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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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whole lot hotter. he is their guest host, when and what? >> when and what. we'll be in vegas. i will host chippendales month of may. harris: the whole month? >> the whole month. come on down. we'll have a ball. harris: getting chippy with the chippendales. andrea: thanks for coming. >> thank you. % plus, winds toppling an 18 wheeler and it is all caught on video. plus, the winner of america idol
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season 15 is a star is born. who was crowned the last american idol. it is all "happening now". but we begin our second hour on the campaign trail as the race moves east. and the candidates set their prize on new york. hello and welcome to "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather in for jenna lee. there are dell dpats up for grabs today. john kasich held a town hall last hour in connecticut. and hillary clinton barn starmed the adopted home state. and her rival bernie sanders hits new york city.
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>> we have live fox team coverage. we start with ed henry who is following the two democrats. >> reporter: an abrupt shift for bernie sanders. he slammed hillary clinton suggesting that she is not qualified to be president because of a range of issues because of campaign contributions, from wall street, to her vote in favor of the war in iraq. today sanders said clearly hillary clinton is qualified to be president of the united states, but will not back down from attacks from the clinton campaign ahead of the april 19th primary in new york. it is clear, there is tension between the two candidates and a lot of senior officials were worried that the democratic nomination battle was sink nothing a food fight and looking more like a fight like the republicans. they tried to turn the
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temperatures down, watch. >> it is what the clinton campaign said we lost in wisconsin and six out of the seven states. they are going negative. what am i supposed to do? hey, i come from a small state and we are nice people. >> i never said that about him. his response to me was misrepresentation of what i said, but kind of a historic amnessia in the heat of the campaign people say things. there are contrasts between us. that is fair game. >> reporter: so clinton right now in buffalo in a roundtable event and working upitate and that is critical for her had she won the senate seat from the empire state. it is interesting, obviously 250 delegates at stake. sanders won six straight contest. and he has momentum and money
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and out raised clinton in the month of march alone. and clinton hopes that a win in new york will shore things up and keep her lead among the delegates. >> ed, thank you. >> now to the republican race in the battle for 21237 delegates and the number be needed to clinch the nomination. donald trump leading 743. and ted cruz with 517. and kasich trails with 143 delegates. black burrman joins us from washington with details and you are looking at the fund-raising. ted cruz is going after the republicans that went with rubio and bush. >> reporter: the number be that ted cruz and his campaign are putting out there 12 and half million. that's the amount they raised
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last month in march. that would be the best fund-raising month for cruz. and tout receiving donations from 240000 supporters. that is a jolt for a campaign that is coming off a string of victories and making the point that republicans should consolidate behind cruz. cruz has been the foc of kasich. coming on the heels of kasich slamming new york value's comment. kasich campaign released an adin new york tryg to make the case that it is kasich and not cruz who is the republican with the best chance of beating hillary clinton come november. look at this here. >> john kasich will win the convention and defeat hillary clinton in the fall. want to stop the clinton machine and win the white house?
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your only choice is john kasich. the lead in new york according to every poll out there belongs to it donald trump with a wide margin. and they outlined the new york schedule. and trump has an event inro chester in the western part of the state and coming up on sunday with surely more to come after that. thank you so much. after his wisconsin win, ted cruz is reaching out to establishment republicans that face the reality of cruz being the alternative to donald trump. it is a view held by mainstream republicans that he damaged the party in the 2013 government shutdown. but an uneasy alliance is taking shape. how do you explain that ted cruz
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is sort are of the darling of the republican establishment? >> reporter: it is worth remembering how deep the division used to be. the 2013 government shutdown fight and ted cruz accused mitch mcconnell of being a liar and now establishment republicans have been pushed in to his camp in order to stop donald trump. look, they are not thrilled about tread cruz and they have been coming dragged kicking and screaming. this is about them looking. they may not think he can win the white house. what they don't want to see the republicans lose the senate and house of representative as well. they are afraid of donald trump cost them both house was congress and the best chance of coping power is somebody other
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than trump and that means ted cruz. the other thing that is interesting, usually in 2008 and 12, it is the establishment candidate who tell conservatives to get behind the guy. he is the winner here. it is now flipped. ted cruz is the best option for them. and they are saying, to the establishment folks, get behind. >> there is no more clear weather vane than lindsay graham and former presidential candidate himself. what he said in january about ted cruz. >> if you nominate trump and cruz, you get the same outcome. does it really matter? i don't think the outcome will be substantially different. >> you hope everyone will rally behind ted cruz to stop donald
