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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 18, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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want to talk about with harris. harris: trouble. sandra: that is a tease of a lifetime. we'll have "outnumbered overtime" on the web. we'll reveal all secrets, to we're back on tv tomorrow noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. fell today. cars and swim. >> life or death situations playing out in the houston area after widespread flash flooding. who is in the path of danger now? >> plus, it is almost five years. it has to be an end to this. >> he was wrongly convicted in one of the coldest cases to ever
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go to trial. now he wants one state to pay for the suffering to him and his family. >> fallout after a bud dozer is taken for a destructive joyride. it is all "happening now". >> final countdown to new york. the candidates making a last pitch to voters ahead of tomorrow's critical primary. i am jon scott. >> and i am heather nault. donald trump wants to sweep the delegates and ted cruz and john kasich are hoping to peel out enough to keep their hopes alive. we'll begin with carl cameron who is live in buffalo, new
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york. carl? >> reporter: donald trump leads in the states won and delegate count and hopes to win here big in his home state. the campaign wants to win 80 of the 95 delegates. in order to do that he will have to win a 50 percent statewide and a majority of the vote in the congressional districts. there is a lot of districts there and that part is where john kasich thinks he can get a shot. trump has complained about the process. he said that it is corrupt and crooked and rigged and deserves to have a role in the nomination process. in addition he suggested this weekend, there needs to be more show biz and he ought to have a say in that. and he suggested he might get rid of reince priebus if he does win the nomination.
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that was a swift rebuke from the staff at the gop. and as for ted cruz, he knows it is an important opportunity to slow down donald trump. there is a lot of rough terrain for kasich and cruz in the states that vote next week. pennsylvania and dell care and connecticut and maryland and pennsylvania and in those states, too trump is winning and cruz's really has to perform to get a few delegates in new york and pick off some delegates in the allocated states next week. his next win possibility is not until indiana where cruz has worked aggressively to organize and with the exception of iowa and new hampshire, trump is working hard. robbo calls and he's campaigning
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every day in a couple of events and he's in new york right now. and over in the first niagara center they expect 20000 people. >> carl, thank you. spoking of trump. there is a diversity meeting and there is the candidate in the background. you can see him blocked by the gentleman who may be secret service. but donald trump just wrapped up a diversity meeting in new york city at his trump tower. and just catching the tail end of it there as he signs a few autographs. and in the meantime, a crazy scene in new york city. bernie sanders walked in a crowd of striking verizon workers. and his job today is to make sure there is a larger voter
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turn out. hillary clinton met with unionized workers after a earlier stop in yonkers. and she made a few remarks as well. ed henry is live for us with more. bernie sanders wants higher cable bills, i guess? >> reporter: that's right. i have moved over to the event hillary clinton has now. she's trying to get the edge with the female voters. and she has a double-digit lead including the fox news poll over bernie sanders in the empire state and i talk to senior clinton advisor that the polls may be closer than suggested. and she's saying that she's hopeful to win here tomorrow. watch. >> i will not let someone like donald trump or ted cruz say
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what he is saying about the people, the hard working people, including immigrants and everyone that works hard in new york. and i need your help to keep going and to make the case for the kind of country that we want. >> reporter: now remember, bernie sanders won eight out of the last nine contest and has momentum and money to stay in the race and he's saying when you look at the other examples where he was down and hoping for a repeat in his home state in which she was born. >> will polling underestimated how we were doing. we ipded up winning michigan. and the main pot is, we have a message that is resonated and
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we have enthusiasm and energy. people understand it is too late for establishment and they want real change in the country. >> reporter: the key is that bernie sanders has to win here big. he's behind in the delegates and in the races start getting a bigger advantage to catch up to hillary clinton, heather. >> ed henry, thank you, we'll talk to you soon. >> so as the republican party prepares for the possible chaos of a contested convention in cleveland, donald trump is focusing on something else. it locks like the boring gop convention of four years ago and wants to add a show biz feel to the state. we'll talk about david drucker. and in past years, david, party
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conventions are a rubber stamping of the nominee. this is the year in which there could be business to be done at the republican convention and donald trump wants a show biz kind of convention. >> there is a lot of business every four years and we you and i focus on t coronation of a nominee that is decided. and normally the nominee runs the convention and the theme goes to what the nominee wants and when they speak and everybody argues over who gets the coveted prime:. and chairman reince priebus and his staff are planning out a cop vention in -- convention and they are in charge and they will decide who speaks and when they hold the nomination floor votes and whether or not we could see
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if the comination -- nomination is contested. it will likely be be in prime time and up to the committee to decide. >> donald trump goes to cleveland with the majority of delegates, he is have a huge voice in how the convention is prapted. will priebus do that? >> no. if he walks in with the majority he will do what romney does. they will consult with the campaigns to ask them what they are looking for and speaking on their behalf and the campaign needs to know what to expect both from a business, stand point and messaging stand point.
