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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 8, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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kasich for the hour. thanks for being with us. we'll see you on monday. hope you'll join us. to "fox ne" for exclusive interview with president obama. the dash for delegates. tonight, "on the record," the 2016 g.o.p. presidential candidates are slugging it out for each and every delegate from each and every state. donald trump pushing hard to get that magic 1237 delegates. senator ted cruz and john kasich are pulling out all the stops to slow him down. >> trump appears to be taking more seriously the delegate and complicated task of winning delegates, not just votes. >> trump has been bleeding delegates to ted cruz and need to do stop the flow. >> i have just hired paul, the top guy. we're going to start looking at that we're doing it very carefully. >> for mr. trump to start hiring washington insiders is a sign that the type of unconventional campaign that he has been running can only
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take him so far? senator ted cruz's wisconsin win brings a condition tested or brokered convention much closer to a reality. >> we have to play that game, but it's a shame because it's a game that's very unfair. >> donald trump is looking to new york to prove and provide him a bounce-back in the g.o.p. race. >> new york is next. this is his home base. he is probably going to win. the "on the record" political panel is here from the daily beast jackie kucinich and from the "weekly standard" daniel halper. the state republican convention is this weekend. donald trump is not going but senator ted cruz is is that a mistake? because delegates are going to be offered up there. >> ted cruz has run several delegates from the colorado delegates. this entire time ted cruz has been playing the long game and donald trump is now playing catch-up. he wasn't taking this process seriously. and i don't think his team until he brought in some new people really understood the game that any were going to
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have to play 37 at the end of the day. >> donald trump said that he would keep his pledge as long as it was, quote, fair. and if it's not fair, he is not necessarily going to keep his pledge to support whoever gets the nomination and not to run out as a third party. there is something to be said for the fact that he won louisiana. but he doesn't get the most delegates out of louisiana. he doesn't get that he doesn't like that. and, frankly, i can understand that. >> totally, you can see where he is coming from. at the same time, those are the rules and that's the rules when you try to compete for a party's, you know, to be the party's candidate. you have-to-ad by by the rules. >> playing catch up. >> he is totally playing catch up. he has done remarkably well running the most campaign that's defied conventional wisdom there are limits to it the limit appears to be in this organizing effort on the state level which is very granular. you have to know each state has totally different rules. >> very different. >> need to know each state's rules. it's complicated and it's very hard for one person who
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has never done this before to do it. ted cruz has been doing this for a year. he has been organizing for this moment. donald trump is trying to play catch up and it's very difficult to catch up. >> we being can see that ted cruz has had his attention on the ground game. he won iowa which is a caucus state and where really a ground game matters. wisconsin he had a great ground game. while he doesn't have the delegates. he is looking much farther ahead and nowwy9> he is trying to siphon off delegates in new york by going to congressional districts where there aren't a lot of republicans in order to maybe win one here, one there. >> who is he? >> ted cruz. donald trump is winning in new york right now. but ted cruz isn't taking that for granted. is he going to some of these districts with who her numbers of republicans to troy to win with those lower number of republicans and pick off dels here and there to add to his total and keep donald trump from being able to lockdown the nomination on the first ballot. >> do you think that donald
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trump now gets it, this whole delegate game which is far and above beyond the voting game, that he gets the delegate game, that he is serious about doing the ground game to get the delegates and is it too late or not? >> well, would he don't know. but is he definitely showing a lot more signs that he gets it than he did a couple weeks ago. he obviously is retooling his campaign to be competitive there. that suggests that he does get it or is getting closer to getting it but the good news for trumpql is, of course, he is the only one that can conceivably get to 1237 to become the nominee. >> if he hustles now and gets those delegates and he is not going to colorado. >> he has already sent out e -- or he sends out an email to washington delegate -- or to his fans in washington trying to go get them to go be delegates. he not only sent to to washington, d.c. it was two days after the deadline to be a delegate in washington state there are these hiccups and issues that does make it harder. >> i guess the phrase "you're fired," would be a
