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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 10, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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page. i respond to your questions over e-mail. also read you will your questions on twitter under howard kurtz. back next sunday, 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. check us out at the latest buzz. a fox news alert, new fox polling on the race for the republican nomination. it shows donald trump with a commanding lead in new york taking 54% of likely gop voters. the front-runner also holding a double digit lead in pennsylvania, with john kasich and ted cruz far behind. hello, everyone. welcome to america's election headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> hello everyone, i'm eric shawn. the republicans have been joke jockeying for position in this race. it has become increasingly focused on the delegate mass. donald trump is surging towards the magic number 1237 to clinch
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the nomination. ted cruz and john kasich appear to be setting their sights on what appears to be a likely contested convention. >> donald trump is in new york, set to hold his first event in days. donald trump has set his sights on new york his home state, how are new yorkers upstate responding to mr. trump? >> reporter: we're seeing hundreds of people bettering this event behind us. we think there were estimated to be a thousand people in line earlier today out front. now they are flowing in. they are expecting thousands and thousands of people. we'll see if the room fills up. we are still three hearse away from when the rally kicks off. this is the second big event mr. trump has slated for his push here in new york. he is leading in the polls, leading in polls here and ted cruz frailing behind kasich, governor john kasich. the number of contests are dwindling but it remains to be seen whether or not trump will get the delegates he needs to
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avoid the on ther contested convention. and the remaining gop candidates all have strong feelings on that front? we'll have the most votes and the most delegates by hundreds f. we don't get it we're just going to be shy. it seems awfully unfair to possibly take that away from someone when you are, you know, hundreds and hundreds of delegates -- because by the time it's over, at minimum i'll be hundreds of delegates ahead of cruz. and millions of votes -- you know, people don't know, but millions and millions of votes ahead of cruz. >> i think we will go in with an overwhelming advantage. i believe the first ballot will be the highest vote total donald trump receives. and on a subsequent ballot we're going to win the nomination and earn a majority. >> we're going to go to a convention, and it's going to be really something else. do you know the one thing that world leaders care about? if if they win in their ward. i'm the only one that beats hillary clinton in poll after poll after poll. and the other ones lose. >> >> reporter: now the math
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becomes more and more clear as the contests move forward. but it's worth noting the contest the week after new york, pennsylvania, maryland, required, delaware, those contests favor donald trump. this is his backyard. >> but it doesn't seem that trump is taking it for granted. it's his home state but i understand he shift his schedule to be there this week, here in new york i should say. >> reporter: absolutely. he had a planned press conference out in california. he dropped that event and now plans to be here today in rochester. he will be off to albany. and syracuse is also on the slate before we head into the election before empire state voters head to the polls. >> molly line thank you very much. rochester, new york. eric? >> reporter: there are new polls on the democrats side of this race showing hillary clinton maintaining her double digit lead over bernie sanders in the upcoming new york and pennsylvania primaries. here in the empire state mrs. clinton continues to lead the senator 53-37%.
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while in pennsylvania another big state the contest is closer. mrs. clinton leads the senator by 11 points. police clinton is looking forward to maryland, they vote on april 26th. molly line is now in baltimore, where mr. clinton is holding an event. hello molly. >> reporter: molly line and molly hen derberg. i'm molly hen derberg. as you said, the maryland primary is april 26th. but the early voting starts thursday. hillary clinton has a double digit lead in the polls in this state. she will be here in baltimore later this afternoon to give a speech. she spoke in queens new york this morning and says she understood why people are frustrated with the lack of jobs and economy. also in an interview clinton responded to a statement by bernie sanders campaign manager saying clinton's quote very, very hawkish foreign policy led
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to the rise of isis. >> well, that is beyond absurd. you know, they are saying a lot of things these days. i'm just going to let them say whatever they choose to say. but you know, isis was primarily the result of the vacuum in syria caused by assad first and foremost. aided and abetted by iran and russia. >> reporter: bernie sanders won the wyoming caucuses yesterday. so he has -- it is his eighth win in the past nine primary contests againstin which. she still has a significant delegate lead. you need 3283 to win the nomination. the new york primary is up next. today sanders said this about a possible contested democratic convention. >> i think if neither candidate ends up, you know, having the kind of votes they need, you know, i think there will be some discussion. but that's way off. i'm not really thinking about that too much.