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the rnc will not hand it over to anybody if no one is at 1237. >> trump is calling it crooked. and he will not win friends with the gop leadership. and the rules have been in place for a long time. >> i understand donald trump working the wrath. you are trying to explain why you are losing delegate by casting the process as the problem. where i think he goes too far. he's criticizing grassroot republicans that he will need to knock on doors and do all of the mundane tackling of politic its help win the election. if he insults them and calls them crooks they will not do. it trump in nevada is doing what he is criticizing. they are are offering to pay travel costs for supporters to go to reno and to the state
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convention where there is delegate elections. he needed to get his delegate team in better shape and try to do better in the remaining delegate elections and going after the process like this, it is not going to help. and one more thing that is it important here, the republican national committee exist to try to elect republicans that are genuine conservatives to office and that's why they have the rules and designed to protect the party and the agenda. >> thank you, david. >> thank you, jon. at least 15 people hurt after a bus explosion takes
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injured from the fire. we are getting word from police and also from other officials that they think that there was an explosive device on the bus that exploded behind me, but they haven't located it. they are not sure it was an act of terrorism, but not ruling it out. buses like these don't just explode and catch on fire. but one of the interesting questions according to the officials here, all of the injuries came from fire and blast and not shrnaple.
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we saw huge gulf of flames coming from the bus behind me. we know that 16 people injured and some of them seriously. and this comes at a time of heightened tension of palestinian and is lalys. and the time of pass over. and in gaza, the tunnels that hamas was building were collapsed. this could be separate. but the violence we have seen in jerusalem and around the area have generally been stabbing attacks by young palestinians. it is years since we have seen explosions like this on a bus which really does lend the question, are we seeing a new level of violence beginning here? is it a one off thing or a engine malfunction caused by
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an explosion in the engine. there is a lot of questions, but violence and rising tensions, there is a great deal of concern with the explosion of buses. that has people on edge particularly going in the passover holiday season. >> we hope it is not an escalation of sorts. thank you, conner. tomorrow is tax day. can you guess how much the average american pays in taxes? we'll have the answer next. how a bizarre mix up has tens of thousands of voters registered in the wrong party. and a new poll shows that only six percent of the americans trust the news media. do you? go to to join the conversation.
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tens of thousands of voters in california may have registered for a little known third party by mistake. this is it according to a survey by the la. many thought they were registering as independents, and the american independent party is a small conservative party that is pro-life and support a border wall with the border of mexico. among those are actress emma stone and demi moore. and they had campaigned for president obama in the past. and so jon, if you want to make sure, check no party as opposed to this one and could be an easy mistake to make. >> and now they have to turn that around.
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>> oops. time is just about up to file your taxes. they are you due today. and that is a painful reminder of how much they pay uncle sam. some americans could be be getting cash back. william? >> jon, that 5700 is a ten percent income tax rate. some pay more. top one percent pay 40 percent. and half may no federal income tax. and they pay property and sales and state income taxes. taken together. the average person will spend more on taxes than food, housing and clothing combined working four months a year to pay taxes. new york is the worst.