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good one if you ever did that, right? >> or you're confused. >> or you're confused. 3j3. ñ daniel, don't go away. with the delegate race on fire, senator ted cruz as we noted trying to wrap up colorado this weekend. cruz is heading to the bolder state but trump is staying home is that a political misstep. john roberts is live in new york with the g.o.p. fight. john? >> donald trump is staying home, greta, because he doesn't think he could play very well in colorado anyway. so kind of written that one off the map. going to be looking at other states that are down the road. ted cruz doing very well in colorado, the final day of the congressional district convention so far he has picked up 126 the 12 delegates that were available. we'll hear about thee more some time in the next half hour or so remaining in the third congressional district. and then ted cruz is off to colorado himself tomorrow for the colorado state convention. district conventions overth last few days. state convention tomorrow. 13 at large delegates up for grabs. he hopes to get all of those
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as well. there is a chance that ted cruz could come out of colorado with a clean sweep. on monday he is heading to california. this really is, above all else, the big play for ted cruz. 172 delegates up for grabs there. it's winner-take-all by congressional district and he is going to try to keep donald trump from getting any delegates there or at least limit the number of delegates that trump gets. because, if he can, if he can take a lot of the delegates in california, particularly, greta, if you can take them all. donald trump has no path to 1237 before the convention. meantime though, donald trump is trying to deny ted cruz any delegates in the great state of new york. really hammering cruz and will continue to r this over the new york values comments that ted cruz made during the south carolina debate back in january. trump has got a big rally planned for rochester on sunday afternoon. he has a big rally planned for albany on monday evening. he is also going to have rallies in syracuse. buffalo, way out in the northwest part of the state. and he will be doing a lot
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of things, too around new york, long island area as well. meantime, john kasich, the only person who is on the campaign trail. today he was in fairfield connecticut earlier today. is he in syracuse tonight. continues to make the case hey, we get to the convention, i'm the one that can win. he put out a new ad today, big ad by where he touts new polls out of pennsylvania showing that he not only beats bernie sanders handily, 46-40 but buries, and i mean burries hillary clinton. this was an a.p. poll, 51-35 if kasich goes up against hillary clinton in the keystone state. so he is still pretty excited about where he is. a hot of people are saying what chance does he really have? he is playing a long shot, a long card, greta, but he thinks he can win it. >> john, thank you. and for the second day in a row g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump not holding any campaign event. earlier trump tweeted this: so great to be in new york. catching up on many things, remember, i'm still running a major business while i campaign and loving it so,
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if trump is not out and about on the campaign trail, what is his strategy in new york? former 2016 g.o.p. presidential candidate donald trump supporter dr. ben carson goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. niles to see you. >> nice to see you. dr. carson, what is the strategy? sort of the confusing thing for people who watch this, each those of us that cover it is you have to the the votes, you win things. underneath these votes are the delegates that are going to nominate you at the convention. seems senator ted cruz while donald trump is collecting votes senator ted cruz is going around figuring out the delegate game to get nominated. what is the campaign strategy for trump at this point? >> >> well, obviously, to continue to do the things that have been working. but there is going to have to be some adjustment made in terms of focusing on not only gathering delegates but also maintaining them. that's why paul manifor and why a number of other people are being brought in.
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the infrastructure is obviously changing to adapt to the new situation that has occurred. what is this strategy that paul manafor. >> it is going to do for the campaign. >> he is the best one to talk on that. he has a great deal of experience. knows what the rules are and the various states. knows what kinds of things have to be done in order to keep delegates. and you like to keep delegates beyond the first ballot in case that's necessary. so you have to really be thinking in terms of second and third or potentially even fourth or more ballots. >> well, this has a little bit of a feel. this whole process of the old comedy routine who is on first pause this rules committee that is going to make all these decisions like a week before the convention, i mean, they can pretty much too what they want. it's sort of hard to figure out exactly how did-to-do this because these rules are -- they seem to be quite
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fluid. >> well, you know, one of the things that the rules committee is going to have to decide is it worth losing everything in order to manipulate the will of the people or do you want to have rules that honor the will of the people. because, if you do that, you will gain a lot more enthusiasm. and the millions of people who have been brought in will actually grow to even more and they will be enthusiastic and they will defeat the democrats. but, if you dampen that enthusiasm, it doesn't matter what you do, you're going to lose. >> but shouldn't you have had this debate in the republican party, in your party before now? i mean, this whole idea are you going to go sort of the will of the people or go to the rules? are you going to -- who can outgame who with the delegates? it really seems -- i mean, this is april, and the convention is coming up in july and all these campaigns started last summerñk it seems like the republican party is a little late in sort of ironing out these wrinkles.