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trump. >> i hope so. >> number one, if i can do it anybody can. ted cruz is republican and smart as hell and run an effective campaign. we have a lot in common but he is a real republican from the ideological spectrum than i am and he would not te destroy the party. >> that later sound bite was later on cbs. stephens, that was this morning, i am told, i am sorry, what explains this? >> the tret of donald trump. they believe donald trump destroys what republicans and senate republicans and for that matter, big money establishment donors what they built with pour in washington. and donald trump said he will up end that established order. they are scared to death of having that established order upended and what it will win to
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the republican party and power and influence. they are desperate it make sure donald trump is not the nominee. you heard from lindsay gram. it is like poison or shot. now they are starting to spot differences because they have to dp to get where they are going to g. >> has cruz moderated his positions? >> that's the interesting thing about this? no, not in the least. he may have moderated the language and not the harsh attacks. but his positions is what they are. as the campaign got along they are stiffer and sterner and moved from immigration to where he is now and things like dealing with muslims in america, he got more conservative on those stances. he's not moving to it the middle. it is the establishment folks who are having to move toward
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him and to the right. and all of the two options. trump and cruz are to the right. they don't want to go as far as donald trump. ted cruz is their default option. >> what about their new york values. he got a retort on it from donald trump and he is now explaining the new york values. is that change of position or artful campaigning. >> no, you go to new york you have to got to back off that harsh rhetoric. i think the real issue, is that new york made apparently according to the polls made a judgment on ted cruz. and maybe because of his history or whatever. new york voters don't seem to be flocking toward ted cruz. what you are going to see is interesting. they have tried a bunch of other
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candidates. they tried jeb bush and marco rubio and chris christie and they are left with cruz with this point. if he doesn't show well in new york? do they stick with him or kasich does well in new york? things can get messy for the establishment and donald trump has them run nothing circles. >> it is a fascinating campaign season. thank you you, fox news alert to bring you. a senior u.s. government official now getting an update on the fatal shooting of two people in lake land air force base in texas. one air man shot his commandener a murder/suicide. authorities are stressing it was not an act of terrorism. crews responded to the events in san antonio. the facility lock down order has
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now been lifted. anothers thou confirming new terror arrests in belgian including one suspect that may be linked to both parpis and brussels attacks. the va claims to be cleaning up its act. but there is a disturbing report that claims that agency has a long way to go to give vietnam -- veterans the help they need. tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. i'm terhe golf.
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symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. french police confirming that the paris terrorist suspect mohammed ma rini is arrested in belgian. he is believed to be the man with the hat. and released in new terrorist suspects. he was connected to abdeslam.
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he was captured days before the deadly explosions targeting the city's airport and subway. we'll have analysis with a terror expert former co-chair of the new york terrorist terrorism task force bob strand. he will join us a few minutes away on "happening now". right now, there is a new report revealing details about a nationwide scandal. usa today did an analysis in the veterans hospitals and found that super visors in seven states told employees to falsify wait times for veterans trying to get medical care. here's more on another disturbing story out of the va. the new news how wild spread it
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was. >> reporter: yes, schedulers were told by superors and arkansas, texas and california and new york and vermont to suggest meeting with shorter wait times to get to see a doctor when they were not. investigations show employees in 40 vamedical facilities in 19 states in puerto rico regularly zeroed out veteran wait times. a veteran spoke out about the ongoing problems. >> our veterans want and need the opportunity to choose the health care that works best for them. it is simply unacceptable that half million veterans nationwide today are waiting for a medical appointments that is scheduled more than 30 days from now. >> reporter: law makers on capitol hill are working to make
10:19 am
sure that those who do wrong are made accountable. >> in particular for senior management it is appealable back to the secretary and in the past to the mertheit protection board and that make its a paper tiger. >> reporter: the vasaid 29 employees were disciplined from reprimapped or removable. the agency said "vais working diligently to improve access to care and increased schedule practice. we are relying on more community care resulting in 20 million additional hours of care for veterans. the agency said it is heading in the right direction. but whistle blowers said schedulers are still misrepresenting wait times. >> still misrepresenting after
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all this. mike, thanks. how voter opinions are changing in the primaries. the numbers might surprise you. and law makers make a decision on whether to stop airlines from shrinking the size of your seat. shrinking the size of your seat. canned cheer retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade.