10:20 am
13 percent of the income goes to state taxes and followed by hawaii, maine and vermont and connecticut. and people on average ten grand a year on state taxes alone and alaska is the lowest. half as much. about four grand a year and followed by delaware, tennessee and new hampshire and south dakota. >> at the lowest level, you feel good about it as if you are getting value for your daughter. and that is paying less. taxes do pay for services and cops and roads and education. crunching those numbers. which states get the best bang for the tax buck. number one new hampshire followed by south dakota and colorado and virginia and florida. the worst is north dakota and
10:21 am
alaska which scored poorly on hospitals and education and crime. and followed by hawaii and new york that scored badly on infrastructure. and it is no secret people don't like to pay taxes. you can only judge. that's why you are there, you love it. >> we are number 47. we love it. and proud. william. >> and or number one when it comes to the state tax. >> don't remind me. >> we are living in the wrong place. it is because p of the job, that's why we are here. big show down on the supreme court today. protestors. protestors gathering outside. justices hear oral arguments in a challenge to president obama's immigration orders.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. the justices hearing oral arguments on the action of immigration. the 20 states are challenging will administration's move. and president obama insists he is well within his rights. gregr, what is the supreme court considering today? >> two broad issues they may tackle. first, did the president exceed
10:26 am
his constitutional authority by usurping congress is this on immigration matters, that is the province of congress. and the second broad issue, did the president breach his constitutional duty to faithfully execute the law? there was a law and still is, 1996 and if you are here illegally you must be deported and they will look at those two things. >> did the president said he did in the have the authority to do this. >> here is the 22 public occasions, the president said i am not king. i am president. i can't do this. it would be improper and only congress can do this. this is a specific quote. with respect to the in addition nation that i can suspend deportation through executive order that is not the case. there are laws on the book that
10:27 am
congress has passed. the media confronted them with all of the ifs. >> my position hasn't changed. that earned up side down. >> he acted because congress failed? >> that is an appealing political argument but misleading. congress did act in 1996. and is it true that the congress tried to tackle overhaul and they chose not to do it. choosing not to make a decision is in and of itself a decision. >> that's the congress job and role. he just didn't like the outcome. he just went around. >> what happens if there is a tie. >> then the decision of the lower court against president obama stands.
10:28 am
normally it is the fifth circuit and that would involve texas, lewisville and mississippi. >> fairly conservative. >> however the lower court issued a nationwide injunction against president obama's executive order and this would apply nationwide. >> and the states are like this cost us too much money. is that the strongest argument. >> exactly. the supreme court could narrowly say you don't have standing to sue, because you are not affected by this. and the state's argument is we are affected with administrative costs and driver's license. >> and medicaid. and it is unfollow-uppeded man date from washington. >> we'll wait to see what the supreme court does. >> and brand new polling and revealing two of the five presidential candidates are more liked than disliked by voters.
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>> deadly earthquakes rocking japan and equadore. amazing new earthquake technology that could save lives in the future. to truly feel healthy on the outside
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>> recent polling showing that the leading candidates are least liked by voters. it shows the favorability rating for the candidates in the nbc
10:33 am
wall street poll. and only two in positive territory is john kasich and bernie sanders and hillary clinton and donald trump at the bottom. it is a republican strategist. and kevin, let's start with you. most popular guys are not the front runners, why is that? >> leadership in life matters and in political primaries it does not. what you are seeing here something that is very interesting. you are seeing voters when they see someone likeable be thinks they are agreeably and more likely to compromise and sellout their principles when they get up there. it is it a strange correlation. you are too nice, you will be nice in dc and on the republican side, voters say we may not like that guy but they will get
10:34 am
something done and that's what we want. >> republicans want to mix it up this year. harlem, over to you now. talking about bernie sanders. it is time for him to take the gloves off. he's had so many opportunities to hit hillary clinton over the e-mail. you think he will take off the gloves. >> i think we saw that in the debate last week. it but it was not enough. he will come up short. we needed a game changing moment and we didn't have. it hillary clinton has decades of a track record to hit her on. full of deceit, lies and fraud. didn't hear that. benghazi to the e-mail. >> why doesn't he go after those legitimate issues? >> i cannot wrap my head about this. i think people are advising him to run a issue oriented campaign. s that not enough.
