> i hope so. >> yesterday at this time, we were talking about a hijacking that was taking place. not everybody was nervous. look at this guy. >> i know. >> he says, could you get somebody in the cabin crew that knows arabic? i'd like to take a picture with the would-be body bomber. >> that shows what was going on inside. they probably weren't so scared,
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worried. or maybe this guy is trying to get the picture with him, buddy up with him to get the picture, then give the picture to police. i'm glad we have the picture. we'll talk about it all morning. i'm glad we have it now. i wanted to see what this guy looked like. speaking of pictures, let's take you back a couple of weeks ago to trump national jupiter, trump's golf course in jupiter, florida. you see the video. the trump organization released video from one of the showrooms. it shows as donald trump makes his way through the crowd, his campaign manager brushes aside michelle fields, a reporter. after that incident, she filed charges against him. yesterday he was charged by the jupiter police with simple battery, which in florida law is pretty simple. if somebody touches or strikes another person against their will, which apparently it was against her will, that thing right there, she could file
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charges, and she did. >> she did. >> now they have filed charges against him, the cops have. >> donald trump was talking about this last night with sean hannity. listen to what he said. >> i'm concerned, i'm glad that we were able to produce the tape because i don't see anything. i see virtually nothing. and we're going destroy a man's life over this? you know, they're chopping off heads, drowning people in the middle east. we're going to destroy a man's life? he's got four beautiful children and a wife in new hampshire. and we're going to destroy his life because somebody makes a charge? by the way, did you notice how that charge changed after she found out that donald trump produced a tape? if didn't produce the tape, it would have been much worse because look at the statements she made. she was dragged down -- i had it written down, "forcefully throw reporters to the ground." i mean, "campaign manager aren't supposed to forcefully throw reporters to the ground." what ground? in fact, if you look at her
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face, her expression doesn't even change. >> i mean, donald trump defends had guy. on some level, he's got to be ticked off. he sits down for 90 minutes with "the new york times," about an hour with the "washington post" to talk about foreign policy on the heels of president obama doing the same with "the atlantic" magazine. he's saying, bring on the issues, be critical, be supportive. instead, he's got to talk about what happened two weeks ago. as -- david pouf tweets, "a presidential campaign manager's job is to manage the circus, not become one." one thing he says publicly, defend him. behind the scenes, he's got to be saying, cory, i got secret service, my own special security. keep your hands off people. i don't need you there. a week later, he's doing something similar. justified or not. as a campaign manager, keep your hands off people. i need to become president of the united states. this does not help me. >> then again, you have to praise him for the loyalty. it sound like donald trump is
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standing by because he appreciates cory's loyalty. >> lester holty to whoyalty to ? >> to him. >> you can't be grabbing reporters because you know it's going to become the story. >> i agree. i think that's what donald trump is thinking, he's coming up at 7:30 this morning. and i think you should ask him about that. if this is distracting to him. a lot of people say it's going to help him. meanwhile, piers morgan has a message to michelle fields, the reporter who wrote this, filed charges and has been charged by cops. he says, "if a male reporter cried battery after such a trivial incident, he'd be an absolute laughingstock. why should a female reporter be taken any more seriously? by making such a grotesque mountain out of a tiny molehill, michelle fields has embarrassed herself and let down her profession. toughen up, young lady, or choose a different job." meanwhile, what does this mean for the election? you know, there's going to be a
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big primary in wisconsin in a couple of days. charles lane from the "washington post" was on with bret baier last night. he says this could help trump. >> almost every other ostensibly negative thing has somehow worked in trump's favor. it demonstrates one again the basic reflex of trump, that in any situation, his instinct is to sort of make a counter accusation, right? to admit nothing, deny everything, and say wait a minute, they started it. and that's what he did here. he said, she grabbed me. and -- and so he's displacing the blame on to her. and i think with a lot of his fans, that will be enough. >> it will be enough -- will it be enough to get the women vote, independents? not his fans. his fans are this big, and they're strong and passionate. they brought him to where he is now. for him to be successful, he's got to get these people and got to get these people.
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>> what about michelle? she didn't have a choice. she asked for an apology, didn't give the apology. that's what she said on megyn kelly's show on march 16th after the incident happened. she didn't get the apology. now the video comes out, she files -- >> she filed charges. >> right. don't you think at this that point, she said her reputation was smeared. maybe she had to file charges so she could say to her next employer, hey, look at this. >> good point. >> i charged him. he was charged. police thought he did something wrong. >> good point. >> when you look at the video, though, does it look like something -- you know, if you think it assault, does that look like assault to the average person? to the average person -- >> no, but you know what that feels like as a journalist? you want to please your bosses and come back with the story and say, i got that interview with him. she's asking him a few questions. in piers morgan's article, he does make a good point. he says, she touched donald trump twice before. and then she's charging cory with battery. the definition of battery, like you were saying, is touching someone against someone's will. she was doing that to trump. >> you spelled that out great.
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i think that was exactly the issue. what kills me is either you're assaulted or not. if you apologize to me, i'm not really insulted. if you do apologize, i'm not -- forget that. that to me destroys her argument in many respects. bottom line is, this is what we should be talking about. americans are on high alert again. now in turkey. the families of our military men and women are asked to leave turkey in southern time as soon as possible because it's getting too dangerous. too dangerous in the middle east. basically, i'm not exaggerating here, in flames in three of four separate nations. now, turkey, a natonatoal -- na ally, saying we can't vouch for your safety. >> and isis vowing to take out some schools in turkey. and so the state department is warning people, you know, if you can, go home. with this backdrop of how things
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are in flames, yesterday the news was that somebody had taken an airplane hostage. they had hijacked it. it was en route from alexandria in egypt to -- >> cairo. >> to cairo. and somewhere along the way, this guy right here put on what looked like a bomb belt. as it turns out, it was not. it was harmless. this guy here from leads, england, didn't know that. and when he was one of the last guys on the plane, he asked one of the flight attendants to translate for him, hey, could you ask the hijacker if i could take a picture with you. he said, sure, come on over. they took a picture, and he tweeted it to his friends. >> while it was going on. it was real. they said, ben will be ben. >> think about in that situation you would not do that if you felt that there was a threat, i would assume. maybe he was doing it to help police. i'm glad, now we have a picture.
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i'm looking at the bell, people questioning how did he get through security. how is this guy -- i've heard that security's lax domestically in egypt. however, if you look at this picture, all it is, some cords and a fanny pack or like a white gauze or whatever -- >> which, by the way, is a red alert for any tsa agent. >> i thought in his carry-on, he could be carrying -- >> did you see her grab him? >> not against her will. >> depends on him. was that against her will? >> if she apologizes, i'll let it go. >> i'm sorry. let's move on. apparently this guy said, i figured if his bomb was real, his nothing to lose. so i took a chance to get a closer look at it. look at his face. >> when he tweeted, people were going, okay, that doesn't look like a real bomb on that guy. >> i love the foreign ministry. it says he's not a terrorist, he's an idiot. >> anyway, he did it apparently for love. that's where -- cypress is where his ex-wife lives -- >> women love it when you take over a plane because you love them. >> his ex-wife. >> there's a reason it's his
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ex-wife. >> i will say as a mother, he has four kids. he needs help. let's hand it over to heather. >> that will make you change your mind. ex-wife. operative word is ex. >> exactly. we have other stories that we have been following other than that. we do begin with this fox news alert. an isis hacking group, this is disturbing, posts the personal information of dozens of new jersey transit police officers, encouraging followers to carry out lone wolf attacks against them. the list includes the names and personal information of 55 past and present officers. new jersey transit says the information was breached from an outside vendor. the department of homeland security and the fbi are assisting in the investigation. speaking of the fbi, they apparently touched off dutch police a week before a pair of terrorist brother blew themselves up in coordinated attacks in brussels. police say they alerted belgium a day after learning the information from the fbi.
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more than 30 people were killed in the brothers' attacks. meantime, two americans seriously injured are back stateside. missionaries, they're recovering in a utah hospital. apple, they refused to give the fbi the help it needed. now the tech giant needs the fbi's assistance. apple is asking the fbi to reveal how it managed to crack the code on a terrorist iphone. this as new reports suggest that maybe an israeli software company helped the feds bypass security firewalls used by san bernardino gunman sayed farook. and hollywood mourning the loss of actress patty duke. ♪ >> duke had a long career in film and television, including a starring role in "the patty duke show." she also won an oscar for playing helen keller in the movie, "the miracle worker."
3:13 am
that's when she was just 16 years old. duke's son, actor sean austin -- astin, he posted this picture of his mother holding him as a baby, along with a short tribute. patty duke, she was just 69 years old. those are a look at your headlines so far this morning. >> gosh. she was so young. remember that show -- i loved the show. >> absolutely. >> i always thought there were two of them. >> no. identical cousins. >> that's right. >> like "the parent trap." she played both twins -- >> lizzie malone. >> in the new one. who was the actress in the old "parent trap"? i loved that movie. >> i don't know. it was in black and white. >> i saw the new one. >> i loved it. straight ahead on this wednesday, a brand-new wave of attack ads are flooding the airwaves. only one candidate scored during the dial treatment. that's coming up next. >> yep. the dial treatment, steve. and a gps unit tells the driver to bear right, but the kids in the back took it much differently.
