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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tomorrow we have charles krauthammer and newt gingrich. let me know what you think about the shadow primary. this is "the kelly file." tonight -- >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. >> after the cruz big win in wisconsin, the candidates turn attention to new york. we'll have the latest polls and get rae action from laura ingraham. then are we headed for a contested convention? buchanan said trump and cruz should unite and stop the establishment. he joins us tonight. i think we'll reach whatever number is required. >> plus is hillary clinton trying to steal the democratic nomination? we have a "hannity" special investigation. >> if we stay together, we'll bring about a day when there's no longer a price tag put on human life. >> the activist that exposed
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planned parenthood said the home raided by authorities. was it politically motivated? he is here for an exclusive interview. welcome to "hannity." >> 2016 republican presidential candidates senator ted cruz is riding high after his victory in wisconsin last night. now, cruz called it a turning point in the race and now candidates are shifting their focus to new york state. voters in the state now head to the polls in 13 days, 95 gop delegates up for grabs and earlier this evening donald trump held a big rally on long island. here's the highlights. >> first of all, it's great to be home. this is home. it's great to be home. we love new york. we love new york and we are altogether going to make america great again, folks. we are going to start winning again with our country because we don't win. we never win. we never, ever win anymore.
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we don't win with our military. we don't win on trade. we don't win on health care. we don't win on anything. we are going to start winning again, folks. we are going to build the wall. it will be a real wall. a real wall. are you ready? are you ready? who's going to pay for the wall? who? by the way, 100%. >> and after last night's defeat, how can trump turn things around? joining us fox news contributor, one and only, laura ingharaham. all right. trump has a significant delegate lead. heading into friendly territory. i would assume he has an advantage in new york. 52, kasich, 25, cruz 17.
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excuse ming he does well in new york. we saw how well cruz did in wisconsin, where does it go from there? >> one this thing to look at is who are the delegates? as important as the number that you have, who are the delegates? a lot of states the delegates tend to be people who are closer and closely affiliated with party leaders in the state so the delegate elections in some states haven't happened yet. but i think journalists need to start really looking into who they are and in new york seems like trump has a significant lead and with some of the states already voted, we could have very interesting dynamics play out of the convention, sean, with delegates closer, let's say, in kentucky to someone like a mitch mcconnell whereas maybe a delegate when's closer to, i don't know, rand paul, might be more amenable to going with a
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trumpb or cruz. i think that's something we need to start talking about and looking into as analysts and trump's obviously well put to be in new york and do well. he has to do well. he can't just kind of hope that his brand and the name takes him across the finish line. he has to perform and continue to outperform in state after state until california. >> so i don't think we get a winner, the earliest we probably get a winner after california, the final day, june 7th with new jersey. all right. so from new york, connecticut, rhode island, delaware, maryland and pennsylvania and pennsylvania has these wacky rules, as well. they have delegate names on the ballot but they don't say the delegate represents that candidate or this candidate. for example. >> right. >> nuts. >> sean, i started reading the state rules and the federal
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rules that -- national rules for the gop last night. this is why all the campaigns are lawyered up now because it's as simple as the delegates and remember. they can change the rules right up until the convention begins and if past conventions are any indicator, paul ryan will chair the convention. right? he should be the chair of the convention. they have meetings yesterday at the rnc. folks at the rnc assured me and i know reince priebus was on the show last night and took a while for him to say it's trump, cruz or kasich and seems like there's room for maneuvering after the first vote and trump wanted to do better in wisconsin and i think he wanted a better strategy in the states where he supposedly won the delegates so he can get to the 1,237 number. still possible but i think it's very -- i think it's unlikely to get to the 1,237 number,
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frankly, before the convention which is going to be a very difficult scenario for him. >> there's an a.p. story out held by abc news cruz outmaneuvering trump in hand to hand gop delegate fight. >> yeah. >> specifically they're talking about colorado, specifically talking about north dakota, 28 delegates, north dakota. and we now have even though they're selecting the delegates, for example, ten of them have committed to cruz. >> yep. >> i don't see any committed to donald trump yet. colorado, two districts. six gone to ted cruz and nobody paying attention to this. >> no. >> but when you have a fight to get to 1,237 it might make a difference. now, if, in fact, neither trump or cruz gets to 1,237, now a contested convention, why is john boehner, john kasich, karl rove, mitt romney and even state gop representatives all suggesting in spite of rule 40 and a rule that states you have to have eight-state majorities
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to even be considered, i have it right in front of me. seems clear. why are they suggesting that paul ryan could be named on the convention floor and be brought into this?well, remember -- yea. i agree with youment look. when people are supposed to have a belief that when they spent all of this time voting and waiting in line and caucusing and putting up posters that ultimately it mattered. with all the minutia in the mules and the notwithstanding such and such clause in that rule that you referred to, there is just a general sense that the party has to proceed fairly and not that rules don't matter. they matter. but also, the brand and the integrity of the gop is on the line here. so, remember in '64, back in '64, the party did not want goldwater to be the nominee but they took their medicine and they allowed him to be the nominee. he went forward as the nominee and lost the election and came back in 1968 and won with nixon.
