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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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let allstate help protect your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you. call 888-429-5722 now. . ted cruz is the big winner on the republican side. slowing billionaire businessmen donald trump's bid to win the gop nod. earlier today, the senator from texas said he had to defy the odds to do it. >> tonight, here in wisconsin, a state that just three weeks ago, the media had written off a three weeks ago, the media said
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wisconsin was a perfect state. for donald trump. but the hard working men and women of wisconsin stood and campaigned tirelessly to make sure tonight was a victory for every american. >> meantime democrat bernie sanders is already looking forward to elections in wyoming and new york. after his decisive win in the badger state where he earned more than 55% of the total vote. >> this campaign has won seven of the last eight caucuses and primaries. with your help on saturday, we're going on win here in wyoming. then we are headed to new york.
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and i know a little bit about new york because i spent the first 18 years of my life in brooklyn, new york. >> voters in wisconsin turning the tables on front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton. and a check of the exit polls might help us understand why. >> as we've seen, senator ted cruz pulls out a needed win in wisconsin. donald trump's persona may have helped cruz gain the victory in the badger state. here's why. nearly a quarter of wisconsin republican primary voters are excited about trump. but they're also very scared about trump. in fact, 4 in 10 say they're afraid what trump would do as president. having said that, let's look at the exit polls. we get a very good look at what
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the republican voters are concerned about. 32% believe the economy and jobs is the most important issue facing the country. 30% believe the most important issue is terrorism. voters were asked about how worried they are about the nation's economy in the next few years. an overwhelming 94% of the voters say they are very worried. and in the exit polling, the republican voters in the badger state expressed the feelings they have toward the federal government working. it shows that 87% are dissatisfied or downright angry with the feds. when asked if they feel betrayed by politicians from the republican party, 52% said yes. 45% said no. the wisconsin gop voters are split almost down the middle on what the next president should have experienced in politics or being an outsider. on the democratic side, however, primary voters in wisconsin
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voted more liberally in the primary. giving bernie sanders another big win and momentum going into wyoming and new york. the voters in the badger state are more excited about bernie sanders, it appears. more than half are feeling the bern and say sanders inspires them about the future. but more than half say clinton would be the best one to beat trump. however, clinton still has an integrity issue among democrats. they believe sanders is more honest. speaking of sanders and clinton, they will meet in a debate just five days before the april 19 new york primary. sanders is hoping he can pull off a major upset. it would be major for clinton and her adopted home state. >> we're back with our panel. let's start with. that will there be a big upset
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in new york? bernie sanders, can he win over hillary? >> three weeks ago, hillary had a 40-point margin in the lead over bernie sanders in new york. today that's around 11 points. 15 if you're being very generous. what we've seen with bernie sanders, it is mystifying to me, you hear this talk that hillary inhe have at ably wins. i understand why with the super delegates. this is a candidate who has won seven of the last eight. who has outraced hillary clinton in two consecutive months. by a lot. 15 million. who clearly has inspired the modern democratic coalition. of young voters, single voters, more progressive voters. the conversation is this. he can't win. when you look at new york, there are still those demographic groups that i think he will overperform with. possibly if not beat hillary,
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come close to continue the rationale. >> does it matter? to quoept a famous song no, rest until brooklyn. that's where he's from. >> no sleep. >> no sleep until brooklyn. he is on his way. >> there is, and it was in the politico today. a case the sanders people are making that once they begin to sknlly outperform hillary as they have and start gaining her in the delegate race, that these 469 super delegates to have rev revisit supporting bernie sanders. think about the fact that we're still suggesting there is no way someone who is winning can actually win the nomination. >> trump has a more clear way. if he gets to 1237, it is over. >> i don't see the mathematical pathway for bernie sanders. that's just the problem.
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of course, it will depend on new york. >> and it is mostly because 500 super delegates are pledged to her. which invites the question, the democratic party set it up that way. was the fix in for clinton? >> mrs. clinton has been working very hard to make sure that those super delegates are bound to her. >> was she working hard to make sure the fix was in? >> that's one way you could put it. or you could say she was being a good politician and making sure her vulnerability, the lack of trustworthiness. 40% of democrats don't find her trustworthy. >> we talk often about how donald trump has this huge problem with women of so does hillary clinton. i was looking at her number among women. she does terribly. >> you're right. in some of the exit polls today, she was not doing very well.