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good morning, everyone. presidential candidates ramping up attack ads in their race for the white house. which ones will have the most
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impact? pollster lee carter hadere to break it down. let's start with cruz, trump, or sanders? >> cruz. >> here's the super pac ad for ted cruz. >> if you don't want donald trump to win, your choice comes down to this -- math. only ted cruz can beat donald trump. john kasich can't do it. the math won't work. a vote for kasich helps trump by dividing the opposition. it's time to put differences aside, to stop trump, vote for cruz. >> and of course, the republicans, blue, red is democrats, independents, yellow. a c? >> a c. it was a pretty average line there. the thing that was interesting, we did a poll with voters after they saw the commercials to see what stuck. this was a particularly effective ad in that it made people think, they thought,
3:19 am
well, if i'm up between cruz and kasich and i'm anti-trump, what do i do? this is a trump ad that was effective. the polling between 1% and 2% in wisconsin just for cruz. he needs to tip it a bit. and this is the math that could do it. >> on the clear average, trump has a two-point lead. governor walker is endorsing him, and ads like this are running. >> bernie sanders, to give you a clue, everybody an idea, you love this. people loved this. here's bernie sanders from his campaign. >> bernie sanders, the courage to stand up to big oil because he won't take their money. that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline and never waffled. sanders has a far-reaching plan to address climate change, combating carbon pollution which can cause asthma and lung disease. sanders can reduce the dependence on offensively fuel and create new jobs in clean energy. bernie sanders, people before polluters. >> if you worry about the
3:20 am
nomination, you like the blue line there. >> that's right. if you look at this, bernie sanders, he released three ads this week. this was one of them. gave it an a. all the voters across the board, especially on the democratic side, clear message. anti-company, i'm on the side of the people, i'm going to create jobs and opportunities for everyone. >> now i want to roll trump in and talk about it. this is an anti-cruz ad for trump. and of course, this -- so much on the line with wisconsin. what do people think about this ad? basically, what do you think? it talks about with friends like these, who needs enemies. >> it was just an average c. it wasn't enough to stick. there are so many things they can criticize cruz for. most people say, you know, he seems like a typical politician even though he's an outsider. that was a more effective attack that donald trump was having on cruz. this endorsement stuff didn't necessarily work. it didn't stick. he has a lot more that he can do. >> sanders get the best grades. >> he does. >> all right. thanks. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, donald trump's right-hand man charged with battery for allegedly grabbing a
3:21 am
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please return your headlines to the full upright and locked position. airline headlines here. turbulence so severe a plan is forced to make an emergency landing when a flight attendant gets hurt. the american airlines flight from dallas to tokyo had to be diverted to seattle so that the attendant could be taken to the hospital. the plane took off to japan after a 90-minute delay and mechanical inspection. and a tsa agent has resigned after shocking security breach at nashville. the airport there.
3:25 am
police say naja haines walked through a tsa checkpoint without being screened, then boarded a plane without an i.d. or a ticket. when police arrived, she told them, "my name and my faith are my i.d. "there you go. donald trump's campaign manager, charged with batley, as you know, after surveillance video shows him allegedly grabbing the reporter, michelle fields. trump defending his top aide. >> i don't see anything. virtually nothing. we're going to destroy his life because somebody makes a charge? and by the way, did you notice how the charge changed after she found out that donald trump produced a tape? if i didn't produce the tape, it would have been much worse. >> does the reporter, michelle fields, have a case? here now for a fair and balanced debate is former prosecutor, john aspilbore, and defense
3:26 am
attorney, eileen gomez. thank you for being here. what did you make of the video when you saw it? >> this is what i thought -- if you're a reporter chasing after the most popular candidate in a high-profile event among hundreds of other reporters and you don't go home with bruised elbows or a bruised eg ed ego o, you're not doing your job. this is part of the territory. >> e-los angele los angele-los-? >> you want to make sure you don't yank somebody or pull them out of the way to prevent them for speaking for candidate. you run for highest office in the nation, you're going to have reporters there. they're going to ask questions. that's part of the game. >> she is just doing her job. as a reporter, i've been there so many times. you see an opportunity when there aren't any other reporters around to get the candidate. you know you've got to go back to the newsroom, you've got to have the story. you want that as a journalist because we work so hard.
3:27 am
i mean, do you think -- she was talking on megyn kelly's show that she wanted an apology. what was your response? did you hear that on march 16th when she was on? she said, i just want an apology? >> exactly. i think what escalated after this situation was there was a smear campaign against her. and so she thought perhaps, hey, i've got to protect my credibility here. and went through with filing a complaint. now, filing a complaint doesn't mean that there are going to be charges. remember, an independent investigator researched everything, and then decided there was probable cause and then decided to proceed with the charge. >> what happens next? where do we go from here? >> hurt feelings shouldn't be what compels you to run to the police and make a report. what will happen now is when you have a law in florida, i just battered you. the law is so broad, you need prosecutors who are going to issue broad discretion in whether or not they are actually going to file a case. if they do in this instance, it will only be because a prosecutor wants his or her 15 minutes of fame. if donald trump weren't attached to this controversy, there would be no case.
3:28 am
>> does it discount her claims when she went on megyn kelly's show and did say, all i wanted was an apology, and she said something to the effect of, hey, it's just bruises. it's not that beig of a deal. if it's than big of a deal, why are you filing complaints? >> she might want her 15 minutes of fame. i don't know her and don't want to discredit her. i don't think the charges will stick. when a prosecutor looks, takes a look at the tape, i think they're going to take a pass on this case. >> will it stick? >> i think in this situation, a judge is probably going to put some pressure on the parties to say, okay, let's -- let's issue apologies and make up. >> thanks for being here with us. >> thank you. >> good discussion. coming up, does this look delicious to you? why your kids' school could have to pay up if their lunch doesn't look like that. would you eat that? and starbucks serving up controversy with a new ad about the 2016 presidential election. should the coffee shop be getting involved in politics? the former president of starbucks, howard bayhar, here with advice for the candidates.
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get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. guys, it's the second week of spring. new york city was under a high wind advisory all day with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. most new yorkers -- most new yorkers went about their daily routines, while donald trump went into his panic room like -- [ laughter ] >> easy, boy. easy, boy. >> hair warnings. >> right. >> jimmy fallon last night. meanwhile, we've got a lot of show left, including a special guest waiting in the wings who is highly caffeinated. >> this is true. >> absolutely. >> former sceo of starbucks. >> and donald trump will join us in an hour. meantime, heather childers.
3:33 am
school districts may be forced to hand over lunch money. luckily another student overheard them and tipped teachers off before anyone could get hurt. police did
3:34 am
24-year-old arnold shot another black man last summer. his victim survived. the shooting all caught on surveillance video. arnold will remain behind bars for at least the next 24 years. >> they said bear right. >> we said bear right. >> so adorable. >> cute kids. >> the lady in the box.
3:35 am
you don't want them to be on your right side window. >> right, real bear, bad. >> maria molina knows that. >> good morning, you guys. want to switch gears real quick. we have this massive. . we're dealing with heavy snow and blizzard conditions across portions of the high plains and across the rockies. and a big concern coming up later today. the storm, it's a classic springlike storm system. it has that winter weather on one side and then strong storms in the warm sector. unfortunately, some of the storms will be bringing in the risk for severe weather in parts of texas all the way to iowa. damaging winds, large hail, and tornadoes possible. your greatest risk areas. eastern texas into western parts
3:36 am
of mississippi, and eventually that storm system keeps moving eastward. the forecast is for heavy rain and a flood threat. we have a number of watches here from the lower mississippi valley into parts of the southeast with locally as much as eight inches of rain. out west, we continue to see the winter storm warnings in effect. several areas picking up several feet of snow. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, starbucks brewing up fresh controversy this morning. the coffee giant getting political with a new full-page national ad knocking vitriol and hatred. >> in part, it says, "when you read the headlines, scroll through your social media feed or listen to the candidates, you could easily mistake america as a nation lost." here to react to this is the former starbucks president, the
3:37 am
author also of this book here called "the magic cup." howard behar. and you know a little about creating magic. congratulations on the success at starbucks. >> thank you very much. >> i know you haven't been there in about seven years. we still want to ask -- but work with the current ceo. you worked together. what is your response to politics getting in the coffee business? >> i don't think it's in the coffee business. i think we're in the human business, right? we're filling people's souls, not filling people's bellies. every day you get a cup of coffee, you don't do it because you're hungry. starts your day. it's about values. i think we have a responsibility to express our values. >> i'm sure you remember this last year. starbucks got in hot water with some when they started that race together campaign, they wrote on the side of the cup and encouraged people to get into a conversation with the barista about race. >> you had to speak up over the
3:38 am
espresso machine. >> perk later. then howard shultz said maybe that wasn't a good idea. >> it showed the values that the people of starbucks represented. everything you do doesn't work. as long as you're trying, you don't mind making a mistake, you have a chance of succeeding. >> what about people who want coffee and not politics? >> starbucks pulled back, they listened to the customers. >> they never should have let you go. you brought them from 28 stores to 15,000 stores and brought them global, too. >> there are four in this building alone. >> yeah. >> a lot of those with their names on them. we asked the people what they thought about the programs and how companies get involved. roger wrote, haven't gone in months, probably won't go back. their coffee's bitter, as is their politics. he's a dunkin donuts guy. >> right. >> bill writes on facebook, love good coffee, but highly sick of starbucks' ceo constantly trying to push his left wing ideology.
3:39 am
what's your response to that? >> we can't appeal to everybody. we have to be who we are. i wouldn't call it left-wing ideology. i would call it human ideology. i think that's what we're about. we gave health care before anybody thought it was wise. we gave everybody stock options by helping to put people through college. if that's left wing, i'll take it. i'm a middle of the road guy, an independent. i don't believe that. i think you do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may. >> and a great personal story. let's talk about your book, "the magic cup." what's the focus? >> the focus is basically what you put into your life is what you get out of your life. you need to live your values when at work or home or at play. it's about values driving our lives. i think too often we get caught up in the stuff and forget about asking the question what are vaules that are we honest? do we care? do we love other people? are we here to help other people? that's the primary focus, serving others. >> in your book, you talk about three main lessons in life. what are they? >> the three main lessons in
3:40 am
life, the first is to put into your cup what will fill your cup. if you put good things into your cup, then your cup gets -- fills up and grows. if you put bad things in, your cup will shrink in size. the other thing is, you can put all the material things you want into your cup in life. but it only has room for so much. as we know, if you like cars, you buy one, you buy ten cars. by the 10th car, it takes up less and less in your life. >> do you think you would have had success in your life if you didn't have this balance and perspective that you have now? >> no, i don't. i was raised with it. i was raised by a small mom and pop grocer. my dad was an immigrant. i remember his first lesson. he taught me your neighbors are your customers and your customers are your neighbors. we used to have charge accounts in the stores. when people couldn't afford to pay bills, my dad wouldn't bill them until they could afford it. that's a lesson that that sticks your whole life. take care of other people. >> i worked in a store like that. people come in, you write it down next to their name, $15.75.
3:41 am
>> i tried that at a restaurant, but they wanted the cash. >> things have changed, unfortunately. i think we need to look -- i hate going backwards. i think going forwards is learning how to serve other people. >> and a book that you can read quick and get lifelong values. congratulations on your career. congratulations on "the magic cup." >> thank you very much. >> thanks for being here. meanwhile ahead on this wednesday, still ahead, isis hackers putting targets on the backs of dozens of cops publishing their personal information. the most terrifying parts of all, how easy it was for them to get the information. then, two navy vets turning america's junk into treasure. our own anna kooiman going behind the scenes of "salvage dawgs," d-a-w-g-s.