10:35 am
you need to dethrone there. we are not making a momentum. >> fast forward to the general election. kevin, do you see that lack of likability on hillary clinton's part a weak point? >> completely. the lack of likeability and most americans trust persony madoff more than hillary clinton. bernie sanders at one hand he has to go after hillary. and on the other hand not wanting to alienate the super delegates. it is the opposite of what is happening. donald trump is getting more and more support from the voers but alienating the delegates. and it is a tightrope to walk. you have to bring in sproerts. and not alyeapate the delegates. that's why bernie sanders can't go after hillary clinton the way
10:36 am
he shot. >> you are saying that donald trump is repairing his image and still has had time to win independents and win the nomination? >> sure, i think that donald trump's negative are six months of mismanagement of his messages. and he has time to correct. and hillary clinton's track record is 30 years long and that will be more difficult to repair by the time the general election comes around. >> we'll have to leave it there. always good to talk to you. >> earthquake concerns front and center after deadly quakes in equadoor and japan this weekend. we are looking at cutting edge technology. claudia cow an live in san francisco with more. >> reporter: jon, hard to believe that the great earthquake of 1906 happen 110
10:37 am
years ago today. and resident in san francisco commemorate that devastating event, but they are celebrating advances in structure engineering. this hospital will be able to withstand earthquakes. >> some buildings don't stand a chance. but this $2 billion medical center should survive intact thanks to the wall tampers. filled with a commonly used goo goo, developed in japan. here's a moddil much >> one floor moves. it absorbs the earthquake. >> it will sway but gently. and engineers in the first of california san diego subjected them to a 7.9 tumbler same as
10:38 am
san francisco in 1906. steel box passed every test. >> we wanted to see if we burst or break them. >> seismologist say advances that make tall buildings safer are critical. >> it can help it dissipate and without causing the cracking is a good thing. >> this is it the first building to utilize the gooey. >> that is overdue. thank you, cloudia. right now three teens in indiana are accused of stealing two construction vehicles and
10:39 am
causing first thousand worth of a damage. they hopped on a bulldozer and back he. and weren't on a joyride. pushing oaf two tractor trailer. they were boarded they said. all three could face felony charges. i suggested this to a party house and take out the bull p dozer. and he said no. true story. >> talk about action news. >> we got to get out. >> what? >> the wind. >> it is the wind. leave the car swim. >> stay in the car? >> coming up. dramatic reporter. rushing to help a guy trapped in rising flood waters. and jack mcculla is a fro man
10:40 am
and why his battle is far from over. >> it is almost been five years. i am innocent. and i can prove my innocence and there has to be an end to this.
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>> "happening now" right now. a tv reporter helped rescue a man. >> leave the car and swim. come here. >> thank you. >> are you, okay, sir? >> i'm okay. >> you are okay. watch your step, sir.
10:44 am
did you think the water was that deep. >> my car is under. >> you have to leave the car. >> you watch that. moments later, the war goes under. >> the man lucky to be out of that car outside of houston. and we told you that that area is hit hard by severe thunderstorms and a lot of rain. watch this. not one, but two huge lightning strikes. the national weather service issuing flood warnings for houston and dallas. and that is where look at this, water replaced the roadways. parts of the lone star state could get hit with hail and tornados. we are praying for our friends in texassafety. >> well, now to a second chance at freedom after a wrongful conviction. retired police officer jeff
10:45 am
mcculla was accused of murdering a school girl in 2012. the crime took place in 1957. he was released on friday. coming after phone record evident shows he was 40 miles away from the little girl's abduction. mcculla will so the state for suffering five years imprisonment. here is his step daughter. >> the seattle police and those in sycamore conot hide their immoral behavior. why should they? they know they will not be held accountable. how many other innocent people did they send to prison? how many guilty people were allowed to go free because the police and prosecution was
10:46 am
imprisonning people illegally because it was the easy thing to do. >> john, when you get in the details of the case, i can't believe he was ever convicted in the first place? >> you and me both. cold cases and unsolvable cases and this squares in the later. no prosecutor should get a pat on the back when getting a conviction you have to manipulate the rules of evidence and evidence itself including not giving over evident that would have helped exonerate the man. that's what happened here. does the defendant have a case against the state for wrongful conviction, yes, absolutely. >> maria was seven years old and playing in the snow with a friend. and a teenager, apparently a teenage boy or man walked up to her and said you want a piggyback ride. and her friends runs off to get
10:47 am
mittens and comes back and maria and gone and they found her bones in the woods a few months later. there was no evidence linking this guy to at this time crime except for an eyewitness identification that had to be suspect? >> jon, this is cold case chaos. these cold cases are cold for a reason, because there is no credible evidence that supports the prosecution. how do you go 20 years and then all of the sudden magical evident to put mcculla on trial. there was a scope and a phone call that mcculla made when he called his parents collect. and that was during the time when this little girl was abducted, jon. where was that evidence? he was 40 miles away number one. and line up that you are talking about was suggestive.