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>> well, bear in mind that it really wasn't until relatively recently that the stop trump movement developed. and, therefore, no one was really thinking too much about the need for changing the rules. and i hope that, once gipp, when the committees sit sith down and start thinking their overall concern is what is the will of the people? the people have said that they don't like the path that we have been on. they want to change it. >> if it turns out that donald trump gets 1236, stunt get the magic number of 37 or some lesser number and it goes to a contested convention and there is a wicked knockdown, drag-out fight and let's say he is not the one that's nominated by the republican party. after, you know, after all is said and done, with you advise him to run as a third party? >> no. because that would absolutely guarantee a win for the democrats. and what all the
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conservatives must remember is that that will guarantee two to four supreme court picks that will be progressive, even though that's not the word that really describes them. and that will severely alter the future of this country. >> dr. carson, nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> you too, thank you, greta. >> now over to the democratic side of the aisle where in the last few days secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders have been punching each other. leaving some bruises. but today there seems to be a mutually called time-out. how long did that last is anyone's guess. in the short run they arehú now back at aiming at the g.o.p. >> you may have heard senator sanders say i'm unqualified to be president. i've been called a lot of things over the years, but unqualified has not been one of them. >> this morning he finally acknowledged that of course, he doesn't really believe that. >> does she have the experience? obviously she does. >> right. >> she was secretary of state, a u.s. senator. >> i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time.
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>> on her worse day, she will be -- she would be an infinitely better president than either of the republican candidates. >> "on the record" political panel is back. daniel, that's a switch. first they say neither one is qualified. now they are both sort of backtracking on that. who started this? >> well, i guess it was bernie sanders in a certain way because he is the one who explicitly said that hillary clinton isn't qualified. though he claims he was responding to an inference that hillary clinton made. so who really knows. perhaps it was secretary clinton. the weird thing is that each side of is looking weak by pretending -- or sort of faking a certain weakness. like they are so hurt by how could bernie sanders claim that hillary clinton. >> the victim. >> i don't know how that helps him. and by the way if they think that this is tough, just wait for donald trump. like is he not going to be nice to them. you know, the republican is not going to be nice to him. i. think it would behoove both of them to toughen up. >> man up.
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>> i'm not going to say man up but toughen up. >> i'll say it. >> and don't act so hurt all the time. can you take it. there has been a very gentle campaign on the democratic'g)-x side. i don't think anyone is too bruised. >> they haven't been called like lying and low)>p8 energy. >> or worse. >> last night jackie, senator bernie sanders told seth meyers during the late show that he does not regret the comments about saying secretary is not called he still believes her to be 100 percent more qualified than the republican candidates. you are better than the worse is the way it portrays thrrges is no lo loss right now. that is abundantly clear particularly in this new york contest. you have heard that from republicans, too. they will say lindsey graham said he would like to kill ted cruz, essentially. >> yes, but we are -- >> -- he is fine, i guess. >> we're seeing this sort of anew in the democrats. >> yes. >> that's the big deal. if the democrats have been doing this all along, we
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wouldn't be talking about it. >> absolutely. i think we are entering aqf new phase of the campaign where you are hearing the advisors get a little bit more chippy with each other and now it's come from the candidates. it's hard to think if this gets closer or narrows at all that's not going to continue. >> will it continue? >> i think it will for at least the next week and a half. bernie sanders can pull off the unthinkable and win new york. it obviously changes the dynamic of the race. both he and hillary clinton know that if you are not going to go at it now,ing when are you going to go for it? >> i still don't get how he is running the democratic earth pa. he never wanted to. wife the dnc allowed him to run as a democrat. he says is he a socialist and didn't want to be called in 2006. >> i'm sure you and hillary clinton agree on that. >> it's bizarre it? >> shows where the democratic party is he is reflective of a huge portion of the democratic party. probably not enough to get
11:16 pm
the nomination. >> i think she played too nice in the beginning and complainas not allow to do be at the stage of the debate. >> or he played too nice with her at the beginning. >> she at least always said she is a democrat. makes sense her being on a democratic stage. i don't get why is he on the democratic stage when he doesn't want to be there untildd now. bill clinton is parking controversy with a fiery exchange with black lives matter protesters. it all happened at a campaign event for his wife. president clinton vigorously defending his own 1994 crime bill. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. >> okay. viewers, now is your chance to view at home on twitter on this one. do you agree with president clinton? tweet yes or no using
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#greta. coming up. we will soow you the poll results. plus, a bonus what president clinton just said about this issue a short time ago. now senator bernie sanders having fun with the ladies of "the view." they poked some fun over bernie sanders over subway gaffe. earlier this week the senator talked about using tokens instead of a metro card. >> we have something for you. >> okay. >> we have a metro card. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] >> what is this? what is this? >> show you how to use it. >> i have got to stick up for bernie because that told me that you are a real new yorker because real new yorkers. [cheers] >> use the3ñsyñ tokens. >> eat it like a real new yorker. i don't see anything wrong with a fork and knife if is have a germ phone moment. >> this is a lot to eat. >> would you like a slice, senator? now, show us how it's done, please. >> can i feel it. >> are you all ready?