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we've got a fox news alert. isis setting its sights on a new target. the terrorist group published on line the names and personal data of more than 50 new jersey transit police officers. a spokesperson says, "n.j. transit's information was not compromised. however, some information was breached from an outside vendor." what does that mean? and how did isis get the information of the officers, and who is the outside vendor? joining us is retired fbi special agent and counterterrorism expert tim clemente from los angeles where it is 3:24 in the morning. tim, good morning to you. >> thanks, steve. >> let's start at the beginning there. where do you think -- what does that mean? the information came from an
3:46 am
outside vendor? >> most trial's a service provider -- most likely, it's a service provider to the law enforcement agency. somebody who works with transit police, possibly a health insurance provider or something that would have the names and vital data, possibly addresses and other information on the police officers. and unfortunately, it's probably a vendor that doesn't have the same level of security that the transit police themselves have. >> okay. so somehow, isis got into their system, maybe it was a hack, we don't know the details exactly. they published on line this personal information of where police officers live, their names, et cetera. what does that do, what sort of peril does that place police officers in? >> ordinarily, i wouldn't say it would place them in much peril. it's kind of a vague threat. in this case with isis being the group, the nemesis in this case, it's very much a real threat. as we've seen, isis is not a top-down organization. they're not somebody that delineates to each of their underlings what kind of
3:47 am
operations they can do. rather, they kind of send out the word that anyone that wants to join isis do a horrible act, kill people, wantonly kill and destroy, and pledge loyalty to al baghdadi and you're a member of isis. by identifying these individuals and saying these are targets, without literally, specifically pointing to a person to do such an act, they can find other miscreants like what happened in san bernardino, or like we saw in brussels last week, to carry out an act on a local basis, somebody that's close by, that may be able to reach out and touch these officers and their families' lives, unfortunately. but hopefully law enforcement can prevent that from happening. >> you would hope so. but what's the key? letting -- making sure that the police officers know, hey, your name's out there. somebody nearby might try to do something stupid, beware. is that it? >> that's not just it. hopefully they can try and look at where this leak came from, if
3:48 am
it was a leak or hack. and maybe try and see if there was somebody that benefited from this information locally, or if this information is being transferred, if there's individuals, you know. we have a vast web that we try and put out from the intelligence community and fbi to try and find people like this that are reaching out to websites that might be affiliated with isis and other terror groups. and so hopefully we might pick up some chatter and some individuals speaking to these overseas about this. if that's the case, it might lead us to identifying individuals that would try to target these officers. >> sure. >> the officers, all officers in today's day and age need to be uber vigilant because we've seen this has been a terrible year for law enforcement losses, heroic men and women in uniform dying at a terrible rate. >> right. >> and obviously we don't want to see any more fall. >> tim, because isis is in the terror business and they've put these names out and -- they freaked out these cops, is this another win for them on a small
3:49 am
scale? >> yeah. it's spreading terror. we've seen -- it's been a declared genocide against christians around the world by isis. we see them reaching deeper and deeper into the western hemisphere, going after individuals. this is just another. they've already, i wouldn't call it a victory, but i would call it terror. they've already completed an act of terror in doing this. and they're going to try and bring that to the next level by spreading blood, innocent blood again. >> let's hope nothing happens. tim clemente, thank you very much for joining us from los angeles. >> thank you. all right. another bad story. meanwhile, moving on, the president says the media needs to do a better job, asking donald trump tough questions. does he mean like this? >> one of the perks, senator, of being president of the united states is that you have your own bowling alley. are you ready to bowl from day one? >> has the president forgotten all about the softballs he got when he was running? then, two navy vets turning america's trash into treasure.
3:50 am
anna kooiman goes behind the science of the hit show "salvage dawgs," next. wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country.
3:51 am
here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
3:52 am
3:53 am
well, it's hard to bel bar porch on that house or that this bench was once a truck bed. >> wow. that's exactly what the guys at black dog salvage do. they turn trash into treasure. >> it all could be seen on their tv show called "salvage dawgs," with a "w." anna kooiman got a behind the scenes look and she joins us right now. >> yeah, they have a great story. you have to check it out from roanoke, virginia, as well.
3:54 am
new friends a crazy duo of navy veterans. guy at to see firsthand how they preserved the amazing pieces so the next generation can enjoy them. let's take a look. two navy vets are working together to help save america's past by salvaging it. and into something new. the pub plus michael whiteside, robert kulp and the entire store are the stars of "salvage dawgs" on the dyi network. how does the business model work? >> it's based on recycling. we started with house parts, you know, everything you can think of. doors, mantels, lighting, plumbing. >> we're the savers of the salvage. >> in between the wrecking ball and the land fill. >> tell us about your service. >> i spent four years in the service on the helicopter squadron. >> i was in active duty for five years. i'm an "o" and he's an "e." that's another good reason -- >> that's why we do the work.
3:55 am
>> now they're put manager toe the work. >> okay. a swinging day bed. you can sleep or hang out on this thing. >> it has wood that came from up in smith mountain lake. >> came from the rising sun ranch. >> yeah. >> it's probably 1880s, 1890s. we pulled it off. >> how did they turn that into this? let's just say it involves a whole lot of tools. >> it's not a little bit of a -- a little bit of the paint off. the next thing is we need to support this. and we'll go to the welding shop. >> all right. put the tips right here. pull it. >> watch your fingers. >> go ahead. >> that's good. >> we're going to punch holes in this. >> go ahead and hit it. >> bingo. >> awesome. all right. then we'll put the brackets that you just made. we'll attach them to the bottom. keep going, more more more. >> here's the finished product. >> lovely.
3:56 am
let's enjoy the fruits off our labor. >> see ya, everybody. >> which is why this is one of the best shoots ever. you can watch brand-new episodes of "salvage dawgs" on the diy network on sunday nights. good to watch. >> this is amazing. everyone loves a yard sale. you love to buy something inexpensively and turn it into a piece. you can say that the posts came from this house. these stained glass windows came from -- >> sometimes multiple stories. like we saw with the bench there. you know, one thing might come from the house. another might come from the church or a factory. or who knows what. >> my story is lowe's or home depot. i don't have a rich history. >> are you doing the hard work? >> i watch the people put it up. i don't have the skills. >> anna, a great piece. thank you so much. i'll have to watch. >> i'm glad to make new friends. don't go anywhere. we are just getting started. we have a huge show for you. donald trump and we have huge -- we have governor scott walker
3:57 am
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4:00 am
the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. good morning to you. it's wednesday, i hope it's going well for you at your household, march 30th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump defending his campaign manager for that. now he's facing charges for grabbing the reporter. >> i have to stand by him. i'm glad we were able to produce the tape. i don't see anything. >> does the reporter still have a case? we'll look at all the evidence. meanwhile, president obama says the media has to do a better job asking people like donald trump the tough questions. when he talks about tough questions, does he mean like this? >> one of the perks, senator, of
4:01 am
being president of the united states is that you have your own bowling alley. [ laughter ] are you ready to bowl from day one? >> yep, i've got a thrill up my leg right there. has he already forgotten, our president, about softballs he was thrown? we'll tell you the story. >> always appreciate his advice. no need to buy a vowel on this game of "wheel of fortune." >> port and starboard. >> yeah, that's it. >> what? one letter? >> how does that happen? >> the incredible game show guess that has everyone talking this morning. i'm thinking it's fixed. you know -- >> it's rigged, bernie. >> those billionaire class. hey, mornings are better with "friends." ♪ it's a beautiful morning
4:02 am
donald trump is going to be joining us very, very shortly. plus, scott walker who when he bowed out of the presidential race, he said you know what? we've got all to unite around somebody to stop donald trump. so it's not surprising he has endorsed ted cruz. he'll be with us in an hour from now. >> he was in the race? when was that? just kidding. that was when it was 19 people in the race. >> he was the front-runner. >> he won three elections in wisconsin. if he wants to get the machine behind ted cruz, that could be the difference in the april 15th fr primary. they'll be on. at two minutes after, let's go to heather childers who has the headlines. >> it seems like a long time ago. >> it really wasn't. we start with this fox news alert for you. american military and diplomatic families will begin leaving turkey today after being ordered to evacuate for security reasons. now, the move affects nearly 700
4:03 am
people most of them live at incirlik air because that's where the u.s. is launching air strikes against isis. they're saying it's done for their safety, but there are no specific threats. this comes less than two weeks after two americans were killed by the isis bomber in istanbul. the fbi tipped off dutch police a week before a pair of terrorists brothers blew themselves up in coordinated attacks in brussels. the dutch officials alerted belgium the day after learning the information. meantime, who americans seriously injured in the airport blast they are back stateside. mason wells and jason epi, they're recovering in a utah hospital. and the hunt is on for a thief who stole a car with the little girl in the back of the seat. a father left his sleeping daughter in the running car so he could run into the store for a minute. well, cameras were rolling as
4:04 am
the suspect lurked near the taillights before jumping behind the wheel with the 3-year-old inside. the little girl was found 30 minutes later on side of the road. the car, nowhere to be found. she was not injured thankfully. no love lost between hillary clinton and -- she has a lot to laugh about when a supporter brings up her husband's infidelity at a campaign event in wisconsin. >> if i was to be held accountable for everything my man did -- >> whoa! >> we'd have a problem. okay? so hold on. hold on. hold on. >> defending hillary clinton for lying after the lewinsky scandal. she is the mother of the bland woman who died in police custody last year. >> thank you. another thing that separates the campaigns and the parties you have the republicans saying don't forgot about law enforcement and you have democrats saying, oh, wait a
4:05 am
second. we have to get our law enforcement back in line and start respecting people. that's going to be the debate. >> and speaking of the law and order, let's take you back a couple of weeks ago. the victory party at trump national in jupiter, florida. this is a surveillance video from the trump ballroom and you can see donald trump he's the guy with the blond hair right there. and apparently, grabbing him a couple of times, you have a reporter, michelle fields, which she is alleging that corey lewandowski, donald trump's campaign manager, grabbed her and brushed her back. >> bruised her. >> she has since filed assault charges against him and yesterday, the jupiter police charged him with simple battery. he will apparently plead not guilty on may the 4th if it goes that far. >> a lot of people are saying, all right, well, lewandowski didn't need to do this, he didn't need to have a forceful pull and cause the bruising and others are saying that she just
4:06 am
wanted an apology. she didn't get the apology. so now she's pressing charges because she was on "megyn kelly's show" after it happened. she said, look it's bruises, whatever. the other side is she said, whatever, just bruise, why is she pressing charges? why is she having him arrested can? >> right. >> so you had this debate on and here's both sides of this debate. what is he looking at? maybe a year in jail, perhaps. >> you are a reporter chasing after the most popular candidate in a high profile event among hundreds of other reporters and you don't go home with bruised elbows or a bruised ego or both, you're not doing your job. this is not a case where she should have run to the police after that. this is part of the territory. >> part of the job. >> if donald trump weren't attached to this controversy, there would be no case. >> we have these laws in place to prevent civil disorder. that's what's happening here. you want to make sure you don't
4:07 am
pull somebody out of the way simply because you want to prevent them from speaking to the candidate. you're running for the highest office in the nation, they're going to ask you questions. that's part of the game. >> do you think it was too much or too little, the laws are right or wrong in florida, but as a campaign manager with so much responsibility, with a thin staff, i'm wondering if behind the scenes if trump is ticked off. listen, i sat down with "the washington post," it prints out to like 15 pages with "the new york times." i'm getting set to try to take wisconsin april 5th and try to salt this thing away and now i have to talk about you and what you did? you shouldn't be there. i have security. we know the security. i have secret service. don't worry about me. >> i bet knowing trump and we'll talk to him in 20 minutes i bet he sees -- i bet he's steamed that fields filed charges. you wonder if that's something you would file charges over?