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youto get the help you'refar looking for. plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement that's why at xfinity we're opening up more stores closer to you. where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service. so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> some dramatic video from england shows a truck losing control and smashing a lamp post and lurches up. tronning winds caused it to lose control. it happen in northern england. the driver escaped with only
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minor injuries. unreal. a bunch of new polls are out. a new poll in california shows donald trump leading with 39 percent and followed by ted cruz at 32 percent. and john kasich distant 18 percent. and democrats really like the candidate. 71 percent have a favorable view of sanders. hillary clinton high at 70 percent. but the unfavorablity rating is twice of sanders. that is 70 percent do not like donald trump and 59 percent don't like ted cruz. and 55 percent don't like mrs. clinton. and mike barnes was a white house appointee in the george
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bush administration. and kareem is a democratic strat yift and deputy campaign manager for martin o'malley. mark. start with you. two leading republican contenders are so universally disliked by a large share of the population, why are they doing so well in the republican race? >> i think we see the republican race is largely driven by the fringe of the republican party as is often common. and the time for a general election, with them so unfavorable in the broader electorate, what would norm willy be about hillary clinton's negative, it will focus on the negatives of trump or cruz. independents are demoralized with the candidates option. they will come out against trump or cruz. and the race will be handed to
10:26 am
hillary clinton. and what i see, the election will be the 2016, the year of the write in. we'll see write in candidates from either joe biden or donald trump or paul ryan if indeed we see that trump or cruz gets the nomination and those of us who are more mainstream moderate voters can't stomach the notion of voting for clinton or trump. >> they would like to see the negatives. but hillary clintons are close? >> the republicans have managed to pick two of the most unpopular candidates to potentially lead their republican party. you have ted cruz coming off calulating and unauthentic. and people want to hear from candidates that speak from the heart and not from strategy and
10:27 am
donald trump who espoused hate and bigotry and that doesn't resonate well to the electorate. and they will have a hard time against our nominee who might potentially be hillary clinton. and in the end of the day, we'll beat this thing in november. >> 55 percent of the voters have a negative opinion of hillary clinton. how can you win with those numbers? >> compared to what is going on in the republican side, we are in a better place. they have two candidates that have higher unfavorables than hillary clinton or bernie sanders. and that is really what is happening here. >> let me ask you both about what happen in philadelphia when former president bill clinton went off on a black lives protestor who heckled him over the prevention bill.
10:28 am
>> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good side. she didn't. you are defending the people who kill. tell the truth. >> that is a full throated defense of his administration's policy. mike, how do you take? >> bill clinton is the shell of the political genius. he would have blocked and bridge in favor of his position and have the audience cheering for him including the people who are part of the black lives matter. instead he advances his positions that are 22 years and inconsistent with a broad consensus right and left that we need criminal justice reform and his ego has not declined in the
10:29 am
past 27 years. he put his ego ahead of his own wife. it is shocking. >> surprising to say, i don't totally disagree with mike here. he was off message yesterday and he's living the past and used language that was not exactly the right thing to do and also look, his legacy and his administration has been relitigated through the obama administration with don't ask, don't tell andoma and the election and crime bill and reform. and the hillary clinton campaign repudiated all of those things and he was off message and used language that was a little bit insensitive there. >> i can imagine what the discussions are like in the
10:30 am
clinton household. >> you would like to be a part of that? >> i would pass. >> and news to bring you from overseasment secretary of state john kerry making a surprise trip to iraq and we'll tell you why. and new york city is the city that never sleeps, and the same thing goes for the relentless tabloids. howard kurtz said the tabloids set the tone in this state. he will join us next to talk about it.
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>> a fox news alert. paris police confirm a key arrest of this man. mohammed abrini. new reports believe that he is the man in the hat seen with the two bombers in the brussels airport. bob is with us on the anti- terrorism task force. bob, this is a huge get for the paris police and those in belgian. what do you know about how they picked him up and you know, what would have led to the arrest? >> right, jon.