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[cheers] >> well, this is just senator sanders g.o.p. presidential candidate, governor john kasich took some heat for eating part of his pizza with a fork. a big no no in new york. probably a lot of other places, too. and tongues are wagging about speaker of the house paul ryan. did he just drop a big clue? next.
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i know what you're thinking and just when you thought the 2016 race couldn't get any wilder speaker of the house paul ryan just made things a little, well, more
11:22 pm
interesting. i the most of politics these days is this notion of identity politics. that we're going to win an election by dividing people. rather than inspiring people on our common humanity and our common ideals and common culture and the things should unify us. we all want to be prosperous. we all want to be healthy. we want everybody to succeed. we want people to reach their potential in their lives. now, liberals and conservatives are going to disagree with one another on that. no problem. that's what this is all about. so let's have a battle of ideas. let's have a contest of whose ideas are betvj%ñ and why our ideas are better. >> is speaker ryan eyeing the white house? the "on the record" political panel is back. jackie? >> you know, i feel like we all got punked a little bit with this ad because i feel like it definitely has that look. but his communications director tweeted soon after nope. but thanks for the clicks.
11:23 pm
>> you know what i think is that he is a nice guy this is his persona. is he a dreamer. he wants everyone to quote get along. whether you agree with his ideology or not. it's very consistent with his personality, i think. seeing him on the hill. >> i think my sense is every single politician wants to be president from like city council, mayor to speaker of the house. >> i don't think he does actually, do you? >> i kind of think he wouldn't mind it. if he really really wanted it. i do think he would run for it he ruled it out very, very early in the process before the field was set and before we knew there would be as crazy a year as it was. i sense if he really wanted it, he just would have gone for it and he didn't. let's take him at his word that he doesn't really want it and that it will likely be somebody this the field, ted cruz or donald trump. >> i don't think he is -- this is some sort of covert campaign ad. sips the very beginning, is he a policy wonk guy.
11:24 pm
he is the guy who works late looking over the numbers of the budget. up early,, exercising, does that he has really liked being a congressman. even being spectacular of the house is not something that he sought. he actually, whether you agree with him or not, he does seem to be sort of a true believer. >> yeah. exactly. and don't forget he was mitt romney's vice presidential nominee. he clearly wants to be president. you don't take that job if you don't. but, again, i agree with dam, i think if he wanted it he would have run for it i don't know if he would want it like this in a convention coo. that doesn't seem as you said to be his personality. >> i remember before he ran as the vice president with romney i was sitting around his office one day because we were interviewing him or something and we were talking and i asked him about running for president he said no way. why wouldn't you run as president because he said i actually like my life. like seeing my family. i don't want to be away from them for a year like that. is he close to his kids and wife. and the thing with the vice president when that came along is that that was only
11:25 pm
a three month commitment. that was august until november. >> the good thing about being president is that you work at home. you can see your family all the time running for president. >> leading up to it you don't see your family at all. nobody does. >> i think a lot of hay is being made about paul ryan. i think and look, he said he didn't want to be speaker of the house and then he became speaker of the house. he is sort of in a bind when he says he doesn't want to run for president. people will assume he wants to be president. i don't think it's particularly fair. i don't think there is suggest to others being a politician and being ambitious. i agree with you. >> i just think he likes. >> it's a strange conundrum is he not really able to dissuade people because of his past history there is not anything to suggest is he angling to be president. >> he actually would like to rise above all the division. i actually believe him for whatever reason. >> yes. >> anyway, that has nothing to do with ideology whether he would be a good president or not. anyway, if you would both stay right there. now it is former president bill clinton's turn. last night he clashed with
11:26 pm
black lives matter protesters and today there is more. that's next. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders stepping up their fight for those all-important delegates. are they toning it down? they are toning down the attacks on each other or is that just today. fox chief white house correspondent ed henry is here. what's going on.