4:08 am
shawn says this on facebook. mr. trump is the leading candidate for the president of the united states of america. why does he not deserve personal space and protection? this is ridiculous. and overblown. trump deserves better as the front-runner. >> tara write, once again the victim is being blamed. take some responsibility, right or wrong, be a man, and say you're sorry. >> and ted cruz says he would have got rid of him. jessica says, i have been push around during black friday shopping way more than she did. she wants her 15 minutes of fame. too bad it's all laughs at her. i don't think it's right to diminish her work. she's a reporter for the daily beast. i don't think she's gaining much out of it. >> trump said he would have fired corey if he had pushed her to the ground. most likely since it would be a first offense the state attorney will review the case and dismiss it before any arraignment. we'll talk to donald trump 22
4:09 am
minutes from right now. >> has karl rove ever knocked somebody or grabbed somebody and knocked them to the side, has david plouffe, david axelrod? any of the famed people, why are they in that position to begin with? why is he act like a bodyguard for donald trump. >> she grabbed him. he ungrabbed him. let's talk about the president scolding the press. he was speaking to syracuse university's toner award, an award, and he's speaking to all the journalists in washington, d.c. he basically goes after the media. chews them out. he goes on to say that journalists -- well, actually, let's take a listen. this is what he says. >> the number one question i'm getting as i travel around the world or talk to world leaders right now is what is happening in america? about our politics. they understand america is the place where you can't afford
4:10 am
completely crazy politics. you are supposed to push those in power for more evidence and more access. you're supposed to challenge our assumptions. in 2008 during the campaign people asked me really tough questions. about whether they'd match up and we had to spend a lot of time worrying about what i could deliver on. and there was a price. if you said one thing and then did something completely different. in the current media environment, is that still true? does that still hold? >> he was calling on journalists to hold people like donald trump more accountable. he's the last person who should be lecturing journalists when you look at his administration and the number of -- his administration set a new low on the net time they have granted foia requests, freedom of information requests for information from the administration. they simply don't do it. but what was delicious in what he just said was he said in
4:11 am
2008, people asked me a lot of tough questions. yes, indeed, mr. president. tough ones like this, watch. >> have you thought of using on the campaign trail and in your speaking engagements more exclamation points? >> one of the perks, senator, of being president of the united states is that you have your own bowling alley. [ laughter ] are you ready to bowl from day one? >> coffee or tea? >> tea. >> beatles or rolling stones? >> rolling stones. >> your mom comes from the pacific northwest. migrates to hawaii. goes to college there and right away meets a dashing young kenyan. gets pregnant. that's you. >> people in the mainstream media have been afraid to be accused of speaking truth to power. i have truth to power right now. your dog looks like he's out of
4:12 am
control. >> so president obama also i think that's interesting because a lot of people accuse the press noft properly -- of not properly screening the state senator who became the president of the united states at 48 years old. i thought the press was taking abuse for that. number two, he's gone around the press more than any other president. he goes on "the tonight show" to announce apologies about tom daschle. he talks to others about what he wants to push. he doesn't wait for josh ear nest or whoever has the job to come forward. i think it's interesting to see him talk condescending. >> i say, you want tough question, sit on the curvy couch. >> we'll buy you coffee, mr. president. meanwhile, coming up which presidential candidate has the skills to deal with issues like israel? gillian turner will grade the current candidates. that's next. no need to buy a vowel in
4:13 am
this game of "wheel of fortune." >> robert? >> port and starboard. >> yeah, that's it. >> whoo! >> can you believe that? the incredible game show guest everyone is talking about this morning. >> i would have just left, right after that. >> oh what a night. >> what a day i'm having. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
4:17 am
the bond between the united states and israel is absolutely totally unbreakable. >> israel's security is non-negotiable. >> america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. >> i remain unwavering in my support for the jewish state and the unique partnership with united states and israel. >> there it is. the presidential candidates making their voices heard in favor of israel. all week we're digging deeper to look at the foreign policies of the candidates that remain. today we look at you guessed it, the u.s. and israeli relations.
4:18 am
gillian turner, a former white house staff for former presidents bush and for obama. israeli relation, let's look at what donald trump donald trump said. >> well, donald trump gave a great speech at aipac. no fault there. i'm going to put donald trump today in the negative category unfortunately. >> so let's break down first what he stands for. listen, i'm pro israel. i march in their parades and get awards but when it comes to negotiations i'm going to keep it 50-50. keep it fair and balanced. >> which is the approach that pretty much every president who has tried to negotiate a peace table has come to the table with. they've tried to convince the american people they're neutral. nothing new in the approach. the reason i'm going to give him a low grade here is because this issue out of all the foreign policy issues that we face, this is where experience and know how counts the most. i don't believe he has it.
4:19 am
he doesn't have the long term relationship with the israelis that we need. >> he knows the prime minister well. if you begin negotiations with hamas, who really leads the palestinian s it's kind of toug. let's look at ted cruz. >> let gets -- he gets a positive grade and he aligns well with the israelis ideologically. he has a close connection with them when it comes to the religious fervor. he has a lot of donors from the orthodox jewish community here in the united states as well as israel. a lot of support there. >> is he for the two-state solution? >> i believe all of the candidates at this point in time are eventually going to have to come around to that solution. whether they're publicly saying it or not is a different story. >> you put governor kasich in this column. >> i would put him between the two. >> you put him in neutral. >> between neutral and positive. he has a natural alignment with them when it comes to
4:20 am
geostrategy. he's been tough on isis. he's against the iran nuclear deal, but i don't think he's committed to israel as a jewish state as a matter of passion. i think it's a sort of practical approach for him. >> now, you put hillary into the positive column. despite the fact she's in support of the iranian deal. >> i do. a big caveat there with the iranian nuclear deal. because that's not in israel's best interests. ly say about her track -- i will say this about her track record, she has a strong voting record when it comes to protecting their interests and she really appreciates that. she would do a good job of protecting israel's interests. >> real quick, bernie sanders the only jewish candidate that remains. >> i'm going to give bernie a negative here. >> wow. >> but bernie has publicly criticized the israelis in the past. he has voted a couple of times to cut back defense spending for the israelis when he was, you know, serving in the congress. and that's why i'm -- you know,
4:21 am
i don't believe he's got the wherewithal. >> gillian, thank you very much. coming up, all kids have their suspicions, but is it normal to prefer one child over the over? becuase they have triple zone protection. ... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will.
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♪ when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. book now at
4:24 am
okay. it is time for your "news by the numbers." one, st. joseph's medical center in patterson, new jersey, is the first in the country to ban pain killers inside its emergency room. the hospital says it's vital to prevent patients from becoming addicts. $1.6 billion that's how much money taxpayers are shelling out the fund a solar plant in california that doesn't even work. the plant partly owned by google blames a drop in sunshine for
4:25 am
falling short of production targets. >> darn sun. finally one letter that's all it took for this guy to solve the entire puzzle on "wheel of fortune." >> robert? >> port and starboard. >> that's it. >> whoo! >> robert won $76,000 in cash and prizes. >> oh, what a night. >> wow. dream about the ex -- >> or how do i know? >> who is normal or who is not? it's a question we asks ourselves once in a while. luckily psychiatrist dr. keith ablow is here. >> good morning. i don't know how you get out of bed in the morning without calling me. >> barely. barely. all right. we want to read some e-mails. you tell us if they're normal or not. this is talking about their sister being a neat freak. we tease her about ocd, but this could be the case?
4:26 am
if so, is it that bad? her house is spotless. dr. keith, what do you think? >> all right, with the available data, i'm going to say normal because look, a lot of people like neat houses. but here's what you have to wonder about the sister r. there other ritualistic behaviors to which she's prone? is this interfering with her relationships? people with ocd can be caught up in the compulsions they can't have relationships. get her help if you think these things are also present. >> okay. normal. here's another one. it says, i am the mother to a set of twins. a boy and a girl. is it normal to prefer one over another? obviously, i never let it show, but it's how i have always felt. is she normal or is she nuts, keith? >> all right, she's normal. look, if we're honest with ourselves, many of us have a quote unquote favorite child.
4:27 am
she may be kidding herself where she says obviously i never show it look, the kids may need me at some point because maybe it does become evident in some ways. but this is a good mom. she's at least aware that she has a preference so she can readjust and try to make it easy. so many people won't admit it. >> it's normal for parents to have favorite kid? >> it is normal, you know, i hear it again and again. you know, for me it's my sheba inu puppy. the kids call, they have to take a back seat. >> my boyfriend refuses to move out of the parent's house. he's 34, he claims he's saving money, but my parents feel i'm dating a dependent guy who will not grow up. am i nuts to stay with him, his name is matthew mcconaughey. >> well, i knew this wasn't going to be batting a thousand. yeah, you're nuts. look, you're nuts if you think
4:28 am
that you're dating your future husband. you're dating your future oldest child, right? because you have to pull your inner self and say, is there something about me that i like men a little weak and dependent? because this guy at 34 is saying, hey, i'm just home, because i like she folds my clothes. you're 34 years old, studio apartments in manhattan, you can move in or move in with somebody. you have to get out if you want the princess. you've got to have a castle, otherwise, you're going to be a serf to the princess your whole life. >> this from the doctor who prefers the dog to the kids. >> you haven't met poppy. you would be head over heels. >> we understand. we get it. >> uncle steve. thanks for having me. >> thanks. you can send your questions, normal or nuts questions, to dr. keith ablow. go to
4:29 am
>> i'm not sure what's spinning in the background in the animation, but it makes sense. >> seems normal to me. meanwhile, trump standing by his man who is now facing charges for grabbing a reporter. donald trump joins us live to react to the critics, next. and it's a military reunion that that's sure to warm your heart this morning. >> i'm home. >> wow. how the soldier got the whole community to help make the surprise absolutely perfect. that's next. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
4:30 am
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are you ready? you've got to be ready. i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats, spotless. the uniforms clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. everybody wants a piece of ready. all right. we promised you donald trump would join us and he does right now on the phone from milwaukee. good morning to you, mr. trump.