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i think it's a much better course for the republicans not to -- even entertain this idea of a third party, sean, and take their medicine. they made a lot of bad decisions over the last really 15 years. a lot of bad decisions, globalization, immigration, foreign policy. take that medicine. cruz or trump. >> you and i both know, you know, this is an amazing thing. your name has been mentioned in the article and my name that somehow the insurgency created this year is our fault. as if we have the power. >> i love that, right. >> obama wouldn't be president. >> right. >> the interesting thing to me is the very people that created the insurgency and i argue that donald trump and ted cruz, the rise in their popularity is directly related to the failure of republicans in washington. now, they want to come in, maybe kir sum vent the rules. remember 2012 rules will not apply in 2016. >> rewrite the rules. >> rewrite the rules before the
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convention. >> yes. but, sean, again, the lessons that they're learning aren't the lessons that they should be learning in this election. the lessons that they should be learning is listen to the people. it's not direct democracy. that's jonah goldberg wrote about that today. they're right. compromise a little bit on the issues. immigration, trade, globalization. compromise. show some goodwill on these issues. actually fight for the issues that you said you were going to fight for when you were elected and if they did that, on even a couple of these issues, sean, trump probably wouldn't even have run but trump ran because of the vacuum that was left out there in the political landscape and if it weren't for trump and i don't care what anyone says. not for trump, this issue of trade which is now at the fore given where the gdp is -- >> and immigration. >> and immigration, the issues would not be at the forefront today. no way. >> he has a significant lead.
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do you think he get it is nomination? do you think he gets the most delegates going into the convention? >> i think it's in -- i think largely a lot of this is in his power. i think he had it in his hands. but i think he took it too personal and, you know, trump people will be sending menacety tweets. i don't think keeping this thing so personal was a good idea. i think you go straight to the substance. straight to the failure of the establishment. he had some good anchoring issues and now time to decorate the christmas tree. it is pretty an enthen decorate it's really cool. add some ornaments and that can be a real wonderful shining symbol for people. you got to pull some establishment people over, sean. not ill possible and cruz people over. >> course correction? >> yeah. >> he needs to get away from tweeting and stay on substance? >> i'd take away the twitter account. i said that before. >> take it away and blow it up. >> take it away and throw the phone away. not allow him. i think me lany basically said
7:11 pm
that the other night. >> pretty much. >> that was a great interview, by the way. her input i think is really needed. i think ivanka also. i think the women who are in that campaign are doing a really good job and they offered different perspective i think on all of this. >> look at the demographics. i agree with you. up to them. i agree. i think it's in both their hands, cruz and trump's hands for sure. >> yeah. >> course correction is part of the game and how you play the art of politics. >> you have to evolve as the circumstances change. cruz has done a good job on the ground in these states and no one can take that away from him or they should. >> agree. laura, great to see you take care. coming up, patrick j. buchanan here to weigh in. find out what he says cruz and trump needs to do if it comes down to a contested con jengs. later, heather nauert to break down the delegate count and is hillary clinton trying to steal the democratic nomination of
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. donald trump back on home turf drawing supporters and protesters. speaking to a large crowd in a new york suburb. shrugging off last night's loss in wisconsin to ted cruz. scores of protesters gathered outside the venue and police kept things mostly calm there. a wildfire burning out of control in oklahoma. the worst of it in woodward county. so far, there are no reports of serious injuries. some tense moments were caught
7:15 pm
on camera yesterday. a tv news crew saw this man running away from a truck yesterday right before flames swallowed it. another person died from a defective takata airbag. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." last night senator ted cruz had a victory in wisconsin and primary leading some analysts to predict that the odds of a contested convention are higher than ever. and if this happens come july, the next guest believes that republican delegates should unite around cruz and trump to lock out the establishment. here now to explain, patrick j. buchanan. sir, i totally and completely agree with you. the only problem i see at this moment in time, cruz supporters hate trump supporters.