11:30 pm
>> they have gone from naughty to nice in 24 hours. i don't know what happened. i think in all seriousness both bernie sanders and hillary clinton were hearing a lot from senior democrats how they were worried about this whole question who is who is qualified to be president and not devolving into the type of food fight on the republican sides. democrats priding themselves they are having high minded debate and no nasty negative attacks. bernie sanders reversed himself today and came out and said yes, hillary clinton is qualified to be president. although i will note he kind of reversed himself later in the day when he went on "the view." i saw you played a clip earlier he basically said new york is tough. they thinkññ.li'm from this tiny state in vermont but i'm from brooklyn. if they are going to hit me i'm hitting back harder. is he sort of nice but leaving the door open. primary coming up on the 19th to hitting hillary clinton harder again. when hillary clinton was pressed on all of this she wouldn't say initially where weather bernie sanders was qualified to be president. she said i never said he was
11:31 pm
not qualified to be president. later in the day she did say yes is he qualified to be president. add on this controversy as if there is not enough enter pope francis. now we learn today a week from today bernie sanders will be at the vatican some kind of conference about the climate change and the economy. he is sort of similar in his views with pope francis in terms of income inequality. there are a whole host of other issues where pope francis is diametrically opposed to bernie sanders same sex marriage, abortion. did bernie sanders invite himself to the vatican? did he make it seem like he is having a one-on-one. >> is he going to be at the vatican. hundreds of people there at this conference. highly un-likely there will be a one-on-one between the pope and democratic socialist senator because the last thing pope francis wants to do right now is get in the middle of what has been a pretty crazy presidential election. >> you know, it's so dangerous to say even one; word. if i ran for president i don't think i would say anything. i would just stand there.
11:32 pm
i don't know. >> bill clinton clashed with black lives matter protesters n. at an event in philadelphia for secretary clinton. president clinton forcefully defending his 1994 crime bill. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders to ho got 13-year-old kid hopped up on crack and sent him out on to the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. [cheers] >> she didn't. you are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. tell the truth. you are defending the people who caused young people to go out and take guns. >> well, that was yesterday. and today, president clinton had this to say. >> i rather vigorously defended my wife as i want to do. i realized finally i was talking past her in way she
11:33 pm
talking past me. we have got to stop that in this country. we have got to listen to each other. >> now, we asked you the viewers, earlier in the show to vote on twitter on this one. do you agree with president clinton from last night? here are the results so far. and here they are. 88% say yes. 12% say no. but keep voting by tweeting yes or no using sthal greta. the "on the record" political panel is back. daniel, it's unbelievable. it's like this whole black lives matter issue is sort of haunting the democratic party. >> both parties have had -- in the democratic party have had issues with this. bernie sanders, of course, was booed down by black lives matter. last summer march continue o'malley had his own problem with black lives matter when he said all lives matter. you can't blame bill clinton for wanting to defend his legacy. on the one hand he obviously is controversial in a democratic primary. on the other hand, i think it could be helpful to more moderate democrats who think that perhaps that movement
11:34 pm
is a little too far adrift for them and it could help them, the clintons. if hillary clinton vs. donald trump presidential election. >> yes, it could help him, perhaps. buff if he walks it back like he did today, jackie, then it it's almost pandering or trying to get the vote. that's the problem with, -- that's the problem with taking a strong position about something if the next day you say oh well, not quite. >> i feel like the clinton campaign might need to invest in a vaudville hook sometimes with bill clinton because it's clear that i would be very surprised if someone on the campaign didn't take him aside and be like hey, you need to fix that we have been trying to make inroads with this group and what you did you took us back. so i do think this is one of the things that is bill clinton. we have seen him do it before. >> he has been elected twice. >> of course. >> and i mean -- and the second election, you know, he had a lot of uphill battle u perhaps, with a lot of americans because of the troubles with his personal
11:35 pm
issues. he is very well liked within the democratic party. and so i mean i actually think one of the reasons 2008 is they should have paid more attention to bill clinton instead of some of these consultants because bill clinton had a history of winning. the 1984 crime bill issue recently in the democratic party. hillary clinton has sort of massaged over that hillary clinton took it to them and that didn't seem like the tone the campaign has struck with these activists. >> i think we should the 1994 crime bill in terms of 1994. look at things today in terms of today. we do a awful lot of revisionist history on these things. it's amazing. i'm sympathetic on that. whether it's a god idea then. it may not be a good idea now or whatever. we have to stop looking at things through another generation's eyes. but, anyway, i'm taking the last word on that before i get in trouble. jackie, daniel, thank you both. the history of who the man is in the house with the beige jacket in the belgium airport with the two suicide
11:36 pm
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developing out of belgium tonight a key suspect in the terrorist attack has been arrested. police are trying to figure out if he is the man in the hat in the vicious deadly airport becomings. kevin owes beck is live in brussels. kevin, what's the latest? >> well, greta, mohammed has been on europe's most wanted list ever since the9l paris terror attacks. that's because security camera footage shows he was in northern france with salah abdeslam the main surviving suspect in those attacks just two days before those coordinated attacks hit the french capital. well, as you mentioned, greta, now belgian investigators are trying figure out if he is also link to do the brussels attacks just two weeks ago. belgian state tv is reporting and citing their sources that it looks very likely that he is in fact that mansc who has been dubbed the man with the hat.