4:33 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. >> well, the big news is the fact that a couple of weeks ago, michelle fields who was at your trump national jupiter location on your victory night, she says she was roughed up by corey lewandowski, your campaign manager. she filed charge against him and yesterday the jupiter police charged him with simple battery. you released the surveillance video from the ballroom because it shows what? >> well, it shows very little. it shows people walking around, she's grabbing my arm, she's not supposed to. she broke through secret service, she is asking question, she's not supposed to be asking questions. you see me try to push her hand off the arm. she's got a pen in her arm which she's not supposed to have. it shows that she's a very aggressive person and grabbing at me and touching me. maybe i should file charges against her. maybe i should say my arm is not the same.
4:34 am
she's grabbing my arm. a lot of people have said this. what happened is she made a strong statement she was jolted backwards and someone -- being thrown to the ground. unfortunately for her, i happen to have a surveillance camera. you know i have good properties that have very good cameras in my property for security reasons. i happen to have the tape. once i had the tape, i mean, she must have died when she saw the tape. because she was not roughed up. she wasn't jolted to the ground. nothing like that happened. and, you know, sort of interesting, they want me to destroy a man's life and the other two candidates, kasich and cruz, said oh, he should be fired. fired for what? and, you know, i don't do that. they're weak people, these are weak people. that's a problem we have with our country. they're weak people. >> i understand, and i think that's admirable. you have loyalty to people and, you know, you understand he has four kids. but do you really want your campaign manager involved in this type of security thing?
4:35 am
these are two incidents that's been a distraction to you. donald trump, you sat down with "the new york times" and "the washington post" and spoke for an hour. no one is talking about those stories. they're talking about your campaign manager. doesn't that show he's stepped out of bounds? >> i agree, brian, i love "the new york times" interview. i thought it was a great interview by a really great reporter and i wish we could be talking about this, but i'm talking about nato, and how the united states is getting ripped off with off -- with an obsolete nato and i wish we were talking about this. this is so minor. who would think this could happen? she grabs my arm, he pushes her off a little bit, not knowing it. like a reflex. but she wasn't yanked to the ground or anything. and to think that that led to criminal -- i have been watching different shows. i have been watching lawyers on different shows. and they can't -- some of them
4:36 am
can't even believe it that this ends up being a charge. >> do you regret releasing the video considering it got your guy in trouble and now he's -- you know, in jail? >> he's not in -- >> charged, no not jail. do you regret releasing this video though? >> no actually i think it was the opposite. i think if they didn't have the video it would have a much more serious situation. because you would have been believing her. hey, look, just in fairness, she said, quote, i was jolted backwards. someone grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. she wasn't yanked down. >> well -- >> i almost fell to the ground. >> but why is a campaign manager even touching a reporter? >> he's following me and she's grabbing me. take a look at her hand. shes got a pen in her hand which she's not supposed to have. i will tell you secret service can tell you that. she's grabbing at me. so probably even unknowingly it's like a reflex. he -- he didn't do anything hard. but if you listen to her, she was -- she was forcefully thrown to the ground and, you know, the whole thing is absolutely
4:37 am
ridiculous. i'm sure she wasn't thrilled when she saw her statement and then she saw the security tape. >> so last night, her friend, ben shapiro, he was the former editor at large with breitbart who left when michelle left. he was on megyn kelly's show last night and i want to get your reaction. >> lying liars lie. this is the trump campaign. lies are told and lies are told to cover up the lies and then new lies are told in order to cover up the lies that were told about the lies. corey lewandowski yanked michelle, he bruised michelle. ben harris and michelle told that story. now they're lying. their story has evolved from corey lewandowski never touched michelle fields to well, she sort of had it coming. >> what's your message to ben shapiro? >> it's another megyn kelly hit. my message is speak to the lawyer on the other side because he said give me a break. this thing is so minor, it's so incidental.
4:38 am
that -- and the lawyer by the way, i don't even know the lawyer, but the lawyer did an excellent job and if you put his side on instead of this so-called reporter that said things that frankly he has no right to say, but i wish -- instead of him, put the lawyer on. hear what the lawyer said. because the lawyer can't believe charges were brought on this very minor -- think of it. in the world we have people's heads being cut off, we have people drowning. the bottom line for me, it would be very easy for me to say, corey, you're fired. you take a look at that tape, corey, you're fired. that's crazy. i don't feel -- he's a good person. he's a good human being. i don't want to destroy a human being's life, who's got four children. he's got a wonderful wife. he lives in new hampshire. i don't feel like destroying his life. >> but a campaign manager should not be putting their hands on reporters. >> well, she shouldn't -- >> axelrod didn't do it. that's why you have secret
4:39 am
service and that's why you have your own security. >> you don't know if they didn't do it. i guarantee you they did stuff more physical than this. this is not even physical. frankly, she shouldn't have her hands on me. okay? nobody says that. but she shouldn't have her hands on me. >> here's an op-ed about that, and that was said. that was ben shapiro, that wasn't megyn kelly saying it. >> well, it was her show and frankly you can have megyn kelly. it was her show. >> all right. >> she does a great job. she had a debate. it was the -- >> maybe she does a good job for you. she doesn't do a good job for me and let me tell you, if she wouldn't report on donald trump, her ratings would go down in half. >> not true. >> she does -- >> the ratings went through the roof before you ran for president. >> oh, really? how many times was i on her show? she ought to stop reporting on me -- if she wouldn't report on me, the ratings would go down in half.
4:40 am
>> let's talk about this. both -- all three of the people still running on the republican side, you and mr. kasich and mr. cruz. it sounded like you're all abandoning that pledge to support the eventual republican nominee. why would you do that? >> well, what i said, steve, last night we had a town hall. i thought it went very nicely. i think, you know, really it went well. but they asked me the question about support. i said care if cruz support me. if he does that's fine. if he doesn't i don't care. i don't want to do something that makes somebody uncomfortable. the only one i care about supporting me is the people. you saw the new poll that came out and i'm close at 50% and winning easily. i think i'm going to do very well in wisconsin. i'm in wisconsin right now. and we're having a tremendous response. i think we're going to do very well in wisconsin, we're going to do fantastically in new york and in new jersey and pennsylvania. and, you know, that's all that
4:41 am
matters. to me, i don't care about if cruz endorses me. it means practically nothing. >> how do you feel about marco rubio holding on the his delegates? >> i think we'll get to 1,237. we started off with 17 people, so when i get to 1,237 which is half, i have to go through not just one or two people, i had to go through -- we had 15 or 16 people taking delegates. despite that i think we'll get to the 1,237. i think we'll do it. but we had people, brian, on the panel and in primaries, you had six, seven, eight, ten people in the primaries so it's a very, very high standard. despite that, we're doing so well. you know we won -- i don't know if you heard, missouri last night. >> congratulations. >> we won missouri last night. >> i woke up this morning and i read this story and it just broke my heart.
4:42 am
it's a lady, she was the former miss wisconsin and she is dying. she has a son that she is eventually going to leave behind. she was miss congeniality in your pageant when you owned the miss usa pageant. you talked to her. she has a neurological disease where her brain stops telling her organs to work. it's a matter of time she says. but her message to you, because of your pageant, you are helping send her son to college and as a parent this just really resonates and hits home. what's your reaction to this? >> well, my reaction is she was so unbelievable yesterday. she was at the rally. she was there and she was pointed out and she spoke and there was nothing so beautiful as what she did. i think it's the most beautiful moment since i've been campaigning for president. she's got a terminal disease, and she's got a terminal -- i know, she's got a beautiful child. and she's not expected to last
4:43 am
that long. she was there last night, thanksing me. i think it's one of the most beautiful thing since i have been in the world of politics, i will tell you. there are some beautiful moments also. not just negative moments but there are some beautiful -- she's an amazing woman. it was a sad moment actually. >> right. she thanked you for writing to her when she was in the hospital, writing engraving a picture to one of the bravest women i know. all right. >> it's true. >> thank you very much for joining us today. >> appreciate it. >> brian? meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, he hijacked the passenger plane with a fake bomb, but investigators say he's no terrorist. he's just an idiot. what we just learned about him in the live report, next. and no job? no food stamps. good idea? big changes coming to the welfare program. allergies with nasal congestion?
4:44 am
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4:47 am
if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. we have got a fox news alert right now. the man accused of that bizarre hijacking we were telling you about 24 hours ago on this program, the guy who hijacked the egyptian plane has gone before a judge. >> did you see that, his hand out the windowing the peace sign. as we learned more about the motive behind the plot and how he took pictures now -- look at that -- with passengers. >> benjamin hall has the details in london. >> reporter: good morning, brian. yes, this case is now over and it does appear as if this man was trying to get back to see his estranged wife and kids. today as you say he was flashing that "v" sign after a judge ordered him to be held for eight days on suspicion of hijacking, abduction and possession of
4:48 am
terrorists. today pictures were released showing him passing through security in alexandria and egypt's foreign ministry said he's not a terrorist, he's an idiot. terrorists are crazy but not st the man seif eddin mustafa, you see the supposed suicide vest. many people saying it doesn't look like the real thing. he commandeered the aircraft about 15 minutes after takeoff. he asked all passengers and crew to hand in their passports and told the pilots he wanted to go to cyprus. he dropped an envelope out of the window, and it was addressed to a cypriot woman, his ex-wife. he demanded the release of prisoners. he came off the plane, walked calmly down the stairs and what he later told police, when someone hasn't seen their family for 24 years and the egyptian government won't allow it, what does one do? the answer is not hijack the plane. but that's what he did.
4:49 am
back to you. >> benjamin hall, thank you very much. no work, no food. major changes coming to welfare programs. are they a good idea? we'll have judge alex feer are ya weigh in next. and then the beatles were at the top of their -- top of the charts with their hit "can't buy me love." ♪ ike this. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk.