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>> reporter: clinton says she, quote, intends to have the number of delegates required to be the nominee. eric, back to you. >> all right ms. hen denberg thank you so much. there are new developments in the brussels terror probe. the brussels prosecutor revealing the attackers who struck the capital originally planned to hit paris. authorities say the terrorists scrapped that plan due to the speed of the paris investigation, opting to quickly target brussels instead. the revelation comes after a series of raids over the weekend. officers nabbing four suspects in brussels, including the so-called man in the hat spotted on surveillance footage walking next to the two suicide bombers who blew themselves up at the brussels airport. a prosecutor says there is also charging him in relation to the paris attacks last november. a big interview on fox news. president obama sitting down with our fox news sunday an chore, chris wallace. they held a wide ranging
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interview which was an exclusive on fox news sunday. the president commented on the terror attacks in europe. he said not to interfere in the clinton e-mail investigation and discussed the legacy of his tenure. >> biggest accomplishment? >> saving the economy from a great depression. >> worst mistake? >> probably failing to plan for the day after, what i think was the right thing to do in intervening in libya.
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>> biggest accomplishment?
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we're back now. we're going to be talking about president obama sitting down with chris wallace for a wide ranging exclusive interview on fox news sunday. our kristen fisher is in washington to you.
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we have the audio sorted out. kristin, we want to find out what you are hearing there in d.c. as far as the reaction to the interview that mr. obama did with our chris wallace. >> this was president obama's first interview on fox news sunday since becoming president. so he had a lot of ground to cover. he talked about hillary clinton's e-mails, his controversial responses to terror attacks, and his ongoing effort to get senate republicans to consider his supreme court nominee. >> originally, the republicans said they wouldn't meet with him at all. now a number of them have already had meetings. and the questioning that they are having privately with judge garland is something that should be done publicly, through a hearing process so the american people can make their own assessment. >> now n regards to clinton's e-mails, president obama personally guaranteed that he will not direct the justice department or the fbi to protect his former secretary of state. but he did continue to defend
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her. listen to this. >> i continue to believe that she has not jeopardized america's national security. now, what i've also said is that -- and she has acknowledged that there is a carelessness in terms of managing e-mails that she has owned and she recognizes. >> now president obama has taken a lot of heat for his immediate response to terror attacks, most recently right after the bombings in brussels, he went to a baseball game in cuba. today the president defended his action saying it sends a clear message to terrorists. >> just as we did in boston after the marathon bombing, we're going to go to a ball game. and do all the other things that make our life worked while and you have nothing to offer. that's the message of resilience that we don't panic, that we don't fear. we will hunt you down and we will get you. >> now, he took our chris
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wallace and fox news sunday eight years to get this interview. to that, president obama said better late than never. >> thanks kristin. >> you can catch more of chris wallace's interview with the president today on fox news at 2, 6, and 9 p.m. eastern here on fox. it is the president's interview on fox news sunday that you will want to see. iran yet again telling to us take a hike. that blunt rejection about a disputed ballistic missile program. the iranian foreign minister turning thumbs down on secretary of state john kerrey's proposal to open a new negotiation after iran conducted recent missile attacks. the secretary of state proposed a new arrangement coming weeks after the iranian nuclear deal was sealed. this comes on new reports that iran is testing a new high explosive that analysts are
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worried about. the former ambassador to the united nations is here. good to see you. iran this morning is calling these missiles defensive in nature. do you buy any of that? >> of course not. the purpose of iran's ballistic missile program from its outset decades ago has been to create delivery vehicles for nuclear weapons. and they -- of course they don't want to renegotiate either the vienna deal or u.n. security council resolution 2231, because secretary of state john kerry gave them in those documents everything they need on ballistic missiles to continue testing. >> why did they do that? why was this gaping loophole that allows them to develop these missiles when they had that deal? why didn't they just ignore it? >> because i think secretary kerry and president obama knew they were allowing the loophole. you can't read the language of the documents in question without seeing that. iran says, look, these missiles