10:35 am
it is it a combination. abdeslam is cooperating with the brussels police and paris police since his arrest. as they looked in the neighborhood and used search warrants and debriefing informants, they ran across mohammed today. upon his arrest he was identified as the suspect in the white coat in the brussels airport bombing. it is a huge arrest for brussels and paris and intelligence community. there were other arrests made today. and they are going to be searching through the hard are drives and electronics and phones. and this blows both cases wide open. >> he had not been publicly identified as being associated with the brussels attacks until today. and then his arrest pops up, essentially out of no where.
10:36 am
he was sought in connection with paris, but first time he was identified in brussels, you know at the airport and metro station? >> reporter: from the information we had so far, it seems they didn't know this. and information was based on the paris attack and they went in and looked at photos and other evidence, they realized that it is the same individual that was involved in the brussels attack. we knew there was a connection between the two cells and done in conjunction with brussels and paris. and this confirms that it is it a part of a one big group that formed out of isis. this will be more arrests and a lot of information. this is a very, error good finding for paris and brussels for all of us all over abdeslam
10:37 am
blew himself up and his brother was arrested in brussels in connection with the paris. and mohammed abrimi was a childhood friend of theirs. and i would think that the police would look in all associations they have made over the years? >> they do. they look at not only the brothers and relatives and people in the community. this is all part of the intelligence network. and there are so many of the individuals that do type act and they are on the radar screen and connected and you need evidence. you need more than they were childhood freepds or related and more than the fact that you know, they went over to fight in syria together. that is great intelligence and where is the evidence? that is where we are today. we have the arrest and evidence. and this is a big win for paris
10:38 am
and brussels and for our intelligence in the united states. because we looked at it closely. this is all on one page. you look at the possibility and these different cells that work around the world, these are the kinds of cases that make us safer alover. nbob, thank you. in the head line of man in the hat thought to be arrested in connection with the brussels terror attacks, under arrest now. >> well now to opponents. the presidential candidates may not have expected the new york media. hillary clinton blasted for struggling to swipe the metro card and ted cruz tries to make a mends to the past reference ands cruz trying to change the focus with jewish leaders.
10:39 am
and john kasich tries to appeal to new yorkers by eat nothing a deli. the hillary clinton. campaign tried to make her a real type person. did they jump when they put her on the subway? >> no, apparently hundreds of thousands of americans. >> to be far, not like that. >> if you are going to do that and mess up, it is going to play in an endless loop. i love the way new york journalist are so excited and finally to it have a presidential primary that matters. usually it is it all wrapped up. we saw the bronx cheer welcome for ted cruz. the deadly news headline for him to take the f and u. and then kasich eating at
10:40 am
adelei. see how you do on broadway. >> i have to wonder if all of that wall to wall coverage that the new york media will be giving. every media organization has somebody here and that will be be an explosion of coverage. could that help the candidates. the media ends up being too tough. >> depends on how they handle it. it is it a home field advantage with donald trump to be growing up. and he got in feuds with leona helmsley and rosy odonalds and making the gossip columes. and on the other hand hillary clinton who we know is from illinois. and bernie who sounds like larry david but lived in vermont. but he speaks the lingo. and that is worth 2 or 3 points. it is it a gaunt let you have to run to compete in new york.
10:41 am
i can see you are salivating right there. and i want to ask you about donald trump and the changes made to the staff. you think it is going to change now he's bringing in new people. >> an interesting pivot point. he's held one major rally and doesn't do major introduce. and the press is having a hard time. trump campaign shake-up. every winning campaign that is out ahead brings in and expands and hires veteran dc delegate counters and makes a lot of sense. and doesn't necessarily mean that there is a huge disarray, another journalistic word. >> he has a shoe string in terms of the number be of people and they have to bulk up. what do you have on the show today. >> sunday media buzz, we'll look
10:42 am
at how the campaigns are dealing with new york and how much wisconsin mattered. and jill kelly, caught up in the david petraeus sex scandal. she is speaking out about the secret e-mails and how the media ruined her life with false reports and turning out to suggest something improper was going on when it was not. >> thank you, howard. and now the senate voting down a bill to stop airlines from shrinking the size of your airplane seat. carriers have down sized width and legroom in economy seating. and some are under fire for charging premium prices for standard seats. the proposal would block airlines from reducing society side. and the thing did not pass.