11:41 pm
this is the man who was seen inside the international errant airport in brussels walking alongside two men who would become suicide bombers right before the double explosion. that man was then seen running away from the airport. well, in a press conference this evening here in brussels. belgian prosecutors said they can't confirm or deny right now that abreni is in fact the man with the hat. they still need to comb with the evidence and interrogate him. right now they can't make that call but, greta, if in fact abre. in i is the man in the hat. this has been a dramatic change in this investigation within 24 hours. on thursday here in brussels, prosecutors held a press conference where they made this very big plea for the public to help general rate tips and leads in order to identify the man in the hat so really a big change in development here. and if it is, in fact, abre.
11:42 pm
in i quite a surprise because yesterday it locked like that part of the investigation ran completely cold. >> kevin, thank you. ♪ >> get ready to speed read the news. two people dead in a fatal shooting in texas lack land air force base. police are calling it a murder-suicide. gunshots rang out forcing a lockdown while armed officers airmen shot commander but would give no more.k details. and breaking news tonight american photographer missing since 2012 is now free. 33-year-old kevin patrick dawes was kidnapped in syria while working as freelance photographer. john kerry was working in the month long investigation to free dawz. dawes. california man had to be rescued by a helicopter after getting stuck on a cliff while trying to propose to girlfriend.
11:43 pm
michael banks girlfriend did say yes. his day got even worse. police noticed banks was acting erratically and booked on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine and could his day get any worse? yep it, did. he also has to pay for the cost of his helicopter rescue. and now for a real speed read. while in a car chase in los angeles two men doing donuts on sun set boulevard while being chased by police. at one point a tmz tour bus tried to block the mustang but the driver was able to speed away. the two hour chase, yes, two hours, finally ended with the two men pulling over and posing for selfies and giving high fives before being placed in handcuffs. and that's tonight's speed read. and a teenager is under brutal murder college freshman. the chief of police is here the chief of police is here next. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey
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and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause)
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developing right now, an arrest has been made in the horrific murder of a university of texas freshman that we first telling you about last night. a 17-year-old is now behind bars and today police reading a heart felt message from the young victim's family. >> i want to share a message from her parents. specifically her mom. she told me in closing a conversation with me about an hour and a half ago she[4 said chief, will do you something for me? i said yes, ma'am, what would you like me to do. she said please tell all your officers. everyone at the university of texas, employees tell everyone involved in this investigation thank you but also please tell them to take care of themselves and go home and hug your children. not once but twice. so i didn't get the privilege of meeting this young woman but i want to say that having spoken to their mother, that whoever
11:49 pm
she touched, it was a blessing. and i'm just glad and thankful that we're going to bring justice to that family and that we're going to restore the sense of safety community has always enjoyed and i look forward to in her honor, continuing to work with you, mr. president, to keep the university of texas one of the safest in the nation as is our city. >> austin police chief goes "on the record." good evening, sir. nice to talk to you. it's obviously a very difficult time. an arrest has been made. who has been arrested and what led to you him? >> well, 17-year-old transient, homeless young man from central texas. fortunately the university of texas has a great security system, camera system to provide us critical evidence, evidentiary video that we were able to release yesterday. and thanks to the fact that we serve a city that has a
11:50 pm
public safety family, the police department, the fire department, ems, and a community so engaged within an hour, we received a call from the fire department that they had respond to do a fire on monday morning -- or excuse me monday afternoon and the suspect resembled that suspect. and from there we got a call from the woman that called in the fire and took it from there and got thank god that we were able to get this monster off the streets before he could hurt somebody else. >> you know, chief, i can't even imagine how awful it was talking to that mother of that young college student. i know it's part of your job but i don't know how you make those calls. >> you know, it is part of the job. but you know, that's what we work for. that's what we come to work for. and i'm very thankful to have the privilege of leading a great police department and be part of a great profession. and asthma linedfl as maligned as they are today. police officers are the best they have been.