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are not designed specifically to carry nuclear war heads. and the agreement the perm 5 made and resolution 2231 permits ballistic missile development if it's not designed for nuclear war heads. of course iran is lying but nobody is going to be able to prove that because we have no right to inspect their missile facilities. iran took us to the cleaners in this negotiation not just on ballistic missiles of course but on virtually anything else. of course keshry wants a do over. but he blew it the first time and the iranians are not going to give him another chance. >> the iranians are already saying no to that. it sounds like we gave them permission to build a car and they are building a car but they call it a horse. there is an issue of hmx. this is a high explosive that can go on a war head. quote, having a nuclear detonator ready to go means irans is agnew clear
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weapons power faster. not only are they concerned about the ambitiouses, it can help terrorists groups. tehran is taking full advantage. what is hmx? why is that so important if they can put that on a war head that could reach israel or some other place in europe? >> the core of a nuclear weapon if you use an implosion type device is a hollow sphere of enriched uranium around which you pack a high explosive like this hmx. you detonate the explosive simultaneously around the sphere. it liquifies the uranium or plutonium, crushes it into a more solid sphere that provides the critical mass for the nuclear reaction. this explosive -- and there are other similar kinds that we use, russia and china use s critical to having a usable war head that can be put on top of those peaceful ballistic missiles that iran is developing.
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this is the kind of contempt that the ayatollahs have shown for the united states, for this deal, for the whole process right along. and they are not letting up. they are thumbing their noses at us. they are getting a way with it. >> the president and the administration have said that this deal would prevent them from building a nuclear bomb. yet they are doing the hmx. and they say they just want nuclear power for electricity. can you use hmx to generate four for your toaster in tehran? >> no. but it has all turn turntive uses as an insensitive high explosive. this is what iran has done for almost three decades now, finding dual uses for most of the components of a nuclear weapons practice. it's purely coincidental that they need dual uses for everything that sort of makes up a shopping list or the ingredients for a nuclear war head. this is so patently obvious to observers who understand nuclear weapons that it caused our
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allies in britain and france and germany, during the negotiations, to question what the administration was up to. we are getting the product of the president's determination to find a way to make a deal with iran no matter what the cost, no matter what the risk going forward, no matter what danger he has empowered the iranian regime with. >> ambassador, with your sage advice and insight that we appreciate always on sunday. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> arthel? two influential new york republicans speaking out about the state's upcoming primary. congressman peter king making it clear senator ted cruz would not be his choice. and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani says he will vote for trump. the latest real clear politics poll shows trump with a commanding lead at 53%. john kasich is second at 21%. with cruz in a third place position at 18%. joining me now is judy miller,ed
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a squungt fellow, pulitzer prize winning author. let's get right to it. former mayor rudy giuliani endorsingment. how much weight does that endorsement carry in new york? but also outside of the five boroughs of new york city? >> it was kind of an endorsement/non-endorsement. both giuliani and pete king, two leading new york politicians have said we are not really endorsing anybody, but here is who we like the least. giuliani says he is going to vote for trump but won't endorse him. >> but supporting him. >> supporting him. >> eggs giving him his support. >> when you have this much hesitancy and lack of enthusiasm for the two front-runnering candidates, i would say both of them have a problem. and they both do, even though, clearly, donald trump is on his home turf. i mean, he has new york values