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i want to say something back on new york which is coming up in two weeks from now. and this was something that helped elect the vice president from very early on days that i talked to. he said to me if she loses by double digits, new york becomes personal and it will recalibrate the race. and i think that's the most apt way of putting what's going on now with hillary and bernie. >> with either party, if you don't listen to the voters and say it is close. maybe trump doesn't reach the 1237. if they decide to bring in someone else and get the nomination, also, on the democratic side, if they somehow don't listen to the will of the people that seems to be right now in bernie sanders' camp, what do all of those voters do in the general election?
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>> there is some speculation, and it has been written about in some of the analysis tonight that the trump voters might stay home. >> i think the democrats' problem in general is enthusiasm. i don't think it is cohesion. they will probably ultimately unite. the question is can hillary get the base to come out? >> on the republican side, we have the enthusiasm. our problem is the cohesion. donald trump was a series of the worst media he has gotten. but every campaign goes through this. we call at this time gut check. how is he going to rebound from it? he has a natural advantage in new york because he is clearly from here.
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if he gets more than 50% of the new york vote, he has to final a way to change. i don't believe donald trump has been dealt as profound a setback throughout the entire campaign as he has tonight. not just by wisconsin. >> we said that before. >> but that's why i'm qualifying it. we've now learned that he generally survives mistakes. but this is a series of two weeks. we've heard the litany all night. and he has to find somehow to get around it. >> so called committed delegates are not necessarily committed at all. some can be free agents. if a guy like donald trump continues to stumble, could those so-called bound or committed delegates decide i'm jumping ship?
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>> i think that's why one of the reasons why donald trump was down meeting with reince priebus and the other republican leaders. i think he's figured out that he may not get to the magical 1237 delegate count. it is going to be a convention fight and he wants to understand the parameter rules. right now we say unless you win eight contests, you can't get the nomination. that can change if the party decides it should. >> the last contest convention, neither president ford nor governor reagan had a majority of the delegates. so they went early. and there were free rides on air force one and spent the night in the lincoln bedroom, not enough?
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how about a weekend? now we don't have an incumbent president doing the horse trading here. >> trump wanted to do that. they can to go palm beach. one of our earlier guests made a point that i want to suggest is not true. no matter what, donald trump loses an open convention. i think if he goes in with the deficit, i think that's true. i think if he goes in with the modeling we're seeing, a 40 to 50% deficit. i would not say that he doesn't have that chance to broker enough to bring people. to that effect i will say, who has the head start? it is ted cruz mplg. >> the ground game in colorado. he picked up six delegates
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before the contest has even begun because they had district assemblies. there's a third candidate still on the republican side. we have to talk about kasich came he says that he has the best chance. that he ultimately has the best chance. >> i have to tell you something. i've talk to a lot of democrats. a lot of republicans and i'm on radio. john kasich could probably win the race, period, for the white house if he were the nominee. now there is a long road. >> he has won one state. >> yes. one piece called him one state johnny. so he has a problem. >> tough for him to make a case. maybe on the 40th ballot. >> okay. >> we'll be back to our panel shortly. ted cruz. winning big in wisconsin. >> coming up, cruz tallies up delegates and donations in his victory speech. that's still ahead. ♪ staying in rhythm...
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welcome back to america's election headquarters. for more insight on ted cruz' big win, wisconsin' congressman
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joins us from milwaukee. the sixth representative endorsed ted cruz last month. thank you for joining us. >> glad to be on the show. >> so a big win for the cruz camp tonight. not entirely unexpected. why did he do so well? >> i think a variety of things. i think we had two weeks' time to analyze the candidates. i think the more people see him, they like ted cruz. i think the more you look at donald trump, i love the donald trump supporters and their enthusiasm. i think the more you look at donald trump, you see there's not a lot there. not a lot of detail he comes forth. with people get to be more nervous. not to mention wisconsin. we're a little more down earth to. we're not used to people about how successful they are or belittling their opponents. we wouldn't put up with that for
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a candidate for village board and we wonder why we should put up with that for someone running for president. sf was your endorsement for ted cruz an endorsement against donald trump or in favor ted cruz winning the presidency? do you really think he has a shot to beat hillary clinton? >> well, i think the more delegates he has, the better it will be in cheefld. we have a lot of problems in this country. we love immigrants but we have an immigration problem. we have a welfare problem, a spending problem. and ted cruz is showing he is not afraid to tackle the difficult problems. which is why i felt he was better than not only donald trump but the other candidates as well. >> so what does he need to do to win in november? ted cruz. >> i think to soften himself up. when you get to know ted, he is a lot different. the rest of the country can see that side of him.