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4:51 am
4:52 am
watching tvs get sharper, oh remotes, you've had it tough. bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting no work, no food. that's the position more states are taking when it comes to food stamps and welfare. >> as of today, mississippi residents must work or volunteer at least 20 hours a week to qualify. and nearly a dozen states have
4:53 am
restored the requirements since the obama administration lifted them. here to react to this is former dade county, florida, circuit court judge alex ferrer. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> what's your reaction to this? >> i think it's a great idea. first of all, a lot of people on food stamps need food stamps and are not gaming the system, but there are others who are gaming the system and would like to get benefits and not work. you have the same problem with criminals who let's say burglarize your home and steal $5,000. they get caught and ordered to pay the victim back. well, they don't. they know they can't be thrown in jail for inability to pay because it's debtors prison. it's very difficult to prove they would have the ability to pay. so they say, you know what, i'm not going to give a portion of it to the victim. and there's nothing you can do about it. i would tell the defendant, you know what? for every week you're on probation that you're not working 30 hours a week, you're doing 30 hours of community
4:54 am
service. either work for free, or you work for money. guess what? every one of them got a job and every one of the victims got paid back. >> wow. >> what's so interesting, welfare reform was done by newt gingrich and bill clinton. and the economy collapsed, okay, take your food stamps, unemployment is over 10%. then kansas says i'm putting this program back in to work. then mississippi is doing it now. and maine did it and the results are staggering. >> yeah. >> people know they have to put the work in, they get off food stamps. >> absolutely. money is still going into their pocket, regardless of the -- the food stamp is not a replacement for work. you're not going to break even. but if you give people the opportunity and say, you can stay home and we'll pay you, you know, $200 a week, or you can work and make $300 a week, okay, well -- >> no longer can use the excuse i can't find a job because they can volunteer. >> we can use the community service. >> judge, i want to ask you about what another judge here in new york city said, his name is edward mclaughlin.
4:55 am
he said this. the sad fact is in this courtroom, so often what happens is manifestations of the fact, black lives matter to black people with guns. that's what he said and then i think he -- he gave a guy 24 to 26 years in jail for shooting another black man for -- >> yeah, attempted murder. but for luck, he would have killed him. well, what he said is definitely factually accurate. i mean, 89, 90 -- 92% of blacks who are murdered are killed by other blacks. but factually, it's the same for any race. 82% of whites who are killed are killed by other whites and the reason is we tend to hang out with, marry and befriend people in our race. we live in communities that are somewhat homogeneous. you live in community, when you look at murders by strangers, it's about 89% of blacks are killed by other blacks and 67%
4:56 am
of whites are killed by other whites. factually it is accurate. i wouldn't have said it, because it had nothing to do with the case. you're just making a political statement. it's not your role as a judge to make a political statement. >> and jesse jackson said why are we making a bigger deal of everyone getting shot in chicago and it's a war zone there and why isn't more attention coming there? >> you're dead either way, i think the race issue is a tangential point. >> good point. have a great day. still ahead, a big program, final hour. scott walker yesterday gave ted cruz a big boost with his presidential endorsement. the wisconsin governor is going to join us live from milwaukee. top of the hour. soup and sandwich and clean and real
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good wednesday morning to you and your family. it is march 30th. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump sticking by his campaign manager's side who's now charged with assault after this new video surfaced of him grabbing a reporter. trump speaking out on "fox & friends" just moments ago. meanwhile, check out this photo bomber. a hostage snaps a selfie with a hijacker who said he was strapped with explosives. the passenger just revealed why he did it. >> i get it. photo bomber. >> okay. would you donate a kidney to a complete stranger? >> i think that's the american mentality. not just doing something. just asking what else can you do for somebody else? >> what a great attitude. the awesome reason why he did it. let me remind you in case you're quizzed later, mornings are better with "friends."
5:01 am
>> a kidney for a total stranger? >> that's amazing. my mom needs a kidney. she's on the list. >> she does? >> she's got diabetes, i'm not a match. i know. >> that's hard. >> that's okay. she's on the list, it will be okay. that story is touching to me. because that's amazing. we'll tell you how that unfolded. just incredible. >> that's right. meanwhile we have a lot of show left. including governor walker could be the difference maker in wisconsin. let's go over to heather to update us on what's happening. breaking news, we begin with in. terrorists apparently can slaughter dozens of people and still be citizens that's the decision made by the french president francois hollande. he abandoned the plan he made two days after the terror attacks. hollande wanted to change the constitution to strip them of the nationality. but he backed down after overwhelming opposition from parliament. to another -- danger zone. military and family members are
5:02 am
ordered out of turkey as of today. nearly 700 people ordered to evacuate. most live at incirlik air base. the pentagon insists that there is no specific threat, but this is coming less than two weeks after two americans were killed by an isis bomber in istanbul. and there's this. if you have seen this selfie, you're probably wondering why in the world would he do this? well, the british man who posed with the hijacker of an -- of the egyptair plane isn't sure why he did. ben innes said if the bomb belt had been real, he figured he had nothing to lose and he figured he wanted to take the selfie of a lifetime. other passengers are laughing off the photo. >> this guy was so cool. he's a british guy and he asked if he could take a picture and he took a picture. >> that is crazy.
5:03 am
well, the bomb belt in the picture we know now it turned out on the fake. the hijacker was arrested. and finally, an epic homecoming for massachusetts soldier, returning early from afghanistan. [ screaming ] >> i'm home. >> you know we love these stories. before being deployed criss adams had worked as a firefighter. so he decided to surprise his mom and girlfriend. they were told that the house had a gas leak when a fire truck arrived, he was inside. >> it's beyond words. i knew he was flying home soon. but this was like the last thing i expected. >> adams returned just in time to celebrate his 22nd birthday. we are glad that he's home safely. thanks for your service. that reminds you how young they are. 22nd birthday. >> i love those stories. you can't watch them without
5:04 am
getting teary eyed. all right, meanwhile, if you're watching politics this is the story that has eaten up all the oxygen for the last 24 hours. corey lewandowski, trump's campaign manager, as he was leaving jupiter, florida, two weeks ago, michelle fields in white grabs trump's hands a couple of times and there corey lewandowski brushes her aside. grabs her and -- i don't know exactly what he does, but he puts her to the side. she filed charges against him yesterday the jupiter police charged him with simple battery. donald trump was on our program about half an hour ago. we asked him why did he release this video from his ballroom? and here's what he said. >> well, he's following me. and she's grabbing me. take a look at her hands. she's grabbing me. she's got a pen in her hand which she's not supposed to have. i will tell you secret service can tell you that. and she's grabbing at me.
5:05 am
so probably even unknowingly like a reflex. he -- he didn't do anything hard. but if you listen to her, she was -- she was forcefully thrown to the ground. the whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. i'm sure she wasn't thrilled when she saw her statement and then she saw the security tapes. >> so he says he released the video to exonerate corey, his campaign manager. >> he brings up a good point though because if you look at the definition of battery as we talked about at the beginning of the show, grabbing somebody against their will. >> touching someone. >> well, she's doing that to him and then the campaign manager pulls her back. granted, he pulls her forcefully back and she has the bruises to prove it. >> she filed assault charges. >> she said i was just being a report e i'm doing what i'm supposed to do. i'm trying to ask him questions and get a sound bite from him so i can do my job. >> governor scott walker used to be a candidate for president. now he's maybe a power player in wisconsin for the -- for who's
5:06 am
going to win that primary. great to see you. >> thanks for having us on. >> what's your take on the hoopla around this incident? >> you know, for us it's just another example -- particularly in the midwest of distractions from the realto hear about the economy and that's one of the reasons ted cruz. he wants to get rid of the irs, he wants the flat tax of 10%. i love that idea. i think it would bring jobs and opportunity back to my state and across the united states. i want to have a country where the defense of our nation is back to being a priority. those are the things that people care about here in wisconsin and i think they care across the country. >> absolutely. governor, let me ask you this. when you stepped aside from -- and putting your campaign -- you suspended it i believe, you said, you know, we have to unite around somebody to stop donald trump. so it wasn't a surprise it would be a non-trump endorsement yesterday. but why did you pick mr. cruz
5:07 am
over mr. kasich? >> for me, three simple reasons. i wanted to be for something, not against something. that's what i hear from the people here in wisconsin. i'm for ted cruz because he's a constitutional conservative. as a governor, that matters to me and other governors. we want someone who understands the power because of the constitution resides in the states wand the people, not with the bureaucracy in washington. ted cruz has shown not just said, but shown he's committed to that. he's shown he's willing to take on the status quo, to take on the big special interests, like we have done many years now here in wisconsin. we have been taking on the same interests. ted cruz doesn't just talk about it. he's done its. from a very practical standpoint, one of the great ben fits of picking ted cruz he's by far the best candidate to both win the nomination and at the same time also be a candidate who can defeat hillary clinton in the fall. i think we can get united behind him at the convention. then turn the tables on hillary clinton who is in horrible shape because of the deception she's given to the american people. >> now, governor, did you watch the debates? you remember when all of the
5:08 am
candidates they were -- you might have been a part of it, when you all -- >> at the beginning. >> you took a pledge, i'm going to support the eventual gop nominee. well, now all three of the candidates that are left in the gop are saying, that might not be the case. they might not support the nominee if it's not them. what's your reaction? >> well, right now, they're all saying it because they want to be the nominee. but i think in the end, republicans across this country certainly here in the state of wisconsin we eerl -- we'll be behind the nominee. i believe that ted cruz will win here because of his middle of the country kind of roots and his straight talk and his true track record of getting things done. i think when he does that he'll be well on his way of heading into cleveland with 1,237 delegates that are required to win the nomination. we'll be united. whether or not every candidate will be doing that is beside the case.