7:16 pm
trump supporters hate cruz supporters and what you're asking is they do the right thing an they will have the power to do that, won't they? >> they will but you're exactly right in the point you just made. both of them have what they perceive as vital interests. they're not fond of each other and each of them wants to be the nominee. so, that might militant against their getting together. for example, trump might say, look, i want to put something together that enables me to get the nomination on the first ballot but if i don't get it there, i'm not going to get it and i don't really care about ted cruz getting it if i don't. so you've got a -- you don't have a -- you have a partial commonality of interests between the two of them. >> what about marco rubio? marco rubio still has more delegates than john kasich who's still in the race. >> i think -- i don't know how well -- whether he can trade but here's what i think's going to happen. and i think should happen. i think trump should really focus an agree with you. give up the twitter account.
7:17 pm
focus in on new york. try to get as many of those 95 delegates, keep winning right up to the convention, go out there and after the unbound delegates and then go after the delegates that might be bound to other candidates or trade them. rubio would be in that particular game and try to win this on the first ballot because i can tell you, sean, i think if trump doesn't win it on the first ballot trump doesn't win it because i think it breaks apart an awful lot of folks in the trump camp now are there because they're pledged for one ballot or something like that. and once they're no longer pledged, they're gone. >> what about all of a sudden the newfound establishment love for ted cruz? we both know, let's be real here. the establishment doesn't like ted cruz. >> they're telling -- >> might have helped him in wisconsin. wasn't that more of an effort to just stop trump? >> sure. >> wouldn't the establishment be just as happy to deny trump and cruz the nomination? >> sure.
7:18 pm
they're telling cruz, why don't you go up there? you will get a big metal to go up there and take that hill, ted. >> exactly. so are you -- seriously, are they using ted cruz -- are they basically -- yeah. >> they will be at the burial of ted cruz after he takes down trump if he takes down trump. cruz is a smart guy. he has to know this but i think i see signs that he clearly is moving toward the establishment now because i think he figures, look. they can't take trump and they may have to take me so why don't they get together with me now and stop trump on the first ballot i get it on the second ballot and you watch. and then i will do a deal with those folks, you know, to improve our conduct, et cetera. take certain things they want, certain things we want. i think that's the coalition -- >> so the guy -- assuming the votes keep going pretty much proporti
7:19 pm
proportionally the way they're going, the guy with most states won, the most votes, the most delegates they disinfranchise those voters. do trump voters say, oh okay, we'll support ted or get angry? i vote they get angry. >> think there's a battle of cruz and trump and everybody knows cruz run second, a terrific race. he's won a lot of primaries and delegates and trump ahead of him. i don't think there's a great walk-out, a reason for it, if they come down to it and neither of them's got a josht majority second ballot cruz emerges. if, however, they come in, the establishment does, trying the take down cruz and trump and plant somebody from the establishment, after the rejection of the establishment is what this election's been all about -- >> what if a candidate has a 300, 400 delegate lead and denied the nomination? >> 300 or 400 lead -- >> shy of 1,237 --
7:20 pm
>> it is up to trump to make the deal and go up. there's no doubt about it anger, people walking out of the party if the guy they went in there for came in that far ahead in votes, states, crowds, everything and a plurality want him. >> what do you think -- look. i don't think polls that are accurate. the hypothetical matchups. going by them, kasich does the best right now. who do you think when push comes to shove has the best chance of beating hillary? >> i thought it was -- i would have said trump. for the reason i felt trump to win states like michigan and do well in pennsylvania and new jersey, new york. on the economic nationalism issue, on the jobs going abroad, on hillary and nafta and all that. but there's been an awful lot happening in three weeks which have driven his negatives up pretty high. so if you ask -- >> can he fix that?