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>> one of our interesting exit polls, it was about who should win the nomination if there's no majority as we approach cleveland. the gop should nominate a candidate who -- and 55% say has the most votes. 43% say the delegates think is best. so do you think ted cruz can get more votes and win some primaries moving forward? as we approach the states in the northeast? >> i think he has a chance to improve because the other candidates dropped out. right? somebody hike marco rubio drops out, those votes have to go somewhere else so i think he has a chance to put together a nice string here. and something else to remember. even though i'm not sure donald trump is a conservative. the type of people who are voting for him think they're voting for a conservative. so when we get to cleveland we have to make sure that the person not only to win the
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election but to save the country is somebody who has a record of being strong on immigration, somebody who has a record of being strong on government spending. and i think ted cruz has that record. >> yeah. economy and government spending, the top two issues for voters in wisconsin. from what i understand, i was just being told that a record turnout is expected. not reaching that level, if you can repeat that for me, since 1980. so topping 1980 levels. why do you think so many people turned out in wisconsin? and will that excitement turned out across the country? >> well, first of all, people in general are scared. they see what's happened to our country. we lost the last two elections. we are afraid if we lose another tloekss somebody on the extreme left, they're afraid we'll lose the country. secondly, of course, donald trump is an entertaining figure. and i think he brings out more of his supporters and more of
11:22 pm
his opponents. >> do you think his support letters switch over and support ted cruz? i think he is attracted to a lot of the trump voters. i think the trump voters will be very comfortable. >> so you're celebrating a little bit. i understand you have something with you. are you celebrating on the september with us this evening? >> no. this is a basic living room. >> show everybody what you do have with you. >> this is a beer stein as part of the set. this is part of a set that we would always have in the state of wisconsin. fitting for our germanic heritage.
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>> of course. thank you for joining us. and i think someone would be in trouble if they drank something that big anyway. thank you very much. and congratulations again. >> no beer. no beer in the stein. >> i'm just playing with you. the republican voters in wisconsin offered a lot of questions for fox news tuesday after they had voted. we talked about that a little bit. yeah. we'll be talking about what they had to say. about their candidates when our primary coverage continues in just a moment. don't go away. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. at bp, it's training and retraining in state-of-the-art simulators so we're better prepared for any situation. it's giving offshore teams support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells.
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tonight is a turning point. a rallying cry. from the men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. the national political terrain began to change two weeks ago. and the state of utah, we won 69% of the vote. a land slide election. winning every single delegate in the state. then in colorado two districts voted. they elected six delegates. of the six delegates, we won all
11:28 pm
six. and then two days ago in north dakota, we had another tremendous win them elected their delegates. 18 are supporting our campaign. one is supporting donald trump. 18-1. i'll take that ratio any day of the week. now is tonight in wisconsin, a state three weeks ago the media had written off. three week ago the media said wisconsin was a perfect state for donald trump. but the hard working men and
11:29 pm
women of wisconsin stood and campaigned tirelessly to make sure that tonight was a victory for every american. four very different states. utah, colorado, north dakota, wisconsin. four victories. so just how significant is tonight? well, just today, our campaign has raised over $2 million.
11:30 pm
people all over the country going to ted ted ted contributing $10 or $25 or $50. we've had over 1.3 million contributions. in the last two weeks, and in the coming days when colorado and wyoming finish voting, we are likely to have gained over 100 delegates on trump. and as a result of tonight, as a result of the people of wisconsin towing the republican yits, more and more convinced
11:31 pm
that our campaign will earn the number of delegates needed. >> will he and can he do that? joining us to answer that question and more from our d.c. bureau to talk about the badger state results. vince is the helper. he is the online expert. i will start. but you heard cruz there in his speech this evening. he says that the national political terrain is changing. do you believe that is true or do you believe the win in wisconsin was just a hiccup or a bump in the road for donald trump? >> well, either way, it is true that it has changed dramatically. if donald trump continues to win the nomination, that would be a huge change. if ted cruz stumbles.