5:09 am
we desperately need to win against hillary clinton. >> that's a huge task to go to the northeast and think that ted cruz is going to get 1,237. having said that, what you said in the past, would you support donald trump if he gets the nomination? >> well, again, on tuesday i think ted cruz is going to win. >> i know, but would you support trump if he got the nomination? >> well, i pointed out when you mentioned about that question, the previous question, i was one of the people on the stage back in august who said i was going to support the nominee regardless who have it is. i'm a man of my word. i firmly believe that ted cruz when he wins in wisconsin on tuesday will be well on track to be that nominee. and i think that'll be good not just for the party but i think finally, you know when you agree or disagree with ted cruz on every issue, i think it's hard to dispute that he sticks to his guns, he says what he's going to do. even if it means taking on the establishment in his own party. that's exactly what voters are looking for and he'll be -- it will be a stark contrast to hillary clinton who i think is
5:10 am
in trouble not only amongst independents and republicans but i think even has some problems as we see with bernie sanders supports because a lot of democrats don't trust her. i would love to have that cruz who sticks to his guns and clinton who will say anything to get elected. >> well, bernie sanders he's been surging and winning everything. however, he was taking a shot at you and says that republican governors like you are trying to suppress the vote. first of all, how dare you. secondly, for people who missed it, here's bernie sanders in wisconsin. watch this. >> we have got to make it easier for people to vote, not harder. it is clear to me and to any thinking person that when governor walker and other republican governors all over this country have done is try to suppress the vote, make it harder for low income people,
5:11 am
old people, young people, to participate. i say to governor walker and the other cowardly republican governors if you are afraid of a free and fair election, get out of politics, get another job. >> i think what he's talking about in some states, you've got to present some sort of i.d. before you can vote which is fair. when guy to cvs i've got to get out after driver's license if i'm going to buy benadryl. >> well, it prevents fraud. >> yes, it's simple. we want to make it easier to vote, but hard to cheat. our state -- look at the facts. our state has one of the highest voting participation rates in the country. it will on tuesday and in fall in the general election. why? we make it easy to vote, but hard to cheat. you need a driver's license, you need -- you can get a state issued i.d. card for free at our dmv offices. you're a veteran you can use
5:12 am
your veterans card. but we make -- so we make it easy to vote. you can vote the same day. you have to have that voter i.d. and we make it hard to cheat. that's the difference. he should look at the facts. >> thank you. >> scott walker, always pleasure. >> thanks. good to see you this morning. >> he's got a lot of power. won three elections. he can make a huge difference. coming up on a wednesday, want to take a trip down to north carolina? >> sure. >> you can't. >> no. >> governor cuomo of new york actually banning travel to the tar heel state. wait until you find out why. all right. so does this look appetizing to you? what do you think, guys? would you eat that? >> i don't know what it is. >> michelle obama's plan to change school lunches hits a sour note with kids and guess what? you're paying for it.
5:13 am
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5:17 am
charged with assault when he grabbed the reporter who writes for the daily beast. donald trump said he's standing by him. here to break down the evidence, the man who can do it, peter johnson jr. we have been over this yesterday and a couple of weeks ago and we got trump's reaction this morning. legally how much trouble is corey lewandowski in? >> well, he's in simple. you can go to jail for a year, probation for a year. a fine. all that requires is the showing of touching. doesn't have to show that there's damage to a person. doesn't have to show marks as we have seen in terms -- >> but there are marks. >> ones in fields' arms. the trump people said it was caused by something else, maybe there already. but it's intentional touching. so it was accidental, no harm was made in terms of it going
5:18 am
on. on the plus side of her prosecutors, if the state attorney decides to bring the case, and they haven't decided yet, there's been an arrest made. mr. lewandowski has signed a notice to appear on may 4th. if they bring the charges, there's a "washington post" reporter who says he witnessed it, and there's a videotape. most simple battery cases in the state of florida or anywhere else in the country do not have a videotape and a witness, and a "washington post" reporter. a trained observer. so on the political side, he can wipe it away and say is ms. fields a gold digger, trying to hurt donald trump? >> people wrote me, she has a book coming out, this help hearse. >> but at the same time, this is a reporter, this a reporter who's not anticipating or expecting that someone would touch her without her permission and if you watch the videotape,
5:19 am
you can make the argument that she was pulled back. so she was pulled, and her arm was squeezed, and if the arm was squeezed with the intensity that caused the marks then you go before a jury. then that's a problem in terms of any defendant. any defendant in a case. >> but peter, you don't think this will go before the jury, do you? this guy has no priors. he had a weapons issue in washington, d.c. do you? >> well, the weapons charge we're talking about was dismissed. carrying it into congress. i don't know what's going to happen. what i would anticipate, considering the fact that donald trump is one of the great deal makers in the united states, is that some deal will be struck. some rapprochement, some mediation, some apology, some understanding that perhaps it was inappropriate. but it wasn't really intentional. and that they move on to the benefit of both parties. >> to who does it benefit? benefit anybody to do it now or are we better off waiting for the court and for everything? >> well, the courts will take
5:20 am
hold. but in terms of the campaign it's probably better that they resolve it now. in terms of ms. fields, probably better they resolve it now. there's a lot of things to discuss in this controversy, and we're spending a lot of time about a simple battery in the state of florida. the case can be brought and won by a prosecutor, but there are defenses. should a reporter understand that in the rough and tumble of a political campaign that a campaign manager may be putting his arm on you and saying, listen, just step aside a little bit. let the candidate through. that happens. it's happened to you. it's happened to me. >> yeah. >> here there was a touching that she didn't like. that she didn't ask for. she says she was damaged by. this can go to the jury. >> peter johnson jr., thank you. coming up, he walked into the crowded church on easter sunday armed with two guns, he was ready to unload. but he was stopped in the nick of time. we're talking to the men who took him down, next. would you donate a kidney to
5:21 am
a complete stranger? >> i think that's the american mentality, you know? not just doing something, just asking what else can you do for somebody else. >> what a great line. that awesome reason this military man did just that. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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5:24 am
go to together, we're building a better california. want some political headlines, got them right here. first up, new york state governor being called a hypocritic for banning travel to north carolina over the new anti-lgbt law. a representative for north carolina's governor points out cuomo visited communist cuba last year which has a deplorable human rights record and yet people can't go to north carolina? there's a bigger elephant in the room at this year's state gop convention in texas.
5:25 am
organizers will allow firearms inside. it's a much different approach than one taken in ohio where officials are ignoring a 40,000 signature petition that would allow guns in certain venues. all right. ainsley? >> speaking of guns a memphis man is undergoing a mental evaluation after walks into church with services going on inside that church. donald marcus, here's his picture. he's 31 years old. he had a beretta in his pants and then an assault rifle in his backpack. church security, they were able to stop him before he was able to reach the sanctuary. so what can other churches learn from this incident? joining us now is the senior pastor, steve gaines. we have aaron harrington who was the protective agent at the church and andy willis, the director of security there. all from bellevue baptist church from memphis, tennessee. thank you for being with us, gentlemen. >> thank you.
5:26 am
>> thanks for having us. >> steve, as the lead pastor, i want to talk to you first. what happened on easter sunday? >> we were in our third service and we were notified by one of our greeters actually one of our ladies who noticed a man who had a gun hanging from his belt. and he also had a backpack and so she notified one of our pastors who immediately notified the head of our security, who was andy. who's there here with us, to my left. and andy went and along with aaron and they talked to the man. and he did have a loaded gun. they asked for the gun because there are memphis -- they are memphis police officers and he did give them the gun. after he showed them -- andy showed him his badge and he unloaded the pistol. he said, may i put this back in your backpack and when he did he found the assault rifle with all of the ammo and the man had been asking to go into the balcony and so then they immediately
5:27 am
apprehended him. >> wow. you know it's unbelievable that we're at this point in our society where we have to be -- we have to protect our congregations, churches, after what happened especially in charleston last june. what happened then? you approach this guy who has a visible gun. i didn't know it was so visible but you said it was hanging from his side. when you approach this guy, what happens? >> well, he was compliant. i just -- i told him, hey, i'm a memphis police officer, please come with me. he walked in to a hallway where we took the gun and took it apart, made sure it was unloaded and asked him why. hey, why are you bringing this in here? of course he said something about it's dangerous in the world and so i just said, hey, we'll stick in back in your backpack and take it out to your car so you're not frightening people. he said, sure, go ahead. i unzipped the backpack and
5:28 am
boom, there's the assault rifle broken into two pieces. of course that was alarming. so we immediately moved to take him into custody, aaron and i. you know, without incident. he struggled some and -- but it was pretty easy to take him into custody. >> aaron, what was going through your mind? >> just the protection of the church members. >> protecting the church members. >> yes, ma'am. >> well, you did a great job. potentially you saved a lot of lives. there were 3,000 people there. you don't expect this easter sunday. what is message -- i know as the pastor, steve, you safe that god was protecting your congregation and you. this could have ended up being a lot worse. so what is your message for people that are watching? how do you think god was protecting you? >> well, i believe that the lord, you know -- everybody prays and i think we need to pray. i don't understand why some people wind up, you know, successfully being able to start
5:29 am
shooting in a church and some don't. i believe all churches pray, but i believe that the lord intervened in this and in a special way. i don't understand how god answers prayer, but i pray a lot. i believe that the lord intervened. i believe that unless the lord guards the city, the watchman keep the weak in vain. we believe in praying and having people there who are prepared to do the right thing and these guys did it the right way. they were very polite, but they were very, very intentional in what they did. it turned out very well. >> well, god bless you all. thank you so much. thanks for being here this morning and for sharing that message. >> thank you. coming up, he ran nbc when donald was starring in "the apprentice." what does bob wright think of donald trump? the answer might surprise you. bob wright is here next to explain. buyer beware, the five cars so bad you might not want to test drive them.