7:21 pm
>> well, that's a key question. can he fix that? we saw when he took off initially he was nobody sort of wanted him and all of a sudden he did tremendously in raising himself up and reducing the negatives but when they go up a second time, can you take him down a second time? that's really the, you know, the $64,000 question. >> you have been around this game a year or two. i would assume you have knowledge about whether that can happen. >> it can happen. ronald reagan down 30 points or something like that. during that year. when he won that election. with carter. however, i remember barry goldwater down 59 points. we did reduce it, sean, to 25. >> didn't actually work out the way you wanted. i know. >> he was great american, though. >> yeah. listen. i hear what you're saying. all right. pat buchanan, i'll say this. if they don't unite against the establishment, and the establishment is able to pull off some shenanigans, i would argue you see a lot of people pack up and walk for good.
7:22 pm
>> let me suggest something, sean. go with trump and cruz. as a ticket. as they said of the boston braves, spawn and save and pray for rain. >> do you think that ticket would win? >> i think it would set the country on fire. i think it do. >> voodoo economics. can they put aside what's going on here? >> well, look. look. well, the attacks on the -- been savage and seems very personal with them, also. gratuitous. very hurtful. you know? >> all right. when's the v.p.? cruz accept v.p. with less delegates? >> the thing is only way for cruz to find out if he's got fewer delegates to stop trump from winning the nomination. >> yeah. >> you know, on the first ballot and in which case things break apart. >> yeah. >> i don't see how trump comes back if he loses the first
7:23 pm
ballot and people start moving toward him. >> will they move -- then move towards -- you predict think'd move towards cruz? >> well, here's the thing. my prediction will be that trump moves to rubio or a kasich if he's short on the first ballot. >> make a deal or do you think they'll say yes? >> i think trump will have to make a deal on the first -- >> rubio called little marco to go along with mr. trump? >> he gave me the vice presidency calling me little pat? maybe. >> all right. we got to go, mr. -- you know, you crack me up in the cross fire days. you're still cracking me up. coming up, how can the gop candidate clinch the nomination before the convention in july? heather nauert is here to break down the delegate count on the republican side on the "hannity" big board and then later is hillary, now pay attention, bernie sanders, is hillary trying to steal the nomination from you? we'll investigate tonight. plus, remember the activist
7:24 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." so senator cruz had a big victory last night in wisconsin. tonight at the "hannity" big board with the break down of what it means for the republican delegate count is heather nauert. what do we got? >> hi there, sean. the victory in the badger state increasing the possibility of a contested convention this july if a candidate fails to reach 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination here's where the current delegate count stands after last night's contest. donald trump is out in front with 743 delegates. but senator ted cruz has been gaining. he now has 517.