10:48 am
that means what the police did 5 or 6 other guys who were in like me in a suit and tie. and then mcculla in ragged clothing. who would the person choose? that is a constitutional violation. >> so many times you hear of the innocence project helping them on get out. this guy was helped out by the new prosecutor elected in dekalb county said the provious prosecutor put together a case and it is bogus. >> exactly. this is the main take away from the case. the truth is to be uncovered and not concocted. and what the new prosecutor said, look, i firmly believe in this defendant's innocence and why there will not be be a retrial and probably going to be a big fat check written in his name from the state instead
10:49 am
of trying. >> and it is it my understanding that the judge is not letting him leave the state. why not let him go back to seattle? >> what jana said is correct. i worked with the innocence project on a case similar to this. we asked for a million a year when someplace is wrongfully convicted. he was out five years. i would ask for 2 million and let him walk free. we need new laws for cold cases. after ten years, you need a special prosecutor to vet out new evidence. >> he missed five years with his kids and grandkids and his wife. thank you both. >> you bet. a whole bunch of investigations after a passenger
10:50 am
jet hit by a drone while landing in health row airport in london. we'll tell you what happened when we come back. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools.
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growing concern about the danger much drones. a british passenger plane hitting what investigators believe was a drone in the health row airport. greg greg pal could the joins us live from london. do you know what happened yet. >> reporter: if confirmed, this is the first time ever a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle has struck a commercial passenger airplane. it happened yesterday afternoon. the bit. a., british airways, plane, was landing hat heathrow airport when it was hit by what the pilot believes was a drone. b.a. told me there was no damage and it landed safely and the ramifications are huge with the increased use of uavs. there's a rapidly growing number of near misses involving drones and aircraft. this could have been a hit. the risk to the plane can be catastrophic, especially if the drone hits the engine. the hardware of the drone can break up the propellors of the engine and the lithium, also
10:55 am
called a litho battery can explode and cause an uncontrolled fire. listen to what one industry has to say. >> flying a drone into the engine which is equipped with a litho battery will cause the wind turbines to set fire and the pilots will not have full control over their plane and a recovery of those lives from that point would be extremely skillful but also unlikely. >> heather, precautions are being taken. there are rules about flying drones near at airport. there's a five-mile limit being put in both in the u.s. and the uk, but the big fear is if terrorists can get their hands on these things. there are reports that jihadis are in fact seeking it and that there could be a bomb attached to a drone. well, that could hit a plane. doesn't matter where and cause real damage, so investigation right now about this incident just yesterday, but a real sense of trying to come to grips with a growing problem. back to you. >> all right.
10:56 am
greg palkot live for us in london. >> people rocking the vote or a boat. the final 30 is coming up next.
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♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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time for our final 30. a story we shared with you a few weeks ago on "happening now" gets an update. researchers in the uk needed a name for this new $3 million research vessel so they asked people to submit suggestions and vote online. well, someone submitted the tongue in cheek name "boaty mcboatface". >> and that rose to the top of the polls and that is the winner. the head of the research council
11:00 am
has the final say. no word on if he's on board. why not name it after shackleton. >> "broety mcboatface" asking you to put up the graubridge. >> we'll see you back here form. >> "real story" starts right now. >> bye-bye. can you believe it. we're just one day before voters head to the polls for the crucial new york state primary. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story" for a under in. all candidates out in full force. hillary clinton scheduled to attend a get out the vote event, trying to hold off another upset by bernie sanders. on the republican side, senator ted cruz about to hold a rally outside of baltimore and governor john kasich is holding a town hall in syracuse, new york, and donald trump wrapped up a so-called diversity meeting a few blocks from where we are right here at trump tower and


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