5:30 am
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5:34 am
it seems like trump may have been able to slip one of the ads into one of the puzzles. take a look. >> you -- >> yeah. >> huge. >> there you go. >> hilarious. our next guest ran nbc the tv network for tore man 20 years and bob wright, my former boss, has donated big money to republican presidential candidates including jeb bush, john kasich and marco rubio, but he's a long time friend and former boss as well of donald trump. >> but he's not throwing his support behind donald trump. not just yet at least. but he is coming to his defense saying it is embarrassing how the gop is treating the republican front-runner. >> he highlights his more than 30 years of doing business with the donald in the new book "the wright stuff." and long-time friend of donald
5:35 am
trump and more, bob wright. welcome back, mr. wright. thanks for being here. >> thanks. >> why now to write this book? >> well, it's -- it started about three years. my wife said when we first went down to cox cable, that was in 1980, i was the president. i started when it was the three-channel universe, so forth. i was in the cable business for 3 1/2 years, then i became the -- i came to ge and then we got into nbc. but the whole history going back from a world of basically three channels with a couple of independents, and realizing that networks when i got to nbc they could not own entertainment shows really. they had to -- they had to rent them. and you showed them twice. once in the winter, once in the summer, that's it. then everything went to syndication after the series is over. it was the same for sports. when we think about it, sports we rent sports and you see it
5:36 am
once. that baseball game never gets seen again. that was never -- no highlights -- highlights maybe. the whole world was based on that and now we're in a completely different world. i was there through that whole change. that's what the book is all about and the people. it's written about myself and the people in it, like dick ebersol is a big factor and andy lack and dan ohlmeyer. people like that. >> it's called "the wright stuff." we were showing images with you with donald trump. what do you make of the fact that -- you say as a republican i'm embarrassed by the way the party is handling trump. >> i think i said that about six weeks ago and it hasn't changed. it's -- let's get to the basics here. the middle class in this country which is predominantly the white middle class is collapsing. it's collapsing because of job losses. many of the people feel that they're just -- they're being
5:37 am
ignored by both parties, and the lower middle class is -- they're crashing right into the lower middle class, so it's under 50,000 and under 100. those are the two definitions. there's a lot of people in that. they're ju -- they just feel they're not at the table. and all of a sudden, donald comes along and puts them at the table. it's embarrassing to both parties. some of these people are democrats. most of them are republicans, but they see somebody that's -- that's saying, i know what your situation is. i'm addressing the issues. the republican party has been blind to this. >> right. well, mr. wright, i wanted to ask you about something near and dear to your heart. much is given, much is expected. you're giving back. you started autism speaks, you and your family. tell us why. >> well, it's -- my grandson is -- he's 14 years old. when he was 2 1/2 he was diagnosed with autism. prior to that six months prior
5:38 am
to that he went from being a wonderful little kid and he lost everything. it was like every week he lost something. he lost some more words. he was very healthy and he became not healthy. he had a complete medical and verbal breakdown. he couldn't communicate. and while i travel around the country after it go the diagnosis right up here in columbia, they said, i'm listen, i'm sorry we can't help you. i was on the board and i hear by the way it's $12,000 for the diagnosis. you have to go find therapist, therapists, we don't have reimbursement treatments. and we travelled around the country and i couldn't believe it. these parents were -- these parents were broke trying to pay for their kids. they get -- their insurance didn't work. the costs are high. one of the parents has to leave the job. which one -- it's usually the mother. and it's a terrible financial crisis and another thing that bernie marcus along the way, he said i have been in autism for a while. bob, if you can really help on
5:39 am
this thing, i'll provide a lot of financial support to get this started. then i merged with three existing family organizations, the three that we looked at around the country. i had the benefit of a couple of strong board members, phil guyer, who was the president of interpublic and andrew robertson who was a rising star at bbdeo. he's the president. all of us got together and we said we can make a difference. >> you are making a difference. i was reading your book and you talk about the issues of vaccines. you have to read how that divided your family. your daughter was on one side, you were on the other. >> that's one of the chapters in your life. now contained in the brand-new book "the wright stuff." >> great to see you. stay here for a second, because we're going to watch some news with heather. >> a couple of headlines that we are following for you at this hour. they're supposed to teach
5:40 am
our kids the right lesson, but instead, 12 former school principals are accused of bribery. the owner of a school supply company submitted fake invoices and gave school officials $900,000 in cash and gifts to assure that those invoices were paid. in return, the company received nearly $3 million worth of supplies that were delivered at far lesser quantities or not at all. well, schools may be forced to hand over their lunch money. the feds are serving up fines if they feel that schools are mismanaging funds from michelle obama's healthy hunger free kids act or continue to serve food that isn't low-calorie. but the proof may be in the pudding. students took to social media with this #thanks michelle obama. showing off some of the low sodium, whole grain meals. looks yummy. well, consumer reports just
5:41 am
ranked the worst new cars. it is based on road test scores projected reliable, owner satisfaction and safety. the chrysler 200 in the mid sized sedan quality has clumsy handling and poor road performance. the lowest rating compact luxury car is the mercedes-benz 250 for stiff, noisy, cramped ride. the worst family suv -- the dodge journey for poor gas mileage. and finally, it was a message on the billboard, chelsea needs a kidney, that caught the eye of this army reservist who said it was his duty to donate even to a complete stranger. >> i think that's the american mentality, you one? you know, doing something for somebody else. >> nate toesy was a match with chelsea kreider who needed a transplant. both underwent surgery. they're doing just fine. the experience creating a life long friendship as you can imagine between the two of them. those are a look at your
5:42 am
headlines. just doing his duty. >> amazing. >> he was. thank you. let's hand it over to mariah, tracking some tornadoes for you. >> yeah, the threat of some tornadoes coming up later today. it will be a significant threat across parts of the plains and into the lower mississippi river valley. i want to show you the storm which is bringing in blizzard conditions across the or rockies. that brought snow across that region and today, there's a threat for storms, anywhere from parts of louisiana and texas all the way up to parts of iowa. we could be looking at some damaging winds and some tornadoes some of which could be strong. especially texas into parts of western mississippi, so heads up again. stay safe out there. by thursday, the storm moves eastward bringing another risk of severe weather. back inside. no job, no food stamps, big changes coming to welfare programs across the country. and we remember this video, a girl with her face in the
5:43 am
phone falling into the fountain. should texting and walking be illegal? >> would you like a towel? >> we're about to hit the streets to find out. let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment options for her disease, doctors working with the center for advanced individual medicine at cancer treatment centers of america suggested advanced genomic testing.
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5:47 am
of 31 cars had head lights rated good. that car? the toyota prius. all right, food stamp fraud, it happens nationwide and cost millions of dollars every year. now, some states are taking action. >> anna kooiman, weekend co-host, joins us to tell us more about it. >> we want to make sure to those who need the food stamps gets the food stamps. but here's a new policy, if you don't work, you don't eat. that's the position some states are taking. starting today residents in mississippi must work or volunteer for at least 20 hours a week to qualify. mississippi is the latest of nearly two dozen states to restore work requirements for government assistance. following the recession in 2009, president obama threw out the restrictions using a waiver through the department of agriculture. his critics say that system encouraged people to stay home. >> the food stamp is not a replacement for work. you're never going to break
5:48 am
even, you -- but if you give people the opportunity and say, you can stay home and we'll pay you, you know, $200 a week or you can work and you'll make $300 a week, they go, okay -- >> kansas was the first state to re-implement the laws back in 2013. that's after massive fraud was found in its system at theme parks and cruise lines. and maine cracked down and lawmakers did so after they uncovered 4,000 people on food stamps had won more nan $20 million by playing the lottery. >> an individual could win a half a million dollars and in the month they received the lump sum they may not qualify because it counts as income. the very next month, they can legally sign up for food stamps. >> and in kansas, the law is working since making the change in 2013. more than 20,000 people have moved off of the program and their income has increased by
5:49 am
127%. 44 states now have some form of work requirement. half made the change this year. guys? >> yeah, president obama says, well, food stamps didn't get us into the problem, that's true. however, states can't afford their budget and you have to think able bodied people that could get to work, need to get to work. it's already proven it was working. >> the proof is in the pudding with kansas and maine. >> work or volunteer in order to eat. we remember this video, a girl with her face in her phone falling into the fountain. it might not be smart, but should texting and walking be illegal? we are about to hit the streets. but first, let's check in with a guy who never breaks the law, bill hemmer, to tell us what's going on at the top of the hour. you're joining me on the radio. >> the latest on trump's campaign manager, where that case stands this morning. all three republicans suggest last night they won't back the other guy if they're not the guy. carly fiorina on the trail for ted cruz responds to that this
5:50 am
morning. u.s. troops quietly moving overseas, as isis tries to recruit more terrorists to kill in europe. mack thorn berry here to tell us what we need to know about this. we'll see you, ten minutes away, the top of the hour. ing our resd the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. you're down with crestor. alright! now there's a way you can get crestor for $3. adding crestor, along with diet, lowers bad cholesterol. crestor is not for people with liver disease, or women who are nursing,pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness; feel unusually tired; have loss of appetite, upper belly pain,
5:51 am
dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. ask for the crestor $3 card. ask your doctor about crestor.
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5:53 am
remember this video where a distracted texter walked right into fountain? well, ladies and gentlemen, those days are numbered because a lawmaker in new jersey is talking about making it illegal for people to text and to walk. steve cardian, former law enforcement, what do you think of this? >> i think it will be difficult to pass. look at the dynamics, when
5:54 am
wearing your earbuds, you're taking away your god's gift of sight so you have minimized your ability to function and 61% of the people that people who are trying to walk in a straight line aren't able to do so. >> are you kidding? we're watching for people -- this guy on the corner. a.j., just a little to the right. that guy right there. he's actually stopped walking. so it's okay to text. you can't text and walk. right? >> yeah, you can't text and walk. you know, we live in manhattan. we work in manhattan. we see constantly that people are walking into each other. they're walking into things. in london, they put barriers around light poles because people do so so much. now, we see that people -- people do campaigns, the campaigns don't work, what do they do? the government passes laws because the statistics show people getting injured. >> okay. i have to say, a little while ago we were watching and people were texting and walking. she wants to be on tv back there. oh, my goodness. doing a selfie.
5:55 am
in new jersey they're talking about making it a -- the bill would call for a fine up to 50 bucks, $15, 15 days in jail if somebody is caught doing that. do you think it will stop somebody? >> if they start receiving ticket, yes, it will be a deterrence. that's what they need. what's going to happen, the assemblymen in new jersey trying to push the law that will implement that law so that they can take action and use that summons as a deterrent. >> you know what, no tickets would be issued during this segment. which is good. a lot of people in a hurry. very friendly new yorkers. hi, some more people who want to be on tv. don't people have phones that call people anymore? thank you very much. we have big news about "fox & friends" coming up after a break. can a toothpaste do everything well?
5:56 am
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before it's history, it's news. ♪ ♪ thank you for being a friend, thank you for being a friend ♪ ♪ thank you for being a friend thank you for being a friend ♪ >> and a big thank you to all of our friends out there watching fox news is now america's most popular cable channel for the first time ever. our ratings top all cable channels so far this quarter and this year and for that, we thank you. >> we owe you everything. we thank you for joining us every morning. we hope you're happy.
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obviously you are. we appreciate that. >> all right. so "after the show show" coming up shortly. if you have run -- i have to run from the tv to the radio. three hours coming up. >> and we talked about who was in the original "parent trap" according to the stage manager -- hayley mills. >> yes. hi. bill: good morning. on this morning, donald trump standing by his man as his campaign manager corey lewandowski is charged with battery. i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. florida police releasing new surveillance video of the march 8 incident the that happened at the trump hotel. you see fields trying to ask the frontrunner a question


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