7:27 pm
while governor john kasich is sitting on 143 delegates. in order the avoid a contested convention, trump needs to win 56% of all the remaining delegates. senator cruz has to come away with 82% and governor kasich, well, he's statistically eliminated from winning the nomination before the convention. he would need 124% of the remaining delegates. sean, if there's a contested convention, will someone when's currently not running like speaker of the house ryan put forward as a potential party nominee? the rnc chairman he was on the show last night and here's what he said. listen. >> clearly there's a rule in place now that candidates need a majority of eight states delegates -- >> that's rule 40. >> a majority to be even nominated. so i mean, i've said it before. not like i'm making news. i believe the nominee's going to be someone running and as far as the paul ryan talk, let me just
7:28 pm
say it again for the tenth time. number one, he is not running. number two, he doesn't want. number three, he doesn't like this talk and wants it to end. but number four, he won't have a floor operation to do any of these things. >> there you go. the next big contest, new york state. 95 delegates will be at stake. we'll be keeping a close eye on it for you. >> heather will be back with the democratic delegate count. are they stealing the nomination of bernie? here with reaction,me say dose schlapp and a.j. delgado with us. a.j., let's ask you to put on the lawyer hat for a minute. i have rule 40 right here in front of me. even though the rule will change, that's 2012. why they change these rules leading into this convention before the convention starts raises a lot of questions. but your interpretation. do you need a majority victory in eight states to even be
7:29 pm
considered? what is your interpretation? >> yes. you do. but as you said, sean, these rules are not set in stone. to hear some of the full speak as moses brought them down from mt. sinai, they could be changed at any minute. the establishment can change it a few days before. that rule 40 like everything else can be switched. >> but when we talk about the establishment, won't the rules committee at least reince priebus is claiming is made upmostly of trump and cruz supporters, considering between 75% and 80% of all the delegates, right? i would think that they would prevent any other candidate from coming in. >> that's right. >> you would think. i'm sorry. go ahead. >> no, that's right. i can tell you that the way it works is that pretty much for every convention these delegates are the ones that will vote on new rules. so come the week before the convention, the rules committee is going to get together, they're picking two members from each state, two delegates of
7:30 pm
each state who are going to comprise of this rules committee and, yes, a majority will be cruz and trump delegates w. that being said, they both probably would like to see rule 40 stay in place. >> all right. rule 40, does that mean on the second, third if there's a fourth ballot -- >> that's the big question, sean. that's the big questiono see what would happen. >> as i read this here, each candidate for the president, vice president of the united states shall demonstrate the support of a majority of delegates from each of the eight or more states, several prior to the presentation of the name -- >> and i think -- i think, sean, the rules will be set. there is a possibility of a minority report which could -- they could try to amend when it goes to the whole floor of the whole delegation so when it goes to the convention floor, the rules voted in the rules committee. then go to the convention floor for a majority vote.
7:31 pm
>> yeah. a.j., you've been -- >> don't forget rule 40, been around for a few years now. we would like to see it, cruz and trump supporters like to see it stay in place, obviously. it helps our candidates and could be changed and anything can happen because the rules, especially rule 40, are so new and fluid. >> needs to be changed with the majority of the delegates meaning what the rules committee takes to the convention floor and the majority of the delegates -- >> why are the establishment types like boehner, kasich's strategy, mitt romney, karl rove, all important people within the republican ranks, why all suggesting there can be another candidate that didn't even run nominated on the floor of the convention? why do they keep saying that and keep reading ten articles about paul rye yn's name possibly coming up if rule 40 is supposed to prevent that, a.j.? >> i think -- i don't think they have a problem so much with use than donald trump and seeing the
7:32 pm
establishment since day one bring up the possibility of somebody else being the nominee because donald trump stands against the gravy train and all of this. >> is that why they supported cruz in wisconsin to stop trump and prevent anybody from getting to 1,237? >> yes. exactly right. cruz is someone they don't like but willing to stand behind and being used. they're willing to stand behind him or pretend to up until the convention simply to stop trump and then once they get to the convention, pull a trickery and have romney, ryan, rubio even step in and win on the ballots. >> mercedes, i understand you're -- no. you're his better half. matt was in the meeting and a lot of rules discussed and convention logistics. did this come up? >> i'll tell you that this was in no way any sort of secret meeting. it was to basically give operatives, political operatives and media types there, as well, an opportunity to understand what if we end up in contested
7:33 pm
convention what are the rules? there's a website up with the lawyer of the rnc explaining what a contested convention means. it's a complicated process, the delegates -- >> anybody else get nominated? did you get that answer? >> what i think what it all will lie -- here's the deal, sean, with the rules committee. rules committee sets the rules for the convention. the convention rules change every election cycle because, guess what. there's new delegates every cycle. >> you write the rules after the people voted. >> this is insane. >> wow. >> so insane. >> the rules are going to be voted on. yes. the week before the convention. >> insane. i agree with a.j. >> you have to remember the majority of the delegates so far will be cruz and trump delegates. >> the people on the -- rules committee. >> they will be the drivers in the rules committee. absolutely. >> all right. >> and then passed by the majority of the delegates, again, the majority of the delegates in the convention will be cruz and trump supporters. >> all right.