10:43 am
>> you want to see something fun. villanova wild cats celebrating the men's ncaa championship. look at that parade in downtown philadelphia. villanova cancelling classes for the day. nice job so students and faculty could celebrate the division one. >> martha vs gleeful. >> and along with peter doocey. exciting for them. >> and they get a day off school. >> probably the best. npope francis confronts religion and modern life and hinting at a new pathway for divorced and remarried catholics. our cor -- and how hay man was attacked by a bull in his backyard. >> felt like a thousand pounds
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how much more their personal service can do for you. call 888-429-5722 now. >> right now several people in texas are recovering after being charged by an angry bull. yes, a bull along the loose on a busy highway and caught on surveillance camera. look at what is in the red circle. you can see the bull hopping or stumbles out and takes off in a park injuring six people. police in alvaredo, texas south of fort worth, said the bull's owners were taking it to a veternarian shortly after buying it at an auction. he ran through traffic. and officers had to put the bull down because it was a danger to humans. >> pope francis is calling on
10:48 am
priests around the world to be be more compassionate and less judgmental. the message from long awaited guidelines in a document called the joy of love. lauren green has more. >> reporter: jon, the pope francis is calling for more welcoming church but steering the faithful to live out its trues. it is where the bishops grapele with divorce, sex outside of marriage and homosexuality. >> we must have mercy and patience when we accompany people and their possibility for growth. this is carried out day by day given to the mercy of the lord who inspires us to do >> report a possible pathway for divorced
10:49 am
and remarried to receive 'ole communion. no one can be condemned forever. that is not the gospel. and the need for priests to help all family configuration without weighed down by rules. he said a pastor cannot feel it is enough to it apply moral laws for those who live in irregular regulations. but they make no change in church doctrine. >> the pope talked about his desire not to change doctrine. but p his foc beus is encouraging a pastorale approach and merciful approach toward people who are living in situations that is incompatable teaching on marriage. >> they called abortion horrendous and wrote that same- sex unions will not be equated
10:50 am
with marriage. thank you, lauren. >> secretary of state john kerry sitting down with leaders in iraq. what his visit means in the battle to i think we should've taken a tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan,
10:51 am
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don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. we're live at the polls today. wait, who's voting you ask? a couple states have very unique rules. we'll tell you all about it. plus, approximately 200 people could decide the fate of donald trump, whether or not he gets the nomination in cleveland. who exactly are these unbound delegates? a full breakdown ahead. the son of a hall of fame coach resigns.
10:54 am
we'll have the restory on that and much more moments from now. secretary of state john kerry making an unannounced visit to baghdad. john has the story. john. >> reporter: john, a major part of this surprise visit was basically to reassure iraqi leaders, including iraq's prime minister that the u.s. remains committed to and supports iraq's government and military. secretary kerry landed in baghdad earlier this morning local time again, a surprise unannounced visit. he met with prime minister alabadi, and after his meeting secretary kerry pledged $155 million more in support and aid, humanitarian aid to iraq. the secretary of state also reaffirmed the u.s. military's support of the country and iraq's military and along with
10:55 am
that secretary kerry met with kurdish regional governors. clearly this is significant. it's a move to build consensus and cooperation between the kurds and iraqi leaders and military commanders as u.s. troops prepare iraqi and kurdish forces to retake the city of mosul in northern iraq. more troops, u.s. troops, have been deployed to iraq to help in the preparation for this final assault. john, mosul remains an isis strong hold, and when this assault begins it is likely to be the most significant, intense, and bloodiest fight so far in iraq and it will have major regional implications although at this point, john, there remains no specific time frame on when that fight will occur. but, again, it will be a very significant one. >> thank you. happening now, a big announcement.
10:56 am
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liberty's birthday is april 35th, which was michael
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monsauers. congratulations toen na, laith and lace. >> hearing that story and the meaning behind liberty's name, love her more and her husband. >> she's got her hands full. take it easy. >> she sure does. take care, jenna. come on back. enjoy your time off. >> "the real story" with gretchen. congratulations, jenna, and good luck. the battle for new york heating up ahead of the empire state's primaries are coming up. hi, everybody. i'm gretchen carlson. happy friday. this is "the real story." hillary clinton holding an organizing event in chicago. check out the map here. let's go over to the republican side now. senator ted cruz and donald trump seem to be taking the day off, but votes are still being cast today. jeff live in hammond, indiana. jeff, early voting there in full swing. explain how this all works in the state of


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