11:32 pm
ted cruz had a very good night. trump, he got about the same% of of votes. he hand yet echimsed 60%. he had a good time. the field was very crowded until recently. now that it has narrowed, he really did, he almost got 50% of the vote himself here and has done pretty well in several states. so we'll have to see going forward. >> coming up next is of course new york. by some polls donald trump has a chance to surpass 50% in new york. >> right. the calendar is a lot more favorable to donald trump going forward which is why it is very am beshs for ted cruz to think
11:33 pm
he will get anywhere near 1237 himself. at this point, he can try to not get him to have more. i think donald trump ultimately over the last few weeks has campaigned. although it has been chaotic in a way that he's been left actually stumbling. emhe's brought a lot of regret with him. a few times. a couple times he said i've made some mistakes and i've always believed the second you started to hear donald trump admit that he made mistakes on the campaign trail, he has been defined who push through and doesn't apologize. >> let's look at the at this time polls. which donald trump was elected
11:34 pm
president. you have 43% excited or optimistic combined. and then concerned or scared, 55%. so how much of a problem will an exit poll be for donald trump? and how does he overcome it? >> well, look. >> that 58% concerned or scared. that's really bad for donald trump. you know, it is very convenient to say that the opposition to him is establishment republicans and k street squishes. in trotss, it is a lot more complicated than that. a lot of middle america conservatives are uncomfortable with donald trump. they're scared if he is elected and they might not vote for him or they might vote third party. >> but they're more excited about him. a similar poll, an exit poll.
11:35 pm
they're neither excited about cruz or kasich. >> it is very hard for him to unite the party. in the people were not saying if the other person got elected they would vote for them. now they can't get be it. >> final word quickly here. >> it. it can change dramatically. donald trump rid now. i think you will start to see that.
11:36 pm
thank you both for joining us. tony, doesn't nout beginning relationship told, large crowds and enthusiastic supporters. but ted cruz is better organized and organization is how you win elections. is newt right? >> absolutely. that's what we were alluding to in our last conversation. no doubt, donald trump gained from all of the iner shoe create and the buzz created by the kind of candidacy he was running. he was along on lot of people who were removed from the police process. the more this becomes about, the more it been get.
11:37 pm
and that is ted cruz at this moment. things are very fluid still and very dynamic. so to assume that this will give us the final story of the primary season, that's indrebl. donald trump has time. >> and mend for this, has trump's rhetoric been so caustic that can men or a problem. >> that's really the problem for donald trump. he has this ability to mobilize people who haven't been interesting. when you have numbers that are 67% unfavorable. when threatening of women, 80%
11:38 pm
of young people who don't like you. you couple that with self inflicted wounds. when you talk about the weapons. >> nato. on and on. >> when you couple these things, enough to bond. >> how does he do that? >> well, on newt gingrich. he was able to make speaker by giving out tapes and helping people organize. he does understand organizations like no other politician. noon, you can't disrupt what donald trump is doing and has done in new york and new jersey and areas such as that which are coming up now. because he understands those areas. he is built in those areas.
11:39 pm
he's so i don't think we can overlook it. >> i don't think anybody would think that. moving beyond it. >> his lead is narrowing. and it is proportional. it lks proportional. >> you long at a state like pennsylvania which is a lot more interesting. if you believe in the whole. the people in wisconsin who might have looked, he's the more foam dabble. so will he benefit from the idea
11:40 pm
that the cruz voter how to help them eequipment. you'll see the battle in which trump can loe new york is clearly te reference r fern. he has two weeks of very bad press. >> he probably has to stop sitting down. they do interviews with editorial boards like the "washington post" and "the new york times." that's a conversation we'll have in our next get together. all right. when our coverage continues, fox news contributor joins us to talk about the two democratic hopefuls. >> one thing donald trump has did you know, he has melania with him?
11:41 pm
how trust worthy are the two candidates? stay with us.
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senator bernie sanders after his big win in wisconsin tonight, what does that mean for the democratic race? a fox news contributor joins us now to talk about it. i want to run a couple numbers by you. these are exit polls.
11:45 pm
here's the first one. people were asked leaving the polling place, could you think, and these are democrats. do you think hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy? 58%, yes. do you think bernie sanders is honest and trust worthy? does it even matter in. >> of course it matters. >> really? you don't think everybody just expects politicians to be dishonest and untrustworthy? certainly after this year and the impact that donald trump will have on financial politics moving forward. but look -- >> i set you up for that. >> yes. when hillary clinton is not running for office, she has approval ratings and questions like that through the roof. when she is running for office,
11:46 pm
we see numbers not as good. what we do know, political fact checking information, hillary clinton has the best rating out of all candidates. bernie sanders, donald trump, ted cruz, she has the best rating of truth telling with political fact. i think when we get to the general election, that's what will matter most. >> so much has been said about a contested gop convention. when you look at it, sanders is closer in pledged delegates than ted cruz is to donald trump. so that naturally invites the question. and don't laugh at me. but what about a contested democratic convention?