7:34 pm
a.j. and mercedes, thank you. up next tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> well, you know, he knew what the rules were when he decided to run for president. >> hearing a lot about rules, rules this, rules that. hillary laughing off complaints of the sander s campaign of supr delegates supporting only here. is she trying to steal the nominati nomination? heather nauert back to the big board. later tonight -- >> when you start telling what you used to pay. this is fine. still low then -- >> you would -- [ inaudible ] >> remember the disturbing undercover videos talking about, negotiating the price of baby body parts and buying lamborghinis? the guy that took on planned parenthood said the home was raided yesterday by authorities and was it politically motiva motivated? he'll join us straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity." so hillalary clinton has lost 6f the last 7 state contests to senator bernie sanders. now, despite that fact, she's still favored to win the nominati nomination. is this because the clinton machine is cooking the books? back with more, heather nauert. big disparity of the super delegates, heather. >> certainly. hi there, sean. a tough couple of weeks for hillary clinton but thanks to the dell get aloe case process for the democrats, clinton is favored to lock up the party's nomination and the big reason why is she has the support of the super delegates and important to take a look at what the super delegate is, party elites from the establishment who unlike pledge delegates support whichever candidate they like even against the will of the voter. here's a look at where the democrats' delegate count stands. welcome at the total democratic
7:41 pm
delegate stand, clinton with sizable lead and due to the super delegates, 469 of them. compared to just 31 for bernie sanders. and that's obviously a huge difference. now, if you take that super dell gt support away and look at the number of pledge delegates, it could be a close race for hillary clinton leading just by about 200. sean, bernie sanders and his supporters taking issue with the nomination process and today clinton laughed off the complaints. take a look at this. >> well, you know, he knew what the rules were when he decided to run for president. but most importantly, i think we will reach whatever number is required. we're going to continue to acquire delegates and add to our total. i have more delegates than he does. in a broader margin than president obama had over me at this time in 2008. so, i think we are doing well. >> i think we are doing well,
7:42 pm
she says. sean, we'll keep track of this. >> did i get that right? 469 for her and 31 -- poor bernie. feeling the bern. >> so is he. >> really. exactly. thanks, heather. joining is penny lee and kirsten powers. all right. so you break it down. i mean, 6 of 7. bernie, he won 82-18 in alaska. your old home state. >> and penny's. >> 70-30 i believe in washington and 73-27 in hawaii. you have another big win in wisconsin. bigger than anticipated and what the polls show. all right. so only 202 delegate difference. this is neck and neck but for the super delegates. 469 to 31? >> true right now. i don't know if it continues to be true and most of the caucus states behind us and tends to be where he does well. i'm sympathetic to the sanders complaint. >> i am, too. >> i have a problem with the super delegates.
7:43 pm
the idea is that i guess to prevent someone like a bernie sanders from getting the nomination an i think hillary will still pull it out legitimately with more pledge delegates and closer looking at that and cast the way that he -- >> doesn't it seem corrupt? like the party basically rigs it for the person they want? >> yeah. well, they didn't rig it just for the super delegates but the debate process and that was another thing that the sanders campaign complained about a lot. to protect hillary clinton and to not give bernie sanders as much air time as he would deserve and expose her to being criticized. >> you know, 25% of democrats are now saying, opinionny lee, on the democratic side that they will not vote for hillary if she's a the nominee. that's a huge loss if, in fact, she is the nominee. if i was a bernie sanders supporter, i got to be honest. i would be pretty pissed off. >> 75% said that they will.