11:51 pm
you saw good police work this week and we're thankful to give them justice. >> i tip my hat to the police every night here. i have seen the police work and i know what a fact size it is and i also know what a dangerous job. getting back to this transient. any reason why he did this? >> you know, we don't know yet. what we're doing now is trying to go back and trace his activities not just leading up to the night in question, but what has this young man been up to? who has he touched? we don't want to be myopic and look just at this crime but we want to cast a very wide net using forensic evidence. using d.n.a. to make sure that if there is any other victim that he has touched out there that we can get them justice as well. we are hopeful that our community, anyone that knows him, that knows anything about him, that has seen him, that's aware of him will contact the austin police department. >> i guess i make the assumption that you have the right person and i realize that there is a huge investigation ahead of you.
11:52 pm
and maybe that's, you know, i shouldn't be doing it quite like that. it certainly looks hulk you got the right guy. chief, thank you very much for joining us. >> we're confident. >> yeah, i understand. thank you, sir. >> we are confident that we have him. thank you. >> thank you for joining us and good work. thank you, sir. and for this weekend's fox news reporting special donald trump, the disrupter. our own john roberts traveled on trump's plane with candidate trump. they talked about what trump has learned about politics and campaign trail. >> it's been a very interesting process, i will tell you the whole political process. i have learned so much. >> what you have learned about yourself? >> you have to be able to handle pressure. and i have been able in my life i mean my life has been a big pressure cooker. so i have always been through that but political pressure is a little bit different. >> how so? >> it's coming at you very quickly. >> very personal? >> very personal. you know, i would like to watch him. is he just going on.
11:53 pm
do you mind, john? >> fox news reporting, donald trump a disrupter anchored by bret baier, 8:00 p.m. eastern saturday. and again 8:00 p.m. eastern and 10 o'clock p.m. eastern. coming up, why am i tonight thinking about the pacer and the 65 mustang? find out off-the-record. test test
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let's all go off-the-record. it's fry day. and the news, the revolution
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is coming. not that revolution that senator bernie sanders is calling for. but your wheels. in just one week, 325,000 people plunked down $1,000 to reorder a car not yet built and won't be built for two years. that's how hot this news is. it's tesla's new model three electric car. just seven days tesla pulled in $14 billion in future sales. yes. wow. ford, mercedes, and general motors must be asleep at the wheel. how do they let new buy tesla beat them to such a hot seller? with that huge influx of american cash, it's a great time for us to lean on tesla. make sure those soon to be built cars, their parts and all future orders are manufactured, guess where, you guessed it, the good old u.s.a. i hope tesla is not tempt to do wander out of the country because not only do we americans love our cars, we love the jobs. and by the way. to the lucky future owners, no more gassing up your car with that filthy nozzle while standing in the rain.
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environmentalists no more pollutants spewing out of the exhaust pipes. style, not bad. luckze it looks nothing like the pacer. remember that one? yes, this is a big deal. a revelation in the automotive industry. the most spectacular thing to happen to cars since hendry ford's model 2-6r789. except, of course. the 65 mustang, that's still a show stopper. time for campaign flash. syracuse new york. governor holding town hall. governor kasich had to move the event twice to fit all the supporters. senator bernie sanders holding a rally in brooklyn. senator sanders was born and raised in that new york burrow. and secretary hillary clinton holding an organizing event at monroe community college in rochester, new york, and that's tonight's campaign flash live twitter results on your screen right now do you agree with president clinton when he clashed with protesters no 12% but, yes.
12:00 am
88%. don't forget to vote on twitter every night. all for now. see you again monday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget to go to my facebook page/greta and like it. good night from washington, d.c. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, republicans debate the idea of leaving the convention with a clean slate, nominating someone not in the race. it is like the old saying if at first you don't succeed, try 17 more times and then use an air cane rules process. plus a pennsylvania lawmaker wants to stop giving grants to poetry majors. if the state doesn't pay for poetry, who will? and the new anti-prostitution law punishes the clients and not the ladies. find out why tom shillue


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