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and ted cruz to kick around. and the daily news, which was not kind to donald trump here to forehas suddenly started turning on ted cruz and telling him which subway train he can take. >> two of them, two lines. >> right. that we can't say on the air. look. no. these two front-runners have a problem. it's clear that trump is way, way, way ahead in new york. >> yes. >> but can he get to 1237, the magic number? >> we just saw molly line's report. and donald trump rearranged his schedule to make sure he stays here in new york. so new york is -- they ultimately are going to make up their own mind. do you think they are going to flee from cruz and flock to trump or do both candidates have to work for it? >> i think both candidates are going to work for it. i think that trump clearly haas the home court advantage. you saw the rally in queens with
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that extraordinary 10,000-person turnout. the problem for donald trump is that at that turnout, 70% of the people there were male, and 90% were white. >> right. >> and that's the challenge. and that's where ted cruz is trying to make some inroads. but it's going to be very tough. as donald trump would say, here in new york, his home court advantage is huge. >> yes. so let's talk about congressman king. popular throughout the state. just saying no to ted cruz. but as we pointed out, he is not saying yes to donald trump. does that speak more about, well, you know the congressman has his own race that he has to look forward to in november. but does that say something about the gop party overall in term of the candidates that are put before their voters? >> i think it does. i mean, do you want to be stabbed or poisoned? these are not popular choices among establishment republicans. and you know, the establishment is suddenly looking pretty good when you figure that you are going to have to run a general
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election. and most republicans are much to the center of these two candidates except for donald trump because he is all over the map. i think the real problem is the convention. and that's where senator king just has su-- senator cruz has e advantage. when you look at colorado and you see he collected all 348 of the dts and he did it by understanding the rules of the state and understanding that 21 of those delegates were going to be selected before the state even had its convention on saturday. >> you are right. it is about the maps, but it's about messaging, too. we know senator cruz said those folks up there, their new york values. is that statement open for interpretation or does it come with a very specific message? >> i think ted cruz is now trying to reinterpret that statement. he is saying it doesn't mean the good people of new york.
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but that's very hard. it's a hard to undo the damage of that statement. most new yorkers feel we do know what he meant by that statement and we don't like it. and you see it again and again at almost every stop that ted cruz shows up at, you have someone pointing out the new york values line. now, he is not going to do stuff like eat pizza with a knife and a fork, but he's got a long road to come back for when you insult the people in the state you are trying to win. >> yeah, new yorkers don't play -- >> we are not nice. we are not wisconsin nice. >> a quick answer here for me. so i ask you, which -- trump or cruz, which one needs new york, a new york win, more than the other? >> i think cruz at this point clearly needs it more because the states that lie ahead are all trump friendly. they are bigger. they are more liberal. they are more kind of celebrity trump territory. >> we will leave it there.
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judy mill e always good to talk to you. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> judy, we're nice here in, no. a little different. summer is a bit off but bikini season is already underway in one place. hoards of brave swimmers attempting to break the property for bikini skiing. 1,000 people took part. they are trying to wait and see if they get confirmation from guinness's book of world records if they broke the record. she should be wearing fur coats and parkas for that. those people are tough. >> my blood is too thin for that. >> looks like fine. >> okay, that is going to do it for us. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shawn. the news will continue with coverage of the election from washington. up next here on the fox news channel. thank you for watching. we'll be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern, both arthel and myself. stay with fox news all day,
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especially for the chris wallace interview with president obama. >> coming up at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. have a good day.
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and over a thousand different ways to configure yours. go gator. visit your john deere dealer to experience the new gator xuv590i, starting at just $9,799. bernie sanders tops hillary clinton with democrats winning in wyoming. ted cruz snapsz up more dmgts colorado. and get this, donald trump lays low this weekend. >> plus for the first time as president, president obama sits doesn't with chris wallace on fox news sunday. we have all the highlights. plus, the controversy over so-called bathroom bills. new laws that guy rights groups call hate but supporters say protect they are religious liberties. good sunday to you. nice to be with you. nice to be with you at home.


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