7:44 pm
but, you know, we also know that the polls are very, very early and we are in the thrust of this primary campaigns and emotions are running high and people might have that feeling now. >> 469 to 31? >> -- between the two candidates. >> does that sound fair? super delegates to 31. >> sean, that is system that we have had in place since 1972. >> corrupt doesn't make it right. >> it is something -- i mean, the same -- you could say hillary clinton could have -- >> hold on a second. kirsten -- i'm not the democrat here. >> won the primary. >> isn't it corrupt? >> first of all, i hate disagreeing with penny. first of all. who i adore. no. i do have serious problem with this. i think the decision is made by the voters, not by party insiders and, again, the purpose of this was precisely to prepro tekt, they believe, protect against a bernie sanders-type person who they think will lose too liberal and not the person they want. and i think that it should be a decision that's made by the voters and i think republicans
7:45 pm
wish they had super delegates but, you know, i don't think that's the way we're supposed to make the decisions. >> yeah. i agree with you. >> i would just say, she is leading in the voting, too. >> right. >> not by a lot. >> more people voting for her that have cast the vote and voted for her regardless of where we are on the delegate count. more people voted for her so she is speaking to the will of the people and the will of the people putting her in front right now. >> up 202 delegates. >> i agree with penny. i think she will legitimately win on pledge delegates and can't predict the future and even with the new york state delegates, a story that they, the super delegates said if bernie sanders won new york, they would still go with hillary. that's not okay. >> that's happening in other -- that's happened all over the country up to this point. >> not okay. >> not okay. it seems that the will of the people and the democratic side is not exactly taking into consideration, far from being democratic if you don't mind the play on words there, penny.
7:46 pm
>> like i said, the popular vote is with mrs. clinton. and she is winning that. >> barely. by the skin of her teeth. >> it is reflected and -- >> skin of her e-mail server. >> sean, i think it is important to remember in 2008 she won the last out of the seven contests and still lost. >> so, also have the issue of whether or not she'll be wearing an orange jump suit as a candidate and another issue for another day. >> yeah. >> thank you both for being with us. up next tonight on "hannity" -- >> a lot of people wanted -- protect the rights of the -- and looking for specific -- i was like, wow. i didn't even know. good for them. >> remember the videos planned parenthood exposed talking about selling baby body parts? money for a lamborghini. the activist says that the home was raided yesterday s. that politically motivated? why are they going after him and not planned parenthood? an interview you will only see here on "hannity."
7:47 pm
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. . welcome back to "hannity". last year, videos were released that appeared to show planned parenthood officials negotiating
7:52 pm
sales. we have to warn you. >> yesterday was the first time . >> now, the founder for the center of medical progress is behind those videos. he claims his home was raided yesterday for agents if the cal al department of justice and according to him, all of the under cover videos were seized in the raid. was this search and seizure politically motivated?
7:53 pm
the doj said they couldn't comment, here is david. by the way, isn't altering baby body parts illegal? >> it is, and the very worst part took place in california. those clips were all filmed with planned parenthood representatives and planned parenthood business partners if the state of california but instead of going after them, attorney general kamela harris received money from planned parenthood just invaded my home and took all of the video footage. we're still assessing what they took but they took everything, including footage that has not seen the light of day yet. >> here is the important
7:54 pm
question. those are videos that are people breaking the law? did they go after them? >> absolutely. planned parenthood's major baby parts partner in the state of california, stem express is currently under investigation by the united states congress as multiple subpoenas for records and transactions with planned parenthood that have gone out and they're fighting tooth and nail in lawsuits against me and use of the political cronies not to have the information out to the public. >> david, it's very shocking and if they go after you, i'm sure a lot of people will want to support you. thanks for joining us. i'm sorry you're going through this. ok, but i have 30 acres more "hannity" right after the break. day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet?
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8:00 pm
unfortunately that is all the time we have this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> together, we will win a majority of the delegates and together we will beat hillary clinton in november. [cheers and applause] >> this campaign is giving energy and enthusiasm to millions of americans. [cheers and applause] >> cruz and sanders big winners last night. but does that change anything? talking points will address that question to make a bold prediction. >> planned parenthood has been involved with selling the baby parts that they abort for a deck said at this point. >> are you saying they are doing something illegal. >> absolutely. >> the man spearheading the drive against planned parenthood has his home raided in california. we w