11:47 pm
>> the house of cards legend continues. look. clearly bernie sanders does not have a numerically viable path. >> he said he did tonight. he would have to get 60% of the votes in the next primary races and he didn't even do that tonight. so of course he wants a contested convention. >> you remember, after the new hampshire primary, the clinton campaign confidently predicted that the race would be over and she would have won it by march. well, it's april. didn't happen. and she is nowhere near wrapping it up.
11:48 pm
when the primary went to the end, i think this is good for democrats. from the very beginning the clinton campaign has said they were not taking anything for granted. >> did they overestimate how good a campaigner she is? >> i don't think so. if you look at the fact she has more votes than any other candidate in the race. she has a million more votes than donald trump. bernie sanders cannot claim that. she has run a great campaign. this was always going to be a fate. >> all right. it's always fun to talk to you at this early hour. >> still ahead, a big win tonight for senator ted cruz. >> more on what it means for the candidates going forward and the possibility of dare i say it yet
11:49 pm
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let's go back to our panel now. joining us, judy and ellen and
11:53 pm
tony. let's talk about some of the demographics and the issues most important. you were talking about the economy being the number one issue for wisconsin voters. and then government spending ranked number two. terrorism, i was a little surprised that came in last. just 9%. >> right. and i think that reflects the fact we haven't had this month a terrorist incident here in the united states and fortunately, hopefully we won't. when the focus shifts to national security and terrorism, you see a shift away from bernie sanders who is not perceived to have considerable foreign policy clinton is perceived to have it. on the republican side, you get more nervous about comments by people like donald trump who had, some of his statements have really, they've been jaw
11:54 pm
dropping. when you look at ted cruz' policy, it is not all that different and cruz has been trying to final this sweet spot in policy between rand paul's isolationism and the kind of marco rubio assertiveness. and i think he is doing that and it won't be a major focus on the electorate's attention. >> there is 18 states left. >> there are still a lot of states left and a lot way to go. i want to take a quick look at the bernie sanders win. don't forget, russ finegold is running again. he is quite liberal. a lot of people may have been riding his coat tails in materials of who he is supporting. he hasn't really come out as far as i know and supporting anybody. like de blasio has come out and supported hillary clinton in new york. you have to look at other
11:55 pm
elections in the states. and what that might mean for the front-runners. >> what we are hearing from trump tonight. it is very unusual. some say he would walk a mile for a camera. is that because he expected to lose and there was no way to spin it? >> i would say a camera would walk a mile to follow donald trump the way he's been getting media in the last several months. look. i think he clearly understood that tonight was not going to be a good night. to his credit though, he went back out to wisconsin. the polls were showing a likely lost. but he brought his wife melania on the trail for the first time. mostly probably to try to mediate some of the issues he's been having related to some of his comments to abortion and women in general. he fought for it. and donald trump did actually fairly well in the northern parts of the state. the western parts of the state. cruz' support came from the south eastern part. largely populated as well. but think about the democratic
11:56 pm
side. we're talking about economics is the number one issue. wisconsin is the birth place of populism, of the republican party. if you talk about populism, it is the check inequality. in inequality argument that's dominate ing party. >> and we didn't hear from hillary clinton. >> she's fundraising in new york. >> just down the street from us. we may still be fundraising when we crash the join. okay. stay with us for more in our next hour with victories in six of the last seven contests. is bernie sanders posing a bigger threat on hillary clinton's lead? plus, ted cruz pose as big victory in the badger state. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business,
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and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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well, there was just one primary contest yesterday, tuesday, but it may have clanged the course of both presidential primary races. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> thank you for joining us this evening. or we should say this early morning. better me sanders, the senator from vermont is winning the democratic primary in wisconsin, and now he says that he thinks the tide is turning in his favor following his 6th straight win. the state has 86 delegates, but because they are awarded proportionally, sanders got at least 45 and clinton 31. >> on the republican side ted cruz won the wisconsin primary by 13%


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